Speech and Debate-Part 6-Final Chapter

Speech and Debate

Through the Looking Glass: A Nerd in the Weight Room

On a normal day, I would wake up by 7:00 AM to be out the door by 7:30 for first period bell at 8:05. I had my routine down to a strict science. 7 minute shower, 3 minutes dressing, 1 minute on hair, 4 to pack my bags and the rest at the kitchen table inhaling whatever was available before jumping in my Camry and speeding to the highway.

So when I woke at 5:47 AM that first Monday back at school after winter break in Boston, completely energized as if I’d slept for a year, no one was more surprised to see me nearly skip down the hall to the bathroom than my early-rising mother.

“David? Are you okay? Are you sick? What are you doing up so early?”

She seemed concerned, already put together and dressed for her day teaching 5th Grade Computer Science at the public elementary school.

“I’m fine, Mamma. Just couldn’t sleep,” I said.

She raised her eyebrows in the way mother’s do when they can sense something is different but don’t want to wade into the treacherous teenage rapids too deeply without sussing out more information. I closed the bathroom door on her bewildered expression and started the shower.

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I still don’t know what I found to occupy the time. My shower was luxuriously long, until it was ended by the vigorous knocking of my little sister. I spent more time picking out my outfit for the day than I had if you’d combined the entire amount for the academic year thus far. I even snuck into Mamma’s bathroom and “borrowed” a little hair product, something that purported to tame fly aways, whatever those were, and ran it through my blonde hair.

I obsessed over my visage in the mirror for longer than I’d like to admit, completely engrossed in making myself look my absolute best. I was decently satisfied with my results by 7:15, though still a mix of insecurity and anxiety not uncommon before one jumps from an airplane. Or so I’ve been told.

ultra-1-compressor My sister made some snarky comment from her permanent residence slouched into the couch. Something about street walkers and the futility of human connection. I was actually looking forward to the day she would begin to transform into something resembling normal.

“Eat a dick, Virginia Woolfe,” I said with as much love as I could muster for my closest genetic counterpart, and ran to my car.

“That’s more your department, isn’t it?” she quipped.

As an academic scholarship student, I was in every possible Advanced Placement course. And there were a lot of them. In my entire High School career, I had only ever taken 5 non AP courses. My entire senior year was APs.

Daniel, as a full-tuition-paying athlete, only had two AP classes, both of which he had with me: AP Chemistry and AP English Literature. Chemistry was not my strong suit, but English Lit I could pass in my sleep. Having a teacher for a mother meant that reading the classics had been compulsory. I was buried in Jane Eyre when my contemporaries were just discovering the Babysitter’s Club and The Hardy Boys.

I was distracted through my first and second period classes, only raising my hand occasionally. I took the assigned homework and left without my usual after-class chat with the teachers. Ms. Diggs, AP Anatomy and Physiology, actually seemed hurt that I didn’t stay behind after the bell released us to head to our third period, the last before Senior Lunch.

To get to my third period, I had to walk from the main Upper School building across the vast expanse of lawn to the smaller Annex, a collection of classrooms laid out in a double-cross formation with a central seating area and a small fountain. As usual, the benches were occupied by various affluent caucasian kids of various ages, their eyes darting around them, their heads bowed in semi-private conversations as they gossiped about their best friends and worst enemies with equal relish. I paid them no mind and propped myself against one of the bare trees in the corner of small courtyard to wait for the third period bell. I pulled my “pleasure read” from my backpack and began to scan the lines without really taking them in.

A disturbance at the very edge of my vision pulled my gaze up. The crowds of kids seemed to be parting to either side of the sidewalk, making a small central aisle down which walked the school royalty. If there had been wind machines and slow motion cameras, they wouldn’t have seemed out of place.

At the center of the pack was Amy. Arrayed behind her in order of apparent importance were the remainder of the “party of five,” as they so wittily dubbed themselves: Ashley, Ally, Amanda, and Katie. I always felt a little sorry for Katie, what with the “K” name ruining the complete alliteration possibility. We had an Adrienne in our grade, but I never quite figured out why she didn’t make the team. Poor Katie was also the only Junior, having been held back after a disastrous case of mono which never seemed to heal the year before, most likely due to her inability to keep her mouth to herself and well documented penchant for football players. She’d never been able to catch up. At least there was a small hope that she could become queen next year and align the K names behind her throne from the crop of junior girls dying to move up the social ladder.

Daniel walked a few paces behind Amy, a deep green winter jacket doing little to cover his shoulders and chest, his blue jeans clinging to his thighs. Knowing what lay under those jeans now made me thankful that us Seniors were allowed to wear casual clothes and didn’t have to stick to the loose Khakis and white button downs the rest of the students were forced into. Several of his jock teammates followed behind the main triangle. I wasn’t sure who was attached to which girl, if at all, but they made a veritable wall of testosterone behind the Queen Bee and her court that few would have been able to cross. Certainly not me.

Daniel’s eyes met mine for a second and his mouth curved up in a slight smile. I tried not to, but I returned the gesture.

Amy had stopped the group to remove an underclassman from his seat on one of the nearby benches. He’d scampered away without comment and she plopped herself down as if by divine right, and motioned for Daniel to sit beside her.

“Just a sec,” I heard him say as he placed his book bag in the place she’d indicated.

He walked towards me, pushing his hands in his jacket pockets. My eyes must have gone wide with terror because he seemed concerned as he approached me, still leaning on my tree.

“Jeeze, Nerd. You look like you’re going to have a heart attack. Breathe, dude!”

I released a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding since he began walking towards me. I silently thanked him for the reminder to remain alive.

“Sorry,” I mumbled and looked at my feet as they shifted nervously in the dirt beneath me.

“Don’t apologize,” he said. His hands were still in his pockets but my skin began to tingle with the hope that he would reach out and touch me. I knew he never would, never could, but I wanted him to nonetheless. “I just wanted to make sure you got home okay last night? You never responded to my last text.”

He winked at me.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed my jaw fall to my chest. Daniel was actually hinting at…whatever it was we had done. I moved my mouth but no sound came out.

“I take it you liked it, then?”

I nodded too quickly.


“Good. My older brother nearly caught me with it all the way in. It was crazy!”

No sound. No words. Hard to breathe. Was that the sound of harps strumming gently in the distance?

“Anyway, glad you liked it. See you in fourth period?” He raised his eyebrows at me in question, as if he was unsure if I would be there, like I would try to escape campus between now and then in order to avoid him entirely.

“See you then,” I said quietly.

Daniel leaned in a little, a nearly imperceptible change in our closeness that made me thankful for the tree behind me.

“See,” he whispered, “I told you I would find a way. This isn’t so bad, right?”

I shook my head.


“Fourth period,” he called over his shoulder as he walked back towards Amy and her waiting companions.

I watched his perfect ass move beneath the denim of his jeans and wondered what he was wearing, if anything, beneath them today. My cock began to stir and I busied myself with repacking my book in my backpack to cover the rising flush in my face.

Christ, but it was hot all of a sudden.

Amy rose to her feet as he headed back towards her. I had been able to keep mostly out of the way of her reign of social terror the past 3 and a half years, but the look she wore plastered on her face was unmistakable. Her perfectly arched eyebrows drew in over her mascara-lined green eyes. Her manicured and be-ringed fingers gripped her forearms and she tapped one foot in a high-heel that probably cost more than my house, or at the very least my car. I caught her gaze shifting from Daniel to me as I watched him leave.

I’m not proud of the fact, but I would be lying if I said she didn’t terrify me a bit. Her long brown hair was perfectly curled and shifted gently in the February breeze and everything about her seemed to scream wealth, privilege, beauty, and power.

She could have been very attractive if the entire package hadn’t been marred by the very obvious fact that she KNEW just exactly how beautiful she was. The combination of genetic lottery and rumored visits to a Beverly Hills “family friend,” had not only given her perfectly full lips and breasts you’d find on the cover of theVictoria Secret catalogue, displayed even in the chill in a low cut satin blouse, but someone had also injected about 6000 CC’s of pure, uncut ego into her brain.

“What was that about?” She asked as Daniel came to stand before her. In her heels, she was almost an inch taller than him, though Daniel outweighed her by a good 50 lbs.

I wasn’t sure if “that,” had been meant to refer to me, or just the fact that Daniel had spoken to me.

“What?” I heard Daniel reply.

“THAT!” Amy pointed at me.

I swung my backpack up onto my shoulders and raised my eyes. It’s one thing to THINK people are talking about you. It’s quite another to have nine pairs of eyes locked on you, judging you in detail until you thought they could identify the last time you’d brushed your teeth and changed your underwear. I felt like an animal in a zoo, but I found myself unable to move from their collective stare.

“He’s a cool dude, Amy,” Daniel said. Every eye suddenly moved from their inspection of my body and turned to Daniel, disbelief evident in their faces. I sighed a bit in relief.

“Ummm, no, he’s not babe, do you even…” She began.

I felt myself tighten a bit, drawing in on myself as I readied for the assault of juvenile and hurtful remarks she could and would no doubt lob at me without thought of the human consequences. But they never came.

“Shut up,” Daniel said loudly. “David’s cool. Leave him alone, Amy.”

“But…,” she tried again.

“I said, leave him alone. We’re friends. Understand?” His voice was dark and serious.

For the first time since I’d known her, Amy seemed shocked. Her eyes widened and she looked a little as if she was going to cry. She didn’t, but the effect was mollifying none the less.

Amy nodded and gathered her belongings. Daniel didn’t stay behind to wait for her. He began to walk to his next class, seeming uncaring if his girlfriend followed or not.

The bell rang and the entire group began to disperse.

I walked towards my classroom, running the entire exchange through my mind. I may have been more conscious of my surroundings than I had been before the weekend in Boston, but I could swear that I felt eyes on me as I walked, heard the twitters and whispers as I passed.

I sat in my next class and steadied my nerves as best I could. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out in the few seconds before Mr. Blaski began the AP World History lesson.

1 unread text message:

DANIEL: I’m sorry. Amy is such a bitch sometimes. You okay?

I quickly replied

DAVID: I’m fine.

His reply was almost instant, as if he’d been typing it before I responded.

DANIEL: All I wanted to do was kiss you.

“All right guys, we were just getting to the fall of the Byzantine Empire. Page 734 please. Settle down!” Mr. Blaski said from the front of the class.

I closed my phone and did my best to focus.

To this day, I still have no clue how the Byzantine Empire fell. For all I know, it’s still going strong.

Dr. Plarston’s AP English Lit class was arranged so that two banks of desks faced each other across a wide center aisle that she would pace up and down as she encouraged us to analyze our assigned readings. As usual, I sat in the front row of one of the two groups and pulled out my notebooks and the assigned novel for this week: Catcher in the Rye.

Before Boston, Daniel would usually sit in the back of the opposite bank, two other literarily gifted athletes flanking him. Today, when he arrived a few moments after me, he sat in the front row directly opposite my desk. He sank down low in his chair and spread his legs wide beneath the desk, giving me a perfect view of his very obvious bulge. Knowing that it hid his beautiful uncut cock and massive balls dried my tongue and somehow made me sweat at the same time. I wanted to sink between them and suck him dry right there in front of everyone.

I found myself staring at his legs as we began the lesson. Dr. Plarston paced back and forth between us, but I heard little of her analysis. Luckily, I had read the book several times before so I could reasonably answer any general questions if they came my way. That is until Daniel shifted in his seat, causing me to look up and meet his brown eyes.

As I watched, the tip of his tongue ran over his bottom lip and then moved to trace the upper and his black eyebrows arched high. His right hand traveled to his crotch and squeezed on his package while his gaze shifted to my own cock, growing rapidly under my desk. He winked at me and Holden Caulfield vanished to so much angst ridden dust in the wind.

“David, what do you think was meant by the use of that image? Do you think it was intentional on our author’s part or simply our modern interpretation?”

Dr. Plarston stood at the front of the room, leaning back leisurely on her tall teacher’s stool and staring pointedly in my direction. I was still locked on Daniel’s cock and his now-wetted lips.

“Hmm?” I asked, shaking myself from the stupor a bit.

Shit! What had she asked? Something about an image?

“Oh, well…umm,” I began. “I think that is open to interpretation and highly subjective on the part of the reader.”

Dr. Plarston nodded and resumed pacing.

Thank you God, or your chosen deity, that I possessed the gift of literary bullshitting!

Daniel caught my gaze and smirked at me.

“Asshole,” I mouthed across the divide.

He laughed quietly and returned to examining his copy of the novel.

Luckily, the remainder of class passed without incident and the bell sounded as usual. We gathered our books and I headed to Dr. Plarston’s desk to ask about the next week’s novels. I liked to read ahead just in case any of my other course load got unexpectedly heavy.

I leaned lazily on her heavy wooden desk and was just about to open my mouth when I felt a book bag push into mine from behind, someone bumping into me as they made their way to leave. Normally, I would have taken little notice. Most people didn’t see me or pay me much attention so I was used to be bumped and jostled a bit. But then I felt fingers grab at my ass. It was quick, there one instant and gone so quickly, I thought I must have imagined it. But the effect on me was apparent and drastic.

I jumped and my voice squeaked high in my throat. My flailing knocked a pile of papers from Dr. Plarston’s desk and sent her name plate crashing to the floor with a metallic thud. For the second time today, every eye turned towards me. The entire room seemed to go silent, waiting for me to do something else stupid.

“Sorry,” I said clearing my throat and bending down to collect the papers I’d scattered. “I got a chill all of a sudden.”

From my crouch, I could see that Daniel had been the one standing behind me, his hand on my ass the only culprit. His brown eyes stared down at me again and they twinkled brightly. I’d been on my knees in front of him so many times that my body responded by instinct. My mouth opened a bit and my cock bounced in my jeans. Daniel wet his lips again.

“See you later, nerd.” He said in a not unfriendly fashion, readjusted his backpack and walked from the room with his two friends.

“Why do you let him call you that?” Dr. Plarston asked, concern touching her voice, when Daniel had left.

Being academically gifted and somewhat of a loner and social outcast, the teachers had taken a special interest in me, often times going out of their way to check on my well being, or make sure my relative quiet wasn’t an indicator of some deeper disturbance. This had manifested in a reputation as a teacher’s pet, of sorts. But that was one title I was proud to shoulder.

“I don’t mind. Really,” I said. How could I tell her that Daniel had screamed for me to fuck him with my huge nerd cock as I made him cum buckets all weekend long?

“Well, you should stick up for yourself more. You’re a very special young man and you shouldn’t let people treat you otherwise.” Her smile was warm and thoughtful and I loved her for it. I tried to return it as best I could.

“Don’t you worry. It’s almost a term of endearment for me.”

“As long as you’re sure…” she said, giving me another opportunity to tell her if something was truly amiss.

“It’s my badge of honor. Nerd Power!” I joked and raised my fist to my chest in a mock salute. That got me a gentle laugh.

“Get going, you,” she chided. “And don’t get too far ahead. I’m running out of extra novels to assign you. Seriously, I don’t know where you find the energy!”

“Just lucky, I guess.” I smiled at her and headed to my last class.

At the final bell, I packed my bags and headed slowly to the Senior Parking lot. As was my custom, I walked at a near glacial pace, holding my novel before me and walking as I read, a skill I had learned early on in my academic career. This little trick would give the majority of my classmates time to socialize and leave before I got there. I could avoid most of the awkwardness of my rumbling old jalopy and only subject myself to the stares of maybe a third of the class instead of all of them.

I was paying little attention to my surroundings by the time I got to my car, fished out my keys and blindly searched for the lock. Then I noticed something sitting on the hood of my beat up vehicle.

It was a large black gym bag. It looked new and shiny. And expensive. Zippers lined it at nearly every seam and angle. A plastic water bottle was tucked into one of the mesh pockets, a digital watch just visible in another, and I could tell just by looking that the inside was filled as well. With what, I couldn’t imagine.

Pinned under my windshield wiper was a folded piece of white notebook paper. I removed it and unfolded it.

“Varsity weight room. 5:30. Get ready to sweat, nerd. -D”

“Varsity,” “weight room,” and “sweat” were three words that I never used in every day conversation, so I was a little confused at first, but the signature at the end of the short missive made it all clear.

I had two hours an fifteen minutes. Two hours and fifteen minutes in which to do…what?

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed the bag and note or my discovery of them, but everyone was engrossed in their own little groups and I was ignored. For once, that was a blessing.

I swung the bag into my car and threw it onto the front passenger seat. The damn thing weighed a ton. Had he bought me dumbbells?!

My car rumbled to life and I drove off campus with a smile on my face. I had a secret rendezvous. Who does that? That’s stuff from the movies. Dead drops and coded messages. Not something that a nerd experiences, just reads about.

I stopped at the nearby gas station both to fill my nearly empty tank and to waste time. The more time I wasted, the more wound up I became. I started imagining Daniel working out, as I’d seen that first night in Boston. That prompted a trip to the bathroom and a violent masturbation session in the locked stall. I thought I caught an eye staring at me through the small gap between the stall and dirty wall as I flailed away at my hard cock in my hand, but I paid it no mind.

Satisfied for now, or at least drained enough to concentrate for a few minutes, I returned to my car and did my homework as quickly as I could.

Boston had passed by in a blur. How could these two hours and fifteen minutes be ticking by so fucking slowly?

By 5:15, I was ready to burst again. I sped back to school and threw my car into park before I’d come to a complete stop, making it stutter a bit. I hauled the heavy gym bag and ran as quickly as I could towards the Varisty weight room, surprising even myself with my speed, considering how much I was carrying.

To one such as myself, the Varsity Weight Room, or any weight room for that matter, was as foreign and exotic a place as if I’d been told to meet Daniel at the Eiffel Tower. I knew where it was, of course. I had seen the plaque naming it on the cinder block wall every time I’d been forced into Physical Education over the past few years. But I had never once opened it or peaked inside.

When I entered, the gym bag cutting an uncomfortable groove into my shoulder and pulling me awkwardly to one side like a scoliosis victim, the utilitarian nature of the room was a bit overwhelming. Massive machines lined the walls, in between benches and cables and pulleys at assorted angles, each of them as unknowable and alien as if they’d been parts of the International Space Station.

This was most certainly not my world. This was Daniel’s world.

Racks of dumbbells in ever increasing weights made an imposing stand against the far wall, behind a floor-to-ceiling mirror that made the room seem larger than it actually was. Not that it was small by any means. Two or three full sized classrooms could have fit within it’s borders with room to spare. By contrast, the Upper School Chorus had to practice in a kindergarten classroom surrounded by brightly colored cubbies and construction paper cut outs. It was clear where the bulk of the funding was focused.

Daniel was the only person in the huge space. His forearms held his entire weight on the arms of a machine I can’t begin to describe and his feet lifted before him from their hanging position, over and over again. His face was a mask of concentration.

He wore a pair of dingy white tennis shoes over ankle length socks, a pair of long, loose nylon maroon mesh basketball shorts, and a tee shirt that was essentially a collection of barely held together fibers that did nothing to conceal or protect his upper body in the slightest. The sleeves and most of the sides of it had been cut out, only connecting at the bottom hem. It seemed an impractical garment choice to me, but I was not complaining. It revealed his hairy stomach and chest as he worked his abdominals at a steady pace.

He noticed me in the doorway and leaped from the machine in a movement I’d have expected from a gymnast, not a lacrosse player.

“Heya, Nerd,” he teased, heaving a bit, his chest mesmerizing me beneath the flimsy tee shirt. “Glad you could make it.”

“Uhhh, yeah.” I said as I dropped the gym bag and closed the door behind me. I just stood there looking at him. Sweat gleamed all over his body, his forehead and arms. It made his olive skin appear on fire. I wanted to lick it from him right then and there.

“Lock it,” Daniel said. That have smile again. I groaned and twisted the deadbolt without question.

“Do you like it?” He asked me.


“The bag. It’s not too much?”

“It was very sweet of you, Daniel,” I began.

cat-vibratorsSomething I said must have activated him because he was suddenly before me, his calloused hands at my neck, his sweaty body pressed into mine, knocking my shoulders painfully to the locked door behind me. He kissed me hungrily, and my mouth opened for him. It had been nearly 24 hours since I’d felt his tongue on mine, but it felt like an eternity had passed. The taste and shock of him was still new, and I reveled in it, my arms gripping at his back, the gym bag forgotten on the floor.

Eventually, Daniel broke our kiss. Too soon, if you asked me.

“Mmm. I missed that.” He said and brushed one more peck on my lips. “Let’s get you changed.”

He walked to the middle of the room and turned to face me again, hands on his hips.

“Come on, Nerd. We don’t have all day. Strip!” He barked in his best drill sergeant expression.

“Sir, yes, sir,” I said with an exaggerated lisp. He laughed at that but didn’t move or turn from me as I began to remove my jacket. My shirt soon pooled on the floor beside me.

“Where should I put this?” I asked

“Just leave it where it is,” Daniel instructed.

“But the floor’s gotta be nasty!” I objected. “I can’t just…”

“Come on, nerd. Just strip already!” There was a mixture of lust and anxiety in his voice, as if he couldn’t wait for me to obey him.

I unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans to the floor, removing my shoes as I did. I wore a pair of black boxer briefs. Daniel’s gaze traveled over my body with obvious appreciation, which in turn, made me blush.

“As much as I’d like to keep you like that, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on your workout,” he said. “But fuck me, dude…,” he approached me again and gripped at my stiff cock through my underwear, outlining my shaft as he pulled gently. “We’re gonna have to hurry you through this or else I might just explode.”

Daniel bent down and unzipped the gym bag that lay abandoned at my feet. His brown eyes looked up at me from his position and traveled down my torso, lingering on my pulsing cock, so close to his mouth.

Just do it already! Please! My mind was screaming!

“Put these on,” he said at last, the tension too much for either of us. He tossed me a pair of shorts and a cut off shirt from the bag. They hit me in the chest and I caught them.

“How much did all this cost?” I asked, suddenly very aware that Daniel had taken the time and the effort to buy me all of this.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, still inspecting me.


“Don’t worry about it. I wanted to.”

He smiled at me and I nodded. It was a rare enough thing for me to get a compliment, especially from someone like Daniel, but it was an impossibility to receive a gift. But here it was. Daniel was a quandary, to be sure.

“You’re gonna need to change out of those, too.” Daniel nodded towards my boxer briefs, my cock already making a dark spot of precum on their very tented fronts..

“You trying to get me naked, Daniel?” I coyly joked.

“Would I really have to try?” he shot back.

“Ass hole.”

I paused and thought it over.

“But, no. You wouldn’t”

I pushed my fingers beneath the tight elastic and shoved the black fabric too the floor. My hard cock swung out before me and Daniel’s eyes widened and he made a growling sound in his chest. The front of his basketball shorts were most definitely on the rise. I chuckled to myself.

“There’s a couple jocks in there.” He pointed to the gym bag. I bent down and fished one out.

“Are these for me to keep?” I asked.

He nodded. A look of mischief began to creep over his face.

“Well, those are actually mine. I kept the new ones for myself. I thought you might like…,” He seemed embarrassed by the concept of me wanting his used jockstraps.

I stepped into the white jock and pulled it to my hips easily. I stuffed my hard cock beneath the cotton, no easy task I assure you, and stroked it a few times for his enjoyment.

“Oh, fuck me,” he groaned. “That’s not fair.”

I rejoiced in his discomfort, but soon pulled the shorts and shirt on as well, covering my nakedness.

For now. I was interested in seeing this part of Daniel’s world. And flattered that he was willing to show it to me. I removed the new tennis shoes I found in the bag and tied the laces quickly, doing my best to adjust my hardness in the new shorts. They fit perfectly.

“How did you know my size?”

“It looked at your shoes back in Boston,” he said.

“So you’ve been planning this since then?” It was only two days ago, but still the thought that Daniel had planned this gesture back then was endearing.

Daniel blushed and shrugged.

“You ready?” He asked, excitement beginning to creep into his voice.

“Absolutely not,” I said, “but that’s not going to stop me.”

The next hour was hands down the most painful experience of my entire life. Daniel lead me to a machine and would show me the proper technique and form. I did my best to pay attention to his words and instruction, but watching as the individual muscle groups he was trying to work would tense and relax under his weight was beyond distracting. The bulge of his cock in the front of his shorts kept drawing my gaze.

After the first machine, I felt as if someone had beaten me with bamboo sticks. It was supposed to be working some part of my chest that Daniel could name in both latin and english. I decided it should be outlawed by the Geneva convention, whatever it was called in any language.

But that was merely the beginning. Daniel took me through a series of machines and dumbbells, making each more appear simple when he demonstrated, but proving my inferiority when I tried my hand at them. My calves were put through a sausage maker. Just rising onto your toes seems so simple. But do it 150 times with 20 lbs weights in each hand and you will beg for the sweet release of death.

The “basic” ab workout he taught me was the worst. Apparently, you achieved six pack abs by someone actually carving them into your stomach with a dull but red-hot blade. At least, thats what it felt like. Breathing was a forgotten memory. Pain was my lord and master now. My hair was plastered to my forehead and I gulped at the air as best I could.

“You’re almost there, nerd.” Daniel said from my feet. His hands were holding my feet to the floor to keep them from raising as he forced me to crunch up.

“I can’t!” I whimpered pitifully

“You can!” he prodded back.

“Uggh. I can’t. I’m gonna hurl!”

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body!”

“I fucking like my weakness then! Give it back!”

“You just need a little motivation is all.”

His arms left my feet so he was kneeling just below my legs. He lifted the shirt from his body, his hairy, well-trimmed and just pumped up chest jumping.

“Come and get me, nerd,” He said.

“You. Are. EVIL!” I whined.

But I crunched all the way up, my arms extended before me, reaching for his body. When I touched his skin, I moaned.

“That’s one. Again.” He pushed me back down.

I rose again and pinched at his nipple for the few moments I was able to keep myself crunched forward before my muscles gave way and I sank back to the floor.

“Two. Again.” He reached his hands under the elastic of his shorts. He pulled them down his hips, teasing me with a view of his well defined “V” and just the top of his pubes showing above.

I crunched again and grabbed at his cock, before I sank back.

He groaned: “Three. Again.”

He rose a bit and pulled his shorts down further, the base of his cock visible now.

I crunched again.

“Four. One more.”

His shorts reached his knees and his cock bounced before me, his head just visible under his foreskin and capped with a drop of precum.

I crunched again and grabbed his dick in my hands as hard as I could holding on to him like a life preserver . I used it to pull him down on top of me. He let out a shocked sound and fell onto me, between my legs and onto my exhausted upper body. I felt his hardness and it pressed into my own. My hands somehow found the strength to grab at his bare ass and pull him into me kissing him for all I was worth.

While the workout he’d just put me through had wrung nearly every scrap of energy from my body, Daniel seemed unfazed by it all. He ground into my hips and tore at my shirt, ripping it off of my torso with little effort. His kissed traveled down my neck and covered my chest. His mouth found my nipple and sucked hard on the erect flesh. Though I was sure that I was sweaty and gross, I didn’t care as Daniel kissed his way down my stomach. The pain I’d just been through began to fade to a dull numbness, my arms falling limply to my sides. Daniel worked his fingers beneath the fabric of my new shorts and jock and pushed them down my aching thighs.

His hand found my cock and he gripped it, twisting me under his fingers, working the blood back into me with expert movements. His fingers at at pulled at my balls and made my hips rise from the floor.

“God, I missed this,” he said low and husky.

I was panting beneath him, my body willing and responsive to every touch of his rough fingers along my skin. He was teasing each nerve. His mouth on my balls took me by surprise, sucking them in and rolling them around on his tongue, lapping and licking and each one in turn as he moaned.

I wound my fingers into his hair and pumped myself into him.

“Oh shit, Daniel. Yes.”

His hands held my hips elevated, my abs unable to support my own weight and resting entirely in his palms. He held me there with ease and worked the sore globes of my ass. I was suddenly very aware of why jocks liked to get massages after a work out or game.

This felt amazing.

Daniel removed my balls from his mouth and licked the length of my shaft to my head, flicking his tongue across and around the rim until he could maneuver me inside him. When his lips closed around me, my already finished strength gave up the ghost and I pooled beneath his touch.

He took me inside his mouth and bobbed contentedly on my shaft, his tongue never ceasing, wetting me as he took more and more of me inside him. He moaned continuously, enjoying my vulnerability to him. I couldn’t have stopped him if I’d wanted to. Of course, I didn’t

“That feels incredible.”

Daniel took me further inside him. I could feel the hot muscles of his throat as he relaxed them and pushed my member all the way in. His nose rested on my pelvis and he looked up the pale length of my torso to catch my eyes. That was the final straw.

“Fuck me.” I groaned. That got his attention. He pulled off my cock and sat back on his heels.


“Fuck me, right now.”

I extended my hands to him. He took them in his own and rocked on his heels and pulled me to my feet in a smooth motion. My knees were jelly and I fell into him. He used our momentum to swing us around to an inclined bench press apparatus. He pushed me towards it roughly. I caught myself on the silver metal bar between the upright posts just in time to steady myself.

I leaned my chest into it and spread my legs to either side of the bench, arching my back and exposing my hole to him.

“I don’t…” he said.

“Just shut your mouth and fuck me.”

It wasn’t my voice that said this. I knew what to expect next. My body was in complete control and I was just along for the ride. I felt my hole pulsing in rapt anticipation.

I felt his rough hands on my hips and readied myself. He rubbed the precum from his dick on my hole and I pushed back reflexively.

“Yesss, fuck me,” I begged.

He pushed forward and entered me. My spine straightened, the pain of it making me rise to my toes. Daniel’s hands slid up my back and shoulders, doing what he could to ease the tension. I sucked in through gritted teeth and pushed back. I needed more of him.

“More…” I whimpered. “Please.”

He pushed in further. My vision misted and my grip tightened on the barbell in front of me. Though I was sure my body was beyond physical exertion, my arms pushed against the bar so I could pull his uncut cock deeper inside my ass.

“God, yes, David. Your ass is so tight.”

He leaned forward and rained kisses on my naked back. My hips pressed back as hard as I could in one giant thrust and I took him all. I felt his cock settle inside me, my body convulsing around him uncontrollably. My arms and legs trembled and threatenedd to give way.

“Shit!” I screamed, “God your cock feels so huge!” Daniel rocked his hips a bit and my eyes rolled back.

“Fuck me hard, Daniel. Pound my ass.”

cat-vibrators-thick-compressorDaniel’s grip tightened on my hips and he pulled back. I could feel as each inch of him left my chute, making me feel empty until his head brushed my spot and my cock spewed a blast of clear liquid onto the inclined bench before me. He thrust back into me.

“Yes. Again.”

Back and forth.

“God, yes!”

He picked up speed. His cock moved like silk through me, even without lube, my body and his responding to the needs of the other, wetting my hole and opening effotlessly for him. The sound of his hips and the slammed into my pale ass over and over kept a rhythm that lulled me into a constant groaning wail.

I was getting close. Daniel’s grunting behind me as he plowed my hole was driving me crazy, and his cock arched at the perfect angle to rub my prostate with the just slightest movement.

I found the strength to match is thrusts with my own. When he pulled out, I pulled my hips forward and felt his thrust into me so I could match it with my own, our hips crashing together with double the force.

“Oh fuck! How’d you do that!” He yelled. He didn’t really want or need me to answer. Just to not stop.

My body was singing, every single inch of my naked flesh crying out for him to push me

over the edge.

“Oh fuck me, Daniel, make me cum! God yes, fuck…my…ass…,” I let each word punctuate a vicious thrust of his cock as he buried it into me.

“You want to cum nerd?” He teased.

Oh fuck me! The dirty talk again.

I whined and nodded my head as hard as I could between his thrusts. My vision was white and I gripped my lower lips between my teeth until I thought I would taste blood.

“Cum for me, David,” he grunted. “Shoot that load for me.”

His cock pistoned with such speed, I nearly blacked out. My chest collapsed to the metal bar before me, my arms giving out, held aloft now solely by Daniel’s grip on my hips. I felt my balls tightening.

The groan that ripped from me came from the my toes and worked its way up my body. It started as a whimper and grew steadily as I felt the cum traveling from my balls. Daniel’s cock hit my prostate over and over, so rapidly I couldn’t tell when one touch ended and the next began.


I felt the first volley of cum rip from my body, taking with it the last remaining scrap of my strength. My hole convulsed, and Daniel felt even bigger buried inside me.

Without warning or indication, he ripped is cock from my ass. I was suddenly empty and awash in an intense orgasm at the same time. The confusion lasted a moment only.

“Daviiiiiid,” he screamed behind me.

I felt his hot jizz land between my shoulder blades and make a solid line across my spine towards my thoroughly fucked hole. I threw my head back and marveled when the second blast slammed into the small of my back and the third painted my opened hole white. My own cock spewed onto the black leather inclined bench until it was covered.

My balls ached with the force of my release and Daniel’s explosion across my back. He rubbed his cock against my hole and gently pressed forward, pushing some of his cum inside me.

“Mmm. Yeah…” I wiggled my hips into him.

In time, sight and feeling returned. I could hear Daniel panting heavily behind me. I kept my eyes closed, trying to memorize each and every moment of the earth shattering fucking my ass had just received. I smiled like a baby. I could have gone to sleep right there, resting on the bench press barbell, arms draped over it, ass in the air and back slathered in Daniel’s white cum.

When I felt the heat of his tongue on my back, lapping up his own juices, my legs gave way and I collapsed into the cum soaked bench below me. I felt it coat my chest and stomach but Daniel kissed and licked at my skin, tracing down my spine and swallowing his seed.

He moaned as he did and I shivered beneath him, a rag doll, used and spent on the incline bench. His arms encircled my chest, woking between my body and the slick, wet leather. He dragged me to my feet and pulled me against his chest. I hung limply in his grip, unable to work my limbs. He spun me around and plopped me back down, facing the opposite direction. My cock pulsed in the air between us.

Had I been able to see clearly, I would have seen Daniel’s satisfied smile as he watched a last stream of cum dribble from my slit and travel slowly down my shaft to my tight balls. Instead, I panted and breathed heavily. Daniel straddled my legs and inched forward, His arms wrapping around my neck as he sat on my lap facing me.

“Ahhh,”I whimpered, my cock brushing against his was like an electric shock, still so sensitive as to verge on painful. My sore ass on the leather was a pleasant reminder of the ride Daniel had just take me on.

His hands worked my shoulders with still strong as he looked down at me. How could he move after that?

I tried to work my fingers into the skin of his hips, but only succeeded in holding them there, unable to find the strength to gain any purchase. From his position across my lap, he was finally the taller of us. He leaned his head down to kiss me gently on the lips.

I didn’t have the energy to return his kiss with anything like the passion I felt. I mumbled, still stunned and let him take the lead. That was the best I could do. Maybe in a year or two I would be recovered enough to reciprocate.

“That was…, I don’t even know.” He kissed me again.

I groaned. I’m sure it was a sentence in my head. My body did not translate it into speech. Daniel tilted his head back and laughed gently, a deep and resonant sound that bounces from the cinder block walls and shook my already weakened brain.

“I told you I would find a way to make this work.” He offered as he nuzzled his face into my neck. We stayed like that for a while, Daniel snuggled against me, our cocks pressed together and returning to softness as the moments ticked by gently.

Eventually, my strength returned enough to mirror his embrace and I pulled him deeper into my chest with all I could.

“Thank you,” I said in a quiet whisper, my lips pressed to his ear.

“You’re worth it,” he mumbled into my neck contentedly.

A half hour or so later, Daniel had me redressed in my new work out clothes and had cleaned up all evidence of our escapade with a gym towel he kept in his own bag. Though I was still shaky, my brains had congealed somewhat and I was able to hold a conversation again.

“I need to shower,” I said, catching a whiff of myself over the unique scent-scape of the weight room. “I stink.”

“You sure do,” Daniel said. “Wanna shower here?” He raised his eyebrow at me quizzically.

“NO!” I shot back more quickly than I’d meant to and had to back track. “I mean, I would love to shower with you right now, but if these clothes come off and I see you naked again, I’m worried my body might literally fall to pieces. I can’t take any more tonight.”

Daniel chuckled.

“I was thinking I would be the one to take it this time around,” he teased me.

“You’re still evil.”

“Alright, alright. You do stink. You should get home.”

We gathered our bags and headed back towards the parking lot. I was only able to shuffle like a half-dead zombie creature, so the trip took rather longer than normal. For the second night in a row, our two cars were the only ones in the parking lot.

“What time is it?” I asked confused at the emptiness of the place.

Daniel checked his phone.

“Quarter till nine. Why?”

“Holy shit! My mamma’s gonna kill me!” I tried to rush, but my body put a stop to that double quick. Alright, no sudden movements. Slow and steady was the key.

“Call her on the way home. You’ll be fine. But don’t fall behind on your school stuff,” he scolded.

I marveled at his energy level. The workout alone nearly finished me and the epic ass pounding had demolished what was left. But Daniel looked as if he could run a marathon.

“How are you not dead right now?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I’m used to it I guess…well the workout part anyways.”

We reached my car, looking dingier and crappier than ever under the yellow street lamp. Daniel leaned in the kiss me. I would have been fine if this became a nightly ritual, kissing me under the streetlamp after everyone else had gone home.

“Get some sleep. You’ve got a lot of work to do still if you want to catch up on that body.”

I groaned at the thought. This truly might be the death of me. When did I agree to this anyway? Oh, right? In between world shattering fucking sessions with the most stunning jock I’d ever seen.

It took me a while to find the muscles needed to lift the keys to the ignition. They felt as if they weighed significantly more than they had this morning. I made it home and only had to explain my lateness to my distracted father as my mother had already gone to bed. I showered and crawled under the covers, fully prepared to never wake up after what I’d just put my body through.

My phone buzzed on the table beside me.

1 unread text.

DANIEL: Sleep well, Nerd. See you tomorrow. ;)

I was asleep before I finished reading the sentence.

When my eyes opened on the morning after my first workout session with Daniel, I wondered if I had been transported to some kind of medieval torture chamber while I slumbered. Or if the Black Death had made a sudden come back and ravaged my body overnight. Maybe small pox? Or Polio?

I was engrossed in a pain the likes of which I had never experienced, never even thought possible. Each of my limbs felt carved of wood, every joint stiff and unbending. Even my skin seemed to hurt. If opening my mouth to scream hadn’t raised the specter of even more pain, I would have cried out to anyone in a five mile radius.

It took several minutes for the panic of my condition to wear off and to make an attempt at physical movement. It was not a pleasant experience, but I eventually maneuvered my legs to the floor and stood on what felt like 100-year-old dry twigs that threatened to break under the weight of my body at the slightest provocation. I shuffled to the bathroom, a journey of about 30 feet that took at least five minutes, all of which I spent cursing Daniel and his insufferable weight training machines.

Burn them all!

I had nearly reached the desired oasis of the bathroom, with the promise of scalding hot water and steam to loosen my body back towards a human state when my mother called up the stairs to me.

“David!” she cried. “Are you up? Is that you?”

In agony, I raised my hand to my temple, suddenly very aware that not only was my body on fire, but my head also throbbed inside my skull. A lovely sidecar to the hateful cocktail of suffering I had morphed into.

“I’m up,” I croaked, steadying myself against the hallway wall. “Jesus, Mamma, do you have to scream!”

Her response was immediate and Southern to the core.

“Watch your mouth, young man!” she admonished. “I brought you into this world and I damned sure can take you out if you don’t check that tone of voice!”

I actually considered taking her up on the offer. I eventually decided against it.

“Sorry, Mamma,” I said as humbly as I could.

I was 18, but I could have been 45 and it wouldn’t have made a difference. In the South, your Mamma is your Mamma, with all of the due respect that title entails.

“Your friend is here, Sweet Pea,” she called, mollified by my filial response enough to no longer threaten my very existence with sudden termination.

My friend? Here? It’s barely 6:00 in the morning?

“What?” I asked, my throbbing head unable to make sense of the new information.

“Your friend is here,” she called back again, obviously unhappy with having to repeat herself. She sighed mightily, as if raising me was suddenly a great burden and she wanted to make sure I knew just how much trouble I put her through on a daily basis, but in the loving way of mothers. “Never mind.”

Her voice lowered and through the constant sound of blood in my ears I thought I heard her speak to someone downstairs.

“Go ahead up, hun. Second door on the right.”

If I had been able to run, or move, or even crawl, I would have. My hazy eyes suddenly focused on Daniel’s energetic and fully functioning body as he bounded up my stairs two by two.

Like a goddamned gazelle.

I stood, supporting myself against the wall in my pajama pants, torso bare, as he settled before me with a huge smile plastered across his face. Despite my body’s ache for him, I wanted to punch him square in the jaw. If I could have felt my arms, I would have. At least, I like to think I would have.

“Wow, nerd,” he said in his sultry baritone as he surveyed my humiliation, “you look awful.”

“I wonder why!?” I snapped and immediately regretted the decision to raise my own voice as it echoed with terrible consequences inside my head and sent me reeling. Daniel’s arm shot out to steady me. Amazingly, his touch seemed to have a calming effect on my muscles and head alike.

He flung his arm over my shoulder and turned me to lead me hobbling back towards my room. I would have panicked at him seeing it in such a disheveled state, but the harm was already done. What good would it do to rush ahead and throw my dirty clothes under the bed now?

Rush. HA!

Now that was a thought.

“Come on. Let’s get you up and moving.”

He pushed me gently to my bed, and made no comment about the state of my room. My legs stuck out straight in front of me, my knees unable to bend as they should. My thighs felt as if I’d been whipped with bamboo sticks.

“I’m never working out again,” I moaned as I fell back onto my mattress, laying across it in the wrong direction. I didn’t even feel Daniel sit down beside me towards the foot of the bed, I was so wrapped up in the torment my body had decided to inflict upon me.

Daniel’s fingers wrapping into my right thigh made me wince. He pressed firmly and eased off. The pain lessened a bit, the blood beginning to work back into my legs. He worked my sore muscles, first my thighs, then bending to the floor to massage my calves.

I tried my best not to sigh, but it was a hopeless cause. His fingers knew just where to prod and push, which knots to attack first. For once, his touch wasn’t sexual or even emotional. It was healing. He drew the pain from my body, inch by tortured inch, his fingers a magic salve on my skin.

The fire I’d been burning in began to subside to a dull ache. My hips loosened so that I thought walking might be possible in the not too distant future. My arms and shoulders melted under his touch, my shoulders un-bunching and my lats relaxing so that I could actually breathe easier. I hadn’t even realized I had been hunching in on myself through the pain, as if protecting myself from a coming blow, but Daniel soon had me straightened.

“Feel better?” he asked after minutes of silence while his touch danced over, around, and through my muscles.

“Much,” I replied, still laying on my back, but now able to raise myself onto my elbows. I stared at him for a moment, seeing him for the first time, the blinders of my torture removed.

cat-vibrators-thrusting-vibratorsHe smiled at me, his hand rested warmly on my thigh, his thumb moving slowly over my pale skin. I crunched myself forward, uncaring of the blistering pain it re-awakened in my stomach, and kissed him. He returned the kiss gently and his grip tightened a bit on my quads.

“What are you doing here, Daniel?” I asked when I pulled back.

“Just making sure you’re okay,” he said. I could tell that he meant it.

“That’s very sweet of you, Daniel, but you didn’t have to do that.”

He chuckled at me.

“The little wooden boy I found in the hallway might suggest otherwise,” he joked.

“I’m never gonna live this down, am I?” I asked in my most dramatic fashion.


We smiled at each other again.

“Come on, Nerd,” he said, suddenly rising from his seat beside me. “We still got work to do.”

He stood with his hands on his hips, looking down at me as if he actually expected me to rise up and match his pose. I felt better, yes, but not to the level of his apparent ease. I hadn’t even worked as hard as he had last night in the gym, but he looked fit as a fiddle.

He must have noticed my confusion.

“Come on! Grab your books. My car is parked five miles down the road. We’re going on a run.”

Grab your books. Right. Run? You should be committed. You are obviously dangerously insane.

My jaw worked but no sound came. Daniel grabbed my wrists and yanked me to my feet over my wordless protests.

I’m not sure how I got dressed, much less how my books made it into my bag and onto my back. It all passed me by in a bewildered fog. Going down the stairs was something akin to a death march. The look on my sister’s face as I shuffled to the door, my face painted in absolute agony, Daniel urging me out from behind, was humiliating. I would have to find some way to repay her when my body decided to return from vacation.

That first morning run took me nearly an hour. Daniel literally ran circles around me, chatting amiably about this and that, pushing me on and giving me words of encouragement and kindness at each new step.

I prayed for a car to hit me.

Better yet, a Mac Truck.

The next three weeks passed in a similar fashion.

My strength increased little by little until I was only marginally dead when I awoke each morning. Daniel would arrive at my house, we’d jog to his car and he would drive me to school; or he would drive along side me in my Camry as I ran so I could drive myself the remainder of the way. Then the weight training sessions after school.

I hate to admit it, but I began to actually enjoy the physical exertion. For the most part. I still don’t recommend it, but no more will I judge those morning joggers and gym goers with so harsh an eye. There are benefits.

One of which, at least for me, was that I got to shower in the Varsity Showers every morning before school.

With Daniel.

As we settled into this daily morning routine, the showers at school soon became the biggest motivating factor in my quest for physical fitness. Each time we entered the Varsity Locker Room, still only dimly lit by a few flood lights so early in the morning and completely absent of the Varsity players it usually housed, my brain flashed to my first encounter with Daniel within those walls.

Though my body ached, I was hard by the time I heard the water of the semi-private showers at the end of the room spring to life. Daniel adjusted the water temperature. It was a race to see which of us could strip off our clothes faster. Sometimes, in our haste to undress, we would forget an article or two of clothing and step into the spray, our bodies pressed together and arms grasping at each other, only to find the clammy wetness of fabric still attached to our skins.

Though I wanted nothing more than to admire the beautiful curves of his body, to wash his skin with my tongue and hold him to me until the bell rang, the nearness of other students and the coming first bell always hung over our heads like a knife. It did little to deter us but it added a level of possible discovery and intrigue that was impossible to deny.

Daniel had my back pressed to the tiles of the big open shower space, his hand working my aching cock in a slow twisting motion he was growing more adept at. His lips pressed to my neck and he softly moaned into me. My head rested on the wall behind me and I melted into his kisses, my hand grabbing for his uncut cock as the water poured over us.

The taste of him, the heat of his cock in my hand and mine in his as I kissed him in the open shower was like a drug.

I was an addict and I didn’t care who knew it.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true. A small part of my conscious mind still listened intently for the sounds that would indicate someone coming.

We knew we didn’t have time for a full-on sexual encounter in our brief morning sessions, but my hands grabbed at his ass and stroked his cock, feeling his wet balls slap against my wrist as I urged him towards his release.

“Fuck yes…” he groaned against me, his own manipulating on my cock never slacking.

We kissed fiercely under the water, his tongue roughly pressing for entry. I granted it easily, every time.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned into me. “Don’t stop, I’m close. A little faster.”

I continued as he asked, increasing my speed a bit.

“Oh shit…yes…oh, god, I’m gonna cum soon. Fuck, you are so fucking hot.”

That was the first time Daniel had mentioned ME as being the object of his desire; not just my cock or hole or some body part.

The effect was instantaneous.

I grabbed at his ass for support and raised onto my toes as I felt my cum travel up my shaft.

“Ahhh,” I yelled as quietly as I could, unable to tell him what was coming.

My cum splashed against his stomach and mixed with the hot water and mingled into his body hair.

“Fuck yes,” he moaned and kissed me roughly.

I felt his cock expand in my hand, my grip tightening in the throws of my release, his tongue making me go weak in the knees. His cum shot upwards and landed on my chest, right between my pecs, as he collapsed on to my body. His cock pressed into my own and my grip expanded so that I held both of our jerking tools in my fist, slowly milking the white cum from us both.


Our breath came in gasps as our passions ebbed and flowed together. Daniel kissed at my neck and his grip on the small of my back pulled me against him firmly.

It our orgasmic state, we hadn’t heard the sound of the main locker room fluorescent lights buzzing to life, or noticed the change in light levels. We were still panting when we heard the voice.

“Is somebody in here?”

It called and echoed around the empty space, a deep and manly tone.

Daniel and I sprung from each others’ embrace as if we had been burned by the sound. We immediately turned to face the wall and opened at least a foot of empty space between us. My cock leaked ropes of white from my still aching slit and they fell to the tiled floor and were washed away immediately. Daniel’s own cock was arching up to the ceiling and bobbing as it pulsed out a final stream of his seed.

At least, with our cocks towards the wall and our bare asses facing the opening of the shower room, anyone who saw us would only see two guys showering before school.

We heard the footsteps enter the varsity locker room a moment later but we kept our eyes locked on the wall in front of us, knowing that even the slightest change in our posture could give away our very evident states of arousal.

“Daniel? Is that you?” The voice came again.

Daniel craned his neck around, careful to keep his body facing flush to the far wall and answered.

“Yeah, Coach. It’s me.”

“You’re here early.”

“Sorry,” Daniel began. “Just helping my friend here start up a work out routine.”

He nodded his head in my general direction.

I know it’s stupid to think that I would have been invisible to Coach B as he saw the two of us from behind, but until Daniel had indicated, “my friend,” I held out the vain hope that I would somehow go unnoticed by the man.

“Who is that?” Coach asked, his voice shattering any lingering hopes of my escape.

“Umm…Hi…coach,” the word sounded odd on my tongue. “Hi,…umm. I’m David.”

Coach B laughed at my flustered state, a full-throated, very friendly, and utterly masculine sound.

“I know who you are, David. You may not play a sport, but I make it my business to know just about everyone at this school.”

“Sorry,” I offered, unsure how to respond.

“Keep up the good work, boys. I’m sure Daniel can whip you into shape. He’s one of my best players. You’re in good hands. Lookin’ good, the two of you.”

I stood and stared at the wall, my cock deflating rapidly from abject terror mixed with utter confusion at what had just happened. I listened as Coach’s footsteps receded towards his office at the far end of the main locker complex. I could have sworn that I heard a deep chuckle under his breath as he left.

I must have imagined it. Coaches didn’t chuckle. Certainly not at two naked guys in the Varsity Showers, one of whom was as out of place there as an Octopus in the Sahara.

“What the fuck just happened?” I asked Daniel, as I released the breath I’d been holding, afraid to so much as move in case the Coach should suspect…something.

“That was Coach B,” Daniel said beside me. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one to return to his flaccid resting state.

“Obviously, jack-ass,” I retorted. “Do you think he saw anything?”

Daniel shrugged and twisted to rinse himself in the shower spray.

“I dunno,” he offered with little evident care in his voice. “If he did, I don’t think he cared.”

I was shocked, to say the least.

If the Coach had seen something, then Daniel and I were both at risk. Unless, as Daniel suggested, he truly didn’t care. It seemed unfathomable that he COULDN’T have cared. We were two guys, after all. And this was the South. This kind of thing just wasn’t done. Was it?

My classes with Daniel had become the highlight of my daily academic experience. We had settled into a comfortable routine in the classroom, one of teasing and furtive glances and secret text messages. I still kept mainly to myself most of the time, but even in my usually day-dreaming state, I began to notice that my classmates had begun to regard me with less hostility, or at least a different degree of apathy.

The attention that Daniel had begun to show me, never overtly really, just an acknowledgment of my existence, had served to awaken others to my presence as well. It was a disconcerting change but not an unwelcome one. No one invited me to the popular parties that weekend, or asked how my night had been, but neither did they simply stare through me on the sidewalk. Now, they would step out of my path if I was walking towards them.

I wondered if Daniel had sent some kind of message to the popular crowd, through their secret popular club meetings I was sure they held on a weekly basis, alerting them to his protection of me.

I doubt it.

High Schoolers are often seen as brainless automatons a vast majority of the time, acting on unseen forces that the rest of the world has moved past and left to dimly recalled memories; but they are often capable of subtle shifts in behavior that most don’t give them credit for. It is a strange and unique landscape.

Dr. Plarston’s AP English Literature was still my favorite class, and not simply because Daniel had taken up residence across from me and teased me with near constant groping of his package and licking of his lips.

“So, as you know,” she began one bright spring day some weeks after our return from Boston, as the air was just beginning to warm, “the SAT’s are coming up in two weeks. I know most of you have already taken them, and already applied to schools and universities, but this is the final opportunity to better your previous scores and impress the admissions departments.”

I looked at Daniel sitting across from me. I knew that he had gotten into the State University, just a few miles down the road and he was planning to attend. I was still undecided myself, but my options were all very good. Neither of us were in need of taking the SAT’s again.

I had gotten a 1580 (damned quadratic equations had tripped me up, yet again) and I was satisfied with my score. I didn’t know what Daniel had gotten, but it was obviously enough to garner a spot at a decent school.

“I’m going to pass around a sheet. Sign your name on the left if you would like to receive some tutoring on the SAT’s from one of your peers. And sign on the right if you are willing to tutor a fellow student,” Dr. Plarston announced as she held up a clipboard and started it around the classroom.

“There is extra credit involved for both sides of the tutoring spectrum, so keep that in mind.”

The bell rang, releasing us to our next class. I began to pack my things amongst the hustle and bustle of my peers doing the same. I didn’t sign the sheet when it arrived at my desk, simply passing it along to the student behind me. I didn’t need tutoring, I had no intention of taking the test again; once was more than enough. I doubted if anyone would like to spend any more time with me outside of class, even given my apparent rising social status.

I had maneuvered my backpack onto my shoulders and was headed towards the exit when Dr. Plarston called my name.

“David,” she called to me as she sat at her desk. I turned an walked towards her, unsure what she might need from me. I had turned in my assignments and my grades were still the highest in the class.

“Yes?” I asked hesitantly.

She looked up from the clipboard that had made it back to her.

“I’m glad to see that you signed up to tutor.”

“Pardon?” I asked confused. I hadn’t signed the paper.

“It’s nice to see you reaching out a bit, opening up. I know High School can be a trying time, but I’m happy to see you taking advantage of your time here with us.”

“I’m sorry,” I began again, still flustered and totally unaware of what the hell she was talking about. “I…,”

“Now, there are several people to choose from, any of whom should count themselves lucky to have you on their team. Take your pick.”

She held out the clipboard to me and I took it from her without thought. My eyes scanned the names, all of which I recognized.

icon-vibrators-quiet-compressorThere was Amanda of the popular girls, and Ian the jock. Amanda had even placed a little heart over the second A in her name, though that particular letter didn’t call for the embellishment. I guessed she was envious of people with an “i” in their name and decided to insert her own Lisa-Frank-esque flare on her signature.

There, at the very top of the right hand side of the page was my name, under the heading “Tutors.” It was written concisely and neatly in blue pen.

But it was not my handwriting. I recognized the script immediately and scanned the left-hand column for the name I knew I would find there.

Sure enough, “Daniel” had written his own name third from the top on the, “In need of tutoring” side. I couldn’t help but smile a bit. He signed me up to tutor and signed himself up to be tutored, even though he didn’t need it. It was a small gesture, but one that I was sure was meant for me.

“I’ll take Daniel,” I said, my confidence rising in me as I handed the clipboard back. The double entendre was lost on Dr. Plarston, but I laughed to myself at my own witticism.

Dr. Plarston seemed surprised, her eyebrows arching high over her glasses as she took the clipboard.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “There are plenty of other people in need of…”

“I’m sure.” I said quickly, halting her apparent concern for my well-being if she placed me directly in the path of a jock. She was a smart woman. They don’t just hand out PhD’s willy nilly.

I smiled my best smile to reassure her; my heart leapt in my chest as I watched her check off my name and Daniel’s on the list before her. It was done. Dr. Plarston still seemed taken aback as I gave her my goodbyes and headed back out to my next class, a new found spring in my step.

I essentially floated above the sidewalk as I made my way to my favorite reading spot, a big tree in the Annex courtyard, the same spot Daniel had first approached me on our first day back from Boston. He had promised me would find a way to see me. He had not disappointed.

I was grinning like an idiot when I fished my phone from my bag and authored a text to Daniel. He stood about 10 yards away with his usual cohort of jocks. And Amy. Always Amy. She was like a bad case of acne I just couldn’t seem to shake.

DAVID: You don’t know what you just did. You’re in my world now, Jock-Boy. You may own the gym, but I got the brains.

I sent the message.

I watched as Daniel reacted to its delivery and removed his phone from his pocket. He let out a burst of laughter as he read it, making his friends turn towards him as he tried to regain his composure. Daniel didn’t seem to pay them any mind as they looked to him for a reason behind his outburst. He swiveled his head around, searching for me. When he found me, my back leaning against my familiar tree, my eyes locked on his face just waiting for him to meet my eyes, he smiled broadly.

No one else existed when he smiled at me like that. I was surrounded by a hundred other students, but I saw only Daniel. Even Amy was like a ghost in my vision.

He turned his eyes to his phone and I watched as he tapped out his response.

DANIEL: Bring it, Nerd. Game on.

Fuck. I nearly exploded right there.

My cock was growing in my jeans at a rapid clip. I’m pretty sure Daniel noticed my condition despite me trying to cover it with my books. Damned hormones.

I leaned my head against the trunk of my tree and stared through the newly budding branches to the bright blue open sky. I let the light stream down on me and closed my eyes to bask in the happiness his reply had sent me spiraling into.

So few words with such a profound impact. I was definitely addicted.

In that near euphoric state, I heard Amy’s voice break through my fog like an eagle screeching from on high. No, an eagle is too majestic. Her voice was more like that of a Harpy.

“Who the hell are you texting?” she griped, reaching for the phone in Daniel’s hand with her well-manicured claws. They seemed more claw-like now than I had noticed before.

“No one,” Daniel said, drawing his phone away from her and moving out of her path as best he could. She nevertheless continued in her struggle to wrest the phone from him until he was able to put it in his pocket and physically pin her arms to her sides when she tried to retrieve it.

“Then why are you smiling like an idiot if it’s just ‘no one,’” she demanded.

“Are you jealous or something?” Daniel asked.

Ooohh. Bad move.

I’m as gay as the day is long, but even I knew you’re never supposed to bring up jealousy to an agitated female teenager. Not unless you have a well mapped plan of escape.

Amy nearly went nuclear.

“WHY!? Should I be? Are you texting another girl? Who the hell is she?!”

Daniel paid her little attention as he gathered himself and began to walk away towards the Senior parking lot. Amy continued to harangue him from behind, desperately trying to get him to turn around and confront her. Daniel was having none of it. He just walked and let her rant behind him, only giving her the satisfaction of saying:

“It’s not a girl!”

A few moments later my phone buzzed in my hand.

DANIEL: First tutoring session. My house. 6:30 after baseball practice.

It wasn’t a question.

I quivered a bit at his commanding tone, even given my intellectual upper hand. I could get used to this power struggle.

I had always been acutely aware of the relative cheapness of my vehicle when I parked next to the Mercedes and BMWs my classmates had been given upon that most sacred of teenaged milestones: the driver’s license. But I was never more so than when I pulled into Daniel’s driveway.

I had to check the address I’d been given by the Upper School Administrator when I informed her of my tutoring plans, just to ensure that I hadn’t somehow gotten turned around and ended up in Martha’s Vineyard or some other haunt of, “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

But I was in the right location.

His house was gigantic. My own modest home could have fit easily inside his garage, with its space for 4 cars as well as a window that hinted at some sort of large room overhead. A FROG, as they are called down south: Finished Room Over the Garage.

The yard was immaculate and expansive, with a wrought iron fence at the back that hinted at a large wooden deck and the bright unnatural blue of an in-ground pool. Was that a stone fire pit off to the left? Of course it was.

The main house itself stretched up for three visible floors, in a square boxish shape with large front facing windows and hunter-green wooden shutters to each side. The entry way was flanked by two massive columns that supported a large triangular brick and stone awning. The massive front door was banded in brass and surrounded by intricate frosted glass windows.

I must have gaped as I exited my puny little car and headed up the front walkway to the main door. In my awe of this domicile, I didn’t even realize that Daniel’s familiar red Jeep wasn’t in the driveway. Perhaps he had parked it in one of the copious garage spaces?

My stomach lurched when I pressed the doorbell and heard the sonorous “bing bong” echoing inside through what I could only assume were palatial marble lined floors and mahogany encrusted furniture. I was looking up to the ceiling of the front awning with its matching brass bound porch light when the door swung open in front of me.

I don’t know what I was expecting to find, but certainly not the diminutive woman who stood before me with an inviting smile.

“Hi, hun! You must be David,” she said with a southern drawl that made it seem like she was singing her greeting to me. It instantly put me at ease.

She was shorter than me, maybe around 5’6″ with long dark hair that she wore loose around her shoulders, curled at the ends. Small strands of silver were dusted in it’s ebony lengths, but it only made her appear wise, not old. She wore a brightly patterned silk scarf tied around her temples to keep her locks from falling into her face. And what a face it was.

Her skin was smooth and olive complected, just like Daniel’s. Tiny lines crept from the corners of her eyes and encircled her mouth so that she almost seemed to be on the verge of laughing at any moment and made her age an impossibility to guess. She wore a simple tan shirt and khaki pants that fit her well and showed off her athletic body. She was barefoot on the hardwood floor (no marble, thank god!) and her toenails were painted a bright purple, the only sign of the expected southern style.

“Umm…Hi, yes, I’m David.” I said, my nerves making my voice break a little as I spoke. “Is Daniel home?”

She smiled at me and I suddenly realized why I was so nervous. Her brown eyes sparkled and danced in the setting sunlight.

Daniel’s eyes. They were nearly identical. The same soft brown, the same wide openness, the same full, dark lashes. Those eyes were truly windows into her being, as they were into her son’s. And now, they showed only joy at meeting me. My nerves gave way under her stare and I eased even more.

“He’s not home yet, sweetie. Why don’t you come in and wait for him. He shouldn’t be but a minute or two. You hungry?”

She extended her arm to me and stepped aside to usher me into her home. I mumbled something in reply as best I could as I followed her in and she shut the door behind me.

“The kitchen is just down that hallway there. Let’s get you fed!”

She motioned towards the hallway in front of me, which seemed to stretch on past the limits of my vision. The massive nature of the house dwarfed her as she walked in front of me, her bare feet making little slapping noises on the shining wood floors. But she seemed a part of the place as well. In the coming weeks, I would find touches of her personality on nearly every surface of the place, from the art on the walls to the tools in the kitchen.

In no time, she had me seated on a high stool at the massive island that dominated her kitchen and she busied herself with making me a snack of baby carrots and hummus.

“We like to keep it healthy here,” she joked as she set the plate before me.

“Oh, please,” came an unseen voice from somewhere behind me. “She’s just doing that to impress you, is all. Don’t let her fool you.”

I turned in my stool to search for the source of the voice, but saw only one long hairy lower leg draped over the back of a white couch that faced the largest TV screen I had ever seen. The owner of that hairy appendage remained obstructed from my view until he lifted himself up a bit to stare at me from his lounging position.

“Oh hush, Adam. I’m doing no such thing. You mind yourself,” Daniel’s mom clicked towards the man. “Don’t mind Adam, hun. He’s home on spring break from Vanderbilt. I, for one, can’t wait till he goes back!”

“Hi,” Adam called from his couch.

“Get up and say hello properly please, Adam,” his mother admonished. Adam sighed as if this was a huge inconvenience on him, but rose and shuffled to the island.

He was taller than his little brother, of a height with me, but the resemblance was clear. Where Daniel was muscular and built for contact sports, Adam seemed crafted of longer, leaner stuff; not lanky, but built for…I don’t know…the tour de France instead of Baseball?

He plopped himself down in a stool next to mine and repeated his greeting.

“Hey, I’m Adam.”

“David,” I said. I wasn’t sure if I should hold out my hand for a proper shake, but thankfully Adam saved me from wondering.

“Mom, can I have a hot pocket?” he asked.

“Fine. Just don’t spoil your dinner. Your father will be home shortly and we will be eating as a family.”

Adam rolled his eyes and lumbered to the freezer to make his chosen snack while his mother continued to move around the kitchen, collecting supplies for the aforementioned dinner.

“So,” Adam said in my general direction, “you tutoring my little bro?”

“Yeah. SAT’s.”

“Didn’t he already take those?”

“He can take them again if he wants to, Adam. Leave the poor kid alone,” his mother chided, rising from a cabinet with a large stainless steel stock pot big enough to boil me inside.

“I’m only asking, mom. Jeeze!” He pressed the buttons on the microwave and watched his chosen snack rotate inside. “Didn’t you go to Boston for the Nationals? Are you the same David?”


I stopped with a hummus laden carrot stick halfway to my mouth and stared at him. He stared right back at me, through another set of Daniel’s eyes. His mouth curved up a little in a slight smile that seemed to say, “the door is open, bud. What are you going to do?”

I cleared my throat.

“Yeah. I went to Boston. Not the same category though. I’m in actual Debate. Lincoln Douglass style. You know? After Abraham Lincoln. The 16th President. Emancipation Proclamation? Freed the slaves. Daniel does original oratory, but then you already know that don’t you. Why wouldn’t you? Not like he’d hide that fact. I was in Boston too. For what it’s worth. I mean, we didn’t win anything. The snow made us late? Remember? That snow storm? Never been so cold in all my life. Never seen that much snow in one place. So we didn’t get points or anything so it didn’t really matter if we went in the first place. But I was in Boston. It was my birthday too. 18th. In Boston. In the snow. But it didn’t matter cause we were late…”

“Christ dude, take a breath!” Adam squawked as he did his best to hold back a laugh at my distracted ramblings. “Nervous much?” He waggled his eyebrows at me from across the room and winked.

The sun was apparently taking up residence in my face. I blushed from toes to hairline in a blink.

“You go to your room Adam Samuel, and don’t bother David again! You hear me, young man? You get!”

His mother did his best to save me, even using Adam’s middle name, a sure sign of coming trouble for those of us raised down South. Adam shrugged his shoulders and shuffled from the kitchen down the same hallways I’d traveled, headed to some distant part of the manse I couldn’t yet begin to fathom, a shit-eating grin still plastered across his face.

I let my heart rate slowly come back to normal when I heard the front door open in the distance and then close just as quickly.

“David?” Daniel called from afar, “You here?”

When Daniel arrived in the kitchen and smiled at me seated at the island, I don’t think he was aware of just how obscenely sexual he looked. To me at least.

A navy blue baseball cap sat low on his brows but did nothing to hide his beautiful features. His white button down baseball shirt was unbuttoned and hung loosely around him, exposing a dirty and nearly see through white tank top. The black swirls of his trimmed chest hair poked from above the neck of it and I could just make out the outline of his dark nipples. His tight baseball pants were stained in orange-red mud on the knees and thighs but they hugged his legs in all the right places. His crotch was full and pulled up tightly in what I could only assume was the jock strap he wore beneath. The smell of his sweat and exertion hit me like a tsunami and I blinked in awe at him.

“Daniel! You look a mess! Why didn’t you shower before you came home?” His mother asked with a look of embarrassment plastered on her features.

“Because I didn’t want to leave mu buddy David here at your mercy for any longer than absolutely necessary, Mother.”

“Very funny,” she scoffed lovingly. “Now you boys head up stairs.”

I jumped from my seat, doing my best to hide my eagerness. Daniel’s chest heaved in his sodden tank top and he stared at me with an intensity that I had come to recognize meant sexual games were about to commence. My body’s own intensity began to build as well.

Daniel jerked his head toward the hall way and I followed him as he turned. He very nearly ran towards the stairs and I bounded up behind him.

“Shower! Please!” his mother called to our retreating backs.

feature-vibrators-saleOne good thing about a sprawling mansion is that I got to walk behind Daniel for much longer than anticipated and watched his rounded muscular ass move beneath the stretchy white fabric of his baseball pants. By the time we neared his room, which I am still not sure exactly how to get to, I was already have erect and near crazy with madness at the urge to touch him.

Daniel closed and locked the door to his room and immediately his mouth was on mine. He held me against him, unmoving, just breathing me in in one long inhale as our lips pressed together. He released me on the exhale.

“That’s much better,” he said. “I was about to burst I wanted to kiss you so bad downstairs.”

The long kiss and the compliment were more than enough to make me his.

I steadied myself a bit against the emotions and looked around his room. In my fantasies, Daniel’s room was covered in sports memorabilia and trophies of all shapes and sizes, satin ribbons in blue and red and yellow marking off all of his many athletic achievements. And those things were there, if in smaller numbers than anticipated. There was a queen sized bed with a grey plaid bedspread. A desk with a laptop and desk lamp. Windows. A dresser. Dirty clothes scattered around the floor. A bookshelf with old notebooks and a few novels. A bedside table and alarm clock.

I don’t know why I expected it to be anything other than what it was: completely ordinary. It looked almost exactly like my room, except for the size, the trophies, and lacking in books. But other than that, not so different from where I was comfortable.

But it smelled of Daniel. The room reeked of him and the scent that I had come to adore as being HIM. I took it in for a moment as he watched me. I was turning in small circles and gazing at everything when his arms captured me from behind, wrapped around my stomach and pulled my back into his chest. His lips pressed into my shoulder and I eased into his embrace as if I’d been born to reside there.

“Mmmm, that’s nice.” I said to the air.

“It is.” Daniel kissed my ear and I shivered.

He kissed down my neck and I trembled. His hands moved from around my waist and he grabbed at my growing cock through my jeans. I sucked in through gritted teeth, the strength of his grip taking me by surprise, reminding me that I was almost always at his mercy. I throbbed under his palm.

“Daniel…I…,” I started. His fingers found the button of my jeans and undid them with one masculine hand.

“Yeah?” he breathed in my ear.

“Ohhh…I…I,” my zipper came down slowly. Daniel flattened his palm on my belly and slid his finger down my hips and under the elastic of my boxer briefs. I felt the tips of them brush my pubes.

“You…?” Daniel teased.

He grabbed my cock in his grip and tugged me from my pants, my dick bouncing into his palm in the open air as he gently pulled on me.

“Fuuuck…,” I tried to resist it, but it felt like my skin was melding to his, like we were becoming one person as he jerked my cock from behind.

“So, what do you have to teach me, nerd?” Daniel whispered, his teeth coming down on my earlobe as he said it through gritted teeth. I moaned and pressed my ass back into his growing dick, my body ready for him to take me right there.

I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow shook myself free of that trance and turned to face him, backing up by about 2 feet, a safer distance when I wanted to essentially pounce on him.

“You need to go shower.” I said as firmly as I could. “And we WILL be getting some studying done. You may not actually need SAT tutoring, but you could use some help in your other classes I’m sure.”

Daniel smirked at me, the outline of his dick clear against the white fabric of his pants. He removed his button down shirt and stared at me. I stared back, doing my best to hold my ground.

He lifted his sweaty tank top and stood there, with his chest exposed, the nipples I’d seen hidden now evident and erect. His fingers traced down his stomach slowly, feeling over the bumps and mounds of his own abs. He undid the button of his pants and pushed them to the floor.

My still exposed cock pulsed and a clear stream of precum fell from my slit to his carpeted floor. Try as I might to hide it, my body ached for him and betrayed my desires.

He stepped out of his pants and socks. As he had done that first night in Boston, he was in his white jock strap with the thick white band at the waist, his rigid member outlined beneath the cotton that strained to hold him back.

He made it jump and my eyes widened, my mouth began to water.

“Shower…,” I commanded in a harsh whispered croak that he had to struggle to hear. It was all I could manage.

“If you insist.”

He turned from me and walked towards the door in the far wall that lead to his own private bathroom. I dug my nails into the palms of my hand to keep from tackling him from behind as I watched the perfectly tanned globes of his ass, outlined in the thin white elastic of the jock.

The water started and soon I could hear Daniel humming contentedly to himself as he showered. I stuffed my sorely unused dick back into my jeans and zipped myself up, adjusting my hardness so it pointed north just as there was a knock on the door.

I arranged my shirt to cover my boner as best I could and opened the door. Adam stood outside, leaning against the frame and blocking the exit with his entire body.

“So, you gonna make sure my brother gets a decent score?”

My face was getting flushed again. He knew something about me, about Daniel, and he was enjoying tormenting me about whatever it was he thought we’d done.

“I’m going to do my best,” I replied.

“You’d better.”

Adam made as if to return to wherever in the huge house he’d emerged from and I shook my head in confusion as I started to close the door on him.

“He likes you, you know,” Daniel’s older brother said, a seriousness coming to his voice for the first time since meeting him.

“Likes me?” I asked.

“No need to play dumb, dude. He’s been happier than I’ve seen him in a long time. Ever since he came back from Boston.”

I tried to conceal my smile, but failed and ended up studying the floor with mock intensity. Daniel had been happier since Boston? To a great enough degree that his brother had taken notice? My interest was piqued.

“What do you mean?” I prodded, hoping he might illuminate me as to precisely how Daniel had changed since our fateful trip.

Adam shot me a half smile, so very like the one Daniel used to turn me to goo. But he said nothing and continued down the hallway towards his unknown destination.

“What do you mean?!” I repeated to his retreating back.

“Just take care of him.” He replied, not turning to look at me.

There was a hint of reprisal in his voice, as if he would do all in his power to make sure that I did take care of his little brother. It was simultaneously frightening and endearing to see his love for his sibling so outwardly emoted.

“He’s my little brother and I don’t want to see him get hurt.”

Adam shuffled down the hall and into a side door without expounding further.

I was still standing in the doorway, holding open the door when Daniel emerged from the shower. I had been so caught up in Adam’s mysterious and semi-threatening missive that I hadn’t heard the water turn off.

“Was someone there?” He asked from behind me. I shook myself and turned, closing and locking the door behind me once more

Daniel had a length of sky blue towel wrapped around his waist. His skin was flushed and beaded in tiny drops of water, as if he’d slept all night in a field and woke covered in dew. It dripped down his chest and his abs, pooled a little in his belly button and continued down his treasure trail. He breathed deeply and flexed his muscles slightly for my benefit, reveling in my expression as he did so.

His uncut cock bulged beneath the fabric of the towel, the long thick outline of his shaft just making itself known through the covering.

“Better? All clean.” Daniel dropped the towel.

His cock was truly a thing of beauty. I’d seen it dozens of times now, but it still sent me to trembling every time he revealed it to me. It was just plumping up, swelling a bit but still flaccid enough that it hung over his massive balls. His dark pubic hair was trimmed and framed it perfectly. There were no tan lines on his waist, the olive skin of his stomach flowing seamlessly into that of his groin.

“That’s a loaded question to ask me while naked, and you know it,” I said low in my chest, my passions beginning to ignite, my body starting to tingle in anticipation of his imminent touch.

Daniel walked towards me slowly, his eyes still holding my gaze. When he was just inches from me, I felt his fingers at the hem of my shirt. I didn’t try to stop him as he lifted it above my head, my arms rising easily as he tossed it aside to pool on the floor amongst his own clothes. His palms rested on my chest as he stared into me.

I could feel the warmth of his shower, the dampness of his skin as it made contact with mine. He pressed his fingers into me and slid his hands down my sides, over my ribs and my hips, and rested finally on my ass. He pulled me closer to him, my hardening cock pressing into his stomach through my jeans.

I couldn’t speak. Daniel was the leader here. We may have begun this with the ruse of me being the teacher and him the student. But this was his room, his place in this world, and he could do what he liked here. Including me.

His fingers found my button and zipper again, and pushed my jeans to the floor with ease, careful to never break my gaze as he disrobed me. As if hypnotized, I couldn’t tear my eyes from his face, the chiseled angle of his jaw line and the strong, straight shape of his nose and full lips. I stepped from my jeans and was finally equally as exposed as he was.

Daniel looked down, finally letting my eyes free, gazing at my cock as it rose from semi erect to full throbbing mast. When he looked back at me, he was smiling and there was an unmistakably hungry look in his eyes.

“Now that’s much better.”

He brushed a quick kiss across my lips and sank to his knees before me, resting on his heels, his hands gripping my hips and making sure I wouldn’t escape.

His tongue licked at my slit and made a lazy circle around the rim of my cock as he looked up at me through his dark lashes. His hand gripped my shaft at the base and he guided me towards his open mouth, sucking me in and wetting me with his tongue.

He lavished my dick, running his tongue over it and swirling it around, teasing every nerve as he slowly jerked me with his strong hand.

“Daniel…your…oh, fuck…” I was trying to tell him that his brother had spoken cryptically to me, but his tongue fluttered over the sensitive skin under my cock-head. He bobbed his head downwards and took half of me into him as I tried.

“Mmmm,” Daniel moaned through his full mouth, one hand rolling my full balls in his palm like dice as he jerked me and sucked at the same time.

“Holy, shit…,” I started, ” Daniel, Add…oh my god…Adam was he…ahhh don’t stop that, do that again.”

Daniel’s brown eyes looked up at me and he pushed himself further until I was nearly all the way down his throat, which he opened for me with ease. My fingers worked through his short black hair, urging him on despite my protestations to the contrary.

Daniel bobbed on my shaft and worked his tongue in swirls over my head on the back stroke.

“Fuck! We have to study Daniel.” I said, though it pained me greatly and I said it with only half-hearted enthusiasm. Half-hearted at best.

Daniel pulled back from my cock and looked up at me from his position resting on his heels.

“We can study once you fuck my face and I taste your cum.” He said as he jerked my saliva slicked cock. Those were his terms and he had stated them with no hint of uncertainty.

He opened his mouth again and pushed me all the way to the base. Watching my huge dick disappear down his throat and his desire for me to fuck his face and swallow my load still resounding in my head drove my academic pursuits from me.

I grabbed the sides of his head and thrust myself into him. I pulled back and watched his eyes as I thrust back in.

They were so open, so willing. He knew I wouldn’t hurt him, but he wanted me to use him.

I obliged and picked up my speed, plunging in and out of his throat, ignoring the small gagging noises he made and the tears that began to leak from the corners of his eyes. I held him in place and forced my cock deep inside him.

Daniel’s own hand was furiously jerking his cock, pointed directly at his face. He groaned and moaned and his body writhed in time with my thrusts.

I felt myself getting close.

“Shit, you want me to cum down your throat?”

Daniel nodded as I plunged my cock into him, just on the verge of viciousness.

“Are you ready for my load, jock boy?”

He nodded again.

I jerked my cock from his throat and aimed it straight at his face. His mouth remained open and his tongue outstretched, ready to receive his prize.

Daniel leaned forward to be nearer the source of his coming meal and took my first shot right on his tongue and over his stubble lined cheeks. I let out a quiet roar as I pumped three more streams into him, Daniel finally closing his lips over my head and sucking the cum from me, licking at my slit and collecting it all.

I watched him swallow my load as his lips kissed and licked my shaft from my tip to my balls. My breath came in gulps. I was growing used to the enhanced effect Daniel had on the size of my loads, but it was still sometimes too much to handle.

Daniel rose gracefully and pulled my face down to kiss him. I tasted my seed on his tongue as he opened for me and explored my mouth.

“God. That was perfect,” he said when he pulled back, my face still held gently between his palms.

“It was,” I agreed. There was something I had been trying to tell him before he’d obliterated logical thought. What was it?

“I’m not through with you yet, nerd.”

Daniel put his palms to my chest and pushed me backwards towards his bed. I let him lead me, gentle push by gentle push, the grin on his face widening as I neared his intended destination. It seemed I could watch his intentions grow, watch the playlist of what he wanted to do to me and what he wanted me to do to him expand as we got closer to the mattress.

My knees bumped the footboard and all it took was one final shove for Daniel to lay me flat out on my back. My sensitive cock leaked an errant bead of white onto my stomach as Daniel crawled onto the bed, his knees to either side of my body.

“Did you like that? Gagging me with your big cock?”

His arms rippled as he pinned my wrists over my head and pressed me to the mattress with a kiss, not giving me a chance to answer his question. His bare ass hovered just over my cock and my hips pressed up from the bed on their own, wanting, needing, seeking to be buried inside him again.

“See, there’s a plan here, nerd,” Daniel began, his face drawing close to mine, my wrists still held in his grasp. He kissed my clavicle and pushed his ass back so that my dick pressed into his crack.

“Mmmm…see, now that you’ve given me one load, it should take you a lot longer to give me your second.”

His eyes sparkled in the light above me, afire with the wickedness of his plan and the new heights of pleasure he planned to push me, as well as himself, to and over.

“They call it milking, so I’ve read. I hope you didn’t have plans for the next hour or two,” he teased.

He knew and I knew that even if I had, I would have dropped them in an instant had he asked.

“You’re going to fuck me long and slow. I’m gonna ride your cock till you want to explode. I want you buried so deep inside me I can’t tell where I end and you begin. You understand me?”

I nodded, my mouth dry and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.

“Good. Let’s begin, Nerd.”

He released my hands and flipped his direction quickly, placing the perfect rounded mounds of his ass directly over my face.

“Get me ready,” He commanded, kneeling astride my shoulders.

My hands grabbed at his ass cheeks and spread them easily, his pink hole exposed to me again. My mouth watered and I was finally able to cleave my tongue from the roof of my mouth. I plunged it directly into him.

“Ohhhhhhh, yes.”

Daniel arched forward, his hands grabbing my thighs. I raised my knees to give him something to hold onto, to use to push himself against me.

Hummus and carrots had not been enough, so I ravaged his opening with everything I had, burying my face into him until I was forced to pull back for fear of actual suffocation. Daniel, for his part, used his new leverage on my knees to undulate his lower body, fucking himself against my tongue and pressing his hole into my mouth.

A constant whine of pleasure eased from him and drove me on.

“Ooooo, finger…,” he panted when he could catch his breath, “fuck, oh my god, finger!”

I wet one long finger and pressed it to his hole. His ass pushed back against me and I slipped inside him as smooth as silk. I didn’t even have to move my hand; Daniel took over the motion, riding my long, thin digit with ease.


cat-dildosHe didn’t say how much more, so I placed two more fingertips at his loosening hole when he pulled back from me. When he pressed back down again, he threw his head back in pleasure and he screamed so loud I thought for sure that his parents or brother would hear. The idea of being caught in the act only made it all the hotter. His sphincter squeezed all three of my digits tightly, and I could feel him convulse around me.

“Oh fuck David. Yeah, dude, fuck my hole…god it feels so good.”

I used fingers and tongue to fuck him, turning my digits inside and arching them towards his hard stomach, searching for that ball of nerves I knew would satisfy him. He began to glisten with a thin sheen of sweat, panting heavy and fast but loosening to my touch bit by bit. When I brushed his prostate, he collapsed onto my raised knees and seemed to have difficulty raising himself back up. His triceps trembled and I watched the normally strong muscles of his back and lats shake as he tried.

“Oh shit, David. I can’t take it anymore.”

He rolled off of me and flipped himself around, flopping his entire weight into me, pressing along the entire length of my right side. I turned to face him as much as I could and pulled his flushed face up to kiss him. Our cocks ground into each other, the sweat and steam of our passion making them slip and slide against each other while our tongues kept time for our two person sexual tango.

I never wanted to move from there, never wanted to let him out of my arms.

Daniel threw one massive hairy thigh over my legs.

“I want to look at you while you fuck me,” he said while he continued to grind himself into me.

Holding him close, I placed my free arm under his knee and hoisted his leg near my shoulders. He was bulky and muscular, but he was also more agile and flexible than that muscle might convey. His forehead pressed close to mine, our noses touching, his hairy chest heaving and bumping with mine, sensitive nipples hitting sensitive nipples. I held his leg up and thanked the heavens for my extra three inches of height. It meant that I could angle myself under him.

Daniel reached between us and gripped my cock in one hand, maneuvering it with some difficultly until it rested right against his slick hole.

He kissed me gently and nodded into my kiss. I pushed forward and felt the head of my cock pop inside of him.

“Ahhhhhhhhh my god,” Daniel moaned. His eyes fluttered closed and he bit his lower lip between his teeth. I loved being able to see his expression as I entered him.


I pressed further and watched as his mouth opened as inch after inch of me pressed into him. I could feel his uncut cock pressed into my stomach begin to twitch and jump, coating my skin with his slick precum.

“Give it to me,” he whimpered, his free hand grasping my neck in a death grip, smashing my face to his in a kiss full of violence and caring in equal and erotic measure.

I finished my thrust and felt his hole settle onto my pubes. His ass spasmed up and down my shaft like the lights on a Test-Your-Strength-Sledgehammer-Game at the State Fair. Wave after wave of him, up and down and back again, squeezing me tightly.

His hips began to rock, but he had little range of movement here. I know he wanted it slowly so I started out that way. I used the weight of his body as my counterweight, allowing gravity to pull him back down to my hips as I thrust in.

Each movement seemed to set him trembling anew.

“It’s… It’s…the whole time…It’s too…,” he was gasping for air, trying to speak but unable to find the strength as I slowly pumped myself inside of him and then withdrew from him, keeping only an inch or two trapped.

His cock was throbbing in a rhythm now, pressing into my stomach as his arms wound around my neck, trying to hold on to me as if he needed the support.

I pushed in again and Daniel moaned. I felt his cock expand and the first jet of supremely hot cum squirt between our stomachs. Trapped there, he pulsed again and again, jet after jet of his cum smearing our torsos as we slipped and writhed into each other.

“Don’t stop…keep going…it’s the spot…the whole…oh…god baby, don’t stop.”

That word. He’d never said that word before. Nerd, dude, Bud. Those I was used to. He’d called me, “baby.”

Something snapped in me, some unseen gate opened and parts of me I didn’t realize I kept hidden were suddenly flung into the light. Daniel continued to paint our stomachs with his cum, leaking between us to the sheets below.

“Say it again,” I growled at him as I pushed my cock into him, quicker than before.

“Don’t stop, baby. Oh. Fuck!”

I slammed myself into him again.

“Yes! Fuck!”

Again I rammed myself in.

I could feel him trembling, see his eyes closed tight and the grip of his arms around my neck as he held on for dear life. I began to pound his hole with all I could at my sideways angle.

Daniel let out a wordless moan, his mouth hanging open, eyes glazed, fingernails digging into my shoulders.

“Don’t…stop…don’t stop…oh god, I’m gonna cum again…oh jesus fucking christ…fuck…don’t…Oh fuck baby.”

He drew out the last syllable of that final word as he began to ride another round of orgasm.

I felt his ass clamp down on my pole as I sheathed it in him a final time. The word “baby” echoed in my skull and I felt myself empty into him, fill him entirely. I couldn’t even moan as I came, only convulse soundlessly, my essence ripped from the depths of me and exploding into him.

Daniel whimpered and whined as he wound himself in slow circles on my hips, feeling my cum smear against his insides, some of me leaking from his hole and dripping down my spent balls to the bedspread below.

We stayed like that for a long time, my cock pulsing my life inside of him, his hole squeezing me tightly, until our breathing evened and we slowly returned to normal. He eased himself from me with a satisfied sigh and nuzzled up next to my chest.

I turned and glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

“Sorry,” I said.

“For what?” he asked, “That was beyond incredible.”

“It took all of 23 minutes. You wanted to go for hours.”

He laughed, his strong arm coming to rest over my chest and play lazily with my nipple.

“I’ll let it slide this time. I may have over estimated how much pleasure I can take at one sitting. Those two damned near killed me.”

I could have fallen asleep right there, naked and satisfied on Daniel’s bed, his soft black hair tickling my shoulder and brushing against my nose when I leaned in to kiss the top of his head.

But the universe is a cruel mistress.

For the second time in an hour or so, a knock on the door sent me scurrying to retrieve my clothes from where Daniel had removed them and frantically searching for my backpack. Daniel crawled easily from the bed and picked up a pair of boxer shorts, apparently at ease with near total nudity around whomever was on the other side of the door.

By the time they knocked again, I was sure they would hear me rustling to get dressed. Daniel gave me only a moment of breathing room, just barely enough time to zip up my jeans again, before he pulled open the door.

“Dinner’s ready hun.” Came his mother’s voice. “You two have a good study session?”

“The best,” Daniel said. “I’ll be down in a minute, Mom.”

“David?” she asked from the door, “you’re more than welcome to stay.”

My heart pounded fit to beat the band, from my anxiety at almost being discovered naked in her son’s bed, covered in his cum, my own leaking from his thoroughly fucked ass,AND the offer to stay for dinner.

“I’d love to, ma’am, but I really have to get home. My mamma’s got her own dinner plans tonight, I’m afraid. Another time, I hope.”

“Consider it a standing offer, Sweet Pea.” She turned and headed back downstairs.

Daniel closed the door.

“She likes you,” he joked boyishly, that half smile giving me a run for my money again.

Could I go for a third? Better not risk it.

“I’m glad. I like her too. Way different than I expected.” I offered as I straightened myself and gathered my book bag on my shoulders.

“She’s an old hippie. Peace, Love, and Sunshine, and all that stuff from the 70′s or whatever,” Daniel said, with a tone that hinted that he had already tried and failed many times over to understand his mother and her history but that it was a lost cause at this point.

“She’s great.” I made ready to leave.

“We’re still on for our run in the morning, Nerd,” Daniel informed me, not hint of question. Declarative statement.

I rolled my eyes and held back a disappointed groan but nodded.

“Fine. See you in the morning.”

Daniel leaned forward to kiss me again, softly.

Whatever this had become, wherever it had started, it was something entirely different now. There was emotion building up between us, a history and a past that could crush us if we didn’t handle it carefully. I felt…something… for him, when he brushed his lips to mine. Something deeper than mere caring.

It was almost love. Maybe it was love. The Greeks say Love comes in many different forms. I am not sure what “Love,” this was, but it was growing rapidly. It was already to a point where denying it was beyond pathetic.

“Bye.” Daniel said with a smile and turned back to his room to find suitable clothes for dinner.

I made my way downstairs and to the entryway without much effort. I only got turned around once when I missed a connecting hallway and ended up in a room that I can only assume was designed for piano concerts of some kind, given the Baby Grand piano it housed. But I soon found the front door and was about to open it when Adam’s hand on the handle halted my exit.

“Don’t forget your jacket,” he said, holding it out to me. In my haste to get upstairs with Daniel, I had left it on the stool in the kitchen.

“Thanks,” I said, dropping my eyes to his feet, unable to look him in the eyes after my rambling and his mysterious warnings.

“Thank you.” He put an odd emphasis on the second word. “Sounded like you took good care of my little bro.”

He smiled at me and winked again.

I could have died right there. Adam KNEW.

My face felt like a furnace and I booked it past Adam and down the front walkway to my car in a flash. If my Mamma ever found out that I left without saying “goodbye” or “thank you” to my gracious hosts, she would have made it impossible for me to sit down for a solid month.

Despite feeling my impending demise rapidly approaching, I woke the next morning and arrived at school with no negative consequences. The school day passed as it always did, slowly and with my mind reliving my exploits with Daniel in a vivid technicolor loop. My two periods with Daniel were becoming a welcome distraction and I silently thanked my mother for instilling a strong work ethic in me. I was somehow able to juggle my course load with my expanding sexual fantasies and distracted interactions with Daniel and not see a decline in my performance on any level.

In my final class of the day, while I watched the clock slowly tick down the minutes and seconds until my parole from my academic prison, as I’d come to consider it, since it kept me from my truly encompassing desire of Daniel, I was daydreaming of what lay beneath his jeans when a pastel pink slip of paper was placed on my desk by the teacher.

I knew what that meant.

It was the “official” slip that meant a student was summoned before someone of authority. Someone needed to see me; the principal, a teacher, administrator.

My name was on the top in a neat script, and the lines underneath scribbled out my instructions:


Please come see me in my office ASAP after school today. Thanks. Coach B.

Panic took hold immediately and I looked around the room like an animal caught in a trap. There were still five minutes left of class, and in those five minutes, I imagined every possible horrible scenario that was surely about to come crashing down around my ears.

Adam had somehow told the Coach what he suspected of me and Daniel. Coach was going to put an end to the distraction of his star athlete. Daniel’s parents would be in the office when I arrived. They would scream at me for corrupting their son with my homosexual ways. Daniel would be there, unable to end our dalliance himself and turning to his Coach and mentor to bring us to an abrupt end.

cat-dildos-realisticOver and over they played in my mind, always ending with me alone, standing against several very angry and hate-filled adults who judged and sentenced me, leaving me beaten and broken, lower than I’d ever been before.

I wanted to cry, to scream, to run and hide. I was in fight or flight mode, full-scale.

The bell finally rang and I lifted myself on shaky legs and made my way to the courtyard.

Could I just run to my car and pretend I hadn’t seen the paper? Would the Coach call my house? Were my parents already in his office right now?

My body carried my mind like a snail in its shell, stumbling towards the Gym Complex. I felt like people were talking about me as I walked, like they knew where I was headed and why. They would surely be there to witness my downfall. How could a nerd like me expect to remain on his rising social path? I would get what was coming to me for deigning to reach above my station.

Numbness eventually settled in and like a living coma patient I ambled towards my final punishment.

The two dozen or so times I had been in the Locker Rooms, all of them in the company of Daniel, a guide and protector in the strange realm, there had been no one else present. When I opened the heavy double door and shuffled in, I was met with a vast array of my athletically gifted peers, all in various states of undress.

There were the expected quick movements to cover themselves under the gaze of my gay eyes. Towels were wrapped quickly around bare waists and hands covered teenaged packages. I paid them no mind. They could have been in the midst of the worlds most intense gay orgy and I wouldn’t have noticed a thing.

Thankfully no one spoke to me as I wound around my classmates. They must have been as surprised to find me there as I was to be there. They all towered over me, or seemed to despite their actual height. These were the top echelon of this school. I was in a forrest where every tree could, would, and sometimes had made it their mission to torment me. And I was willingly, in so far as I had a choice in the matter, placing myself on their turf and at their mercy.

My eyes must have been as wide as saucers, but I saw nothing. I was nearly to the far door where I knew I could find Coach B’s office and where my fate lay. I passed the opening to the Varsity Locker rooms without noticing.

“Hey! Nerd!” Daniel’s voice shouted from off to my right, echoing in the open spaces.

I turned to him, my body naturally responding to the sound of his voice and the pet name he had lavished on me since our first night together. Even in my zombie state, Daniel still held sway.

“Woah, David. Are you okay?” Daniel asked as he approached me. He was naked from the waist up and wore a white towel to cover himself. My lower lip trembled.

I would not cry in front of him, not in front of him or his jock confidants.

I. Would. Not.

“I…I’m…” I stuttered, unsure if I should speak or what to say, terrified that speaking would let loose the floods I was desperately keeping locked inside be with everything I had.

Daniel’s strong hands rested on my shoulders and squeezed gently, a sign of encouragement. He had come to recognize when I was on the verge of something new, something terrifying; in his growing connection to me, he sought to make it better. I could have kissed him for it. If it wouldn’t have meant being torn limb from limb by the entire varsity baseball team, that is.

“You’ll be fine,” he said quietly to me. A few pairs of eyes turned towards us, Daniel’s hands on my shoulders and his gaze holding mine. I trembled at the openness of it all, the vulnerability.

“Coach B is a good guy. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“But what if he…what if…,” my mind started the horrible montage of all the ways this could end terribly. Then I realized that Daniel…

“Do you know why I’m here?” I asked, suddenly aware that he was not at all shocked to see me here where I never should have been. Daniel smiled and winked at me.

“Coach is waiting for you. Chin up, Nerd. Don’t worry.”

He turned from me with a gentle shove in the direction of Coach B’s office. As he walked back into the Varsity Locker room he dropped his white towel and sauntered slowly to his locker, making sure I got a full view of his muscular back and perfectly round ass as he moved.

Even that site didn’t completely erase my fear.

It helped. A little. Okay, more than a little.

I knocked timidly on Coach B’s door and entered when I heard a firm, “come in.”

“David,” Coach B said, seated behind his utilitarian desk, surrounded by file cabinets and shelves full of trophies and ribbons from his distinguished career here.

“Good to see you again. How’ve you been, bud?”

Well, that certainly wasn’t what I had expected.

His voice was friendly and open. And he’d called me bud. Did he not remember me from 9th grade P.E and the humiliation of my legendary attempt at anything involving coordination of any kind?

“I… I’m okay, I guess. Coach.” The word still felt foreign to me.

“Thanks for stopping by,” he said. “Have a seat. I have a proposition for you.”

That could mean anything. I could still be in for a world of hurt. I numbly took a seat in one of the two folding chairs he set up across from his desk. I kept my hands on my knees and tried my best to stop their trembling from becoming too noticeable. I took a deep breath and readied myself for the blow.

“As you may know,” Coach B began, “Jason is out for the rest of the semester with a case of mono.”

I had heard about Jason’s unfortunate medical dilemma. We all had. He had made the mistake of going to a party with the infamously held-back walking petri-dish of virus and bacteria known as Katy. I was of the opinion that he got what he deserved, but I kept that to myself.

“Yeah,” I said, keeping my reply short, sweet, and too the point.

“Well, Jason is…was…the Varsity Baseball Team Manager. Now I have to replace him for the rest of our season, which as you may or may not be aware, starts this coming weekend. I was wondering if you might be interested in the position?”

He let the question hang between us for a while. I had come expecting to be demolished, but instead I was offered a job. Had I fallen through a worm hole on the way here and landed in bizzaro-land?

“Ummm…I…” I stammered in my haste to say something, but unsure what to say.

Coach B rescued me from my ramblings.

“You’d get a uniform, of course. First initial, Last name. Take care of travel arrangements, ensure the equipment is packed and stored well, make sure everyone has what they need. Basically take care of the team when we travel and when we play here at home. There’s some math and stats involved as well, but as I understand it, you far surpass Jason in that field already, so I think you’ll pick it up pretty quick. What do you say?”

My mouth hung open.

“Did I mention, when we travel, everything is covered? And we each get private rooms.”

I wasn’t sure what he was hinting at, but there was something in his tone that indicated he had just sweetened the deal with that offer.

“Why me?” I asked and was just as stunned as him to hear the words come out of my own mouth.

“Daniel tells me you are a very…capable…young man and we’d be lucky to have you.”

He stared at me over folded hands.

He knew. I could tell that he knew. Why wasn’t he getting angry, yelling, screaming, shouting and calling me names?

“Individual. Rooms.” He repeated each word slowly, enunciating them to the fullest.

“Sure,” I said. It wasn’t until I saw him smile that I realized I had just accepted his offer.

“Good,” Coach B replied as he shuffled some papers around on his desk. He found what he was looking for and handed the sheet of paper across to me.

“Here’s a general schedule. We’ll get the rest of your paperwork and uniform specifications set up tomorrow after practice. You’ll start tomorrow after school. 3:45. Cool?”

I held the schedule and glanced down at the list of times and places. Times and places I would now be spending with Daniel. I felt the smile creeping up my face.

“Very cool,” I said.

“DANIEL!” Coach be suddenly roared, startling me a bit so I dropped the paper and had to scramble to pick it up as it floated to the ground.

Daniel’s bare torso poked through the semi-cracked door. I had forgotten to close it behind me in my nervousness upon entering.

“Yeah, Coach?” He asked.

I turned to see his face, shoulders and chest in the doorway, the rest of him still in the locker room. He met my gaze and winked at me. I smiled back at him. I would have to think of some way to repay him for letting me suffer in my head when he obviously already knew what this meeting had been about. My cock began to swell in my jeans as I thought of the possibilities.

“Made a good call on David, here,” Coach said. “He’s gonna be our new team manager.”

“Oh yeah?” Daniel said with mock surprise. He maneuvered himself into the office and I was faced with the full glory of his body. He wore his baseball jock and something I would come to know as a cup. But that was it. His hands came to his hips and he expanded himself to his full height and girth.

He never looked at me, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He was showing off for me. His abs tightened and I watched the muscle ripple down the lines of his adonis plate and gently shift the bulge in his jock.

My mouth went dry again.

“It will do us some good to have a little brains amongst all of y’alls brawn.” Coach said. “Maybe he can make y’all shower more too. The smell of you is nightmare inducing sometimes.”

He chuckled at his own joke. There was truth to his statement. The smell of the locker room now that it was full of jocks was more…pungent…than when Daniel and I came here to shower together in the mornings after our runs.

“I’m glad it worked out,” Daniel said as he extended his hand towards me. I rose from my chair to take it. I met his eyes and refused to break that gaze. It was something I never would have thought possible, not in a million years, but I had just been ushered into his world. I was a part of it now, truly a part of it.

As mind boggling as that was, I was looking forward to the possibilities.

“I look forward to working with you, Nerd,” he said, taking my hand firmly in his.

“You too, Jock.” I shook his hand with equal firmness and watched his eyes widen a bit at my show of strength.

He had opened the door for me.

With that handshake, I stepped through it with new-found confidence and into a strange and unfamiliar world.

Because I am, first and foremost, a nerd of the highest degree, and because my mother is also an educator, I approached the task of learning baseball in the only way I found logical: I watched the sport on TV surrounded by reference books I’d checked out from the public library. My mother found me, legal pad on my knees, furiously scribbling every thing I could think of as I watched ESPN for the first time in my life. She stood in the doorway, laundry basket wedged skillfully to her hip in stunned silence at first, mouth working but unable to really articulate the millions of questions she must have had.

“Who are you, and what have you done with my son, David?” She asked, startling me from the game.

Despite what people may say about baseball being a slow paced sport where little actually happens, I was finding my attention to the game brought up countless and unending avenues of exploration. I entered the task knowing little more than that several people swung at a ball with a bat and made their way counter-clockwise across four bases, so everything aside from those most basic of basic facts was new to me.

“Very funny, Mamma,” I shot back in my best teenager impersonation. “I might as well tell you now, since you’re gonna have to sign the release form anyways: I’m the new Varsity Baseball Team Manager.”

The laundry basket crashed to the floor and my mamma busied herself with repacking it to cover her shock.

“Well, honey, you know your father and I support you in anything you want to do. Even that.”

I made some grunt of approval in her general direction and continued my note taking. She regathered the laundry and made her way to leave. I heard her footsteps quickened as she left until she was nearly running towards the stairs and second floor laundry room.

“Siiiissssyyyy…,” she shouted as she took to the stairs in what had to be two by two leaps, calling for my sister in the family nickname. “Sissy, where are you!”

I rolled my eyes and waited for what I knew was going to follow.

Surely as the night follows the day, a harsh bark of laughter soon hit my ears, my little sister apparently taking my mother’s new gossip with every ounce of grace that I’d come to expect from my darkly inclined sibling. For a full minute, I heard the laughter echo from upstairs, hushed by my mother’s all-too-late reprimands, which were also fully audible.

Let them laugh. I wasn’t going to let them get me down. The idea of being the new team manager was exciting. First because it offered a new opportunity to learn something I never thought I would want to learn, and second because it meant I would be spending more time with Daniel. My mother and sister could cackle till the cows came home, I was getting the better end of this bargain by far.

The first Home Game found me tucked into a team uniform emblazoned with my first initial and last name across the back, complete with a patch above the school crest and the embroidered title of “Manager” in royal blue thread beneath it. The Coach had given me a pair of baseball pants which I now wore along with baseball cleats and knee high blue cotton socks with white stripes down the sides.

I felt like I was wearing a ridiculous costume, but my new teammates assured me that I looked the part.

I had to silently thank Daniel for his attempts at upping my physical fitness game. Hauling the many mesh bags full of bats and balls and various assorted gear that I had to haul from the gym storage room out to the baseball field would have killed me just a few short weeks ago. I now rather enjoyed the slight ache in my shoulders when I’d finished setting up the equipment and organized the dugout as instructed.

The innings passed by quickly for me and I kept track of the few stats that Coach had told me to run for him, as well as maintained the video camera feeds from the dugout and the two remote cameras set up on the lights behind the home plate. I couldn’t help but think that the Theater Department could have greatly used just ONE recording device, while the Baseball team had two wireless, permanent, and waterproof cameras installed just to re-watch games and form after the fact. But decrying the unequal nature of athletic and artistic funding in the private school industrial complex is a fool’s errand in most cases.

In no time, my first home game was over and the players, satisfied with a 4-2 win over the visiting team, all headed back to the gym complex to clean up and shower. I had to stay late and collect the scattered equipment back into the mesh bags and haul them back to the storage room.

Daniel approached me as I stuffed a few metal bats into a carrying case.

“So, nerd,” he started, keeping an eye on the retreating backs of our departing teammates. “How was it the first time out?”

“Not too horrible,” I shrugged. “Once you get over the stench of you all…” I wrinkled up my nose in mock admiration for his post game funk and was rewarded with his booming chuckle.

He stepped closer to me and leaned his head to mine so that his face hovered a few inches in front of my nose. I stopped my cleaning, my grip reflexively tightening on the slender phallic bat in my hand, wishing it was Daniel I held between my fingers.

“The uniform is doing it for me,” he groped at the front of his tight white baseball pants, “you should keep them on until everyone leaves.”

His hand traveled the outline of his growing cock as it expanded across his hip bone, entirely visible beneath the elastic fabrics. He shouldered his duffle bag and swung it in front of his body to hide his arousal.

“See you in the showers, Nerd,” he shouted back over his shoulder as he walked from me to join the team.

His sculpted ass in the pants and his implied arousal with visual proof worked like a charm, as I’m quite sure Daniel intended. In seconds, I had the dugout cleaned and the equipment stored in bags. I had taken the bags individually back and forth before the game. Now, I shouldered everything that had taken me three trips, loaded myself down like a pack mule and nearly sprinted after Daniel towards the gym. It is amazing what adrenaline and the prospect of sex with a gorgeous man who wants you as much as you want him will make you capable of.

The equipment storage room, with the plywood shelves and myriad assortment of balls was two doors past the Varsity showers. This meant that as I dragged each mesh bag from the pile at the entrance to the storage room, I got a full 5 second view of my baseball teammates as they showered and cleaned up after the game.

Daniel had once made casual mention of the fact that Jocks often showed off and messed around together without homoerotic intent, even jerking off together to the same porn video at times. Well, perhaps it is my gay liberal bias or some form of fantasy projection, but watching nine naked 18 year old men shower together is most assuredly homoerotic, no matter the original intentions of the participants. The guys themselves seemed unaware of this fact, but the steam filled shower room positively oozed pheromones, masculinity, and the basest most animalistic form of sex.

Daniel was the most stunning of them, at least to my eye. He was the shortest of the group, but his mounded chest muscles and tight abs all covered in a trimmed mat of black chest hair gave him a kind of masculine maturity that the other guys could do little to compete with. His uncut cock hung down his thighs, the water flowing down his semi-soft length and off his exposed cock head. His balls swung as he maneuvered and twisted in the flow of the hot water. His whole being screamed sexual dominance. His was the largest cock in the room, at least while mostly soft, the only uncut member, and the hairiest specimen with some of the most visible muscle mass in proportion to his size.

And he was mine.

On my second trip past the shower, Daniel caught my eye as I peaked. He made sure to jiggle his bits and flex his muscles for me with a lick of his lips. He was very much aware of what that would do to me, especially surrounded by so much naked man flesh and in the very same shower we shared and fucked in most mornings.

I succeeded in NOT looking towards my naked classmates as I went to retrieve the last bag of supplies. I had to steady myself and take a deep breath before I passed the opening to the showers this last time. As I did so, Daniel dropped a bombshell that, for his teammates, must have seemed innocuous, but to me was an undeniable body blow.

“Dude, I’m so horny,” he began right as I stepped into view. “I’m getting boned up just thinking about my own hand. That’s fuckin’ pathetic of me.”

My eyes raised from their intended study of the floor tiles and I was greeted by a profile view of Daniel as he gripped his fully hard cock and stroked himself slowly, his thumb making a small circle on his slit. I couldn’t move from the spot, stooped over, the bag strapped to my shoulder like some kind of teenaged gay Santa Clause caught sneaking down the chimney.

“What about Amy?” Paul asked from Daniel’s left.

He was the tallest of the team, standing at nearly six feet four inches. He was lanky with a broad swimmers chest that narrowed into well formed hips and legs. Despite his height, the blonde trimmed cock that hung between his thighs seemed to be mostly average, but not un-pretty. It seemed to be thickening as he looked to Daniel.

“What about her?” Daniel asked still stroking himself and not breaking eye contact with Paul.

I felt for the guy, having been on the receiving end of that stare more than once. The dude was a goner. Wave the white flag, Paul. It’s all over from here, sorry to tell ya.

“She’s more interested in prom and graduation than me recently,” Daniel continued. “Man, fuck her.”

“Is that an offer?” Ian joked from the right.

The other players all laughed. I mean, you laughed when Ian made a joke. That was just common survival sense. The man was a solid 225 lbs of nothing but rock hard muscle. He had won two teen bodybuilding competitions before our Junior year, and spent more time in the weight room than the classroom. He was smart and a decent student, but it was obvious that he enjoyed working out as more than just a mere hobby. His thighs were bigger around than my chest.

Ian jerked at his own cock, which I was surprised to see he kept completely shaved. His entire body was hairless now that I looked. His dark nipples stood out prominently on the biggest pecs I’d ever seen in real life, but there was no hair on his torso or even his legs. You could see every striation in his muscles, every ligament as it tensed beneath his sun tanned skin. Where Daniel looked like how I would picture Ares, the Greek God of War, Ian was Hercules, all brawn and overawing strength.

“Have at it,” Daniel said and threw up his hands. “May she rest in peace,” he joked.

Amy was a smallish woman, the difference in size between her and Ian could indeed make for some rather awkward sexual positions, not a few of which could lead to Amy being crushed to death beneath his mass.

Ian blushed a bit, but neither of them seemed to realize that there were now three ERECT men standing within five feet of each other; Daniel, Ian, and poor Tall Paul, who had finally risen to the occasion. Why were they not dropping to their knees and worshiping at the alter of cock options arrayed before them? My own dick was achingly hard, pressed down my thigh as I stayed stooped over. They really didn’t seem to notice.

Except Daniel.

He looked at me, pinning me with that brown gaze as he stroked his wet cock slowly. That was all for me. I watched the muscles of his ass clench as he stroked himself and my mind began to wander.

“Listen up, Guys!” Coach B boomed from behind me.

I squeaked and jumped a full foot off the ground, the mesh bag falling from my back. Every eye in the shower turned to Coach and now saw me bent over a bag of supplies and flushed bright red. Thank god only Daniel assumed I was also leaking precum down my pants leg. Or, so I hoped.

I dragged the bag as quickly as I could towards the storage room, hiding my dick as I limped and struggled.

“Come on back, Newbie,” Coach said, “this is for you too. Take a knee.”

I dropped the bag into the storage closet, using the time my back was turned to reach down the front of my pants and pull my cock up towards my stomach, my fingers getting slick with my own precum as I gripped my shaft. Tucked uncomfortably in my waistband, I was able to hunch forward just enough that my shirt covered most of me as I slowly ambled back to the Coach and team.

cat-dildos-hugehis shower was still running, but the naked guys had all arranged themselves in a semi circle on the wet tile floor, each of them kneeling with their left legs up and right knees pressed to the tiles. Cocks pointed straight at me from every view point. Paul’s stuck straight out, Daniel’s thicker member bounced a little lower. Cocks everywhere. And nine sets of eyes locked on me.

“Take a knee, David,” Coach B said again.

I didn’t protest. I just sank to my knees and mirrored the positions of my teammates. The tiles were wet even this far from the shower heads, but the water soaking into the white elastic of my pants was the last thing on my mind.




“First away game is coming up midweek, gentlemen,” Coach B, began. “We will be following the normal procedures to get to and from the game. Accommodations have already been arranged for each of you. Your school work has been collected from all of your classes so you won’t fall behind…and I emphasize this for all of you…you WILL NOT fall behind in your schoolwork, understood?”

“UNDERSTOOD!” they all repeated back to him in a unified shout. I jumped a bit again, unprepared for the group call and response vibe.

“Understood,” I mumbled after the fact.

“Good. Come and grab the permission slips and liability forms as usual on your way out. And we will be having no funny business or rowdy antics on this trip, Gentlemen. You are representing this school and me and I will not tolerate that bull shit. I’m looking at you, Ian.”

Ian lowered his eyes to the floor. It was off putting to see a guy built like Ian was built so easily cowed by a decently in shape middle aged man. I guess I had a lot more to learn about the relationship between a coach and athlete.

“Alright. Everyone remember to thank David, here,” Coach B said as he clapped a firm grip on my shoulder while I knelt at his side. He nearly knocked me over, but he must have assumed I’d be unprepared and used his grip on my shoulder to hold me in place bodily so I could regain myself. Smart man. Know your team.

“He did a great job his first time out and he’s gonna make sure this first away game goes off without a hitch as well. We couldn’t win without him, so make him feel welcome on the team, boys.”

It was my turn to gaze at the floor for a moment. I felt my face heat as I blushed bright red. I hadn’t really done much, certainly nothing athletically gifted. I never have been one to take a compliment, especially in such strange surroundings. And I was still a little in awe of my misplaced misconceptions of what went on in a sports team. I was constantly having to adjust my stereotypes, usually from an expected negative to an actual positive.

“Dismissed,” Coach B shouted and withdrew his support from my shoulder.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to get up or if there was some rule about not rising from your kneel until the Coach was out of sight…I only read about kneeling in front of Tudor Royalty in the 17th century! How was I supposed to know the rules of the locker room on the first time out?

I didn’t have any time to really wonder about the proper etiquette. Suddenly I found myself at eye level with Ian’s shaved cock pointed right at my face.

Water still beaded on his smoothly shaved skin. His adonis plate and hard cock filled my vision and I just registered his strong grip on my shoulder as he walked past me.

“Thanks, Dude,” came his rough-voiced grumble.

I was going to say something, but I was afraid to open my mouth in the presence of his cock, especially since it was replaced with another as he passed me.

God, if there is a god, must have felt it time to reward me for some cosmic good karma I had recently accrued.

John’s long thin cock with the buzzed red pubes and the thick head was next. Alex’s short and fat cock surrounded in dark unkept hair and paired with a tightly pulled sack. Paul’s blonde hair and long slender cock that fit his lean frame perfectly, arching up so that the entire member seemed to be smiling at me. My hole twitched thinking about that curved tool sliding inside me. James, Ben, Blake. Each cock like a new work of art that I just wanted to sit in front of and gaze at until I could draw them from memory.


“Good Job.”

“Keep it up.”

All the platitudes they showered on me as they clasped my shoulder seemed to pass over my conscious mind. I was wrapped in their tools. My hands I kept in fists pressed to my sides. I figured that was the safest course of action.

Daniel’s beautiful cock was the last to fill my vision. It held a special significance for me because I already knew every detail of it. The vein that throbbed underneath its length. The balls hanging loose beneath. The foreskin just letting the rim of his head be known under it. My mouth watered and my fingers un gripped and began to travel forward without thought.

“Good job, Nerd,” he said. “You’re part of the team now.”

I raised my vision from his beautiful bouncing dick and traveled up his abs and across his chest and shoulders. He kept his hands on his hips, and pressed them ever slightly towards my face, still at perfect level to devour him. He was testing my resolve and if he wasn’t careful he would soon find out just how weak I really was.

He gripped my shoulder finally and pulled me to my feet. I stumbled a bit in my stupor and looked down to meet his gaze, feeling as if he still stood high above me though I was a good three inches taller. I felt drunk when he looked at me like that.

“Keep the uniform on. Give me fifteen. My car?”

His hand grabbed at my crotch, cupping my balls and the base of my shaft, still hard and pointed up to my chin. He squeezed hard and I went to my toes, electricity rocketing through me. My cock pulsed out a drop of crystal lubricant that soaked through my shirt instantly.

I free fell through open air as he release me and exited the shower to join the rest of the team in the changing area. I had to count to 10 before I decided it was safe to move without the real threat of collapsing to the ground in a convulsing heap of orgasm.

One by one, my classmates dressed and left the locker room after collecting the required paperwork from Coach B’s office. I busied myself cleaning whatever I could with a spare rag and spray bottle, glancing at Daniel as he dressed himself just out of my direct line of sight. I sighed reluctantly as I watched the globes of his muscled ass disappear inside a pair of tight blue jeans, but loved that he still wore nothing underneath them.

In short order, everyone was ready to leave. I had to be the last to exit the locker room. It was my job to turn off the lights and lock the final door. Coach B gave Daniel his paperwork and handed me my own as the three of us traveled towards the exit.

“Have a good night, Boys. See you in the morning,” he said as he shouldered his own black bag and turned to head towards the faculty parking lot. “Lock it up, David.”

“Yes, Coach,” I complied and turned the lever that would ensure the door locked behind me. Daniel waited just outside as I did, his backpack on his shoulder and a devious grin already visible on his face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked, pulling the locker room door shut behind me and testing to make sure it latched tight.

“Like what?” he asked, his hands going to his pockets. A car rumbled to life in the distance and I watched the patches of light move across us and then continue out the front gate.

“Like you have something to say. It’s your Mona Lisa look.”

“You callin’ me girly, Nerd?” Daniel joked.

I laughed a bit.


We walked in silence, each of us staring at the ground directly in front of us. I don’t know about him, but I was keeping my pace deliberately slow, hoping that the parking lot would be empty by the time we finally reached it. I was hoping for another street lamp kiss.

“How did you like the first game?” Daniel finally asked after a while.

“Fine. Not too bad at all. And can’t complain about the show at the end.”

“You liked that part huh?” Daniel’s elbow jabbed into my ribs and I smiled.

“Who wouldn’t?” I tried to become engrossed in the rising moon. I knew that if I thought too much about the parade of penis I had just been party to, I would be hard in a moment and couldn’t be held responsible if I tackled and molested Daniel as a result.

“Don’t go getting any ideas, Nerd,” Daniel offered. “Look all you want, but you let me know if any of them tries to do anything.”

“Sir, are you getting possessive?” I chided him jovially.

“No, I mean,…you can do what you want,…I just mean,…fuck, I don’t know.”

I giggled a bit. It was sweet of him, really.

“You just want to keep me to yourself for a while,” I offered.

I wasn’t at all sure if the parking lot was empty, but Daniel’s rare show of possessive emotion towards me gave me the courage to wind my arm through his own and snuggle a little closer to him.

“Don’t worry, Jock Boy. I only have eyes for you. Though Paul might give you a run for your money if you aren’t careful…and Ian is…well, you know.”

“Fuck you, ass hole.”

He pulled me into him and I felt his arm settle across my shoulder. I placed my own comfortably around the small of his back and rested my fingers on his far hip. I felt lighter as we walked like that, pressed together and nuzzled close.

The parking lot was thankfully deserted and no one was there to see our little display of possibly public affection. Only Daniel’s red Jeep and my little Toyota were left, illuminated by the large street lamps. Daniel took the lead and lead our entwined bodies towards his Jeep.

I let him push me against the driver’s side door, his palm resting on the window just level with my head. My arms wound tightly around his waist and pulled his hips close to mine. I could feel his cock swelling beneath his jeans and my own was making itself known in my baseball pants.

“It was torture not getting to touch you today,” he moaned, his lips close to mine.

“Yeah? How do you think it felt to watch you running around and getting all sweaty and worked up? I’ve been hard the better part of the afternoon,” I said as I turned my face towards his, my lips wanting to meet him so badly I could taste it.

“We’d better find a way to release the tension then.”

Daniel’s lips pressed to the side of my neck and my head fell back against the driver’s side window. My cock ground into his and I writhed into him. My hand traveled up his back, feeling each twitch as he pressed me against the cold metal of his car, until my fingers wound in his hair.

I pulled back hard, yanking him from my neck and holding him back to look at him.

“It’s not fair to deny me a true kiss after playing me so hard today. Tsk. Tsk.”

Daniel writhed a bit in my grip, his teeth clenching, but his eyes alight with desire and enjoying the power play I was making.

“I’m sorry.” He groaned and tried to press forward to kiss me.

I yanked him back, again.

“Are you, bad boy? How sorry are you?”

I pushed him off of me, using the Jeep to lever myself forward and flip his back to the door in a smooth motion. I still held my grip on his hair, holding his face a millimeter from my lips. Now my entire body pressed into him, from thighs to cock to abs to chest.

“I’m very, very sorry, baby,” Daniel whispered at me.

I could feel his heart beat rising in his chest, feel his muscles tense, ready to spring forward, knowing that he could over power me if he wanted to, his entire body crying out to dominate, but reveling in the fight to remain submissive.

I finally released his hair and his lips jolted forward to press into mine before my fingers were fully free. I felt my lungs expand and deflate as he breathed through me, pulling me up into him. His fingers dug into my ass and spread my cheeks apart roughly while his tongue ravaged my mouth. The aggressive animal in him was released and there was no re-caging it.

“Fuck, you are so hot in these pants.” He growled at me, one hand grabbing my ass and spanking me hard with a flat palm just as the other squeezed my hard cock in a vice grip, twisting me in iron fingers.

“Ahhh shit,” I groaned, my eyes fluttering closed, my fingers gripping and grasping at nothingness against the tightrope of pain and pleasure.

“Get in,” Daniel said, pulling me to the right with his unyielding grip on my cock. He opened the drivers side car door in one smooth motion and pushed me towards the leather seat.

“What?” I panted in a daze.

“Get in my car,” Daniel repeated. His fingers deftly found the clasp on my pants and yanked them open. The zipper came down easily and my cock pushed into the cool night air, only my jock strap between me and total freedom. Daniel maneuvered me by my hips and lifted me easily to the driver seat and pulled down my pants to settle on my thighs as he did. It was a move worthy of a ballet dancer for its grace and subtle athleticism. I was more than a little swooning.

Daniel’s hands traveled over my cock, still beneath the jock he had bought for me. I ground my hips into the cold leather of his car seat, feeling my bare ass cheeks slide over their supple surface.

“You want me to take care of this for you?” Daniel teased, gazing up at me with a face of cherubic innocence even as his fingers outlined and stroked my throbbing manhood only inches below.

“Yes,” I hissed at him through the pleasure.

“Tell me how…I’m not sure what to do?” He teased with mock innocence.

“Suck my cock.” I growled at him, my own dominance reacting to his mock submissive. My fingers came back to his hair and I shoved his face towards my crotch. His nose dug into the base of my cock and his mouth opened to wrap strong teeth over my shaft and bite down with a gentle pressure.

“Fuck…Yeah, babe. Suck it, please.”

Daniel freed my cock from my jock and pushed it beneath my balls. He played the submissive innocent as best he could for as long as he could. He started by tentatively licking the tip of my cock as if it were a lollipop and he was unsure what to do.

But soon, his instincts took control and the innocent virgin he’d used to turn me on had evolved into his lips settling on the base of my cock, his tongue licking at my trimmed pubes as he forced my entire rock hard dick down the back of his throat. No virgin can do that.

I did my best not to use my entire upper body to keep him engulfed on my dick, but it was a true test of willpower not to force it. My body was hunched forward against the steering wheel. His throat ran in ripples up and down my shaft, strongest on my sensitive cock head and ending in a rapid flicking tongue bath on my balls.

Suddenly, I was flung back a good foot and my torso was suddenly pressed into nothingness and I fell backward. Daniel had adjusted the seat back all the way and released the back support so that I was nearly all the way prostrate now.

His mouth never left my cock as he manipulated the levers and pulleys, he just followed my center of gravity back and continued his manipulations. The effect was that I felt like I was suddenly floating in a free fall that seemed somehow tethered to the crazy heat coming from my huge erection.

Daniel eased off of me slowly, making sure he wet and sucked at each centimeter of me as I exited his throat. His fingers grasped me at the base and tugged up, rubbing in all of his own saliva and lubing my cock in deliberate and world shaking motions.

“You’re going to fuck me.” He stated.

It was a statement as self-evident as ‘the sky is blue,’ and, ‘the grass is green.’ There was no room for discussion. Of course I was going to fuck him. What other option was there? Crazy.

Daniel released my dick for the amount of time it took him to shake off his shoes, unbutton his jeans and wiggle them from his legs. The entire pile of clothes flew past my chest and landed in the back seat with a thump. Daniel was hard and naked from the waist down outside of his own open car door in the parking lot of our high school while my own cock pulsed pre cum onto my baseball shirt in the front seat. I tried to compute the statistical probability of this situation not being some kind of elaborate fantasy my brain had invented. Maybe I was really laying in a coma somewhere?

I truly appreciated the size and muscular nature of Daniel as he climbed into the cab and closed the door behind him. His knees ground close to my thighs on the leather of the seat and his chest and abs pressed very tightly to mine so that my face was buried at the top of his hairy chest and collarbones. I kissed along his neck bones and my hands grabbed him from behind and supported his ass, lifting him onto me.

He reached behind him to grab my cock in a backhanded grip. He pressed the head of my rigid member to his exposed hole, all while he looked at me. I felt my head make contact and watched his eyes flutter closed as it did.

“Mmmm,” he moaned and ground into me, pushing my cock forward in his grip. My fingernails dug into his hips and raked in the smooth skin and twitching muscles of his ass.

He pressed back and I felt myself slide into him.

“Oh fuck me…,” he said, his eyes closed and head arching back to the grey fabric lined car roof. He pressed back slowly, his tight hole squeezing me tightly as he traveled down my shaft.

He whimpered as more and more of me disappeared inside him. My breath caught high in my chest and I dared not release it. Daniel leaned forward to kiss me firmly. I felt him breathe in small pants as he pushed himself further down my shaft like a flag being lowered; each pant, another millimeter inside.

“Jesus Christ, Yes!,” he screamed as his ass finally settled on my thighs. He moved his hips in small circles, his tight chute squeezing and releasing my cock as he ground his insides into me.

“Fuck, yes.”

His arms wound around my neck and his kiss pushed my head to the headrest, his tongue dancing over and around mine.

He…undulated…on top of me, his lower body contracting and raising itself in such a way that nearly all of my cock left his hole before he slid down my stomach and hips again and pushed me back in. It was like he was fucking himself against my entire body as my cock pointed up just towards my chin.

I could feel each time as my head brushed his prostate, felt his body jerk a little each pass, his kiss increase, his breath catch. I rocked myself gently upward, adjusting the angle a bit.

“Oh, shit, right there, stay there.”

I didn’t move. I used every ounce of strength Daniel had helped me work into my core to keep my hips right where they were as Daniel increased the speed of his writhing.

“Oh…shit…oh,…fuck, yes. I’m close. Oh fuck, baby, I’m so close,” he panted, his eyes closed tight and one hand coming to press palm down to the ceiling of the car for support against the coming storm.

“Me too,” I admitted breathless.

“Tell me when to cum, David. Tell me when to cum,” Daniel instructed, punctuating each word with a thrust back or forward from my cock. His cock hung untouched between us, the head engorged and throbbing, leaking stream after stream of nearly clear precum to settle on my shirt.

“Fuck. Cum now!” I said, my balls pulling up tight. Daniel pushed his ass all the way to my thighs and clenched me tightly. I felt the cum travel the length of my shaft and my head expand as it splashed inside of Daniel. Daniel felt it too and let fly with his own response.

“Fuuuck!” A jet of his cum hit me square across the face, painting me from chin to cheek to eyebrow and up into my hairline, like an extra from Braveheart.

A second of his streams got my neck and chest while I pumped more of my love into his convulsing hole. I felt some of my cum leak down my shaft and travel over my sensitive balls.

Well, my brand new baseball shirt was a done deal. It was covered from waist to neck in thick bands of Daniel’s white cum, congealing and drying in globs.

“Sorry about that,” Daniel said, his ass still clenching my cock, but his breathing and voice returning to nearly normal.

“Nothing to be sorry for,” I said as I licked my lips, gathering some of his cum from my skin and tasting him.

Daniel leaned forward and kissed the cum from my lips, the tip of his tongue pressing lightly into my skin so he could taste himself on me.

“Mmm,” he moaned and proceeded to lavish my face with kisses, licking and sucking me clean in the process, savoring each bit of his own cum. His hips still writhed on my cock as he did, keeping me hard inside him. I felt myself gearing up for another go, felt the urge to thrust growing.

I pushed him back from me and shook my head.

“Nope,…Can’t do that again. Too much…” I joked.

Daniel laughed and kissed me playfully.

“Spoil sport.”

He opened the car door and vaulted from my lap like a gymnast, my cock suddenly exposed, slick and throbbing to the chill air he let flow into the formerly steamy cab.

My own limbs felt weak and as if they would give out beneath me should I attempt to stand. Daniel was having none of those issues. Though he sometimes trembled and shivered as the waves of his orgasm subsided, he was sure footed and graceful as he stepped back into his discarded jeans and socks, retrieved from the pile in the back seat. I tried to catch my breath and watched him with a contented smile as he dressed himself.

In short order, he was clothed again in his well fitted jeans, but he kept his shirt open and his chest and abs exposed. He leaned casually against the open driver’s side door and gazed at me, still reclining against his leather seats. My cock was still slick with his juices and my own cum, but it was deflating back to normal manageable levels.

“You should wear that outfit everyday. It suits you,” Daniel joked.

“You just want me covered in your jizz all the time, Perv,” I shot back.

Daniel raised his hands in mock surrender.

“Guilty as charged.” He leaned forward to brush a quick kiss across my lips. “Can you blame me? Just look at you.”

I was thankful that I couldn’t. I was still a sweaty un-showered mess and my pale skin still held some noticeable heat and flush that always accompanied an outing with Daniel. And I was covered stem to stern in rapidly drying boy juice. But his compliment was well received nonetheless.

I crunched forward and began the process of getting redressed when Daniel’s flat palm on the center of my chest stopped me in my tracks. It was the “Soccer Mom,” move we are all so familiar with, meant to protect the passenger when the driver senses danger. I halted immediately and didn’t move a muscle.

“Did you see that?” Daniel asked, his face turned towards the Gym Complex buildings in the shadowed distance.

“See what? I didn’t see anything.”

“Something moved over there. Stay here.” With that, his hand left my chest and he jogged easily back towards the building, leaving me pants-less and covered in cum in the front seat of his open Jeep.

“Daniel!” I shouted in a whisper, careful to keep my voice low in case his suspicions proved true. “Where are you going?! Daniel?!”

He was well out of earshot at this point. I watched his shadowed form disappear around the building, headed towards the coaches entrance I had just locked only minutes before. I pulled up my pants and stuffed myself back into them as best I could, adjusting my cock and balls in the soft fabric of the jock. My brain was firing on all cylinders. Plans and counter plans and excuses were forming in my mind at a rapid pace, ready to shoot them off to whomever it was who may have spied Daniel and I.

Daniel returned shortly, though it seemed like an hour in my near panic.

Did you find anything?” I asked.

“Nothing. But I swear I saw someone over there. I was so sure.” Daniel was worried, and therefore, I joined him in that emotional response.

“Do you think they saw us?” I asked tentatively.

“I don’t care if they did,” Daniel said immediately, catching me off guard. I assumed he had been so concerned with the thought of a spy because it could mean the discovery of our “relationship,” such that it was. It seemed that this had not been the impetus behind his tracking of the rumored intruder.

“Then why go after them?”

“Because I don’t want you to get any shit for any of this. I can handle myself, but your life here is already hard enough as it is. You don’t deserve that bull shit. I was just going to make sure whoever that was, or whatever, understood the gravity of respecting that balance.”

When my brain floated back down to my skull and I was able to really think again, I raised my fingers to Daniel’s cheek, still searching the shadowed grounds of the gym complex, and turned his eyes to meet me. They were full of concern and a protective sheen that made my heart beat even quicker for him.

I pressed my lips to his and breathed him in, breathed in the respect he had for me, the love in whatever form. For surely, his desire to protect my feelings at the expense of his own, to make sure I was treated well and that my life was not harder than it had to be, surely that was a kind of love. I drew him close to me, the electric tingle of our kiss still so new and awe inspiring. I drew onto my toes and pulled him up with me, his arms closing around the small of my back. I wanted to fall back into the car and go for round two (and three, and four) right there.

But I knew reality beckoned.

“What was that for?” he asked. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“For being you.” I said in my best teenaged-cryptic romantic voice. We were close already, but there was something to be said for playing a small sexual game every now and again. Keep him guessing.

Daniel laughed.

“Take off that shirt before you get home. You’ll need to wash it before practice tomorrow.” He indicated my cum-soaked baseball uniform. I nodded. Daniel kissed me gently again.

“Get home safe, okay?” he said.

“Okay.” I whispered, a little hazy in my head.

“Text me when you get there.”

“I will.”

I gathered my things and walked to my car. I heard Daniel’s engine rev beside me but he didn’t move the Jeep into gear. Instead, he waited for me to pull out first and followed behind me for a few miles. Eventually, I watched his headlights turn off the highway on his exit and I continued on my way.

My phone buzzed before I’d made it home. I know it’s dangerous, but I suspected it was from Daniel and in my hormone induced stupidity, I answered it while driving.

DANIEL: One day, you’ll have to find a way to spend the night. ;) Missing you already. – D

I was hard for the rest of the ride home. I had to stay in my car for a good five minutes and think of completely non-sexual things before it was safe to return inside. That task proved more difficult than I’d have imagined: when you are as wrapped up in a person as I was with Daniel, you can make just about anything track back to them, from the most mundane to the most fantastical.

cat-dildos-vibratingFor the next few days Daniel and I did our best to cool down our interactions. There were still the furtive glances, the secret text messages, and stolen physical moments. But we tried to make ourselves as discreet as possible. Daniel was more than willing to keep things going as they had been to this point. He wouldn’t have minded escalating them, truth be told. But he followed my lead in this.

Since the possible spy had thrown a wrench into our dalliance, I found myself contemplating what I really wanted from all of this, from whatever I had with Daniel. I know, as an out gay man, I SHOULD have been seeking an open and honest relationship, a title, an acknowledgement of what we meant to each other in the eyes of our peers and friends. But, for some reason I still can’t explain, I just didn’t want that. The idea was somewhat repugnant to me.

In my mind, “Boyfriends,” and “Girlfriends,” came with a bunch of social stigma that I just didn’t have any desire to wade through. And because we were 18 and still in High School, there was also a never-spoken assumption that the titles were fleeting and would soon dissolve as we aged and moved away to college. The era of marrying your High School Sweetheart was long gone for the vast majority of the world. I didn’t want to look back 20 years from now and think of Daniel as just my “High School Boyfriend.” That didn’t do him justice. Not by a long shot.

I didn’t want to hide myself or Daniel from anyone. Not really. But I found that I was highly protective of our relationship, jealously guarding it close to me at all costs. I didn’t want that to change; the idea of it changing frightened me more than the discovery itself. I didn’t want to suddenly be out in the open and have everyone know, assume, guess, ask what we did together. Not because I was ashamed of it. Quite the contrary. I wasn’t afraid of their bigotry or hate. I was afraid that their judgments would distract me from what mattered most: Daniel and my growing love for him.

Back in Boston, I had been keen to point out that I was okay with Daniel and his “exploration.” We had moved past that. We had explored the caves we discovered together. We had staked a claim to them and they were ours. Our special place together. I didn’t want to have anyone else trampling on that sacred ground.

Daniel understood this. The stakes for him were equally as high, though in a different way. I wondered if he ever thought about going public, or if the possible loss of social stature put him off the idea. He seemed more than willing to continue our relationship, encouraging it at every turning point. But he still dated Amy. It was blatantly obvious in comparison that he felt little for her, certainly no where near the level of emotional availability and vulnerability he displayed with me as we lay side by side, fingers entwined. That choice was his and his alone. I wouldn’t push him in it, and I loved him all the more for his not pushing me towards my own choice.

The away game coming up would be the first time Daniel and I had been together away from school and home and parents since Boston. At night, I dreamed of a repeat of that magical weekend. As the days dragged by, each of them adding to my growing frustrations as Daniel and I kept our distance as much as we could, I had something to look forward to.

The fact that this something was a Sports Event is entirely beside the point.

My recently begun tenure as the Varsity Baseball Team Manager had begun to normalize. I found myself increasingly at ease amongst my athletically gifted fellow students, and was even able to tear my eyes from their assorted dicks and asses as they showered. It only took me three days of conscious training before I was able to pass the showers WITHOUT popping a boner. I was proud of that fact as an 18 year old gay man. I challenge any one of that age and sexual proclivities to do better.

Wednesday arrived and I faced my first real challenge: I had to miss a day of school for an away game.

Don’t judge me too harshly for this. Remember that I was a child raised by a teacher and with an above average IQ and intelligence. I had panic attacks over A minuses. The B+ in Spanish was abhorrent. My mother had framed and kept every single one of my “Perfect Attendance” certificates from Kindergarten through 11th Grade. I had cried so hard one morning in the 5th grade that my mother had taken me to school with a hazmat face mask on despite a 103 degree fever and the inability to keep anything heavier than water in my stomach.

I was THAT devoted.

So missing a day of school for a SPORTS EVENT was like asking DaVinci to paint over the Mona Lisa and draw a smiley face. My heart was racing out of my chest.

But I had the permission slip in hand. My mother had literally paced the kitchen floor and wrung her hands for a good twenty minutes, muttering to herself about “teenaged boys,” and “part of growing up,” “empty nest” etc. She’d finally signed the thing and handed it back. I swear there were tears in her eyes when she did. Which only added to my guilt. Disappointing Mamma is the worst thing in the world.

Thus, I found myself in the Senior parking lot at my usual time, dressed as I usually would be for any school day, the first bell just moments from ringing. My legs physically ached to run towards my first class so I wouldn’t be late. But the large white vans I’d spent the past 30 minutes packing with all the necessary gear and luggage beckoned.

“Damn, Nerd,” Ian said behind me, his massive hand crushing my shoulder in his grip and making me wince. “You’d think you’d never missed a day of school before.”

“I haven’t, you big ass mountain.” I tried in vain to use my weak fingers to pry just one of his digits from my shoulder.


He released me. I rubbed the sore spot. I was getting bigger and more muscular since Daniel had started working out with me, but Ian was still light years ahead of me. He may even have been a few light years ahead of Daniel.

“Sometimes I forget my strength.”

“Sure you do,” I chided. “That’s why I catch you flexing every muscle in your body before you head to the diamond?”

His booming bass voice chuckled at me. He drew himself up and flexed his massive arms, barely held beneath his green Abercrombie&Fitch t-shirt. He struck a classic body building pose.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like looking, dude.” He winked at me.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Jock.” I shot back and looked down at the clipboard in my hands.

Thankfully, he dropped the subject and piled into the lead van. I checked off his name and adjusted my suddenly very restrictive collar. A few deep breaths and I was able to control the swelling cock in my jeans as well.

So sue me. An eighteen year old gay boy turned on by massive muscles. Shock of all shocks. Stop the presses!

The first bell rang and the rest of the team piled inside the two vans. I was majorly nervous, but I followed suit and did my best to calm my nerves. I slid into the front row of the lead van, Ian’s massive bulk in the row just behind me.

Daniel plopped himself down beside me and squeezed in close, his thigh pressed into mine.

It took everything I had not to react. Outwardly. Inside, the thought of school was banished and I imagined my hands sliding between his slightly spread thighs and gliding up to his package. I wondered what the rest of the team would say if I suddenly decided to fuck it all and take Daniel’s uncut cock in my mouth for the entirety of the three and a half hour drive to the away game.

Dangerous thoughts.

Erection inducing thoughts.

I covered my lap with my clipboard and stared out the window as I got further and further away from the place I was legally obligated to be attending, and closer and closer to a hotel in Fayetteville.

When the vans pulled into the Hotel some time later, I was a little taken aback at the level of accommodation to which the Baseball team was apparently accustomed.

It was a fancy, tall building with a fountain out front and a drive-up covered walk way replete with doorman and bellhops. My teammates took little notice as they grabbed their luggage and headed into the lobby. Coach B handed out the room keys for everyone. I did my best to insert myself into the trash talking and chit-chat that the guys were engaged in as we headed to our rooms, doing my best not to gawk open-mouthed at the elegance of the place.

My room was at the end of the long hallway on the fifth floor. The rest of the team took up the entire wing of that floor, with Coach B’s room being the closest to the central elevator. Daniel’s room was right across the hall from me, his door facing my own.

My room was spacious and could have easily housed four men comfortably on the massive king sized bed. I had never slept on a bed so large. Queen sized was as big as I’d ever gone. The television rivaled the massive one I’d seen in Daniel’s house and was certainly far bigger than anything found in my house. The room was all done up in shades of gold and bronze and beige. It still looked like a hotel room in its layout, but just taken up a notch.

I was half expecting a knock at my door and Daniel to come marching in. This was the first time we had been in a hotel together since our first nights in Boston, months ago now.

But the knock never came.

Truth to tell, I was a little disappointed, but I understood. I had been the one to suggest a cooling down for a bit. I couldn’t expect him to make advances as public as coming to my room alone. Not without direct instructions from me to do so. Not after the possible spy.

I dressed in my baseball uniform and made sure I was calm and composed before I headed back to the lobby to meet the rest of the team.

The game passed in a blur and we won in extra innings. The guys seemed happy enough with that, though Coach B promised a pep talk of epic proportions when we returned home the next afternoon. Apparently, they should have won the game handily by the 5th inning. I still had a lot to learn about the sport. I’d missed that “teaching opportunity” as Coach B liked to call it. But I had caught the whole game on film as instructed.

I wouldn’t admit as much, but I was actually coming to enjoy the sport. A little. More so, I was enjoying being part of a team for the first time in my life. I’d been a loner for so long that I’d always just assumed that that was how I was built. Turns out, I could rather enjoy the company of others in the right situations.

I was just folding my uniform and returning it to my suitcase when there was a knock at my door.

My first thought was to clothe myself.

I stood stark naked in my room, my soft cock bumping against my pale thighs. I had picked out an outfit for the rest of the night, but had yet to change into it. I headed to the door to answer it.

It was only in the last seconds that my senses came back to me. What if it WASN’T Daniel who waited patiently in the hallway? What if it was the Coach? How would it look to answer the door with my flaccid cock flapping in the breeze. I opened the door and did my best to hide my nakedness behind it, sticking my head around to peer into the hallway.

“Why, hello there stranger,” Daniel chimed from the hallway. “Fancy some company?”

My hand shot out and grabbed the front of his shirt and yanked him into the room, shutting the door behind me in the process. I pressed my naked back and ass into the cold wood of the door and locked it behind me.

“I might have to insist that you greet me like this every time from now on, babe,” Daniel said as he took in my nakedness.

He looked…hungry.

“Don’t get too used to it, jock boy,” I said. “You caught me off guard and in a moment of weakness.”

“I make you weak, huh?” He took a step towards me.

“Don’t push it.” I said and closed the distance between us.

Daniel’s arm reached for my exposed hip and pulled me towards him. My cock pressed into the front of his jeans and my breath caught a bit. My hands rested palms down on his pecs, feeling them rise and fall beneath his plain black t-shirt. Daniel’s eyes looked down between us, at the non-existent space between our two bodies. His hands cupped my ass and squeezed gently.

“Mmmm. That’s more like it.” He kneaded my ass cheeks and I moaned lightly, breathily. “I’ve missed you, you know.”

His voice was sadder than I expected. My heart melted a bit and I eased into his embrace further.

“I know. I missed you too,” I admitted in a low whisper. His fingers gripping my flesh made even that much volume a difficulty.

“The van ride was hell. You were so close and I couldn’t touch you.”

His hand traveled to the small of my back, his finger tips walking slowly up my spine. My flesh broke out in goose bumps and I struggled to keep my senses.

“I wanted to,…oh, god.”

His hands were on my shoulder blades, elbows at my side, pressing my chest into his, his head coming to rest on my right shoulder, his fingers digging into my back with his usual strength, now peppered with loss and sadness and a deep sense of want.

His lips gently pressed into the sensitive skin of my neck, his stubble tickling me, my head falling to the side to give him easier access. I wound my fingers through his dark black hair and urged him on. Higher up my neck he traveled until I felt the sharp bite of his perfect teeth on my earlobe. My cock was already at full mast and pressed between us and I felt his own throb in his jeans, aching to meet mine.

I pulled on his hair and opened up a space between us for a moment, only just long enough to kiss him fully on the mouth, to probe him with my tongue and feel our mutual passions explode on contact, as they always did now. Our tongues danced and fought for position, we stumbled about the room and finally landed with him on top of me, pressing my whole body to the mattress.

“Stop. Stop for a minute,” Daniel groaned as my hands searched for the button of his jeans, pressed between us.

He levered himself up and stood between my legs. My cock pointed straight up, my balls tingling with the need to release.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, a little hurt. This was the first time Daniel had halted anything we had done. I felt the panic start to rise in my stomach.

“Nothing. God, nothing. Just look at you!”

I flushed a little at his compliment. I was getting used to be treated like I was something special, something more than how I saw myself, but I wasn’t all the way there just yet.

“Then what?”

“Trust me, I could easily stay in here with you for the rest of the night and do horrible, ungodly, nasty, wonderful things with you and to you.”

“So why don’t you?” I teased him a bit and stroked my long hard cock slowly for his benefit. He groaned and rolled his eyes.

“I want to! But I came over here to invite you to hang out with the guys. Then you answered the door like…well like THAT…and I kinda lost my train of thought.”

He seemed genuinely embarrassed at that fact. I thought it was incredibly sweet.

“You…you want me to hang out with the rest of the team?” I asked tentatively.

“Only if you want to,” Daniel began. “They actually asked where you were, mentioned they hadn’t seen you since the game.”

“They asked about ME?” My mind reeled.

“Of course. You’re a team member now.”

I had never been included, at least not to my knowledge, in anyone’s plans of “hanging out.” I had friends of my own, yes, but they were more acquaintances from extra curricular endeavors. I had never expected to be included in any of their personal socializing. I wasn’t sure how to react to the new prospect.

Daniel sensed my hesitation. My body must have betrayed me. My dick was rapidly deflating as the possible outcomes ran through my mind, even Daniel’s sexual magnetism falling prey to this larger fearscape.

“I’m…I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” I whispered finally.

“It’s up to you, babe.” Daniel said as he sat on the end of the bed beside me. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. But I don’t want you to not come because you are afraid or something.”

As usual, Daniel was astute in all things David. I stayed silent and mulled over his offer and his accurate grasp of why I didn’t want to venture into uncharted waters.

“It’s still weird for me, ya know?” I said under my breath, half to myself and half for Daniel’s benefit, hoping somewhere deep inside that he would ease my fears.

Daniel flopped himself down beside me on the bed, both of our feet hanging off the end, our thighs and backs side by side. He turned his face to gaze at me and I instinctually turned to meet his gaze.

“I’ll protect you, you know. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll be there the whole time. I promise.”

I closed my eyes and let his words wash over me for a bit. “I’ll protect you.” I decided that if Daniel was willing to be my protector against his own teammates and friends, then the least I could do was man-up and present myself.

I sighed a deep sigh and resigned myself to the fact that I was about to willingly spend some social time with a bevy of athletes. Again, I was in bizzaro land; but when in Rome, as the old saying goes.

“Alright,” I said quietly.

“You’ll come?”

I nodded.

Daniel clapped his hands in boyish excitement. It was highly out of character for him, but I enjoyed watching a well-muscled hairy man like Daniel enter into a little giddy display of glee. I couldn’t help but giggle along with him. He grabbed my hands and pulled me up from the bed.

“Come on then, get dressed,” he said, his open palm slapping the bare skin of my ass with a loud smack.

“If you do that again, I can promise you we won’t be leaving this room for hours yet,” I teased as I rubbed the spot where he’d spanked me. It tingled and spread through my whole body in a slow wave; I began to doubt my decision to leave the room when my body obviously wanted to stay here and play with Daniel.

Daniel tossed me a shirt he found in my suitcase and, my body’s yearnings aside, we were soon both dressed, the room locked and left behind us and headed down the hall.

The rest of the team, or most of them, were gathered in Paul’s room, four doors down from my own on the same side of the hallway. Coach B’s room was only two doors further down, but no one seemed to pay any mind to his physical nearness. Daniel pushed open the door, held ajar by the flipped hotel lock blocking it from closing all the way and entered before me.

If you’ve never entered a room full of straight men as the only openly gay person, I recommend bringing something on which to lean.

I was assaulted first and foremost by the absolute STENCH of body spray. There seemed to be an actual cloud of the stuff that hung around the ceiling, as if the boys had been smoking stogies before I entered and the smoke still ringed the room. I actually gagged it was so strong.

“Jesus Christ, boys!” I said, waving my hand in front of my nose dramatically, “Body spray is nice every now and then, but do you have to BATHE in the stuff?”

That comment was met and returned with a masculine roar of “DAVID!” followed by laughter and back slapping and shit talking all at the same time.

I tried to keep up with who was saying what to whom and about what, but it was a lost cause. I resigned myself to smiling at the good-natured crew and pushed more fully into the room.

The ice, it seemed, was well and truly broken.

Daniel’s reassuring hand on the small of my back was a source of strength, and unless I missed my guess, a small amount of pride: pride at my apparent ease with his friends and at his friend’s ease with me.

I shouldered my armor, my wit and smarts, and waded into the fray. Once more into the breech!

The ongoing card game I walked into, clouded in a never ending flume of body spray and pheromones, was pushing my arithmetic skills to their absolute limit.

As a self-proclaimed nerd, I enjoyed the near constant gratification of being the smartest person in any given room. I took pride in the fact, reveled in it a bit. If I couldn’t be popular or well liked, at least I was intelligent and well spoken. All of that was reduced to a pile of ashes when I sat down on the edge of Paul’s own king-sized bed and was dealt into the next round.


Of course.

Why wouldn’t they be playing poker, with its intricate rules and regulations and total reliance on chance and a skill set which I lacked?

My only solace was in the fact that the game was Strip Poker. Because of my still overwhelming feeling of awe and being out of my depth, I hadn’t really noticed the rest of the team when I’d first entered.

Paul sat in one of the two chairs around a small circular utilitarian table. At well over six feet of lanky lean muscle and bone, he was already entirely shirtless. His pink nipples stood out plainly on his narrow chest, erect and pointing out dramatically. He still wore his white socks and a pair of white boxers. As was his way, Paul sat hunched in on himself, his elbows on his knees as he surveyed his card. He always tried to minimize his height and draw himself down to the level of average men.

“Give me two,” he said after a protracted silence, tossing his decided discards onto the corner of the bed where the dealer, a fellow Senior named Gordon dominated the space. Gordon handed him his two cards and Paul’s face screwed up into a very obvious mask of displeasure. He folded immediately.

I tried my best not to stare, but the task was damned near impossible. Everywhere I turned my gaze, naked man flesh stared back at me. The most difficult to ignore, as usual was Ian.

A God among men, he may have been, but his complete nudity spoke volumes about his abilities at this particular game.

He stood off to my left, near the wall, looking down on all of his clothed teammates as he shuffled his current hand around. His abs pushed forward and rolled gently into his well defined adonis plate. His shaved cock was still limp, but every now and then he would reach down, distracted in thought and strategy, and plump his cock and balls with one hand.

Daniel caught my eyes widening when I noticed it the first time. I blushed scarlet when he winked at me and nodded his head in Ian’s direction with a sultry lick of his lips.

“Man, fuck this. I’m bored already,” Ian bellowed as he tossed his five cards towards Gordon, throwing his massive back muscles into the wall and leaning against it casually. Well, as casually as one can when one is also completely naked and built to shame a marble statue, even at 18.

The other guys began to make sounds of approval, low grumblings that were too tentative to make a choice but showing their willingness to follow the group. These grunts and grumbles resounded for a bit as I stared wide-eyed at them all. I noticed that those who grumbled the loudest and looked around at their teammates with the most questioning eyes were also those who wore the least amount of clothing.

Sour grapes and sore losers, I thought. And why is no one actually doing anything to take control of the situation? Why aren’t they changing tactics and activities if they are all apparently so bored.

It was like watching animals in a zoo: I could only hypothesize as to what they were thinking, if anything.

“Can I put something more interesting on the TV?” came a lone true voice, rising up above the wordless grunts of his companions.

It was Daniel. I don’t know why I expected it to be anyone else.

The grumbles and grunts got louder and Daniel reached for the remote and flipped on the television.

Apparently, that was the Jock vocalization for yes. I made a mental note of it.

All eyes turned towards the TV. Long lanky limbs and muscled torsos began to relax and find comfortable positions, the card game already fading to a distant memory. My own spine was rod straight and I sat with my eyes fixed firmly on the screen. As ruler of the remote, Alpha Male, Daniel moved to the end of the bed and sat beside me.

He was a good foot away from me, our hips nowhere close to touching on the massive mattress. But he spread his legs so wide that his left knee touched my own. I felt the shock of the contact rocket up my spine and loosen my posture without conscious effort. He kept his knees pressed into mine as I placed my palms on the bed behind me and leaned back against my straight arms. I ached to scoot closer to him, or even to just gaze at him. I contented myself with a quick reflection of his features in the TV screen whenever the light was just right.

“Dude, go up to the 200′s,” Gordon asked from his corner of the bed. His voice always took me aback. He was a transplant from Massachusetts so he lacked the accustomed Southern drawl. In addition to that uniqueness, he also had the distinct disadvantage of ALWAYS sounding stoned out of his gourd. Even when he delivered well thought out answers in class, correct answers even, he came off sounding like something from a bad Bill and Ted impression.

“You gonna pay for that?” Daniel asked.

“Fuck yeah, I’ll pay for it. Got the Platinum Amex for the night,” Gordon answered.

I chalked the exchange up to typical straight male banter and resigned myself to never really understanding it. Daniel glanced at the remote and pressed the necessary buttons…and it was all suddenly abundantly clear.

A very blonde woman with very large breasts that looked to be painfully inflated to their maximum capacity was being fucked from behind by a rather out of shape man who leaked sweat from every pore, including but certainly not limited to those on his nearly bald head. The noises she was making indicated that she was enjoying the treatment, though how that is possible is beyond me. I’d never heard such sounds escape a human being before!

Someone get her an oxygen mask, this woman is OBVIOUSLY hyperventilating! Why is no one doing anything!? Help the poor thing!

“Oh, SHIT yeah! That’s more like it,” Gordon mumbled, only half intelligibly.

I gazed around the room and saw the glassy-eyed stares of my classmates. Paul’s mouth hung slightly ajar, making him appear more than a little slow. Ian still leaned against the wall, his eyes also vacant to me but his right hand now groped and tugged constantly on his expanding cock. The veins in his plate and around his shaft were becoming visible.

Everywhere I turned, clouded blue eyes, vacant green eyes, hazy brown eyes, all stared towards the TV. It was as if I ceased to exist. I was used to being ignored, but not ever in such close quarters. Finally, I turned to look at Daniel…

And found his soft brown and gold eyes staring right at me. He smiled his half smile at my confusion and placed one hand on my knees, squeezing gently. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Was he making sure I was okay? Telling me I’d passed some kind of milestone? Reassuring me? Scolding me? Seducing me?

“Mmmm, fuck,” Ian groaned from behind me.

I turned and saw that his head was pressed back to the wall he leaned on, his eyes closed. One hand was stroking his not too shabby cock, now slick with his own clear wetness, the other crossed over his chest as he played with the massive mounds of muscle piled there, flicking lightly at his nipple.

Did he not realize that there were other people still in the room?! What was he doing!?

Daniel squeezed my knee again and his hand traveled a few inches up my thigh.

“Well if he’s doing it…” Gordon chirped from beside me. In a flash he was on his feet and his hands were undoing his belt buckle, pushing his jeans and blue plaid boxers to the floor. I was suddenly staring directly at his pale and slightly freckled ass as he clenched his muscles. When he turned a bit to re-seat himself, I got a dead on view of his unkempt chestnut brown bush and floppy cock. He had a dark freckle that stood out on the pinkish paleness of his shaft like a beauty mark.

My cock started to swell for real. I didn’t know wether to run from the room, hide my growing cock, or let Daniel’s hand continue it’s slow progression up my thigh towards my now aching prick.

“Are you sure you’re cool with this,” Daniel asked me, his hand giving my thigh one final squeeze before he removed it back to his lap.

“Huh?” I asked, still stunned at the situation I’d found myself in. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Shit, dude. I didn’t even think about that,” Gordon started, his fingers now firmly around his semi-hard cock. Even as he spoke and made his concern for me known, his hormones were in full control of his cock and right hand.

“Do you want us to turn it off? If it bothers you or something…”

While the porn itself was laughable to me, the thought of the guys turning it off because they feared it might make ME uncomfortable was unfathomable. And something I had to put a stop to immediately. Whatever tenuous truce had been reached between this pride of athletes and a lone nerd was not strong enough to withstand my putting an end to their pleasure games.

cat-dildos-squirting“No!” I said, a little more loudly than I’d intended. In my rising panic I looked around the room to gauge their response. Every eye was glued on me now, though a few still flicked back to the poor woman dying from lack of oxygen on the screen as her floatation devices were jiggled around to the point of imminent popping. Though I tried to stare into their eyes, the sheer range of exposed and hard cocks was staggering. Even those of the guys who still remained fully clothed were sporting obvious tents in the fronts of their trousers.

My hole twitched and my mouth watered as I struggled with my baser instincts.

“Don’t worry about me, guys,” I said quieter than I intended. “Right now, you could watch just about anything and I couldn’t care less. My porn is live action at the moment. I win no matter what you watch.”

Before the words had left my mouth, I wished I’d had them back. Silence greeted me for a second that seemed to stretch on for months. It was poor Tall Paul who rescued me.

“Shit!” he laughed, finally leaning back in his chair, his long torso making an S curve. His boxers tented visibly and I could see a small wet spot near the button fly. I knew from the showers that his pole matched his body, long and thin just like him. “Oh fuck dude, that’s hilarious!”

The rest of the guys followed suit in short order. While I would never truly understand the hive mind communication of my straight friends, I took comfort when it seemed to work in my favor.

Just like that, the mood in the room eased back to one of silent camaraderie as more and more zippers were opened and cocks found their places in their owner’s hands. Daniel squeezed my thigh again quickly and I glanced at him. He favored me with a smile and then ruffled my hair. It should have been insulting, but at the time, I blushed and silently thanked him for his support and genuine joy at my acceptance.

His gaze traveled to my crotch and took in my arousal. When he looked back, that familiar hunger was in his eyes and I wondered how long he could hold it at bay, and how long I could before my own urges became too pressing to avoid any longer.

It had been months since I hadn’t been the one to forcibly remove Daniel’s clothing from his body when we were together. My fingers ached to do the job for him as he undid the button on his pants and pushed them to his thighs.

His uncut cock bounced free, plopping onto his stomach and leaving a small wet spot on his t-shirt. I had to sit on my hand to keep from grabbing it right there. Force of habit.

I kept my hands firmly under my ass as I watched him slowly jerk himself. His eyes remained closed and he didn’t seem to be paying attention to the movie.

I wondered if he was thinking of my mouth sliding down his shaft, resting near his balls. Or remembering what it felt like when his glorious uncut cock was shoved deep inside me, clenched in my muscled hole and coating me with his seed.

I hoped so.

Behind me, beside me, in front of me, to my left and to my right, the wet warm sounds of a crew of guys jerking their cocks flooded in around me. My cock throbbed in my jeans, bounced and pressed against the fabric with each heartbeat, making me physically uncomfortable to match my social discomfort.

“Take yours out if you want, Nerd.” Daniel said from my right shoulder.

My neck snapped around to stare at him with my eyes as wide as tea cups.

I was simply planning on waiting this out until it came to a natural conclusion. That seemed safest, right? Whatever that natural conclusion was, I didn’t know. Now Daniel’s deep brown eyes stared at me, alight with wickedness at his suggestion and its possible implications.

“I don’t have to…,” I whispered, obviously uncomfortable. Daniel’s eyes grew ever more mischievous. I wanted to pounce on him right there, but thought better of it.

“Go head,” Ian said from the wall. When I looked, his eyes were locked on me, but his gentle strokes, the twisting and pulling on his shaft and nipples never slowed.

“Come on, it’s fine,” Paul offered from his chair. His long thin cock pointed up through the fly of his boxers now, his larger head clearly defined and growing to an almost angry shade of red.

I turned back to Daniel and was met with only his eager eyes and a smile that only I truly knew the meaning of.

I stood up and found that my legs where much stronger than I expected they might be in this uncommon situation. I fumbled with the button of my jeans for only a moment before it gave way and I pushed my jeans to my ankles with a quick movement.

My cock swung out in front of me, fully hard and bouncing before me.

I had never been exposed in front of so many eyes before, not so openly. Even in the middle school showers, I had hidden myself in the corner shower and faced the wall as much as humanly possible. Now, my thick pole gleamed in the open air for all to see.

“Jesus Christ!” Gordon grunted from beside me.

My initial response was to cover myself as best I could, but I resisted the urge and sat back on the bed, leaning back on my elbows, my cock pointing towards my face and leaking a clear drop of precum onto my shirt, my balls pooling between my opened thighs.

“No fucking way,” Ian said, his voice growing nearer.

He came to stand between me and the TV screen his hands finally leaving his nipple and cock and coming to rest on his hips. His rigid cock pulsed before me.

I’m a gay man. My cock jumped when I saw him, all muscle and sinew, his hairless dick just inches from me.

My hand came forward of its own accord. At first, I was scared I would find it wrapped around Ian’s prick, but luckily I felt the familiar warmth as I grabbed my own member instead.

Thank you, God!

I tugged slowly towards my chest, squeezing out a drop of precum as I did.

“I’ve never seen one so big before,” Ian commented in a daze. He glanced at Daniel.

“Not unless it’s in porn,” Paul squeaked, his voice cracking a bit. His fingers were gripped tightly around his thin shaft and he worked himself up and down at a decent pace, his thick cock head rim stopping his hand on the upstroke, his low hanging balls bouncing on the downward.

“Jesus Christ,” Gordon repeated, apparently too stunned to come up with something new to add to the conversation.

I rubbed my thumb across my slit and worked my precum into my cock head, helping to lube it up a bit. I turned my head to stare towards Daniel and found that his eyes were locked on my cock and his mouth hung open, the pink tip of his tongue just peeking from between his white teeth. I watched the muscles in his shoulder and chest expand and contract as he jerked his own prick even faster than Paul. If he wasn’t careful he was going to cum soon.

But watching “My Daniel” as he looked at my dick spurred me forward. I closed my eyes and thought about the feel of his mouth on my cock in the front seat of his Jeep. I pictured his full lips as they engulfed me, resting on my pubes, his eyes starring up my abs and chest, seeking proof of his abilities. I could just feel his tight ass hole as it opened around my shaft and squeezed me inside him, just make out his eyes fluttering closed as another inch of my thick shaft split him open and filled him. Whenever my imagination and memory failed me, I just had to open my eyes and there was the real deal, watching me, his eyes doing what his hands, mouth, and ass could not.

I was on fire with the newness of it. In my brain I was fucking him, buried inside of him. I could FEEL it in my body. Though no one touched me, no one other than my own hand, I felt like everyone was watching me as I made love to Daniel, that everyone finally could see what I saw, feel for him what I felt, and maybe know the real me a little better in the process. The fact that all of this was in my head just made it all the more alluring.

Ian broke my fantasy.

“Dude, I don’t mean this to sound gay or anything, not that there’s anything wrong with that,” he started, his big open eyes seeking absolution from my diminutive little body, “but, dude…can I touch it?”

Daniel stopped jerking his dick. His hand was motionless about halfway down a thrust. He stared at Ian with a look of open fury painted on his features. While I was all about having two muscled men come to blows over little ole’ me, (who wouldn’t be?) now was not the time.

I cleared my throat, hoping it would get Daniel’s attention. Thankfully it did. Everyone was looking at me now. Again. It was my turn to be the animal in the zoo. If I said no, even if it was because I didn’t want to upset Daniel, it could ruin the bonding moment I was just coming to enjoy. So I looked directly at Daniel, held his gaze in mine and softened my expression as much as I could.

I nodded.

Ian’s hands were rough, much rougher than Daniel’s or my own, and there was an inherent strength to his grip that was both welcomed and novel.

“Fuck, I can barely get my fingers around it!” he exclaimed, a bit too joyfully for my mind to characterize him as entirely straight from that point on.

He jerked me slowly, my body reacting on impulse, shuddering slightly when his grip twisted and he pressed his thick thumb into the sensitive skin under my cock head. I leaked another stream of precum and Ian immediately used it to further lube me up.

“Dude, girls would KILL to get at this,” Ian said, his eyes still glued on my cock in his hand. “It’s harder than a fuckin’ rock.”

He slapped my cock into his open palm a few times, the wet slapping noises and jolt of pressure making me moan a bit. My eyes fluttered and Daniel’s face hazed a bit in front of me. Ian’s bulk was leaning over me, just a few inches from my lounging torso. I watched his arms flex as he worked me over and over, his eyes taking on a gleam of that hunger I loved so much when I saw it in Daniel. His abs were outlined clearly before me, and his shaved cock still arched in front of him, even bent over as he was.

When his manipulations had pushed me to a new level of pleasure, I felt my arm coming forward and in an instant, my fingers were wrapped tightly around Ian’s slick cock.

His whole body convulsed in front of me and his grip tightened on my cock till it was almost painful. His eyes closed and his mouth hung open, his breath caught in his massive chest.

I must admit, it was gratifying that my mere touch could reduce someone so obviously strong and huge to such a state. I eased a bit and twisted my grip on his cock, using my favorite underhand motion.

“I…oh, fuck…that’s intense…,” Ian mumbled.

To his credit, he didn’t stop his jerking on my tool. In fact, he picked up the speed. I matched his pace. The rest of the room stared in awe, though I only noticed them peripherally. My attention was split between the new cock I held in my hand and the beautiful boy who sat beside me.

I looked to Daniel as I jerked Ian’s dick and hoped I wouldn’t find anger, hurt, or betrayal there.

His eyes seemed distant at first, as if he was still processing things in the back of his mind. But as I watched, as I jerked Ian closer and closer to release, as my own cock swelled to my full hardness and maximum length, the dancing light returned to their brown pools.

When he licked his lips and winked at me, I knew I was in the clear.

I wasn’t sure how far I could or should push this new limit I’d just set with Daniel. Ian did nothing to help the situation.

Before long, as I worked him faster and faster in my grip, he rose from his bending position and drew up to his full height, pushing his hips and twitching prick towards my hand. In my haste to please him, I had pushed him to a limit where he was unable to maintain any ability to return the favor. I had to sit up straight to accommodate his new position. He may have given up trying to get me off, but I wasn’t finished quite yet.

“Fuck me, dude…sign me up!” Ian moaned again to a round of half hearted chuckles. The sounds of my teammates returning their grips to their own cocks got louder again, the porn on the TV forgotten in favor of the live and in color hand job just inches away.

Survival of the fittest, you poor blonde hyperventilation victim.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on the small of my back, pressing ever so gently into me. The fingers dug in a bit and I understood. I didn’t need to look to Daniel to know that it came from him. And I didn’t need to ask him to catch his drift.

I pulled on Ian’s cock in my grasp. It was average length and looked smaller on his massive frame, but it was still a handy tool to maneuver the large man where I needed him to be. I pulled him closer and spread my legs apart so that he came to stand between them.

I didn’t ask his permission.

I didn’t think.

I opened my mouth and dove down onto his cock in a single gulp. His cock entered my throat with ease, less of a task than with Daniel, and my tongue flew around his shaft and flicked at his slit.

If his fingers had seemed strong when they grabbed my mast, they were iron and steel when he grabbed at my blonde hair and shoved his cock as far as it would go down my throat with a bellow like a beast.

“Oh fuck!” one of the guys moaned. I wasn’t sure who it was. Hell, I wasn’t even all that certain WHERE I was, considering all I could see was the smooth sun-kissed skin of Ian as his cock bounced in my throat, just as rigid inside me as the rest of his body appeared.

“That is hot as fuck. Dude, what’s it feel like?”

Since my mouth was currently occupied with Jock Cock, I made the assumption that the voice was not speaking to me. For my part, it felt great to have his cock so far down my gullet, to feel his abs contract and expand against my nose, the warm heat of his smooth skin and the faint oder of suntan lotion still lingering on him.

“Dude, no girl has ever done it like that…ahhh…shit, yes.”

I decided to show Ian how truly unnecessary a girl was. Well, not entirely, but you catch my meaning.

My arms came forward to grab at his ass cheeks. I had never felt something so hard beneath my palms! Daniel had a gorgeous ass, but even his muscled-bubble butt had a little bounce to it. Grabbing on to Ian was like gabbing on to two perfectly smooth boulders. He clenched his muscles beneath my touch and I bobbed contentedly on his prick in response. I tasted the salty sweetness of his precum as he started to leak into my mouth. I let it linger on my tongue, waiting to swallow until I’d earned my reward in truth.

I used my feeble grip on his ass to encourage him to thrust. I opened my throat and readied myself. I gazed up at him, over the mounds of his abs and the massive pecs. I could just make out his lust filled eyes over all his bulk. I nodded as best I could with his cock filling me.

He pulled his dick back a little from my mouth and then shoved it back in without warning. I was ready for it, but I gratified is masculine dominance with a whimper. All for his benefit, I assure you…

As I readied myself for his next assault, my hands found his chest muscles and I squeezed hard, my fingers raking small red lines in his flesh. He growled at me and shoved himself back in, my lips slamming into his pelvis. His growls grew, coming from deep in his chest, the other spectators forgotten for the time being.

At least to Ian.

To the spectators themselves, the scene proved too much of an attention grabber to ignore. As I looked over Ian’s mountains of muscles, I could just see the outlines of the rest of the team as they rearranged themselves in a semi circle behind him, gaining a better view of my oral work on their buddy.

I could still sense Daniel beside me. I could feel his fingers on the small of my back, urging me on.

Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I was thankful that he gave his tacit permission with the gesture. Somewhere further back, I marveled at the fact that I NEEDED that permission.

I moaned around Ian’s cock and squeezed his chest in my grip. I began to match his thrusting with bobs of my own, pressing myself onto him for all I was worth. I dared not touch my own throbbing cock, though I was vaguely aware of the precum leaking to my pants pooled around my ankles. I imagined what it must be like to have Ian’s rock hard cock, as average though it appeared, being pounded into my twitching hole, the full power of his muscles and bulk used to fuck me into complete and total submission.

It was an…effective…fantasy.

I could feel Ian’s release as it approached, and not just from the volume of his grunts and growls, though they were increasing.

“Shit, David…fuck you’re gonna make me blow, dude,” Ian almost whined, his hands leaving my hair and pressed into his temples, as if he was unsure what to do with them as he climbed towards explosion. He’d come this far, but he hadn’t thought through the entire situation to it’s intended and logical conclusion.

I pulled off of his cock and removed one hand from my exploration of his massive chest to grab his saliva slicked shaft and hold his cock head to my outstretched tongue. I looked up at him. I didn’t say a word, hoping that my eyes would be all that he would need.

I found one erect nipple, standing like Everest on the mountain range that was his torso. I pinched it hard between my thumb and forefinger.

“Ahhh shit!”

Ian’s cock expanded in my grip. I felt the cum travel past my fingers on his shaft and aimed his slit directly into my open and eager mouth. The first shot hit true and coated my tongue with his seed. He wasn’t a shooter, not to the level of Daniel or myself, and his next three spurts pooled on my tongue, their whiteness standing in stark contrast to my pink tongue and slightly swollen lips.

I closed my mouth over him and swallowed him down. He was warm and tasted like metal and salt, sea and earth. Where Daniel was a sweet mixture of manliness and spring, Ian’s seed was like Ian: hard and masculine in the extreme, full of energy and vitality. I drank him down eagerly and swallowed the load he had given me.

I sucked his twitching cock and laughed to my self while I watched his tree-trunk thighs tremble when my tongue found his super-sensitive head. I licked and kissed his prick clean, always glancing up, making sure he saw my eyes.

I wanted him to always remember WHO had made him weak in the knees, and never forget it had been a man. It wasn’t until I had taken everything he had to give me that I remembered we were far from alone in the room.

While Ian’s taste faded from my mouth and my sex-clouded brain settled back into my skull, the silence of my classmates became daunting. Panic started to bubble up from my stomach and my fight or flight engine readied itself for immediate action.

“God damn,…” Tall Paul breathed as he seemingly collapsed back down to his former “S-curved” position in the chair. His movement drew the attention from me, and not a moment too soon if you ask me.

Grumbles and growls of approval and agreement began to take shape and the rest of the team became unglued from their standing semi-circle behind Ian’s still-heaving body, shuffling back to their original spots without further discussion.

“That was incredible, little dude,” Ian said from above me. “I’ve never cum like that from head before.”

I shrugged as if to say, “what can I tell ya? A dude just KNOWS how to please another dude better than a girl ever could.”

“Seriously, guys,” Ian said to the rest of the assembled men, half-heartedly pulling on his softening cock now and then, working my spit and what was left of his cum into the smooth skin of his shaft, “we need more gay guys on the team.”

“Hey now,” I said, startling myself with my outburst. I hadn’t meant to speak, yet it was my voice that echoed off the walls and drew all eyes back to me. I had just evaded them only a moment before, and here I was inviting their gaze yet again.

“I’m not gonna be some kind of fuck toy for you guys, okay?” I stated firmly.

As the words formed, I began to realize my true position. I was in possession of something that they wanted. Well, maybe not wanted, but were intrigued by. I was the supply. They were the demand. The supply side can almost always dictate the terms of negotiation. I began to feel myself becoming bolder.

“That was fun, and I’m not saying a repeat is off the table. I’m gay, I’m not an idiot, after all. But don’t expect this kind of thing to happen every day. Or every other day. I’m not a whore. If I decide it will happen again, that’s fine. But I will not have a line forming outside my door tonight waiting for their turn with the new team sex object. Understand?”

I was impressed with myself.

My time with Daniel had given me more of a spine than I ever thought I’d possess. The sea of nodding faces and wide open eyes that reacted to my little spontaneous oration was mollifying. I enjoyed the little step up in social power that I had just claimed. I suddenly began to understand how the popular girls at school could get addicted to the feeling and become totally numb to the pain and suffering of other human beings in their wake. I would have to be careful not to get addicted to the rush.

But I decided a little more wouldn’t hurt.

“Good Boys,” I said.

I half expected myself to pull out a doggie treat from my back pocket and give them some positive reinforcement for their good behavior.

Yeah. I would have to keep an eye on the megalomania. Later.

With that new business out of the way, the attention soon returned to the TV, where our poor blonde victim had apparently survived the ten minutes it had taken me to make that mountain of teenaged hormones shoot his load. I marveled at her resilience, if nothing else. She wasn’t even sweating and she still gasped for air like it was her job. Which, I guess, it was.

The wet sounds soon took over again and breathing became heavier.

“Aren’t you gonna…ya know?” Gordon asked from his retaken corner of the bed to my left, his voice still slurred.

“Yeah. You can if you wanna.”

That was Ian. In the moment, I found it a little sweet that he would spare even that much attention for my own sexual pleasure. I’d figured him for a “dump and slump” kinda of man. Surprises, surprises.


I didn’t really know what to do? As I had become accustomed in times of crises, I sought out Daniel.

He looked at me with an unreadable expression. I had pushed so many boundaries in the past hour, crossed so many barriers that we had never discussed. Would this, too, be one? Was I going to do irreparable harm to my relationship with Daniel? Had I already done it?

Nearly imperceptibly, Daniel nodded. At first, I wasn’t sure he had even made the gesture at all, but his eyebrows climbed a little as well in a sign of openness.

“Okay. I guess,” I said to the assembled room.

Tentatively, I grabbed at my cock, now only semi-hard but still dominating the size of the room by a decent measure.

“Get comfortable,” Ian said, pointing to the pillows and the bed behind me. “I mean, only if you want to.”

I smiled at him and scooted towards the head of the bed, resting my back on the headboard a bit with my legs before me, opened slightly.

I’ll reserve comment on how many sets of eyes moved to my shaft as it slid under my palms and paid no attention to the blonde woman in medical distress on the screen. Suffice it to say, I got the better ratings as far as the pornographic options available at the time are concerned.

Their eyes may have been on me, but I saw only Daniel. He was so close to me, perched at the end of the bed, his torso angled around to so he too could watch me writhe in front of him.

But I couldn’t touch him.

I could just see the head of his uncut cock, the foreskin pulled up tight around it, the skin shining and slick with his precum. I stared into him, looked for that spark and flame that I loved so much. He stared back into me and the rest of the room became like steam.

My left hand traveled up my shaft slowly, letting my precum lube my long pole. Daniel’s eyes followed the movement closely, hungrily. I thought of his full lips kissing the underside of my cock, the way he liked to flick my precum onto his tongue and taste me. I felt his throat open around my shaft, the heat of his tongue and the sheer strength of him unlike anything else I’d known. The nearly painful sensations of completeness when his stubble pushed into my pelvis. The way the short strands of his black hair would slide over my fingers, course beneath their touch but equally like silk. His deep brown eyes staring up at me through his dark lashes, urging me to give him what he truly wanted, pulsing with life, begging me to release myself to him.

I’m not sure how long my imagination ruled my world, but I felt my orgasm rising inside me. It seemed to travel from the aching hole between my legs, where I longed to have Daniel. It moved like a hot knife upwards, pulling a piece of me with it, shattering my fantasy as it edged closer.

“Ahhh, yessss…” I moaned.

My eyes closed and my head fell back to the headboard. It was literally too much for me to maintain eye contact with Daniel any longer, not when my body cried out for his with every nerve and was denied. Not when I was so close to him yet he seemed miles away.

The first shot splashed into my face and left a small white river on the lacquered headboard behind me. I barely noticed the shocked gasps that echoed. The second and third shots completely ruined my t-shirt. Again. I was running out of cum-free clothes ever since I’d met Daniel. I could hardly keep up with the increased volume of laundry.

When I opened my eyes, Daniel was still looking at me. He smiled gently and nodded a bit again. I wonder if he knew what I’d been thinking of?

I hope so.

“Fuck me, that’s a lot,” Gordon drawled. I noticed that his own boxers were marred with pools of sticky white boy juices.

“Ahhh,” Tall Paul let out.

It sounded like a spasm of some kind. His tall lanky frame jerked in the chair a bit, his legs coming off the floor. He looked like a marionette that some cruel puppeteer was manipulating around from on high. His thin cock twitched with his spasm and he sprayed tall arcs of cum into the air, onto his chest, onto the floor. He didn’t have a grip on his cock at all, just let it shoot off as it may without any direction or guidance. Several guys had to jump out of the way as he came to avoid being sprayed with his jizz.

My eyebrows shot up a little bit.

Okay Tall Paul. Good for you. Thin dick, but impressive distance and volume.

When Paul finally collapsed into a crumpled heap onto his chair, his spasming finally ebbing, he seemed unable to speak.

“Well, I don’t know about you douchebags, but I’m going to bed,” Ian said.

We were in Paul’s room. Paul, being the gracious and presently mute host, nodded his agreement with Ian. Jeans rose from the floor and still throbbing boners were stuffed uncomfortably back into their assorted prisons. The blonde woman was now covered in thick streaks of cum from her chin to her hairline. The tonic, unfortunately for her, had done nothing to calm her breathing difficulties. Someone shut the TV off as the grunts and grumbles of the Jock Language ushered everyone out and back towards their own domiciles.

I made sure to be the last to leave the room. I thanked Paul as I closed the door behind me. He didn’t respond. He was still slouched in his chair, his pants at his ankles, his softening cock dribbling the last of his strength onto his lean thigh. I would be lying if I said my mouth didn’t water a bit and I silently hoped that Paul found his way to the bed somehow and didn’t spend the rest of the night in that position.

The other room doors closed to the sound of locks being drawn until only Daniel and I were left in the hallway, walking shoulder to shoulder towards the last two rooms. I fished the electronic card from my back pocket and turned to my door.

I couldn’t bring myself to see if Daniel was behind me or if he’d turned towards his own room across the hall. I wasn’t sure what kind of damage I had just done. My heart raced as I unlocked and opened the door. I was still too frightened to turn around and close it, wondering if he was there.

Before I was halfway through, I felt his hands on the small of my back and he pushed me inside so that I almost tumbled. Before his hands left my back, they appeared on my shoulders and he spun me to face him and pull me to his fierce kiss, crashing us to the closing door.

My hands came to life again and I grabbed for him, felt his arms, shoulders, his back, wound my trembling fingers into his hair. His lips came to my neck and sucked hard.

“Oh, god, Daniel,” I moaned, my leg climbing up to his hips, his free hand coming to support me on my ass.

“I…oh, fuck yes, I’m sorry…I didn’t…” I panted through the rising tide.

“Shut up.” Daniel growled and pulled my mouth to his again, his tongue roughly sliding inside me, my breath pushed from me again.

Daniel never broke the bond of our mouths, stuck like magnets as he picked me up from the floor by my waist and walked me to the bed. I was instantly reminded how much stronger he was than me, who was truly the bigger between us in spite of height.

I bounced on the mattress when he tossed me like a rag doll. Before I hit, my arms were already outstretched, grabbing for him, needing him as close as possible. He crashed into me in a flash of olive skin and a deep growl like a panther.

We rolled for a moment, and I shifted myself on top of him, not pinning him, not daring to challenge his superiority right now. I knew he needed me to be his, to be completely his, to prove to him that what had just happened with his friends was as nothing compared to what we had. My entire body ached to prove it, so I straddled him gently and arched the small of my back, grinding my still-covered ass into his hardness.

“I just want you,” I breathed as he met me thrust for thrust, his fingers digging into my hip bones, pulling me down to him. I reached behind me to grip his bulge through his jeans. He growled at me and I felt his dick pulse. A dampness came to life beneath my palm as I squeezed, milking him, showing him what I was worth.

“They have no idea what I can do. Not like you do.”

I unbuttoned his jeans with my hand and unzipped him. His cock did most of the work for me, pushing his underwear into a massive tent. My fingers worked under the elastic and I grabbed his shaft for the first time today. I sighed at the contact, finally getting what I’d been forced to experience only in my mind. Daniel mimicked my reaction when I pulled on his shaft, gathering his smooth foreskin over his head then popping it free.

“You want to see what I can do?”

Daniel nodded, his eyes pleading but never losing their dominance. If he wanted me to be submissive right now, if that is what he needed just as much as I needed to BE that, then that is what he would get.

I spring from astride his hips and knelt between his legs, never stopping my movements on his raging cock.

“I missed your cock, Jock boy,” I said, sticking my tongue out to lick his slit and taste him again. It was like sweet water to a man in the desert.

I took his head in my mouth and felt his whole body tremble. His fingers came to my head and I readied myself for what I hoped would be a truly vigorous face fucking.

Someone should have taken a picture of the frozen tableau we struck when his moans and my wet slurping noises were joined by a loud knock on the door.

Daniel’s fingers were wrapped tightly in my blonde hair and a good third of his cock was shoved down my throat. Both of our eyes turned towards the door, stopping all motion and staying stock still. Maybe they would go away when no one answered.

I felt Daniel’s cock pulse another stream of precum onto my tongue. I couldn’t help but moan a little bit.

The knock sounded again.

I jumped from the bed, sighed at having to tear myself from Daniel’s cock and hastily adjusted my sorely abused prick in my jeans, covering it as best I could with my cum stained t shirt. I made silent flailing motions at Daniel, meant to indicate that he should conceal himself as best he could. He moved off the bed in a flurry and pressed himself to the half wall that divided the bedroom from the bathroom.

I straightened myself and went to the door.

When I turned the handle and pulled it open, I felt like I was a character in some sitcom on TV.

“Hey,” Ian said from the hallway, now clothed fully. “I just wanted to say thanks for…you know.”

It was almost comical to watch a man of his size blush and stare at his fidgeting feet. I couldn’t help but grin a bit. My heart went out to him and I was struck by just how far I had come in so short a time. A few weeks ago, the thought of a Jock at my door, muscle bound and athletic as they are want to be, coming to say thank you for anything…well, it was highly improbable at the very least.

“Thanks, Ian. I appreciate that,” I said in my best impression of humble. Inside, I was doing a jaunty little jig.

“You’re a cool kid. I’m glad you’re on the team.”

It was my turn to blush this time. I mumbled my thanks again. I watched Ian’s eyebrows draw down in confusion. He seemed a little stunned and I wondered what I’d said that might have cause the look. It was then that I noticed he wasn’t staring that way at me.

He was looking past me, over my shoulder and into the room behind me.

“Daniel?” he asked confused.

Every muscle in my body froze. I pictured Daniel taking the same position against the wall.

“Dude, I can see your shoulder. You’re not that great at hiding, bud.”

I heard Daniel release his breath in a great rush and I turned to watch him emerge from his apparently awful hiding spot.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

I pictured everything crashing down around me in a fiery apocalypse. Ian was GOING to tell someone now that he’d caught Daniel in my room. And Daniel, bless his gorgeous jock-boy heart, had not bothered to put his clothes back on from our rudely interrupted suck fest of just moments before. When he slid from behind the wall and into the small hallway, his jeans pooled around his ankles and his very hard cock glistened with slick wetness from my industrious efforts of minutes ago.

“Get the fuck in here or close the damned door,” Daniel admonished, hands on his hips, his cock bouncing in time to his words.

As if to put paid to any rumors that Daniel was present in my private room for some reason OTHER than sexual exploits, his cock chose that particular moment to leak a long stream of viscous clear goo from his slit. It stretched nearly to the carpet before it broke and fell the rest of the way.

Ian snorted a little laugh, looked to his left down the hallway and pushed past me to come inside.

“Dude, he’s really really good right?” Ian asked Daniel excitedly. “Like, WAY better than a girl, right?”

While it was very flattering information for a young gay man to hear, I would have preferred it to have been offered TO me, instead of THROUGH me.

“Um, Hello?” I said in my most sarcastic tone. “Yeah, hi, nice to meet you. I’m David. Ya know, the boy whose room you’ve decided to invade like it’s your own?”

I was surprised to find that Daniel wore a wide grin across his face. I hadn’t thought how he would react to someone of his own social stature knowing about us, much less approving of it. Apparently, it made him smile. But my snarky outburst worked well enough to wipe the grins off both of their faces.

Daniel’s brown eyes went to the carpet and Ian’s soon followed.

“Sorry,” they mumbled in unison.

Remember that thing about supply and demand and not getting too addicted to the power?

Well, another little hit couldn’t hurt, right?

“What’s that? I didn’t hear you?” I asked.

My mamma would have been proud. Maybe not proud precisely, since I was using sex to essentially manipulate boys into doing my bidding. When put that way, she SURELY would have been proud.

“I’m sorry,” they repeated in crisp clear tones.

I nodded and they both relaxed visibly. I trembled a bit at the power rush again.

Ian’s excitement reasserted control first. He turned to Daniel.

“Are you…like, gonna finish?” he asked.

“You’ll have to ask David.”

They both looked to me.

It was completely unfair. Daniel should have known when he looked at me like that, those sad puppy dog eyes almost seeming to fill with tears, I would have done almost anything short of actual murder.

I threw up my hands. Ian’s eyes brightened like a child at Christmas.

“Mind if I…I mean,…if it’s okay…umm,…”

“You can watch, you big perv,” I shot back, putting an end to his stuttering.

You’d have thought I just told him he’d won the lottery.

Ian took a seat in the chair, the same chair in the same place that I pictured Paul crumbled into a few doors down.

When I looked at Daniel, something had changed in his gaze. Before Ian’s arrival, I had sensed he needed to be powerful and dominant, needed me to show him that I was his. Now, behind those soft brown pools were glimmers of a scared boy, standing on the edge of a cliff and unsure whether he really wanted to jump to the icy lake below.

My tactics changed immediately.

cat-dildos-siliconeI approached him slowly, making sure I never let my eyes leave his. I took his hand in mine and I could swear I felt it tremble just a little bit when I did. I lead him towards the bed until his calves were pressed against the foot of it. His jeans made his maximum movement barely above a shuffle so I took my time. Still looking at him, I found the hem of his t-shirt and raised it over his head, dropping it to the floor beside me.

I was happy to see the timidity vanish from him when he stared at me now. Ian was forgotten. I could see my face reflected in his eyes and I knew that I was all he saw now. I placed my palms on the warm planes of his hairy chest and pushed him gently to the bed as I sank to my knees on the floor.

I angled Daniel’s cock so that Ian had a perfect side-on view of his entire length before I opened my mouth and slowly pushed his whole shaft inside my throat. I breathed him in deeply, letting my tongue move in slow circles on him. His torso fell back to the mattress and I had to level myself up to keep him fully inside me.

Slowly I withdrew, sucking on the rim of his cock and nibbling lightly on his smooth foreskin when I did.

“Shit,.” He breathed just as I heard Ian mimic him exactly from off to my right.

I sank back onto him and brushed my lips across his trimmed pubes. I felt his muscles tense, saw his abs crunch and become even more defined as I bobbed up and down on his manhood. I could have stayed down there for hours, completely unaware of Ian just feet from me.

Daniel’s gentle grip on the sides of my face pulled me from my prize. Before I knew it, I was laying flat against his broad muscled body, his arms wrapping tightly around my back, crushing me to him while he kissed me deeply.

I heard Ian’s chair slide across the carpet in a rush and just made out his tall bulk rise quickly to his feet.

“I…I…I…” He stammered, looking around for something, anything on which to focus other than his buddy’s tongue shoved into my mouth.

Daniel broke our kiss, but not our embrace.

“Sit the fuck down and enjoy the show, jack ass,” he snapped at his teammate.

Ian stood still for a bit, eyes locked on Daniel’s. I was trapped in his arms, happily, but I watched as these two specimens of masculinity squared off without a sound.

“You walked in here, now you get what you get,” Daniel finished.

Ian retook his seat and Daniel’s gentle finger on the side of my face returned him to my gaze. He brushed a gentle kiss across my lips and stroked my cheek with his thumb. He smiled his crooked half smile at me and winked.

Oh, fuck me.

The Alpha was established and I, me, the gay nerd, got to claim him.

Christmas, Valentine’s, my birthday and the Fourth of July all wrapped into one.

I leaned forward to kiss Daniel with everything I had. He nearly tore my shirt from my back in his haste to get it off. Our mouths never stopped their dance for longer than it took for him to remove an article of clothing. I had never felt so free as when he finally managed to get my pants and underwear around my knees. I wiggled out of them the best I could from that point on, but was more focused on the feeling of my unbending dick as it pressed into his equally hard member.

Daniel’s gentle downward pressure on my head signaled my time to finish my work had come. I eagerly flipped myself around so that I lay head towards his toes and threw my arm over his hairy thighs.

Slowly at first I sucked his cock inside me, trying to memorize the taste of him yet again. Daniel gripped my dick and tugged lazily as I worked on him. He soon had me slick with my own precum and used his thumb to torture my sensitive underside.

I tried to moan through my full mouth, but I refused to take his cock from inside me. Not again. I used every trick I could think of, every manipulation and twist I’d learned over the months.

“Yeah, nerd…Christ, David, I’m getting close.”

I heard Ian shift in his chair and the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered.

“Do it,” Daniel continued. He raised his legs so that his knees were bent, feet flat against the mattress.

He couldn’t mean…? Could he? In front of Ian.

“Rim me, baby.”

You didn’t need to ask me twice.

Faster than I thought possible, I twisted around so that Daniel’s legs were on either side of me as I knelt between them. My cock pointed straight at his exposed and twitching pink hole. I suppressed the urge to shove myself into him right then and placed my palms under his hamstrings, pushing his hips back off the bed.

I licked gently at first, lightly flicking around his hole, kissing the soft skin around it, breathing hot breath on him.

“Mmm…more,” Daniel moaned.

Wet sounds were starting to come from the chair.

I pressed my tongue into his hole and swirled in quick motions. I’d heard some of the team discussing a technique called “The Alphabet Game,” where you are supposed to use your tongue to spell out the entire alphabet in capital letters and then in lower case letters when you eat out a girl. The thought was nauseating, but the theory seemed sound.

I hadn’t gotten to the Capital D before Daniel was panting like a mad man on the mattress. His hairy forearms grabbed on the the back of my head, pulling me deeper inside of him, reaching past his own cock to grab at me.

“Oh shit…yes…eat my ass,” he groaned.






“Mmmm…” That one came from Ian. Though I had no desire to even glance in his direction to confirm my suspicions, I was glad he was enjoying the show thus far.

When I got to Capital S, Daniel could barely breathe.

I had never heard him whimper like that before. It almost reminded me, unpleasantly, of the poor blonde woman from the porn in Paul’s room.

“Oh god, please. Please stop! I can’t…oh fuck me, I can’t take it anymore.”





“Please, baby. Finger me! I…”



“IIIIIAAAHHHHH, FUCK!” he screamed.


I’m a stickler for finishing what I start.

Daniel’s breath began to slow a little bit, but his thoroughly slick hole pulsed in and out in front of me, begging just as much as its’ master.

I pressed my index finger to his opening and felt it press against me. Daniel whined and writhed beneath, pushing his hips forward as best he could, seeking me out.

“Pleeeeassse…” he drew out the word. His eyes proved too much for my weak resolve.

I pushed inside him and watched his eyes roll back in his skull. His hole squeezed me tightly but gave me no issue. I could feel his heart beat..beat..beat..beat..beat…in time to the convulsions of his opening. I drew out slowly and pressed back in with two fingers now. I didn’t even need to wet them, he was so lubed up from the Alphabet Game. I would have to remember that for the future.

Daniel’s cock spasmed and he shot a quick burst of precum to his hairy stomach.

“Holy shit,” Ian whispered in apparent awe, the sounds of his jerking off clear as a bell now.

I know I didn’t need to, I could have found other ways to get him off, but something inside of me wanted to show Ian what being at the mercy of another man could feel like. I pushed into Daniel quickly, burying myself inside to my last knuckle and arching my fingers forwards inside of him.

The reaction was exactly what I expected.

Daniel let out a roar like I had just started his engine. I pulled quickly out and back in with the same force. In and out I pistoned, each time, pressing that spot inside Daniel that I knew would make him burst like a piñata.

Daniel’s mouth hung open to his chest and he crunched forward as my two fingers fucked his hole hard and fast, just barely tickling his prostate when I was buried in, all in full view of his “straight” teammate. His eyes were wild and harried, his breath caught in his throat and only a deep growl came from inside him. He began to shine with a thin sheet of sweat. I picked up the pace.


It was weak, barely even a whisper. But I was surprised he even managed that much considering the sheer volume and speed at which his cock spewed into the air.

Rope after rope arched high between us. Most of the first blasts covered my bed spread a good foot above Daniel’s head. Only around the third or fourth gush actually landed on his heaving chest and pleasure-twisted face. The white drops splashed agains his skin with gentle splats, clinging to his hair and beading there in small drops and graceful swoops.

When he was done and his cock twitched in the air between us, still untouched, I pressed my fingers to his prostate one final time and watched in awe as another small squirt pooled near Daniel’s belly button.

Before I could remove my fingers from him, Daniel sprung forward from his prostrate position and flipped onto his stomach in front of my kneeling form. My fingers were still slick and wet from being so recently inside him but when he opened his mouth to take in my cock, I wound them into his hair without thought.

Daniel’s tongue teased my slit and played with the rim of my cock head. He looked up at me through those dark lashes, the very same look I had imagined when I was jerking off in front of the team earlier. My fantasy now come to life once more.

Daniel used one hand to jerk my shaft while he bobbed on the top half of my cock, moaning all the while. I felt myself getting close in only a moment.

“Daniel…fuck yes,…don’t stop…i’m close,” I said between breaths. Daniel increased his speed.

He sighed deeply when my first shot erupted into him. He sucked firmly and milked me as blast after blast hit the back of his throat and he swallowed them all gratefully.

Ian roared from his chair and I turned just in time to watch his cock spew blindingly white spunk onto his lower stomach.

Daniel kissed and sucked my cock clean lovingly as I watched Ian ride the wave of his orgasm. I caught his eyes and jerked my head towards Ian, hoping he would follow my lead.

I got off the bed and was pleased to hear Daniel do the same. Ian’s head was still thrown back and his eyes were closed so I’m still not sure if he heard or saw the two of us kneel between his open thighs.

I leaned forward first and licked at Ian’s defined abs, taking in his white juices and savoring them.

I felt Daniel’s face press next to mine as we continued to lap at Ian’s muscles, licking him clean, kissing our way down his shaved pubes to his still twitching cock.

“Oh fuck me,” he groaned.

My lips met Daniel’s around the base of Ian’s dick. The tip of my tongue danced with his as we kissed and licked our way up Ian’s shaft towards his head. My full lips reached his cock head first and sucked the tip of him gently. Ian shook mightily when I found my mark. I pulled back a bit and let Daniel take the top position.

Soon, Ian was clean and breathing in sharp gasps. His hands were at his temples again, as if he was steadying himself against the spinning of the room.

Daniel rose to his feet first. I followed shortly and we both looked down at the spent muscle-god slumped in the chair.

“So. Thoughts?” Daniel asked nonchalantly.

Ian wasn’t the only one to stare at him in wonder.

Thoughts? I was still amazed every day at the things Daniel could take in stride.

“Umm, that was ridiculous,” Ian said in a gravely whisper.

“Glad you approve,” Daniel started. “Now, get dressed and get out.”

Despite his wobbly legs, Ian wasted little time in obeying Daniel’s command. I added nothing to the orders. If Daniel didn’t find it necessary to mention the need for discretion, I certainly wasn’t about to second guess his assessment of the situation. He knew Ian much better than I.

The door closed quickly behind a still awestruck Ian.

I looked through the peephole and watched as he stood in the hallway for a bit, looking left and right. The poor guy might never find his own room in his current state. I opened the door again.

“Two doors down on the left.”

I closed it again.

When I watched through the peephole this time, it only took him about five or ten seconds to gather himself, process the directions, and amble off towards his room.

I turned back to the room and found Daniel using his discarded t-shirt to wipe the cum from his chest and abs, seeming to be entirely unaffected by what we’d just done.

“Do you think he’s gonna jack off thinking about that tonight?” I wondered idly.

Daniel shrugged.

“Dunno. Don’t really care what he does. Are you ready for bed soon?”

Though I was a little shocked at his apparent level of ease, I nodded.

“You should be getting back to your room soon,” I said with more than a little hint of sadness at the thought.

Daniel pulled back the cum soaked top cover of my king sized bed and pooled it on the floor. He smiled at me, still standing at the end of the hallway.

“Why? What’s the point now?” he asked.

“What about the other…”

“Ian knows now. There’s no use in trying to pretend like it didn’t happen. He knows, and it’s possible everyone else will know soon enough. So why should I sleep alone tonight, when what I want is to sleep next to you? If it’s coming out soon, I’m at least going to do what I want in the meantime.”

I watched him pull back the under cover and the sheet and slide beneath them and settle into my bed. He propped himself on one elbow and faced me, smiling that crazy beautiful smile.

He patted the mattress next to him, urging me to join him.

I wanted to cry, and for more than one reason.

Daniel was so sure, so strong, so confident. The situation had changed in the blink of an eye, our routine disrupted, plans shattered; and he had adapted nearly instantaneously. He had made his choice as to what was important to him.

It took me a while to fully understand that I was what was important to him.

He faced possible social outcast, loss of face, humiliation, degradation, any manner of cruel words and remarks. Physical violence wasn’t entirely out of the question, even for one as well-built as him.

But there he lay. Calm, cool, serene, and beautiful beyond description. In my bed, beckoning me to lay beside him.

I turned off the light and climbed under the covers. In such a large bed, it took us a moment to find one another, but when we did, the bed seemed almost comically large. My forehead pressed to his, our noses brushing. He threw one leg over my own and I wrapped my limbs around him.

Our soft cocks pressed together and for once, this was enough. Just to hold him, feel his breath on my lips, the rise and fall of his chest pressed to mine, his strong fingers lightly dancing up and down my back.

I kissed him in the darkness and hoped he could feel everything I wanted to say but couldn’t. How much I needed him, how thankful I was that he was so sure where I was so scared.

“Don’t think about it,” Daniel whispered at my ear as he kissed me lightly.

“Think about what?”

“The morning.”

I hadn’t spoken. I had not said one word, and yet he knew the thoughts that lurked at the back of my mind. I didn’t wonder how he’d done it, I just marveled at the fact that he could. After so long thinking no one would ever care to even hear my thoughts, Daniel had decided to start reading them.

“But,” I whispered, my voice trembling, “What if Ian…”

“Don’t think about it,” Daniel cut me off. “If it happens, it happens. You are here with me now. So just be with me. You and me. Just us. Please, baby?”

The tears came hot and silent down my cheeks as I kissed him.

Tomorrow would come as it always did.

With his lips against mine, our hearts beating in tandem, I couldn’t have possibly cared less if the sun never rose again.

As a nerd, when you enter a place as complex and hierarchical as the American High School, you naturally take your spot towards the bottom of that hierarchy. The strata become readily apparent on day one, though the criteria of each level may still remain mysterious. By the end of your first week, you unconsciously assume all of the rules and regulations associated with whichever level you found yourself a part of, willingly or not. That may seem cruel at face value, but it was the way of the world I had lived in for the past three and a half years. It was social Darwinism at its most basic level: survival of the fittest. This was simply crucial to your survival in a place where the tiniest mistake could have drastic and far reaching consequences for the wrong type of person. It was also why it was imperative that you know if you WERE the wrong type of person in the first place before you did or said anything.

I hadn’t spent much time mourning my lack of social standing or decrying the things that I had missed out on. I didn’t lay awake at night and wallow in self-pity or wonder why things were the way they were. I saw the things portrayed on the popular T.V. shows and movies: the parties, games, and friends, and all the drama, laughter, and heartache that came with them. But I didn’t pine for them. What would be the point? I was where I was. There was no conceivable way that one single person could change the structure of an entire institution that had operated this way for decades.

And then Daniel happened.

I had started climbing the ladder I had never even considered before. In truth, I didn’t climb it; I was pushed up it rung by metaphorical rung. In a blink, I was forced to adjust my view on nearly everything that surrounded me. No longer was my world simply me, my mind, my books, and my futile fantasies about one day showing them all. Things had become intricate beyond my wildest imaginings from the moment Daniel and I had begun our pilgrimage of exploration in the frozen wasteland of Boston on the night of my 18th birthday.

One of those views I found myself suddenly concerned with was the prospect of Prom, now less than a week away. I’d always considered Proms and Formals and Debutante Balls as an outdated, outmoded, and semi-misogynistic spectacle. However, one cannot deny the rite of passage element that the late spring dance possesses.

From my new vantage point and somewhat to my horror, I found myself actually wanting to attend, curious to see what all the fuss was about. I worried that I might miss something if I stayed home like I’d always assumed I would from the day I was placed in the bottom tier of the social order. That I was even entertaining the idea of Prom was off-putting enough for me. Add to that the rising emotions Daniel elicited in me and the possibility of Ian revealing our relationship to the rest of the school,…my teenaged brain was rapidly approaching full capacity.

Thus, I found myself cleaning up the Varsity locker rooms after baseball practice on a late Spring afternoon, my normally ordered and logical mind in a dizzying whirl of contradictions in logic. I could barely concentrate on the equipment as I stored it on the proper shelves, (or what I hoped were the proper shelves.) For once, I paid absolutely no attention to the naked teammates showering just a few feet away. It’s truly stunning what your brain can gloss over when your mind is otherwise occupied. Even a bevy of abdominal muscles, pecs, and flopping cocks in all shapes and sizes. The jovial back-and-forth of my teammates barely registered to my ears.

“Should I take Amanda or Katy, do you think?” Gordon slurred, still sounding stoned as usual. I had flashing images of his natural voice being the cause of many troubles with the police in his upcoming college days.

“You asked them both?” Daniel’s sultry baritone voice asked. Even in my stupor, his voice always sounded clear as bell.

“I asked Katy; and THEN Amanda asked ME.”

“Either way, you’re gonna get laid. So just flip a coin, dude. They’re both hot,” Tall Paul offered his two cents on the matter.

I shook my head in disbelief.

Boys, am I right?

“Take ‘em both and have a threesome,” Ian joked.

The growls and grunts and teases of approval and mock surprise echoed from the tiled walls. I tried to concentrate on my menial tasks and headed to the exit to grab the final equipment bag, passing the showers on the way.

“David,” Ian called to me, stopping me in my tracks Was he going to reveal everything right now? Naked in the showers in front of everyone? My mind began to postulate theories and strategies, various angles of avoidance and denial.

“Why don’t you take one of these chicks off Gordon’s hands, huh?” he continued, “I mean, with what you got hanging between your legs, either one of them would jump at the offer, gay or not.”

The team burst into laughter, Daniel included, though when he looked at me standing in the doorway I could sense his tension, his protective nature ready to spring forward at the smallest indication of my distress. I smiled back at him, silently thanking him for always being my back up plan. Just in case. I readied my response as the words “hung,” “huge,” “crazy,” “insane,” and “lucky,” bounced around me.

“Aww, but Ian, I was still holding out hope that you would ask me?” I said with mock sadness as I grabbed my crotch through my jeans, pushing it towards him.

That got the response I’d hoped: everyone turned from me and began to hassle and harass Ian instead.

“Oooo, he got you, dude.”

I walked on and thanked my lucky stars that wit and intelligence still had power, even in this higher social strata. It was always a game of one-ups-manship. That was a game I could usually play to my advantage, if the medium was brains and not brawn.

It seemed that I could feel Daniel’s eyes on my back as I walked past the showers. I imagined his gaze resting on the muscles of my back and ass as it moved silently beneath my jeans. I felt my cock start to grow, pushing down my leg. I played out the fantasy in my mind, a smile unconsciously creeping across my face.

To my surprise, my interactions and budding friendship with the Baseball team soon started to bleed into my daily routine at school as well. I hadn’t stood alone against my favorite reading tree in the Annex for weeks. Instead, I was often included in the conversations of the “popular crowd.”

True, I still stood on the outer edge of that crowd and only interjected or offered my own voice when asked. But I was there none the less. When I walked to my classes, I found that the other students all stepped aside to let me pass. Their stares and gazes no longer held the edge of contempt or distrust that I had grown so accustomed to. Now, they seemed to possess a bit of something I couldn’t quite classify. Respect? I decided it served little purpose to think about it too much and just continued to go about my normal routine, with some slight adjustments.

I still avoided these social interactions whenever they incorporated Amy and her crew of minions. Though I had somehow broken the barrier between Jock and Nerd, that tenuous relationship did not go so far as to grant access to the Jock/Popular Girl world.

“Could you read over this history paper for me?” Ian asked as we sat on one of the benches in the cafeteria during Senior lunch, only two days before Prom. “I know you’re, like, a genius or some shit. I really need to do well on this one so I don’t have to take summer school.”

“Sure,” I offered. He was in “regular” U.S. History, so how hard could it be right? “Let me see it.”

Ian handed it over and I immediately noted the larger than normal font and extra wide margins. I raised my eyebrows at him.

“What?! It has to be four pages! It’s four pages,” he offered, picking up on my implicit judgement.

“14 point font, inch-and-a-half margins, and extra wide headers is cheating,” I said frankly. “But, let me see what I can do. I’ll get this back to you after practice, okay?” I slid his paper into the backpack stashed between my feet just as Daniel and Tall Paul took seats across from us.

“Awesome,” Ian said with a smile before tearing into a sandwich that could have easily fed three grown men with the amount of Roast Beef it just barely held in place between too small slices of wheat bread. The sheer amount of food it took to keep up a body like Ian’s still flabbergasted me. He never seemed to stop stuffing his face with some form of sustenance. I felt for his parents and their pantry, but Ian drove a Mercedes, so I was less concerned for their wallets.

When I looked up, I saw Dr. Plarston carrying her lunch tray across the room, headed towards the faculty table in the corner near a large, sunny window. She caught my eye and we looked at each other across the crowded lunch room for a moment. Without warning, I felt myself wracked with something that felt suspiciously like guilt.

Her eyes were so…sad. Where she had always looked at me with pride and protective motherliness before, now she seemed almost disappointed and somewhat confused. As if she couldn’t quite understand what I was doing where she found me. I was an exotic bird that had flown the coop and taken up residence in the Silverback Gorilla enclosure.

My teachers had always been like surrogate parents for me when I was away from home. They had been my sole friends for years now, my advisors and protectors, my biggest fans and ardent supporters. It killed me to think that I was somehow letting them down.

But why should who I decided to socialize with concern them? True, this crowd of athletes I found myself associated with was far from the norm, especially for me. But I wasn’t in distress. I wasn’t being mocked or derided. I wasn’t being ignored anymore. I was finally being SEEN. Why couldn’t she understand that?

I wondered if she felt that I was betraying my true nature. I had wrestled with much the same thing as I lay awake most nights, staring at my ceiling and trying to organize my distracted mind. But I wasn’t. I was simply discovering a part of my nature that I hadn’t known was there before. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life alone and isolated. No one does, no matter what bravado and bluster they may muster to the contrary. Not if they are being honest with themselves.

I was growing into a person who enjoyed human interaction, who was comfortable enough with himself to be included in the rest of the world. The quiet nerd who loved to read fantasy novels and poetry was still there. He wasn’t gone. He was just finally becoming…happy. That part of me would never disappear. It couldn’t. It was, and always will be, integral to who I was and am. But I had come to find that it didn’t need to be mutually exclusive from this other, newer piece of me.

“Earth to David? Come in, David?”

I heard Daniel’s voice as if from a great distance.

“Hmm?” I mumbled, shaking Dr. Plarston’s apparent disappointment from my mind and returning my attention to the man who now sat before me. As usual, it took a few moments for the gentle revelation of Daniel’s beauty to fade enough for me to regain my powers of thought and speech.

“Do you want to work out with the team tonight?” Daniel asked, apparently for the second time.

“With the team?” I mimmicked, still a little dumbfounded.

“Yeah,” Tall Paul interjected. “You’ve been working out with Daniel most nights, right? Why not just join us instead?”

“I bet I can whip you into shape better than this puny little man,” Ian joked and kicked Daniel squarely in the shins under the table

Daniel punched him in the shoulder. Ian barely budged and Daniel nursed his sore knuckles in his lap, where he thought no one would notice. Punching Ian was like punching a cinder block wall and equally as effective.

It was true that Daniel and I had continued our work out regimen most afternoons after practice, and our morning runs as well. We weren’t AS diligent in the routine since Ian’s inclusion in our bedroom antics during the away game. The weight room held all sorts of erotic potential when it was just the two of us alone together. Erotic potential could be dangerous when you were always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Three sets of eyes stared at me and I realized that I needed to respond and fast.

I don’t know why, but I nodded my acceptance of their proposal.

“Cool,” Ian said in tandem with Tall Paul.

The bell rang, warning us to the five minutes remaining in our lunch period. Ian and Paul stood and made their goodbyes before grabbing their stuff and exiting.

I stared at Daniel for a moment. When we found ourselves alone like that, the rest of the world quieted to a buzz like a fluorescent light bulb and motion faded away to a hazy mist.

“You ready for this, Nerd?” he asked, his brown eyes twinkling at me.

“Are you?” I shot back. “Are you going to keep your hands to yourself in there? You haven’t been able to thus far.”

“Hey! I wasn’t the one on my knees in front of the bench press machine last night, dude.”

“No, you’re right. That was me. But you were the one who whipped out his cock and asked me to take that position, as I recall.”

Daniel blushed bright scarlet. Point: Nerd. He was off balance. Might as well finish him off and put him out of his misery. It was the humane thing to do.

“We’ll see who can keep his cock in his pants this afternoon, won’t we jock boy?” I stood and leaned my lips close to his ear, my breath just barely brushing against his skin. “Try not to think about fucking me when the rest of the team is spotting me tonight, okay? Don’t even think about my dick filling you up when they all teach me new moves. When we get all sweaty. Just put it from your mind. Don’t even wonder if I’ll be wearing one of your jock straps beneath my shorts. I will be. But that won’t matter at all to you, will it? You’ll be just fine. See you in the weight room, baby.”

I straightened and walked from the lunch room. I didn’t need to look back to know that Daniel was stuck to his seat. I had watched he his cock grow rigid in his jeans when I spoke. I passed his wide-eyed face and it was proof enough that my speech had found its home. I had planted that seed and I was absolutely certain that it would grow as I intended. I looked forward to the harvest.

It was perplexing to find myself in the Varsity Weight Room later that afternoon with someone other than Daniel. I’d grown accustomed to the space, with its machines and free-weights and myriad devices of torment and torture. But always with Daniel as my guide. Having six other men crammed in the room with us ignited a competitive spark in me that I was previously unaware I was capable of.

I wore a black tank top that clung tightly to my torso and a pair of loose maroon basketball shorts over a white jock. I’d made sure to dress in private so as to not allow Daniel the knowledge of what, if anything, was under my clothes. I wanted him guessing. I basked in the tormented looks he would cast in my direction every now and again. He was normally in his element in that room especially, always the dominant and more sure of us two. Watching him struggle to maintain his composure and fidget uncomfortably with his crotch on occasion was akin to making him squirm when I’d bring him just to brink of orgasm.

“Put your hands further apart and go slow. Like, really slow this time,” Ian instructed from just behind me. I held two twenty-five pound dumbbells to my shoulders, preparing to lift them above my head in a Military Press. I could feel the massive bulk of Ian at my back as I pushed them slowly above my head.

Ian’s hands on my pecs startled me. He pressed his fingers into my upper chest where my shoulders joined the larger muscle, reaching around my torso to highlight the area he wanted me to focus on.

“Feel that?” he coached, his voice just at my right ear. “Slow. Slow. Good.”

cat-dildos-suction-cupsHis finger tips touched me lightly, just pressing into my skin so that I could feel the muscles straining beneath. My eyes widened and I sighed when his hand brushed against my nipple through my shirt.

“Sorry,” he whispered so that only I could hear. “Slipped.”

“He can use more weight that that,” Daniel said from his seated position on padded weight bench off to my right. My eyes snapped to him and I found that they could indeed go even wider. What was he up to?

“Oh really? You been holding out on me, dude?” Ian asked with sarcastic admonition.

I felt my face heat. I tried in vain to focus on my form and counting slowly to eigh, attempting to ignore Ian’s rippled muscles and musky scent just inches from my back.

“That was more than enough weight, thank you very much,” I said as I bent over to drop the dumbbells to the floor. As I did, my ass pressed against Ian’s hips, his bulge squeezed into my covered crack.

I couldn’t help myself; I let out a barely audible moan and pushed back a little more than was absolutely necessary.

I turned to see Daniel’s face twist in barely concealed jealousy. His poorly hidden emotional response to the slightest touch from Ian gave me an idea.

“Why don’t you two show us all how it’s supposed to be done, if you’re so sure I can do more?”

You would think I had just thrown down the gauntlet instead of offering to supervise a friendly competition between teammates. Ian and Daniel both looked to the rack of free weights is if it held their salvation.

“Forty Fives? Preacher Curls?” Daniel asked, rising from the bench.

“You’re on,” Ian barked back, his voice dropping nearly an octave in an unnecessary attempt to further his already obvious masculinity before this test of strength.

“Paul, will you be the judge?” I asked, getting the tall teen’s attention from where he blasted his abdominals on a hanging bar.

“Why don’t you judge, dude?” He asked, dropping to the floor and wiping his forehead with one lean forearm.

“I’m gay. I don’t think I can be impartial here.”

I winked at the two men who had each grabbed their own sets of matching dumbbells. Ian smiled and flexed his muscles, all of them, in a wave that went from his pecs to his pelvis. Daniel looked to the floor and blushed. I smirked at him.

He brought this on himself. He was making it almost too easy.

“You two, in the middle of the room. Everyone else along the wall,” I commanded.

Surprisingly, everyone obeyed without comment. In short order, Daniel and Ian stood facing each other in the middle of the room. The rest lined up against the far wall to either side of me, two on my right and three on my left.

“First one who drops the weight is the looser,” Paul said. “On the count of three. One. Two…”

“Wait!” I called out. “Make it fair as fair can be, boys. Shirts off, gentlemen, and face us, please.”

Ian and Daniel stared at me. I smirked at Daniel again, and caught my breath as they both dropped their weights to comply. Even though Ian was chiseled like a God, I couldn’t tear my eyes from Daniel’s hairy chest, his dark nipples erect now and standing out like little mountains. His stomach tightened and relaxed, each of his abs clearly outlined. His treasure trail beckoned me to travel it’s length and claim my prize.

“Alright. One. Two. Three!” Paul counted out.

Ian started at a blistering pace. I struggled not to gasp at the sheer speed and raw power he exhibited. He’d already gotten to 20 by the time Daniel had reached 10. While the rest of my teammates clapped and cheered them on, I just stared into Daniel and he stared right back at me. I watched Daniel’s eyes follow my hands as I slid them up my thighs slowly, so as to not draw attention to myself.

Daniel hit 17 and Ian was on 30. The gap was narrowing.

I raised my fingers a bit and very gently placed my right hand over my bulge. Daniel’s eyes widened. I squeezed my cock and opened my mouth ever so slightly.

Daniel 24. Ian 33.

The tip of my tongue darted out over my lower lips as I squeezed my cock for him again. My free hand came to my chest and I twisted my nipple beneath my sweat dampened tank top.

Daniel 30. Ian 37.

I let my head fall back to the wall I leaned on and closed my eyes. I imagined Daniel kneeling before me and taking my soft cock into his mouth, his talented tongue working my flesh to rigidity. I knew he was thinking the same, I could sense it from across the room. I had to concentrate on NOT getting fully hard, though my cock was already swelling beneath my palm.

Daniel 37. Ian 41.

I traced the outline of my growing cock in my shorts. I gripped it through the fabric and jostled it, the head and rim clearly outlined, the length of my shaft thick and undeniable to anyone who happened to look.

Daniel 41. Ian 43.

The noise and cheers of the other jocks came only in short bursts to my ears. I stared at Daniel. My eyes pleaded with him. I ached to touch him, to feel my skin on his, to feel his biceps flex beneath my loving touch as he competed against this mountain of muscle. I imagined my tongue tasting the sweat of his skin, the buzz of him filling my nostrils. My cock pulsed in my grip. Surrounded by so many, I was shocked that none of them had appeared to notice. Yet.

Daniel 46. Ian 46.

The bulge in Daniel’s shorts was undeniable now. Had anyone but me been paying closer attention, they all would have surely seen it. For me, it was all I could see.

Come on, baby. You can do it. Finish him. For me.

Daniel 50. Ian 49.

Ian dropped the weight from his right hand and it clattered noisily to the floor. The room erupted in cheers before it finished bouncing. The boys to my right and left sprang from the wall and rushed towards Daniel and Ian, surrounding them and jumping up and down in a pile of limbs and muscles, sweat and sinew.

I stood stock still on the wall and smiled proudly at Daniel, whose soft brown eyes were still staring into my own, speaking volumes without words.

When the cheers eventually quieted and Ian and Daniel shook hands as sportsmanship demanded, the room quickly returned to normal. Everyone made their way back towards their various machines without discussion. I faced the wall and quickly adjusted my hard cock upwards so that it was pressed to my stomach by the wide elastic of the jock. Though the risk of being caught was at an all time high, I took the chance and swiped a small drop of precum from my slit and brought it to my tongue and swallowed.

Thankfully, that gesture went unseen.

“Dude,” Ian started the conversation after a moment, shrugging his massive shoulders into his t-shirt again and still breathing a little more heavily than normal, “Did you ever decide who you’re taking to prom, Gordo?”

Gordon shrugged.

“I just picked Katy.”

“Bring condoms,” Tall Paul chided. “That chick is a walking petri dish, ya know. Human biological weapon. She took out the entire football team last year, remember?”

That illicited chuckles all around.

“You never gave us a straight answer earlier, David,” Paul continued. “Do you have a special friend or something that you wanna take? Boyfriend?”

All eyes were once again on me, awaiting my reply. I doubted that a well placed joke would have the same effect a second time. It took everything I had in me not to look at Daniel. I focused on the floor instead.


I looked up to find Daniel’s eyes had replaced my own in the careful study of the floor.

“No one? Really?” Ian asked.

Daniel and I both stared at him in abject horror.

Now? He was going to choose NOW to bring what he knew into the light? I felt my stomach doing backflips and had to suppress the urge to flee the room in tears.

When I met Ian’s gaze, I found that his eyes weren’t alight with maliciousness, as I half expected. He stared at me, his expression open.

“I wasn’t planning on going at all, actually. Not unless you still want to take me? You may have lost the competition, but I still got a thing for big muscles and all” I said quietly, falling back on the tried and true method of evasion by witticism.

I felt a little bad for removing the attention to Ian yet again. He smiled at me a bit and seemed to resign himself to what was coming. He was a hulking wall of muscles, but I think he understood that I just wasn’t ready to enter the door he had just tried to hold open for me. Not yet.

“You’ve been obsessed with me ever since the away game,” I continued. “You guys should see the text messages I get.”

I winked at Ian, made a kissy face in his directions, and shrugged my shoulders as the rest of the team laughed. All except Daniel.

Daniel looked at me with an expression I couldn’t have begun to define. It seemed he was sad and thankful, happy and disappointed all wrapped into one. I wasn’t sure what he was disappointed in, me or himself. Either way, my heart broke a little and I had to focus on not running into his embrace to comfort and reassure him.

“You’re still going with Amy, I assume?” Ian asked, turning his attention to Daniel, who nodded.

Ian snorted a small laugh. No one noticed, except for me and Daniel.

“You can come with us, if you want,” Gordon offered, clasping a hand on my shoulder in good natured commaradarie.


Daniel’s expression began to brighten. Ian’s eyes took on a new light as well.

“Yeah,” Daniel said. “You can come along with us, Nerd.”

I was happy to see that his regular smile had retaken its place on his full lips, but I was totally unsure what he was driving at.

“Totally. We got a huge limo and all that. You should come with,” Ian added. His eyes darted towards Daniel and back to me as he spoke. My heart leapt. For a multitude of reasons.

“Really? You sure?”

The rest of the team all grunted and nodded their approval of the offer. I felt my eyes begin to water and had to take a deep breath to steady my nerves and stop myself from crying. The gesture alone was touching and something I had never expected.

“Won’t it be crowded with all of your dates?” I asked.

“Have you seen the girls we’re taking?” Paul scoffed. “Most of them haven’t eaten in days to prepare for this. They take up next to no room at this point,” he finished with a grin.

He was starting to grow on me. I favored him with a genuine smile.

“Most of those girls don’t give me the time of day. They’re going to be pissed if I crash your party.”

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I was grasping at straws. Part of me was trying to protect myself from the strange situation, trying to remain safe behind my established walls. I realized it for what it was: fear.

“Ignore them,” Gordon said, coming to join the semi-circle of jocks that had begun to take shape in front of me, each of them looking at me with questioning eyes.

“I usually do,” Daniel offered. His wink made me laugh. I could have kissed him right there in front of everyone. He knew exactly what to say to break through my self-imposed tensions.

“You’re sure it won’t be weird?” I said, my lingering doubts and last questions and excuses sounding ever more feeble even to my ears.

“Totally sure,” Daniel declared with his normal confidence. “You shouldn’t miss your Senior Prom, Nerd.”

I stared at him for a moment. His eyes were full and open and they silently pleaded with me.

“Please…” he mouthed.

I broke.

“Okay. I’ll go.”

Daniel’s smile was more than enough reward for me shouldering the potential risks. Even if these plans fell through, the pure joy I saw on his face when I said I would go will stay with me forever. I wasn’t even going WITH him. I would just be there, in the same car, the same ball room. But that was enough for his face to light up like the sun.

“I’ll pick you up the night of,” Daniel stated matter-of-factly. “I’ll drive us to the meeting location and we’ll take the limo from there. Cool?”

“Cool,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

I tried to memorize everything about his face at that moment, every line and angle, every wrinkle and twinkle in his gorgeous brown eyes. I puzzled over how the rest of the team could be so oblivious to what had just happened between us, how they couldn’t see the true nature of the interaction writ clear as day on our faces.

That was, until I saw Ian’s face in a pleased and gratified smile. He nodded his head almost imperceptibly at me.

So maybe ONE teammate understood.

With that small gesture of true happiness at my own possible happiness, I felt my fears of exposure at Ian’s hands lessen. A little bit. They were still there, but they no longer weighed me down. He wasn’t going to reveal me and Daniel to anyone else for the time being. He simply rooted silently for us from the shadows. I would have to remember to thank him for that one day.

It seemed that my acceptance of their kind offer was a signal that the workout session was at an end. With the usual grunts and jock-ish verbalizations I was coming to realize were the norm for this group of guys, they each gathered their respective gym bags and discarded bits of clothing.

“It’s getting late,” Ian said to no one in particular, even though his gaze stayed locked on me. “Shower at home so David doesn’t have to stay late and wait for us to finish.”

I had almost forgotten that I had a set of keys to lock the door on the way out. But in my defense, my mind was otherwise occupied.

Daniel and I both took our time collecting our things. In short order, I had closed and locked the Weight Room door behind me and walked between Daniel and Ian down the long hallway towards the locker room and showers. The rest of the team had already disappeared ahead of us, evaporating into the darkness.

“I’m headed home, too,” Ian said.

“Alrighty,” Daniel offered as Ian quickened his pace towards the exit. I felt my heart beating faster in my chest as I watched his massive back retreat down the hallway.

“Hey! Ian!” I called out to him, grabbing his attention so he turned back towards us.


“Thank you. Really,” I said.

I felt my face color when the words left my lips. I could have been thanking him for the offer to join them at the Prom. In a way, I was. But all three of us in that hallway knew that there was so much more to thank him for.

Ian smiled at us, his gym bag slung over his shoulder.

“Anytime, dude.” He turned and continued walking towards the exit. “You two have fun tonight! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

He pushed open the door with a dramatic flair and disappeared into the darkening landscape outside. Daniel and I stared at each other with our mouths hanging nearly to our chests.

“Well, I guess that means he’s not gonna tell,” Daniel said when the initial shock wore off.

I didn’t know how to respond. So I didn’t. I reached for Daniel’s hand and laced my fingers through his. He squeezed my grip and I felt his thumb running circles on the back of my hand. I held on to him and walked down the hallway, leading him behind me.

“What are you…?” He asked from behind me. “David?”

I pulled us into the Varsity Locker Room and dropped my bag to the floor. I refused to let his hand fall from my fingers, but I didn’t stop walking. I heard Daniel’s bag drop too, following my lead, as I pulled him to the right and into the vacant shower room. I turned to press my back into the tiled wall and pulled Daniel’s body around to crash into me, finally releasing his hand.

I felt his arms encircle my lower back, felt the fabric of his shorts slide against mine. I brought one hand to his face and traced his firm jaw.

“What is it, babe? What’s wrong?” He asked, his voice growing a little concerned around the edges. I didn’t know how to tell him that nothing was wrong. In fact, nothing could have possibly been more right.

I let my hand trace over the lines of his face, marveled at the soft trimmed black stubble on his chin and upper lip. I couldn’t have answered him if I’d wanted to.

With my free hand, I felt along the wall for the silver knob I knew I would find there and turned it hard to the right. Tepid water rained down on us, soaking my t-shirt immediately, matting my blonde hair to my face. Still, I couldn’t speak. I pulled Daniel’s face to my own and pressed my lips to his. I heard his breath catch in his throat, tasted his tongue as he probed my mouth gently. My eyes closed and I felt myself melting into him, becoming one body, one soul again. As we were supposed to be.

I didn’t care that my clothes were soaked, and from the passion Daniel displayed with his kisses, neither did he. The water began to warm slowly as my hands found the hem of his drenched shirt. I broke our kiss for the time it took me to lift it over his head and for him to do the same with mine before our mouths crashed back together. The water pinged off the tile floor and Daniel buried his face into the side of my neck, sucking and licking at my earlobe. He bit down hard and I moaned, my head falling back, my fingers grabbing onto the muscles of his broad back.

I don’t know how we removed our shoes and socks. Somehow, they ended up in a discarded pile with the shapeless lumps of our shirts.

The water streamed down Daniel’s face, making small rivers on his skin, beading on his facial hair. I couldn’t stop staring at him. I had seen him wet like this many times before, but he was still so utterly beautiful it was nearly painful for me. My fingers were unable to stop their explorations of his face. I pressed them to his slightly swollen lips and he kissed them gently and nuzzled his face close to my own.

I almost felt sadness at that moment. I knew that it would be nearly impossible for me to ever again be as truly happy as I was in that moment. In that space that needed no speech, that was ruled by his heart beat and mine, his chest pressed against me. I was glad for the spray of the shower. It masked the tears of joy that I could no longer hold at bay.

Daniel raised his face and kissed me gently, tenderly, until I wanted to burst with it.

“Are you sure you are okay, baby?” He asked as he traced one finger across my forehead, pushing my saturated hair from my eyes. The word “baby” came so easily to him now, so effortlessly.

I nodded and kissed him in return. I had to show him.

My hands were around his waist already, so I hooked my thumbs under the elastic of his shorts and knelt before him as I pushed them to the floor. His uncut cock bobbed before my eyes for a moment. I could have engulfed him right there. Trust me, I wanted to. But I had bigger plans. I straightened only long enough to push my own sodden shorts and jock to the floor, flinging them somewhere off to my left.

All it took was gentle pressure on his shoulders for Daniel’s knees to bend. I pushed him gently towards the wet tile floor and followed him down. He never took his eyes from me as I did. I hovered over him until he was flat on his back, arranging his legs straight out beneath him. My knees ached with pain, the tiny black and white tiles and grout lines pressing into them as I carefully arranged myself and straddled his hips. I didn’t even notice. My hard cock arched up in front of me, visibly throbbing with pent up passions. If he’d touched me at that moment, I might had cum on the spot and ruined all my plans.

“David, what…”

I pressed my fingers to his lips and shook my head. No talking. Not tonight.

Reaching behind me, I gripped Daniel’s smooth, wet shaft in my palm and jerked his loose skin upwards. His hands came to my hips and held me gently, not pushing, not prodding, just resting on my pale skin. His eyes closed and he moaned as I jerked him slowly, my back arching of it own accord, readying my body for what was to come.

I kept my firm grip on his shaft and leaned my torso forward, resting on my forearms on the wet tile floor to hover above him. The now hot water splashed against my back and neck, easing any lingering tension from the workout that seemed ages in the past. Daniel’s deep brown eyes stared at me, a look of wonder on his face as I sheltered him from the falling water with my body.

“God, you are…,” he whispered as his hand slid up my spine slowly, making me shiver, “you are just so damned beautiful.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I closed the small distance between us and felt our lips touch. With the hand that still held his cock like a holy relic, I guided him towards my exposed hole, my back arched and waiting to welcome him in. I pushed down and exposed his cock head, rolling his foreskin back and pressed him to my pink opening.

The heat of him was spectacular. He groaned into our kiss and his grip tightened on my back, one hand coming to rest again on my hips. I pressed firmly and felt my ass relax instantaneously against the pressure. The tip of him entered me. My breathe stopped short and I gasped. I felt the head of his beautiful prick disappear inside me; my ass gripped him and convulsed in uncontrollable waves.

Slowly, I pressed my hips back. Inch by glorious inch I slid down his cock, feeling him fill me as he had never filled me before. My mind was bouncing like a pinball, ricocheting from one intense pleasure to another, all focused on Daniel’s thick cock as it sank deeper into me. When I felt his head siding pass that special spot inside my hole, my dick pulsed out a stream of precum that made a slick trail on the soft hairs of Daniel’s abs.

I was nearly there, nearly to that place where Daniel and I ceased to be two people. With a final push, I squared my hips onto his and felt his trimmed pubes settle onto the warm damp skin of my ass.

Though I wanted to kiss him forever, wanted our tongues to dance like that until time ceased, his cock twitching inside me made my spine go straight. My fingers gripped his hairy pecs and I watched the red lines form as I raked my fingernails against his olive skin.

It was as if something came alive within me when I saw his blissful face, felt him encased in me and gripped tightly inside. I could sense a light behind my own eyes, saw it reflected in Daniel’s awestruck features. I may lack the coordination for athletic achievements on a normal day, but right then, I felt every joint and muscle loosen and begin to work in perfect harmony as I writhed on top of Daniel.

I squeezed him inside me, aghast at the control I suddenly had over my own hole. Normally, it had a mind of its own, but Daniel had just unlocked some long dormant talent. I never removed him from inside me, never lifted my hips from his. I rocked on him, back and forth, feeling him move inside me.

I panted at the effort. Every time my hips rocked forward I felt his shaft push hard against my prostate. My cock pointed straight up towards my chest, so hard it throbbed on the precipice between pleasure and actual pain. I leaked a seemingly continuous stream of precum that traveled down my shaft and balls to Daniel’s stomach, only to be washed away my the steaming hot water that still flooded over us.

I picked up my pace and watched Daniel’s eyes widen. My breath came is short gasps now, my fingers still clamped on his chest for support. If I wasn’t careful, I was going to break the skin and draw blood.

“David,…” he moaned.

His hand fell from my hips and he lay on the floor, unable to muster the strength needed to return my thrusts with his own. Good. I didn’t need him to. I had found my rhythm. I felt his cock grow inside me, felt it lengthen and thicken just slightly, warning me that he was nearly there. I almost had my prize. I rocked harder and harder, wiggled my ass against his balls and felt them pull up tight against my ass.

“Baby,…Oh, god…please,…” he whimpered beneath me, his face slackening and his eyes fluttering closed.

I pressed his cock against my prostate and squeezed him inside me, my chute rippling around his girth. His eyes sprang open and his mouth dropped open on his chest.

I felt his cock head fatten, felt every cell of it press into my insides when the first volley erupted from him. The heat of it shot through me, putting to shame the water that had now filled the shower room with steam. I rocked backwards when the second blast of his seed coated my guts, my head falling back.

The scream that came from Daniel seemed to be ripped from somewhere so far inside him I swear his ancestors felt it. My dick pulsed once and then spewed a thick jet of cum that arched into the air between us, mixing with the spray. I couldn’t separate the feelings as more and more of me burst into the air, draining me until I felt I might dry up on the spot.

I’m not sure if it was the workout, the sexual release, or some combination of the two that did it in the end, but I lost all strength in my body and collapsed onto Daniel’s chest, even as his prick continued pulsing his thick white cum deeper and deeper inside me. I could feel some of it as it trickled from my hole and dripped from his balls to the floor. His heart beat and my own pounded in time in my skull, blocking out the sounds of the water that fell on my back and shoulders, suddenly stingingly hot. We both struggled to gulp in air as if we’d run a marathon in world record speed.

Twenty minutes later, after some semblance of strength had returned to our muscles, Daniel followed behind me as I wobbled towards the supply closet to grab us some towels. We left wet foot prints on the floor as we walked and I quickly did the calculations to reassure myself that they would dry to nothingness before anyone entered the gym again in the morning. We left our wet clothes in small heaps on the shower floor and made the trip naked as the day we were born.

I could feel Daniel’s eyes on me as we walked, caressing the skin of my back and ass. I wondered if my ass was pink and red from the workout I’d just put it through, or if any of Daniel’s thick cum had escaped. Suddenly, my forward motion was halted as Daniel wrapped both of his big arms around me and crushed my back into his chest. I felt his lips and the scratchy wonderfulness of his stubble as he kissed the base of my neck.

I eased myself into his embrace and leaded my head back against his shoulder, closing my eyes. I breathed in that wonderful scent of his, clean and deep and manly.

“Thanks,” he whispered and kissed my ear. I could feel his soft cock pressing into my ass and my hips pushed back into his mound on their own.

“Thank you. For everything: Prom, Boston…everything,” I mumbled in reply.

My whole body was more relaxed that I ever remember it being. I have always carried a little tension in me, a readiness in my muscles, always on the look out. I guess it’s a side effect of being in the social “prey” level of the hierarchy, free game for torture and humiliation. But it was gone now, as Daniel gently swayed gently back and forth with his arms around my chest, my arms resting on top of his. I swayed with him, dancing there in the abandoned gym hallway to music that no one else could hear.

He kissed the side of my neck again. And again.

“Come on,” I sighed, unsure if I really meant what I was about to say, “Let’s get dried off and dressed.”

“Do we have to?” he asked, kissing my shoulder.

I nodded and bit my lower lip, thankful he couldn’t see the struggle playing out on my face. I seriously debated the possibility of staying in the gym overnight with him, but thought better of it in the end.

“I gotta get home or Mama won’t let me go to the Prom at all. Be just my luck. Get invited to Prom against all odd, then get my sorry ass grounded and can’t go.”

cat-dildos-glassDaniel’s arms unwound just a little and his palms pressed to my ribs. He moved them slowly over my abs and down my plate until he could grab my sore cock and spent balls in his cupped hand. He squeezed gently and pressed his own cock deeper into the valley between my cheeks; my breath stopped short and I went onto my toes in a flash.

“Alright. If you insist,” he growled, his lips just a millimeter from my ear.

Suddenly, I was standing like a lone palm tree against hurricane force winds. The wall of Daniel’s body was all around me one moment and then gone the next. I wasn’t sure what had happened for a half second and I wobbled and stumbled drunkenly catching myself against the white painted cinderblock wall.

Then I noticed the shape of Daniel’s perfectly tanned bubble butt moving ahead of me, jiggling slightly, beaded with drops of water like rain on a windsheild. His ass and legs tensed so that the shadows and valleys of each individual ligament made themselves known, hinting at his prowess without shouting it.

“Pick up the pace, Nerd,” he called, his voice echoing down the empty hallway as he got farther and farther away, “let’s get you dressed and back home to Mama!”

It only took us 30 minutes of trying to actually accomplish the re-dressing.

It’s more than a little difficult when every time you catch a glimpse of the boy across from you, you are overcome with the desire to push him to the floor and have your way with him. Again. We had to pull our selves back from intense make out sessions that were well on their way to becoming round two of the “David and Daniel sex adventures” for the night. Three times we neared that brink and three times we halted before the point of no return! We deserve a medal for that achievement alone.

Eventually, we made it to the Senior parking lot. The street lamps had come on, clouds of little flying insects darting through the stream of faded yellow and back into the twilight shadows like fish in the river. Daniel’s Jeep and my Camry were the only two cars there. I liked when that happened. It was almost like being public. Something of his and something of mine, together so that you can’t possibly miss them if you are looking. Out in the open, there for everyone to see.

And yet, no one did.

“So I’ll be at your house around 6:00, okay?” Daniel said. The prom was two days away, but he was already planning out the events of the night.

“Sure,” I said, opening my driver’s side door and hopping in. Daniel stood in the opening, his torso blocking the light from above.

“Then we’ll go to my house and finish getting ready till the Limo picks us up at 7:30. Amy is the last stop and then we hit the dance around…what?” He stopped his itinerary break down and looked at me with eyebrows raised.

I hadn’t realized it, but when he mentioned Amy, my face must have fallen or twisted or contorted, giving away the growing mix of hatred, jealousy, and abject terror I felt towards Daniel’s “girlfriend.”

“Sorry,” I said, trying to smooth out my features. “I guess I’m just nervous to be in the same space as Amy. Tiny, confined space. Next to all that…meanness”

Daniel waved his hand in dismissal.

“Please. Don’t even think about it. Trust me, nothing is going to happen between you two. I won’t let it.”

“How can you possibly control that? I mean, she’s AMY!”

“She’s just a human being, David. She’s not some kind of goddess. God knows!”

I sighed again and did my best to conceal my nerves.

“I guess,” I whispered, looking down at my lap.

“Hey,” Daniel’s finger lifted my chin so I stared into his soft brown eyes. “Nothing is going to happen, okay? I promise.” He leaned in my car and kissed me gently.

My head spun too quickly for me to respond.

“Text me when you get home safely, okay?” Daniel said, shifting his weight. “And wear your seatbelt.”

He closed my car door and I soon heard his own close behind him. His engine rumbling to life beside me reminded me that I needed to breathe and that I had a task to accomplish. I started my car and drove home on complete auto pilot mode.

I texted Daniel while I lay in bed.

DAVID: Made it home safe. Headed to bed. See you at school tomorrow.

He replied immediately.

DANIEL: Sweet dreams, babe. Miss you already. Xoxo -D

To say that my mother was shocked when I told her I needed to go rent a tux for the prom would be the understatement of the century. She did her best to control her giddy glee at the prospect, but she bounced around the rental shop like a deranged humming bird, extolling the virtues of a vest over the cummerbund, the real bow tie over the clip on. I was in no mental state to try and bring her head out of the clouds, so I let her have her moment. I played the silent mannequin as she dressed me like a baby doll, barely able to hold back her tears. It was kind of cute, actually.

In the end we chose,(and by we, I mean my Mama STRONGLY suggested that I choose) a classic slim-cut black tuxedo with a white shirt, no frills and a royal blue silk vest and bow-tie to match. The rental shoes gleamed in the light and the faux-sapphire cufflinks and studs sparkled at my wrists and down my chest.

I had to to admit, it was a good look for me. I actually found myself feeling somewhat attractive for the first time, without the aid of Daniel. With him, I always felt special and wanted. But by myself in my room, that was rarely the case. The blue color worked well with my complexion and made my already blue eyes deepen to nearly match the dark cerulean of the vest. It was a striking combination with my blonde hair falling just to my eyes.

If I’d thought that the process of getting the tux had been a hassle, the night of the Prom itself proved too much for my mother. She must have taken 200 pictures just following me down the stairs and into the living room. I felt like some kind of celebrity with a single, very enthusiastic, very supportive, but certifiably insane paparazzo.

I was made to stand by the fire place, by the ficus tree, next to the front door, on the porch, against a tree in the front yard, by my car, in front of the garage door, at the kitchen table, backwards across a chair, and any other number of poses my mother could think of in the moment as she clicked and turned to get different angles.

My little sister watched the entire thing with a smile of absolute evil marching across her face. I took solace in the seeing that at least she had suffered a recent battle with teenaged acne and come away with multiple large zits in unfortunately prominent places. It was a small victory, as she watched me twist in my mothers’ clutches, but it was a victory I clung to amidst my ongoing photographic humiliations.

“He’s not even taking anyone, mom,” she mumbled in her typical lethargic apathy. “Why are you taking so many pictures?”

“You shut your mouth, young lady,” mamma snapped. “Your brother’s going to Prom, god damn it, so show a little sibling affection, get your head out of your ass, and shut up if you can’t say something nice.”

It was my turn to smile as I watched my sister’s shoulders hunch down and her eyes start to vigorously study the carpet. It was always worse to be called out by your Mama IN FRONT of your siblings than it was to be called out when no one else could hear. Witnesses to your powerlessness. Highly satisfying when it wasn’t happening to me.

I was just reveling in her distress when I heard a car door close outside. Mama reacted first, her nerves already on high alert.

“Your friend is here, honey!” She almost sang as she peered out the front window, holding back the dainty lace curtain. “Oh my, doesn’t he look GORGEOUS.”

“Mom!” I whined.

“What? A woman can look,” She admonished. To my absolute devastating horror she added under her breath, “Let me tell you, if I was 20 years younger…dear Jesus help me.”


She laughed at me and told me to hush up at the same time she opened the door for Daniel.

“Hello, hun! Come in, Come in!”

I was all of a sudden a very large ball of barely concealed nerves. Daniel was meeting my mother. Well, he had already met her on the first day he’d made me run to school. But he was meeting my mother now, after all of the developments. It felt like a “meet the parents” kind of meeting now.

My mama was correct. Daniel did look absolutely gorgeous.

His tux was black as well, and looked tailored specifically to fit him exactly. His lapels were thinner than mine, and a shade lighter than the rest of his suit. His tuxedo shirt was solid black as well and he wore a crisp red bow tie and blindingly red satin patterned vest. The black and red extremes cut a very dashing line. His dark hair and dark olive skin made him seem almost dangerous.

My mouth was watering just looking at him. I tried not to stare at him too much as my mom fidgeted with him and with me in equal measure. To this day, I think she just wanted to touch him. More than once I heard her make some aside comment about, “So big and strong.” “Broad shoulders.” Etc etc.

My mother was hitting on my almost-maybe-more-than-boyfriend.

I wanted to die.

“Alright, let me just get a few of the two of you together and I’ll let you guys be on your way.”

Mama scooted Daniel and I to stand in front of the fireplace. I had to restrain myself from wrapping my arms around his waist and striking the traditional Prom pose. I must not have restrained well enough because my sister decided to open her vitriolic pie hole once more.

“Oh, yes. One of the happy couple in front of the fire place!” She quipped snidely.

If looks could kill…well, she would have been dead a million times over by that point. I made a mental note to destroy her at the first available opportunity.

You’d have thought I was an immigrant leaving on a steamer ship for the New World circa 1900, the way my mom stood on the porch and waved as we drove off in Daniel’s red Jeep. I saw her wiping her eyes on her sleeve through Daniel’s side view mirrors.

“She’s great, babe,” Daniel said as he moved his right arm to rest palm up and waiting on my thigh. I wound my fingers into his and squeezed.

“Thanks,” I said distracted. “Sorry about my sister. She can be a bitch sometimes.”

“It’s cool. You’ve met Adam. I understand.”

We drove the rest of the way to his house in content silence, holding hands while we still could. Our thumbs never stopped moving over the skin of the other person’s hand the entire ride.

Daniel’s house was just as large as I’d remembered, his mother just as warm and welcoming. She only asked to snap a few dozen pictures before Daniel and I were released. She’d already done this whole thing with Adam, so the novelty was less intense for her with her younger son.

I followed Daniel to his room and finally released a big breath when I closed his bedroom door behind me. I hadn’t realized how tense I had been since I’d started getting ready early in the afternoon. I half expected Daniel to push me against a wall and kiss me. I wanted him to. It may have taken two hours to get ready but if he wanted to I’d shoot it all to hell and start over again.

But he didn’t.

He walked to the far corner of his room and left me leaning against his door. I watched him bend down and rifle through something on the floor. When he stood and turned to face me, music started to play behind him.

He extended his arm to me and beckoned me to come to him with one crook of his long fingers.

“Dance with me?” he asked, his smile broadening.

It felt like someone else was walking towards him. I couldn’t stop looking at his face, his beautiful brown eyes and the smile that I knew was only for me. It was slow song, one I wasn’t familiar with, but it could have been Death Metal for all the difference it would have made.

I took Daniel’s raised left hand in my right and placed my left hand on his shoulder. He slipped his left arm around the small of my back and pulled me gently to him. I felt his stomach pressing into mine, the warmth of his hips as he swayed us back and forth, taking the lead.

For the second time this week, we were dancing on our own. I leaned my forehead down and pressed it to his and closed my eyes. Nothing the prom could offer could possibly come close to this. Not a snowball’s chance in hell, as the saying goes.

We didn’t talk for that first song. Maybe not even for the second. My arms had moved to encircle Daniel’s waist and he clung to my neck when I heard him speak.

“I just wanted to dance with you in our fancy suits and stuff. Just once… on Prom night.”

I opened a small space between us so I could lean down and kiss him long and slow. I held that kiss and pressed into him as hard as I could until the need to draw breath made my lungs burn.

“Thank you,” I breathed.

He was quiet for a long time.

“You know I would take you…to prom…tonight? I’d take you if you asked me to.”

I stared at him. For someone who has always been of above average intelligence, it is not often that I find myself unable to speak. But I just…stared at him.

He was serious, his face made that plain as day. Somewhere in those deep pools, somewhere behind my own reflection that floated on their surface, a part of Daniel wanted me to ask him. He may not have been fully there, not entirely free of doubt, but there was some growing ember that was ready for it.

I just wasn’t sure I was. I had dreamed of walking arm in arm into Prom with Daniel. Of course I had. But I also dreamed of spending the summer before college together. Then of college itself. And beyond. But none of those dreams involved other people. When I dreamed about Daniel, it was as if I dreamed of us as the last two people on the planet: no one else mattered and no one else existed. I didn’t even miss their presence or remember that other people once may have roamed the restaurants and vacation havens Daniel and I visited together, night after night.

It was not that I wasn’t ready for the world to know about me and Daniel. I just didn’t NEED them to know. It simply didn’t matter. It accomplished none of my own goals to broadcast it when the only opinion I truly cared about was Daniel’s.

“I know you would,” I whispered back, unsure it was really me talking. “I don’t need that. This is our Prom. And I don’t have to share it, or you, with any one else. It will just be us in this memory. For as long as I live. That’s how I like it.”

He kissed me softly and nodded.

The door made only the slightest scraping noise as Adam pushed it open and barged into the room without knocking.

Daniel and I sprung apart as quickly as possible and began straightening our clothes and doing an all around horrible job of covering up the fact that we had just been caught.

“Settle down, Love Birds,” Adam chuckled and raised his palms in a non threatening gesture.

“Shut up, ass wipe,” Daniel spat back instantly.

“Cool it, little dipshit. I just came up to tell you the Limo is here,” Adam declared and started to leave. Suddenly he stopped and turned to Daniel.

“But while I’m here, what the fuck are you doing?” He asked his little brother to a stunned and reaction from the both of us.

“Why on God’s green earth would you take that Amy NIGHTMARE when it is so plainly obvious that you would rather take David? Huh? Why even go at all? I’ve met her, little bro, and let me tell you, that chick is grade-A-type-1-bat-shit-crazy-pants. Not to mention a stone cold bitch. So what’s the big deal? You bring a dude to prom. Who gives a flying fuck? And if they do, fuck ‘em.”

Adam’s face was red with the passion of his tirade. I didn’t seem to exist for the two brothers. Adam locked his eyes right on Daniel, reading him the riot act but essentially being the most supportive and astute sibling a guy could hope for at the same time. Daniel’s eyes were wide and his lips parted but otherwise he stood as still as stone.

I didn’t often have the opportunity to rescue him, so I took it.

“I don’t want him to,” I shot to Adam. “I want him to go with her. It…it doesn’t matter to me if anyone knows…about…us. I mean, I appreciate your support. But don’t blame Daniel. He offered. I want to keep him to myself, as much as I can. If that makes sense.”

I stammered through the speech, unsure how to put into words what I needed to convey. With Daniel, it was simpler; I didn’t need to use logic or make total sense and he would just…get it. He was Daniel. I’d never tried to verbalize this to someone else. It only served to prove the entire point of what I couldn’t express: Daniel and I were something unto ourselves; other people complicated things and screwed with the laws that ruled our relationship.

Adam stared at me for a long moment. From the corner of my eye, I saw Daniel visibly relax.

“Understood,” Adam finally said with a nod. “The Limo’s here. Hurry it up you two, don’t wanna be late.”

He turned and left without closing the door behind him.

Daniel’s eyes were still wide when he finally turned to me.

“You ready?” He asked.

“Are you?”

He nodded and gestured for me to leave before him. I started to walk out but turned before I left.

“Daniel, can we…” I started. His lips stopped my words and sent my mind into space. When I floated back into my body Daniel was smiling at me.

“I got something for you. I almost forgot,” he said. The world was still fuzzy but I think I tried to nod in confirmation that at least I’d heard him speak.

I felt his fingers at my lapel. When I looked I saw that he had pinned a white and red rose boutineer to my lapel. I have no idea where he had gotten it from, but it matched the one that stood out on his own broad chest. Almost perfectly. The one on Daniel’s breast was surrounded by small blue blossoms. Mine was surrounded by small red blossoms.

“I get the blue one, because you are wearing blue,” he explained. “You get the red to match me wearing red. This way, even though we aren’t there together, you get a little bit of me, and I get a little bit of you.”

He finished attaching the flower to my coat and straightened it on my shoulders, dusting me off, though I didn’t need it. His thumb came to my face and wiped across my cheek. I felt wetness. I hadn’t realized I cried.

“I thought you would like that.” He kissed me softly. “Okay then. Here we go.”

I walked down the stairs like a zombie. At least I assume I did. He could have very well carried me over his shoulder like a caveman, I really don’t remember. My brain was elsewhere and my muscles worked on autopilot and the grace of god alone.

The limo was an…experience.

I climbed in still in my half zombie state and Daniel slid in next to me. Tall Paul, Gordon, and Ian sat on the far seat closest to the back and their dates, Amanda, Katy, and Adrienne took up one row along a side wall. Daniel and I sat across from them.

“DAVID!” Tall Paul roared and raised his fists in the air. “Dude, you clean up nice!”

His words slurred. Seemed our Paul was already two sheets to wind. He would have to pace himself or we’d get ourselves thrown out.

Ian and Gordon echoed their own compliments as well; but it was the girls reactions that surprised me the most. They actually turned to me as one, all three heads clearly sizing me up, scanning from the tip of my head to the bottom of my rental shoes. And then in one creepy move straight out of the Stepford Wives, they smiled identical smiles and cocked their head to the left just slightly.

“You do look good,” Katy said from the middle.

“Thanks,” I replied, unsure if I should be worried that they were going to kidnap me for some nefarious popular girl plot. I felt very “Carrie” all of a sudden.

The drive to pick up Amy, the last of us to join the group, passed with amiable chit chat and whoops of boyish testosterone from the back row.

I waited in the car with the rest of the people as Daniel went inside to retrieve his date. I was suddenly very aware of just how out of place I was without Daniel there. I hadn’t realized how much he had become like my armor and shield in the strange land he inhabited. I may know the sights and have a few blossoming friendships, but I was still a visitor in their prestigious world.

Daniel retook his seat next to me on the smallest bench and Amy climbed in after him, a floor length red spaghetti strap couture gown clinging to her tiny frame. Say what you will about the woman, you couldn’t deny that she was quite beautiful. Or that her dress most likely cost as much as my car.

The girls parted to make room for their leader without the need for words. Amy didn’t even look back before she sat. She fully expected that whoever was in the way of her descending backside would be gone before she had to come into contact with them. And she was correct.

The Stepford girls creepy smiles were nothing to the ice cold death glare that Amy gave me. There wasn’t even a hint of a smile on her features. She stared at me for a heartbeat and then…I ceased to exist for her. She turned to the girls and started talking about this and that as if I had suddenly gone invisible and she didn’t even care to wonder how or why.

Daniel sighed, squeezed my thigh for a second and called to the driver that we were ready to go.

The amount of money allotted for the Varsity Baseball team seemed almost paltry when compared to the vast wealth the PTA moms could raise for Senior Prom. The theme for the dance was “Old Hollywood,” and they had gone all out, no expenses spared, no punches pulled. There were small countries who could have run full tilt for a year on what this one night must have cost those women.

Red velvet hung in heavy swaths from all the windows that lined the long walls of the massive ballroom. Crystal and gold chandeliers dripped elegance from the painted and plastered ceiling while brass and gold filigree sparkled on the wallpapered walls. Gold table cloths covered a sea of round tables, each seating ten people at fully laid place settings with white and gold china and more forks than any one person could ever logically need in the course of a given meal. Lilies and lilacs and white roses spilled from vases on all the tables and tall marble plinths spaced regularly around the room. Someone had taken the time, or paid someone else to take the time more likely, to paint the tips of every single flower with gold paint. They had, quite literally, gilded the lilies.

An honest-to-god red carpet, complete with red velvet dividing ropes on brass poles to hold back the paparazzi, lined the path to the photography area where no fewer than six cameras flashed like fireflies, foreshadowing the approaching languid southern summer nights. Projectors mounted to the ceilings showed 1930′s and 40′s hollywood era Silent Movies against the wall paper all over the wall. Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Veronica Lake, Cary Grant and many more stars from a bygone era stared down at my classmates and I in our finery. I wondered how many of my peers could name any of them, much less the title of a film they had starred in. My hopes were not high for those odds.

When we entered the room, as I tried to acclimate myself to the glitz and glamour of the space itself, our group was ushered into the line to take the obligatory prom photo. My nerves began to show and I had to wipe a sheen of sweat from my brow. My companions were arm in arm with their dates, waiting patiently and adjusting their ties and vests in preparation. While I watched Amy hook her arm around Daniel’s elbow, I was suddenly very much alone.

I would be taking this photo solo. It shouldn’t have bothered me as much as it did. I was used to being alone after all. I had spent the vast majority of my life to that point as a self prescribed loner. But this was somehow different.

Each of my teammates took their photos, smiling broadly and gripping their waifish dates around the waist as the lights flashed brightly around them.

“Don’t you have a date, guy?” The primary photographer asked as I took my place in front of the photo backdrop of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, complete with brass stars in the sidewalk.

“No. I’m here alone,” I muttered, suddenly embarrassed by the fact. The photographer shrugged, told me where to look and snapped the photo before I even had time to obey. I was still in a flash-blinded daze when he called out: “NEXT!”

“We wanna get one of the team,” I heard Daniel say from the far side of the photo area. I saw him disentangling Amy’s claws from his arm as he prodded the other three boys to join him in front of backdrop again.

“Alright.,” the photographer said with obvious annoyance. Fuck him. This night wasn’t about him anyways. He was leaving with a check in his pocket.

“Ian, Gordon, get your asses over here,” Daniel barked like a drill sergeant. Those he called obeyed on the double. Paul was already at Daniel’s side.

“Get in here David,” Paul quipped and motioned me to take a spot in the line up with a jerk of his head.

“You guys go ahead,” I tried to dissuade him.

“Get your ass in here, dude,” Ian shot back. “Get in the middle.”

Ian and Paul made a little space for me to get between them with Daniel and Gordon on my right. I couldn’t help but think of the old Sesame Street song: “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong.”

I draped my right arm over Daniel’s shoulder and did the same to Paul on my left. I felt Paul’s arm on top of my own.

cat-dildos-extreme-oldThen I felt Daniel’s hand on the small of my back. He pressed firmly and then ever so slowly slid his hand over the curve of my ass, coming to settle on my left ass check with deliberate and constant pressure. My eyes must have widened and I am quite sure I lost any powers of concentration I may have otherwise possessed. I didn’t even hear the photographer count down.

A blinding flash of white and we were ushered off the stage yet again.

The dance itself began in earnest. I found place at a large round table and took a seat to survey the spectacle. It wasn’t long before Gordon and Paul were obviously tipsy. The chaperones must have been willfully ignoring their intoxication because it was not hard to spot them with their bright silver flasks. They were not even attempting to be subtle.

“Come and dance, little dude!” Paul slurred to me on one of his semi-drunken twirls around the floor. “At least take a swig.”

He held out his flask to me in shaky fingers, eyes drooping and begin to glaze.

“Trust me, Pauly,” I began,” You are going to need that alcohol more than me. It’s a disinfectant after all. And you are here with Katy.”

That seemed to confuse him a bit, my witticism flying over his drunken head. He shrugged, took another long swig from the flask, and wandered back into the pulsing crowd of dancers.

“Mind if I take a seat?” came a deep voice at my shoulder.

I looked up and stared directly into the smiling face of Coach B. He looked extremely handsome in his classic black tuxedo. No few of the single female teachers would be vying for his attention this evening, to be sure.

“Of course.”

Coach settled himself into a seat next to mine and we watched the dancers for a moment. I saw Daniel and Amy twirl by at one point.

“He’s certainly something, isn’t he?” Coach B asked quietly.

“Mmhmm,” I replied, not even realizing that he could have meant any one of the boys arrayed in front of me. I had eyes only for Daniel.

“You’ve been good for him.”

That got my attention.

I turned to look at him and did my best to hide the disbelief that must have painted my features. I felt the blood drain from my skin and I tried to come up with something, anything, to say that might change the subject. Coach B rescued me before I could speak.

“Don’t look so stunned, David. It’s not like you can exactly hide it all that well. And not every old man like me is some bigoted ass hole. I had my share of wild times at your age, believe you me.”

“You did?” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I know it was a vapid response, but I just felt the need to keep him talking.

“Of course. Nothing like what you and Daniel have, not from the little I’ve seen anyways.”

“What exactly gave us away?” I asked, genuinely curious. He had made it clear that denial was out of the question at this point. Coach B knew and Coach B didn’t care. A few weeks ago I would have been trembling in a pool of my own urine at the thought of the mere possibility of this interaction, but I was strangely calm now that it was happening.

“I saw you two in the shower that first morning. And I forgot my bag one evening and accidentally caught the tail end of something in Daniel’s jeep. I had to run like the god damned wind to get back to my office when Daniel saw me. I didn’t want to freak him out too bad, so I just waited till the coast was clear.”

“That was YOU!?” I squeaked. Several people turned towards me, so I lowered my voice. “Daniel’s been going crazy for days trying to figure out who it was. He thought he was losing his marbles and he imagined the whole thing.”

“I didn’t mean to scare you guys, just didn’t want to interrupt is all.”

My face flushed and I looked down.

“Hey. None of that, okay? It’s very obvious that you two care for each other. Don’t be ashamed of that.”

“I’m not.”

I looked up and found Daniel looking towards me. He noticed Coach B seated next to me and his face grew concerned. I smiled at him warmly, more warmly than was probably necessary. Amy’s face glowered at me from over Daniel’s shoulder and I swallowed hard.

“Good,” Coach B finished. “I just thought you should know, is all. You’ve been a huge help to the team and I wanted you to know you are appreciated for that and for everything else.” His big hand clasped down on my shoulder as he rose from the chair. I had to fight back the lump rising in my throat and the tears that had suddenly come unbidden to my eyes.

“Thank you, Coach.”

“You should dance with him,” he said. “I’d pay to see the faces of some of these Soccer Moms if you did.”

He smiled broadly and walked back to the his spot on the far wall, leaving me to process our conversation in stunned silence.

An hour or so later, after being pulled into a few group dances with the team, I was contentedly munching on some of the food the Prom committee had provided. It felt strange to eat carrot stick and ranch dressing off of gold lined plates, but that was what there was. Full dinner was available as well, but I couldn’t have eaten much. Thankfully I didn’t or it would have made a spectacular reappearance when Amy slithered into the empty seat beside me.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” She asked.

Her eyes sparkled in the dim light and I was reminded of the serpent in the Garden. Her voice was nice, but I didn’t trust her as far as I could throw her.

“So far, yes. You?”

“Oh, it’s a lovely night.” She gestured around the room to the decorations. “The PTA really outdid themselves this year.”

“Mmhmm.” I replied. My guard was up and I was ready for the axe to descend at any moment.

“Have you seen Daniel?” She asked sweetly. “I can’t find him anywhere.”

“Have you checked the bathroom?”

“I’m sure he’ll find me at some point,” she sighed, as if it was minor annoyance that her date wasn’t at her side. “Gives us a chance to chat.”

Her long red painted nails rested on my forearm and she gripped me tightly. I felt ice begin to run in my veins and my heartbeat was suddenly rushing in my ears.

“You certainly have had quite a year. You just came out of no where. No one knew your name and then, poof, you arrived. Like magic.”

Her fingers dug a little deeper into my arm. Maybe there was a way to salvage this conversation yet. She was wading into dangerous waters, close to subjects that I didn’t want to broach with her, here or anywhere for that matter.

“I’m still just me, I guess,” I said with a shrug. Maybe humility would throw her off.

No such luck. Her eyes narrowed and she moved her face closer to my own and lowered her voice.

“Cut the bull shit, you little faggot,” she hissed through clenched white teeth.

“Amy, please,” I started, “name-calling isn’t…”

“Fuck you and your whining, princess. Everyone knows why you joined the baseball team. We all talk about it. You’re just there to check out all the hot popular guys in the showers so you can jerk off at home. It’s fucking disgusting is what it is. You may have them all fooled, but the rest of the school knows you’re nothing but a gross little pervert trying to have his way with the popular guys. It’s never. Going. To. Happen. You understand? Not in a million fucking years. No one wants anything to do with a nasty little fag like you. Okay?”

If I hadn’t been wearing a suit, her nails would have been drawing blood.

To say that her tirade had no effect on me would be a bald faced lie. I felt each word like a whip to my soul. My mind screamed that her words weren’t true. The team enjoyed my company, the liked me as a person. But she shattered my only just emerging confidence with practiced ease. She read my reactions like a book and new just which words landed and with what efficacy.

“I asked you if you understand me, fag,” she hissed again, her fingers clutching my arm so hard that I felt my bone shift beneath her grip.

I tried to speak but no words came out. To my complete and utter humiliation, I felt a tear leak from my eye and burn a path down my bloodless face.

“Jesus,” Amy snorted a derisive laugh. “The faggot is crying. Whatever. Waste your time trying to be popular if you want. School is over in three weeks anyway. Do you think any of your new ‘friends’ are going to even speak to you again once we graduate? Don’t fucking plan on it. No one wants you around, fag. Got that? No one. Not me, not the team, not Daniel. Get it through your thick skull and leave everyone alone. Just go back to your little faggot hole you crawled out of and …”


The voice that called her name and blessedly drew her ice cold eyes from the tears that betrayed me was colder than Amy could ever hope to be. I recognized it as Daniel’s immediately, though the violence that permeated that single syllable frightened me.

“You will apologize to him, Amy. Right. Fucking. Now.”

It wasn’t a request. Amy stood and her finger finally lost their grip on my arm. It shames a little to say that I immediately pulled it to my stomach and soothed the soreness.

“What?” Amy snapped, her eyes flashing over my head.

Daniel stepped from behind me and placed himself directly in her path, essentially shielding me from her with his own body. He’d come up behind me, as if in answer to my silent prayers and now he stood as my champion before this monster who sought to do me harm.

“You heard me. Apologize to him. Now.”

“I will do no such thing,” Amy snapped.

“You will and you will do it now. You understand me? I heard what you just called him. Say you are sorry.”


Daniel stared at her for a moment. For the space of a few heartbeats I was genuinely terrified that he might punch her square in the face. His fingers were curled into tight fists at his side and shook with the effort to control his rage. When he spoke, it was with controlled and deliberate volume and speed, though his voice trembled with the difficulty of the task.

“I hope you have your cell phone in your tiny little purse. You should call your parents. Now. Because you aren’t riding home with me.”

For the first time, I registered a look of actual shock on Amy’s pristine features.

“But…,”she stuttered, looking around to see if anyone had noticed what had just happened. Only a few eyes had started to turn in our direction, but I caught sight of Ian and Gordon making their way through the crowd and headed in our direction.

“But, Daniel. I already booked us a hotel room for the…”

“Cancel it.” Daniel’s voice was cold steel. “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a room with a nasty, vile, bigoted, disgusting bitch like you. You have about 20 seconds to get the fuck out of my sight.”

“Daniel!” She whined, her eyes going wide.

“19. We are done, Amy. Through. For prom and for ever. 15 seconds.”

A small crowd had begun to form around us now. Amy suddenly realized that her humiliation at the hands of Daniel could no longer be a private matter. Everyone would know now. She’d chosen the battlefield and she had been defeated, but she wasn’t out just yet. She was a cornered animal and she still had claws.

“You’re seriously going to break up with me over this stupid little queer?” she spat, flinging one red tipped claw towards my face. “You can’t honestly be that fucking stupid!?”

“I SAID DON’T. CALL. HIM. NAMES!” Daniel roared at the top of his lungs.

His face was flushed and his eyes crackled with electricity. If only a few people had noticed before, Daniel’s volume caught the eye of every person in the ball room. The music still played overhead, but no one else spoke. Very few even moved.

“Are you really that dense, Amy?” Daniel asked, visibly trying to calm himself. “Is there only room for yourself in that pretty little head of yours? Just you and your hate rolling around inside your skull? Is that all you are? Get away from me. If you speak to me again or if I hear even a whisper of something about David that comes from you, mark my words Amelia: I will put you in the fucking ground.”

The assembled crowd and even Amy understood that this was not an idle threat. I wondered if Daniel would actually do her physical harm right there.

“Like you fucking could,” Amy spat back. “Without me, you’re just as much of a nothing as that little fag! You can’t touch me. You wouldn’t dare!”

I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“He won’t be at it alone, you cunt-faced bitch,” Ian added, his voice much more sober than the last time I’d heard him speak.

“You really want to take on all of us?” Paul slurred, adding his hand to my shoulder.

Ian leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“You okay, little dude?”

I nodded. I was still unable to speak, but this time not because of Amy.

“Get out of here. Now,” Daniel finished.

Amy took the arrival of each of my new defenders like a physical blow. She may have been able to stand up to Daniel alone, even one on one, but the entire baseball team had arrayed themselves against her.

“Katy, Amanda, Adrienne, come on. We’re leaving.” Amy spat to her minions. I had to hand it to her, she was graceful even in humiliating defeat as she gathered her long silk dress and turned to walk out.

“If you go with her, you can forget about ever speaking to us again,” Ian said to his date.

“Ditto,” Gordon said to Katy.

Amy waited for the girls to follow her in her storming out. But she waited in vain. All three girls remained at the side’s of their dates.

Amy turned and left in a huff, throwing chairs and table settings to floor in her wake. My previous characterization as a harpy was proved true when she let out a screech fit to wake the dead before throwing open the double doors and slamming them closed behind her.

It took a few moments for everything to begin moving again once she left. Daniel sank into the chair next to me and breathed deeply through his nose and out of his mouth, trying to calm himself down. He rested his elbows on the table and held his head in his hands.

“I’m so sorry, David,” he breathed almost too quietly for me to make out.

He turned to look at me. His brown eyes were wide and shone with wetness. He looked…hurt. I realized that he didn’t need to calm down from confronting Amy. That was already far from his mind. He was mad at himself for not protecting me sooner.

“Daniel,” I whispered, placing my hand on his knee, “don’t blame…”

“I’m going to take him home, guys,” Daniel declared loudly. It took me a moment to realize that he wasn’t talking to me anymore. He pitched his words to our surrounding teammates.

“Yeah, of course,” Gordon slurred. “David, dude, don’t worry about it. She’s always been a bitch. Even in kindergarten”

“Ian, call my dad and have him come pick you guys up. I’m going to take the limo if that’s alright. I want to get out of here right now.”

“Got it,” Ian chimed in.

Daniel rose from the table, using his hands on the surface to steady himself. I just stared at him from where I sat glued to my seat. He extended his hand to me.

“Come on. We’re going home.”

It felt like I was two people. One part of me felt like someone else raised their hand to clasp the one Daniel offered. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be real. The other part of me was aware of every single molecule of my body as it made contact with Daniel’s palm. It pierced me so completely, that awareness of him, that I wondered if I would ever recover.

No one said anything as Daniel lead me by the hand from the ballroom. No one whispered behind their hands. No one’s eyes darted or judged. Or they may have. I can’t really be trusted to recount things accurately. Daniel was my all consuming thought. His strength flowed through our hands and held me aloft so that I seemed to float from the ballroom and out into the crisp spring night.

Our limousine was only one of several dozen parked in front of the hall. Daniel called the driver on his cell and the obscenely long car pulled around to pick us up.

Daniel held the door open for me and I slid inside without comment. Daniel followed and retook our original seats close to the diving window between the cab and the seats.

“Just you two?” the driver asked.

“Yes,” Daniel replied. He instructed the driver to take us to my house. I didn’t interject. Daniel pressed the button to raise the dividing window.

“Let’s go to the back and get comfortable” Daniel offered.

He took the lead and I was gifted with a superb view of his ass as he hunched over and shuffled to the long back seat with its shiny, plush black leather. He plopped himself down in the corner and beckoned for me to sit with him.

I slid in beside him and snuggled up close, my head resting lightly on his chest. His arm circled my neck and held me close, his fingers raking through my hair. I felt him kiss me tenderly on the top of my head. My eyes closed and I breathed him in, my ear pressing to his chest, listening as his heart beat as it slowed and he returned to calm.

“I’m so sorry, baby,” he whispered. “I never thought she would dare to…”

“It doesn’t matter,” I cut him off.

“But it DOES.” Daniel interjected

“No. I promise you, it doesn’t,” I said, pulling myself back so I could look him in the eyes. “What you just did for me…I…There are no words, Daniel. What you just did, what you are still doing…It’s all so…”

Daniel’s eyes searched my own, as if he was still looking for any more pain or hurt behind them that he could eradicate for me. There was none. My eyes were glistening with tears, but there was not even a scratch left over from Amy. I felt my heart swell in my chest again, beating so quickly that it hurt, like my chest would burst from the pressure and I would cease to exist.

I shot forward, hoping my lips would do what my words could not, and kissed him. I must have been more forceful that I anticipated because I heard and felt the back of Daniel’s head rebound against the tinted glass window. But the dam had opened now. Unless he was bleeding to death on the carpet, there was no stopping this.

My tongue danced with his like I’d wished we danced at the prom itself. I had kissed him so many times before, countless time. And it still amazed me how new it felt every time. There was always a new level to achieve, a new sensation to set my mind blazing like a comet in a starless sky.

Though my body covered his and I tried to pin him beneath me, Daniel was always and ever more the stronger of our pair. His fingers grabbed for the button of my tuxedo jacket and he stripped it from my shoulders and flung it aside without ever breaking our kiss. I felt him undoing the buttons of my white shirt as well, slower. He took his time fishing the hem of it from my pants and even more time with each button. His fingers tweaked my nipple when he got that far up my torso and I jerked in surprise.

It didn’t take much for him to flip me off of him and back into a seated position. He swung around in front of me, kneeling between my opened legs on the floor of the limo as his hands traveled up my torso, sending sparks along my spine.

“David,” he said as his fingers explored my pecs and gently cupped my face in his palm, “I need you to know how much you…” he trailed off.

I nodded and smiled at him, pressing my cheek into his embrace and kissing the warm skin of his fingertips.

Daniel stared at me as he worked the button and clasp of my tuxedo pants with sure fingers. He stood and hovered above me while his hand found my zipper and he slid his hand into the elastic waistband of my tight boxer briefs. I heard him moan into my mouth when he touched my cock, already awakening to his embrace. He gripped me gently and fished my cock and balls out of their fabric enclosure and hooked the elastic beneath them.

I hadn’t heard him undo his own pants, but when I saw them hit the floor of the limo as he used his toes to throw off his shiny shoes, I figured out his plan. It was awkward for him to kick his pants and shoes aside in the cramped space, but he managed and straddled my now closed knees wearing only the white jockstrap I had seen him don the first night we were together in Boston. His hard cock throbbed beneath the thin cotton and I spied the darker white spot that told me he’d already leaked sweet precum.

He scooted forward so that his cock was just inches from my face. I buried my nose into his jock, my mouth opening around the fabric covered tool I yearned to set free. My tongue traveled his length, tasting only the fabric but smelling his musky manliness. I swear I could have survived on that scent alone. I reached around him to grip both globes of his ass and maneuvered my mouth over his covered cock head and flicked my tongue across him.

He reached behind me and took my now stiff-as-a-board member in a backhanded grip. I oozed crystal liquid now. I felt it roll languidly down my supremely sensitive shaft. He worked it into my skin with expert quickness.

“Let me lead, okay?” He asked as he removed his tuxedo jacket and pulled on one end of his red bow tie, letting it fall open on his chest. My fingers began to work on the buttons of his shirt as I nodded.

Daniel guided my cock head to his hole, squatting easily over me. I watched the muscles of his thick thighs strain, the ligaments standing out beneath the black hair there. I groaned as he worked some of my pre cum over his hot opening, felt my cock respond and pulse out another stream for his use.

“It’s still so big…,” he whispered as he closed his eyes.

I thought I would die when he pushed down and I felt the head of my dick slip gently inside him. We’d never done this without preparation before, so the tightness of him was almost frightening. It felt like his whole body wanted to suck me inside him with violent force. Daniel controlled it and I watched in awe. I felt him slide down my shaft slowly, letting himself get used to it, sometimes pulling up a little and then thrusting down even farther. Each new movement made him twitch. My fingers were frozen on the buttons of his shirt and my mouth hung open, so engrossed was I in the feeling of Daniel’s tight ass accepting my throbbing hard cock into his muscled body.

drilldo-compressorI knew immediately when I pressed into his prostate. His cock jumped in front of me and I abandoned his half opened shift to tear aside his jock strap. Decorum be damned, I needed to see his cock. I gripped him in my palm and worked his silky foreskin over and around his head, pressing my thumb into the soft underside and bringing his precum to my lips.

“Oh, baby. It’s so good…I’m not going to last long, I can already tell.” Daniel whimpered.

He was nearly all the way down to my hips. With a final push he hit home and the world exploded. Daniel rested his full weight on my lap and placed his hands on either side of my neck, gripping me tightly as he wiggled his ass over the cock that filled him completely.

“Make love to me,” he said leaning forward, his forehead touching mine, our lips hovering a hairs breadth apart. His entire ass squeezed my twitching cock buried inside of him and he rocked forward gently. I didn’t need him to ask twice. Hell, I didn’t even need him to ask the first time.

My hips pressed upwards and I felt his whole body quake around me. I didn’t pull out of him or thrust deeper into him. I didn’t want to disturb the delicate balance we had or make this end too quickly. But we rocked together on the back seat.

“Mmm, yes, David. Please don’t stop,” Daniel whined.

He buried his face into the crook of my neck and kissed me gently. I pressed into him again and pushed us both upwards, gaining new ground inside him.

“Ahhh,” he groaned. “Again. I’m so close.”

I pressed forward. Daniel’s cock spewed a massive jet of precum onto my exposed chest. I was sure that there must be some on my rented shirt, but I didn’t care.

My cock felt like hot iron sliding through butter as Daniel worked his muscles around it, never stopping his motion with his hips and timing it with the still tighter muscles of his chute and hole. I felt myself getting close as well.

“Make me forget,” Daniel’s lips were at my ear, nibbling softly. “Take it away. Make it all go away.”

I pushed my hips up as far as they would go, burying my cock to the hilt. Daniel’s smooth ass checks ground into my trimmed pubes. I concentrated and made my cock expand inside him even as I felt myself pulse another stream of precum deep into him.

“Oh, god,” he moaned. “Do it again. Quicker.”

I expanded. Again. Again.

Daniel’s breath came in gasps. His grip around my neck tightened and the once controlled movements of his ass became erratic but more intense.

Again. Again. Again.

I pulsed my thick cock inside, milking my own balls with his hole, knowing that if I did it just a few more times, I would explode.

“Tell me,” Daniel said, pulling his face from my neck and looking me straight in the eye. His face was a contorted mass of pleasure, his eyes shining brightly as he held back the inevitable. “Please, baby, tell me…”

“You know already.” I said, barely able to hold myself from the brink.

“I know. But tell me, please. Tell me you love me as much as I love you.”

He stared at me, his eyes waiting for my reply, holding us both from the edge of the cliff, unable to go over until this was finished.

“I love you, Daniel.” I breathed…

and we let go, falling through the open air, barreling over our cliff wrapped tightly in each other’s arms.

I’m not sure which of us started first, but I know we each drove the other to ever increasing volumes and speed. It felt like ice water replaced the hot blood as I pumped all of my heat and cum deep inside of Daniel. It was different this time. This time, it carried my love. It had always been there, of course. But now it had a name. A true name.

Daniel’s load plastered my face and chest in thick ropes of white. Any hopes I had of returning the rental shirt were dashed now. As if that mattered.

Watching Daniel gingerly remove himself from my cock, and seeing some of my cum drip from his used hole and down the inside of one massive hairy thigh was a treat. Especially since he waddled awkwardly to the front, slid down the dividing window and got the attention of our driver.

“Change of plans,” he called forward. “We’re going to my house.”

“Yes, Sir.” The driver replied, but Daniel was already raising the window again. He settled himself, still pantsless, into the seat beside me. He reached over to wipe some cum from my cock and played with my shaft nonchalantly. He leaned over to kiss me gently.

“You are staying over tonight,” he said.

“I can’t, Daniel,” I said, “I have to get home. Mama’s expecting me in by midnight and I… what?”

I stopped because Daniel suddenly wore the most devious smile I had ever seen him crack.

“Nope. She’s not. I told her we got you a hotel room with the rest of us. She’s not expecting you until around 4 PM tomorrow.”

“Why you little…” I didn’t finish the sentence.

I tackled Daniel and we spent the remaining journey to his house in uncontrollable fits of laughter and never ceasing kisses.

Every so often we would stop for a moment, out of breath, gasping and smiling as our fingers laced comfortably together. In these brief pauses, Daniel would turn to me and repeat the words that I never wanted him to stop saying:

“I love you, David.”

The unrivaled way to rise each morning, should you have the option, is to find yourself in that clouded place where your dreams and your reality blend like watercolors, one into the next; where it’s several heartbeats before you come to realize that the dream has ended and life begun anew. You want to stay in that limbo for as long as you can, to let it revive you and comfort you in a way your waking life never will. There is a small sense of loss that coats your mind for a while, a thin slick of oil on water, once the clouds are burned away by life; a benign sadness lingering just beyond recognition and evaporating to nothingness in a blink, leaving only a dim fading glimmer of memory behind.

When my eyes adjusted to the dim morning light, tinted blue and pale yellow from the curtains that blocked out most of the dawn, I hadn’t a clue where I was. I expected panic to take hold immediately, for my heart to race and my animal instincts to seize control of my muscles. But nothing happened.

Daniel’s muscled arm wound under my own and over my ribs and pulled me deeply into him. I sensed his presence and felt his warm skin against mine; that was enough to temper my compulsion towards panic. I felt his soft chest hair tickle the skin of my back, his hips pushed into my ass and softly thrusting with each deep breath. His thighs wound over and through my legs so that I couldn’t have moved from his vine-like grasp if I’d wanted to.

I could just make out the piles of black and white formal wear tossed uncaringly into the corner. Bright red and blue satin gleamed every now and then, when a dusty ray of morning light touched it’s surface just right. My shiny prom shoes, laces still tied in perfect bows shone like beacons. Daniel’s room solidified in my view, the familiar sights and smells falling into place like puzzle pieces while the fog dissipated.

It was all heightened by the touch, the feel, the smell of Daniel, hugging me tight to his body, allowing no space between us. I felt small next to him, though I was taller by full inches, but somehow protected and sheltered. We had slept side by side many times now, but this was the first time I could remember feeling this connected. Not just to him, but to where we were.

We had crossed some line after the prom. I was unsure where the path might lead us from here, but one thing was certain: we were now, officially, an “us.” We were linked in a way we hadn’t admitted before. Maybe that link had always been there, even unrecognized. It was as if the admission itself granted a new perspective on places and things that had once been ordinary only hours before.

This was just Daniel’s room yesterday. But now, I was a part of Daniel. I felt like I had a true stake in the place now, one that I hadn’t felt before. I didn’t own it, none of it was mine; but a part of Daniel WAS, and forever would be. His books, his bed, his body all became…more precious…to me.

I closed my eyes and snuggled back into him. Moving even that slightly made Daniel’s soft cock come to life against my ass. I arched my back like a cat on a sunny windowsill and ground myself into him. I felt his foreskin begin to pull back as his shaft swelled and grew along side my crack. I listened to Daniel’s breathing, trying to sense when he would wake because of my movements, but I found no change. I smiled to myself and ground deeper into him, testing the limits.

My hole began to throb in anticipation every time Daniel’s thick shaft glided over it. I bit my lower lip between my teeth and held my breath, trying with all I was worth to remain silent. I must have been lost in the sensations and imagination of the beautiful man behind me because I didn’t hear his breathing change. I was in my own little world of ever increasing pleasure when I felt his lips press to the nape of my neck, his breath hot on my skin but sending shivers down my spine like I’d been thrown into a lake in December.

His next kiss was more forceful and he coupled it with a powerful thrust into my backside. My cheeks parted and held his entire rigid shaft between them, radiating with his heat. I laced my fingers into his and lead his hand and my own downwards.

Together, we traced down my stomach and over my bellybutton, past my well-trimmed pubes and right to the edge of my fully hard cock. I guided his hand forward, urging him to do what I knew he wanted.

“Fuck,” I sighed when his fingers grasped the base of my shaft, just barely closing around my girth when he squeezed me tightly beneath his iron grasp. There was no denying that we were both fully awakened now, but my eyes remained closed, reveling in the feel of Daniel’s grip on my rigid cock and his soft lips as he kissed his way up my neck to my ear.

“Good morning, baby,” he whispered softly, taking my earlobe gently between his teeth when he spoke and then sucking lightly on my ear.

“Morning,” I groaned, my voice dripping with my rapidly growing lust. I could feel his cock head dripping hot pre cum onto the top of my ass even as he jerked me and worked my own clear liquor into the taught skin of my quivering cock. His thumb pressed into the sensitive triangle under my slit and my body shook uncontrollably.

“Please.” The word was so soft that I was almost unsure if I’d spoken it or just thought it.

Daniel didn’t even respond with speech; he simply adjusted himself behind me, his hips pulling away from me so he could line up his uncut cock with my waiting cavity. I held my breath, as if I’d crested the first hill on a roller coaster, just waiting for the imminent drop and rush that was surely to follow.

He pushed forward gently and my body reacted on instinct, opening for him easily, pulling him inside me. His cock felt massive as it invaded. My hole spasmed around him, squeezing him tightly and then opening smoothly, begging him to continue his march forward. He never stopped his slow up and down movements on my cock as he eased himself gently, slowly, lovingly inside me.

I twisted my torso around, unwilling and unable to keep my eyes on the far wall anymore, needing to see his face. It was an awkward position to be sure, Daniel’s cock slowly pushing into my smooth white ass as I twisted my upper body into knots to reach him.

Daniel’s brown eyes met my gaze and I was nearly struck dumb with their beauty. His eyes were always beautiful and deep, flecked with bright spots of gold and glowing amber on a background of warm cinnamon. But they’d always been like a lake to me. No matter how clear the water, there are places in a still lake where you can’t see the bottom, can’t even sense it. It could go on for miles. Daniel’s eyes had always been like that, deep and mysterious and somewhat unknown. But today…the first morning after our love for each other had received it’s true naming…today, it seemed I could see through them to the very core of his being, as if his soul was right there for me to touch.

“I love you,” I whispered as I stared into him, watching his pupils grow before me. I was rocked by that nearly painful level of bliss that accompanies both love and mind blowing sex, like the pressure of a knife on the sensitive skin of your wrist, pressing hard but never breaking the surface, shot through with the full trust that it never would.

“I love you more,” he said with a broad smile, flashing me his perfect white teeth, his newly revealed eyes brightening even further. My mouth hung open a bit.

Gods above, but he was so beautiful!

Part of me believed that this whole thing must be a dream. This couldn’t be happening to me. I would wake up any moment and find myself in the airport waiting to board the plane to Boston.

His prick was nearly fully inside me, pressed tightly against that magic spot. My cock pulsed a huge jet of precum into Daniel’s waiting fingers and my eyes fluttered closed, my neck losing the ability to hold my head up. Daniel’s lips on mine drove the last breath from my body as his hips settled fully onto my ass, his black pubes tickling my smooth skin. I found myself flung back into that clouded place between dreams and life once more, but fully aware that I was awake, alive, and on fire. The watercolors swirled in my vision from the bright whites of passion to the deep mossy green-browns of my connection to Daniel and the earth herself.

Daniel went slow, slower than ever before. It seemed it took him hours to draw himself from deep inside me, his cock head raking against my prostate for minutes, sending me into spasms that paralyzed my nerves and set my muscles to shaking. His tongue slowly swirled over mine, and the deeply satisfied sounds that came from his chest, like a bumble bee the size of a golden retriever approaching from beyond a distant hill, rumbled into me and through me. Just as slowly, deliberately, he pressed back inside and repeated.

“D…Dan…Daniel…please…please…make me cum, baby.”

Part of me hoped my whimper-riddled begging would encourage Daniel to pick up his pace. But Daniel read my body like his favorite book. His slow and undulating thrusts stayed the course; he never let his passions gain the upper hand and take control until he pounded my twitching ass into submission. Instead, he tortured me and forced my body to respond to his at his pace.

I let out a groan that quavered and broke. Daniel just slipped his cock deeper inside me again. I felt his shaft throbbing with a steady beat, expanding against my button and driving me to the brink of insanity as his talented fingers still played my cock like a concert violinist.

“I’m close…oh jesus, I’m so close…”

Daniel’s free hand came to my cheek and turned my face towards his again. He kissed me lightly on the lips and stroked my cheek with his thumb.

“Do you want me to shoot my load inside you?” he whispered. I bit my lip and nodded for all I was worth.

“Are you going to cum for me?” he teased. His grip tightened on my cock and his speed picked up a bit on my shaft, while his cock still worked in and out of my hole with measured slowness.

“Yes,” I croaked, my eyes begging him to release me.

“I love the way your ass grips my cock, baby. You’re so tight. You feel that?”

He pulsed his cock inside me, making it swell, pulling my hole open even more. I screamed and a jet of precum flew from my cock and soaked the bedsheets.

“Shoot for me, David,” he begged and pulsed inside me again, thrusting in small motions, just barely pulling out and pushing in again so that his rock hard cock head scraped and pressed into my prostate at all times. “Cum for me and I’ll give you my load.”

I panted on the bed, unable to catch my breath or form words. My throat clenched up and I felt my chest tighten like someone was sitting on me. My fingers grabbed at handfuls of the sheets and comforter in a death grip that turned my already pale knuckles to the color of bleached bone. The sounds that escaped from me were those of a strangled man, breathless gasps and grunts I barely recognized as my human, much less my own.

I felt my balls pulling up tight and knew that I couldn’t hold out any longer, though I couldn’t convey this to Daniel. He continued his slow short thrusts against my prostate and my breath grew more ragged. I slammed my mouth into his and screamed through the pleasure, pushing it into him, feeling him receive it.

I hit myself square in the face with my first volley and followed it up with several more until I was covered in my own jizz. I lost count when I felt Daniel finally cease his tiny thrusting against my spot and slam his thick cock to the hilt inside me. His groan and my own melted into each other through our kiss while I felt him spew his load deep into me, jet after jet of his burning hot seed filling me up.

Coming down from that euphoric high was like waking up all over again. For a few moments, Daniel and I hovered in that abeyance together. Daniel recovered first.

“Screw Folgers,” he quipped, rolling onto his back and thus freeing his cock from my still aching hole, “THAT is the best part of waking up.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I rolled over and into him, throwing my arm over his chest and resting my chin on his hairy pecs, completely uncaring of the cum that I smeared onto the sheets in the process. I edged forward and kissed him lightly.

“You’ll get no arguments from me on that front.”

Daniel ruffled my tangled mass of blonde hair and brushed an errant strand from my face.

“You sure you’re okay, babe?” He asked. “I mean, about last night? Amy and all that bullshit?”

To be honest, I had almost forgotten about Amy and her tirade of bigotry and hate. It spoke very highly of Daniel that something which would have wounded me beyond easy repair a few short weeks ago was brushed off without a second thought. Hell, some part of my brain was STILL stewing over that B+ in Spanish; but, for Amy I felt…nothing.

“I’m sure,” I said, favoring him with my best smile, staring into his eyes, so new again to me. “Who could remember you’re sorry excuse for a girlfriend…”

“EX-girlfriend,” Daniel corrected me quickly.

“Ex-Girlfriend. Who cares about her when I’ve got you?”

He smiled that crooked half smile and I kissed him again. It was strange to feel my heart racing in my chest, skipping along lightly. There was still a part of me that equated that heart-pounding feeling with fear and anxiety and the desire to run from oncoming torment. I still had some adjustments to make, old habits to break.

“Good!” he barked and slapped my bare ass cheek with a loud pop. “Because I’m on top of the fuckin’ world!”

I rubbed at the sore spot he’d just given me, sure that a well-outlined five fingered palm print would appear there in no time, but couldn’t help but giggle as Daniel wiggled out from under me and leapt to his feet. I was treated to a spectacular view of his rounded ass and semi-hard cock as he danced and shimmied around his room, kicking his feet and pumping his fists in the air. For such a masculine appearing man, it was hilarious to watch him in a state of boyish glee. I imagined this must have been what he looked like as a little boy on Christmas morning.

“Remind me to get us some dancing lessons!” I laughed as he continued to shake and shimmy. He threw back his head and roared a laugh.

“Deal! But nothing’s gonna bring me down today. Not even your wit, you ass hole.” He winked at me, turned, and waggled his ass in my direction.

“Careful with that thing,” I admonished sarcastically. “I’m not to be held responsible for what I might do to it if you keep presenting it to me.”

I could have stayed there in Daniel’s bed and watched him dance around his room all day. There was a brief moment when I thought that might actually happen.

“Get up! We have to shower and get dressed,” he said with unencumbered glee, extending his hand to me and motioning me to join. I took it and he pulled me from the bed in a swift motion that found my limbs flailing in the open air before I suddenly crashed into his massive wall of chest muscles. Before my feet could settle to the floor, his arm was around my waist and we were dancing together in quick swaying motions.

Well, HE was dancing, I was still not too certain my legs worked after the fucking he’d given me. But I was content to let him hold me up.

“Where are we going?” I asked through my fit of giggles.

“Only the best for you, baby!” he intoned with pride. “I’m taking you to the International House of Pancakes!”

“Oo, la la,” I joked and feigned a swoon. He caught me easily and maneuvered my limp torso back up to his and kissed me dramatically.

“I know, right? I’m an impressive specimen. So let’s get that beautiful ass of yours scrubbed up and out the door.”

He nearly yanked my shoulder out of the socket when he turned and dragged me towards his bathroom.

Our fingers were wrinkled like shriveled raisins by the time we stepped out of the shower. We hadn’t exactly been very conscious of the time, after all; or utilitarian and effective with our time management. How can you expect me to focus on the actual point of bathing when I got to run my soapy fingers over every square inch of Daniel’s olive skin in the attempt to wash him clean?

Eventually we had to turn off the steamy water. Even drying off was a task that took decidedly longer than absolutely necessary. I took my time running the terry-cloth over his high, tight calves and up his massive thighs. He flexed for me as I worked, the ligaments standing out under his hairy skin, rolling like gentle hills and valleys from one to the next. Two could play at that game: I opened my mouth and sucked in his almost hard cock and bobbed up and down for a moment, making sure his knees shook before I stopped.

“You are evil. We’re already late as it is, and you’re gonna make me stay in this room for the rest of the day if you don’t stop. The rest of the team is probably already waiting for us.”

That certainly got my attention.

“The guys are gonna be there?” I asked.

Daniel nodded.

“Is that okay? I thought…,”

“No, no!” I started. “It’s fine. Of course it is. I love the guys.”

Daniel arched an eyebrow at me.

“It took you nearly three months to say you loved me, but the entire Baseball team get’s it in a few short weeks?”

I punched him in the chest. Sometime soon (for the sake of my knuckles, alone), I would have to learn that trying to impress any emotional outburst onto Daniel with my puny physical strength was as futile as riding a bicycle from New York to London. He didn’t even flatter me by pretending to budge.

“Shut your mouth. You know what I meant.”

“Do I?” He asked. “You may have to tell me again.” He smirked at me. I sighed dramatically and acquiesced.

“I love you.” I placed my palms on the wide planes of his chest and gently scratched my nails over his skin. “You big hairy ox.”

He kissed me tenderly.

“Good. Cause it would truly suck to love you as much as I do and not have you love me back.”

My knees trembled. I used my grip on his torso to steady myself. I wondered how long it would be before those words tripping off Daniel’s tongue would cease to make my head spin. Part of me hoped that day never came.

“Woah there.” Daniel said, lifting me up. “You okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” I assured him, “it’s just a little overwhelming still…hearing you say that.”

“I’ll stop if you want?”

“Absolutely not. Don’t you dare.”

“Good. Cause that was a straight out lie. I love you, too.”

I laughed and turned to walk back to the bedroom, thankful that Daniel had a private bathroom so there was no need to cover up. I sat on the end of the disheveled bed and finished drying off. Daniel stood in the bathroom doorway and watched me, making no effort to conceal his stiffening cock. I loved to watch his foreskin roll smoothly away from the darker skin of his cock head as it lengthened and began to arch gently upwards, his full balls always hanging underneath like sandbags on a hot air balloon. The effect on my own cock was, as always, instant. I decided to change the conversation as quickly as possible or else there was a distinct possibility that we would NEVER leave his room.

“After everything that happened last night, with Amy and all that, and then leaving with me,” I started before I realized I didn’t really know how to finish my question. I faltered and stammered a bit. “I mean, do you think…? Fuck, I don’t know. I mean, everyone knows now right? About us?”

icon-king-cock-compressorI was blushing. To this day, I do not know why, but my face was red as a beet before I finally got out the thought. I guess it was the idea of being a known item now, and all the changes that would bring. Daniel had held my hand as he lead me from the ball room. Surely everyone had seen us and guessed what that signified? Right?

“I don’t think so, babe,” Daniel said with calm, collected ease. “I mean, Ian knows, of course. I think Paul and Gordon were blitzed out of their minds. It’s a crap shoot weather they’ll even remember anything at all, much less the implications of me holding your hand.”

“And Coach B,” I murmured to myself, my brain already going a million miles an hour, planning for a hundred possible eventualities, listing people who may know, did know, and didn’t know.

“Coach knows?” Daniel asked, a smidgen of concern finally entering his voice. It took me a moment to register what he was asking and what I had said.

“Fuck. I totally forgot to tell you after last night. I’m sorry, baby. Coach B talked to me for a while before all that shit went down. He knows. He’s known since that first morning he walked in on us in the shower at school. Remember? After you made me run to school?”

Daniel smirked and snorted a little laugh.

“Of course I remember. I remember every time with you, David,” he said as he walked towards me and sat beside me on the edge of the bed. Our finger laced together without the need for either of us to hold our our hands in supplication. It just felt right to be connected to him when he was that close to me. “I guess it makes sense, now that I think about it. He smiled like a damned hyena when I suggested to him that you should be the Team Manager.”

“You’re not as sneaky as you thought, huh?” I teased. He squeezed my hand and nudged me gently in the ribs.

“It got me what I wanted in the end, didn’t it.”

“Oh!” I squeaked, remembering another important tidbit of information, “you’re not crazy, by the way! There WAS someone watching that night in your Jeep. Well, not watching,… not really. Coach just forgot his bag and happened to see us. Said he had to run like hell and hid in his office until we left.”

Daniel roared with laughter until his eyes brimmed with tears.

“No shit?! That’s hilarious! He could have at least told me so I didn’t think I was headed to the looney bin on the express train for paranoid delusions and seeing shit!”

Daniel did his best to ease any lingering fears I may have been harboring while at the same time urging me to move faster. He had finally checked the time and pronounced us, “late as shit.” I didn’t have any clothing other than my tuxedo, an outfit that would be out of place at an IHOP, where the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” sign on the front door was an actual necessity gleaned from past instances.

Daniel handed me a pair of his basketball shorts and a tight black t-shirt. Though he could have dressed in jeans and a nice polo, as was his usual style most warm days, he mirrored my own athletic attire instead, and to much greater effect if you asked me.

We rushed down the stairs and towards the kitchen. I had to follow behind him. I had been to his house many times, but I still wasn’t entirely sure where each hallway lead in the massive floor plan. Before we got to the kitchen, Adam stepped from a side hallway and blocked our path.

“Mornin’, little bro. How’d you sleep?” He winked.

“Fuck off, Adam. We’re late,” Daniel shot back, obviously annoyed at the interference.

“Cool your jets, dipshit. Just wanted you to know that you two weren’t exactly quiet when you came in last night. Catch my drift? I could hear you from my room and Mom’s is closer…so…”

I could have died.

I may have, actually. I remember the blood suddenly pounding in my ears and my vision going kind of wonky for a bit. Daniel’s brother had HEARD us last night. After the limo ride home, we hadn’t really stopped our sexploration and utterances of sweet nothings and words of love and devotion until physical exhaustion forced us to.

“You can pick ‘em, lil’ D.” Adam smirked. “He is definitely a hottie when he’s blushing to beat the band.”



Deceased. Please send donations to the David-is-Done-Fund in lieu of flowers.

“Hands off. You’re older, but I can still hand you your own ass in a skinny minute,” Daniel warned.

It sounded like a joke to me, sibling rivalry at it’s most basic. But buried beneath it’s mundane normalcy, there was a razor sharp edge of an actual threat. If it came right down to it, and Daniel had to choose between me and his brother…well, hasta la vista Adam. That helped to ease the burning ember that had become my face. A bit.

Adam raised his hands in surrender and pressed himself to the wall so we could pass.

“Just thought you should know before you walk in there and Mom stares at you till you spill your guts.”

I did my best to mouth the word “thanks,” to Adam as I passed. He winked at me again. There was something about that man that just…

“Morning, you lazy Larry’s!” Daniel’s mom sang at us as we entered the kitchen.

“I thought for sure you two would sleep all day!”

“Good morning, Ma’am,” I said sheepishly, feeling the heat returning to my face again in full force, accompanied this time with the pounding heart and anxiety that damn near gnawed a hole in my stomach.

“So, sit, sit, sit. Tell me everything? How was prom? Why’d you come home early? I expected you to stay at the hotel last night. When I heard the front door open I was half way to the shotgun under the bed before I recognized your voice, Daniel.”

I swallowed hard against the lump in my throat.

“I’ll tell you all about it later, Mamma,” Daniel said, grabbing an apple from the silver bowl on the island counter and tossing one back for me as well. I actually caught it. Me? The homosexual nerd caught something thrown in the air. I was silently cheering for myself. “We’re running late.”

“Can’t you at least stay for some breakfast?” she asked, actually sounding hurt.

“That’s what were late for. But I promise we’ll talk later, okay. We really have to go.” He leaned in close and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Alright, then. Drive safe. Don’t stay out too late.”

“We won’t,” Daniel promised in the way every teen always promises. His hand was on the door handle when his diminutive mother spoke again and stopped him in his tracks.

“Don’t forget you’ve got to take the SATs again tomorrow.”

“What?!” Daniel bellowed. “I’ve already accepted my place at State! Why do I need to take them again?”

Daniel’s mom got very serious, very quickly. Southern Mammas have a way of running to the extremes of the emotional spectrum like no other. I’ve often wondered if Mercurial was originally a name for a woman from the South.

“David has been sweet enough to give you his time and tutor you for weeks now. Place at State or not, you will not make his efforts go to waste young man. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Daniel sighed, the wind gone thoroughly out of his sails. My mouth hung open to my chest. I would have to ask her to give me lessons. It was truly an amazing trick.

Daniel grumbled to himself all the way to the Jeep. He didn’t stop grumbling until we had both gotten in, strapped on our seat belts and held hands over the center console. I smiled as broadly as I could. I liked Daniel when he was stewing and introspective. His eyebrows drew down over his eyes and he stuck out his lower lip in almost a pout. Watching a full grown masculine man pout is cute sometimes. To a point. There are limits, of course.

By the time we arrived at the IHOP, he was back to his normal self, his thumb running in small lazy circles over my hand.

The hostess in her white button down and blue apron barely looked up from her station when we walked in the door before she mumbled the apathetic greeting that Corporate Headquarters had commanded her to:

“Welcome to the International House of Pancakes. How many in your party?”

“Umm, we’re here to meet…”

The roar of “DANIEL!!” and “DAVID!!” that assaulted the air waves from a big semi-circular booth off to the left got not only our attention, but also the hostess’. When she looked up and finally saw Daniel standing before her, I was filled with a great swell of pride. Her eyes got very wide and her mouth fell open a bit as she took in the beautiful man standing before her, his toned arms and broad chest outlined perfectly even in his plain t-shirt.

And you can’t touch him…he’s all mine.

I smiled very broadly and nodded my thanks to her as we headed towards our waiting companions. To say they were the best dressed table in the house was like saying that Marilyn Monroe was a decent looking chick. They were resplendent in their finery from the night before, a little rumpled and wrinkled here and there, but still dashing none the less. Maybe it was a sign of their upper middle class upbringing that they had chosen to retie their bow ties and vests. Their cufflinks were even still on, their semi-precious sparkle lost on the fluorescent lighting of the restaurant.

Tall Paul and Gordon looked like they hated the world and everything that walked upon it’s surface. The bags under their eyes could have held enough clothes for a honeymoon in Europe and they both had lost some of their youthful color, replaced with a slight tinge of green. They had joined Ian in trying to get our attention when we walked in the door and seemed to be regretting the decision to produce sound or exert any effort in the first place.

Adrienne, Amanda, and Katy smiled pleasantly at both Daniel and I as we stood at the head of the table. They looked identical to their glamorous selves from the evening before: every hair in place, every pore refined and eyelash blackened and curled. Even carrying only those tiny little handbags they had managed to scrounge together enough beautification accouterment to maintain their flawlessness.

Daniel scooted in beside Ian on the side of the booth occupied by the boys and I followed suit, taking the place at the end. Ian wasted no time and dove straight into the deep end.

“Dude, are you okay?” he asked, leaning around Daniel to get my attention. “That was some utter bull shit that bitch pulled last night.” He glanced at the girls. “Sorry. But she IS a bitch.” The girls put up no argument to the contrary.

“I’m fine. Promise,” I said in my best reassuring voice. It really was sweet of him to worry.

“We are all worried about you, guy,” Gordon slurred more than his usual.

“Mhmm,” Paul added, apparently the worse off of the drunken duo.

“Thanks, but I swear I’m okay.”

Daniel’s strong hand rested on the exposed skin of my thigh and he squeezed lightly under the table. I wondered if anyone had seen.

“I don’t know what got into her,” Katy said. She had that strange way of raising her inflection at the end of every sentence so that I was never quite sure if she was asking a question or making a declarative statement. Either way, I was touched that she was making an effort to show any emotion towards me at all, much less sympathy. I could count the words she had spoken to me in our four years of school together on two hands.

“Yeah. I mean, she’s never been the nicest person on the planet, but that was just…” Adrienne offered and shuddered in disgust at the end.


That was Amanda. She never was one for words. But I’d be damned if she didn’t have the body of a Victoria Secret model. I had no fears for her future, despite her apparent and shocking lack of vocabulary.

I didn’t really know how to react. Even with my rising social standing, these three former minions of Amy had never paid me much attention. Begrudging smiles and cordial lifts of the head was about it. Before Daniel, I doubt they even knew I breathed the same atmosphere. For them to speak to me at all was overwhelming, and it conjured up the memories of just how awful Amy had been last night.

“Thanks.” I whispered and stared at the paper placemat before me. Daniel squeezed my thigh again and I brightened a little.

“Has anyone heard from her yet?” Daniel asked. Our six companions all shook their heads no.

“She’s probably lying in wait behind the bushes to take me out with her fingernails sharpened to a razor’s edge.”

I have no idea why I said it. I certainly had no intention of speaking, but my inner monologue came rushing out and I spoke the words to the table. My horrified expression when I realized what I’d just said softened when the entire table, the girls included, burst into raucous laughter.

Our meal was a pleasant as any IHOP meal can be. We chatted amiably about school and final exams and graduation. We dropped the graduation topic rather quickly when we recalled that Katy wouldn’t be walking across that stage with us since she had to repeat her Junior year. It felt strange, since she’d been a staple of the school hierarchy for all four years I’d been there. But all told, breakfast was a success.

Somewhere in the middle of our airy conversation, Daniel reached for my hand under the table and took it in his own. My gut reaction was to pull away as quickly as possible in case someone saw us. We were in an IHOP. In the South. I highly doubted there was a weekly PFLAG meeting scheduled in that particular location. But Daniel held firm. When I tried to move my hand his fingers gripped mine ever tighter and he looked at me quickly. His eyes were almost hurt. My heart broke and I gave up any attempt at resistance.

But I still wasn’t sure if anyone at the table actually KNEW. They made no hints, no comments, no jokes, nothing to indicate that anything had happened last night except Amy had berated me, Daniel had confronted her and then taken me home. None of them even asked if I had gone back to my own home or to Daniel’s.

It was a weird place to be in. I was waiting for someone, anyone to say something, drop a hint that they knew what was going on. Even a glance down towards our hands. A smirk of disgust. Something to let me know which way the winds were blowing. I could at least prepare if I had the slightest clue. But I got nothing.

I was on the cusp of “coming out” with Daniel as a couple. But they weren’t going to make it easy. It seemed that if we were going to be a couple in public, we would have to declare as much from our own mouths. Our little hand holding last night and the small clues I felt were glaringly obvious from my point of view were not sufficient evidence to my peers.

I was used to planning for every eventuality, each way things could go down. I could find the quickest escape route and road to safety and survival without even thinking about it. But now I stood at the center of an intersection with no road signs. How can you plan to run when you aren’t even sure when or where your feet will hit the ground? Or even if they will?

My single solace came from the fact that Daniel was up in the air with me. Better than that, he tethered me to reality, his fingers interwoven with mine keeping me grounded. Without him…I didn’t want to think about what could happen without him. I squeezed his fingers tightly and didn’t stop until I could feel his heartbeat through my skin.

I was shaken from inside my skull by the sound of a loud blast from a car horn. The girls reacted almost immediately.

“That’s our ride,” Adrienne said as she scooted from the booth and smoothed her gown.

“Thank you for a lovely evening, gentlemen,” Katy offered demurely, following her friend out. Amanda was last and favored us with a smile and twinkle of her bright green eyes. I wondered what was going on behind those emerald spheres.

The boys and I made our goodbyes and watched the trio leave. Katy and Adrienne were already to the door when Amanda stopped, turned, and shuffled quickly back to the table. I figured she must have forgotten her purse.

It wasn’t until her arms were around my neck and her face pressed next to mine that I realized what was happening. I didn’t know what to do! I was frozen in my seat, smelling her light lavender scented skin and completely unable to return her unexpected show of affection.

“I really am sorry, David,” she whispered close to my ear. “You didn’t deserve that.”

She straightened and smiled at me. I think I smiled back. I hope I did.

“You looked great last night, by the way. See you at school!” she chirped and bounced off to rejoin the others.

“Dude, you should see your face right now,” Ian snorted as he let out a laugh. “I know you’re gay and all that, but she just hugged you. You look like she just showed you her lady parts.”

Gordon and Paul (and yes, even Daniel) snickered at that. I was happy to see that the effort redoubled the hangover on both of them.

Once the girls were gone, it became apparent that Gordon and Paul had both been just barely holding it together for their benefit. Paul folded his gangly arms on the table and rested his head on them, covering his eyes. Gordon didn’t even cushion his head with his arms, just went forehead first straight to the shellacked table top. I may not have been raised in the Cotillion and proper table manners set, but even I could read the signs that breakfast was at an end.

The drunk boys shuffled towards the parking lot with unintelligible grumbles about Ian hurrying up and driving them home before they puked in his car. The door closed behind them and left Ian, Daniel and I to pay for our meals.

“And I thought I was supposed to be the dense one,” Ian said, elbowing Daniel in the ribs, which given the height disparity was located closer to the shoulder than the ribcage. He handed the cashier his credit card. “Seats 1 through 6 please.” He smiled at the middle aged woman manning the register. I watched his pecs bounce beneath his tuxedo jacket and saw the poor woman’s eyes bulge a bit.

“They really don’t know do they?” Daniel asked. I had finally shaken off most of the shock from Amanda’s unexpected physical interaction and returned my attention to their conversation.

“Apparently not. I mean, I guess I had more clues to go on, given the hotel room at the away game and all but still…”

Ian blushed a bit and glanced at me. I winked at him and watched his color deepen to an even more intense scarlet. I loved my natural ability to turn such a large and masculine man into a stereotypical quivering school girl with only a wink of my eye. Ian cleared his throat and ran his fingers through his short hair while he composed himself.

“So how was your night?” he asked me, stuffing his long white paper receipt into his pocket as Daniel handed the cashier his debit card to pay for his and my meals. I didn’t even hesitate or try to offer him money to cover my own breakfast. It hadn’t taken very long for me to get used to the idea that, sometimes, Daniel would just take care of me. I made a mental note to save up some money to take him out to dinner on my own dime someday soon.

“Good,” I said, my face heating this time as I recalled our sexually adventurous trip back to Daniel’s house from the ballroom. “Very good.”

I smiled and glanced at Daniel, found him already looking in my direction. We shared a small smile and I walked past him when he held the clear glass door open for me and Ian to leave International waters and return to American soil.

Ian followed us to Daniel’s red Jeep, easily found amongst the assembled vehicles. I scooted in on the passenger side and Ian followed Daniel to the driver’s. Daniel sat and started the Jeep easily. Ian rested his forearms on Daniel’s fully open window and leaned easily inside the cab. His massive shoulders and bull-like chest blocked the entire open space. I realized that perhaps Ian’s own massive SUV wasn’t a sign of his parent’s higher than average income level, but rather a necessity for a boy who was built larger than two average men put together.

Daniel reached for my hand on the middle console and I took it without thought. I was amazed at the quickness with which ease of affection had taken over my life. At least around Ian. I instinctively trusted him. Yes, we were in public, but the semi-private space of the car, only seen by Ian was a safe space for us. Ian smiled at us from his easy leaning stance.

“Nice. Very nice. I’m happy for the two of you. Really,” Ian said, his usually macho bravado replaced with sincere interest. Daniel returned Ian’s smile and squeezed my hand again.

Ian straightened and looked around the parking lot for his own vehicle. It was easier to find, even than the bright red Jeep; not only because it was a massive black vehicle that wouldn’t have been out of place in a war zone, but also because either Gordon or Tall Paul were loudly depositing the contents of their stomach on the ground somewhere near it’s general vicinity . Ian’s face screwed up in annoyance.

“Jack asses. Both of them,” he sighed. “See you guys at school, yeah?” we both nodded. Ian waved his goodbye and vacated the driver side window.

His shoulders were gone for only a moment before he returned in a flash.

“By the way, I know they rest of these weirdoes are blind, deaf, and dumb, but what’s the deal with school? Are you guys…are you ‘out?’ Boyfriends? Not that I care, of course. I just wanna know what to expect is all.”

Daniel looked to me and raised his eyebrows with the questions, allowing me the honor of response. His eyes were open and hopeful. And my stomach was suddenly in knots again, and not just from Daniel’s beauty.

“I don’t know yet,” I said quietly. “We are…we…I,… I don’t know. We’re together. Boyfriends, I guess, works. Maybe. I’m just not sure.”

Daniel’s face fell a little bit. I wondered if he was somehow excited to come out, like a soldier on the front lines on an ancient battle field waiting for the horn to sound the advance, bouncing on his toes, adrenaline making him feel invincible and immortal. I envied him that. I was excited, of course I was. But I was also even more terrified. Daniel and Ian hadn’t ever had to undergo the negative side of the social order. Their optimism was infectious, but I had real life experience, honest to god scars and wounds that would never let me forget that people, even or maybe especially teenagers, have a capacity for causing pain and torment the likes of which would make a serial killer blush.

“I love him. He loves me,” Daniel said, turning to face Ian again and favoring me with another squeeze of my hand. He could have been saying, “My Jeep is red.” It was that matter of fact.

Ian’s face split into a wide smile. When he smiled like that, I was able to forget his bulk and muscles, his masculinity and bluster. That smile revealed the boy he’d been, and the teenager he truly was.

“Heard, received, and understood,” Ian quipped, his voice rising. It was a little disconcerting to watch a man like him bounce on his toes in excitement. Disconcerting because it ran counter to my own stereotypes of how a guy like him SHOULD act. But I’d be damned if it didn’t make me love the big muscled lummox. I wondered if I had somehow stumbled into a “big brother/little brother” kind of relationship with him.

“Oh. I forgot to tell you. You owe me fifty bucks,” Ian said, holding out his open palm as if he expected Daniel to fill it with cash right then. “My Dad got a call from the Limo company that there was an additional cleaning charge. Apparently, someone left a bit of a sticky mess in the back seat?”

Daniel cleared his throat and adjusted the rear view mirror to avoid looking at his teammate directly.

“I’ll give it to you at school.”

Ian laughed, waved to the both of us and walked to his SUV and the two jocks-in-distress that waited for him there. Daniel and I were in a full blown fit of giggles and guffaws before we had fully pulled out of the parking lot.

The next afternoon, a bright and clear Spring Sunday, I waited in the parking lot of one of the gigantic public high schools for Daniel to finish his SAT’s. He had huffed and puffed and sulked about having to wake up at the crack of dawn to take a test that was essentially for the sake of his health at this point. But his mamma had held firm and Adam had held his smirks and side-eyed glances to a minimum as his littler brother twisted and tried to evade three and a half ours of pointless standardization.

I had picked him up from his house early that morning, the first time he would be riding in MY car. He was too pre occupied and brooding over his own misfortune to put up any resistance when I offered to drive. I spent the hours in the parking lot studying for finals next week and listening to the radio. Unlike the commonly held assumption of teenagers and their loud, crazy tastes in music, I preferred NPR.

Surprise, surprise. The nerd enjoyed public radio. But at least I could pronounce the name of the Prime Minister of Israel. I doubted the majority of my classmates could.

People began to trickle out of the square brick building. In one’s and two’s at first, around the two hour mark. Soon, they began to leave the building at a faster clip. I exited my car and leaned casually against the hood and waited for Daniel to appear. Before too long, he emerged, located me immediately and walked towards me, picking up his speed as he approached. He wore a look of abstract annoyance that quickly brightened to a broad smile when he was nearer.

“So, how’d it go?” I asked as brightly as I could without being comical, wanting to show my support of his academic endeavor, but also back up his own obvious feelings towards the futility of the task in the first place.

“Better than expected,” he said when he was within a few feet of me. “Might actually get a better score. Guess I had a good teacher.”

Though dozens of students and their parents milled about the parking lot around us, Daniel paid them no mind. He pulled near to me and pressed himself against my legs to lean in and kiss me fully on the mouth. He held the kiss for a while, enough time for the shock of the public display to wear off and my stomach to launch the squad of butterflies it kept in reserve for moments like this when Daniel touched me.

When he pulled away, he looked into my eyes, searching for some sign of how his kiss had been received. To his credit, he had kissed me so thoroughly and my emotions for him ran so deep into my core that I didn’t even glance around to see if anyone had been watching or if we had been discovered. It was highly unlikely that any of our own classmates would be in attendance, but still, the possibility of a negative reaction from the strangers in the parking lot was high.

“Gross,” one pimple ridden red headed boy muttered as he passed.

“Fuck off, ass hat,” Daniel spat at his retreating back.

The boy turned, obviously shocked that his utterance had been heard and unsure what to do next. Daniel lurched towards him, as if he would pounce on the poor boy (who I shouldn’t really sympathize with, given his apparent bigotry) stumbled backwards, lost his footing and crashed to the ground. He scrambled to get up and gather his fallen pencils and calculator and walked away at a much faster pace than was absolutely necessary, never quite breaking into a run, though he pushed the limits of walking to their edge.

Daniel and I were both watching his retreating back when a familiar voice grabbed our combined attention. I was seated on my hood with my legs slightly spread, Daniel’s arms around my waist and his thighs in the open space between my own.

“Well, that makes much more sense,” it said.

Daniel and I turned and the blood drained from out faces, which meant I must have been nearly translucent while Daniel took on my usual pale pallor.

Katy held her binder in her crossed arms and a designer bag was looped over her shoulder. She wore a tight white button down blouse and deep green pencil skirt that hugged her thighs all the way to her knees and highlighted her cream colored high heels. Leave it to one of the popular girls to dress to the nines for the SAT’s. She got no few looks from boys and girls alike as they passed, mostly dressed in plaid pajama bottoms and hoodies, but she didn’t pay them any mind.

My mind was in a whirlwind of panic and fear.

Katy! She was the logical successor to Amy, now that the former it-girl seemed well and truly dethroned. And she was staring at me and Daniel. This wasn’t an easy explained hand holding. We had kissed. In public. How could we have been so stupid!

“Katy!” I stammered, trying in vain to disentangle myself from Daniel. He was having none of it. He held me firmly in his arms and refused to move his knees from my front bumper, effectively trapping me beneath him. “Umm…I…It’s…”

cat-male-sex-toys-5Katy giggled a bit. I had heard that laugh before. It usually preceded a popular girl launching into an attack that would leave her victim breathless and destroyed while she remained poised and aloof.

“Save your breath, David.” She started and my heart sank. “I guess Amy was right, huh? I mean, she still deserved what she got, and more besides, but she was right.” She laughed again. “Close your mouth, hun, or you’re liable to catch flies.”

My mouth snapped shut with an audible click of my teeth. My eyes remained wide and unblinking. I wondered if Daniel wore a similar expression but I dared not tear my gaze from Katy to check.

“You make a cute couple. Odd. But cute,” she declared, cocking her head to the side like an inquisitive owl as she examined us. “What? You were expecting me to be a hateful bitch? You haven’t met my little brother. He’s in the sixth grade, but judging by the N’SYNC and Britney Spears posters he thinks he’s hidden in his closet, you probably will soon enough.”

I had to concentrate on keeping my mouth closed. I heard my teeth creak from the pressure and my jaw began to ache. What was happening?!

“I assume no one at school knows yet?” She asked.

“Ian. And Coach.” Daniel said calmly.

“And you want to keep it that way?”

Daniel turned to me, leaving me the room to answer her question. I was still paralyzed so Daniel took the lead.

“For now.”

Katy nodded.

“Cool,” she said easily. “How’d you do? I think it was okay, but I’m shit at math still.”

Just like that, it was done. I was suddenly wracked with guilt. For months, years really, I had judged Katy to be a vapid soulless automaton incapable of her own thought and blindly following the social norms. And here she was faced with something that went fully against those expected norms; and she took it in stride without a moments’ hesitation. She showed none of the apprehension and anxiety that I myself struggled through even now. Though we hadn’t ever spoken and my judgements of her had always been internal, I felt the need to apologize to her for my inner monologue. I didn’t. But I felt I should.

“It was alright,” Daniel said.

“Well, I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow then?”

Daniel nodded and I think my head may have bobbed up and down imperceptibly. That was all I could manage at the time. Katy smiled again and swayed away, tottering confidently on her designer high heels towards the bright gold Mercedes convertible I should have recognized as her own parked a few spaces away.

Daniel was positively BEAMING at me. He kissed me dramatically and his face shone like the sun.

“Well, that went better than I’d anticipated!”

I tried to work some moisture back into my mouth, which had been dry as a bone since Katy first approached.

“Yeah. I…I…dunno what to think.”

Daniel’s hand came to my cheek and he turned my eyes to focus on his own.

“Think about how nice it will feel to jump into my swimming pool. Come on! We’ve got a few good hours left before the sun sets and I want to go swimming.”

“You drive,” I said, fishing my keys from my front pocket and handing them to him. “I don’t think I can focus.”

Daniel took them and in no time, we were headed back to his house in my old beat up Toyota, apparently planning to take a dip in his swimming pool.

There was a note on the kitchen counter when we entered stating that his Mom and Dad were out at a church function and wouldn’t be home until around 7:00 PM and that Adam was at a friends’ house until later in the evening as well. There was a casserole in the oven if he got hungry.

“Looks like we have the place to ourselves for a few hours,” Daniel said mischievously as he read the note and placed it back on the marble counter. “What ever shall we do?”

I cozied up to his broad chest and snaked my arms around his lower back.

“You mentioned something about a swim?” I said and kissed him gently. He moaned a bit when our lips touched and ground his pelvis lightly into mine.

“But I don’t have a suit. Can I borrow one?”

“Mmhmm,” Daniel said, letting his hands rest on my ass and pinching it firmly. “I have the perfect one picked out just for you. It’s out back in the pool shed.”

I hadn’t ever been to Daniel’s back yard before. I had spied the pool and it’s accompanying hot tub from the driveway, but it did little to prepare me for what I found. The pool itself was large and shaped vaguely like an amoeba of some kind, with a wide stone stairway at the shallow end. At the far deep end of the pool a constant waterfall flowed from about 3 feet above the pool’s edge, the source of which was the large hot tub built above it. The hot tub itself was big enough to easily accommodate 5 or more people and began bubbling away when Daniel flipped a switch on the wall next to the back door.

The large multi-level wooden deck wrapped the entire length of the mini-mansion and the grounds were landscaped to perfection. A hammock hung between two tall sturdy trees near the far left corner and a stone fire pit and outdoor permanent cooking area rounded out the space. My family had a little circular charcoal grill that we kept out back. The gas fueled monstrosity that was built into the cooking area was twice as wide as a normal stove. Fourth of July Barbecues would be a simple affair on that grill.

The “pool shed,” as Daniel had called it, was most certainly a misnomer. Most middle class people in the south have a shed out back to store their yard equipment. Daniel’s family was not most people. Where I was expecting a modest 10 foot by 10 foot siding cover windowless shack, I found instead a brick lined square building complete with windows and a sliding glass door that could have easily been large enough for a one bedroom apartment in any major metropolis.

Inside, it was carpeted and held a seating area and full bathroom with a shower and a small mini kitchen area. Imagine a beach house but in smaller proportion.

Daniel paid no attention to his surroundings as he headed straight through the sliding glass door for the tall white dresser in the back and opened the bottom drawer. I, however, did my best not to have my eyes pop from their sockets.

“I have a lot to choose from,” Daniel called boyishly. “But, I think I want to see you in this one.”

The sheer paucity of fabric that he held between his long fingers was appalling. Well, enthralling AND appalling. The black and white lycra was done in a checkered pattern that made my head spin a bit from the busyness of it…and man, it was TINY. Speedo cut in the briefs style, it looked like it would ride high up on my hips. I idly wondered if it would even cover my cock and balls. I wondered less idly if that was the point of Daniels’ choice in the first place.

“You have a dirty mind, my love,” I said as I paced towards him and took the suit from his outstretched arms, brushing a quick kiss across his lips in the taking.

“You knew that from day one,” he announced, fully taking responsibility for his choice. “But fair is fair. There’s a lot to choose from. I picked yours, so you get to pick mine.”

I surveyed the drawer and found it to be stuffed to the brim with a blinding array of colors and options in every conceivable style, cut, and fabric. I sifted through them for a bit and finally settled on my choice. I held them out for Daniel to see.

“Now who’s got the dirty mind,” he mused, taking my offering. “Get dressed in here. I’m gonna change outside. I want to be surprised when I see you.”

With that, he bounded out of the pool shed and out to the yard. I removed my pants and boxer briefs, letting the warm summer air flow over the skin of my cock and balls. I stepped into the tiny swimsuit and pulled it up to my hips. I had to admit the feel of the fabric stretching over my bulge was…alluring. The sides were maybe two inches thick but the front covered my ample package with ease, stretching to accommodate me while lifting and pushing my manhood out for full inspection. I did a quick turn in front of the full length mirror and was not disappointed with what I saw. I giggled how the black and white checks over my cock were MUCH stretched and distorted when compared to the less fully packed areas of my ass and hips.

I grabbed a towel from a large pile on one of the padded chairs by the door and headed out to the yard.

Daniel had his back to me, allowing me to gaze hungrily over the wide broad plains of him, from the mounded shoulders to his narrowing waist. His skin was smooth and gleamed in the afternoon sunlight, seeming to drink it in. I could tell that when I finally touched him, he would be warm like something delicious just pulled from the oven. My mouth watered.

My choice for his suit was…perfection.

They were small shorts in hunter green nylon that resembled parachute fabric, but matte not shiny. The detail on the hems and the string that tied in front was a neon yellow so bright it would never be seen in nature. One reason I had chosen the suit was for its cut. The back and the front were not joined by a seam at the hips, they simply overlaid each other, creating a little flap that would widen when he moved his legs in any direction. Built in, was a mesh undergarment meant to hold his ample balls and uncut cock in place and from where he stood with one leg slightly in front of the other, I could see the split at the hips giving me a small peak at the white mesh that ran around his thighs. The shorts cupped his muscled bubble butt perfectly, stretching over his cheeks while displaying them in their individual glory. And the length was ideal, at least for me. They stopped just at his upper thighs, maybe two inches below his ass.

“Holy mother of god,” I nearly bleated, gaining his attention so that he turned to face me.

“Speak for yourself…” Daniel sighed, looking me up and and own and doing nothing to cover up his obviously growing lust. His hand cupped his own well amplified package and he squeezed himself hard. With his other hand he beckoned me forward to meet him.

I walked a little cautiously, letting the feel of the spring grass beneath my bare feet sink in and the warmth that began to stream down on my shoulders and chest bring me to life. When I was within his arms reach, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into him. My lycra covered cock ground into his nylon shorts and his strong fingers gripped my ass, lifted me onto my toes.

“I am going to do horrible, unspeakable things to you,” he announced quietly as his lips pressed close to my ear. “I hope you didn’t have plans today.”

“Mmmm,” I whimpered, feeling his hot wet tongue as he traveled the sensitive skin of my neck and up towards my ear. “I’m all yours.”

He pulled my face down and kissed me fiercely, pulling my breath into his mouth and driving me onto my toes. I felt my cock twitch to life in my speedoes and felt Daniel’s member growing inside it’s mesh binding. I lost track of where I was, the sun blinding me from nearly directly over head and my body responding to Daniel’s touch and kiss by firing on all cylinders. I didn’t even sense the change in motion or directions, never realized my feet had left the ground…

Until, still locked in Daniel’s kiss, my world went into total shock when he leaned back and dragged us both into the water.

I knew right away not to struggle. There was nothing to struggle against. I held my eyes closed and marveled at how cold the water was on my formerly hot skin. I could still feel every degree of body heat from my man who grabbed me tightly to his chest, as if the water should be boiling around our hips and cocks from the temperature difference alone. I didn’t kick my feet or search for the surface. I let Daniel hold me there, knowing he wouldn’t harm me or let me drown. He would bring us up.

I felt my head rise above the water but I didn’t gasp for air. My lips were still on his, my tongue swirling around in his mouth and his in, over, and around mine. I breathed through my nose and felt Daniel do the same. The water against my back, flowing over my sides made it clear Daniel was moving us. My own legs had wrapped around his waist, my arms around his neck and I clung to him like a very wet, very satisfied Koala.

My back crashed into the tile of the pool wall, knocking my mouth free from Daniel’s with the impact. He didn’t miss a beat, but placed his lips on the crook of my neck, licking and sucking at my now wet skin, grinding into my hips and thrusting me against the wall.

“Oh fuck, yes…”I groaned, one of my hands grabbing for the molded concrete lip of the pool that hung somewhere above my head, taking some of the pressure off Daniel to keep us afloat.

Daniel’s lips left my neck just long enough to speak.

“I know I just got you into that suit, but now I want you out of it. Come on.”

He dove under the water and I watched as his body rocketed away from me, towards the shallow end of the pool. Even with the rippling water distorting his image to my eyes, he was still too beautiful for words. I dove and swam after him before he got too far ahead.

My feet on the bottom of the pool was a welcome reminder that I still had legs and they worked, however shaky Daniel’s opening forays had made them. Daniel had pulled himself up onto the wide cement steps that took up the largest portion of the shallow end. He lounged back on his elbows so that the water came up to his chest, and his feet floated out in front. His dark black hair shone wetly and made him look even more dangerous and appealing than usual.

I swam up to him and pulled myself so that my body floated over his, kissing him and pressing him into the stairs, thankful that the water was shallow enough he didn’t slip under it’s surface. Daniel’s fingers pried the tight fabric away from my waist so that he could grab both globes of my ass directly, maneuvering the fabric under my ass cheeks, exposing my nakedness to the warm sun.

“God, I love your ass, baby,” he groaned into me, one thick finger working into my crack and pressing lightly on my hole, never pushing inside, just pressing to the brink. I kissed him and sucked air through his lungs against the shaking his finger had set me to.

“Mmmm?” I moaned, “Prove it.”

Daniel’s athletic abilities still shocked me. I should have known better than to dare him to do anything when he could have snapped any bone in my body without breaking a sweat. My torso flipped and I just had time to bring my arms down in front of me onto the second highest step. Daniel’s body was suddenly no longer underneath me, and my ankles were flying backwards so that I was held in a super man position on my forearms.

Daniel’s head emerged from under the water right between my knees. He spread my legs easily and placed them on his shoulders, wrapping his forearms around my thighs so that I couldn’t escape him. I’m not sure, but I think he knelt on the bottom step, the water came just to his collar bones. He had to sink below the surface again to pull my suit fully from my legs and toss it with a wet thump to the pool deck in front of us.

I didn’t have any warning or signal for what he was going to do. My legs behind me and my arms folded in front of me, I couldn’t see Daniel no matter how hard I twisted my torso to catch a glimpse.

But I felt him.

His teeth bit down hard on my left ass cheek and I screamed in pleasure. His strong fingers kneaded my muscles, deep and hard, spreading my cheeks with ease and exposing my pink opening to the sun.

He dove at it with gusto. His tongue flicked and swirled on my hole, making my body shake. If I hadn’t been supported by the step I would have lost all control. I let out a long wordless “ahhhh,” while he worked me, over and over and over. He was not being gentle. Not loving licks or small swirls of light pressure. No. He was well and truly fucking my hole with his strong tongue with everything he could.

He growled in his chest as he did, shaking his head back and forth and pushing his tongue deeper into me. I could feel the coarse yet soft hairs of his chin against the skin of my perineum. My cock pulsed and shot a jet of precum into the clear water, mixing and disappearing. I didn’t even care that other people had to swim in there at some point. I was too focused on the firestorm of pleasure and sensation Daniel had just released onto my hole.

“Ahh…oh…god, baby…mmm…don’t stop…oh god, please…fuck me…god I want you to fuck me so bad.”

I am not ashamed to say that I whined and whimpered those words like a bitch in heat. Because I was. I was so turned on I wouldn’t have stopped Daniel had the entire school suddenly waltzed through the back door with towels in hand ready for a pool party. Let them watch. This felt too good to stop for any reason.

My legs were suddenly drifting to the steps, no longer supported on Daniel’s rippling shoulders. Before they reached the step three below my arms, Daniel’s hands were on my hips and his suit-covered-cock pushed against my well-loosened hole with such force that I jerked forward.

“You want my cock, baby? You want me to fuck you out here in the open?”

I nodded vigorously and wiggled my hips against his obviously hard cock, trying to fuck myself against him even before he was exposed.

“Mmm, yes baby. Pound my ass. Please!”

I was out of control with lust. I prided myself on always being in control of my emotions and my body, but I had lost all of that. I was an animal right now, acting on instinct alone. I knew exactly what I wanted and who was going to give it to me. Decorum and control be damned, I needed to get fucked right then.

My heart was fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird, my body on high alert in the hunt for what it craved. Daniel’s hips were suddenly absent from my ass, his hard cock missing from where it belonged.

Without warning, my vision flashed to whiteness, my muscles turned to water and I collapsed to the step, just barely avoiding cracking my chin on the hard cement. My mouth opened, my throat seized, a strangled grunt the only sound I could manufacture. I felt as if I was completely outside of my body, the part that made me somewhere far away, leaving my physical form to survive as best it could, a match head flickering to bright flame in the space of a heartbeat.

Daniel had not held back when he slammed his cock into me, not eased in or waited for my body to respond and react to him. His fingers ground into the tender skin of my hips, pressing until I felt the bones creak beneath his pressure. The soft hairs of his pubes were forced to my ass as he wiggled himself deeper and deeper inside me.

My body shook, and my skin was on fire but I shivered all the same. Daniel sensed my surrender to him, my total and complete willingness to put myself in his hands. I hadn’t even fully registered what had happened when he pulled himself nearly all the way out of me and forcefully slammed back inside, reigniting the waves all over again.

At the edge of my mind, where I still had some connection to my body I could just make out a rhythm, like war drums, never ceasing, pounding out a steady beat.

Prum. Prum. Prum. Prum. I focused on that sound, let it guide my mind, lead me back to my body. The mists lifted a bit and the drumming became clearer, it’s origins easily explained: Daniel’s hips ramming into my tender ass over and over as he fucked me senseless.

“Take my cock, baby! Yeah…god it’s so good!” Daniel grunted behind me. The dichotomy between the gentle sincere words of love and honor we had exchanged and the pure lust that saturated his voice as he took me only served to heighten my pleasure. I screamed with abandon, letting it pour from me without reservation, thought, or care. Let them hear me, whomever they may be. I didn’t care. I was somewhere beyond bliss.

cat-mens-toys-penis-enhance-penis-pumps-compressorDaniel never slowed, never slackened, only sped up to a blistering pace, his cock a pistoning blur as it invaded me. My hole jerked and twitched around him, but as hard as I squeezed, no matter the force I could muster to hold him inside, my defenses were no match for his power. He owned my body, he could do what he liked, with my full permission. I felt myself getting nearer to that cliff, felt Daniel pushing me ever closer to it. It would be a race to see who would get there first. I dared not reach beneath me to touch my cock, dared not try to stem the near constant flow of crystal pre cum that I leaked into the clear, cold water.

“You’re gonna take my load. I’m gonna bust inside you…FUCK! God, baby, take my load!”

Daniel’s cock slammed into me to the hilt at the same time that his hand slid around my waist and grabbed my cock in a vice grip, squeezing until I thought he might cause it to explode. His first jet of cum was hotter than anything he’d ever given me before, more full of his animal passions. It permeated me and stopped my breath. I felt my orgasm coming with extreme force…until it ran into Daniel’s hands and was stopped. He held my cum inside me, refusing to let me spill myself until he allowed it.


His hips pounded me again, punctuating his throbbing cock filling me with a second stream of white hot love.


A third.


A fifth.

And then…I was empty. Daniel’s cock was gone from inside me and I felt his cum leaking from my abused hole, down my thighs. I didn’t have time to miss it…Daniel’s free arm wrapped around my stomach and pulled me backwards from the step I leaned on, throwing me over his head until my back splashed to the open water. His hands never left my cock, never allowed my still pent orgasm to go. I don’t know how he did it, what level of acrobatics it required for him to achieve it, but before my feet settled to the pool floor, Daniel’s black hair disappeared beneath the water and his mouth engulfed my cock head, his lips forming a tight ring just below the rim.

And then he let his grip on my cock slacken.

Have you ever seen the videos of people waiting outside of the Wal-Mart on Black Friday? The mad-dash rushing when they finally open the door? Yeah, that’s nothing compared to the force of my first shot.

I half expected to watch Daniel be blown bodily away from me. I felt my cock head on his tongue, the tip of it tickling my shaft. My fingers immediately went to his hair underneath the water and I emptied myself into him, over and over until I was sure he would drown.

My cock was still twitching wildly beneath the water when Daniel surfaced, wiping his eyes and licking his lips. He smiled at me and made a great show of swallowing my load as I watched.

“Well that took some talent.”

Daniel’s body was instantly in front of mine, his arms spread wide and his back pressed to my chest as if to shield me from whizzing bullets.

Adam stood on the pool deck, arms folded across his chest. From our position below him and with his back to the sun, his face was partially obscured.

“I hope you swallowed all of it. I don’t want to be swimming in David’s baby goo,” he chuckled. He peeled off his shirt and let it fall to the ground in a heap.

“What are you doing here, Adam?” Daniel asked brusquely. “Mom said you were gone for the evening.”

“Change of plans, dipshit.” Adam kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his socks.

“How long were you watching us, fucking pervert?”

“Long enough.” His belt buckle clicked metallically as he undid the clasp.

I had never seen Adam without his shirt. To be sure, he was nothing when compared to Daniel. He was somewhat taller, more lean than muscular with a small amount of fat that clung to his stomach and sides. He didn’t have the washboard abs of his younger sibling or the mounded chest. Where Daniel had a forrest of soft black hair, Adam sprouted only a few curly hairs in the middle of his chest and a few around each nipple. It was amazing to me that these two could be related and yet so different.

Adams shorts hit the deck and he stepped out of them. He wore a pair of green plaid boxer shorts. He adjusted himself in the thin fabric and made his package bounce before my eyes. Seemed like Daniel got the better end of that bargain as well.

Daniel took my hand under the water and walked me towards the stairs. I followed without comment. My tiny swimsuit was still a good distance away. There was no way I could retrieve it without exposing my nakedness to Adam.

“Daniel, he’s going to…” I whispered.

“He’s already seen more than he’s gonna tell us. Trust me. The guy can be a real dick head sometimes. Eyes forward. Concentrate on me and let’s just get back inside.”

I stepped up onto the first step and felt my bare ass cheek rise out of the water at the same moment I heard a giant splash that meant Adam had dived in. Daniel squeezed my hand and walked at a stead pace up the steps. My knees wanted to shake, and it seemed like I could feel Adam’s eyes on my skin. I wasn’t sure if it was his eyes on me or the cooling air that made me break out in goosebumps.

“You have a good eye, little bro.” Adam teased.

Well, at least I knew he was looking, now.

“Shut it, fuck face,” Daniel snapped.

I didn’t turn to look at Adam as Daniel gathered my suit and handed me a towel. I was wrapping it around my waist when I felt something slap against my skin, right between my shoulder blades, then drop to the deck with a splat.

“Can you put those on the chair for me, David?” Adam asked.

I turned and saw what he had apparently thrown at me. The green plaid of his discarded boxers was almost black when wet.

“Get it yourself,” Daniel nearly screamed. I finished putting the towel around my waist and let Daniel lead me quickly back into the main house.

Adam’s childish laughter was cut off by a loud thud when Daniel slammed the door behind us.

“FUCK!” he bellowed.

I wrapped my arms around Daniel’s waist and pressed my chest to his back, feeling his breathing return to normal, his heartbeat slow. I kissed the back of his neck and heard a little sigh escape him. We were dripping onto the kitchen floor, but I don’t think Daniel cared.

He had given me what I’d needed. And it was my turn to return the favor.

I was coming to see that this give and take, in balance and turn, lay at the heart of love; At least, at the heart of this, my first love. I wondered what more I had still to learn.

I would wonder tomorrow. Now, Daniel needed me, and that was all that mattered.

For a lot of people, maybe even most people, the week of Final Examinations is full of late night study sessions, Red Bull, espresso and stress fueled panic attacks complete with existential melt downs. For me, it was like closure: a sweet and easy goodbye to a course and a teacher who had helped me expand my horizons just a little bit more. Or, if they hadn’t, and I had been bored and coasting or worse, completely uninspired, then it was a lovely “Dear John” letter to end the torment and make a clean break.

I floated about without a care in the world. At least not an academic one. This was my final Finals week and I wanted to make sure I remembered it. It signaled the end of a very significant portion of my life to that point and the changes I had gone through to get there. I pushed the other hypotheticals that buzzed around this transitionary time to the back of my mind.

What would happen to Daniel and I, what the summer might hold in store, and our futures,…I did not want to think on that. Not yet. This week was special to me for a different reason, reminding me where I came from and the person I still was inside, keeping me grounded as the rest of my life swirled in semi-organized chaos.

I was in one of my daydreaming modes, having just handed in my final exam to Dr. Plarston. I was going to miss her after graduation, but she had given me her personal email address in case I wanted to keep in touch in college. I was lost in a fantasy of my future educators, men and women I had yet to meet, when a 200 lb boulder of man flesh crashed into me from behind.

The breath was squeezed from my body like I was an old balloon and I swear I could hear my ribs creak when Ian gathered me up into a crushing bear hug. My feet dangled uselessly half a foot above the ground and he shook me from side to side like a dog with a chew toy until I got dizzy.

“Put me down, jack ass! You’re gonna kill me!” I croaked, hoping he could hear me as the darkness crept in on the edges of my vision.

As quickly as it started, it was over and I gulped air into my lungs with audible gasps.

“Dude!” Ian exclaimed, “You are the absolute best!”

“Thanks,” I replied, unsure what he was driving at. “I know that already, but it’s always good to hear.”

I winked at him and he favored me with a broad smile and a punch to my shoulder that sent me reeling backwards. He steadied me with one massive arm and a blush that said he still wasn’t always aware of his own strength.

“I just finished my US History final,” he continued, “and I think I blew that mother fucker out of the water! At least, I knew most of the answers right off the bat.”

I smiled at him with genuine happiness. I hadn’t done much to improve his academic efforts. Not really. Just a few pointers here and there about study techniques and ways to remember things for taking tests. It seemed as if my meager efforts had paid off for him. I was thrilled to have provided some minor assistance.

“I’m glad to hear it, Ian,” I said and did my best to return his friendly punch to the arm, but with little effect. As I watched Ian’s joyous expression begin to return to normal, I saw something from the corner of my eye that caught my attention.

The annex with its cadre of small benches and big lush trees was filled with students milling about between tests. At one of the benches, the one closest to my favorite reading tree, sat a familiar figure.

“I’ll see you later today, Ian. I have to go, okay?” I said to the big wall of man that stood between me and my next task. Ian turned and followed my line of sight.

“Be careful,” he cautioned, understanding what I was about to do without me saying it outright. “I’ll see you later. Text me if you need me.”

I nodded and gathered myself.

I stood behind the seated figure for a moment, taking deep breaths and steadying my nerves before I spoke.

“Hi,” I said quietly, “mind if I join you?”

Amy looked up at me from her crossed-legged seat on the bench. Her eyes were wide and I realized immediately that I was not going to get anywhere, even with the best of intentions.

Her face twisted in such a way as to actually mar her physical perfection. I didn’t think it was possible, but the hatred I read on her features finally made her appear ugly for the first time in my memory. Her arched brows drew down and her mouth became a thin, pinched line slashing across her face. Her knuckles were white as she clenched the leather strap of her handbag to her lap as if it were a life preserver; not for her, but rather for me. If not for the crowd of people around us, none of whom were paying her any attention, I would wager that she would have launched herself at me and torn me limb from limb with her bare hands. Manicure be damned.

When she spoke, it was through teeth clenched so hard that I imagined I could hear them creaking under the pressure.

“Get the fuck away from me.”

There was no doubt that she wanted to do me harm. Real, physical, lasting damage. Her voice was pure murder. I suddenly wished that I hadn’t approached her alone like that, that I had asked Ian to remain behind the tree and on high alert in case she decided to put her previously threatened machinations into real world practice.

I was just beginning to formulate a response, plan a way to get out of there as fast as possible and reassess the situation when Amy’s eyes went wide once more and her face drained of color, even through the makeup. She stared past my shoulder.

“Hey!” Katy chirped behind me. I turned and saw the reason that Amy had been so thoroughly cowed.

“Hi, Katy,” I replied. She smiled at me, one graceful hand resting easily on my shoulder. I watched her face transform just as quickly as Amy’s had. She looked like nothing so much as a very stern mother figure getting ready to lay down the law.

“People are speaking, Amy. Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

Amy’s mouth hung open and her jaw worked silently. I thought I saw her eyes begin to moisten with what I could not bring myself to believe were tears.

Amy didn’t cry. I barely believed she was human, so she COULDN’T cry. But she wore a look that I recognized immediately. I had worn it myself. Many times. The irony was I had usually worn that look BECAUSE of Amy.

But there was no Daniel to come to her aid. No Ian or baseball team to back her up. Not even her army of minions to support her. That was all gone for her now. I know, logically, that she brought it all on herself. She well and truly deserved what was coming to her. Unlike me and the countless other tormented souls on the bottom of the social hierarchy who were treated with impunity for simply existing, Amy had actually accrued the malice that now rained down upon her. But, I still couldn’t help feeling a little bit sorry for her. Only a little.

Amy gathered her bag without a rebuttal and stalked off towards the main building. Just like that, Katy was her usually smiling self. It was beyond strange to NOT be on the receiving end of a popular smack down. I felt like I had just watched a lioness turn on and dismember a decrepit former ruler, put her out of her misery for the good of the pack. It was heartless and cruel in a way, but it was the way of the world, both in the animal kingdom and most especially in high school. Which of the two was more “human” is up for debate.

“Are you excited for the last home game?” Katy asked, Amy totally forgotten, no hint of remorse or pity for her former mistress even grazing the edge of her voice. “Everyone is going to be there!”

“Of course,” I said quietly, doing my best to keep my conflicted emotions to myself for the time being. “It’s going to be a great game, I’m sure.”

Katy leaned close and put her lips next to my ear.

“Try and keep your hands to yourself until the game’s done okay? We can’t have our star player distracted.”

She winked one mascaraed eye at me and promptly sashayed away towards the senior parking lot, leaving me a little slack jawed myself. And even more conflicted.

Katy had not been exaggerating when she said everyone was going to be at the final home game.

Our normal audience (yes, I realize that a sports event does not usually call its’ spectators an audience, but everything is at least a little bit of theater when you get right down to it) was more than tripled from the 30-40 we normally expected to well over 100 students, teachers, administrators, parents, and friends crowding the aluminum bleachers. I smiled to see that Dr. Plartston even sat demurely on a seat between the Upper School Headmaster and Coach B. Unless I missed my guess, Coach B’s leg came into contact with Dr. Plarstons’ more often than was absolutely necessary.

After all, it was late Spring; the birds and the bees and all of that.

I felt a little sense of foreboding as the game started. This was going to be the final time I would ever be here, doing this, sitting and chatting with the young men who had inexplicably become my friends over the past few months. I wondered, or rather assumed, that each and every one of them had gone through this end of the season transition countless times before, so the effect was much reduced for them. But for me, this would be the first time that something I had participated in with a group, came to a close. I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond, or even if the situation demanded a response at all.

I actually contemplated buying a little autograph book and having all the team members sign it for me. But, thankfully, I thought better of it and decided a simple masculine handshake and a hope for continued friendship would suffice. That’s what people did in these situations, right? No emotional outpourings or sincere showings of true feelings. That just wasn’t done.

Apparently, High School sports are at least somewhat of a rigged or choreographed spectacle. This was the final game of the season and a send off for a large chunk of the team as they headed into college. They wanted to go out on a bang, so to speak.

Thus, Coach B had arranged for the opposing team to be a rather underfunded, brand new, 2-22 team. Most of the guys that lined up to shake our hands before the game began wouldn’t need to shave more than once a month. Their largest and most developed player would just barely give me a run for my money, and I’d never swung a baseball bat in my life. The fact that Coach B felt that he didn’t even need to stay with the team to coach the game, but rather sat in the stands with Dr. Plarston spoke volumes of what he thought of the other teams’ chances.

Daniel got to pitch a few innings as well as take a turn at shortstop. Watching Daniel in his tight white baseball pants lift his leg and hurl that ball towards the terrified freshman at home plate stirred something in me. I had to remember Katy’s advice and struggled to keep my hands to myself.

Ian, however, followed no such logic. He smashed an over-the-fence home run in the fifth inning and, after his victory lap and fist pumping machismo, returned to the dugout where he promptly slapped my ass so hard that my feet left the ground; I yelped like a puppy who just got his tail stepped on.

We won the game handily and I completed filling out the stats sheet I was charged to keep before the final runner had crossed home plate. I handed the sheet to the assistant coach and took my seat on the dugout bench while the rest of the team lined up single file for the “good game” handshake that was customary.

“Get up, dude,” Ian commanded from outside, his body far and away the largest in the long line of athletes. “You’re a part of this team too. Get out here and shake some hands.”

I had never taken part in this ritual with them previously. When our games ended, I always just began my duties of packing up the equipment and tidying up the dugout while my teammates completed the ceremony.

Daniel looked at me and smiled broadly. He jerked his head and motioned for me to come and join them. I rose and walked towards him, still unsure of my place in all of this, or if it was really okay for me to be there. I stood in front of Daniel and behind Ian near the back of the line with the rest of the Senior players. Paul and Gordon were last in line.

I felt Daniel’s fingers on my shoulders, his strong grip kneading the tension and unease from my muscles. He leaned forward and placed his lips close to my ear.

“Don’t worry babe. Just breathe. It’s alright. You deserve to be here.”

Before I could stop myself, before I thought of the possible ramifications, I felt my hand rise and grasp Daniel’s own on my left shoulder, squeezing him tightly in my fingers.

“Thanks,” I whispered, struggling to control the ever growing mass of emotions that swirled inside me.

An above average intellect does nothing to prepare you for the undulating sea of hormones and feelings that growing up can sometimes be.

In fact, now that I think about it, intellect may actually be a hinderance.

“You two sure have gotten close since Prom,” Tall Paul quipped jovially from just behind Daniel.

Ian burst out laughing, a raucous and booming chuckle that drew eyes even from the still cheering crowd behind the chain link fence.

“Dude, you need to get your eyes checked,” Ian shot over his shoulder, shaking his head in disbelief at Paul’s apparent obliviousness.

Daniel and I turned to look at Paul and Gordon who exchanged confused and bewildered looks. To his credit, Daniel’s hand never left my shoulders until the first player of the opposing team held out their palm to him.

The final walk to the locker room was a clouded mixture of elation tinged with the sadness of an ending. Jokes and jockeying were exchanged all around, of course, but the light hearted boyishness that usually pervaded the air after a game was lessened.

For my part, I began to shelve the bags of bats and balls and clipboards as I normally did. I took my time now, trying to remember the feel of everything, the smell, the detail of the mesh bags beneath my finger tips and the plywood storage shelves I threw them onto. I doubted I would ever have the opportunity to do something like this again. Though it was never something I had ever thought I would do in the first place, it was amazing how quickly it had become almost precious to me.

I wasn’t used to endings like this. The closest thing I could compare it to was that sinking feeling I got when I finished a really engaging novel, turned the last page and had to say goodbye to the characters and plot lines I had grown so fond of as they came to life in my head. But even that kind of ending was different; that literary sadness was tempered by the knowledge that I could always turn to the first page once more and find myself right back there, in their world, part of their life. There was no turning back to the beginning now. This book, this chapter, this piece of my life was coming to an end; when that back cover slid shut, there would be nothing left but memory for me to relive.

If you ever find yourself in a place like that, where you KNOW for certain that this is the last of something, do your best to burn it into your heart, for it can keep you company and warm your soul in the darkest of times.

“Get in the shower, Mr. Manager,” Gordon’s voice suddenly slurred from the doorway to my storage closet, shaking me from my rather dark internal philosophical musings.

He had a length of white towel wrapped around his waist but was otherwise naked. Even in my heightened state of emotional conflict, my eyes traveled over his smooth and toned torso, slid down to the outline of his average cock beneath the terry cloth.

“Hmm?” I asked, raising my eyes so as to not stare. Well, not for too long.

I’m only human, after all, and a gay one at that. Anyone with working eyesight would stare.

“Come on! Don’t be shy. We’ve all got one. Plus we’ve already seen yours,” Tall Paul added, his head popping into view above Gordon’s shoulder, a smile on his pale and newly-freckled face. The warmer weather and increase in sun exposure was not easy on men of Irish descent like him.

“You guys go on. You’re the one’s who got all sweaty.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Gordon admonished lightly. “Math and stats and filling in paperwork is sweaty work too. Come on. It’s just us Seniors.”

Paul and Gordon both looked at me with open, questioning eyes. They weren’t eager for me to join them for any nefarious or even remotely sexual purposes. I got the distinct impression that they actually wanted me there because they truly felt I belonged. I felt my throat clench and my chest tighten, the sincerity of their overture hitting me harder than I would have anticipated.

cat-mens-toys-penis-enhance-extensions-compressorSo I nodded, flipped the light switch to the storage room, closed the door behind me for what I guessed would be the last time and followed my friends down the hall towards the already steam filled Shower Room.

Paul and Gordon dropped their towels and headed to their respective shower heads without stopping to see if I followed. Though I had seen the guys in the shower many times before, it was still a bit of a surprise to have that much taut and tantalizing man flesh on such ready display. Like stepping into a real life wet dream.

Paul twisted under the stream of hot water and turned to urge me to join them beneath the spray with a jerk of his head. I did my best not to watch his long, thin cock dangling between his lean thighs. I had no such luck with Daniel.

He was in the middle of the group, Paul and Gordon to his left, and Ian to his right. Like the Sun beside a flashlight, he was all my eyes could truly see. He was facing me, his black hair pushed back from his face and glistening like ebony silk. His beautiful brown eyes drank me in, standing in the doorway, still in my uniform. He raised his eyebrows and his face took on a air of lust and starvation.

I kicked off my baseball shoes and stripped my socks from my feet, uncaring where they landed or even if they got wet. I wouldn’t be needing them any time soon anyhow. I kept my eyes on Daniel while the other guys chatted and washed themselves as if we didn’t exist.

I fumbled with the button of my pants, unzipped them and pushed them to the floor. I watched Daniel’s eyes follow them as I stepped out, shivered a bit as his gaze traveled up my calves, my pale thighs, and came to rest on the bulge in my white jock strap. I grabbed myself and pushed my cock and balls towards him a little, loving the way his pupils widened.

My shirt followed quickly after and finally, I pushed my jock to my ankles and took a step towards the shower. How many times had we been here before, the two of us? Naked together in this very shower, the rest of the world a forgotten blur outside the tiled walls?

The tip of Daniel’s tongue traveled across his bottom lip and I felt my skin tighten in goosebumps. My body seemed to recognize our surroundings, wanted to commence with what it normally did when it was here, in this room with Daniel.

The little rivers of soapy water that flowed across Daniel’s hairy chest reminded me of watching my own cum drizzle slowly over him. I felt my cock twitch. Daniel’s dark brown nipples stood out, hard and erect on his rounded pecs, and my mouth watered, my teeth wanting to bite down on the little nubs of skin and taste him on my tongue.

His stomach tensed, each muscle suddenly becoming a distinct rectangle, covered in soft black hair that joined like a river to flow down the center of a valley, leading to the square forrest above his cock. His shaft was thickening, the skin plumping a bit, the thick vein that ran across the top pulsing slightly before my eyes. I watched a little more of his foreskin pull back from his cock head, exposing it to the hot water as his dick rose another centimeter towards full mast.

The water shocked me when it hit my chest. I hadn’t been paying attention as I walked forward, only focusing on the man I loved displayed in all of his erotic glory before me, like a Christmas feast I was forbidden to touch. I sucked in my breath against the change in temperature and my eyes fluttered closed, breaking my contact with Daniel.

“Jesus Christ. I know I’ve seen your cock before, but still…God Damn, Dude, that thing is massive!” Paul nearly giggled, his voice cracking unusually at the end of his outburst, making his face flush red in an instant.

“Thanks,” I replied meekly, letting the water run over my body. I tugged at my cock a bit, since that was the current object of conversation and felt it respond immediately, growing longer and thicker beneath my hand. Daniel’s own beautiful cock was already at half-mast, standing almost horizontal but still arching gently towards the floor a bit.

“It is impressive, isn’t it,” Ian added from behind Daniel.

His head was full of shampoo and his arms were raised to his scalp, his chest and back drawn up to form a hugely intimidating triangle of strength. When you are that large and that well developed, there is little that can shame you, certainly not your cock: Ian’s average member was fully hard and pointed straight at the ceiling, twitching slightly. Paul and Gordon took no notice of it, or seemed not to; but I certainly did.

I remember when I had taken that rigid shaved cock to the base and sucked the cum from him until he trembled beneath my touch. The memory went a long way in inflating my own dick.

Daniel stared at my hardening cock openly, as did the others. His cock bobbed and expanded in time with my own, growing harder by the second, as if they could sense their mate close at hand.

“It is very impressive,” Daniel said languidly. Ian snorted from behind him as he rinsed the shampoo from his hair, his cock still at attention.

“How do you even work with something that big?” Gordon asked. I couldn’t tell if he was genuinely curious or just trying to instigate…something.

But I didn’t have time to formulate an answer before one was given for me.

“It’s simple really,” Daniel said.

The hot water was as nothing to the jolt of pure white hot electricity that rocketed through my body when Daniel’s hand closed around the base of my shaft and jerked me towards him, pulling my whole body forward in a rush

My chest thumped into his, my hips and painfully erect cock ground roughly into his stomach. His free hand gripped the back of my neck and pulled my open-mouthed face downward to meet his in a kiss that sent my entire world hurtling into darkness.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, Daniel’s kiss freezing me in place, my tongue following his in a lazy dance around my mouth. My cock pulsed a small jet of precum that I felt slide across Daniel’s firm, hairy, stomach. His moan against my tender lips made it clear that he’d felt it too.

When he pulled back he was smiling at me as if we’d just won the Nobel Prize, beaming with such love and joy that I was very nearly overwhelmed.

“Wow,” Paul whispered, catching my attention. His eyes were wide and he seemed frozen in place like I was.

Ian laughed.

“Seriously. Ditto. Wow.” Gordon added, his voice for once not slurred, but crisp and clear.

“We’re together,” Daniel started.

He pressed my body to his and slid his strong hands down my back and rested them firmly on my ass, squeezing my cheeks gently. My eyes fluttered a bit and I heard Daniel continue,

“We have been for months now. Okay?”


For moments that stretched on for weeks in my head, no one spoke.

“He asked you a question, douchebags.” Ian finally interjected, his hands on his hips, his still rock hard cock pointing at Gordon and Paul like a wagging finger of admonishment.

“Yeah. Yeah. We got it.” Paul and gordon tripped over themselves to respond.

I will never be sure if they answered because of Ian’s imposing physical form or because they actually got it. From the wide eyed bewildered looks they still wore on their slack jawed faces, I doubted they had fully processed the new information. But they hadn’t run screaming in terror from the shower either. So that was something to hold on to.

“Well for my part,” Ian said snidely but breaking any lingering tension, “I don’t think one little kiss and a grab on the ass is going to prove it to me.”

Daniel’s neck nearly snapped when he whipped his head around so fast to face his teammate. Ian stared back innocently and winked. I knew exactly what he was up to, and so did Daniel. I just hadn’t expected him to be so forward so soon and in front of the others.

I was still trying to process Ian’s overt dare when my shoulder blades slammed into the cold wet tiles of the shower wall. Daniel’s hands were on my chest, pressing me backwards, pinning me where I stood. My eyes were wide and rolled in absolute terror.

What was he doing?

He looked at me, his fingers digging into my skin lightly, pressing gently, letting me know that he was there, he was supporting me. He brushed a gentle kiss against my quivering mouth, momentarily stopping my fears, and then moved his lips to my ear.

“It will be fine baby. Just watch me, and remember… I love you.”

Those final three words echoed in my head over and over again. It felt like a dream, something that couldn’t possibly be happening, not to me.

I watched Daniel’s eyes slowly lower from my face, but he never broke my gaze. One of his hands stayed on the middle of my chest, pressing into me, feeling my heart beat racing at light speed. His other hand gripped the base of my still rock hard cock.

His tongue made contact with the tip of my prick and he flicked a drop of precum from my slit. He took it into his mouth and tasted me. I watched the light in his eyes crackle like a sparkler on the fourth of July when my essence coated his tastebuds. I saw the fire ignite behind those deep brown pools. As usual, he mesmerized me so that even Paul and Gordon muttering, “holy shit,” in tandem only just registered on the edge of my consciousness.

Daniel opened his mouth and I watched the pale pinkish skin of my cock head outlined on his wide tongue and shivered again, for a much different reason this time.

He sucked me inside, closing his full soft lips around my girth and moving his tongue in ever increasing swirls and flicks against my slit and the super sensitive underside of my shaft. He took his time and my body shook beneath his tremendous efforts.

He pushed a third of my length into his mouth and I felt his finger nails raking into the skin of my chest, leaving small red furrows in their wake, like a signature that named me his. My fingers, balled into fists held tight at my side until that point, loosened; I moved my hand to the back of his head, winding through his wet silken hair, urging him to continue, go further, take all of me.

Something about the semipublic spectacle, our friends and teammates standing so near, ignited something in Daniel. He began bobbing along my shaft quickly, taking more and more of me into his throat each time. I felt my sensitive cock head press into the strong muscles of his throat and then felt them loosen as my cock sank ever deeper into him. Soon, his hot breath tickled my pubes and his throat muscles pulsed around my entire cock, now engulfed inside him.

“Oh fuck, yes, baby,” I moaned.

My head fell back to the tiled wall and my eyes closed so I could focus more on the intense pleasure he was giving me. He held me inside for a few moment before pulling me out entirely so he could kiss and lick the entire length of my shaft and take my aching balls into his warm wet mouth.

He pulled them both inside and rolled them on his tongue like dice. My raging cock laid like some kind of massive scar across his perfect olive skinned face, his beard hair tickling the underside. He moaned around his full load and released me.

“I want to taste your cum,” he sighed lustfully.

If I had been able to pay attention to anything other than the beautiful man kneeling at my feet I would have seen Ian’s, Paul’s, and Gordon’s eyes go as wide as tea cups when they heard those words come from Daniel’s lips.

I also could have seen that all three of them were erect and leaking pre cum. Ian made no pretense and slowly stroked himself with one massive hand as he watched his buddy get ready to take my cum into him.

Daniel’s hands slipped down my sides and rested on my hips. He kissed the base of my cock, where my hips met my plate and stared up at me with longing.

“Please?” He asked quietly.

I nodded.

He opened his mouth once more and took me inside, his cinnamon colored eyes gleaming, his skin flushed and still glistening with a mixture of water and the sweat from his effort on my shaft. I thrust forward and felt him open as my cock disappeared into him.

His hands reached around me and grabbed at my ass, kneading and prodding at my muscles, pulling me forward so he could take more of me into him. He urged me to guide my cock. I obliged.

Slowly at first but with increasing speed I began to push my hardness in and out of his mouth, watched as his lips accommodated my girth, his eyes alight with pleasure.

His fingers continued their work on my ass and one eventually found its way to my hole. He pressed lightly and I felt my cock spew a large blast of precum into Daniel, who took it gratefully with a loud moan.

I nodded down at him, hoping he would understand what I wanted.

He did.

He pushed his thick finger slowly inside me, letting my ass get used to the new invader, driving me onto my toes. He wiggled it inside me and I knew this wouldn’t last much longer.

“Again…god, yes, Daniel…again!” I whined and grabbed onto his hair roughly.

I pushing his head further onto my crotch. His finger sank all the way into me, to the final knuckle. Daniel’s eyes were wild with lust when my vision could focus enough to see them. My body writhed against his hand, fucking myself on his one digit as he rapidly invaded my hole, in and out in and out, each time arching his thick digit forward to brush my magic button.

“Ahhh…oh fuck…baby…I’m gonna cum…fuck, don’t stop.”

His finger took on a blistering pace and I felt myself climbing higher and higher, my muscles tensing on their own, my hole lost to a firestorm of pounding pleasure. My fingers gripped Daniel’s hair as tight as I could. Daniel read the signs and pulled back from my cock to open his mouth with about two inches of me still inside.

Each blast of my cum that hit the back of his throat made him moan loudly, echoing and bouncing from the tiled walls so that it seemed to rain down on me from everywhere, auditory proof of his pleasure. In the midst of my orgasm I thought I heard similar sounds come from the other boys arrayed behind Daniel. By the fourth or fifth stream Daniel closed his lips over my twitching member and held me inside him, gulping down my offering with ease.

My head spun and I found it difficult to catch my breath. Daniel added to my pleasurable distress when he rose from his crouch to kiss me deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth with characteristic gusto. I tasted my own seed, still coating his tongue, and my mind daze began anew.

Daniel’s strong hand on the back of my neck stabilized me and kept me from sinking to the ground on legs that refused to work properly.

When his kiss ended and he pulled back from me, his fingers lightly stroking the nape of my neck to reassure me, I stared into his eyes and saw boyish glee and pleasure dance across their surface like shadows of soaring birds over a calm lake.

He pressed his forehead to mine and kissed me lightly, contentedly, uncaring that the others witnessed our little moment of closeness. The warm breath of his contented sigh played like a summer breeze across my skin. His still erect cock ground into my hips in small circles and my arms encircled his waist without forethought, pulling his body closer into me.

“See?” he whispered, “Nothing to worry about.”

“Holy…Jesus Christ!” Paul squeaked, his voice cracking once again.

Gordon stood at his side with his mouth hanging open. My vision was just clearing enough to take in the three men who surrounded us and had watched Daniel’s display and my own eruption.

Ian’s cock twitched in the open air and a river of thick white goo slid down his shaft, occasionally dripping to the floor in a viscous stream. Gordon’s prick was at attention and slick with precum while Paul seemed to struggle to remain on his feet, his long thin cock pulsing to the rhythm of his heart, a visible pool of his seed being washed down the drain some two feet in front of him.

“We’re gonna leave you to it then,” Ian said.

No one moved.

Ian cleared his throat and we all jerked to attention.

“Right, guys? Off we go.”

He jerked his head and raised his eyebrows to indicate that the other guys should exit the shower as quickly as possible.

Paul and Gordon shuffled towards the exit but before they reached it, while I was still in the middle of scoping out Paul’s high, tight, hairless ass, he turned.

“Does this mean you guys are boyfriends now?”

He seemed embarrassed by the question, and the word “boyfriends” was awkward on his tongue. His eyes dropped to the floor the instant the label left his mouth, unable to look at either Daniel or me. Daniel rolled off of me and leaned against the wall at my side, his hand finding my own and lacing his fingers through mine.

“Don’t worry about it. We’re together and that’s all that matters right now. Just thought you should know is all.”

I marveled at his calm.

He had just revealed something about himself and about US to his friends that could very well have shifted the entire balance of their relationship, thrown all of the past four years into an entirely new light and effectively ended their friendship. It very well still could. Paul and Gordon were obviously processing all of the information and lack of information, drawing conclusions and formulating questions I was sure they would ask us later. Thus far, the signs were positive, but one can never know which way the winds will blow, only adjust the sails accordingly.

“Do you still like girls?” Gordon asked sheepishly.

His question was obviously meant for Daniel, though he didn’t look at either one of us. His still rigid cock gave me the hint that both Paul and Gordon would eventually reconcile to this. I mean, their bodies obviously had no problem with watching what had just happened.

Daniel smirked a little and snorted a small laugh.

“Maybe. Yes? No? I don’t know, really. But it doesn’t matter. I’m with David now and as you can tell,” he reached over and gently fondled my softening cock, making my eyes go wide again and sending an ice cold shiver down my spine, “he is most definitely NOT a girl. So it doesn’t matter.”

Ian grabbed each of the two boys buy the shoulder, gave Daniel and me a sly wink and a gentle lick of his lips, and lead the group from the shower.

I released a breath I felt like I had been holding inside since the moment Daniel had kissed me in front of them.

“What are you thinking?” Daniel asked softly, his hand still holding mine but a hint of vacillating disquiet in his tone.

I had gone with him on his seemingly reckless voyage of voyeurism before our teammates, but I hadn’t been in the driver’s seat. Daniel had to be wondering if I would be angry or upset with him for revealing us, though we had made no real try at remaining hidden.

“I’m thinking that you are amazing, and that I love you. And that was one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen, not to mention one of the

best blow jobs you’ve ever given me.”

Daniel let out a raucous laugh and swung around to kiss me again.

“If you liked that, you should see what else I can do,” he added coyly. “Come on, let’s get going. We have the Baseball Banquet tonight remember? We’ve got three hours to get home, get dressed, and get back. I need at least an hour of that for other things…”

I can’t remember another time I had been motivated to get dressed that quickly in all my life.

Luckily, Daniel had prepared and packed the clothes he needed to wear for the Banquet before he came to school that morning. We decided to spend the intervening time at my house. My parents were gone to a conference for the weekend and my little sister was staying with her friend. She had decided that it was better to remain under someone else’s parental supervision and give up the freedom she could have enjoyed by staying home in order to avoid having to acquiesce to my commands as the older sibling left in charge. Fine by me.

Daniel helped me pick out an outfit for the evening that he laid out on a chair: a pair of well fitting dark blue jeans that Daniel said made my ass look good enough to eat, a white button down shirt with a skinny black tie, and a grey sport coat that he had bought for me a few weeks ago after a particularly enjoyable evening in which his toes had curled so hard, his feet cramped for a full half hour.

My mind wandered.

It was a sure sign of my distracted thoughts that I paid little attention to Daniel who lay on his stomach across my bed in his black jeans and black suit jacket. He was, of course, perfection; I would be hard pressed to decide wether I preferred to stare at his ass when it was clothed in denim or displayed in all of its naked glory.

I shuffled the note cards in my hand and paced back and forth in my cramped room, wishing that we had chosen Daniel’s larger domicile so I could take more than two steps before I had to turn and pace in the opposite direction.

“You’ll do fine, baby,” Daniel said reassuringly from his prostrate position. “You always do.”

“It’s the Valedictorian speech!” I huffed. “They record it and send copies to every student after graduation! I can’t be just FINE!”

My nerves were getting the better of me. I had received word only 24 hours previous that I had clenched the Valedictorian spot and would thus be giving the speech at graduation in a few days. While my initial glee at having beaten my rival nerd, Elizabeth, for the top honors hadn’t completely faded, the reality of my situation had begun to take effect.

Sure, I was a member of the Debate team, but I hadn’t had to speak in front of people I KNEW, people who knew ME, and had spent the past four years with me. This was, as they say, a horse of a different color.

After Daniel’s show for the team in the showers a few hours ago, I wondered if this would soon become a horse of rainbow colors. The fallout remained uncertain.

“If you wear your current ensemble I can assure you that no one will even remember you spoke at all,” Daniel said as he eyed me up and down.

He was right about that. My outfit was still draped over my chair and I paced my room in nothing but a pair of rather tight bright green undies. I don’t know why I hadn’t thrown them out years ago, they were far too small for me now. My bulge pulled so hard against the fabric that the elastic at the legs left a 2 centimeter gap and didn’t even touch the skin of my thighs. Daniel stared at me hungrily.

“You might not, but trust me everyone else will,” I groaned.

Daniel maneuvered himself off the bed to stand beside it. He caught my shoulders between his arms as I made another whirling pass and stopped my pacing.

“Read me some,” he said. “I’ll do my best to listen and give you my thoughts, if I can stop looking at you.”

His strong grip on my cock through my underwear coupled with a firm kiss made me forget my fears for a moment. I cleared my throat and shuffled my deck of note cards to the first one.

“My fellow students, teachers, administrators, parents, and friends,” I began shakily. “We stand here today at the cusp of our futures.”

Daniel’s arm over my shoulder directed me towards my desk. I was engrossed in the mediocre words I had written and barely noticed the change in location until my thighs bumped into the wood.

“Go on,” he urged, “sounds good so far.”

“The past four years have taken us from our first bright day on this campus, through the twists and turns of academic achievement.”

Daniel kissed the nape of my neck and the words blurred on the card before me.

“Baby,” I sighed. “How am I supposed to concentrate on this speech when you do that?”

His hands were on my hips, his thumbs working their way underneath the elastic of my undies.

“You just read and let me worry about the rest.” He kissed my neck again.

“We have all grown,” I continued, “not just physically, but as people. And this school helped us to do that.”

Daniel pushed my underwear below the curve of my ass and my cock flopped out and landed with an audible thump onto the top of my desk. I lost my concentration for a moment and had to struggle to regain it.

“We have been shaped by the devotion of our teachers and their unswerving diligeeeAAhhhhh oh, my god!”

Daniel’s tongue snaked a very light line down my lower back and through the valley of my ass. I hadn’t even heard him kneel behind me but he pressed his face to my cheeks and buried himself between them. His tongue darted over and around my hole, just teasing it lightly, not trying to enter.

Just as quickly as I felt him there, he disappeared.

“See, if we can practice this and get you through the entire speech while I…have some fun with you…then it should be a breeze when you actually have to give it.”

His lips were pressed to my ear, his teeth clamping down lightly on the tender skin. His body was pressed to my back and I arched my ass into him by instinct, my eyes closing, brain igniting with passion.

“Never gonna happen,” I admitted.

There was no way in hell I would ever be able to get through this entire speech if Daniel was toying and twisting and tweaking my body.

“Maybe not,” he admitted, “but it’s going to be a lot of fun trying, huh?”

He nipped at my ear again and my cock throbbed in response.

“But right now, we gotta get you dressed and out the door. We have 30 minutes to get back for the banquet.”

My heart sank, realizing we didn’t have time to continue what Daniel had just hinted at. Not right now anyway. I had squandered what little chance there had been with my nervous pacing and unnecessary anxieties. I sighed and nodded as I felt Daniel’s body grow distant from me to return to the bed. He sat on the edge placidly, hands folded in his lap.

I turned to look at him, my cock still hanging from my underwear.

His eyes widened a bit. I saw my advantage and took it.

“You sure I can’t convince you to skip it?” I asked demurely, grabbing my semi-hard cock and wagging it in his general direction.

“Oh, you could convince me, I’m quite sure. But then you’d miss out on my surprise,” he said, barely concealing his obvious desire in his eyes.

His pants betrayed him, tenting out in front of him, the slimming black doing little to hide what was lurking beneath.


Daniel nodded.

“What surprise!?” I asked gleefully as I plopped myself down across his lap, my arm going around his shoulder and giving him a peck on the cheek.

“You’ll just have to wait and see, Beautiful.”

He turned my face to kiss me and I melted into him. I could feel the hardening length of his shaft against the still bare skin of my exposed ass, only one thin layer of black denim between me and an hour of ecstasy.

God, how I wanted to waste that hour with him!

“Okay, I’ll take your word for it.”

I leapt from his lap and started towards the clothes he had laid out for me, stuffing my cock back into my too-small underwear in the process.

Daniel leaned back on his elbows and watched me dress, instructing me to turn and show him my ensemble every few moments. I strongly believe that he just wanted to check out my body in various states of undress, but I didn’t blame him then and I don’t hold it against him now. Not that I was anything much to look at, not in comparison with him or Ian or even Paul and Gordon. But Daniel had a way of making me feel like the most perfect boy in the world, the most pristine and desired, the most beautiful. Just when he looked at me.

We were only 10 minutes late to the banquet. Daniel had spritzed a bit of Calvin Klein Obsession cologne on his neck while we walked to the car. That had ended with a make out session that very nearly derailed the entire evening. Something about that particular scent…

But we made it, all the same.

The banquet itself took place in the gym.

Long folding tables were set up in an open rectangle right on the basketball court, with the team taking the longest table under the hoop. The bleachers had been pushed back and the entire gigantic room, much too large for the rather small gathering, glowed under the huge dangling fluorescent lamps. The tables were covered with white table cloths and arranged with blue and green accents. Folding chairs lined the outside ring for the team and the spectators to sit and eat from the buffet table near the entrance.

I was struck by the difference between this gathering and the swanky affair that had been Prom. The term “banquet” implied an English Country Estate type atmosphere, at least to me. I was rather shocked to find that the set up would not have been out of place for any Church Bazaar on any given Sunday in any State below the Mason Dixon Line.

Players and coaches, teachers and parents all milled about the room at their ease, taking seats at the table to eat the barbecued chicken, corn on the cob and cornbread offered as sustenance for the event. I was glad for the much more casual vibe, having just barely survived the more formal prom setting.

cat-mens-toys-prostate-compressorWhen Daniel and I entered, Ian greeted us almost immediately. He was dressed smartly in a tailored suit, marking him as the most well-dressed among the spectators who, like Daniel and I, wore some combination of jeans or khakis with polos and button downs.

“You guys look nice,” Ian said casually, his red plastic cup clenched easily in his massive fingers.

“Thanks,” we replied in tandem.

“So,” Daniel started, “how are Paul and Gordon taking things?”

“Well enough,” Ian said. “Neither talked much on the way to drop them off, but they seem alright now. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

Daniel smiled at his friend, our friend, and clapped him on the shoulder.

“You’ve been really great with all of this. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”

“We both do,” I added.

Ian shrugged.

“Hell, hot sex is hot sex, right? Plus, the two of you are good together. This one had a tendency to brood a bit and it could get fuckin’ annoying as hell before you came along,” Ian joked and returned Daniel’s friendly clap on the shoulder.

“He’s sexy when he gets all dark and moody, though,” I replied to a round of light hearted laughter.

“If you say so,” Ian added. “Come on, Coach is getting ready to announce MVP in a bit. We should take our seats.”

With that, Ian turned and walked towards the long table reserved for the players and Daniel and I followed.

“So you think I’m sexy when I get broody and moody, huh?” Daniel whispered so that only I could hear.

“You’re sexy when you just stand there and exist, baby.”

His strong grip on my ass made me jump a bit.

“I don’t deserve you, you know that.”

“I know,” I joked, “but now you’re stuck with me.”

His hand lingered on my lower back as he lead me towards the center of the table. I glanced at the name cards arrayed before the folding chairs, searching for my own name as we neared the center of the table. I didn’t see it anywhere and my trepidation grew steadily.

Ian pulled out a chair near the very center of the long table and Daniel found his spot next to him, right in the middle. Even Daniel’s hand on my back couldn’t halt the shock when I read my name on the white card placed to his right.

What was my name doing in the center of the table?!

Surely that was a mistake! I should have been down at one of the ends, mingling with the freshmen and sophomores who would move steadily inward as their baseball careers progressed over the coming semesters. I was a senior, of course, but I’d never expected to be placed with the actual players in the seats of honor.

“Surprise.” Daniel whispered, pulling out my chair and motioning me to sit. “Well, a small part of it. Coach asked me if it was alright. It was his idea.”

I sat in the seat numbly and did my best not to blink, scared I would dislodge a tear and give away my feelings. This was a room full of athletes after all. Tears were something to be shed after losses or injuries, not moments of unexpected joy and belonging.

“I don’t know what to say,” I murmured as Daniel took his seat beside me.

His hand rested on my thigh beneath the table and squeezed gently. He didn’t remove it. Gordon sat to my right and I suddenly felt very much a part of something. I had feared that our last home game that afternoon would be the end of this camaraderie only to find it extended to this evening. It bolstered my small hopes that perhaps this would just be a transition to something different and new. Not a final curtain. My heart raced at the prospect.

Just a few short weeks ago, I had no close friends, no one to whom I felt beholden or very much cared about beyond a passing interest. Things had changed so quickly and I had grown accustomed to feeling included. With that inclusion, came the near crippling fear that it would all come crashing down and I’d be thrown once again into my former state of loneliness.

I hadn’t truly felt lonely then. But then, I hadn’t known what I had been missing. If I were to return to that place now, knowing what I knew, feeling what I felt, the loss would be devastating.

A vision of Amy flashed in my mind and I made the note to attempt another reconciliation. If I felt that fear after only a few weeks, she must have been terrified after four solid years of being on top of the social world. Her world must have been transformed in some rather horrific ways.

“Don’t listen to any of those jerk offs, David,” Gordon leaned in to whisper to me.

“What?” I asked.

My eyes must have been wide and my face a mask of fear or worry. Gordon nodded towards the end of the table where I noticed a few of the younger players looking in my direction and whispering to each other, occasionally laughing to themselves.

To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed them. Gordon must have assumed that my apparent showing of emotion on my features was a direct result of the whispers and twitters coming from the younger students.

“Guess they figured something out,” Gordon continued. “Pay them no mind, they are just ass holes trying to be cool.”

So, it seemed the younger players had been paying more attention to the little hints and whispers about me and Daniel than our closest friends had been. If they knew, or assumed, then it was only a matter of time before the rumor was completely enmeshed to all levels of the UpperSchool. At least I had some warning. I would have to prepare Daniel for what was most likely coming our way.

“Can I have your attention!” Coach B bellowed. “Everyone, take your seats please. Settle down.”

The room quieted quickly. There was a reason Coach B was a coach and not a teacher. He could command a room with ease. Parents and teachers and athletes alike began to shuffle to their chairs and turned their attention towards Coach who stood at the center of the array of tables.

“As you all know, we had a fantastic season this year. Any time you can win more than you loose, you can call it a good season. And we certainly did that.”

The room applauded and Coach B waited for the noise to die down before continuing.

“Now, none of that would have been possible without the efforts and skills of these young men behind me.”

He swung his arms wide to indicate the team, which amazingly, included me.

“They gave their all to this team and displayed great skill and prowess throughout this season. While each and every one of them deserve to be named Most Valuable Player for this season, that honor can go to only one player. It was a hard decision to make, but one man stood out above the rest. His personal skill, selfless devotion to his teammates and willingness to do anything and everything for our little group went above and beyond. Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for our MVP…Daniel!”

The room broke into waves of applause and cheers that rang from the iron rafters. Daniel stood slowly to receive his applause and my heart swelled in my chest. I clapped so hard I thought my hands might bleed. When the room quieted, Daniel took a deep breath and began his acceptance speech.

“Thank you Coach B, and thank you to every player that worked so hard this season. Without you, I never could have done this. As most of you know, a lot of what this award symbolizes is leadership. Courage and bravery in the face of obstacles and interference. For that reason, I can’t accept this award on my own. The man sitting next to me has shown those qualities far and away more adamantly than any one I’ve ever met. He’s shown not only me, but the entire team what it means to be a man, to face your fears with openness and honesty, and in the process to change the world around you for the better. So I thank you for this award and I ask that you put your hands together for our team manager who made this team worth playing for, David.”

As Daniel spoke, my hearing faded to a buzz in my ears, my heart beat the only sound I could focus on. The wild applauding and standing ovation started by the seniors on the team passed in my eyes like slow-motion images in a silent film. Daniel’s arm on my shoulder and Gordon’s urging from my right somehow managed to lever me onto my feet but I was unable to react with the expected smiles.

I felt like I had just been struck by lightning.

“Surprise, my love,” Daniel whispered into my left ear.

The tear I had worked so diligently to hold at bay broke though and traveled down my cheek. Daniel brushed it away with a gentle flick of his thumb and smiled at me.

The remainder of the “banquet” passed by like a dream. I shook hands and nodded and smiled as best I could, but I was only ever able to utter a simple “thank you,” to their heart felt congratulations. As the evening wore on and people began to trickle back to their cars to head home, I was still in a state of shock.

Daniel never left my side. His hand on the small of my back held me up and encouraged me, lending me his strength while sending the signal that he was my protector. He smiled proudly at me whenever someone approached, beaming at me and reveling in the attention everyone was paying to the man he so obviously loved.

The fact that this man was me had yet to truly sink in.

Daniel didn’t push my response. He let me work through the varying emotions on my own, never asking if I was okay or needed anything, simply standing by my side with resolute determination, a sure sense of himself and an even more sure sense of us.

I didn’t think it was possible to love him more than I already did, but I was proved wrong.

So very very wrong.

The drive back to his house was made with my fingers laced into his, squeezing him so tightly I could feel my pulse and his joining together, humming in concert through our skin.

I was still a nearly silent shell of my usual self when we arrived at Daniel’s house. Daniel ushered me into the living room and had me sit and get comfortable on the large white leather sofa.

“I’m gonna go get changed, babe. I’ll bring you something, too. Back in a bit.”

He kissed me on the top of my head and bounded off towards his room. I stared at the giant big screen TV and tried in vain to organize my thoughts.

“If it wouldn’t be an insult, I would write you a check for everything you’ve done for my son,” came the familiar voice of Daniel’s mom. I turned by wrote, still a little in shock and numb, to find her ensconced behind the big kitchen island. She wore a gorgeous white and gold sleeveless dress and held her keys in her hands. She smiled at my warmly.

“Sorry, sweet pea,” she said gently. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“You didn’t, Ma’am. I’m sorry, Daniel just surprised me is all. Still processing it.”

She beamed at me.

“So he decided to share MVP, did he? God, I love that boy. We did

good with him, didn’t we?”

“You KNEW!” I squeaked.

She nodded gently.

“He’s my special boy. We’ve always been close. He asked my advice when Coach B told him he’d be getting MVP a few days back.”

Any organization of my thoughts and emotions I had been able to achieve to that point was once again thrown into massive disarray.

“So…,” I mumbled sheepishly, unsure why I was still hesitant when the truth was very apparent. “So, you…know, then? About us?”

She nodded again.

“I saw the way he looked at you that first day you came here to tutor him. Didn’t want to assume anything, but it’s become more and more clear that my Daniel has found his first true love in you. And, my sweet boy, his father and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the both of you.”

I wanted to cry. So I did.

Hot tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t have stopped them if I’d tried. Daniel’s mom rushed towards me on beautiful white high heels that click-clacked against the tiled floor. She sat down next to me on the couch. Before I could react my head was cradled on her shoulder and her gentle hand smoothed my hair.

“Hush now, sweet boy. No need for the tears. My son loves you and you obviously love my son, right?”

I nodded against her shoulder and the tear continued to flow.

“So much it hurts sometimes,” I sobbed quietly.

“Shhh,” she quieted me tenderly. “He’s my son and I will love him no matter what. Forever. You love him and he loves you. That makes you family, sweet pea. You’ll have a home here for as long as you want it. Quiet those tears now. It’s a happy time.”

She pushed my head from her shoulder and wiped my tears from my cheeks and placed a gentle kiss to my forehead.

I nodded to her, my eyes still watery, my heart expanding in my chest. It was all just so much. The Banquet, Daniel, and now his Mamma. I never thought it possible for a heart to break from happiness, but I was rapidly pushing towards that possibility.

“I just came to grab our keys. My husband has the memory God gave a goldfish and left them on the hook. We are headed out for the evening and Adam is back at Vanderbilt until next weekend. You take care of my special boy okay? Be good to him, and be safe.”

“I promise.”

She kissed my cheek again and wiped an errant tear from my skin.

“Call us if you need us. I’m off!”

She rose from the couch and scuttled towards the garage door. Before closing it behind her, she flashed me a motherly smile that very nearly set my waterworks flowing all over again.

She was gone when Daniel returned, dressed now in a pair of flannel Pajama bottoms and a black tank top, a similar outfit over his arms for me. He must have misread my tear stained face because he dropped the clothes the moment he saw me and rushed towards me instantly. In a flash my head was on his chest and he, like his mother before him, stroked my hair and quieted my fears.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m so so sorry.”

He apologized over and over, panic rising in his voice.

“Kiss me,” I commanded, pulling away from him.

He looked at me, confused.

“Just kiss me,” I repeated when he hesitated.

He pressed his lips to mine and I leaned into him, letting my body collapse onto his, my tension and fears and happiness melt over his skin like a wave breaking on the rocks. My wet cheeks pressed to his face and I breathed him in, not just his scent or his breath, but him. His selflessness, his passion, his love for me mixed with all of those qualities I held on my own, like cream blending with coffee to make something new, until you couldn’t separate his from mine ever again.

When I couldn’t take anymore, I broke our kiss and snuggled to his chest, laying my smaller body on top of his entirely. His arm wound around my shoulder and he kissed the top of my head.

“I love you, David,” he whispered while his finger tips ran over my forearms.

I beamed. I smiled into his chest, feeling the heat of his body radiate into me, through me.

I knew he loved me, of course. And he knew I loved him in return. But that night it felt like I’d discovered a secret part of the already deep river that was our love for each other; a portion that miraculously tunneled to the core of the earth, rising from the primal sea beneath, connecting us to the very beginning of time.

“I love you too, Daniel.”

We stayed snuggled together on that huge white couch for a long time. Silent, but not needing to speak.

“Are you hungry baby?” Daniel asked after an eternity.

“I could eat,” I said in typical Southern non-committal style.

Daniel gently unwound himself from around me and rose from the couch.

“Get comfy,” he said, throwing the discarded pair of pajamas in my direction, “I’ll grab some snacks and something to drink. I’m in the mood to watch a horror film. Sound cool?”

“As long as I can shield my eyes against your chest, I’m down for something cary,” I replied as coyly as I could manage.

“That would be the major reason I’m in the mood to watch that particular genre, babe,” he quipped. “I’m not an idiot. Now, get out of those clothes. Give me a little show while I grab us some food.”

I laughed and stripped down to my underwear for him before pulling on the red pajama bottoms and white tank top he’d picked out for me.

In short order we were re-seated on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, chips and salsa (whole-grain chips because his mamma was on a health kick again, I was informed) and a bag of double stuffed Oreos Daniel found hidden behind a bag of granola. Unfortunately, there was only Almond Milk to dip them into, but you can’t win them all.

Daniel picked something from the massive collection of DVDs arrayed in leather bound binders and alphabetized on a shelf beneath the massive TV.

To top it off, he had found a bottle of red wine and opened it, pouring two glasses while the previews were still playing. After one sip it was readily apparent that neither of us possessed the necessary palette to enjoy the Vino. It was left untouched for the rest of the evening.

I snuggled into him as the movie started and turned my face up for a kiss. He complied and the film began.

I couldn’t tell you what the movie was about. Or who starred in it. Much less the outcome. Not even sure if any character even survived the entire two hour event. We didn’t make it through the first five minutes before Daniel’s arm over my shoulder and mine resting on his chest had evolved into our tongues wrestling in an intense make out session that set the movie to mere background noise.

Daniel positioned himself flat on his back on the sofa and pulled me on top of him. His kisses moved across my face to the side of my neck, his soft stubble scratching at my skin and making goosebumps rise on my arms.

“Yes, baby,” I moaned as his fingers slipped beneath the elastic of my pajama bottoms to cup my firm ass beneath his big palms.

He squeezed me tightly and pulling my body upwards with sheer force. His lips moved to my collar bones, kissing and licking gently and driving me crazy. My hips thrust against him and drove his pelvis deep into the couch.

“Fuck me, Daniel,” I breathed softly. “Be my MVP, baby.”

I knew it was corny, even as the words left my lips, but I didn’t care.

I knew how to get Daniel’s motor running full force. He pushed himself from the couch and pushed me up along with him. Without another word, he stood, took my hand and lead me towards the kitchen.

He yanked my arm hard and twisted my body around so that my chest faced the big center island. His hand, firmly placed in the center of my back between my shoulder blades, pushed my chest to the counter and forced me onto my toes. With a forceful yank he tore my pajama bottoms from my hips and legs, pooling them around my ankles.

“You want me to show you what the MVP can do?” he said, his lips closing around my earlobe.

I nodded and bit my lower lip. I wiggled my ass back and forth and screamed in pleasure and pain combined when his open palm smacked smartly into my bare skin as he spanked me.

My hard cock pressed firmly into the wooden counter beneath the marble top, pulsing my clear precum onto the shining cabinets, running slowly down their slick surface. Furniture polish would have to be added to the weekly shopping list. My thin cotton tank top did nothing to stem the cold of the hard stone on my skin; my nipples were at peak attention.

“You liked that? Huh?”

I nodded.

He spanked me again, a little harder and I moaned.

Another river of precum joined the first on the cabinet below. I don’t know how Daniel had known I would respond to this rougher side of him, especially after our hours of cuddling and the emotions he’d driven me to over the past few hours. But there are many many ways to show love.

“I didn’t hear you. I asked you if you liked that.”

“God, yes. YES, I liked it,” I hissed.

His palm massaged the spot where he’d smacked my bare skin.

“You want me to do it again?”

“Yes.” It was barely a whisper, an elongated hiss through clenched teeth, my cheek pressed to the cold counter and my fingers gripping the edge preparing for what I knew was coming.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, MVP.”

A third smack echoed through the empty kitchen and my entire torso scooted forward on the counter from the force of his swat. Suddenly his lips were at my ear again, his open palm kneading the sore skin where he’d just punished my tender ass.

“You tell me when to stop, if it gets to be too much.”

I nodded and wiggled my ass again.

It was far from being too much. I wanted more.

I wanted him to empty his raw unrefined passion into me, to wash me with everything he had, all the raw masculine strength he had to give. I’d had so much love showered upon me today, so much joy. Daniel seemed to understand that I needed to feel alive in my physical body, too.

A fourth spank had me moaning his name into the marble counter as I bit my lip again to keep from crying out.

“I love your ass, baby. Do you wanna know why?” his iron voice taunted from behind me.

When I tried to twist my torso to see him, he pushed my chest back to the counter with one hand. My hole throbbed and my cock spewed another gush. I didn’t understand how I could feel so dominated and yet so safe at the same time. But I didn’t think too hard on the subject, just floated on the dichotomy. I craved what he was doing to me, craved more of his touch, the roughness of it. No teasing my nerves slowly this time. Just ratcheting up the dial to 10 from the get go.

“Why do you love my ass?” I whimpered, answering his question.

“Because it’s mine.”

I nearly passed out.

He was correct. My ass was his to do with as he wanted. As was the rest of me: body heart and soul.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock,” he growled, “Make sure you get it real wet. It will be easier for you if my cock is nice and wet.”

The pressure between my shoulder blades that held me to the counter was suddenly gone; before it was even fully absent I crashed to my knees, ignoring the thud and the dull ache that shot through my body, and turned.

I looked up at Daniel, his chest heaving mightily in his tight black tank top, his nipples standing out beneath the thin fabric so I thought I could almost make out their borders. His thick cock was clearly outlined beneath the flannel of his PJs, a dark spot beginning to form at the head. My mouth watered and I reached for it only to have my hand slapped away.

“Ask nicely,” Daniel scolded when he saw the hurt expression on my face. He winked.

“Can I please have your cock?” I said quietly, staring at his taut thighs beneath my palms, feeling his thick muscles tense and imagining the power of them, the possibility.

“You sure you can handle an MVP cock?” he teased.

His eyes burned like golden coals, shining in the light of the kitchen, his face seeming to gleam with some newfound internal fire.

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

He reached into his bottoms and yanked out his dick, hooking the elastic beneath his huge, full balls. He was fully hard, his foreskin pulled almost entirely back from his head, a drip of precum about to fall from it. I opened my mouth and caught it on my tongue before it could fall to the tiled floor.

“Good boy,” Daniel praised, taking my chin in his hand and turning my face up to meet his smile. “Get it good and wet, baby.”

I could have sworn I was part snake considering the way my jaw nearly seemed to unhinge and devour Daniel’s delicious tool. I sucked hard and fast, wetting his shaft and head as best I could, my tongue never stopping. I pushed him all the way down my throat, taking none of the usual time to enjoy the feeling of fullness and completion I normally sank into when I held him inside me. This was just the beginning, a utilitarian necessity for the future schemes I just knew Daniel was concocting in his passion addled brain.

I made sure his entire cock, from base to tip, was gleaming with my saliva when I pulled him out. I was panting from the effort a bit, swallowing hard as I tried to catch my breath. Daniel’s hands under my arm pits yanked me to my feet like a marionette on silken strings. He pushed me to the counter, this time pressing my back to the frigid marble and leaning his chest on top of me. His lips were just millimeters from mine, the feel of his breath hotter than I could ever remember it. My eyes widened in a mix of pure lust and unavoidable fear.

“For your sake, you’d better hope you got my big cock wet enough,” he growled low in his throat.

He pressed his lips to mine, dominating me and forcing his tongue into my mouth. I lost any resistance I may have had and let him overwhelm me, surrendered my body to his even more. I was lost in the daze of his powerful kiss, so I didn’t recognize the feeling when my bare feet left the tiled floor. My forgotten pajama bottoms and too-small underwear slipped easily from my legs as Daniel lifted me straight up off the floor in a dead lift. He pushed me high into the air but never broke our kiss until the last possible second when he’d raised me so far above him I could no longer crane my neck down far enough.

His chest bulged with the effort, his shoulders tense and straining but sure and unwavering. The lines and striations in his big biceps proved just how physically superior he truly was. My legs rose on their own and I hooked my ankles behind his back, my hard cock pressing against Daniel’s chest, leaving a stain of precum on his black tank top. My arms hooked around his neck and I saw him relax a little as I took some of the pressure from him.

I felt the warm skin of his palms on both of my ass cheeks, spreading them and holding me up at the same time, his fingers digging deeply into my flesh. My ass still ached a bit from his firm spankings. I could sense his slick, hard cock just beneath my exposed ass, my hole opened to the air and vulnerable. Daniel spread my ass with his hands; my spine straightened at the thought of what was sure to come.

Slowly, I felt my body lower, controlled with ease by Daniel’s unyielding strength, sliding against his chest. The soft fabric of his tank top tickled the underside of my cock, making me sigh as I grew closer and closer to his cock head.

First contact was a rush nothing could have prepared me for. I felt the heat of his slick dick press into my open hole, my thighs instantly squeezing around his waist. He didn’t hesitate or slow my downward progression, keeping the pace steady, forcing my body to adapt.

“Oh, shit!” I screamed and dug my nails into his shoulder blades as his uncut cock opened me up and pushed deeper inside.

My ass burned with the pain and pleasure and intense pressure as inch after inch he sank into me with ease, my spit and passion the only lube we needed. It felt like his cock was a good three feet long as it squeezed into me, filling me up and making my spine go straight, my legs numb and my vision blurry. I was an incoherent ball of nerve endings and panting groans by the time his thick hardness slid past my magic button and I felt my hips settle to the base of him.

Suddenly, my breath was knocked from my lungs and I grunted; the room swirled before my eyes.

It took me a moment to realize that Daniel had slammed my back against the pantry door. He pressed me hard against the wall, my legs still clinging tightly to his waist as my ass hovered in mid air, impaled willingly on his throbbing cock.

“You like that MVP cock buried deep in your tight ass?” Daniel growled, quickly pressing his lips to mine in a rough kiss.

I nodded and whimpered as I felt his cock pulse a little pre cum deep inside me.

I felt every last inch of him as he slowly withdrew himself from my ass, keeping just the head inside, collecting extra lubrication on the backstroke. He slammed all the way back inside with a hard thrust and drove every other thought from my head in doing so.

“Pound me, baby,” I begged, my voice a mindless slur. “Fuck me hard…ohhhh, fuck”

I was a whimpering ball of near panic and pleasure. He kept me just on the edge of logical thought, on that blurry line where I knew what was happening one moment only to be driven by instinctual lust and passion the next before the tables turned again and logic took over again.

His cock was like a machine: constant, near super human speed. His cock glided in and out of me with ease, each time pouring full force into my prostate and making the world go white again. My finger nails dug deep lines into his shoulders and back, feeling them tense and release as he continued to pump into me.

“Take my cock! You want my MVP cum deep in that tight ass?”

I whined my agreement and somehow found the strength of mind to unwind my arms from his neck so I could cup his face in my hands and kiss him. I panted through the kiss in time to the powerful thrusts, barely holding on as he drove me higher and higher, still pushing my back into the wooden door.

“Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum baby,” I moaned into his mouth, holding on tight to the nape of his neck as I continued to kiss him while his thick uncut cock cut through me like a knife.

I felt my entire body start to tingle, the familiar unhinging of my soul from my physical body that preceded a hands free orgasm.

“Don’t cum until I give you permission, Nerd.”

My eyes fluttered shut. It had been a while since he’d called me Nerd like that and it dredged up the sex-fueled beginnings of our relationship, before love and truer feelings had deepened our bond, when we were still exploring what we could maybe one day become.

“God, Daniel…I don’t think I can stop it…fuck me harder…oh, god yes, fuck baby! Fuck my ass with your MVP cock!”

I lost all inhibitions, I didn’t care what came out of my mouth. I just craved more of what he was giving me, more of the lack of control, the freedom to just be, just feel him devouring my body.

“I’m gonna fill your tight ass, nerd. You ready for it? You ready for this load?”

He sounded like someone else, but his eyes were still My Daniel. Still the same soft brown lakes I loved to lose myself in. The fantasy that burned on their surface couldn’t ever hide that, not from me. But it went a long way in turning up my desires.

“Cum in me, MVP!” I screamed, “Give it to me, baby. Cum inside my tight nerd hole!”

cat-mens-strapon-compressorAstoundingly, he increased his speed, slamming himself in and out of my spasming hole so quickly I couldn’t catch my breath, just moan wordlessly as sight and sound began to fade and my soul disconnect even more. His balls slapped into my ass, his fingers dug harshly into the skin until I thought there would be a permanent imprint of him there.

He growled like some primordial beast, vibrating through our kiss, a sound rising from deep inside him, from that unbroken line of ancestors that stretched back to the beginning of time itself…

and he emptied into me. I felt his cock expand and jet after jet of his cum spilled into my twitching ass, driving my own orgasm over the brink. I felt my cum soak into his tank top, trapped between our torsos. My entire body stiffened as I took his load, my muscles locking in place. I felt some of his hot whiteness leak from my hole. I clenched tight, trying to keep him inside.

We both panted from the effort, but Daniel proved his strength once again. My back left the pantry door and Daniel carried me in shuffling movements, his still twitching cock firmly ensconced inside my now sore hole. I kissed him over and over, using his body like a tether to draw myself back down to earth from the highest places he had just taken me. I didn’t know or care where he was taking us, just as long as he never withdrew his thick cock from where it was right at that moment.

Daniel knelt easily to the floor, keeping himself inside me and lowering my back onto a very soft rug. I finally had the sense to look around and discovered he had carried us all the way down a long hallway to the Den: an oak and mahogany lined room with reading chairs and an elegant old Hollywood style sofa in dark maroon silk. My back was pressed to a luxurious fur rug and to my right, the bricks and stones of the huge gas fireplace loomed.

“Cliche, I know,” Daniel whispered, the machismo and domination now gone from his voice, “but I can’t help it. Fur rug and a fireplace are just…God you look so beautiful.”

My legs were still wrapped around his waist, his hard cock pulsing inside my ass and my arms wound around his neck as he rested easily on his palms and hovered above me. I pulled his face down and kissed him gently.

“Light that fire place,” I suggested.

Daniel flicked a switch somewhere and the blue and orange flames soon danced around the faux logs. I stared at him in the new light, watched the way the yellow and gold and orange danced against his olive skin and made shadows flicker across his square jaw and broad forehead. I didn’t think it was possible for him to be more beautiful, but he was continually proving me wrong.

I pulled his cum soaked black tank top over his head and threw it aside so that I could run my fingers over his tight chest. I pinched his nipples lazily and got a jolt of my own in return. My tweak caused his hips to thrust forward and press his cock a little deeper into me.

We both giggled when we realized what I’d just done. He smiled down at me and I pulled him in close for a long and passionate kiss. The heat of the fire place wasn’t even registering while my hands moved up and down Daniel’s muscled back, felt his deltoids give way to his lats, and then the strong chorded muscles of his lower back. I came to rest on his spectacular ass. I couldn’t help but pull him closer towards me, burying his rock hard cock deeper into my cum drenched ass. I pulsed my hole around his girth, making him shiver on top of me.

“Do you think you have another one in you?” I asked.

“For you, Always.”

He kissed me and slowly pulled his cock from my hole, pushing back in with ease. His tongue flicked lightly into mine, his hips never slamming into me, just gently and slowly thrusting and clenching his powerful ass each time he was fully inside me again.

“God, baby. I love you so much,” he moaned as he pushed inside again.

“I love you, too. Show me. Give me another…” I encouraged in a breathy sigh.

If you asked me to choose which “style” I preferred of the two options presented that night, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. All I know is that I was in ecstasy both times.

Where it took him only minutes before to send my body into a whirlwind of passion, he took his time now. His cum lubricated my hole already and I reveled in each and every new sensation he drove into me.

Deliberate and controlled, masterful, he pulsed his thick cock every time he pressed into my spot, and smiled when my eyes fluttered shut. I rocked on the fur rug, Daniel’s hips guiding and undulating into me.

It didn’t take long for the tingles to grow. Slower this time, but almost agonizing in their intensity. When it happens all at once you can’t really focus on the minutia, just the big picture. But now Daniel was turning the dial slowly; each new notch I could feel in perfect detail.

I felt my legs begin to weaken. Then the tips of my fingers start to tingle. My breathing picked up. My ass began to clench onto Daniel’s thick cock in waves as I lost control in slow but unyielding increments. My heart beat increased like a metronome going from legato to andante at a measured clip. Each new change was slowly building up inside me.

Daniel noticed immediately.

“I want you to cum first,” he said. “I want to watch your face when you blow, okay?”

I bit my lower lip and nodded.

“Keep doing that…oh, god…and you won’t have long to wait.”

He smiled the crooked half smile that had first sent me on the path to where we were today; my cock pulsed a huge stream of pre-cum mixed with the last of my recent orgasm.

“I love your eyes,” Daniel said, still undulating his lower body and sliding in and out of my ass with ease.

“I love your nose,” he continued.

“Oh, god,…” I groaned.

“Your lips,…” he kissed me softly. His cock pressed against my spot and he pulsed his cock into it hard.

“Your neck,…” His lips kissed and licked softly at the side of my neck.

“Your chest,…” he placed one hand on my chest and squeezed, keeping himself aloft on his other arm.

“Your adorable nipples,…” He flicked at one softly.

“Fuck, yes…” I hissed. I felt my balls pulling up. I was close.

“I love your stomach.”

He traced a line down the center of my stomach to my belly button.

“I love your belly button.”

All the while, he never slowed or picked up the pace of his hips and thrusts into me. Constant and steady as if he were keeping time to some piece of unheard music.

“I love your beautiful, big, thick cock.”

He closed his fingers around my shaft and squeezed gently.

“Ahhh…oh fuck. I’m gonna cum again…” I whined, writhing uncontrollably beneath him.

“And most importantly,” he leaned in to kiss me again, staring into my blue eyes deeply, still thrusting, and now gently stroking my twitching cock, driving me closer and closer to where he wanted me, “most importantly: I love you.”

He squeezed my cock hard and pushed inside me with a final deep thrust as he leaned into kiss me hard and deep.

I lost all control of my muscles. I felt my cock spew a long stream of hot cum, felt it splash into my chest and chin, but other than that…I was hypnotized by Daniel.

I lay sprawled out beneath him, joined at three points, lips, cock, and ass. I was like a puddle. I felt myself spread out and my mind disappear into nothingness. I never believed in near death experiences, seeing the white light and the tunnel and all of that. But I certainly do believe in extreme orgasm experiences. Maybe your soul leaves your body in both cases.

“You back?” I heard Daniel whisper as if from a great distance, his fingers stroking my cheek softly.


“Your eyes kinda glazed over there for a minute.”

Daniel lay beside me, his back to the flickering fire place, his head resting on his palm as he levered himself up on an elbow. I wondered if maybe I had died. Surely no one mortal human had the right to look like that?

I hadn’t even felt him remove his cock from inside me, or roll off of me. By instinct, I scooted myself to mirror him and snuggled my chest as

close to his as I could.

“I’m coming back now,” I assured him, feeling myself center and coalesce into a unified body and spirit. I pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.

“Thank you for that,” I offered.

“For which one?”

I snorted a laugh and playfully slapped Daniel’s hairy chest, letting my fingertips linger on his flushed, glistening skin.

“Don’t make me choose!” I mocked. “They were both phenomenal.”

“At your service, my love.”

He returned my gentle kiss.

“Well, we need to get cleaned up eventually or else risk ruining this rug and giving away our fun to the entire family,” Daniel quipped rather matter of factly a few moments later. I would have been more shocked at the change in tone if he hadn’t coupled the outburst with a swift smack to my still sore rear end. As it was, I yelped, my eyes going wide, and collapsed into a fit of giggles.

I was still nervously twittering away as Daniel put an arm around my shoulder and levered me onto my feet. He kissed me gently and turned towards the kitchen to collect our forgotten, discarded pajamas.

I got the encore performance of a lifetime, trailing behind his naked body by two full paces so I could stare at the round perfection of the powerful being who had just driven me to explosion…twice.

He flicked the switch to throw the kitchen into darkness and put an arm around my waist, pulling me in to snuggle close to him as we walked. He carried our bundled clothing in the crook of his arm.

“Shower, then bed, babe,” he listed, planning the remainder of the evening.

“I make no such promises,” I added.

Daniel laughed. We began to take the stairs up to his room.

“We have to get up early in the morning. We have a lot of shopping to do.”

“Shopping?” I asked, confused.

“Mhmm,” he said with a knowing nod. “You do know what’s happening this weekend right?”

I did know what he was talking about. I just hadn’t realized it was this weekend. Finals week had always been so…final for every other year in high school. Of course I would forget that after your Senior Finals week, you went to the Senior Camping Trip.

“The Camping trip!”

“Yep.” Daniel agreed. “And I just figured you and I could go get the gear. A tent, backpack, all that stuff.”

I snuggled in to him a little more.

“That’s very sweet of you. I promise I’ll stick to your plan. Shower and Bed. No funny business.”

“Hey, now!” Daniel interjected quickly, “there’s no need to be Puritanical ya know? I mean, I’m not saying don’t touch me! You’re allowed to touch me!”

I laughed long and loud.

“I’m allowed to touch you huh? Like this big cock, I’m allowed to touch?” I grabbed at his semi-hard cock with my free hand and opened the door to his bedroom with my other.

The schedule he’d picked was quickly amended. As I intended.

As they say, turn about is fair play; Daniel had spent a good hour rocking my world and fucking me senseless. Didn’t he deserve the same in return? Nay, dare I say it, REQUIRE the same in return!

We delayed the planned shopping trip by 4 hours when we finally snuggled in to bed and set his alarm clock.

I will freely admit that I giggled like an immature child when Daniel parked the Jeep in front of a Dick’s Sporting Goods mega store. I couldn’t help it. I know it is just a name, but come on: Dick’s?

A store devoted to entirely stereotypically masculine pursuits like camping and fishing and hunting and they choose to name the place… Dick’s. It’s humorous at any age or maturity level. I don’t care what you say, it is.

“Grow up, baby,” Daniel chided me gently.

But even my manly muscle-bound boyfriend (or whatever label he fit at that point) couldn’t completely hide his own smirking grin.



Daniel wore a sleeveless cut off t-shirt that showed off his well defined arms and shoulders and hinted at the mounding muscles of his chest. A pair of very loose fitting black basket ball shorts and white running shoes completed his casual ensemble. He seemed to glow a little in the morning sun, his Italian heritage already changing his skin tone to a deep bronze tan anyone would envy.

Anyone who wasn’t nearly translucently pale, like myself. My best hope was for a shade of red that would eventually fade into a slightly less reflective white. I never really “tanned.” I just dimmed a bit.

“You lead the way, babe,” I said. “I want to watch you walk.”

I patted his ass and watched it shake a bit beneath the faux silken shorts. I growled low in my throat and kissed him quickly on the cheek, glancing around to see if anyone had noticed my public display of affection. No one seemed to be looking at us so I repeated the pat on the other cheek.

“You’re a perv. And I love you,” Daniel smiled broadly and returned my little peck on the cheek.

The big boxy store was well lit with huge fluorescent lamps, a massive air circulation system and wide aisles stuffed to the brim with every imaginable outdoor item one could possibly think of. Well, if one wasn’t naturally more inclined to a Victorian novel over a fishing rod, that is.

Daniel and I strolled the aisles, up and down, chatting aimlessly about this and that. Daniel pushed the big neon orange shopping cart in front of him and I walked easily behind him. Every now and then, he would grab something from the shelf and toss it into the basket. I wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to what he was collecting for us. I was much more focused on the boy doing the grabbing.

He was so sure of himself, so at his ease in that bastion of manliness and capitalism. There were maybe three women that I could see in the entire store; the rest of our fellow customers were big burly men in various types and styles of camouflage, complete with trucker caps and bushy unkempt beards. Peppered here and there I could see the tall, muscular country boys in their early 20′s, the kind of guys that feature prominently in 1970′s era gay porn.

In my well fitted jeans and tight white t-shirt, I was having flash backs to the first day of high school, when I realized that I was very different from most of the people around me. But Daniel didn’t seem to notice. Didn’t seem to care.

He rambled about nothing and everything that popped into his head. He asked about my Valedictorian speech, what I was wearing to graduation, if we should go to Ian’s after-graduation party at his parents’ lake house, wether I liked the great outdoors, if I’d ever been camping.

(I had. I was a boy scout in my younger days until it became apparent that my interests lay more in the scouts themselves and not what they were trying to teach me. Hey, a lot of people have a thing for uniforms. Those little khaki short shorts were sexy. I apologize for nothing!)

Along the back wall, Daniel grabbed two pairs of water proof hiking boots and tossed them into the cart.

“Why do you need two pairs of boots for one weekend?” I asked.

Daniel just laughed to himself and continued to search the items on the wall, as if his coming response was par-for-the-course obvious.

“One pair for me, one pair for you, silly.”

“You don’t have to buy me anything, baby,” I said, slightly perplexed. “I can just wear my tennis shoes.”

Daniel nonchalantly waved me off with a flick of his wrist, never looking back at me. But I imagined I could picture the proud and content smile that he wore as he strolled lazily ahead of me. It made me melt a little bit inside. He enjoyed being able to do these types of things for me.

“Okay,” I said quietly.

I was smiling at Daniel’s broad back, enjoying the way his wide shoulders and back tapered to his slim taut waist, the way his bubble butt glided smoothly beneath the mesh polyester of his shorts, ever hinting at the possibility of a glimpse of the bare skin it covered but never following through with the tease.

Suddenly, I felt that familiar tingle between my shoulders, that sixth sense that Southern women like to say means “someone is walking over your grave.” Time traveling colloquialisms aside, I was sure that someone was watching me.

I turned and saw a tall man with a big bushy beard staring at me. Imagine if Santa Claus had a brother who enjoyed shooting the flying reindeer with a double gauged shot gun. He was staring at me, his lips pursed into a tight line. He shook his head slightly, muttered something under his breath and returned his attention to the gloves he’d removed from a hook on the wall.

“Ignore him, baby,” Daniel said from behind me.

I hadn’t heard him cease his pleasant chatter, but his palm on the small of my back snapped me back to reality. I turned from the bearded spectator and smiled at Daniel, nodding to let him know I was okay. Just a little shaken.

Though I was on edge and on the lookout for danger for the remainder of our shopping excursion, Daniel continued to fill the cart with everything from backpacks to a massive tent with two rooms and an awning.

TWO ROOMS? In a tent?

I idly wondered what our fore fathers, who had hiked the Oregon trail in covered wagons with oxen and mules would have thought of a $ 350.00 tent.

Mary has dysentery.

Would you like to ford the river?

You can only carry 2000 lbs.

Would you like to purchase a 350 dollar tent that you will most likely only use once over the next year?

But Daniel didn’t even blink when the cashier told him the total. (I won’t repeat that number here, as it still gives me heart palpitations.) He handed her a shiny silver rectangle of plastic, which she swiped with what I was sure was envy in her eyes. Daniel just spent her entire monthly salary in the space of an hour without so much as a moments’ hesitation. I smiled at her and tried to convey my thanks and apologies in my expression.

What I was apologizing for, I had no idea.

Daniel was excited. He seemed very much like me on the first day of school by the time we got home to his house and unloaded the haul. He bounced on his toes, a movement I was very approving of considering the way it made his calves tense and his butt bounce. We laid it all out in the back yard, arrayed so we could see it in all of its newly purchased glory.

“So,” Daniel said, his hands on his hips, looking down and surveying his purchases, “we should set up the tent and some of the other stuff so we can get you used to it.”

His arm snaked around my waist and he pulled me tight to him. He kissed me on the gentle curve of my neck and I shivered a bit. I rested my hand on his ass and squeezed. It was becoming a natural reaction to his touch, and I loved that.

He was just so adorable and excited about all the camping gear and new outdoor accoutrement. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’d been camping dozens of times with the Scouts and my family as well. He was obviously enjoying the rare opportunity to teach me something, after months of me being the “smart one.”

cat-mens-toys-penis-enhance-sleeves-enhancers-compressorHe had, of course, taught me much much more than he would ever know, changed my life in so many irrevocable and ultimately positive ways. But he was never one to take credit for his own amazingness.

“We’ll probably be in some kind of camp ground, I’m sure,” he said, “but if we were going out on our own, remember to always pitch camp near water, on flat ground. Think about where the rain water might run off, ya know?”

I nodded and smiled at him, taking in everything he was saying even though I already knew it.

It only took us fifteen minutes to set up the massive tent Daniel had bought for us.

The dark green monstrosity was ten feet by ten feet with a huge zip up door, mesh lined windows at every side, and a second “room” that clipped to the ceiling poles and four rivets in the tarpoline floor. The entire thing smelled of plastic and chemicals, so Daniel unzipped the windows and let the late spring breeze flow through and wash away some of the “new tent” smell.

Daniel sat down on the floor of the tent and patted the space beside him, motioning me to sit with him. I did and snuggled in to him. He leaned his head on my shoulder and sighed lightly.

“Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to just give it all up. Go live in the woods somewhere a hundred miles from the nearest neighbor. Pull a Thoreau and go full tilt, ‘On Walden Pond.’ You ever think about that?”

“Of course. All the time. I think everyone does at some point.”

“Would you come with me?”

I wound my fingers through his and pulled them to my lips to lightly kiss the back of his hand.

“I wouldn’t do it without you.”

We sat like that for a while, watching the afternoon sunlight dance in and around the leaves of the massive oak trees, listening to his breathing lengthen and his body mold into mine.

“I love you so much,” he whispered.

I lay back and pulled him down to me, tilting his face up to mine and kissing him. He sighed into our kiss and snuggled into me.

“I love you too, Daniel.”

He laid his head on my chest and put his arm over my torso, his palm flat over my heart, his firm body pressed along my side. I lazily ran my fingers through his hair and stared at the roof of our new tent.

Daniel’s Mamma woke us up for dinner several hours later. The sun was nearly below the horizon and twilight had replaced brightness, painted the sky with broad strokes in deep purples and lilacs.

Daniel and I were still in the exact same position.

The next morning, if pre-sunrise can legitimately be called morning, Daniel and I parked the Jeep in the Senior parking lot at school. I was on my second travel mug of strong black coffee, thanks to Daniel’s ever- prepared Mamma, and was just beginning to feel almost human.

There were six large white vans in a long line. Coach B and several parent volunteer chaperones were packing the various tents and bags into the back of the vehicles. Our classmates, all 55 of them, were milling about the parking lot, chatting and sipping red bulls or Starbucks to-go cups.

“Dude,” Ian started, walking up to us, “you guys are almost late. I called us a place in the second van. Hurry the fuck up.”

Gordon and Tall Paul shuffled behind him like some kind of extras in a zombie movie: pale, grumpy, and distracted.

“How are you so damned perky?” I growled at Ian, sipping the heavenly black liquid and letting it slowly course through my veins, feeling more alive with every passing moment.

Ian shrugged and smiled.

“Dunno. Just a morning person I guess.”

“I hate you.”

“Ditto,” Gordon added, finally catching up to our little group.

Daniel unloaded our gear and stacked it behind the second van, waiting to be packaged in the trunk. When he was finished, he placed an arm around my waist.

“He’s super cute, but he can be a real bitch in the morning, guys. Give him an hour or two and he’ll be back to his usually charming self.”

I scowled at him, but my anger faded when he kissed my neck gently and grabbed my hand to lead me to the van entrance.

“It’s weird getting into one of these things and not be headed to an away game, right?” Tall Paul offered as Ian hopped lightly, despite his bulk, into the van and headed towards the long back seat.

I grumbled and nodded, pushing Paul up to sit next to Ian’s massive body. Daniel pushed me forward gently and I groaned while I took my seat next to Paul. Daniel soon sat next to me along the window of the back row and patted my leg, letting his hand rest lightly on my thigh. He had dressed me in an old pair of his khaki shorts that morning so his skin made contact with mine and made me shiver a bit.

“Hands, boys,” Paul teased. “No touching until we get there.”

“Fuck off, I’ll touch him if I want to,” Daniel shot back, not cruelly but in the playful banter I’d come to recognize as an integral part of the Jock Language.

I turned and childishly stuck my tongue out at Paul. He snorted a laugh.

“Fine, fine,” he said throwing his hands up in surrender.

“As you were, gentlemen.”

Daniel grabbed my hand and slipped his strong fingers between mine, squeezed tightly, and rested them on his lap.

“And where am I supposed to sit?” Gordon drawled, even more so than usual.

He was not a morning person either. Ian patted the seat in front of us, indicating that Gordon was to take that open space in the second row.

“Sorry buddy, only room for four of us in the back. You sit here and I’ll give you a shoulder massage.”

That seemed to tickle him to no end and he giggled and squirmed, delighted. For someone with shoulders as broad as Ian’s, a giggle and squirm meant that the rest of us were often bumped and prodded rather violently.

I wanted to punch him. No one had the right to be that active and perky before the sun was above the horizon. No matter how many visible abdominals they may possess.

“Deal,” Gordon said, climbing in and taking the seat. He shrugged his shoulders and readied himself for Ian’s promised massage. “Get to rubbing, ass hole.”

I was slumbering lightly on Daniel’s shoulder before we even left the parking lot. I woke up about two hours later, about half way through the four hour trip. My coffee was cold and disgusting when I took a sip, but I listened contently as Daniel pointed out the sights, our caravan winding slowly towards our destination.

It was just reaching mid-morning when the vans were finally unpacked, turned around, and rumbling back towards campus, stranding us in the mountains for the weekend. Some of my female classmates watched the vans disappear around a bend in the gravel road as if they were watching their sweethearts march off to war in some bygone era. Some were blanched completely white, clutching their quilted purses to their chests with claw like, white-knuckled well-manicured fingers. I wondered how long those manicures would last up here.

Who got their nails done before spending a weekend in the woods?

At least I didn’t look like them. Or so I hoped. Tired and groggy, yes? Afraid for my life and jumping and squealing any time an insect came within three feet of me… thankfully, not. Instead of jumping about, I contented myself with staring death glares at the bugs and small woodland creatures, classmates included, who dared come within my sphere of influence. Remarkably, it seemed to work and I was left largely unmolested. Better for everyone involved if I was left alone until my caffeine had taken full effect.

Daniel lugged all of our equipment down the marked path towards the camp ground, about 100 yards into the woods.

There was a large stone lined circular fire pit with wooden logs in a hexagonal seating area around it. The entire area in a 20 yard radius from the central stone fire pit was essentially flat, cleared of all brush and undergrowth, and dotted with tall pine trees that left plenty of open space for pitching individual tents.

“Ladies, to the right! Gentlemen, to the left!” Coach B barked loudly as we began to ramble in and about the campground. He waved his thick arms to indicate which gender should head in which direction. Parent chaperones were staking their claims at regular intervals between the assembling small groups of students, making sure to pepper the adults evenly between us youngsters.

“Where are you gonna put down?” Paul asked Daniel, as if it was the most common question upper middle class white teenagers asked on a daily basis.

“Head over there,” Daniel said, jerking his head to the far left side of the available space.

We ended up on the outside edge of the grounds, right were the undergrowth started to reclaim the forrest floor. Daniel faced the doorway to the big tent so that we could see the fire pit. Ian took a place to our left, Paul to the right. Daniel pulled a small pup tent from one of the bags, a basic two person affair with no standing room, and put it directly in front of the entrance to the big green tent.

“What’s that for?” Ian asked. “Aren’t you two sharing the big one?”

I was wondering much the same thing, so I stood from unpacking and waited for Daniel to answer.

“Of course we are. But they don’t have to know that.” He jerked his head towards the nearest parent chaperone, dressed head to toe in designer cammo that had to cost more than my car. The designer label was stitched in thread of gold above the left breast; I couldn’t help but shake my head in resigned disbelief.

“You actually brought a decoy tent?” Gordon twittered while nailing in the ground stakes to his own small blue tent.

I tried to stifle my smile but it was pointless.

Daniel had thought far enough ahead as to bring along a secondary tent, granting us a little more space between our sanctuary and the rest of the camp.

It was sweet. And practical!

We stored our equipment and my unnecessary sleeping bag in the small tent. If you didn’t stare too closely, it looked very much as if there was a teenaged boy ready to occupy the small space. And it left the vast majority of the big two room tent open for our use…whatever that might end up being.

When all four domiciles were erected and complete, it did feel like a semi-isolated area all our own.

The decoy tent was our little buffer zone. Our big pavilion towered over the three smaller ones that surrounded it. I felt like a knight with his entourage of squires, set up for combat on some medieval battlefield. If there had been tarps and plastics and brightly dyed fabrics not found in nature during that particular epoch.

Katy confidently sauntered towards our little gathering, picking her way past pine cones and small sticks as if she was walking a runway in Milan. Never mind that she wore tan suede hiking boots (with a small raised heel, I noticed. Where had she found semi high heeled hiking boots?!) and small short shorts. Imagine Elly-Mae Clampet goes camping, if Elly-Mae took semi annual shopping trips to Rodeo Drive with an American Express Black Card.

I stared at her, a little confused.

“Katy?” I asked, “What are you doing here?”

She arched an eyebrow at me and my stomach dropped.

Old habits.

“If you must know, Coach B and my father had a little chat and came to a gentlemen’s agreement that I should be able to join you guys despite being held back last year. Is that alright by you, Mr. Curious?”

I nodded and felt my face draining of all blood.

“Easy there, girl,” Ian interjected. “He was just asking is all.”

Katy’s easy smile returned almost instantly and she flounced happily past me with a gentle pat on the shoulder.

“It’s all good, boys,” she chirped happily. “You guys certainly lucked out, huh? The boys on the left girls on the right thing doesn’t really apply to you at this point does it? You’re lucky. Gonna be a dry weekend for the rest of us, so to speak. If any of those bitches over there were worth the effort, I’d be tempted to switch teams for the weekend myself.”

“I’m afraid it doesn’t quite work like that,” Daniel informed her.

She shrugged.

“Look at me?”

She did a little turn for us, arms wide out to her sides.

“You really think if I tried, I couldn’t convince at least one of them over there to climb mount Katy?”

Paul and Gordon looked like they were going to explode, their eyes wide, jaws slack. I’ll never understand the straight male obsession with the idea of lesbian interaction. Ian shook his head and smiled down at Katy like a proud older brother to his little sister.

“I’m sure you can get whatever you set your mind to,” I offered, hoping the ego boost would go some distance towards making up for my first outburst.

She smiled at me and patted my cheek sweetly, if a little harder than she may have absolutely NEEDED to.

“Aren’t you just the sweetest,” she drawled with her best bedroom eyes. I could see how that look could be effective. Gender be damned. “We’re going hiking in an hour, apparently. See you boys soon!”

She flitted away through the woods like some kind of fairy; a fairy with an impressive expense account.

“I kinda feel bad for the rest of the Upper School. That one is going to be a handful next year,” Ian remarked, inclining his chin towards Katy’s retreating back.

“Anything will be an improvement on Amy,” Paul added.

“Amen to that,” Gordon slurred, sounding a little more awake. I wished that my own liquid wake up aid would start to take effect. I still felt half asleep, despite the fresh air and change of scenery.

“Where is she, by the way?” Daniel asked. “I didn’t see her in the parking lot when we left.”

Our group looked up from setting up our little area and searched the campground for any sign of our former social Queen.

We found her far on the opposite side of the camp, as much distance as possible between our oasis and hers while still remaining actually inside the designated area. Her blonde hair glistened like gold in the morning sunlight, pulled into a high ponytail.

She was trying to set up her tent on her own. People streamed passed her, going about their business and setting up their own areas, completely ignoring the struggling and alone Amy.

She looked flustered. I doubted she had ever had to do something like this on her own. She had always had a cadre of compatriots around her at all times for as long as I’d known her. She was isolated now. I know I shouldn’t have cared, but my heart went out to her. I know what it was like to be invisible and walk through life like a ghost amongst the living.

“Should we go and help her?” I asked quietly. “Look at her. She’s trying to use rocks to hold down the corners of her tent! Even I know more than that. She’s gonna LITERALLY die or get eaten by a bear if someone doesn’t help her, she’s basically an INFANT!”

Ian placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed gently, halting my rising rant.

“You really are a great guy aren’t you?” he said respectfully. “She treated you like garbage and you still worry about her. I don’t think I would if I were you.”

Daniel’s arm slid around my waist and he pulled me close to him. He pulled me down to him and kissed me lightly on my cheek.

“You are a great guy. But I don’t think she’s ready for that just yet. She’ll be okay. See, Mrs. Swope is already there helping her out.”

The middle aged parent chaperone had taken notice of Amy’s struggle and was attempting to help her. Her daughter, however, refused to look directly at Amy and instead stood in a small group of three other girls who whispered behind their hands as they relished Amy’s continued downfall.

“Come on, baby. Let’s get ready for the hike okay?” Daniel cajoled demurely, leading me gently towards our tent.

The new tent chemical smell was lessened from our airing out but by no means was it gone. Daniel lead me inside and zipped up the front flap. We were alone for the first time since arriving. Well, as alone as one can be when a millimeter thick sheet of polyester was all that separated us from the outside world.

Daniel wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my body close to his, pressing our hips together and tilting his head up to kiss me, long and passionately.

“Mmmm. I’ve been wanting to do that for hours now,” he whispered.

“You can do it again if you want. I won’t mind.”

He kissed me again.

My heart leapt in my chest. I hugged his body closer to me, trying to pull him into me as much as possible. I was seriously contemplating skipping this hike and spending the time with Daniel in our little sanctuary. Maybe if we were really quiet they would forget about us and leave us behind.

“TEN MINUTES!” Coach B bellowed from outside. “At the fire pit in ten minutes folks! Chaperones keep an eye on your charges! TEN MINUTES!”

So much for skipping the hike.

“We should get dressed babe,” Daniel said, his fingers coming to the hem of my shirt. I instantly missed the feel of his arms around my waist, but only for a moment. He gently lifted the shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor. His placed his hands palm down on my chest and leaned in to kiss me again.

His kiss moved to the side of my neck, flowing slowly downward, across my bare collar bone. My head fell back and my eyes closed, letting the dappled green tinted sunlight dance behind my lids. He kissed down my chest, my abs, kneeling before me. His fingers slipped beneath my waistband and he lowered my pants and boxer briefs to the floor; I stepped out of them easily.

His kisses went lower, down my pelvis, brushing gently on the pale smooth skin of my hips and upper thighs. My fingers tangled into his black locks and I bit my lower lip to keep from sighing.

My cock started to swell and thicken, exposed now to the open mountain air. Daniel’s soft lips came ever closer to my manhood, kissing at my trimmed pubes and the base of my cock.

“Fuck,” I sighed, unable to stop it.

Daniel kissed my hardening cock and looked up at me, his big brown eyes glimmering in the green- tinted sunlight like some kind of magical fire.

He opened his lips ever so slightly and lowered his mouth to lightly flick the tip of his tongue over the head of my cock, taking the small drop of crystal liquid onto his tongue, making sure I watched as that piece of me joined with him.

He rose gracefully from his crouch and kissed me softly, one hand on my cheek and the other finding its home on my exposed ass cheek. I ground myself into him and felt my passions rising.

“I bought something I think you will like. For me to wear, I mean,” he whispered into me, breaking our kiss. “You want to see it?”

It took me a while to respond. I had to shake the hazy fog that always formed when Daniel and I touched, like a bubble that took shape around us and shut out the entire world and made everything else in existence seem far away and unimportant. Even time flowed differently in that bubble. What seemed like two seconds in the bubble could be hours in the real world. I was getting better at managing that. But he was just so damned…perfect.

“Hmm?” I mumbled, before his question finally sank in, “yes.

Sure. What did you get.”

Daniel smiled mischievously, kissed me quickly and bent to his backpack. When he stood he held a rather small square of khaki fabric that I assumed were supposed to be shorts.

“I went to the Boy Scout store and bought a pair of their little short shorts. I had to search for them forever; I think they’ve moved to the longer pairs of the green ones now, but I finally found these. I thought you might like them?”

He let the question hang in the air for bit, an uncharacteristic hint of insecurity in his voice.

“Put them on,” I said, my voice cracking and showing far too much excitement than I’d meant to.

Daniel’s shirt seemed to fly from his torso like magic. His shorts followed quickly and he stood in his jock strap, preparing to step into the little khaki shorts.

“Stop!” I commanded.

Daniel looked up at me, frozen with one leg raised.


“Just let me look at you for a minute,” I said, finding it hard to catch my breath. I’d seen him naked hundreds of times before, but sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference. He seemed to ooze a new kind of masculine energy that I hadn’t felt before. The nearness of nature and our removal from civilization made him seem somehow more primal than I had ever noticed. It was a highly pleasing realization.

Daniel stood straight and tightened his muscles for me, making his pecs bounce a bit. His eyes blazed with a wicked light that let me know we could start something right then and there that would leave us both breathless and exhausted for hours.

If we didn’t have to meet our classmates in less than five minutes.

“You like what you see, huh?” he teased me, doing a little turn to show me the curve of his spectacular ass, cupped and lifted by the thick white elastic of his jock.

I nodded.

“Well, my dirty minded love, you are just going to have to wait.”

“Do I have to?” I whined petulantly.

Daniel snorted a small laugh and leaned over to kiss me quickly.

“I promise I will make the wait worth your while, baby. Okay?”

“Fine,” I conceded. “If I must. But I won’t be happy about it.”

Daniel stepped into his little shorts and lifted them to his hips, fastening the bronze buttons. My jaw dropped. They hugged his legs tightly, straining over his thick thighs, coming down just to the middle of them. His ass looked like he was trying to shoplift two cantaloupes out of a grocery store in the back of his pants.

“I’ll take that as a good sign.”

“Yeah. Yeah, good sign,” I breathily mummbled.

cat-mens-toys-masturbators-sleeves-compressorDaniel tossed a pair of cargo shorts in my direction and a white tank top for each of us. He chose a pair of black bikini briefs for me to wear underneath. It took some doing to stuff my hard cock into the paltry cotton fabric, but soon enough my shaft was pressed along my hip to the best of my ability.

Daniel kissed me and patted my ass playfully.

“Ready babe?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Ian was right outside our door when he unzipped the flap. He had a grin on his face that went from ear to ear and he was obviously struggling not to laugh.

“First, those shorts are amazing, dude,” he said to Daniel, who promptly punched him in the gut. “And second, your tent casts some very interesting shadows. Like the worlds most erotic gay shadow puppet show. Where did you hide that monster cock of yours David?”

He barked a laugh and doubled over in a fit of giggles. For my part, I blushed bright scarlet.

“Get your mind out of the gutter and come on. Everyone is already at the fire pit,” Daniel admonished.

Coach B was quite the outdoorsman, it seemed, and he had picked a trail for our first hike that would lead to what he said were some of the most spectacular views this area of the Blueridge had to offer.

The trail was not very wide, only allowed us to walk side by side in groups of two at the most, sometimes narrowing in sections so that I had to walk behind Daniel with Ian behind me. I didn’t mind in the slightest. Those shorts he’d bought left very little to the imagination.

In fact, I had to fight my erection for the first hour of our hike.

Our little group hung to the very back of the long line of our classmates. We chatted amiably about everything from the upcoming graduation to my Valedictorian speech and our plans for the summer.

Around midday we reached an open space where the entire group rested on the fallen logs and ate the brown bag lunches that Coach B had prepared. Wooden trail signs pointed to the various directions we could go: Outlook Point, Blue Water Falls, Church Creek Mill Trail.

I sat beside Daniel and ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich happily, my thigh pressed into his. Ian joked about and showed off by dead lifting some boulders from the ground in an unnecessary display of his superior strength. As if the fact that his arms were bigger around than my chest wasn’t enough to hammer that point home already.

It was after one of these displays that Ian noticed me staring in the direction of one of our classmates.

He sat alone on a log and hunched in on himself a bit. He stared about nervously, eyes darting back and forth as if expecting someone or something to come for him at any moment.

God, but I remembered that look. I hated that I remembered it so vividly. I’d lived with that look as my near permanent state of being for years until just a few months ago. His brain was going full force right now, expecting something to happen to him, something most likely bad.

I knew him, of course. We were a small class, we all knew everyone.

Justin was like me: on academic scholarship, very bright, intelligent and a loner. He was tall, about 6 feet, and somehow seemed to be both etherial and sturdy at the same time. With a head of strawberry blonde curls that hung nearly to his eyes in perfect ringlets, he looked like something from a fairy fantasy painting, as if he should have a pair of dragonfly wings sprouting between his shoulder blades. His skin was pale and dusted with freckles but not overly so; his eyes were wide and open and so brightly green as to be almost off putting. Even his black rimmed glasses did nothing to obscure the intense emerald hue.

“Justin!” Ian called across the semi open space.

Justin looked up, his bright green eyes going wide as dinner plates and his already pale skin draining even more.

Ian patted the open space on the log between us.

“Come join us, buddy.”

I watched the shock play across Justin’s features, weighing the pros and cons of taking Ian up on his offer. Ian patted the log again.

“Come on, dude. We won’t bite.”

Justin rose on obviously shaky legs and crossed the space to stand before us. He sank to the log between me and Ian. Every ligament in his legs was tensed and his spine was straight as an arrow.

“Hi,” he said quietly in a pleasantly deep baritone voice.

“Hey,” Daniel said from my other side. “You having a good hike so far?”

Justin’s eyes were still wide, but to his credit, he nodded and answered that he was, yes.

“You wanna hike with us?” Ian asked abruptly and with a great deal of gusto.

Justin’s full mouth hung open a bit and he seemed at a loss for words.

“It’s alright,” I assured him with a gentle pat on his knee.

“Ian’s great. I know what you are thinking right now, and you don’t need to worry about it. You aren’t going to be thrown off the side of the cliff or anything. Promise.”

Justin smiled at me, still a little nervous. He had a beautiful smile, perfectly straight teeth. I vaguely recalled that there had been a few years when poor Justin had been a victim of that most dreaded social malady: braces, complete with head gear. It looked like it had paid off.

“Totally,” Ian said, throwing a huge arm around Justin’s shoulder, “you can be my hiking buddy, okay? Those two are glued at the hip, obviously,” he indicated me and Daniel, “and Paul and Gordon may as well be siamese twins.”

“Asshole,” Paul and Gordon said in tandem, proving Ian’s point and making us all laugh.

Even Justin, who relaxed visibly.

“Sure. I mean, if you don’t mind?”

“I insist,” Ian responded.

When our lunches were finished and our group was cleaned up and ready to return to the trail, Gordon pulled us to the side excitedly.

“I just asked Coach B if we could go on a side trail, ya know, explore a little,” he informed us. “He just rolled his eyes and turned his back. You know what that means. What he doesn’t see he can’t stop! Come on! Let’s go to the Falls!”

It didn’t take our now expanded group long to decide that The Falls would be a much more interesting hike than remaining with the rest of the class. We busied ourselves with absolutely nothing while the rest of the class and the chaperones started up the trail to the lookout.

Coach B even called the chaperone in charge of leading up the rear of the line up to talk to him at the head of the group, giving us ample opportunity to slip away.

I would have to remember to thank the man for his tacit understanding. Who would have thought that I’d come to admire an athletics coach so highly?

Gordon led the way down the trail that lead to the falls. It sloped sharply downwards, much steeper and more difficult than the easy stroll the rest of our classmates were taking.

Paul followed behind him with me and Daniel in the middle and Ian at the end, making sure that Justin didn’t fall behind or feel left out.

At several points we had to jump from boulder to boulder, using each other to pull us from one place to another. It was fun to watch Justin fly like a rag doll over the small ravines and crash into Ian’s muscled torso with a yelp. Ian smiled broadly each time, steadied our new companion and then continued on. Justin seemed to be in a state of perpetual blush, which only served to make him even more otherworldly.

The sound of moving water soon became clear. At first it was like a fly in the distance, only dimly registered, but with every step we took it grew louder and louder until it dominated the soundscape.

We rounded one giant boulder and suddenly there it was. The trail simply ceased at the stone lined bank of the river. One moment we were in the forrest and the next, at the river bank. It flowed quickly over large stones jutting from the surface, making small whirlpools and little white caps here and there.

Off to the left was the object of the trail: the falls. They were about 40 feet tall, maybe more; and they were stunning. The water flowed over the rim of the higher bluff and crashed into the wide pool below, a placid swimming hole about 50 feet across.

“That’s more like it!” Ian exclaimed as he pushed past me and the rest of the crew, driving to the head of the line.

As he barreled past us he tore his t shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes and socks. In a flash, his fingers undid the button on his shorts and he pushed them to the ground. There he stood in all of his naked glory, back to the group, muscles rippling, caressed by the midday sun and the spray. He spread his arms wide and lifted his face to the sun to take it all in. Then promptly climbed to a massive boulder and dove head first into the dark swimming hole.

“HEY!” we all shouted as one, all except for Justin who stood staring dumbstruck where Ian’s naked flesh had disappeared beneath the surface.

For a breathless moment, we all stared at where Ian had disappeared. My brain was going crazy! What if he had hit his head on an hidden rock? You don’t just jump without looking! He was built like a brick shit house and a Greek God, but that didn’t make him ACTUALLY immortal.

His smiling face broke the surface some 30 feet out in the center of the pool and he raised his arms above his head with a characteristic whoop of excitement!

“Oh man! That’s awesome! It’s deep and the water feels great, you guys. What are you waiting for?”

“You absolute jack ass! You could have been killed!” I scolded. Before I could stop myself, I found my wrist backed to my waist, hip cocked, and one finger wagged right toward where Ian’s head and shouldered bobbed above the water.

“Sorry Mom!” Ian chided sarcastically, treading water. “Come in! It feels amazing.”

I noticed my pose.

Yep. It’s true even at that age. No matter how hard you try, you will eventually become your mother.

Ian leaned back and floated on the surface of the water, his nakedness now truly visible. His average cock was semi hard, sticking above the waters surface; the sunlight on his mounded torso coupled with the glistening wet skin made an impressive sight.

“Jesus,” I heard Justin breathe behind me.

“Don’t let him worry you, Bud. He does stupid stuff like that all the time.” I clasped him on the shoulder and caught a glimpse of an interesting development from the corner of my eye. He was trying to hide it, but Justin’s pants were definitely tenting out in front.

“And don’t worry about that either,” I said, nodding to his growing erection.

Justin blushed and studied the stony riverbank intently.

“Alright, dumbass!” Gordon called, rapidly adding his clothes to the haphazard pile that Ian had left in his wake.

Paul was not far behind him. In seconds two more naked teen bodies slipped beneath the surface of the calm pool, followed by the sounds of splashing and boyish laughter.

“You coming, baby?” Daniel asked, coming to check on me.

“You go ahead, I’ll be there in just a second.”

“Don’t make me wait too long.”

He kissed me quickly and then scampered off to join our friends, his clothing flying off him as he ran.

I turned back to Justin and found him staring at me as if I’d suddenly grown a second head.

“Oh fuck,” I said, suddenly realizing what he must be thinking right now. “Sorry, dude. Totally forgot that you don’t know about any of this.”

“Ummm…,” Justin squirmed.

“So, Daniel and I are kinda…together. A couple? Ya know? I hope that doesn’t freak you out any?”

“No!” Justin squeaked quickly. “No, no it’s not that. I just….I mean I never suspected that…I mean, he’s Daniel! And you two are?”

“Yeah, I know the feeling. Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming myself. But there you have it.”

We watched the four boys horsing around in the pool for a bit, the occasional flash of bare ass rising above the water as they fought and jockeyed for position against each other.

“Wow. Just…wow,” Justin sighed, shaking his head and beginning to price it.

“They are great guys. Really. I never expected them to be. I mean you know what I mean being a….a nerd, like me. No offense.”

“None taken. And it’s not that…well not entirely.”

“What’s the matter then?”

Justin pointed to his crotch, indicating his now very obvious boner.

“So?” I said, “I’ve got one too. So do they.”

As if he knew I needed his help, Daniel floated on his back in the pool for a moment, his uncut cock sticking straight out, hard as a rock above the surface, his full balls floating lazily between his legs. I indicated Daniel’s condition to Justin as proof positive of my previous assertion.

“JUSTIN!” Ian called from the water, turning from the horseplay to gaze at the two nerds still standing fully clothed on the riverbank. “Come on dude! What are you waiting for?”

Justin looked to me, his fear and questions still fighting his obvious excitement for dominance over his features.

“Go on.”

Justin gathered himself visibly, sighed heavily, and then removed his shirt. His body was long and lean, similar to Paul’s but somewhat less defined. His skin seemed to glow in the sunlight. Unless I missed my guess, I thought I saw Ian’s eyes widen a little bit. Justin’s shorts joined his shirt on the ground and to his credit, he didn’t try to cover his erection.

And he had no need to.

He outstripped everyone there except for me. And he came damned close to giving me a good run for my money. He looked to be about my length, only a little less thick, but still far and away bigger than any of the jocks who stared at him from the swimming hole.

“Holy shit!” Ian gulped. “Dude! What do they feed you nerds?! Maybe I should have read more as a child, or something. For fuck’s sake, David, dude, he’s almost as big as you!”

Justin turned to me and smirked a small smile, apparently growing a little more at ease with the entire situation.

Being hung like we were did go a long way in making that transition a smoother experience. He handed me his glasses, which I placed carefully on a rock on top of a pile of discarded clothes. With a final steadying breath, he dove from the rocks and surfaced quickly.

Before he had time to brush his red-gold curls back from his face, Ian’s arms encircled him from behind and lifted him from the water for a moment, tossing him from side to side like a rag doll. Justin’s long thick cock flopped against his hips as Ian jerked him around.

“Took you long enough, bud!” He joked, mussing Justin’s sodden curls and swimming lazily around him.

I couldn’t help but think of a lioness circling her prey. Justin had no idea what was coming for him.

“New for me is all,” Justin admitted shyly.

I smiled to myself and watched the five of them splashing contentedly in the water. Like the hyper organized guy I was raised to be, I collected the abandoned clothes and folded them neatly into piles on a large rock. I added my own clothes to the piles and stood on the diving rock for a moment. It was fun to watch a new reaction to seeing my cock for the first time. It stood out in front of me, hard and straight, bouncing slightly to my heartbeat.

Justin’s mouth hung open a little.

I missed that. The jocks, at least those there at the moment, were already growing used to my size and girth. It was always a welcome ego boost. I dove into the water to join my friends, happy that they were my friends, that I finally had friends. I didn’t want to lose that, not yet. I wasn’t ready to face that. So I let the cool water wash away any fears for the future, what might come my way, and reveled in the moment.

For most of the distance across the swimming hole, I was able to stand flat footed on the smooth and semi-slimy river rocks that lined the bottom and have my head and shoulders above the surface. In the center of the pool, we discovered areas where the depth dropped off and we had to tread water to remain afloat.

It was heartening to see Justin begin to relax and splash back when the guys played around with him. He laughed and played and seemed to loosen up, easing into himself a bit, gaining a bit of the self confidence the jocks already had in spades.

Daniel and I swam lazily, floating on our backs, our fingers entwined as we let the sun warm our skin, our cocks still hard and pointing towards the clear blue sky. It felt amazing to be so exposed, so vulnerable and yet so secure. Anyone could have walked by that trail and found six skinny dipping teenaged boys horsing around in the cool waters at the base of the waterfall.

But I didn’t care. I was happy. Daniel’s fingers in mine, that was all that mattered, the cool water making all worry seem pointless.

cat-analWe had floated towards the waterfall, the spray raining down on our upturned faces. We stood and I felt his arms around my waist, on my ass cheeks, squeezing firmly and pressing his hard cock into my own beneath the water.

“Isn’t kissing your boyfriend beneath a waterfall supposed to be some kind of fantasy?” Daniel teased, wiping a strand of hair from my eyes.

“I don’t know.” I replied, “Why doesn’t my boyfriend kiss me and find out?”

He smiled at me, that crooked half smile that still sent me shaking inside and out. His lips pressed to mine and he sucked the air from my lungs, long and slow. His tongue danced over mine, hot and wet, strong and forceful, contrasting so sharply with the cool spray of the waterfall that I thought it must turn to steam on my skin.

I was so wrapped up in the electric shock his kiss sent down my spine that I didn’t even notice his hand leave my firm ass until he grasped my hard cock in an underhanded grip.

“Ahhh,” I moaned into our kiss, my head falling back, blinding myself with the sunlight.

I regained my composure quickly and returned to kiss him fiercely, my fingers clawing at his skin as he slowly manipulated my cock beneath the water.

Our kisses grew in intensity, faster and faster, keeping time with his increasing speed on my shaft. I slid my hand down the curve of his smooth ass, feeling the strength of the muscles tensing and releasing just beneath the surface. I pressed my middled finger to the valley between his cheeks and slid it between his mounds, feeling him relax and arch his lower back slightly. I pressed my finger tip to his puckered opening lightly and pushed.

“Oh god, baby,” he moaned, breaking our kiss, and burying his stubbly chin in the crook of my neck. He kissed me lightly as he fought the pleasure I could bring him with just one finger. “God I want to so badly, but the other guys? Won’t that…”

“What other guys?” I teased.

I of course knew they were still there, but the sounds of their splashing and horse play still echoed off the rocks. “They aren’t paying us any attention, baby.”

I pressed my finger tip inside his hole firmly, feeling him open for me and squeeze.

“Ahhhhh, oh god, yes…,”

He wound his arms around my neck, letting go of his grip on my cock. I pressed inside him again, a little more firmly, grinding my cock against his and sinking into him up to my second knuckle. I felt his whole body shiver against me, a ripple that ran from his chest to his toes.

“Again,” he moaned.

I pressed my finger all the way inside.

“FUCK! Yes!”

Daniel suddenly turned his head this way and that, as if he was looking for something. He found it quickly.

“Over there. That rock. Come on.”

Daniel moaned when my finger left his hole but he walked with quick determination towards a large nearly flat rock that protruded from the surface of the water, about 15 feet from the edge of the falls. When we reached it, he turned and quickly lifted me by my hips and sat me down hard on the smooth cold surface of the boulder.

The water was shallower there, only coming to just below Daniel’s belly button. Where he sat me on the boulder, I was completely out of the water, only my calves and below still dangling into the pool. My cock stood straight up, pointing right at the sky.

Daniel grabbed my shaft in his strong grip and jerked me slowly, the water making his job a little easier.

“Can they see us?” he asked, looking into my eyes as he gently stroked me, as if my answer to his question would determine what we would do next.

I turned to see if I could see the other guys. I could, but just barely.

This section of the pool was semi-secluded by a large tree that had fallen at the edge, its branches providing a screen of sorts. I could make out our other four companions through the branches, but I had to focus to tell them apart.

“Only if they are looking for us,” I said.

“How long do you think before they notice we’ve slipped away?” Daniel raised an eyebrow as he bent forward and kissed the sensitive head of my cock, pressing it to his full pouted lips while starting straight at me.

I immediately pressed out a drop of precum.

Daniel knew just how intensely hot that view was for me: my cock in his fist, the head pressed to his kissing lips while his deep brown eyes begged me for more. And to top it off, from my elevated position, I could see straight down the gentle curve of his spine to the twin globes of perfection that seemed to float from the surface of the calm water like a gay man’s Excalibur. He was bent at a 90 degree angle at the waist, leaning forward to lick and suck at my cock while I watched his bare ass wriggle back and forth, just partially visible above the water.

“Does it matter how long? Please baby?” I pleaded with him.

He smirked at me, quirked one arched brow at me, opened his mouth and slowly took me inside him.

I eased back onto my elbows as I felt myself slide into Daniel’s throat. His tongue worked slowly and deliberately, mimicking the lazy haze of the afternoon sunlight. His mouth was hot and tight, sucking on my shaft with increasing pressure. His fingers still gripped the base of my cock and jerked me slowly while he bobbed down my length. He took me inside him until I felt my cock head press into the back of his throat. His other hand cupped and rolled my balls slowly, tugging from time to time.

He moaned around his full mouth and pressed more of me into his throat, opening easily. He’d gotten practiced at taking all of my length. I watched his ass wiggle and thrust on the surface of the pool, sending small ripples out all around him.

“Oh!” a voice suddenly squeaked. “Sorry, I …I…I,”

Justin had swum around the fallen tree and come across our little show.

I couldn’t help but giggle thinking of just what Justin must have witnessed: Daniel’s bubble butt in full view, his tight hole winking at him over the surface of the water, the back of his dark haired head slowly moving up and down on my long cock.

Daniel pulled off of me and turned, holding my shaft firmly in his grip to find Justin’s shocked face. The poor kid had gone through a lot today. I felt for him.

“Hey, bud. Don’t worry! Okay. We should have waited. Didn’t mean to freak you out,” Daniel said, giving Justin his best charming smile.

I watched that smile take effect on him, smoothing his shock and awe to a dumbfounded slack jawed blankness.

Ahhh, how well I knew that look.

Ian swam up beside Justin and quickly assessed the situation.

“Did they put on a little show for you, Bud?” he asked to the still dazed new companion. “They have a tendency to do that.”

“Uhh, umm…, sorry, I just…” Justin mumbled, trying to find words, any words.

“Didn’t seem to upset you too bad, huh?” Ian hinted, glancing down beneath the water towards Justin’s crotch. “Little Justin seems to like it.”

That did the trick.

Justin lost his dazed and confused look and went straight to mortified blushing in a heartbeat.


“For what?” Ian asked. “I think it’s kinda impressive.”

Ian raised himself from the water a bit, standing to his full height, the water coming just to his waist. He broadened his chest and puffed himself out, his abs tightening and his massive chest dancing, erect nipples standing out like dark quarters on the broad planes.

He didn’t wait for Justin to adjust and acclimate to Ian’s display. It was DESIGNED to shock and awe, and it worked on Justin as it did on everyone else.

Ian reached across and grabbed Justin’s hard length under the water.

I thought the poor guy was going to pass out right there. His eyes fluttered closed and his mouth opened. His fingers shot forward and grabbed at Ian’s massive forearm, digging in hard to the smooth hairless skin. I watched small ripples begin to form around my fellow nerd as Ian slowly jerked his cock beneath the surface.

“See? No need to worry. Shit dude, you have one hell of a cock.”

Whatever came our of Justin’s mouth cannot be qualified as actual human speech.

“Come on.”

Ian walked towards us, Justin’s cock still in his fist, leading the poor boy by his shaft like a puppy on a leash. Justin plodded along behind him. Ian winked at me before he lifted Justin from the water as if he weighed no more than a sack of flour. Justin plopped down beside me on the flat rock and stared blankly before him.

I put my hand on the small of his back, trying to shake him from the stupor so he could truly appreciate what was about to happen. I was shocked that Ian was doing this myself. I had sensed he was curious, but never expected he would be so…direct…in exploring that curiosity.

“Follow my lead dude,” Daniel said to his friend with a wink, the two of them side by side in the water, between the open legs of two other guys.

“Oh, I think I’ll take to this like a fish to water,” Ian joked with a laugh.

In tandem, both jocks leaned forward and started to pleasure two nerd cocks on the shores of a river beneath a mountain waterfall.

“What the fuck is going on?” I heard Justin whisper in utter confusion.

I giggled a bit and rubbed the small of his back gently. He flinched a little at the contact.

“Just go with it. Relax. Feels good right?”

Justin’s eyes fluttered and he moaned loudly.

“Oh, god yes. I’ve never….this is… I’m a… god, that feels…,”

His brain was running in a million directions at once. But I caught his drift.

I would have to ask him when his cock wasn’t buried in Ian’s throat and his brain was back inside his skull, but I was pretty sure that this was his first sexual experience of any kind. Ever.

Justin was a virgin.

He would have some serious bragging rights for the rest of his life now: Ian was going to be his first. You could do worse. 99% of the rest of the world DID do worse, by default.

Daniel worked my cock faster, using his hands and tongue to jerk and suck me at once. Ian mirrored him. I watched Justin’s features change, watched the pleasure and intense shock play on his face. They seemed to be mirroring my own.

“Yeah, baby,” I urged Daniel on, “that feels amazing. Take it all…god, yes. Take my cock all the way.”

Daniel obliged and slowly pressed my cock deep into his throat until his nose rested on my pubes. I felt his muscles throbbing along my entire length. The tip of his tongue flicked at my balls in rapid motion.

“Oh FUCK!” Justin screamed, watching my cock disappear inch by inch into Daniel’s beautiful mouth. Without warning Ian yelped around Justin’s cock and pulled back quickly. Ropes of Justin’s bright white cum hit Ian full in the face, splashing into his smooth skin.

Before he had finished, Justin was apologizing profusely, repeating “Sorry, I’m so sorry,” over and over again.

On the other hand, watching Ian get a full load of teen boy juice plastered on his face was enough for me to spew a huge jet of precum down Daniel’s throat. My love was used to it and swallowed my offering easily, never stopping his gentle work on me.

“Hey, hey! No worries!” Ian tried to calm Justin, placing his big palm in the center of Justin’s chest, “I don’t mind.”

He licked his lips, tasting a little bit of Justin’s seed.

“Mmm. You taste pretty good dude,” Ian said with a wink. “Come on, slide down, bud. It’s fine, I promise.”

Ian reached his arms towards Justin, urging him to slide from the wide flat rock and rejoin him in the water. Justin seemed unsure at first, but Ian crooked his fingers and smiled. Justin pushed himself off the rock and began to slide towards Ian’s waiting arms.

Ian caught him easily and lifted him the rest of the way down, easing him back into the water slowly. He let Justin’s body slide down his own torso, his still hard cock pressed between Ian’s pecs and then down his abs until Justin was finally face to face with my massive friend.

“Your eyes are really pretty,” Ian said, pushing a red-gold curl from Justin’s forehead. “Never seen eyes so green in all my life. Thanks for letting me do that, okay? You wanna watch something real fun?”

Justin nodded, obviously still stunned. Ian still had white streaks of cum across his face.

“Your face is,…I’m sorry I didn’t know that I would…. So quickly, I mean. It just felt so….I’m so sorry,” Justin mumbled.

Ian used a thick finger to wipe a glob of Justin’s seed from his cheek. He brought it to his lips and sucked it clean.

“I don’t mind. Watch how the real masters do it, okay? That was my first attempt, but these two have been fucking for months now. They can teach us a thing or two.”

Daniel had never ceased his working on my cock and I had tried to split my attention between the electric sparks he was forcing through my body and the burgeoning relationship that had just blossomed out of absolutely nowhere between Ian and Justin.

But Daniel’s patience with my fractured attention had come to an end.

I felt his hand on my ankles. He lifted my legs from the water and bent my knees, placing the soles of my feet on the flat rock. At the same time he took all of my cock deep into his throat and tightened his muscles around me.

With my knees bent and Daniel placed below me on the rock, he had a direct eye level view of my opening.

He only gave me a knowing, mischievous glance up through his thick eyelashes. No other warning. His thick index finger suddenly invaded my hole in a single thrust and arched upward hard. He knew exactly where my spot was now and he pressed it over and over.

“Ahhhhh! Fuck! Oh, god. Oh, god!” I screamed.

My arms lost the strength to hold myself up and I fell back to the smooth surface of the rock. My vision flashed to white. I had no choice but to stare straight at the sun high above. My eyes closed tightly against the blinding glare and the intense pleasure.

Daniel drew my slick cock from his throat and used his free hand to jerk my cock, pulling it down between my legs so that it pointed straight up.

“Oh fuck yes, Baby. Finger my hole. Faster!”

I writhed against his finger. I tried to fuck myself against his hand but the rock was hard to move against. Daniel blasted in and out of me, faster and faster, his grip on my cock mirroring his work on my hole.

“You want me to fuck that tight ass?” Daniel growled at me.

“Fuck my hole, oh god.” I panted.

He added another finger and I screamed like a wild animal, my fists beat at the hard rock beneath me, my hips thrusting into the open air.

“Cum for me baby. Show them how it’s done. Shoot that huge load for me.”

Daniels two fingers worked in and out, twisting and stretching my hole.

“I’m gonna…fuck baby…I can’t..ahhh….I’m…”

I think I hit my head pretty hard on the rock as my orgasm overtook me. Daniel had pushed a third finger in and my body erupted. My neck lost all strength to help up my head, my blood pumped loudly in my ears, echoing inside my skull and drowning out even the sound of the waterfall crashing against the rocks only 15 feet away. I felt my balls pull up almost entirely inside my body as Daniel’s fingertips pressed into my spot hard and long with intense pressure.

“Oh my god!”

I don’t know who said that. It could have been me. Probably was. Also very possible that it was the assembled crowd who watched the first volley spew from my long thick member. I know that I felt at least three streams of heavy hot cum leave my cock before the first one actually splashed down onto my stomach. Daniel had aimed it straight into the air.

“Yeah baby. Fuck that’s hot.”

I panted on the rock, unable to catch my breath or lift my head to face my friends.

I felt myself slowly settling back into my body, the sun warming me and bringing me back to life after what felt like a long long time. I felt Daniel lift me from the rock, taking my entire limp body weight in his arms and sliding me into the water. The cold shock of it brought me fully back to my senses by the time my feet settled on the smooth rocks on the bottom.

“Wow,” Justin sighed.

His cock was still hard, pointing towards his face, about four inches of it sticking above the water like an erotic snorkel.

Daniel kissed me gently and held me close to his body, steadying me against his chest and taking some of my weight until my strength returned fully.

“That was awesome baby,” I sighed contentedly, leaning my head on Daniel’s shoulder. “Ian, you still have cum on your face.”

Ian grinned, scooped some water in his cupped hands, and washed his face quickly.


I nodded.

“Thanks again,” Justin whispered.

He rose on his toes and brushed a quick peck against Ian’s cheek, his lips just barely making contact before he pulled back and stared at the water. Ian’s eyes went wide for an instant, but he recovered quickly.

He snaked his big muscled arm around Justin’s slim waist and pulled him a little closer to his side.

They made quite the pair: the huge, built, tan, muscle god and the slim fairy like being he seemed to be protecting in his arms.

“Thank YOU, dude,” he replied sincerely.

I wasn’t entirely sure, but I think Ian was actually blushing! At the very least, he was a little nervous. He couldn’t meet Justin’s gaze, but stared at the water instead. I hadn’t seen him truly nervous around another person in a very long time.

“What time is it?” Daniel asked to no on in particular.

We all shrugged.

“Probably getting close to the time to head back, I guess,” Ian replied. “We should dry off and start heading back soon.”

Daniel led the way, walking slowly around the shallow edge of the pool to where I’d left our clothes folded on the rocks. We all followed him.

I couldn’t help but ogle him from behind as he climbed towards the bank. The water streamed down his broad back and over his perfect ass. He ran his fingers through his hair and shook himself dry as much as he could. He found a wide, empty, sunny spot along the slowly flowing river and sat down easily. I sat beside him. Ian and Justin took seats beside us.

I laid back, my still hard cock flopping against my stomach. Daniel cozied up next to me, his head on my chest and my arm over his shoulder, my palm flat on the trimmed chest hair.

To my surprise, Justin mirrored our position, snuggling up to Ian’s bulk. His fingers traced Ian’s smooth skin and ran over the bumps and mounds of his abs, getting ever closer to his shaved prick but never quite reaching for it.

“Don’t you all look comfy cozy.” Gordon slurred from above us. He stood with his back the sun, obscuring his face. Tall Paul stood next to him.

“Shut up and dry off. We gotta get back to camp soon.”

The pair sat down and laid back on the other side of Daniel.

My fingers brushed against Daniel’s nipple and I felt him shiver against my side.

“Sorry, babe.” I said.

I wasn’t REALLY sorry. I flicked his nipple again.

“Mmmm. Do that again.”

I tweaked his hard nipple and he moaned, pressed his lips to my neck and kissed the sensitive skin.

“I didn’t cum yet…” Daniel whispered.

“Awwww,” I cooed gently. “Is someone feeling left out?”

I reached between his legs and found his cock ready for me. I grasped the smooth silky skin of his shaft and tugged gently, watching his foreskin cover his engorged head and then roll back again.

“Yes, baby,” he whispered, “jerk my cock for me.”

I leaned down and turned his face up to meet mine, kissing him gently. The sun on our bare skin felt amazing and life affirming. Daniel’s cock throbbed in my grip as I worked him up and down.

“You didn’t….you know…either, did you?” Justin asked Ian quietly.

“You don’t have to….ohhh,shit…” Ian moaned.

Good for Justin.

If the heavy breathing coming from beside me was any indication, he had worked up enough courage to take Ian’s rock hard tool in his hand.

“Well if ya’ll are gonna do it, might as well,” Gordon said.

Though Daniel’s heavy breathing and ever increasing pants and moans into my ear were more than enough to spur me on, I would be lying if I said the other three cocks being worked on either side of me didn’t help set the mood.

“Yeah baby…faster….I’m getting close,” Daniel breathed.

“You want to shoot that hot load for me, babe?” I teased.

“You want this hot cock buried in my tight nerd boy ass?”

“Oh fuck, keep going.”

“Ditto,” Ian growled.

“Cum for me baby,” I prodded, jerking Daniel’s gorgeous cock faster and faster, working my thumb over his head and gathering his precum, smoothing it over his silkky tanned skin. “Give me that load. I want it. Cum for me.”

“Oh god…faster…don’t stop…I’m gonna…oh god.”

anal-cat-butt-plugsI felt Daniel’s cock expand in my grip, felt the thick vein that ran along the underside of his manhood throbbing. I shot forward and placed my lips around his hard cock head. With two more strokes, he unloaded into my mouth.

I swallowed him as he shot, stream after stream of thick hot seed hitting my throat and coating my tongue.

“Oh holy fuck! You don’t have to, Oh FUCK!” Ian bellowed behind me.

I turned my gaze, Daniel’s cock still spewing it’s last blasts onto my tongue, and saw that Justin had swallowed almost half of Ian’s shaft and was taking his thick jizz in his mouth with natural ease. And obviously enjoying it. His cock throbbed and bobbed between his long lean thighs, leaking another thick load down his shaft without him even touching himself.

We lay there for several long minutes, letting the setting afternoon sunlight dry our skin, evaporating the cool droplets of river water and our cum, leaving wide streaks of chalky white on our thighs and chests like salt on the roads after a blizzard.

Well, those of us who didn’t have someone to give our loads too anyway. Paul and Gordon, Justin and I, all bore the marks of our pleasure. Daniel and Ian were free of the stains. I caught them both looking at the others, admiring our badges of orgasm while we re dressed in the neatly folded piles of clothes I’d organized before we began our aquatic adventure.

The trek back up to the place were the trail diverged and we’d climbed down to the falls was MUCH more difficult to journey on the uphill.

I was a sweaty mess of limp hair and heaving chest, aching legs and back muscles when we finally crested the final hurdle nearly an hour later. More than a few times, Daniel had had to physically stop me from tumbling head over heels down the steep path when I lost my balance or misjudged a leap between two large rocks or roots.

Ian kept Justin directly in front of him.

I may not be the most coordinated or athletically gifted person to have walked this green earth, but compared to Justin, I was an Olympian. He fell backwards into Ian’s chest and waiting arms more times than I could count.

No one could be that clumsy! I got the feeling that he was feigning his missteps just to be rescued again and again by the wall of strength and stability that lumbered watchfully behind him. And his efforts were not going unpaid. Every time Ian managed to steady the tumbling nerd once more, set him back two feet on the ground, he would look down and smile warmly. And Justin’s impossibly green eyes smiled back.

Oh yes, something was definitely brewing there.

Finally, we were safely at the top, hands on our knees and attempting to catch our breaths. Even Ian sucked in giant gulps of air that made his chest appear almost obscenely large. I noticed the bulge in Justin’s shorts as he watched the big lout from the corner of his eye.

We were discussing which direction to turn in order to find our hiking classmates, when a growing noise from off to the left, where the path lead to the lookout point, answered the question for us.

Quickly, we moved a few yards back down the Falls Trail and edged behind a large rock. The first of the group we’d abandoned for the detour came into view on the flat ground above.

“No stopping! All downhill! Chaperones to the front! Almost there!” Coach B barked.

The group was going at a very rapid clip, Coach B attempting to beat the setting sun. It still stood well above the tree line, but when it sank behind in a few short hours, darkness would fall quickly.

When the final student scrambled past, our group bounded back up the Falls Trail and rejoined the tail end of the departing line. We waited for a moment to see if we’d been discovered.

No one turned or paid us the slightest mind.

Apparently, they didn’t teach a class on chaperoning before they let parents sign up for the job.

Never mind that, it all worked in our favor; we arrived back in camp and walked to our little enclave as if none of our afternoon detour had happened. Justin came with us, I was happy to see, urged by Ian’s big hand on the willowy smaller boy’s shoulder.

While the rest of us dressed and readied ourselves to join the group around the campfire for roasted hot dogs and S’mores, as was traditional, Ian helped Justin disassemble his tent from a section about 30 yards away and reassemble it right next to his own, within the bounds of our little protective clique enclosure.

It really was a lovely evening.

I was surrounded on all sides by friends, Daniel pressed close by me on the fallen log seat. How strange it was to think that if I’d never had spent that first night with my Daniel in Boston, all those weeks ago, if we’d never become what we’d become, I would still be here: but how different that would have been! I would be on the end of that log, closest to the chaperones, staring at the flames, lost in my own thoughts, trying to remain small and unnoticed, quiet and unassuming.

Instead, know I smiled and laughed and let myself relax among people who had truly come to know me.

Justin seemed to be lost in some similar daydreams. Every now and then his bright green eyes would go misty and wide, the leaping oranges and yellows of the fire pit playing across their glassy bright surface; in those moments he was far away, looking down on what was happening to him, as if it were a dream. I remembered that feeling.

By the time the Coach was ready to start telling the expected assortment of stereotypical camp fire ghost stories ( the man with the hook for the hand, etc.) Daniel scooted from the log at my side and shuffled between my thighs, his upper arms resting across my legs and his head falling back to my stomach.

Two or three sets of eyes widened when they noticed his move.

I saw one or two of the girls turn their heads and begin the raise their eyebrows and mouth things to their closest companions. Katy noticed as well. She was on the far edge of the ring, nearly directly opposite from our group. She stood abruptly and moved to the outside edge of the circle, like she was “It” in our grade-level wide game of Duck-Duck-Goose. She started walking deliberately towards us, her head down. I watched her lips moving silently as she came nearer. At the same time, I saw the eyes of every person she passed suddenly go a little wider, a little rounder. Sometimes their mouths hung open just a bit. As she passed them, they shook it off and began to stare intently, anywhere but in our direction.

“That should do it. You’re welcome boys!” Katy sighed as if she’d just spent a tiring afternoon mowing the lawn and needed a refreshing glass of lemonade.

“What did you do to them?” I asked. “Are you a witch or something? Are they gonna be okay? Look at em! No one is even looking within five feet of us.”

Katy giggled.

“I simply told them all that the things I know about each and every one of them might accidentally find their way into the yearbook if they didn’t shut the fuck up, grow the fuck up, and leave other people’s business to themselves.”

“You threatened them?” Daniel asked, a little taken aback, but still lying comfortably between my legs. I let my fingers graze the sides of his temples, feeling his silky hair move beneath my fingertips.

“It’s not a threat. Just a reminder. Simple reminder is all.”

Daniel raised his eyebrow at her.

“Hey! I can’t help it. I have a certain position socially now, alright? There are rules and stuff. You can’t expect me to become Little Miss Goody Two Shoes overnight, okay? Geeze! At least I’m using my powers of darkness for good, right?”

Daniel couldn’t help but smile at that. Neither could I.

“We appreciate it, Katy,” I confessed sincerely.

Whatever she had done worked like a charm. No one paid us or our group any attention whatsoever. Not even when Coach B announced it was time to adjourn to our tents until morning.

Daniel wasted zero time in removing layers of clothing as we walked. By the time we passed the buffer tent, where my bags were stored and I was supposedly spending this evening, he had a pile of shoes, socks, shirt, and belt; and he held up his unbuttoned and unzipped shorts with one hand. He tossed the entire contraption in the little tent. He didn’t even both to zip it back up.

“Someone’s in a hurry,” I joked. “Slow down, babes. There’s no rush. We have all night.”

Daniel kicked his shorts free and stood in the doorway of our big green tent. He was in only his white jock strap.

It seemed to glow in the moonlight, beckoning to me. He reached casually between his thighs and cupped his full nuts in one large hand, squeezing them and lifting them towards me.

“Well, I can’t argue with that!”

My clothes joined his in the decoy tent. I, however, took the time to zip it up, just in case. No need to tempt fate or whatever furry critters roamed around at night.

I joined Daniel in the entrance of the tent, my arms moving around his waist, feeling the soft hairs of his stomach and my cock already rising to meet what was sure to begin any moment.

“Hey,” Ian interjected as my lips brushed across Daniel’s cheek. “Mind if we join you guys?”

He asked the question sheepishly, eyes downcast.

When he noticed the state of our undressing and obvious arousal, he quickly averted his eyes.

“Oh! Sorry. Didn’t mean to…interrupt…Shit. Sorry, dudes.”

Justin held a rolled sleeping bag to his chest and shuffled nervously behind Ian. He looked as if he would bolt any moment.

“Why can’t you use your own tent?” Daniel asked, resting his hand on my ass and squeezing hard. My eyes bulged, but other than that, I think I did a good job of hiding my arousal.

“I…well, I didn’t measure it first. It’s too small. Our feet stick out…I mean…MY feet stick out the end.”

“Dumbass,” Daniel grumbled.

He sighed high and dramatically.

“Get in, then. But I make no promises that you aren’t going to see things you might not want to. Our tent, our rules. You stay, you stay quiet. Understood?”

Ian and Justin both nodded as their smiles broadened.

Daniel jerked his head, and Justin and Ian scooted into the large tent as Daniel zipped us up inside for the evening.

Daniel had zipped together two sleeping bags for us to make one giant two person arrangement. Even as big as it was, it only took up about a third of the overall interior space. Daniel climbed in the far corner, nearest the back wall and I scooted in beside him, laying facing towards the middle of the tent. I pulled his big arm over my chest and cuddled back into him, levered on one elbow, my head in my hand. Daniel kissed the nape of my neck and I wound my finger into his and held our entwined grip to my chest, feeling the rise and fall of it and the steady drumming of my heart through our grasp.

Justin arranged his sleeping bag next to mine, towards the center. Ian placed his behind that, along the opposite wall. It was a nerd sandwich on Jock bread. So to speak.

Justin lay on his side, facing me. The much broader and hulking form of Ian rose like a large hill behind him, mirroring Daniel and I. However, Ian did not touch the fairy like strawberry blonde. Just hovered behind him. Justin was tense, anticipating a touch, craving it, but scared it would come; just as frightened that it wouldn’t.

I winked at him reassuringly.

He smiled back and bit his lower lip.

I nuzzled back into Daniel and felt his growing hardness press into my ass. I ground myself slowly into him, urging him on as my hand lead his to wander down my chest to my stomach and over the bulge in my tight underwear.

My eyes fluttered closed, but before they did I saw Justin’s green glowing eyes, still so bright even in the dim verdant moonlight that filtered through the wall of the ten. They widened a bit and his full lips parted.

Daniel ground himself into me. His fingers unwound from mine and continued to press into my skin. He worked them under the elastic of my waistband, inching closer and closer to my cock, over the trimmed pubes until he grasped me in his warm, rough fingers.

“Mmmm…yesss…,” I moaned, thrusting myself into him. My arm came up to press his lips to the small of my neck. I turned so I was flat on my back and Daniel hovered above me. I laced my fingers behind his neck.

“Want to show these guys how it’s really done?” I teased him, pushing my now hard cock firmly into his vice grip.

I pulled him down to kiss me. His mouth opened for me and in an instant the other boys disappeared.

My fingers grabbed for the muscles of Daniel’s back, down his spine and to his ass. I felt it clench and unclench as he ground into my hips. I could just make out the growing wet spot as his precum began to seep through his underwear and mine, reaching my skin.

“Fuck this…I can’t stand it…Can I kiss you, please?” Ian suddenly blurted out from somewhere in the void that surrounded us.

Daniel and I froze in the middle of our kiss. Our eyes both turned to look at our companions. Ian was raised on one massive arm.

He looked down at Justin, who lay flat on his back, his eyes wide, his mouth open and working, no sound coming out.

“Say something Justin,” I whispered, trying to jumpstart the boy.

Justin nodded. Just the tiniest movement of his head towards his chest.

Ian leaned in and kissed him long and slow. I heard the air leave Justin’s lungs, saw him go rigid as a board before he gave in and melted into Ian’s kiss.

Slowly, as if on strings controlled from somewhere high above him, Justin’s long arms floated from the floor and hooked behind Ian’s thick neck. I doubt he actually could have pulled the muscle god in any direction, but Ian took the hint and sank onto Justin’s lithe form slowly.

“That didn’t take long…,” Daniel whispered at my ear, his voice full of knowing mischief.

“Hush, you, ” I scolded and slapped him playfully on the ass. “I think it’s sweet.”

Daniel kissed me gently.

“Nothing like another couple to bring out the competitive side in me. Shall we?”

Daniel gracefully moved one of his hairy legs over me so that he was more fully on top of me.

“Let’s get these pesky clothes off first,” I giggled in anticipation.

I pushed his jock below muscled ass and we both wiggled and maneuvered to remove our last remaining clothing. In the process, our double bag became mostly unzipped, the protective top layer flung back to reveal our nakedness to the rest of the tent.

Justin and Ian didn’t even notice.

The wet tongue sounds coming from beside us said that those two probably wouldn’t notice if a Grizzly bear decided to take up residence with us for the night. Justin looked like he was trying to climb inside the large muscled boy, his lean lanky limbs and long fingers searching for somewhere, anywhere on his muscled form to grab on to.

Their separate sleeping bags were not helping the situation.

Ian soon took care of that obstacle with rather too much force than was called for.

A great loud ripping noise tore through the tent as Ian yanked Justin’s bag open with one hand. I heard a distinct tear. At the very least, the zipper was stripped.

But the result was that Justin’s pale naked skin shone in the green light, his massive prick contained only by a pair of white cotton briefs. Ian looked down at him, watching his small chest rise and fall, the almost Elven proportions and long graceful lines of his body making the new boy seem positively otherworldly. Even his red-gold hair arranged on his pillow like something from a fantasy novel.

Justin yelped when Ian growled low in his chest before he pushed his mouth to his fast and passionate.

Daniel smiled and retuned to kissing me.

I soon forgot the ball of limbs and lust that was writhing beside me as his lips pressed to my collar bones, sucking lightly, the tip of his tongue flicking gently over my skin.

He kept his grip on my cock and slowly stroked me as he worked down my chest. He took one nipple into his mouth and bit down hard and firm, his teeth making my chest rise from the floor as I pressed his head to my breast. My cock leaked in his hands. He rubbed the clear liquid into my shaft with one wide thumb.

My Daniel kissed and licked past my belly button and on the tender space where my hips joined.

“I want you to make love to me baby,” he whispered.

I watched his soft brown eyes, tinted green and glimmering in the moonlight, gaze up at me from between my legs for the second time that day. He kissed the base of my shaft.

“Will you fuck me tonight. Long and slow?”

He kissed further up, pelting inch after inch of my sensitive underside with his gentle kisses.

“Push this big thick cock deep inside me? Let me feel you fill me up? Hmm?”

His tongue flicked between his lips as he darted it over and around the slit of my cock, gathering some of my fluid to his lips and mixing it with his saliva.

“Please? Baby?”

He opened his mouth and sucked gently on the very tip of my cock, his lips pursed around me, my cock outlined on their soft surface.

I couldn’t find words. These jocks could apparently reduce us nerd to speechlessness with ease. I took a page from Justin’s playbook.

I nodded.

I saw Daniel’s mouth curve up in a wicked half smile half smirk before his body became a blur. One moment he was resting on his knees between my legs and the next, the perfect globes of his ass were just centimeters from my face, his hot tight hole begging me to get him ready.

“Get me wet, baby. Ready for that huge cock…,” Daniel moaned, turning to look at me from over his shoulder, pressing his ass back towards me as if daring me to make the next move.

I grabbed at his waist and pulled him down onto me. My tongue found the sweet space between his cheeks and I flicked and circled him at lightning speed. Daniel thrust his hips back into my tongue, fucking himself against me face as I worked him in and out. His spine straightened and he grabbed my cock in both of his hands as if to steady himself. He jerked slowly and rocked back and forth against my onslaught.

I gasped when I felt my cock disappear inside his throat. Daniel took me nearly to the base. I screamed in pleasure but never took my lips from his tight hole. I spread his cheeks as wide as I could between my hands and kissed and rimmed him while he sucked me deep inside.

We didn’t realize how loud we were.

Daniel had my cock firmly in his throat and my face was buried deep inside his muscular bubble butt when we noticed that the tent had gone silent. We turned our gaze a bit to find Justin’s thick straight cock in Ian’s grip, but both boys staring directly at us.

“Sorry,” Justin murmured when he noticed that we had noticed them. “Keep going.”

Daniel pulled off my cock. It shone slick and wet and glistening in the air.

“You liked that huh?” Daniel asked. He moved one hand to his own cock and slowly stroked his hard uncut cock for them, squeezing a jet of precum from it to fall to my chest.

Ian nodded in answer to Daniel’s question.

“Then you’ll love this.” Daniel grinned.

He flipped around just as fast as he’d done before, this time straddling my hips and facing me. He leaned over me on one arm, reached behind him with the other and grabbed my cock in a reverse grip.

He lead my cock to his hole and wiggled it over the surface. His eyes rolled back and he moaned, looking down at me.

“I’m so tight tonight baby. God, I want your cock inside me. Go slow okay?”

He pressed his hips back and I felt my cock head pop inside him, squeezed tightly by his hot chute.

“Ohhh, fuck yes,” he moaned.

Justin and Ian both gasped.

Slowly Daniel sank down my shaft, taking each thick inch deep into him. His head fell back and his eyes closed, his lip clenched between his teeth and he concentrated. I felt myself ensconced, held motionless firmly by him. I pressed past the hard ball of nerves inside him and watched him shiver when it did. He settled onto my hips and breathed deeply to adjust.

When he stared down at me, his eyes were clouded with lust, that fullness and animal satisfaction that only comes from joining completely with the one you desire most.

“Make love to me, David,” he quavered on shaky limbs. “Oh god, you feel so good inside me. Fuck!”

He fell forward, his torso collapsing onto mine, his face buried in the top of my shoulder. His hard cock, pressed between our stomachs, leaked a steady sticky sweetness onto our skins.

Slowly at first, I thrust my hips up into Daniel, pushing him from the floor, feeling the weight of his lower body sink him even deeper onto my cock.

“Oh god, please…more,” he whined into my neck, softly kissing my earlobe.

I pulled back and thrust up more quickly. I felt his ass clench around me and spasm when I brushed his prostate.


In and out.

Each time I thrust back inside him, Daniel seemed to raise a little bit from his collapse onto my chest. As if each thrust of my cock ratcheted his spine straighter and straighter, like tightening a screw.

In short order he was straight upright again, his hands palm down on my chest as he rocked in complete synchronicity with my thrusts.

His uncut cock pointed to the roof, but he didn’t touch himself. My fingers dug hard into his hips, pushing him upwards so I could get a deeper angle and then pulling him down to settles. My cock felt like I moved through silk and steel. His ass gripped and released in measured waves.

“Oh god. Fuck me baby. Fuck me!” Daniel babbled over and over.

“Does it hurt?” Ian mumbled meekly.

Daniels eyes shot open and he stared off to his right.

His eyes were wild and harried with pleasure. He never stopped his rocking, never stopped the measured pull and tug on my shaft, milking my cock with his entire body. I tried to focus on Ian’s question, but

Daniel was making it very difficult.

“Does it look like it…ohhhh, my god.”

Daniel’s fingers clenched on my chest as a wave overtook him.

He leaked a huge jet of precum onto my chest and growled like a panther as he rode the wave. My cock pulsed a twin stream of lubrication deep inside of him as well.

“It’s amazing…,” he finished. He leaned in to kiss me.

“Fuck,” Ian mumbled. If Daniel moved like lightning, Ian moved like molasses.

anal-cat-training-kitsBut each move was deliberate and unstoppable. He rolled onto his back and easily scooped Justin up from the ground beside him, tossing him almost fully into the air. He landed on top of Ian, his small body not even coming close to covering the wide mass of muscle and bulk beneath him. Justin’s hands looked almost like a dolls on the broad planes of his hairless chest.

Before Justin could adjust to the new position,Ian leaned forward and kissed him quickly.

Daniel still undulated on top of me in slow rocking waves, but the thrusts were more shallow now. We were both engrossed in the pair beside us, but still unwilling to totally cease our own building passion.

“I want to…I mean…would you? For me?” Ian mumbled.

Justin hesitated.

He looked like a bird, his green eyes darting this way and that, trying to see if he could escape.

“You don’t have to it you don’t want to, I just…”

“I want to!” Justin blurted.

He leaned in to kiss Ian quickly on the lips.

Ian looked a little dazed but Justin continued.

“It’s just…I haven’t…I mean…I’m still a…virgin. I don’t want to do it…..bad ya know? What if I’m…”

He trailed of.

Ian raised a big hand to cup the side of his face.

“Hey. I am too. A virgin. With this. Don’t worry though. If you want, I’m sure it will be…”

“It will be wonderful,” I finished for him.

Daniel squeezed his muscles all over my cock, buried to the hilt inside him and I shivered, giving a little extra weight to my words. I knew of where I spoke.

“Just go slow okay?” Ian asked.

Gently, he reached between himself and Justin and jerked Justin’s ample cock a few times, using his precum to get him slick and wet. He guided Justin’s cock head slowly to his ass. His knees raised slightly towards his chest, Justin’s thin body almost becoming lost between his tree-trunk thighs.

Well I certainly hadn’t been expected THAT to be the starting point for Ian.

Maybe I was still holding on to some of my own stereotyped, but if I’d been a betting man, I would have wagered the house with no reservations that Ian would have wanted to be the one to fuck Justin’s high tight virgin ass. Apparently, Ian was more curious than I’d realized.

“Oh fuck…That’s intense.”

“Push out,” Daniel offered.

Though Ian could never know it, as he instructed his friend, Daniel’s own body followed his advice, pushing out and squeezing me back in, sending jolts of electricity through my body as he rode me slowly. I inched ever closer towards release.

“Oh my god! Oh god…oh it’s so big.” Ian moaned.

Justin’s face was a mask of blankness, his eyes wide and staring his jaw slack. I couldn’t see it, but I imagined his thick straight, milky complected cock, so close to my own in proportions, pushing ever deeper in Ian’s virgin ass.

They both must have been on fire!

As if to prove me false, Ian’s massive body shivered hard, convulsing on the ground. His eyes rolled back in his head and the breath left his body. His arms came above his head and he relaxed entirely into it.

“Keep going. Oh god, I never expected it to feel like…..Ahhhhh!”

Ian’s cock suddenly shot a huge stream of precum that landed on his chin.

“Oh god. Oh fucking god, what was that?” Ian asked with a little panic in his tone, his eyes harried.

“That,” Daniel informed his, slowly raising himself up along my pulsing shaft to mirror the experience for Ian, “was your prostate.”

Daniel dragged my cock head over his own prostate and moaned loudly.

“Cool huh?” he panted, beaming as if showing his friend something really cool he’d found in the woods. A discovery he couldn’t wait to share with his best bud.

“Oh god. Oh god. Keep going, give me all of it. Oh fuck, your cock feels amazing. Oh god, please. Fuck it’s so big. So full!” Ian urged Justin on. Ian was apparently, a verbal bottom. It’s never the one’s you think, huh?

Justin still seemed dazed but pushed the last few centimeters of his impressive manhood into Ian’s willing ass.

“Justin,” Daniel breathed, picking up the pace of his rocking a bit.

Justin still stared blankly down at Ian beneath him, now impaled on his cock and squirming in unabashed delight.

“Justin! Hey buddy?”

“Hm?” Justin asked, his eyes coming to focus.

“Follow my pace okay? Out…”

Daniel rose off my hips, pulling himself out until just my cock head remained inside his tight ring, squeezed firmly.


He lowered himself down.

Justin followed suit.

Ian lost his fucking mind.

He babbled incoherently on the ground so loudly we had to shush him. Still, he could not control his volume.

“Justin!” Daniel hissed, “make him shut up before someone hears us!”

“How?!” Justin nearly panicked.

For his credit, he still never stopped mirroring the in and out pace of Daniel’s work on my cock, still slowly pounding his monster member in and out of Ian’s now de-flowered ass.

“Figure it out!”

Justin leaned in to kiss Ian, hot and quick.

It had the desired effect. Justin soon found he was nearly crushed beneath Ian’s strength. His legs wound around the smaller mans waist and pulled him down, his hands clasped tight on his bare ass, easily cupping each cheek with room to spare. But at least his moans were stifled to a mere grumble.

Daniel kissed me as the two couples synched our rhythms.

“I want you to cum in my ass, baby,” Daniel whispered in my ear. “Give me that load okay? Fuck me till you cum!”

He began to rock harder on my hips, his pace increasing.

Justin kept up. The moans grew louder and louder.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Daniel groaned, “I’m getting so close. Fuck me baby. God I love you so much. Fuck me!”

Faster and faster we rocked.

I felt myself growing closer. Daniel’s ass began to spasm in waves, rocketing over my body in unknowable ripples. He clenched tight and held me there, not seeming able to control when he loosened again, just riding the high points until the finally built up and he crashed back down to relaxing.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” I whispered, the sound rising through my clenching chest. “Oh god I can’t stop it.”

“Cum in me, David.”

Daniel kissed me and his tongue worked into my mouth.

The first shot felt like I might actually do him some kind of internal damage. It splashed into him so hard, I felt it rebound and work down my shaft. Daniel clenched tightly, his eyes going wide.

He pulled back from our kiss, his spine straight, my chest the place his fingers dug in for support.

His cock jerked once, twice, his mouth open, his face raised to the unseen moon outside.

Suddenly, long thin fingers appeared around his olive skin. They encircled him entirely, a ghostly ring around his darkly tanned cock.

They squeezed once and I only had a blink to process that Justin had reached over to finish Daniel off, before the first volley of his hot white cream splashed into my face.

I jerked, but opened my mouth in time for Justin to aim Daniel’s second blast at my tongue.

It hit me, hot and sweet, tasting just as I’d remembered my Daniel. My second and third gushed filled my lover to the brim. I felt my seed leaking from his ass, dripping down my now-tight balls and falling to the red plaid interior flannel of the sleeping baf.

“Fuck!” Justin whispered, his fingers unwinding from Daniel’s cock.

I replaced them instantly with my own.

I kept my mouth open to receive any more of Daniel’s juices I could milk from him, swallowing everything he’d given me gratefully.

“I can’t stop…I’m gonna,…” Justin tried to speak through his clenched teeth, his eyes shut just as tight as he fought the inevitable.

“Do it. Inside. Please…” Ian growled.

Justin’s eyes shot wide and I watched the bliss overtake Ian as his first lover poured himself deep inside.

It was as if each jet of Justin’s thick cum coating his insides filled Ian’s awe struck gaze more and more. His mouth hung open and a low harsh guttural sound grumbled from his chest.

Suddenly, a wet splashing sound slammed into the tent wall above Ian’s head.

Microseconds later, a second and third shot rang like the popping of gunfire or the splash of heavy rain.

Ian’s cock twitched uncontrollably as he shot his load hand’s free over his own head, eventually covering his face and finally coating his heaving chest. His nipples stood out now like snow covered mountains on the wide Savanna, glistening wetly with his orgasm.

Ian’s body went limp beneath Justin’s frozen thrust. His eyes rolled in the back of his head and he fell to the ground, each ligament loosening as he seemed to almost melt into the floor.

Justin hovered on the verge of panic.

Slowly, Ian’s eyes fluttered and he returned to his senses.

“I…I…I….Oh god, I can’t breathe…I…Oh dear god in heaven…”

He panted harder than I could ever remember him panting from any of our workout sessions. It was rare for something to exhaust him or push him to his limits. Normally his limits seemed super human as it was.

But Justin had done it.

Daniel slowly pulled himself off of my still sensitive cock, keeping my load buried tightly inside him. He arranged himself behind me agains, snuggling up tight and working his slick, cum covered cock between my bare ass cheeks. I wiggled into him, loving the feel of him there, even if we lacked the energy to flip flop at the moment.

Ian easily picked up Justin from between his legs, essentially bench pressing the smaller boy and laying him down beside him so that we once again formed a nerd sandwich on Jock bread, two couples facing each other.

This time, however, Ian’s arm mirrored Daniels and rested on the gentle curve of Justin’s slender hips, his thick finger tips just barely brushing the red-gold pubes that sheltered his softening prick, slick still with the load Ian, too, held inside him.

“But…I’m not gay…right?” Justin wondered allowed, even as his fingers played with the hairless skin of Ian’s taut forearm across his chest.

“Does it matter?” Ian asked, kissing Justin’s neck and snuggling up closer to him. Justin reacted without thought, cozying closer.

“Doesn’t it?”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Daniel asked demurely.

Justin nodded, dipping his eyes to the tent floor but pushing his ass back into Ian’s hips even further.

“Me too,” Ian added.

“Then just enjoy it,” I finished.

“Yeah,” Ian echoed. “So shush up and go to sleep, Nerd.”

He teased Justin even as he hugged him tightly to his chest. Through the doubt and fear Justin must have just realized he faced, he couldn’t help but smile.

Just as quickly as the new pair had matched the speed of our lovemaking, so too did we each begin to mirror the lengthening breaths of the others. Justin cuddled close to Ian, Daniel pressed to my back, pulling me deeply into him.

In that little ten foot by ten foot space, our little sanctuary, there weren’t any more barriers. Nothing separated the nerds from the jocks. Nothing kept one person from another. It was our little place now. A place where we were just people, people exploring the feelings and emotions that ruled our primal selves. I would be eternally grateful for small spaces like that.

In the darkness, as my eyes continued to adjust, I found Justin’s bright green eyes staring into mine. The two of us looked at each other for a long while, each so like the other. I could vividly recall what it had felt like to be him, where he was right then. I hoped that he would be as half as lucky as I had been.

“Thanks,” Justin mouthed silently at me.

I nodded quietly and closed my eyes.

Daniel kissed me softly on the back of my neck.

“I love you baby,” he drawled slowly in my ear.

“I love you too.”

I fell asleep, in that safe little space, that little garden of Eden in the middle of a pinewood forrest. I fell asleep in the arms of a man I loved and who loved me in return. The crickets took up their orchestrations in the warm summer night. How different this all could have been, I thought as my mind floated off into dreamland.

How lucky I am.

How loved.

How….not alone.

I would have to remember that. For always.

For the first time since before my 18th Birthday, before meeting my Daniel, I woke up and just didn’t want to get out of bed. My legs felt like tree trunks and it just seemed like an impossible task to lift my head from the pillow.

Why can’t I just stay asleep?

I had been having the most wonderful dream: reliving the recent Senior Camping trip over and over. Each time, Daniel was more beautiful in my fantasy than he could ever be in real life. But, that was how I saw him: flawless, perfect, beautiful, and powerful.

There was a danger to that. Or so I had been warned.

I had always been told that the “honeymoon” phase would wear off and that reality would eventually kick me in the teeth. His flaws would become glaring. His habits would begin to grate on my last nerve. Call it the price of admission, if you will. Getting to know the real man I had fallen in love with, in all of his human failings weaknesses.

I waited…but that just never happened.

Each and every day I just found myself in awe of Daniel and his boundless love for me. And mine for him. Where he was weak, I seemed stronger. Where I fell short, he lifted me up.

So why couldn’t I will myself to rise from my bed today? When I had that waiting for me?

Because it was the day of my high school graduation.

It had finally arrived, after months and years of working towards it. I had always pictured it as some kind of emancipation. The shackles of four years of social torment and just trying to survive would be struck from my ankles and I would walk joyfully towards the setting sun. I had finally done my time and I was being released from the land of overly structured curricula into a world of specialized academia; a land where I could delve into subjects that interested me alongside like-minded individuals. I had dreamed of college since I was six.

And on the morning I was to receive my walking papers, so to speak, I didn’t even want to be conscious.

Sleeping was just easier than dealing with the conflicted world I suddenly found myself in. I could live in Daniel’s arms while I slept.

Safe, comforted, happy, loved.

Awake, I was worried and excited all at the same time. Before Daniel, I couldn’t WAIT to leave high school. But since meeting him, he had changed not only my outlook on Jocks and love and life, but apparently also made me a little nostalgic for what I’d always thought of as my temporary prison before “real life” began.

Daniel had made my young life more “real” than I had imagined possible.

My phase buzzed on the bedside table beside me. I groaned and rolled over to retrieve it.

1 unread text message.

DANIEL: Good morning, sleepy head. I can’t wait to watch you on that stage, baby. I’ll see you soon. I love you.

I smiled to myself, already feeling a little more human. My thumbs tip tap tipped out my reply

DAVID: I love you too Angel Boy. See you soon.

Sappy, I know.

Angel Boy.

It had just happened one day a few weeks ago. We had been lying in his bed staring at the ceiling and talking about nothing and everything. He brought up the subject of pet names. We had called each other “baby” for months now. He tried on a few really horrible options. Honey Bunch. Sweet Pea (too close to what his mamma called me) Blue Eyes, Lover Boy. None of them seemed to fit.

I had been embarrassed to offer my suggestion for his pet name. But eventually he had kissed it out of me; a feat I very much enjoyed.

“Well you always seem to protect me, watch over me, and are always by my side, no matter what. Like a Guardian Angel. My own Angel Boy.”

I had turned seventeen shades of scarlet after that, but Daniel wiped a tear from his eyes and proceeded to make love to me for several blissful hours until we fell asleep with him begging me to call him Angel Boy, over and over.

So, thus, Daniel became my Angel Boy.

And, true to his namesake, he was watching over me even now, via text.

I grumbled a bit, but I got to my feet and shuffled to my closet. I picked out an outfit, not really caring what it was or whether it matched or adhered to any sort of style guide. I was going to be wearing a floor length polyester graduation robe, after all. No one would see whatever I wore under that.

I laid out my clothes on the bed, grabbed my towel from the back of the door and tried to disentangle the knots in my blonde hair as I made my way down the hall to the bathroom.

My tank top and sleep pants made a pile on the tile floor. I turned the knob and let the water begin to heat up while I surveyed myself in the big mirror.

I still wasn’t quite sure what Daniel saw in me.

Not to get down on myself. I wasn’t insecure. Not exactly. I just never really thought of myself as being all that attractive.

Being with Daniel had forced my body through some changes.

My chest was a little more defined now. There were some striations that hinted at the outline of abs and the barest whisper of those lines that bodybuilders call their Adonis Plate. My arms had filled out a little, become a little more defined and not quite so twig like. My shoulders even seemed a little broader.

My skin was still pale and clear. The approaching summer had caused a few light brownish reddish freckles to appear across my shoulders and upper chest. They were matched to the same across the bridge of my nose.

But my eyes did seem to have a new light, a sparkle they had lacked before Daniel. Back then, they had always seemed like the eyes of…well… prey. Hunted, anxious. Now, though they were a long way off from being predatory, they seemed more at ease, more open, more engaged and actively involved in the world around me.

And the piece de resistance, so to speak, my never-failing companion in love and passion was making himself known at that early hour. My cock stood straight and firm in front of me, bouncing gently in time with my heartbeat.

Even to my own eyes, I had to admire it. I mean, it was a luck of the draw type of thing, a lucky roll of the genetic dice…but hey, I wasn’t going to complain. I enjoyed my cock immensely.

Thankfully, so did Daniel.

As I showered, my body seemed to be going through the motions by wrote. Like when you get into your car and then, all of a sudden, you are pulling into the driveway at home, no direct memory of how you got there.

My mind was still floating somewhere in the ether; disconnected and lost in worry and variously contradicting courses of action or inaction to the myriad emotions I was experiencing. No way made itself clear while the hot water worked into my muscles and kneaded the sleep from my corporeal form. No “Eureka!” moment for me.

They are said to come when your mind is wandering and distracted…like sitting in traffic or taking a shower.


No such luck.

Even slowly jerking on my hard cock, usually a sure fire way to lure my mind back into my skull, had little effect. I could conjure up a short scenario and begin to play it in my mind, but then it would fade away in the fog of everything else. I couldn’t seem to stay focused. Not even on THAT.

An 18-year-old boy who couldn’t jerk off.

There was something seriously amiss with that situation.

I was still only half in my body when I got dressed in whatever nonchalant outfit I had cobbled together and laid out earlier.

Ever been inside your own head and felt like you were being carried around inside the pocket of a giant? Pounding on the walls of your mind with both fists, screaming at the top of yours to WAKE UP! But the crystal clear bubble that is your prison holds fast, never waivers.

Try as you might you can’t seem to break through, though the walls are invisible and thinner than a breath in the dead of winter.

I plodded down the stairs, still in that distracted state.

Even the barbed and usually vitriolic wit of my little sister failed to illicit the usual counter response from me. When she made some half-assed remark about the irony of me, a gay man, wearing a “gown” (weak joke, even for her) I just shrugged and smirked at her. She seemed shocked at first, and then returned her attention to her Lucky Charms.

Even the gentle sobs of my Mamma failed to move me.

Every now and then, she flipped pancakes and gently stirred scrambled eggs and bacon on the stovetop, she would let out a racking sob, her shoulders hunching forward and trembling for a moment.

When she fixed my plate and turned to set it down in front of me as I took my seat at the table, I saw her mascara and eyeliner had made dark wet circles under her eyes. She looked at me, biting her bottom lip between her teeth, her eyes full to bursting with tears.

The plate clattered to the table and she wailed, “don’t grow up! Not yet! It’s too soon!”

She pulled me to her embrace and squeezed me so tightly while she was wracked with sobbing and wailing that I had difficulty breathing.

“Mom!” I gurgled. Her grip only intensified, as did her wails.

“Mamma! I can’t breathe!” I gasped.

With a final agony wracked sob she released my shoulders, took my face in her hands and pulled my face forward, squishing it up between her fingers.

“Such a handsome man you’ve become,” she started. “What happened to my little blonde baby? When did you grow up?! Seems like I blinked and missed the whole thing.”

The sentiment was touching. I felt myself becoming a little more engaged.

“Still here, Mamma. Can’t get rid of me that easy,” I whispered and tried to smile as she manhandled (or MammaHandled…) my cheeks.

“Why does David get a home cooked breakfast and I have to eat stupid cold Luck Charms?” my sister whined.

In the way only Southern Mammas can, Mamma’s face melted from weeping maternal softness to cold-eyed iron-hard fury as she rounded on my little sister.

Sissy knew she had crossed that line the moment Mamma’s gaze hit her. You could see the whites suddenly bloom all around her bright blue eyes, the twin to my own. They very nearly popped out of her head.

“Because he is graduating High School, Darling,” Mamma snapped, making the pet name seem almost a condemnation. “When you do something as momentous as that, then you too will get a big breakfast. But since all you’ve accomplished recently is being a thorn in your brother’s side for no good reason, you will sit there and eat your Lucky Charms and you will be grateful and LIKE it! Do I make myself clear?”

Sissy meekly bowed her head, shoveled the remainder of her cereal hurriedly into her mouth and quickly cleaned her bowl before headed to the living room. She didn’t even drink the left over milk…arguably the best part of a Lucky Charms breakfast. Grey in color (gross) but delicious.

“Wow,” I said as I watched my sister retreat with her tail between her legs. “You didn’t need to do that Mamma. I can handle her.”

“Hush you,” she scolded me lightly. “You got enough on your plate, Sweet Boy. You don’t need to be dealing with her sarcasm today. Let me take care of you for just a little while longer.”

That set her to weeping again.

I sighed and let myself be enfolded in her embrace once again.

“When’s Dad meeting us?” I asked some time later once Mamma’s sobs had quieted a bit. My sister still hadn’t worked up the courage to return to the kitchen.

“He’s meeting us at the ceremony. Or so he says,” Mamma said flatly.

Another factor that had my emotional world in turmoil was the fact that my parents had filed for separation a few weeks back. At the time, I had been too wrapped up in my burgeoning relationship with Daniel. But as the weeks passed, as is the way of such things, the complex feelings associated with the disillusionment of my nuclear family had begun to worm their way into my heart.

I hadn’t really sat down and dealt with any of them. I hadn’t responded much at all when my father had moved most of his stuff into a rented two bedroom house about 2 miles from my own. I wasn’t in denial by any means. I just hadn’t focused on that particular issue as yet.

Not that my parents heading towards divorce wasn’t important. But one life altering change at a time, please. What was going to happen to Daniel and I after graduation and our last summer before college trumped even something as severe as divorce.

So, I focused on the food in front of me and pushed everything else to the back of my mind.

My speech was typed neatly onto several note cards and slipped into my back pocket. I had it memorized, but it would have been foolhardy not to have a backup close at hand. Just in case. My usually steel trap of a mind was obviously unable to function at its’ normally peak capacity.

Better safe than sorry.

I was reciting a rather academic and wordy section in my head, making sure I had the syntax and diction just so when the doorbell rang.

Mamma dried her eyes on a kitchen towel and hurried to the front door. I tried to rise from my seat but a curt, “SIT!” from Mamma stopped that plan.

Daniel had arrived.

My heart began to beat a little quicker. The first sign of something close to life I’d felt since waking

“Morning, darling boy! Don’t you look handsome? Well come on then, get in here,” I heard Mamma twittering away happily.

“Thanks. And you look great, too,” came Daniel’s baritone reply.

It took every ounce of my strength not to get up and run to him at the door. After wandering around lost in my own head all morning, his voice seemed to open a tunnel to the real world for me.

And then I felt his arms encircle my chest from behind, his cheek pressing to my temple. I felt his lips kiss me gently on my cheek.

“Hey, baby,” he whispered, pulling me tighter to his chest. My fingers dropped my fork and knife and gripped his taut forearms, hugging him even closer. I turned my face up towards his and saw his smiling brown eyes as if for the first time.

And I was struck with a sudden sadness.

A deep hole opened inside me and at the bottom I could just make out all that I stood to lose: all the love and devotion, the care and comfort, the dramatic change in my life since Daniel had become enmeshed in my soul. All of that could be gone soon. Wiped away as if it had never happened. Today marked the beginning of a transition from the old to the new. Daniel, as new as he was still to my life, was part of the old. Staring down the possibility that he may not be apart of the new made my stomach want to tie up in knots.

Then he kissed me.

Gently. So soft and serene as to make a spring day seem like a monsoon. The moment his lips touched mine, that crystal prison shattered and my mind settled easily back into me. Like a feather floating to the ground. When he pulled back I was a little starry eyed and dazed. I cleared my throat and tried to mumble my greeting, but very little in the way of actual recognizable speech actually made it past my lips.

Daniel didn’t mind.

“Hey Little Brat,” he shot sarcastically towards my sister, who had finally worked up the courage to poke her head around the corner.

“You ready to be the lady of the house once David heads to school? Just a few weeks and you’re rid of us entirely.”

anal-cat-probes“Don’t I wish, Rocks-for-brains,” she quipped, gingerly entering the kitchen to spar with my boyfriend, but always keeping a watchful eye on Mamma. One scolding a day was more that enough for anyone. “But, alas, he will have to come home for breaks and Christmas and all that. So, I won’t be totally free quite yet. But a vast improvement.”

Daniel laughed and reached for her, pulling her into a tight hug and squeezing her tight. I reveled in the popeyed expression and bright red blush she tried in vain to control.

“Can’t get rid of us that easy, huh? Well, either way, you look very lovely this morning.”

“Thanks,” she replied, for once without a hint of sarcasm or bile.

“You’re in a good mood today, Daniel,” Mamma said as she stacked another pancake on a plate she was preparing to set in front of him.

“Maybe you can get this one to cheer up a bit. Been a bit of a Gloomy Gus all morning. As far as I can tell. But what do I know? You boys make about as much sense as a fish with wings.”

“Those exist you know,” I chimed in without thought. “Well, they aren’t really wings in the truest sense of the definition, just elongated fins that allow for several yards of lift when launched out of the…”

“Let’s get you polished up and ready to go, baby,” Daniel interjected. I looked up and saw the befuddled faces of my family members.

I had been rambling. I had a tendency to do that when I was nervous, anxious, or upset.

“Sit and eat a minute,” Mamma offered, gesturing to the plate she’d prepared, piled high with more pancakes and eggs than any two grown men had a right to consume.

“I ate at home, Ma’am,” Daniel said. “But thank you kindly for the offer.”

I rose from my seat and took my plate to the sink, washed it as I had been taught since I was old enough to walk, kissed my Mamma on the cheek and waited for Daniel.

He jerked his head towards the staircase. I walked past him and before I got so much as two feet ahead, his full handed swat to my ass made me yelp and jump nearly two feet in the air.

“OUCH!” I whined, rubbing my sore butt cheek.

“Had to do something to get you to wake up! You’re like a zombie this morning,” Daniel joked, doing his best to raise my spirits with his tone.

“Get a room,” my sister groaned.

“Where do you think we are going?” Daniel replied, raising one eyebrow at her and causing her to blanch to a shade resembling cooked rice.

I smiled to myself, reveling in her discomfort and the ease with which Daniel put her in her place, and headed up the stairs to my room.

Before the door had closed behind Daniel and we were safe and alone in my little sanctuary, Daniel’s face morphed to a look of outright concern.

“What’s the matter baby?” he asked, leaning against my door as I took a seat on the bed. “Your Mamma is right, you seem off today. What’s wrong?”

I wanted to weep. I was so frustrated. For someone who had always relied on words and wit to survive in the harsh realities of life, it was beyond awful to be at a loss for words.

I grunted and flung myself back on the bed, my hand covering my eyes in the hope that I wouldn’t cry.

“I don’t know,” I complained helplessly. “I can’t describe it.”

I felt Daniel sit on the bed beside me and then lay down next to me. He shuffled around so that he propped himself on one elbow, his free hand resting on my chest and rubbing lightly. I felt myself relax almost instantly.

“Sound to me like you are worry too much,” he whispered. He leaned in to kiss me gently on the cheek. “You can tell me anything baby. What’s got you so torn up? Let me help…”

The love in his voice is what finally broke me reserve. Here he was opening himself up to me, making himself vulnerable and asking me to lay my problems on his shoulders, let him help carry the burden. I still couldn’t bring myself to look at him directly, but I felt the words I’d been searching for begin to take shape in my mind.

“I just never thought this day would feel like this. I always thought I would be overjoyed to get out of High School, but now…now I just want things to stay the way they are. I don’t want my life to change. I just started being happy, for the first time since I can remember and now…”

Daniel sighed and snuggled next to me, wrapping his massive arm around my chest and holding me tighter to his body.

“So you’re scared that things will change between us now that High School is officially over?”

The dam broke and hot salty tears began to stream down my face. I turned and buried my face into his chest and let him rock me into him as I wept like a baby.

“Don’t even think that way, David,” Daniel began, his lips close to my ear as he stroked my hair and did his level best to calm my sobs. “I’m not going anywhere, okay? Okay? I swear it. I couldn’t even if I wanted to…which I do not.”

“But we aren’t going to the same school…” I whimpered through my sobs.

“So? Plenty of couples don’t go to the same school. But you have a car. I have a car. We will make it work. Okay? Plus that is months away yet. We have the entire summer still.”


“No buts, baby,” Daniel said firmly. He pushed me back by my shoulders and looked me square in the eyes. His soft brown eyes shone with a wetness that surprised me, but they were intent and calm, sure. “We have all summer together. And after that, the rest of our lives. One little graduation is not going to change any of that. I won’t allow it. Understand? You are stuck with me David. I’m sorry to say it, but you’re mine and I’m yours and there is just no two ways about it.”

I smiled and choked back a laugh. He leaned in to kiss me and my head spun like a top.

“You ever wonder what life would be like right now if I had joined the Debate team freshman or sophomore year instead of this semesters?” he hypothesized. “You think we’d be married by now?”

“Married?” I asked. “In the Bible Belt South? Unlikely.”

His face fell a little bit and realized my error.

“No! No! I would have married you in a heartbeat. Mamma would have been a little hard to convince and all, but…well, fuck! I just screwed things up again didn’t I?”

Daniel chuckled and calmed my anxieties with yet another kiss. If I could survive on those kisses and nothing else I would do so and happily.

“Easy, love,” he whispered. “At the very least, I could have avoided that train wreck of a relationship with Amy.”

“She’s not that bad.”

“Sticking up for the enemy, huh?” Daniel joked. “I knew there was a reason I love you so much. You always find the best in people, even those who don’t deserve it.”

Until he had mentioned her, I had nearly forgotten that I would have to see her today at Graduation. Since her downfall after Prom, she had remained relatively low key. She shuffled about on the fringes of the social order like a ghost. No one really paid her any mind. She had gone from the most visible and well-known celebrity, a gigantic fish in a very small pond, to something barely more than a minnow. There were freshman girls who could easily put her in her place now.

It was sad to see. I never would have guessed it, but I had more in common with her now than I thought possible. I knew all to well the world in which she walked. It had been my own for years. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had, in some way, replaced her. If there was only so much room at the top of the social ladder. When my relationship with Daniel had elevated my social standing, had it become necessary that someone already at the top must fall?

If so, then I would have a nagging sense of guilt for the rest of my life. I knew there was nothing I could do about it, not really. Might as well wish to command the weather. Pointless. Things were the way they were and human nature wasn’t going to change simply because a gay nerd had a twinge of a guilty conscience.

“Wow, you really are all over the place aren’t you?” Daniel suddenly interjected, pulling me from my thoughts of his ex-girlfriend.


“Your face got all serious and concerned there for a minute. Like you were thinking really hard about something.”

I waved away his concerns.

“No matter. I’m okay.”

I snuggled up close to him and nuzzled my face in the gentle curve of his neck, letting his hands roam the broad expanse of my back. I drank in the scent of him, the manly, masculine, scent of the man I loved. And who loved me.

“I almost forgot,” he said after a long while in our comfortable embrace. “I brought something for you. Wait here.”

Daniel disentangled himself from our ball of limbs, stood and searched for his bag. I was treated to a lovely view of his roused bubble but in his tight khaki pants when he bent over to fish something from one of the pockets.

“Can’t complain about the view…” I joked, making an Eartha Kitt growling sound to complete the come on.

Daniel guffawed.



He stood straight and turned and held out his open palm towards me. There, in the middle of his hand, glistening in the soft yellow light of my room was a stainless steel cock ring.

“Remember this?” he asked.

It took me a moment, but soon it DID come back to me.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “I had completely forgotten about that! Where in the hell did you find it?”

It had been months ago. The very first night we spent together in Boston at the Regional Speech and Debate Finals. The first night we had made love and begun this life altering world-changing journey that took us to today. He had bought it along with the purple vibrator that still lived hidden under some socks and papers in my bedside table. We had never gotten around to actually using it.

Other…things…had distracted us.

“I was going through my David Box this morning and I found it on the bottom under…”

“David Box?” I asked. “What the hell is a David Box? Sounds vaguely serial killer esque.”

That earned me a little laugh.

“Nothing like that. Just a box of all the stuff we’ve done together. Receipts, movie stubs, letters, notes, mementos. A box of all the little things that make up our life together. It’s sappy, I know. I didn’t do it consciously, mind. It just sort of accumulated over the weeks…”

He was blushing and looking at the carpet one toe making nervous circles in the off-white fibers.

“It’s incredibly sweet,” I said.

“Really?” he looked up at me with a questioning gaze, his eyes wide and searching for reassurance.

I nodded and gestured for him to come to me.

As he came nearer to me, I scooted myself back onto my bed and opened my legs, leaving his a space to crawl up. His face inched closer to mine as I sank back to the mattress and watched in awe as his beautiful face hovered just inches from mine, his big arms on either side of my chest.

“Let’s see if I can’t get your mind off of your worries?” he whispered and gave me that devious half smirk half smile.

The feel of his lips on the sensitive skin of my neck made my knees rise to my chest. All of my breath oozed from my body in a hurried gasp. Tightening around his black hair, my fingers twisted and pulled him deeper into me, urging him to keep going.

His lips moved to my collarbones. I felt his fingers on the bottom button of my shirt, fumbling to undo it.

“Tear it open,” I sighed, my eyes closed as he showered my neck with kisses that were slowly bringing me back to life.

He did not need to be told twice.

With a twanging pop all eight of the buttons on my shirt flew into the air in every direction and clanged to the floor. Before I could adjust, Daniel’s mouth was on my right nipple, sucking and licking it, biting down hard on the tender pink flesh as it hardened between his teeth.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned and ground my hips up into his. My hands grabbed at the globes of his perfect ass and squeezed hard, pulling him into my rapidly stiffening prick.

“How could you ever think I would leave this,” Daniel said, looking up the length of my torso as he slowly kissed his way down my stomach. He flicked his warm wet tongue over my belly button and my back arched from the mattress.

His tongue traced over the lines of my hips, flicking quickly over the curve of them as his fingers masterfully undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. His palms pressed flat to my stomach and he

moved them slowly up to my chest, squeezing my pecs and letting a small moan escape him, deep and primal.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, looking up at me.

“Oh god,” I groaned, “I love you too.”

My cock was making itself known even under my boxer briefs and now unzipped pants. Daniel opened his mouth and kissed and sucked on my covered shaft, wetting the fabric. I felt a small drop of precum soaking through as he worked my tool.

“Please baby,” I whimpered, “Please. Get it out.”

The mischievous throaty laugh that got set my blood to pounding in my ears. I lifted my hips from the mattress and let Daniel work my pants and underwear from my legs. My hard cock flopped onto my stomach and immediately began forming a pool of crystal liquid.

“Is that better?” he teased. “Should I just leave you like that?”

I pushed my hips towards his face, seeking him out, wanting my cock buried in his tight throat. The distracted and anxiety ridden hole I had been trapped in this morning was suddenly light years away. All that mattered now was Daniel.

Always Daniel.

“Suck my cock, baby,” I said. “Please?”

“If you insist…”

Daniel’s hand held me down by my hips. His mouth opened and in a masterful thrust, he pushed first my cock head and then my entire long, thick shaft down his throat. His eyes never left mine.

“Oh, holy mother of god!” I screamed as my fingers tightened on his hair and I thrust my cock ever deeper into him. His breath was hot on my pubic hair, his throat working my tool in waves.

He pulled back and worked his tongue around my head and slit, swirling around and sucking firmly, milking the sweet pre cum from me and swallowing it down gratefully.

With my cock head still in his mouth, his tongue sending waves of unrivaled pleasure through every nerve of my body, Daniel held up the silver cock ring between his thumb and forefinger while he raised one eyebrow at me.

“YES!” I nearly shouted.

The image of his full soft lips as they encircled my thick cock…well, there was no more coaxing necessary.

My cock popped from his mouth with an audible noise. He stood at the foot of my bed, crossed his arms to grab the hem of his black polo shirt (which made his chest bunch up and become even more impressive than it was normally), and lifted it easily over his head.

His beauty was, as always, stunning. He stared down at me, his chest rising and falling, the square outline of his pecs covered in soft trimmed black hair. His nipples were dark and hard already, standing at attention.

“Jesus,” I exhaled.

Daniel giggled a bit.

“And that’s not even the best part…”

He turned his back to me, his wide shoulders and defined lats and delta popping out beneath his smooth olive skin. He craned his face over his shoulder to look at me as he worked his fingers into the waist of his pants. Slowly and with deliberate languor, he pushed his pants to his ankles.

First the smooth rounded top of his ass appeared, followed by the deep crevice that hid his tight puckered hole. He flexed his ass for me as he bent at the waist, making the dimples on the sides of the muscle jump and twitch. I loved watching his slow reveal, the little jiggle and bounce as the waistband pushed below his ass cheeks and continued down. His hamstrings…his calves…the way his black curly leg hair faded and stopped about 2/3 of the way up his chorded legs.

“Better?” he asked, looking over his shoulder. “How’s the view?”

“Perfect,” I breathed.

Daniel turned back to face me. His uncut cock stood out straight from his body, arching slightly upwards. The small square of trimmed black hair above his gently pulsing member made it look even more impressive. His foreskin was rolled back slightly, exposing his dark red cock head almost entirely. His huge low hanging balls swung easily between his hairy thighs.

All in all, he was meal ready to eat.

“If you want this, I can make you a promise right now. It is yours. Always. All of it. All of me. And not just my body, you know. When I say all of me, I mean it. All of me. Forever and for always.”

I scooted to the end of the bed and reached for him, my arms outstretched, waiting for contact. He moved towards me and I hugged him to me, his hard cock pressing into my chest as my cheek buried into the soft hair on his six pack abs. My arms wrapped around the small of his back. I was to touched by his promise that I didn’t even need to work my way down to his ideal ass. I just hugged him to me and felt the warmth of his skin on mine. His fingers played with my hair, stroking it and twisting the golden locks around his thick digits.

“If I can have you forever, then I accept,” I whispered and kissed his stomach.

“Good, because we are just getting started.”

I sometimes forgot how strong my Daniel was. His hands were under my armpits and I was suddenly airborne, naked and flying through the air towards my headboard. I bounced when I landed, but only once because Daniel straddled my hips and knelt over me before I came to a full and complete stop.

“We have a good hour before we have to leave for the ceremony,” Daniel started, his cock tantalizingly close to me, yet unreachable. Try as I might, when Daniel was on top, he wasn’t going to move unless HE wanted to be moved. “Do you have any ideas how we can spend it?”

“More than a few…” I offered.

Daniel reached behind him and grabbed my aching cock in a backhanded grip.

“Oh god…” I sighed as more tension evaporated from my body.

Slowly, he jerked my cock up and then back down, his long fingers cupping and rubbing my sore balls when he got to the down stroke.

“The cock that changed my life,” Daniel said. “God, I love your cock. I love it so much, I want to put a ring on it.”

That set both of us to a fit of boyish giggles. Daniel retrieved some lube from my bedside table and sat easily on his heels. Even in a relaxed state like that, his muscles gleamed and shone, each in their individual glory, no flexing required.

He drizzled a long stream of the lubricant onto the tip of my cock and then sent my entire body into convulsions when he worked it all the way down my length and over my balls.

“They say cock rings make your dick even bigger. I’m interested to find out…”

Daniel grabbed the stainless steel cock ring and slid it down my shaft. It fit with a little room to spare. When he had it worked to the base of my cock he told me to breathe deep. One at a time, he wiggled and maneuvered my balls underneath the tight metal circle.

Almost instantly, I felt my pulse in my cock. It throbbed almost

painfully. I was harder than I had ever been. Even the slightest gust of air against my lubed skin sent my cock to twitching.

“Holy Shit!” Daniel nearly chocked. “It’s incredible.”

He reached out and jerked my cock once, ever so lightly.

I nearly lost my mind.

My back arched from the bed and I screamed so loudly that Daniel had to throw his hand over my mouth.

“Shhh,” Daniel admonished, trying not to laugh at my obvious pleasurable discomfort. “I really want to see if I can do it.”

There was a familiar gleam in Daniel’s eye. It was at once full of lust and competition. He had found a goal and now he was looking forward to conquering it.

“You ready, love?” He asked.

“Give me something to focus on,” I whined. “All that attention on my cock right now and I’ll explode. I sweat to god I’ll just explode in a puff of smoke.”

Daniel thought for a moment, and then quickly flipped around onto all fours, pushing his tight clean jock boy hole towards my face.

“Might as well kill two birds with one stone, huh baby? Get my hole good and ready, because you are going to fuck me very soon.”

I growled at him like a wild beast, wrapped my arms around his hips and dove for his ass like it was my last meal.

“Ohhhh Fuck yes!” Daniel groaned, sitting back onto my tongue and bouncing his ass against my face. I lapped and sucked and licked at his tight opening, burying my tongue as deeply as I could inside of him, feeling him squeeze me.

Daniel reached behind him to pull apart his ass cheeks.

“Rim me baby. Oh god, yes, fucking eat my tight jock hole. Fuck me with your tongue.”

I was a man on a mission. My jaw was getting tired already but I did not care in the slightest. I moaned and growled as I devoured him, the taste of him on my lips intoxicating me, making me high.

I felt his balls bouncing on my chest as he fucked himself against my rimming.

“Fuck baby, that feels amazing. Don’t stop…oh FUCK! YES! Don’t you dare stop. God you’re precumming so much. Holy fuck!”

And with that, he leaned forward and took my cock head in his mouth.

It felt like when he would jerk my cock JUST after I had blown a huge load, sensitive and tingly and nearly painful but right on that line. A pleasure so great it bordered on pain.

I threw my head back, distracted even from rimming his twitching hole and bellowed towards the ceiling.

“Ohhhh fucking god!”

Daniel sucked harder. He bobbed up and down my cock, lapping up the precum that flowed from me in a never-ending stream. The cock ring had turned on the spigot and there was no stopping it now.

“Your precum even tastes sweeter with this on,” he panted in the split second it took him to pull back from my cock. He engulfed me again the instant he’d finished talking.

I had no choice but to dive back into his tight ass. Not that I wouldn’t have anyway, but it was almost necessary now to throw some of my attention to that so that I didn’t writhe in heavenly agony from the sensations he was lavishing upon my rock hard, bigger-than-ever cock.

And just as quickly, he was not holding me down any longer. As fast as lightning he moved beside me and pressed his entire body into mine.

He grabbed at my face and pulled me in for a kiss. My mouth opened and I felt his tongue enter me. I tasted my own sweet precum on his wet and puffy lips, and the sweet taste of his clean manhood as well.

They should bottle that and sell it. It’s the world’s most incredible taste.

“God, I love you,” he panted between kisses, breaking our lip lock only long enough to shower me with attention and then joining with me again. “So much. God so much!”

I was breathless and speechless. Screw graduation. Screw the ceremony. Screw my Valedictorian speech. It was all bunk. Worthless, meaningless bunk. THIS, right here, with Daniel…this is what mattered.

“Make me cum baby? One more time as high school guys?” Daniel begged breathily. His hands never stopped moving over my body.

“Push that huge cock into me and make love to me until I cum…”

He didn’t break our kiss but he twisted in my grip so that his back was to my chest. He pushed his glorious ass towards me and I felt my almost too hard cock slide slickly between his cheeks.

“Mmm, Ohhhh” Daniel whimpered into our kiss. “Please…please, David.”

I kissed him deeply and held on to his hips. Without answering him, I pulled my hips back, felt my way blindly and pushed forward.

My cock head popped inside his tight hole without resistance; slowly I sank inch by inch into him, my spit and his lubricating the way.

“OHHHHH shit! I’m…Ahhhh…Ahhhh…oh!” Daniel panted and groaned when my cock was about half way inside him.

Suddenly, his ass gripped my cock like a vice, clamping down and convulsing. Daniel made a strangled gurgling sound.

Then his ecstasy-ridden face was suddenly plastered with several thick ropes of his white jock cum! They landed on his cheek and chin, across his lips, over his arched brows.

I hadn’t even done anything! My cock wasn’t even all the way inside of him and he had already cum. I wasn’t sure weather to be insulted or proud.

“Don’t stop,” he whined, thrusting his hips back, pushing more of my cock inside him.

Proud it is, then.

“You just made me cum without touching myself! Oh fuck…it’s so big baby. Oh god, fuck me! Make me cum again. I’m already close…”

My cock was on fire inside of him. I pushed the final inches into him and felt my hips settle against the smooth muscled hardness of his ass. His hole squeezed and tightened on me as he fucked himself slowly against my cock. I felt my precum leaking from his tight hold, dripping between us and making my thighs sticky and wet.

“Pound me, baby. Fuck me hard!” Daniel growled, twisting around to grab the back of my neck and pull me in for a kiss.

“Not today, Angel Boy…” I teased.

His face turned pale for a moment, but changed to blissful wantonness when I pulled back and then thrust into him slow and steady. I felt every detail, every centimeter of my be-ringed cock as it worked into him. I could feel when I pressed into his prostate. Feel when I leaked another huge stream of precum. Feel when he shuddered around me.

“Oh god, baby. Oh god… harder…please…I’m so close.”

I kept my pace.

In and out. Slow and steady, pushing into his spot and grinding my hips into him in a circle when I bottomed out inside of him.

Sweat began to form on his brow; his chest became a little moist. Even the skin on his hips that I grabbed and used for leverage became warmer to the touch. His eyes were closed, his mouth hanging open as I tortured him with slow and deliberate thrusts against his magic button.

As he rocked himself against me, mirroring my thrusts with ease, pulling me deeper into him, he moaned a constant refrain of “I love you, David. God in heaven, I love you so much.”

Over and over and over as I pushed him slowly up the hill towards release.

One thing to be said about cock rings: the certainly help prolong your pleasure. It took me nearly half an hour or tormenting Daniel, teasing and twisting his nerves and riding him slowly before I felt the familiar tingle deep inside.

I picked up the pace but only a little. Even that change sent Daniel into over drive.

“Please cum in me, baby. Give it to me. Cum in my ass and let me hold your load inside me at graduation. Please please please.”

His voice was languid and slurred, almost as if he were drunk. I guess, in some ways he was: drunk on my cock. I could get used to that.

“You want my load huh?” I whispered into his ear, biting at his earlobe and making him gasp.

“Fuck yes. Cum in me David. Fucking blow your hot cum deep inside me.”

I gripped his hips hard and finally…after so much torture…began to well and truly pound my Daniel. My hips slammed into his ass, wet smacking sounds echoing around the room. Faster, faster, faster, I picked up speed until Daniel was mumbling in an incomprehensible string of guttural groans.

“Fuck yes, take my cum baby,” I screamed as I mercilessly pushed the entirety of my monster cock as deep as it would go into my jock boyfriend’s tight well-fucked ass.

It felt like I would never stop cumming. Once that first shot blasted into Daniel’s guts, the valve was opened and I pour six seven eight shots deeper and deeper into him. The first shot was all Daniel needed to shoot his second load high into the air. It landed on his chest and stomach, coating him and mixing with his sweat, beading into his body hair.

I held my cock inside him, pulsing out the last of my seed into the man I loved more than life itself. I felt the hot whiteness seeping from his hole, dripping down my balls and making a mess of the bed sheets. But I didn’t care.

We couldn’t have moved if we had wanted to. I laid my head onto Daniel’s shoulder and struggled to catch my breath even as my dick continued to pulse smaller streams of my cum into him. Daniel panted and entwined my fingers in his own. He twisted around and tried to kiss me, but he only had the breathing capacity for short pecks.

I tasted his cum on his skin. I flick some onto my tongue and drew it in, tasting his sweet and salty metallic juice. That drove him crazy. He gripped my face and kissed me deeply.

If we hadn’t needed to get to graduation, that would have been the perfect way to fall asleep. My cock was still harder than steel thanks to the cock ring and still buried inside his cum filled ass. I could have slept for days like that.

But alas, the Fates had other plans for us.

After a few blissfully connected minutes, Daniel kissed me sweetly,

slid my cock from him with a small moan and rose from the bed.

He looked amazing, of course. He was flushed and glistening with a thin sheet of sweat. And streaks of white criss crossed his chest, abs, neck, shoulders, and face.

“Do I have any on me?” he joked.

“Nope. Clean as a whistle,” I returned with a wink.

Daniel retrieved my recently de-buttoned shirt and used it to wipe the cum from him while I gingerly tried to remove the cock ring.

“So I would say THAT was a rousing success, huh?” Daniel offered, when I handed the ring to him for cleaning.

“I’d say so. Now we have to try it out on you. After graduation maybe?” I looked at him hopefully.

He leaned in to kiss me.

“It’s a date.”

Daniel opened my closet and grabbed another shirt for me. We redressed in chit chatting comfort, stopping every now and then to pull the other one close to us and kiss or touch each other tenderly. Dressing in this fashion is a lot more time consuming than expected.

A quick glance at my alarm clock said we had only minutes before we were supposed to be out of the door.

“Don’t forget this,” Daniel said, retrieving a black plastic dry cleaning bag from the hook on my door. He unzipped it and fished out the black shiny graduation robe, blue and green Valedictorian tassels and flat-topped graduation cap.

I made a face.

“I know, it’s not the most stylish, but it’s tradition,” he chided gently.

I raised my arms to my sides and allowed Daniel to put the robe and accoutrement on me.

“Where’s yours?” I asked.

“In the car. You look good, Baby. See?”

He turned me to face my mirror. Good might be an overstatement.

But I didn’t hate the over all look.

I felt a small twinge of sadness return, looking at the physical manifestation of the fears that had so rocked me only a few hours earlier.

But it vanished just as quickly.

The robe and cap might signify the last day, an outfit that defined an ending. But Daniel had made me see that it was also a new beginning. A new beginning…with Daniel. I wasn’t going to lose him. Not now, and not ever.

“There’s one more thing,” Daniel said, walking to his bag and grabbing a small black package about two inches cubed. “I picked it up yesterday.”

He handed me the black velveteen box and I opened it carefully. To be honest, since he had mentioned marriage just a few minutes earlier, my brain was in a dizzying swirl of confusion. Was he seriously giving me a…

“Every Valedictorian needs his class ring.”

anal-cat-glassThe silver signet ring was beautifully carved, solid silver with no stone. Flat topped, it had a miniature copy of the school crest engraved. Tradition stated that you were to respond to future correspondence from the school, like reunion invitations or charity balls, by pressing your ring into a pool of melted gold wax that they gave us along with our diploma.

“Try it on,” Daniel encouraged.

I plucked the ring from its satin lining and held it up.

“Look inside.”

Under the seal on the inside of the band were tiny flowing lines of script, engraved in flowery perfection: D&D Always.

“I have one, too. Same engraving. So I hope that helps to prove that I’m with you for the long haul?”

It did. It proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. If only I could stop the tightening in my chest so that I could tell him that.

Instead, the tears came to my eyes unbidden. I slipped the ring onto the ring finger of my right had, and flung myself at Daniel, showering him in a storm of kisses and hugs.

He pushed me back gently when my outburst subsided, wiped a stray tear from my cheek and kissed me on my forehead.

“Come on, Baby. Let’s go start the next chapter of our life. What do you say?”

I nodded and smiled at him with so much joy that I felt it should have come bursting out of every pore.

Daniel opened the door and my joy was cut a little short.

My little sister waited directly behind it, standing in the hallway with her usual scowl.

She thrust her hand towards me, and shook something at me: a bottle of cologne.

“Spray this. I can smell the sex from the living room, Mr. Valedictorian. Mom’s in the car already. Blushing like you wouldn’t imagine. She’s been out there about 20 minutes now. Ever since the volume of your…well since you got a little rowdy.”




My face was so hot I should have been a pile of ashes on the carpet.

Daniel just laughed, put his arm around my shoulder and walked past my little sister. Shockingly, she giggled a little bit too.

That was a sound I hadn’t heard since she’d started puberty!

I plodded along beside my Daniel, in awe of the man who had given me so much already, and promised me so much more, even as he dragged along a mortified Valedictorian in his wake.

I twisted my new ring on my finger.

D&D Always.

Hundreds upon hundreds of cultures around the globe have various rites of passage for young men and women who reach a certain age, meant to signify the movement from childhood into adulthood. Many of them seem barbaric to our rather sedate Western ways.

For those of us here in the United States, one such ritual would be learning how to drive a car and getting the little rectangular piece of plastic with your always horribly unattractive picture plastered on it that signified that ability. Or perhaps High School Prom. And the most recognizable: sweating to death in the summer heat while wearing a polyester gown and a funny square hat replete with tassels in order to walk 20 feet across a stage in front of family and friends to receive a rolled up piece of paper and a handshake from an administrator we very rarely saw over the past four years.

High School Graduation.

The ritual itself must seem absurd to those outside of our culture. Hell, just the description alone makes little logical sense. But it happens every May or June with surprising regularity and it brings with it crying parents and overwrought younger siblings.

There were plenty of both to be found at my own graduation on the morning it finally arrived.

Well dressed Southern ladies sweated profusely and seemed to constantly be checking their melting faces in small compact mirrors while they tried to fan themselves with the card stock Graduation programs.

It was a futile attempt, of course.

The weather could not have been more clear and bright. Not a cloud to be seen in a sky that seemed competing to defy the true definition of the word blue. In the shade, of which there was little to be seen (why they schedule these things for High Noon, I will never understand) the temperatures reached well into the upper 90′s. On the vast open lawn of the Quad, it was an easy 103 degrees.

South Carolina in the summer: it is not to be fucked with.

Southern Mamma’s are known for their control over their younger children. You rarely see a wild and out of control southern child running around a chain restaurant in the south. At least, not without getting a firm pop on the behind. It’s not uncommon for them to be sent to the car to chill out should they get even a tiny bit restless. But in the heat of that day, every Mamma had given up all hope of keeping their younger kids at bay.

First came the fidgeting.

Then the whiny complaints in high pitched screeches.

And finally the release, as a veritable tourist of 5-10 year olds bolted from the rows of folding white chairs and did what children do best: ran around in a dizzying array of tiny suit jackets and easter dresses like a human model of electrons come to life.

A few Mammas tried in vain to contain them, but it was no use. They eventually shuffled back to their seats and just focused on surviving the afternoon. Literally, surviving it. The amount of moisture they sweated out made me worried that some might shrivel up and die of dehydration should they begin to weep when their child crossed the stage. They couldn’t spare the moisture.

All in all, it was surreal.

I watched and observed it from my seat in the front row, doing my best to stare at the podium and rehearse my upcoming valedictorian speech in my head. By the time I’d actually delivered the thing, I had nearly picked apart the gold and blue chord that signified my rank as Valedictorian until it was a haphazard knot of barely recognizable glimmering threads.

Apparently, I have a few nervous ticks.

I’m not entirely sure I can recall the actual words I spoke. I mean, of course I have it on video. Several videos, to be more precise. But I don’t quite recall actually speaking the words.

What I do recall from that blur of 5 minutes is Daniel.

He was in the front row simply beaming up at me. His knees bounced up and down as he struggled to contain the very obvious pride and joy he felt while I spoke. His smile was broad, wide, unassuming and utterly captivating. I half expected him to leap from his seat at any moment and crush me to his chest in a hug before I’d finished my greetings and salutations.

But thankfully, he controlled himself.

For the most part.

Behind him, seated in the first row not reserved for the graduates themselves were his Mother and Father, dressed to perfection and seeming not to sweat a drop. They didn’t even fan themselves with their programs like everyone else. I wondered if they were somehow superhuman and that’s how they’d produced such an immaculate specimen of a son.

In the same row, my parents sat in stark contrast.

My mother was a weeping, sweaty mess. She did her best to keep her sobbing to an acceptable decibel level, but from the depth of the eye rolling my sister was presenting for all the world to see, I could tell she was thoroughly mortified to be associated with the two parental figures on either side of her. My father was just looking highly uncomfortable seated on the other side of my sister. This was the first time since their separation that my parents had spent any significant length of time in the same room. Or in this case, open lawn.

On the aisle at the end of the row was Adam.

Though I could scarcely tear my eyes from my Daniel as I spoke, every now and then I would glance back to the row where our families sat and my gaze would fall on him. He sat with his legs spread so wide in his khaki dress pants that his right leg was fully in the middle of the center aisle.

And he stared.

I don’t mean he watched me. Everyone was watching me, (something I was still not yet comfortable with) but Adam’s eyes seemed to bore deeply into me. His right hand rested on his lap and he ever so slightly squeezed the outline of his stiffening prick as it snaked down his right thigh.

He wanted me to see it.

He was hoping I would see it.

Well, I saw it. I couldn’t help but see it. Adam made very sure of that. And the small smirking grin he wore plastered on his face made it clear he enjoyed knowing that I saw him.

I made a note to talk to Daniel. He may have been the younger of the two brothers, but I had little doubt that he could easily outmatch Adam if push came to shove. In a physical confrontation or a cock measuring contest. Take your pick.

After all the normal bells and whistles, the walking across the stage and the hand shakes and the commencement speech by some distinguished former alumnus (of which there were several from which to pick), the Head Master of the Upper School gave the closing remarks and all at once…

…A sea of black satin caps flew into the air…

And Daniel pulled me to his chest and kissed me so hard it knocked the wind from my lungs until I thought I would just crumple into him like an empty soda can.

I melted into him. And it had nothing to do with the heat.

I felt my pulse rising, my body responding and every care and worry from the morning and previous night wiped from my mind.

What did it matter what the summer break may hold? Who cared about the coming separation as we went to different schools in the fall.

None of that mattered in the slightest when his lips were on mine. Where they belonged. Where mine belonged.

Daniel’s hand on the small of my back pulled me into him. I felt the hardness of his uncut cock coming to life beneath the satin robes, pressing against my own waking member. I was hard pressed not to lift one foot from the ground like some couple in a Rom-Com movie poster.

There were a few shocked gasps from some uninformed underclassmen but they were put to an end with a quick and rather forceful punch in the arm from our giant body guard: the ever present Ian.

“Is there something interesting here? Go about your business little birdies,” he chided them as he shooed them away.

When Daniel finally released me and our tongues rested in our own mouths, I let my head fall to his shoulder and laced my arm around his waist and his around mine. Thankfully, the big shapeless graduation robes hid the fact that I could feel a spot of precum already spreading from the tip of my throbbing cock.

The things Daniel did to me…

My mom and Daniel’s chatted amiably a few yards away. They couldn’t have been more different, but they seemed to be getting on like gang busters. Neither of them looked to be waiting for the other one to finish a sentence before beginning her own. If I wasn’t mistaken, they would be pulling out the baby photo albums that mothers always seemed to have hidden just out of arms reach and start sharing embarrassing family stories within moments.

My father and Daniel’s did what typical Southern fathers did: stood with their hands in their pockets about 3 feet from each other and rocked back and forth on their heels. Like they were discussing the stock market or something.

“Good lord, look at ‘em go,” Daniel whispered as he leaned over to kiss my cheek.

“I know,” I replied. “Should we interrupt? If we just walk away now, I don’t even think they will notice we are missing.”

“What are they talking about, I wonder?”

“Us, most likely.”

Daniel shivered dramatically.

“Well, should we go face the music?” he asked.

I sighed.

“I’d rather you face the locker room wall…but I suppose facing the music will have to do. For now,” I teased, pulling him closer to my side.

He leaned in and bit my earlobe gently.

“Are you trying to make me cum in my robes, baby?”

“Maybe? Don’t pretend you don’t like it.”

“Who’s pretending? By all means, please continue.”

I obliged him by lowering my hand from his waist to rest on the rounded mound of his perfect ass. I squeezed lightly and Daniel moaned gently under his breath and rose onto his toes.

I giggled, reveling in the power I had to manipulate his body and make him twinge and squirm with just a touch. It was still new to me after all our time together so far.

I smiled and placed one hand on his rock hard chest, stroking him lightly and feeling his warmth beneath my palm, the hard perky nubs of his dark nipples reacting to my touch.

“Let’s give them a few minutes, okay?” I suggested. “They seem to be getting along just fine without us.”

“Meet the parents time, huh?” came a booming voice from behind us. I had forgotten that Ian was nearby…

Ian was understandably excited.

When he was just his usual self, he ran at top speed in comparison to the rest of us. Today he was approaching Mach 2. He almost seemed to vibrate with the effort to control his excess energy.

“Well, meet the OTHER parents,” Daniel corrected. “It’s kinda surreal actually.”

“They seem to be doing okay. Kinda like strange dogs sniffing around a new member of the pack,” Ian said.

“Kindly refrain from comparing my parents to canines. Even obliquely,” I sighed with a roll of my eyes.

Ian just chuckled, which from him was akin to a timpani drum at forte.

“Good speech, little D,” Ian said changing the subject. It was disconcerting and becoming highly tiring to watch him.

Even though I knew he was speaking to me, his eyes darted back and forth, his head swiveling on his thick neck like some kind of small bird. If that bird was on steroids or had been bitten by a radioactive arachnid.

“Thanks,” I replied cordially. “Dude, you are revved up on super high today. You okay?”

“What?” he asked, finally turning his attention back to me, even if only for a brief moment. “Yeah, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because you look about ready to jump out of your skin, is why,” Daniel offered, backing me up.

“Sorry. I’m just…I dunno…I can’t really…” he stuttered and seemed to search for the correct words before finally sighing heavily. “Have you seen Justin? I can’t find him anywhere?”

It took a moment for Daniel and me to adjust to the question.

Was that why Ian was so apparently on edge? So jacked up on adrenaline?

He was looking for Justin…

I hadn’t realized until that moment how deeply the new addition to our little group had wormed his cute, nerdy way into the gigantic jock’s heart.

“I think I saw him over by the Math and Science building taking pictures with his family,” Daniel offered, pointing to the large, square, tan, stucco building some 100 yards distant.

The effect on Ian was immediate.

His skin flushed and his eyes flashed like crackling lightning. A smile crept up the corners of his mouth. He actually bounced. On the balls of his feet, like he was getting ready to dash off at a dead sprint at any moment.

“Thanks. I’m gonna go see if…I mean, maybe he,…I hope that…What if he?…”

His tongue couldn’t seem to finish the thought his brain was so desperately trying to produce.

I couldn’t help but smile at him.

I knew the feeling well.

It wasn’t that long ago that everything that involved Daniel even in the slightest most tangental way would send me into a whirlwind of panic and

“What if’s” that left my head a dizzy befuddled mess.

I placed my hand in the middle of Ian’s big broad chest. His heart raced beneath my palm like hummingbird wings.

Jesus! The guy should be on the ground rapidly approaching a coronary.

“Breathe, big guy,” I said in as soothing a tone as I could manage. “I’m sure whatever you have to ask Justin, he will be happy to hear. Okay?”

That seemed to assuage him a bit. At least, he dropped his eyes to his toes and nervously dug one point of his dress shoes into the verdant green lawn.

“Thanks,” he whispered. “I don’t know what it is about that boy, but every time I try to do anything…my whole body shuts down.”

I giggled.

“It’s fun isn’t it?”

“FUN?!” Ian bellowed, raising his eyes to the heavens. “It’s fucking torture is what it is! But fuck me if he isn’t the cutest thing walking on two legs.”

I put my hands up in mock surrender.

“It’s not me who will be the one fucking you,” I added with a wink. “I’ll leave that to our donkey-dicked new friend over there.”

Ian blushed bright red at that, but he couldn’t hide his smile. Or the pulsing bulge in his pants, for that matter.

“Don’t get me going, lil’ D. No telling when I’d be able to stop.”

“Go find him and then come back and find us. We’ll be around,” Daniel added, clapping Ian on the shoulder and pushing him in the direction of the Science and Math building. “Good luck, buddy.”

Ian bounded off in that direction. Before he had gone 5 yards, he suddenly turned and rushed back.

“I almost forgot! My parents are letting me use our lake house tonight for a little get together afterwards. That’s what I was going to tell Justin, I mean…”

Daniel and I eyed each other.

“Will your parents be there?” Daniel asked.

Ian shook his head.

“Nope. They are headed to the mountains for a church retreat. Just us. Well, my grandparents have a place across the lake, but that doesn’t really count. They’re like, a hundred and eighty years old. Even if they had their binoculars out, I doubt they could see us.”

I chuckled at the mental image. I idly wondered if Ian’s grandparents were just wizened versions of their muscle bound grandson. An octogenarian copy of Hercules.

“So?” Ian asked, still bouncing, waiting for our reply.

“We’ll be there. Text me the address,” Daniel replied.

Ian’s face split into a wide toothy grin and he immediately turned on his toes and leaped away across the lawn to propose the same offer to little

Justin without another word to us.

Daniel and I just smiled at each other, laced our fingers together and reveled in the growing joy of our buddy.

He may have been a big, muscled lummox on the outside, but he came with a heart to match.

From our vantage point some distance away, we watched as Ian made contact with Justin and his family.

Like Justin himself, his clan was all tall lanky limbs and skinny frames, a collection of elbows and knees held together by strawberry blonde curls.

When Ian bounded into their midst, it was like watching a hunting dog scatter a flock of Mourning Doves. All of Justin’s family recoiled and jumped back a step from the mountain that had suddenly decided to walk amongst them.

All of them, that is, except for Justin.

Justin grinned like the Cheshire Cat and did his best to fend off the cooing affections of a woman who could only be his mother as she attempted to wipe a non-existent smudge from his cheek with her saliva moistened thumb. I doubted the blush on Justin’s cheeks had anything to do with the embarrassment his family may or may not have been causing him.

He couldn’t take his big green eyes from Ian. And Ian returned the gesture.

As we watched, Ian’s entire body seemed transformed.

His shoulders slumped forward, his chest lowered and he seemed to be caving in on himself. He actually appeared to shrink. His fingers twitched and moved on their own, as if he longed to reach forward and grab Justin right then and there but was doing all he could to control the impulse.

Justin’s parents watched the conversation with guarded interest, trying to give their son the benefit of at least a small measure of privacy while intently listening to every word that came from Ian’s trembling lips.

And then Justin…lit up like the Fourth of July.

As if someone had flipped a light switch inside him, his whole body straightened and his face seemed to glow. We were too far away to see, but I’d have been willing to wager that there were misty tears in the corners of his bright eyes.

Ian’s body adjusted to match, lifting from his hunch like an inflating bouncy house until he once again towered and dominated.

Justin nodded with a wide toothy grin.

Justin’s mother’s mouth dropped open a bit.

And Ian’s arms reached forward and crushed the smaller boy to his chest in a bear hug that lifted his feet from the ground and spun him around as if he weighed less than nothing.

Justin’s ringing peals of laughter echoed across the lawn and reached Daniel and I.

“I guess he said yes,” Daniel hazarded.

“You think?” I shot back with a gentle nudge to his ribs and a squeeze of his hand in mine.

As if watching Ian try to control his nervousness hadn’t been funny enough, watching him very nearly skip back across the lawn towards us with an unassailable smile on his lips was something akin to seeing a cow climb a tree: it’s just not something you ever think you would witness.

“Sorry he can’t come,” Daniel joked as Ian came to a bouncing halt before us.

I squeezed Daniel’s hand and smiled up at our giant friend.

Daniel’s light-hearted ribbing had no effect on Ian. He brushed it off as if he hadn’t heard or understood, which, in hindsight, is highly likely.

“He’s coming!” Ian twittered.

Even his voice seemed higher pitched. He glanced over his shoulder back towards Justin and his family and smiled broadly.

“You guys like him right?” he asked nervously.

“Of course,” I replied. “What’s not to like?”

“Not much that I can see. But then, I apparently have a weakness for the nerdy types,” Daniel said, leaning over to kiss my cheek.

“We will rule the world one day, you know. It’s simply good economic future planning to be attracted to us,” I joked and returned his gentle kiss with one of my own.

“And I’m sure the salami hanging between your thighs has nothing to do with it,” Ian laughed, coupled with a lingering glance towards my crotch.

Though it was hidden beneath the robe still, it was almost as if I could feel Ian’s gaze like a caress on my actual skin.

“Hey now, big guy. You got a huge nerd cock of your own to gawk at. This one is mine.” Daniel’s voice was lower and gruff, almost possessive and full of what I knew was merely mock severity. He was fully secure in my commitment to him.

At least, I hoped he was. I made a mental note to confirm that commitment in any way necessary.

Daniel’s hand traveled down my lower back and pressed gently into me, just at the curve of my ass. His fingers spread broadly and he squeezed lightly.

Oh, yes.

Confirming that commitment was going to be…very fun indeed.

“He’s just…Justin’s so…I can’t really…” Ian stammered, completely forgetting or ignoring the lightly sexual banter that he’d instigated.

“Ugh!” he sighed, throwing up his hands in a uncharacteristically dramatic fashion. “I just don’t fucking know anymore!”

“Wow,” I replied, my heart going out to my muscular friend. “You really are conflicted, huh?”

Ian nodded.

“He makes my head swim. He’s so fucking smart! Ya know? Like YOU level smart lil’ D.”

I nodded. Justin was smart. He was ranked third in our class, so only two spots below me GPA wise. (Assuming GPA can be an actually valid metric for measuring intelligence… which is up for debate, and always will be.)

“Smart people have always intimidated me. No offense. Well, smart GIRLS have always intimidated me. Or did. Or do? Or…whatever! But…fuck it…I can sit and listen to him talk for hours. Whenever I can get him to talk to me in the first place, that is.”

Daniel giggled.

Ian’s eyes narrowed and he glared at my boyfriend.

I elbowed him in the ribs sharply.

“Leave him alone, jack ass,” I shot at him.

“Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh at all, bud,” he told Ian, rubbing the sore spot my bony elbow had left in its wake. “It just makes me happy to see you happy. Confused. But happy. You ARE happy aren’t you?”

Ian’s eyes opened a bit and then lowered to the grass as his lips curved up in a small smile.

He nodded.

“Trust me. It get’s easier, buddy. The first few weeks with this one, I was a fucking wreck. Every time I looked at him my tongue went dry and talking was…fuck…well, it was out of the fucking question.”

My eyes went wide.

I just stared at Daniel as he continued.

“I mean, the things he can talk about? Never in my life had my brain ever even contemplated anything on that level. And then, sometimes, when he’d get onto a topic I’d just stare and stare and stare. It felt like hours, days, weeks even. Then I’d realize that even if I didn’t grasp what he was saying, it didn’t matter. What mattered is that HE was saying it. He was with me and he was talking to me and he was looking at me. For some unknown reason for which I will always be grateful, he trusted me and felt safe enough to open himself to me like that. I mean, he’s gorgeous and the sex is fucking mind blowing. But that’s not the best part. Not by a long shot. Trust me, it’s confusing now, bud. But let it settle for a bit and once it does…everything changes.”


Complete and total silence.

Daniel seemed to become aware of the monologue he’d just delivered, as if he’d not done so consciously. His face began to flush and his eyes fell to the grass. Ian’s mouth hung open a little bit.

I threw my arms around Daniel’s neck and pulled him into a kiss that, if I had my way, would have lasted until the sun exploded in the sky. I felt soft tears falling from my eyes and wetting our cheeks. Daniel’s soft stubble scratched at my skin and my tongue and his dove and danced around each other.

“Holy shit,” Ian whispered from far, far away.

I pulled away, holding Daniel’s face between my trembling fingers.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

He kissed me gently.

“It’s just the truth, baby.”

“Still. Thank you.”

I kissed him again, eyes closed, my brain still hazy.

“Alrighty boys,” Daniel’s mom’s voice lilted from just off to our left. “Keep it kosher. Plenty of time to celebrate later.”

“Mom!” Daniel whined, eyes rolling to the heavens.

His mom giggled to herself.

“Oh, hush up, darling. I’m just teasing you. If I could, I’d kiss him too!”

Daniel sighed mightily.

“David, sweet pea! So proud of you! What a fantastic speech!,” she nearly sang, her voice sweetly musical.

“Thanks,” I said softly.

I was still shit at taking a compliment. Better, but still shit.

“Your Mamma and Daddy are very nice, hun. I mean, I always knew they would be. Look at the stellar young man they raised. But I really loved meeting them.”

Daniel’s arm snaked back around my waist. I loved that he knew instinctively when I might be in need of his support.

“Thanks. I hope she didn’t talk your ear off too bad.”

“Nonsense!” Daniel’s mamma joked with a dismissive wave of her hand. “If anything, it was the other way around. We’re going for dinner next week! Did you know, your Mamma has the original LP’s of Linda Ronstadt?!”

If Daniel’s speech had been shocking, his Mamma and my Mamma going for dinner and listening to old school Folk records…well, that would take a little longer to get used to.

“Oh…umm…no, ma’am…I didn’t…I…”

“Well!” she interjected, saving me from my own bumbling, “You boys are expected to join us at the Radisson for brunch. We won’t take no for an answer!”

“You met not two hours ago and now you’re presenting a united front,” Daniel said warily. “I have an uneasy feeling about this.”

Daniel’s mamma patted his cheek in a, well, motherly fashion.

“Oh, baby boy. You have no idea what’s headed your way, honey,” she said ominously. “Radisson. Brunch. You two. Ian, you as well. And that adorable tall young man with those gorgeous green eyes. And bring Frick and Frack as well.”

She nonchalantly gathered herself and hoisted her handbag onto her shoulder.

“Frick and Frack?” I asked confused.

“Gordon and Paul,” Daniel informed me.

I guffawed at that.

“Oh, that’s perfect!”

I knew exactly how I was going to make use of those new nicknames.

“Don’t be too long! We won’t wait for you forever, you know. And you know how your father can get at a buffet line. More than an hour or so and there won’t be an omelet left for anyone else,” Daniel’s mamma joked as she turned and walked away.

“See you soon, boys,” she sang without looking back at us, wiggling her manicured fingers in our general direction over her shoulder as she retreated.

“Dude,” Ian said, eyes wide. “It all makes so much sense, now.”

“Fuck off, ass hat,” Daniel said grimly through gritted teeth.

Ian and I laughed raucously as Daniel fidgeted with his embarrassment.

As if our laughter were a rallying cry of some kind, the rest of our group soon wandered towards us. Gordon and Tall Paul, their robes still on, but unzipped and worn like some kind of polyester kaftan. Justin arrived last, shuffled awkwardly across the lawn and stood next to Ian. He was obviously uncomfortable.

I looked at Ian and raised my eyebrows as if to say: “come on dude, he’s

right there!”

Ian looked at me confused and I jerked my head ever so slightly towards Justin as I wound my fingers between Daniel’s, hoping he would take the hint to copy the gesture.

Ian’s eyes widened a bit and I watched the understanding dawn on him.

His big arm shook a little as he raised it slowly and rested his palm on Justin’s slender waist. Justin jerked slightly, surprised by the unlikely contact, and looked up at Ian, his eyes sparkling brightly in the noontime sun. His tall and somewhat gangly form seemed to relax, his shoulders lowered, his posture becoming less formal, as he eased into Ian. He didn’t snuggle up to him, per se, but he was very close to it, right on the edge.

“Apparently our presence is required at Brunch?” Tall Paul asked suddenly.

“My dad told me in no uncertain terms, that I am to be at the Radisson as soon as possible.”

“Sorry,” Daniel said. “Mamma can be a little pushy.”

“Don’t apologize for a buffet, dude. I’m starving to death already.”

“You’re lucky,” Justin’s melodious voice was barely audible. “My parents were so shocked I got invited in the first place that they both burst into tears. I haven’t seen ‘em cry like that before. Not ever. Not even when Gramms died. I’m never gonna live this one down.”

Tall Paul and Gordon both smiled at our new addition.

“Never fear,” Gordon slurred. “We’ll come rescue you from a summer at home as much as we can. Whenever you aren’t otherwise…occupied.”

He winked at Ian who blushed so hard I thought his face might melt from his skull.

Justin smiled broadly and stepped closer into Ian’s embrace, looking up at him and settling his curly haired head onto Ian’s massive chest for a moment.

Just a moment, like a honey bee at a flower bud, quick and lighter than air.

But it was progress.

Ian smiled at the contact, his embarrassment forgotten.

He pitched his next question as a general one for the group as a whole, though his eyes never wavered from Justin.

“Do you want to go see the weight room one last time before we leave this place forever?”

The rest of the guys, having been reared in the wilds of straight boy jock land, waited for Justin to answer. Even Daniel.

It never occurred to any of them that Justin had never SEEN the weight room before and thus, “one last time,” did not apply to him as this would be his “one and only time.”

The question was for us.

I sighed.


What can you do?

“Sure, that would be nice,” I replied for the group, trying to keep my exasperated eye rolling to a concealed minimum.

Still, no one moved.

My sigh was now very audible as I grabbed Daniel’s hand, turned, and started the walk towards the gym. I didn’t even wait to see if the rest of the group was following.

How these athletes survived daily life for all these years was beyond me.

But damned if they weren’t fun to look at and play with…

The walk wasn’t a death march. Not exactly. But there was a palpable solemnity to it. This would be the final time we would do this. Ever.

I had only been a part of the gym/jock life for a few short months, and Justin not at all; but, over that time, I had begun to comprehend the effect the space could have on a man. Or a woman for that matter. It provided a refuge and a place to let your mind wander and your body take over. It was a safe place for my friends, and had been where they forged and tested and strengthened their bonds of friendship together over the years.

And now, they would have to leave that behind. Find something new. Somewhere

new of their own. It was a daunting task, to be sure.

I wondered how conscious any of them were of that fact as they followed behind me and Daniel.

When we arrived, Daniel was the one who turned the silver handle, opened the door and flipped on the fluorescent lights.

The weight room flickered to life and I couldn’t help but smile.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Justin’s nose wrinkle in distaste.

“Don’t worry, you get used to it,” I said to him with an understanding smile which he returned with a nod.

High School Boy Smell.


The group filed in and stood in the open floor area, looking around at the equipment.

Justin looked like he was rapidly cataloging an undiscovered culture deep in the Amazon of South America.

I remembered that feeling well.

Ian was the first to recover.

“Spot me?” he asked Justin.

He didn’t wait for a response, but headed to the bench press and began loading massive plates onto each side of the barbell.

Justin looked at me with the question clear on his face.

I nodded and indicated he should stand at Ian’s head as he lay on his back, arms up to grab the bar. Ian’s graduation robe made a semi-shiny pile on the floor at his feet as Justin stood behind his head and tentatively touched the cold metal bar with his long graceful fingers. Small beads of sweat began to form on his brow.

“I don’t really think I can help with this much…”

Paul laughed.

“Trust me, J-man. It’s merely a formality.”

“Or he just wants to look up at your massive junk,” Gordon added, much to Justin’s embarrassment.

Ian looked up at Justin standing over him. He winked.

“Don’t worry. I got this.”

He lifted the bar, loaded with close to 300 lbs of steel, unless I missed my guess, and held it steady in the air above his chest as Justin’s eyes popped.

He lowered the bar to his chest and then raised it without seeming to exert much effort.

Justin’s jaw was on his chest.

“Besides,” Ian continued as he pumped out a second repetition. “Gordon was right.”

A Third rep.

“Crude and rude,”

A fourth rep.

“But right, none the less.”

A fifth rep.

The bar clanged back into place on the holder and Ian sat up.

As Ian got to his feet and turned to face Justin with a smile, it was becoming apparent to all present that his little show had had quite the effect on the flaxen-haired boy. Which, I expect, was one of the main motivations behind the spectacle in the first place.

Even through the robe, Justin could do little to hide the rising bulge between his legs. In addition to that, his eyes were wide as he stared at Ian like he was some form of heavenly being who just descended from the skies.

A point in his favor: he walked calmly towards Ian, maneuvering easily around the bench press, rose onto his toes and kissed him firmly on the mouth.

His long fingers trapped Ian by the back of his head and pulled him down to meet his kiss, which Ian did with gusto.

To top it off, one of Justin’s feet left the ground and rose into the air behind him like a rom-com movie poster. The same one I had so diligently tried to avoid becoming just minutes before.

If THAT was a rom-com coming soon, maybe I would actually watch it.

“Do you remember your first time in here with me?” Daniel asked.

“If he doesn’t, I do,” Paul added, rubbing the growing cock snaking across his pants and pointing towards his hips.

“Right over there? Remember?” Daniel said, pointing at the inclined weight bench.

“You beat that big buffoon at a bicep curl content. Of course I remember. See?”

I unzipped my graduation robe and looked down at myself.

My cock was fully hard, throbbing and straining against the fabric of my pants. As Daniel eyed it hungrily, a small dark spot appeared at my cock head and began to slowly spread.

“I remember every time with you, Angel Boy,” I promised him.

A small moan from the bench press machine drew our eyes just in time to see Justin’s legs leave the ground and wrap around Ian’s waist. They had yet to break their kiss, and Justin clung to the larger teen like a monkey as their tongues writhed and twisted against each other.

“Well, we can see where this is headed,” Gordon said with a grin. “Come on, let’s leave these four to…”

“Don’t move, dickheads,” Daniel said quickly.

Both Paul and Gordon froze.

“You may be right about the direction, but don’t forget how many times we all stood around and jerked off together already for the last four years. Before any of this. Hell, Paul, I saw your skinny needle cock for the first time the summer before 6th grade at sleep away camp, remember? So you two stay put, sit down, stand up, kneel, lay back, I don’t care. But get your cocks out and enjoy the moment. I want to see cum flying within ten minutes. Got it?”

Gordon went so far as to favor Daniel with a mock salute.

Both boys were soon unzipping their flys and unbuttoning their shirts without another word of protest.

“Fuck, don’t need to ask me twice, bud.”

Daniel returned his attention to me.

“Where were we, baby?”

I smiled and pressed my palms to the broad flat planes of his chest, leaning

down to kiss him gently.

“I think we were about to say goodbye to the weight room in the best way possible,” I very nearly moaned, pressing the length of my body into his and grinding my achingly hard cock against his hard stomach.

“Fuck yes, we were.”

“I can’t take it anymore!” Ian suddenly bellowed, his breath ragged and punctuated by his unwillingness to remove his lips from Justin’s even for a second.

With his massive arms under Justin’s lithe, long legs, he easily unwound the lanky nerd from his torso and set him gently, almost tenderly to the floor. No sooner had Justin’s feet hit the ground than Ian grabbed his hand and lead him towards the long wall of floor to ceiling mirrors where the free weights stood wracked in neat rows like black iron sentries.

He jerked his head and made a grunting noise that the other jocks reacted to almost immediately.

Apparently, it meant “follow me.”

I still had a lot to learn in so far as “jock speak” went.

Ian roughly jerked Justin around in front of him, pulling the smaller boy so hard that he nearly lost his footing and fell backwards into Ian’s waiting embrace. His back pressed to Ian’s massive chest, both of them rising and falling together in time. He wrapped his arms around Justin’s slim waist and looked into his eyes through the mirror as he kissed he sides of Justin’s long graceful neck.

Justin’s eyes fluttered closed and he released a long breath through clenched teeth. Ian’s hands flattened on Justin’s torso, pressing into his clothes just above his flat chest. He slid slowly downwards, feeling each bump and nook on his abs, all while his lips and tongue danced across Ian’s skin. Like serpents, his thick fingers easily worked beneath the hem of Justin’s pants and continued down.

“Ohhh, fuck…” Justin moaned as Ian’s grip found its mark and wrapped around his tool beneath the fabric of his khakis.

Ian watched Justin’s face contort and twist with pleasure as his fingers and lips worked over his neck and down the long, lean curve of his shoulder.

From behind I watched Ian’s hips and butt grinding slowly into Justin’s perky ass, gyrating in time to his manipulations.

Justin’s arms raised above his head and reached behind him to pull Ian’s head deeper into his kiss, his fingers gripping the larger boy’s hair tightly as he fought the rising tide of pleasure Ian was pouring onto him.

“Daaaammmmn,” Paul sighed from behind me.

The rest of the group stood in silence behind the new couple, just watching

as they found their rhythm together. I glanced towards Paul and Gordon, and true to their word to Daniel, they had somehow stepped out of their pants on the ten step journey towards the mirror. Both of them were naked from the waist down, their button down shirts hanging open to reveal their well developed torsos.

Well, by most metrics on earth, they would be considered well developed, and certainly relative to my own and Justin’s…but with Daniel and Ian in the room, they were on the lower end of average. Still hot…but that is relative.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard you hit the mirror,” Ian growled low and long into Justin’s ear. “You may not have been here before, but you’re gonna leave your mark.”

His big fingers deftly undid the button on Justin’s pants and yanked them around his thighs, making Justin’s breath catch in his chest. His tight red underwear (Red! I read somewhere you only wear red underwear when you expect someone will be seeing them…clever clever Justin, subconsciously planning ahead!) did little to conceal his gigantic bone.

Ian rumbled in his chest as his fist clenched and shook Justin’s tool beneath the crimson cotton. With an unmistakable sound that spelled the end of the garment, Ian pinched the thin cotton and tore it easily down the middle.

Justin’s cock flung forward and bounced twice, a long drop of precum flinging from his slit and dripping lazily to the tiled floor.

“Fucking hell,” Gordon slurred in his normal accent, perhaps a little more drawl due to his heightened state of arousal.

I was transfixed by the reflection of Justin and Ian in the mirror…the huge

muscles of my friend wrapped around the seemingly frail form of the beautiful pale strawberry blonde boy, holding him tight as if protecting him from a strong wind or a coming blow. And Justin’s impressive rod bobbing and pulsing with life, Ian’s fingers barely able to close around it’s girth as he slowly and deliberately tugged on the loose skin, pushing more and more of the clear liquid from Justin’s slit.

Daniel grabbed my hand and pulled me from my somewhat gawking reverie. I make no apologies. If you had seen those two, you would have stared as well.

Daniel lead me, stumbling a bit as the room came back into focus around me, towards the spot where Ian and Justin continued their play. I could hear Justin’s breathing getting faster and faster as Ian tugged on his cock at a quicker clip. Daniel’s hands at my shoulders stopped me where I was and soon his face filled my vision as he came to stand directly in front of me.

He pressed his lips to mine and I felt the tip of his tongue probing for entry. I closed my eyes and felt my sense of self dissolve into him, the world fizz and bubble away to nothingness as his kiss dominated me. I barely registered Daniel fidgeting with the clasp on my dress pants, didn’t even notice as he deftly undid the buttons on my shirt one by one.

I DID notice when my boxer briefs fell to my ankles and in a swift move that left my head reeling, Daniel’s face was suddenly gone and my cock disappeared into his open mouth.

My vision blurred and my arm shot out to steady myself, grabbing onto Ian’s trunk like tricep with one hand and pulling Daniel’s mouth all the way onto the base of my thick shaft with the other. I felt precum pouring from me, bathing the inside of Daniel’s mouth. He drank it down and gazed up at me through his full dark lashes.

Touching Ian pulled his attention away from his prize. He turned to glance at Daniel just in time to watch him slowly pull my thick shaft slowly across his tongue, wet and slick as he moved, flicking the tip of his tongue around my slit as he grasped my cock at the base.

Ian never ceased his jerking on Justin’s ridiculously large tool even as he watched Daniel bobbing up and down on my cock. He was nothing if not determined.

He watched as Daniel licked from my heavy balls up the entire length of my shaft. I felt his full lips kiss and press into the the sensitive underside, felt my precum smear over his face. He grabbed my tool at the base and beat my thick cock against his stubble covered cheek with a deep moan.

“Oh god, Ian…I’m…” Justin whispered, his voice breathy and low. His eyes flickered and he seemed like he was struggling to maintain his grip on consciousness.

Daniel held my cock head on his outstretched tongue and gently licked at my slit and stared up and over at the other couple.

Ian made a noise the likes of which defy description.

But in a flash, his entire bulk shifted from behind Justin and he was suddenly kneeling next to Daniel on the linoleum floor, mirroring him, his own mouth open his tongue pushed out towards Justin’s cock.

Justin’s arm reached out towards me and steadied himself with a firmer than expected grip on my shoulder. Even though Ian held Justin’s hips firmly,

Justin still wobbled on shaky legs.

I caught our reflection in the mirror in front of us: two skinny, lanky, pale nerds with throbbing cocks, standing in front of two piles of muscles, worshiping at our feet.

Surely, it was a dream.

And to my left, Gordon and Tall Paul watched the two pairs intently…as they reached over to the other and jerked each other’s cocks!

I saw Justin’s eyes widen when he saw that entire scene arrayed before him. The wide back muscles of our two boys, the panting and the light moaning.

“Fucking hell,…” he squeaked.

And then he made the one mistake (well, not a mistake really) that he needed to avoid to forestall the inevitable.

He looked down.

I watched as Justin’s face became nearly rapturous when he saw Ian’s big brown eyes gazing back up at his face. Justin looked like those Renaissance paintings where everyone has that strange circle of yellow light behind their head and their skin tones gleam while the rest of the painting is a swirl of dark reds and browns.

Ian was in a similar rapture as he stared past the huge cock head that rested on his pink tongue and into the bright misty green eyes of the man I was sure he was starting to fall for.

Ian didn’t flinch as the first wave washed over Justin. I could SEE it travel down his shaft, watch as his cock expanded and grew before my eyes and then exploded a pristine white jet of cum directly at Ian’s face.

I held onto Justin’s shoulder as he wavered and shook, painting Ian with his load. The bleachy smell of his load triggered me.

Daniel knew…he always knew.

I felt hip lips close just over the tip of my cock as the first stream flew from me, felt it splash into the back of his throat and heard the tiny thankful moan come from him. More and more cum burst from me and I felt it start to fill Daniel’s mouth, begin to pool around the tip of my cock. He didn’t swallow my seed like he usually did; he let it pool on his tongue, let it sit in his mouth…

I knew what that meant and it only milked more cum from deep inside me.

Justin swayed on his feet beside me and he reached forward to grip the sides of Ian’s head with his free hand.

I thought I was a big shooter.

Even compared to me, Justin seemed limitless.

Ian swallowed and swallowed again. And Justin kept going.

His low hanging balls jumped up and down, rising a full three inches and then back down as more and more cum painted Ian’s mouth and lips, dripped down his tan chin and across his cheeks.

With a shuddering jerk, I felt my final jet leave my cock. Daniel didn’t waste a moment. He was on his feet and his lips pressed to mine in a flash. I knew what waited…what he wanted to share with me.

I opened my lips and felt him push his tongue into my mouth, tasted the warmth and sweetness of my own juices on his lips as he shared it with me.

“Kiss me, Ian,” Justin commanded, his words reaching my ears but my mind focused on Daniel’s tongue swirling with mine in a sea of my hot cum.

I heard a whimper, like someone had stepped on a kitten by accident. In my lip lock with Daniel I could only guess that Ian had enfolded Justin in his thick arms and had just kissed him with a mouth full of his own thick white cum.

When Daniel finally did release me, I saw that I was correct. Justin hung limply in Ian’s arms, completely supported in his jock’s embrace. His feet dangled like a marionette and Ian held him aloof under his arm pits as he kissed the smaller boy passionately.

Well, if that doesn’t do the trick, ain’t nothin’ gonna do it.

“Don’t stop…keep…oh FUCK!”

Two sets of nerd eyes suddenly focused on the only verifiably “straight” boys in the room, Tall Paul and Gordon, just in time to see Paul’s arrow straight cock erupt around Gordon’s grip.

As the first shot of Paul’s super thick cum splattered against the mirror a foot or more in front of him, his grip tightened on Gordon’s prick and a second splatter of thinner white goo joined the mirror six inches to the left.

How “straight,” can a boy be considered when his cock has just shot its wad through the grip of another dude? I leave that up to you to decide.

Faces slack jawed and eyes on the ceiling both sinewy baseball jocks continued their slow rhythmic tugging on their buddy’s erection and milked string after string of white from the other.

They’d obviously done this before. Multiple times. Many MANY multiple times.

The look on Justin’s face was one I remembered. Vividly.

There was just something…enhancing…about post-orgasmic bliss in a place so imbued with an indelible sense of unwavering masculinity like a weight room. Justin floated on it. He look like those photos of opium addicts we saw in the history text books. A glassy eyed, slack jawed, gaping grin that seemed to say: “I don’t really care if I ever leave the spot where I’m glued at this very moment.”

Ah, memories.

It was several minutes before he’d regained any real use of his extremities. Gordon and Paul were well on their way to retrieving their discarded pants and belts. Daniel had succeeded in partially stuffing my deflating cock back into my pants. As his partner was still dazed, Ian had little trouble in removing Justin’s ripped underwear and balling the tattered fabric in his fist even while he pulled and prodded the limp limbed nerd back into his pants.

Gordon and Paul stared at the mess they’d left slowly sliding down the glass with their heads slightly cocked to one side, like inquisitive birds.

Then, in perfect synch, they shrugged their shoulders, turned their backs to the mirror and that was that.

Daniel gave a little outburst of a breathy laugh that meant he had been here too many times to argue with the two now graduated boys or fight them on their apathy.

I giggled and kissed my boyfriend, flinging my arms around his neck and

pulling him close to me, nose pressed to nose.

“That was a perfect send off, baby. Thanks.,” I slurred through my grin and punctuated it with a kiss.

“It was wasn’t it?”

“Mmmhmm,” I said, nodding and kissing him again. “Except for one part.”

“What’s that?”

“You didn’t get off…” I whispered in my best impression of sultry, which, if I’m being completely was somewhere between sloppy drunk and stroke victim peppered with more than a little late era Mae West.

“That’s not going to be a problem,” Daniel said. “Lake house remember. I got plans for you, Mr. Valedictorian. Lots and lots of plans.”

He kissed me hard on the mouth and squeezed my ass in a firm grip, then swatted my backside a little harder than he had to to be just merely playful.

“Ready to say goodbye, boys?” Daniel said to the room at large, favoring me with a wink as he spoke.

“I can’t go to brunch with ya’lls families without undies on!” Justin squealed.

I watched Ian gently stuff the tattered red underwear into his pocket as he buttoned up first his and then Justin’s shirt.

“Hush,” Ian said in a surprisingly sweet tone, coming from someone of his stature. “No one’s gonna notice. Well, almost no one.”

He slowly pulled the zipper up on Justin’s khakis, locking the monster back in his cage; and as he ended his sentence gave the rather full and obvious tool beneath the thin fabric a gentle squeeze. Justin’s eyes widened.

“I’m gonna stand behind you the whole time, then,” Justin said, trying his best not to giggle. “Your big ole muscles can hide my big ole muscle.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep. We got all night at the lake house, you know.”

“Who the fuck knew?” Paul chimed in, “Ian’s got moves. Been taking lessons from Daniel, Big Boy?”

Ian shrugged and gave Justin a small smirking grin.

“Maybe no one else was worth the brain power before this?” he said, leaning down to brush a soft kiss across Justin’s lips.

“Well, fuck…” Justin whispered to himself when Ian pulled back.


That was the final hesitation in Justin snapping like a twig right there.

I was watching what had happened with me and Daniel happen right before my eyes. I wondered if we had been quite so sickeningly saccharin and adorable.

Probably worse.

“Dude, it’s like, almost 3:15. I am NOT going to have your Mamma mad at me for being late,” Gordon said with a clap of a hand on Daniel’s shoulder.

To their credit, none of the Jocks seemed to take a long, backwards glancing “Notebook” style look at the Weight Room as they gathered their discarded graduation robes and headed to the door. There were no emotionally significant sighs or heavy hearted holding back of wispy tears.

That wasn’t them.

They had come here, done something, and now that was done and it was time to move on.

I took strength in their surety.

Like Ian with his newfound joy in Justin, I was choosing to look forward and only remember the past for what it was: past. A fond past for the past few weeks. One that had shaped my present and given direction and purpose to my coming path. But nothing to mourn, nothing to hang on to out of fear.

Daniel was enough for my present. And very likely, for my future.

I could go to brunch, to the lake house, to University in another state with that surety planted firmly in my heart, branded on my soul, and ringing like a bell in my mind.

Daniel was enough.

Daniel was here.

Daniel was now.

That’s what mattered.

It would be many more years yet before the stereotypical body image issues that seem to plague most gay men, or at least American gay men, would begin their invasion of the nooks and crannies of my mind; thus, I did not hold back in the slightest at the buffet the Raddison laid out. Several trips to the dessert table (which, to my delight, was several yards long) as well as an omelet eating contest with Daniel’s father, which I lost by at least two full ham and cheese monstrosities, and visiting the meat carving station until I was nearly on a first name basis with the chef in the tall white paper hat, all left me feeling fat and happy. The joys of a metabolism that seemed never ending meant my small nerd frame felt about ready to burst at the seams.

I debated unbuttoning the top button on my dress pants. I quickly decided against it. It was just too cliche even for me.

But I was not the one who nearly put the hotel out of business. If you’ve never seen a High School aged jock male consume food when said food is essentially limitless, I highly advise it.

For the entertainment value alone.

The look of pure unmitigated horror on the faces of the poor chefs at the various stations when Ian would saunter towards them… their eyes widened as if they were thinking the massive boy might just consume them if they failed to provide him with the victuals he requested. The Japanese gentlemen at the sushi counter trembled visibly. If it hadn’t been for the angelic and comparatively diminutive lanky boy who followed the barrel- chested beast around, I think some of the chefs might have fled the room like dark-age villagers from a Viking horde: just threw down their carving knives and serving spoons and run screaming into the night.

Caloric consumption aside, the meal itself was pleasant and uneventful. And just a little bit long.

Parents chatted with parents and left us “kids” to ourselves for the most part. Daniel and I kept a watchful eye on our respective mothers, trying to catch any hint of whatever devious scheme for “blended family” outings they were most assuredly planning. Mother’s can’t help it.

“What do you think they will drag us to first: a museum, or a picnic?” Daniel leaned over to whisper in my ear after his fourth or fifth trip to the pasta station. I had honestly lost count.

“My money is on rollerskating or hiking,” I replied with a grimace.

The only hike I had ever enjoyed had been on the Senior Camping trip. And that was only because of rather extenuating and highly sexual circumstances. With parental involvement, the idea of trekking through the woods was something akin to water boarding in my mind: slow and steady descent into complete break with reality and a loving relationship with pure madness.

Though we both knew they were hatching something, (they just had to be, it was in their natures,) neither maternal unit made her schemes known by the time we had all eaten ourselves to maximum American gluttony standard and stereotype.

In the parking lot, Justin and Ian climbed into Ian’s truck and headed towards the lake house while we all said our goodbyes to the various parents and siblings. Ian wanted to get there a little early and set up before we arrived. It was about an hours drive from downtown, but knowing the way Ian tended to drive, they could do it in forty minutes. Maybe less.

I’m sure Ian wanted a little alone time with Justin before we all got there. I tried in vain to remember if Ian’s truck had what I lovingly like to call “Oh, Shit!” handles: the rails on the door frame and dashboard you can grab onto in the event of an emergency. I hoped so. Ian’s driving definitely counted as an Emergency. Justin was in for a stomach churning trip otherwise. It would be a shame to waste all that brunch food only to have Justin deposit it back on the side of the highway because Ian wanted to get home a little faster.

Daniel and I took our time loading into his Jeep. We even went through an automatic car wash just to waste some spare minutes. About 30 minutes after Ian and Justin had squealed out of the parking lot, we were on our way.

The sun was just beginning to dip below the tree line and paint the summer blue sky with pale trails of lavender and the blush of pink and orange. I leaned back in the passenger seat, kicked off my dress shoes and socks and put my bare feet on the dashboard. I reached across the center console with my fingers extended. Daniel laced his fingers through my own and brought our grip to his lips for a quick kiss across the back of my hand.

I smiled and sighed, closed my eyes for a second, set the picture in my mind and settled in for the drive.

It only took about 15 minutes to emerge from the tangle of streets that made up the downtown area and escape into the two-lane roads that lead to the outskirts of town and the surrounding state parks, lakes, and rivers.

In that time, Daniel had wiggled out of his button down shirt and tossed it into the backseat of the Jeep. His tight white undershirt clung to his torso like a second skin and did very little to hide any of the bulges and crevices that made up his impressive upper body.

He rolled down the window and hung his left arm casually out into the summer afternoon air. A pair of black and gold aviator style sunglasses capped his ensemble.

He leaned back with an air of grace and ease that I doubted I would ever be able to accomplish. Even doing something so mundane as driving his car down a winding road, Daniel looked in control and entirely at his ease. He breathed deeply and evenly, his chest rising and falling with a gentle rhythm that made my eyes go a little wide every time he inhaled. His buzzed chest hair dusted the top of his deep tank top and his nipples made little white mountains on his pecs.

I squeezed his hand, still entwined with my own and resting easily on the console.

“You are just so damned beautiful,” I said in nearly a whisper.

“Hmm?” he asked, briefly turning his attention from the road to me.

I smiled at him.

“I said, you are so damned beautiful,” I repeated it a little louder for his benefit.

His smile at my compliment only proved my statement more true.

“Thanks a million, Angel Boy, but have you looked in the mirror recently?”

My raised eyebrow and confused stare must have concerned him a little because he answered his own question.

“I mean, I just wish you could see yourself right now, is all,” he said with a little exasperated sigh as he returned the squeeze on my hand. “You look very…”

He paused.

I waited.

“I don’t know how to describe it. You look different than when we first met, that’s all. Still super hot and I just wanna rip the clothes off you and jump your bones right here and now…”

“Please don’t,” I joked. “I’d rather not become a cliche story about tragic teenage death on the day of graduation when you crash us headfirst into a tree because you can’t get control over your dick.”

“I’ll be good. I promise,” he continued with a little chuckle. “But that’s not what I mean. You look, more relaxed. More at east. A little more like yourself. You’ve changed a bit, that’s all.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I sat with my knees almost up to my chest, my bare feet warm on the dashboard and my hand gripped with the most beautiful man I had ever seen, much less met.

And that man loved me. And I loved him.

I suppose I had changed. I had been on such a whirlwind with Daniel and school, and Amy and graduation, and the Baseball team, and my parents divorce, and college, and finals, and everything that seems to attack a teenager on the cusp of manhood all at once…I hadn’t really thought about how far I’d come from my birthday 5 months previous.

At the start, as my social standing began to rise little by little from just my association with Daniel, I had worried and fretted over the loss of that standing. But social standing is fickle and arbitrary. What I hadn’t thought about was how much I had changed. As a person. Now, I worried more about losing Daniel. The perks that came with him, be damned.

“I guess,..” I started meekly, gazing out the window at the passing pine trees and verdant greens as the whizzed by at 60 MPH, “I guess I’m just happy now.”

“Me too,” he replied with another squeeze. I felt the metal of our twin rings press into each other as he squeezed. The pressure of the silver on my skin was a wonderful and much needed reminder.

“What’s going to happen after this summer?” I said.

Once the words were out of my mouth, I very nearly looked behind me to see who had spoken them. Surely it hadn’t been me!? I was reveling in a sea of happiness and not thinking about anything other than Daniel and how much I loved him…why would I ask something like that?

Daniel was quiet.

Which made me get even quieter.

It will never cease to amaze me how quickly a mood can change. In the blink of an eye or faster.

“I’m sorry…I…I don’t…” I stammered and tried to avoid his eyes. “You don’t have to answer…I don’t even know why…”

“It’s alright,” he said calmly. His words had a similar calming effect on me.

“I don’t know why I even asked that,” I nearly panted. I couldn’t seem to quiet the pounding of my heart and the rising quickness in my breath.

“It’s alright. I just don’t like to think about the future that much, I guess,” he added. “When you’re as happy as I am right now, it’s like tempting fate to think too far in advance. There’s so much we just can’t know yet.”

“Yeah, I know. Trust me I know.”

We drove in silence for a little while. We may not have spoken, but my mind was racing down all of the horrible or wonderful possibilities that awaited me and Daniel in the coming months. And years. Flash after flash of if’s or maybe’s or possibly’s or eventualy’s.

All at once.

To his credit, and to mine, Daniel never let go of my hand.

“We won’t be that far apart, you know,” he said suddenly, pulling me out of my own head and rescuing me from myself.

“Four hours. I mapped it,” I replied, trying to keep the twinge of despair from my voice.

“That’s not that far.”

“You say that now, but it seems like an eternity,” I sighed.

I felt myself slipping slowly into a depression.

“It’s only back and forth from school to your house two-point-five times,” Daniel calculated with confidence.

(I was a little bit proud of his ability to do so accurately after our few months of tutoring together…whenever we were clothed and flaccid, that is.)

“So that’s essentially one week of school for a trip to visit. You, being the nerd that you are, have never missed school. That’s 35 weeks of school per year. 35 trips to visit each other. You won’t even notice the distance. You didn’t notice when you drove back and forth to school all those weeks. And this time you got something to look forward to when you get where you’re going.”

I had to hand it to him, his logic, while simple, did make me feel better.

“I fell in love with you because you Daniel-Logicked me into it. And you’re still delivering. Thanks, baby,” I said with a small smile, the best I could muster.

“I do what I can,” he replied.

“So we won’t have to break up?” I asked, needing, wanting to make sure this was covered.

“Not unless you finally get sick of me and kick my sorry ass to the curb,” he offered. “I’ve always said that you can do better than me if you want to.”

“I don’t want to break up,” I said with a damn sight more confidence than I truly felt.

“Good. Cause we’re not. You’re stuck with me.”

I stared out the window straight ahead, trying my best not think about breaking up. Trying not to think about my life without Daniel or my life with any real distance between us. I tried as hard as I could to focus on the beauty around us, but at the edges of my mind, that darkness crept in. The harder I tried to push it back and think about the good things I had, the things I had right now at that very moment, the feel of Daniel’s hand in my own, the more that depression and darkness encroached.

I felt it coming nearer and nearer, my heart beating faster and panic starting to rise in my throat. My breath got shorter and I squeezed Daniel’s hand, trying to remind myself of my anchor, trying to stop the spiral I felt coming towards me.

My mind kept buzzing.

I couldn’t lose him.

I didn’t want to be apart from him. I wanted him there, beside me, with me and only me. I didn’t want to go back to a life like I had before him. A life where I watched the world from a distance and silently wished I was a part of it, even though I convinced myself it was safer to stay away. It seemed cruel to go back to that after tasting what it was like to be alive and a part of it all.

Three months from now, there was something coming that could end it all for me, could throw me back to that time no matter how much I wished and wanted and fought against it. I tried to trust in my bond with Daniel. I tired to rely on our love to bolster my strength…but I felt the tears of fear build up and my vision mist with the haze of unknowable future sadness.

Before the tears could fall, the Jeep suddenly pulled to the shoulder and came to screeching halt, dust and gravel flying against the paint job and shrouding the open windows in a reddish brown cloud.

“You stop that right now, David,” Daniel said more firmly than I’d heard him speak in a long time.

There was an edge to his voice, an anger, that I hadn’t heard since he’d stepped in and protected me from Amy months ago at Prom.

“I’m sorry,” I started to say, but my voice was tight in my chest and I croaked, my jaw working uselessly and only screeching noises escaping. I felt a hot tear break free and cascade down my cheek.

Daniel’s hand on my face pulled my eyes from the road ahead and towards his.

“Stop it,” he demanded, his eyes burning like gold in the afternoon sun. “Stop it and don’t think about that again. It’s not fair. I won’t have the summer, the time we KNOW we have together, I won’t have it ruined because you are afraid of what comes after it. You hear me?”

I nodded even though I felt the tears coming faster.

“I love you, dammit. And you love me. And that is no reason to cry or be afraid. Got it?”

I nodded.

His lips crashed into mine.

He kissed me with a fierce passion that sucked the air from my lungs and made my eyes go wide, my whole body tense up and tingle. In that kiss I felt his own fears, his own doubt, hidden behind a wall of bravado and surety. He was afraid too, I was sure of it. But though his fear sent him shaking just like me, he seemed unwilling to let it move him even an inch.

“Nothing you can say or do will ever change that,” he said, pulling away from our kiss. “No distance or time will ever change the fact that I love you. You are my first love. It doesn’t matter if we stay together forever or if time and space drift us away from each other, we will always always always be connected. I don’t know what is coming and neither do you, but until we do, you have to remember that. Please, for me, and for us, please don’t make our time together something bittersweet.”

I was silent for a while.

He actually put into words a possibility: that we may drift apart. That we might not always be together. Distance and time could pull us away from each other. But he didn’t care. He KNEW that was a possibility and he didn’t care.

“I will love you forever. You won’t ever lose me, even if we live on opposite sides of the globe. No matter what changes physically or emotionally, you can’t lose me. Not ever. You and I will be together forever in whatever way we figure out and want to be. You got that?”

I nodded and stared at him. His deep brown eyes were no longer burning with golden fire. They seemed calm and complacent, deep pools with something buried beneath the surface. The deep sadness of reality. Adulthood. My fingers rose and traced the the hard lines of his face, felt he soft black stubble of his beard. My silver ring glinted in the sunlight, thrown into shining relief against his tanned skin.

I nodded again and smiled.

“I know. You will always be mine…”

I tried my hardest to believe it. And in many ways I did.

He kissed me softly.

That, at least, made it much easier to believe. For the moment.

He sniffled and shook his head a bit, like a cat just waking up from a nap.

“I’ll make you a deal. We will spend every single day together this summer. We won’t miss a single one. Even if you are sick as fuck and puking up your guts, I’m gonna be there. And you will come to summer training for baseball. Every day. I don’t want to miss a single second. Okay?”

I smiled and giggled a bit, looking down at my lap. I nodded yes.


He moved the car from park, checked the mirrors and pulled back onto the road.

“Even with your snot nosed, red faced, crying eyes look, you’re still beautiful.”

That got me to laughing.

It felt amazing to laugh, like the sound itself helped to drive away the overcast clouds I had called

down upon us.

“Ditto, Angel Boy,” I replied.

“Hey, I don’t have a snot nosed, crying face!”

“Check yourself, darling.”

Daniel glanced in the rearview mirror.

“Gross…you win the beauty contest for best post crying look,” he offered as he tried to clean himself up while driving.

“Not in a million years,” I shot back, grabbing his free hand and clasping it tight in my own once again.

We drove like that the rest of the way.

Like Ian himself, his parent’s lake house was massive almost to the point of being comical. It stretched three stories into the air, surrounded by massive old pine trees, landscaped hedges, verdant green lawns that nearly verged on golf courses in both size and quality. There was even a stone fountain with a waterfall in the back corner of the front lawn.

Stone work and plaster covered the first floor, with leaded windows and stained glass cut outs shining in red and gold and blue from circular breaks in the old stonework. The upper floors were plaster and beam. It was like someone had re-made the woodland cottage from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but had expanded it to make room for the extended family of each dwarf. Snow White and the Seventy Seven dwarves would have fit nicely in what I upgraded from “the lake house”, to “the Lake Manse.” The capitalization could be heard in the pronunciation.

The circular gravel driveway wasn’t occupied by any cars when we pulled in, small stones crunching underfoot as we drove nearly a quarter miles from the road to the main house. I say main house because I would soon discover other “out buildings” surrounded the place. Pool house, sauna, visitors lodge.

I shit you not, this house had it’s own visitor’s lodge…I suppose meant to accommodate another dozen unexpected dwarves.

Before we rounded the curve, Ian came bounding out of the big front door, ambling lightly down the stone steps with almost a skip in his step, belying his massive stature. He was, as I would come to find to be the norm for Summer, shirtless and glistening in the sinking sunlight. His pecs and abs and shoulders threw off sparkles in the air, like someone had dusted him with glitter or he was Cosplaying those vampires from that book series the middle school girls were obsessed with.

Around his waist were a pair of rather skimpy grey swim trunks in the box cut european style. They clung to his thighs and looked about ready to cut off his circulation, but one had to admit they did a great job of framing his ass, and the way his obliques cut a V across his adonis plate and disappeared beneath the stretchy grey fabric was rather appealing.

Behind him, a little less spritely, but no less excited came Justin. He wore a loose white tank top that came almost to his middle thighs and a pair of board shorts with vivid red hawaiian flowers on a garish yellow background that ended nearly in his middle calf. For someone so tall and lanky, he looked to be drowning in his outfit.

“Did someone forget to bring their own swim stuff?” I asked jokingly as I exited the Jeep when we pulled to a halt in front of the door.

Justin looked a bit ashamed and ground one be-sandled foot into the small white rocks of the driveway.

“I didn’t know I was coming here, so I didn’t have…”

“Leave him alone, Lil D’,” Ian boomed. “I think he looks great.”

I showed my palms in mock surrender.

“That he does. Why didn’t you let him wear those?” Daniel asked as he got out of the car, pointing to the trunks Ian wore.

“I tried, but…uh…well…he doesn’t fit in ‘em.”

“You could see…everything…” Justin whispered, his eyes still on the ground.

“I can see a little more than normal right now,” Daniel said under his breath, giving Ian a short jab in the ribs.

Ian looked confused, Justin instinctively mimicked his expression.

“Dude, you may be shining like Apollo with all that tanning oil, but the cum in your hair is white as the driven snow,” I giggled as I pointed out the glob of Justin’s boy goo dangling from the right side of Ian’s face.

“And unless you suddenly had your hair go white in the past four hours, I can assume that streak in your ginger curls came from our oversized friend here,” Daniel added, indicating a line of white liquid mixed into Justin’s hair.

Both boys suddenly blushed beet red and became interested in the white pebbles beneath their sandaled feet. Muttering commenced of the lowly gruff nature common to high school boys in a quandary; but in the midst of it, Ian’s massive arm snaked around Justin’s waist and pulled the lanky teen closer to him.

Already they were starting to protect each other subconsciously. It really was very sweet, if a bit saccharine. But they had put up with much the same at the start of Daniel and I.

“Can you blame me?” Ian finally mumbled with a bit of gusto, enough to almost be considered human speech, “He’s just so friggin’…and I mean that…cock.”

He finished his muttering in a hushed whisper, as if the mention of Justin’s impressive genetic gift were still a secret between us. As if we hadn’t had our cocks lined up in front of the weight room mirror not four hours ago.

“Indeed,” Daniel offered with a sly smile.

“We shoulda gotten into the nerd game YEARS ago, dude,” Ian declared as he gently lead Justin towards the front door and motioned for us to follow him. “Think of all the fun we missed!”

“Certainly would have made my experience over the past four years a lot more interesting,” Justin quipped.

“Mine, too,” I added.

“Ya’ll got the grill going back there?” Daniel asked suddenly, sniffing the air, a bit like a woodland creature of some kind.

Jocks and their animal instincts. Especially when food or ass of any variety were involved. In this case, I figured both primal urges applied.

“Got some burgers and brats going right now,” Ian said nonchalantly.

“Awesome! I’m starved,” Daniel very nearly growled.

Justin and I both stopped in our tracks as the boyfriends who held us lightly in their grip continued on, oblivious.

“You’re HUNGRY?” Justin squeaked. “I thought that food was for everyone else!”

“That’s not physically possible, Daniel,” I said, mouth open in disbelief.

Both Ian and Daniel just stared at us and shrugged.

“Can’t help it. It’s been like, what…3 hours?” Ian tried to explain.

“But we JUST ate enough for a good three days!” Justin looked like he was going to be physically ill.

“Yeah, but then we already worked most of it off…” Ian shot back with a wink.

Justin punched him in the chest. Of course, that had about the same effect as a fly punching a window.

“Well if you two animals want to go eat, go ahead. Justin and I are going to take our time and look around,” I said with a bit of dismissal in my tone.

It unnerved me a little just how 1950′s housewife that sounded coming out of my mouth. And how easily I slipped into the tone. Like the wives sending the boys off for cocktails while the ladies stayed back and discussed the newest issue of Redbook, the best way to iron and starch a button down, and braise a pork loin. I took a little solace knowing that in this instance, us “wives” had the biggest packages, so to speak. Then again, that’s not so different from 1950′s housewives, is it?

Daniel looked at me a bit, his eyes wide.

I didn’t know what he wanted from me until I realized he was waiting my permission to leave my presence.

“Go on! Scat you two!” I said with a wave of my hand.

Both jocks smiled and turned from us. Before they were three feet away they were already discussing the proper way to grill a burger. Ian was on the check it all the time team, and Daniel espoused a leave it alone theory. They disappeared inside and left me alone with Justin for….well, for the first time I could remember.

“So,” I started, unsure how to ask what I wanted to ask, find out what my curious mind wanted to know. “You two seem to be having fun?”

I said it as a question, though it was an obvious fact of life at this point. No use denying it.

“Yes,” he replied. His voice was even quieter than normal.

“You can speak up, bud. It’s just me. If anyone knows what you’re going through, it would be me,” I said, trying to make him feel a little bit more at ease.

“I’m sorry, David. I’m just nervous. Like…super, super, nervous. So nervous I feel like I’m going to throw up every second of the day.”

“About what?”

“He’s…HIM. He’s, who he is, and I am who I am. But now…he’s…he’s…he’s just so different than he’s supposed to be. Ya know? He’s nothing like I expected him to be.”

“You are preaching to the choir, as they say,” I replied and wound my arm through his, linking us by the elbow. I lead us lazily off to the left side of the ground. “Let’s walk this way.”

Justin nodded and stayed silent for a few paces. The grounds really were stunning. I would never grow used to such ostentatious displays of wealth, but I do appreciate the beauty which they are sometimes able to provide.

“It was like this for you too? With Daniel?”

“Oh yes. Very much so.” I started. “Jocks are supposed to torture us and make our lives a general hell. That’s their job. It’s clean and easy and everyone knows their place.”

“Exactly,” Justin piped in.

“But they are people. Just people.”

“That’s not how it was sold to us from the start. They were supposed to be gods.”

“Well they aren’t. And neither are we. Biggest lie in the human race. All the social status and the titles and kings and queens and leaders. All smoke and mirrors, every bit of it. Everyone is just…people.”

Justin sighed.

“That makes everything much more difficult.”

“To say the least. But he really seems to like you,” I said.

I felt Justin go a bit tense under my arm. Just for a moment before he relaxed again.

“He’s not supposed to. Why me?”

I shrugged.

“Who knows? And more important, who cares?” I offered.

“I care!” Justin chirped. “Or I think I care. He’s supposed to be straight. He’s supposed to be mean. I’m not even sure I am…I don’t know what I am. But I KNOW he’s not supposed to be…”

“He’s people.” I cut him off. “And, lucky for you, he’s good people. He’s big, and muscle-bound, and not the best student. He may not win a dancing contest. But he’s got a heart to match his size. I’m sure you know that already.”

Justin looked at the ground again. His face flushed red, but this time I doubted it stemmed from discovery of sexual activity.

Eventually, he nodded.

“He does. He is a good guy isn’t he?”

“Sad to say. Sorry that messes up your preconceived notions, bud,” I joked and jostled him a bit.

“Just look at this place!” Justin breathed, looking up at the Mansion that rose into the tree tops to our right.

We were approaching a ten foot high stone and wrought iron fence that marked the entrance to the backyard. The lake that gave the house its moniker twinkled, danced, and threw the dimming sunlight like shards of broken mirror into the air. Even through the trees and at a distance of about 50 yards, it was a bewitching setting.

“I never thought I would ever be here. HERE! With a man. With a man like THAT. Who actually lives here? And a man like him…who looks like him!? It’s so much. And I’m not even sure that I’m…gay.”

It all came out in a squeaky breathless rush, like a wall had come down inside him.

“Well, as for that,” I said with more lecture in my tone than I had a right to, “don’t label anything, including yourself, until you feel ready to do so. Until it feels right to you.”

Justin rolled his eyes to the sky. Much more dramatic than I had seen him be to this point.

“Well that’s all very well and good for you to say. You know already and you don’t got someone knocking on your door waiting for an answer.”

Kitty had claws.


He was going to need them, paired with a strong backbone if he was going to attempt to domesticate a jock. I know, I know, that’s dehumanizing. But the mindset helped. Hypocritical though it may be.

“If someone is knocking on your door, you decide if you open it. You know who’s waiting on the other side. So you just have to determine if that person on the other side of the door is someone you want to come in your house.”

“And how am I supposed to know that?!” Justin whined.

“You know already. You just don’t want to admit it yet. Not even to yourself. You will eventually, one way or the other.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” Justin nearly screamed in tender exasperation. “How does he put up with you!? It’s gotta be like dating a Russian novel: too many details to manage and everything connected and interwoven. How do you live in that head of yours?”

“I’ll let you know when I figure that out myself,” I said with a smile and a gentle tug on his arm.

We walked a bit further and opened the back gate with a sharp tug on a braided leather handle strap. The stone lined path continued around the back half of the house and curved to the right, leading to the back deck. The smell of grilling meat was more pronounced and the jovial voices of Daniel and Ian, punctuated with booming and golden peels of laughter, floated to us on the warm air.

Justin’s eyes looked sad.

“You open that door when you want, okay?”

He nodded.

“And you decide what that means to you if and when you do. No one gets to decide what you are other than you.”

Another, more vigorous nod.

“Thanks,” he whispered and pulled me a bit closer to him. “I would find a new friend like you after I graduated from school. Typical.”

I giggled.

“Hey, us nerds have to stick together. Even in our newfound freedom.” I raised my fist. “Nerd Brigade Forever!”

Justin raised his own fist. “Nerd Brigade Forever.”

“Even though we both suddenly got these big strong body guards,” I added.

“Who just happen to love bouncing up and down on our gigantic nerd boy cocks,” he finished.

That sent us both into wild fits of laughter that lasted till we had almost reached the back corner of the house.

Justin suddenly stopped me, before we turned the corner.

“He loves you, doesn’t he?” he asked.


Justin nodded. “I mean, he really, truly loves you. Not high school popularity kind of love. He really loves you?”

I felt myself getting suddenly warm. The kind of good warm that came from an excess of happiness that built up inside you until it burst from every pore in your body. The smile that crept up my cheeks was one of those rare genuine smiles. The kind where you simply have to smile because to not smile would make you explode.

I nodded and bounced a little.

“Yeah, he does.”

“And you, obviously, love him?” Justin asked.

From the way he was studying my body language, I knew and he knew that he already had his answer.

“More than anything.”

Justin stared at me for a while, studying me. I had done that to other people for a long time, but hadn’t ever noticed it being done to me. It was oddly unnerving. I felt like he was weighing me. Luckily, my body-smile happiness was enough to stave off the weirdness of the observation.

“I guess that wouldn’t be so bad,” Justin said after a little.

I grabbed his elbow again, pulled him close and very nearly giggled at him:

“Oh, it’s the best fucking thing on the whole damned planet!”

I pulled him around the back corner of the house and towards our waiting boys.

You couldn’t even see the top of the deck from the back yard. It extended from the second story of the house. Three wide wooden staircases criss crossed upwards to the main platform. Grill smoke twirled and danced from up on that unseen level.

Arm in arm, the Nerd Brigade headed upwards. The vast back deck was easily the size of the first floor of my house. A massive gas grill stretched nearly 10 feet along one front edge of the pentagonal space. Grill might not be the best word. More like an entire outdoor kitchen with a small fridge, several gas burners and two massive chrome covered grill tops, all covered in grey stone and mortar to match the house itself.

Daniel had joined Ian and removed his tank top. He stood shirtless in the reddish sunset, one hand in his pocket and the other lazily grasping a brownish beer bottle. He looked like some kind of Greek God, muscles gleaming, his chest hair making dark patches on his rippled body. He leaned on the railing, one foot crossed over the other, chatting with the broad shouldered Ian who masterfully manned the grill with an array of cooking tools and implements that would have made the Spanish Inquisition jealous.

Justin and I arrived on the top level of the deck and I finally got a full view of the back yard leading down to the lake shore. An in-ground pool in a long rectangle took up a large portion of the yard. A hot tub bubbled away on the bottom right corner of the pool, looking like a stone lined thought bubble coming from the pool itself. The lawn was almost unnaturally green and massive, with small circular and ovular gardens dotted the outside edge of the space, complete with climbing ivy and primrose creeping up the stone and iron fence. Ian’s family had at least 30 yards of lake front shoreline to their name, a strip of yellow-brown sand about 10 feet deep. The simple wooden dock stretched 10 yards into the darkening and placid waters, with a large covered pontoon boat, moored and bobbing at the end. Two massive pine trees at the shore line were the poles for a serene looking hammock.

I felt more than saw Justin leave my side and make his way toward Ian, who still hadn’t noticed our arrival yet. I smiled to myself and watched what I had gotten the feeling was about to happen.

Justin marched forcefully toward Ian, put his long-fingered hands on his massive shoulders and gently turned him around. Ian’s face was a wave of shock that quickly melted into what I can only call burgeoning adoration when he realized it was Justin who now stood before him. Justin’s palms moved to the square mounds of Ian’s hairless pecs and he squeezed slightly, lifted himself onto his toes and planted a full kiss on Ian’s slightly surprised lips.

Like watching a block of salt dissolve in the rain, Ian seemed to soften before my eyes. His arms rose and encircled Justin’s slim waist, pulling him further into his embrace and returning the kiss with equal passion.

“What was that for?” Ian asked, his eyes soft and unable to look away from Justin’s emerald green gaze.

Justin shrugged nonchalantly.

“No reason. I just wanted to. A thank you.”

“No need to thank me, babe,” Ian said, ruffling Justin’s red-blonde curls as he kissed him gently on the forehead. “It’s my pleasure.”

For my part, I walked into Daniel’s open arms and made myself comfortable.

“Guess he decided to open the door,” I said, only half to myself.

“Huh?” Daniel intoned, his warm fingers sliding down my sides and into the hem of my pants to rest on my jutting hip bones.

“Nothing, baby. Just something between me and Justin.”

Daniel left it at that.

“Be that as it may, where’s mine? Huh?” Daniel joked, squeezing my hip bones.

“Fine. If I must,” I sighed with dramatic flair.

I kissed him gently and rested my head on his shoulder.

The four of us, a gathering which I would soon come to find to be my core summer friends, talked and chatted for about 30 minutes. The jocks routinely and somewhat obsessively checked the burgers and bratwursts, inspecting the char and generally messing with them over and over again. Justin and I even helped ourselves to a beer. I know it is slightly illegal, but up to that point, I hadn’t ever partaken of any alcoholic beverage. And the taste of a beer made it clear that I was never going to be a heavy drinker. That first beer took me nearly an hour to consume.

A door bell that sounded like something from Notre Dame suddenly echoed through the open back door.

Ian’s eyebrows shot up and he became the human version of the most excited puppy imaginable. He bounced on his toes and his muscles shook.

“AND SO IT BEGINS!” he yelled to the sky with his fists upraised like a gladiator in the Coliseum.

Ian bounded towards the door, pausing only to give Justin a quick peck on the cheek.

“Come on, D!” he bellowed.

Daniel gave me a small kiss and said, “be back in a minute babe,” and left to follow Ian.

Justin and I looked at each other for a moment, our eyes rolling at the macho jock antics of our respective partners.

“Opening that door, huh?” I asked.

“I’ve stayed inside that room, alone, for long enough at this point.”

I smiled at him, my brother in arms on this strange journey we had both found ourselves a part of.

“Don’t leave my sight tonight,” I pleaded. “We may have big strong jock boyfriends now, but these are still the same people we’ve spent the last four years avoiding.”

“Ditto,” Justin said, grinding his teeth together in slow circles, a habit of his I’d come to know.

“Once more, into the breech!” I breathed quietly, turning with Justin to face the back door and find out which of our myriad torturers from the past years would be the first to cross its’ threshold.

“Nerd Brigade Forever.”

“Nerd Brigade Forever.”

Due to the sheer physical size of the “Lake Manse,” it took the new arrivals a good six hours to travel through the main floor and emerge onto the back deck where Justin and I waited for them with nervous stomachs. Exaggeration, of course, but it certainly felt like six hours to the two anxious nerds. It was probably more like sixty seconds.

Tomato Tomahto.

The first to become visible, like a zombie emerging from the fog of the graveyard in the Thriller video (if the zombie was rambling through an immaculately decorated house straight from the pages of Southern Living Magazine,) was a familiar face. Well, to me at least. He was one of the few Sophomores who played on the Varsity Baseball team. I couldn’t help but release a breath I had held in since Daniel and Ian had left us standing there. This new party-goer wasn’t an immediate threat. The stream of others who followed the first were

another matter.

I could almost feel Justin trembling beside me. I trembled alongside him, both of us vibrating with anxiety. It amazed me how quickly I had reverted to my old “prey” mindset. Anyone who walked through that back door could be a predator and every single muscle in my body was tensed and ready to leap away like a gazelle on the Serengeti. No matter how much I had changed since falling in love with Daniel, those old instincts were still there, buried deep inside me, keeping me safe.

I nudged Justin with my elbow and he squeaked like a puppy with a stepped-on tail.

“Don’t do that!” he hissed through his clenched teeth, doing his best to smile at the people who continued to come through the back door. Even to my side-eyed glance, his grin was more of a teeth-baring glare.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

How strange the two of us must have seemed to our peers. Most of them were Seniors and Juniors, with only a few lower classmen mixed in. Two nerds, just standing there, stock still, side by side, smiles plastered across our faces but our eyes wild and hunted, obviously distressed. We must have looked like the most surreal sculpture garden in existence.

Thankfully, not a single one of the newcomers spoke to us. They just nodded as they passed. Some favored us with a smile or a mumbled “sup?”

I was well-versed enough in the language of the popular crowd to know that this question was strictly rhetorical. They did not require or desire a response, which was all for the better because my tongue was dry and stuck firmly to the roof of my mouth.

Where was Daniel?

There were already more than a dozen people milling about on the deck and still no sign of either Daniel or Ian. I was beginning to get nervous. Well, more nervous than I already was just given the tense situation. I had already lived in this bizzaro world of jocks and popularity for a few months. I couldn’t imagine what Justin must be going through, new to this scene as he was.

My jaw was just beginning to ache a bit from holding my smile with intent ferocity and determination when Katy and Amanda sauntered through the back door. Their smiles were genuine when they saw me, or at least much more so than the others. They wore floor length sundresses in purple and orange respectively, the multicolored straps of their two-piece bathing suits visible on their bare and somehow already bronzed shoulders.

“Hey David!” Katy said, bounding up to me in high heeled sandals. “Great speech today.”

“Thanks,” I replied as nicely as I could, working my jaw back and forth to ease the tension.

“My Mom thought you were adorable,” Amanda drawled in her thick accent that still somehow seemed to make every sentence she spoke into a question. “She even asked if you were single and why I hadn’t snapped up the smart boy.”

That sent the girls into a fit of giggles and I joined in nervously, twittering like an idiot.

“I didn’t tell her that you’ve already been snapped up. So to speak. Who’s this?” Amanda asked, turing her attention to the statue-like Justin.

How she couldn’t recognize a person she had gone to school with for the past 4 years was anathema to me. It just reinforced for me how very regimented the social hierarchy at school was. Or rather, had been. Justin hadn’t even registered on her radar as a person.

“I’m Justin,” he piped in, a hint of annoyance in his voice. “I’ve been in your class since the 7th grade.”

To her credit, Amanda blushed and had the decency to at least look ashamed of her oversight.

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

Still a question.

“Saludatorian, right?” Katy asked, attempting to redeem the popular girls as a whole.

Justin nodded.

“Congratulations. It takes an awful lot to beat David here in the brains and smarts department, I guess.”

Justin smiled warmly at that.

“He can best me in other departments,” I added, hoping my cryptic reference to his larger member would be enough to shake my friend from his stock still stupor.

Luckily, I had help in rousing him.

“Hey there ladies,” Ian boomed, nearly skipping onto the back deck and making a B line straight for Justin’s side. “Hope you found the place okay.”

Justin visibly relaxed when his protector was ensconced once more beside him. Even more so when Ian’s muscle-corded arm snaked around his shoulder and rested flatly on his chest.

Amanda and Katy’s eyes went a little wide and they shared a look between the two of them that seemed to say: “we got us another one!”

Daniel emerged soon after and came to my side, giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek and putting his arm around my waist. The heat of his bare skin against my arm made me shiver. Katy and Amanda both “aww’d” like the four of us were a litter of newborn puppies.

Daniel rolled his eyes and pulled me a little closer.

Someone turned on some music and rescued us from the well-meaning females. With the musical lubrication, things began to evolve at a rapid pace. Here and there I noticed six packs of beer or wine coolers, some litre bottles of hard liquor, and even a bottle or two of wine one of my wealthier colleagues had snatched from Mommy and Daddy’s wine cellar.

Yes, plenty of my former classmates had actual wine cellars. Not just places to store the Holiday decorations in cardboard boxes and well-worn childhood items like my family did, but places devoted to literally just shelves and shelves of fermented grape juice.

I would never understand the wealthy.

“I’m gonna go show there where the cups are,” Ian said. “And take their keys. You gonna be okay?”

He posed this last question to Justin. The tone in his voice made it crystal clear to Amanda and Katy that yes, indeed, they did have “another one.”

“I’ll be fine,” Justin said quietly, attempting to look at the ground, but his view was blocked by Ian’s spectacular pectorals.

“Go take care of your guests. I’ll be here.”

Ian smiled wide and bounded off back towards the house, yelling for everyone who had alcohol to give him their keys or get the fuck out, no questions. No one put up any resistance. How did one even begin to resist Ian?

More and more people began to fill the back deck and started exploring out into the yard and pool areas. It wasn’t long before articles of discarded clothing began to dot the space. A shirt here, pants there. Nearly every male in the vicinity was shirtless within five minutes. Not that I minded.

“Don’t go leaving me for some hotter younger model,” Daniel joked, crushing me to his chest when he saw me eyeing all the newly visible man-flesh.

“Not a chance,” I ensured him, sealing the assertion with a small kiss.

“Can we change in here?” someone shouted from down below in the yard. Daniel looked over the railing to see a shirtless Junior with his khaki pants unbuttoned pointing towards the pool house.

Daniel looked around for Ian, found him no where in sight, and so took the lead.

“Go ahead!” he called back.


The kids pants hit the grass before he’d even opened the door.

Unlike most of the other guys and girls in the school, the baseball and football teams were used to nudity. Instead of searching for a private place to change individually, they simply huddled up in a circle facing each other and stripped in unison. A circle of bare pale butts and muscled backs took shape.

Justin nearly died, flushing to match his reddish hair.

I, on the other hand, simply enjoyed an encore performance of the buttocks buffet I hadn’t seen since the last game of the baseball season a few weeks back.

The first person to make the leap into the pool gave everyone else tacit unspoken permission to join. Splashing and laughing soon filled the darkening summer air. Daniel, Justin, and I stayed at the railing, surveying the revelry and chatting between ourselves.

I was so incredibly proud of Daniel as the conversation continued.

He treated Justin as if he’d been a part of the group for years. He made my new friend feel right at home, asking him every question in the book and generally getting to know him. I could tell Justin appreciated it from the ever relaxing expressions on his face.

Our conversation was occasionally interrupted by the return of Ian. He’d make a point to check on Justin at least once every five minutes. We’d be chatting about Justin’s mom’s job when all of a sudden:

“You okay babe?” Ian’s voice would come from behind, a large thick-fingered hand suddenly pulling Justin backwards into his chest.

“I’m fine, you lummox!” Justin would pretend to struggle against Ian, but never really put in much effort. His struggle looked more like an attempt to snuggle into the embrace rather than truly trying to evade or escape it.

“Okay then. I’ll be back in just a bit. Someone brought Everclear and I gotta pour that shit down the sink before anyone tries to drink it. That crap is essentially gasoline.”

And just like that, he’d flit away again to manage his soiree. If a 220 lb ball of muscle can even be said to flit.

“This is just…surreal,” Justin said after a while of wide-eyed observation of the splashing and socializing of our now former classmates.

“How so?” Daniel asked.

Justin’s face was a picture of existential struggle as he tried to find the words to tell Daniel what being at this kind of party felt like to a nerd.

I stepped in to rescue him.

“Strange huh?” I offered. “But you get used to it.”

“I feel like the animals in the zoo decided to throw a party and the the zoologists caught them in the act,” Justin mumbled.

It was Daniel’s turn to try and hide the shock on his face.

“Animals in the zoo, huh?” he asked, feigning offense.

Justin’s eyes went wide and he immediately got defensive and flustered.

“Not like that! I didn’t mean…I’m not calling them…or you…I don’t want to seem like I don’t appreciate…”

Daniel laughed at him.

“Easy, little dude. I get it.”

“I’ve explained all of that to him many times now,” I told Justin, who gave a weak smile in return.

“I’ll be right back. I’m gonna grab a beer. Want me to get you two something?” Daniel offered.

“Sure,” I said for the both of us when Justin didn’t respond.

Daniel turned my head to kiss my lips gently, favored me with a smile and twinkle of his bright brown eyes and then headed inside to the fridge.

“He really doesn’t care if people see you two together, does he?” Justin asked quietly when Daniel was gone.

“I guess not. I haven’t really thought about it much for a long while now.”

And I hadn’t. I hadn’t thought about Daniel and I keeping our relationship to ourselves in what seemed like a very long time. It had only been weeks, really, but it felt like so much longer. Daniel was just so much a part of my reality at this point, the effort it would have taken to hide that reality from the rest of the world seemed pointless. Who could keep up that facade? The effort that would require exhausted me just thinking about it.

I was on my second (or maybe my third) beverage and beginning to feel the light headed dizziness and faux-euphoria of an inexperienced and admittedly underaged drinker when the sound of breaking glass echoed from inside the house. Ian was taking a momentary break from his hosting duties to chat with Justin, Daniel and me. When the sound of the shattering silicon reached his ears, his wide-eyed loving gaze at Justin changed so abruptly it was very nearly terrifying. He shared a look with Daniel who smiled so slightly I almost thought I had imagined it.

Ian’s eyes narrowed, his brow furrowed and his teeth clenched together so tightly you could see the muscles in his jaw throbbing. A vein slowly rose in the middle of his forehead and he started to change color. Like putting one of those Easter marshmallow Peeps in the microwave, Ian began to expand before our eyes. His chest puffed out and he slowly started to draw himself up to his full and maximum height and breadth.

“What the ever-loving fuck was that?” he growled low and viciously through his clenched teeth. His eyes turned from Justin towards the open door of his house.

“Umm,” Justin tried to intervene, “Maybe someone dropped a glass. I’m sure it’s…”

“Will you excuse me? I need to go take care of something real quick,” Ian hissed, trying to disentangle Justin’s lean arms from his torso. Justin did his best to cling on and hold back the growing storm that Ian had become, but it was like a scarecrow trying to stop a tornado. Ian easily but gently removed Justin and physically lifted him out of his way.

Justin was wild-eyed, unable to comprehend what to do. Ian marched forcefully towards the door, his pace quickening with every step.

“What do I do?” Justin asked in a panic as Ian departed.

“Follow him!” I ordered.

“He’ll be fine, just go make sure he doesn’t go too crazy,” Daniel offered with a smirky grin. I had the distinct impression that he had seen this kind of behavior from Ian before.

Justin quickly handed me his half finished beer and rushed off after Ian. I said a quick silent prayer for him. He was heading into uncharted waters, even for me. I had no idea the proper or expected actions he could or should take in a situation like this.

Justin disappeared inside and at that moment Ian’s temper crested and his booming voice echoed so loudly from inside that even the people splashing down in the pool stopped their romping and took notice.


Daniel broke into a fit of giggles.

“I don’t see what is so funny about this?” I reprimanded.

“He’s not even mad. Something breaks at every party, babe. He just does this so people won’t fuck with him in the future. He’s done it since Freshman year. Don’t worry. It’s all just social theater. Jock stuff.”

Some people had made the trek back up the stairs from the lawn to check out the scene taking place in the house. I heard murmurs from some of the popular kids that seemed to confirm Daniel’s un-phased analysis.

“Oh, this ought to be fun,” Katy giggled. “I love it when he does this!”

“Who was it?” Amanda asked with as much real concern in her voice as if she’d been asking which of the Jonas Brothers had been spotted nearby. “Do you remember when I accidentally dropped an ash tray Sophomore year? I thought I was gonna piss my pants when he caught me! To be honest, I kinda did. But only a little! I swear!”

The two girls broke into a hysterical fit of laughter and pushed through the crowd blocking the door to get a better seat to the show.

“Perfect timing,” Daniel said to himself. He placed his beer on the wooden railing of the porch. “Come on.”

Daniel grabbed for my arm. The usual tingle at his touch was muted by the excitement of the new and only superficially (apparently,) dangerous situation arising inside.

“What? Come on what?”

“Just follow me,” Daniel said quickly, his voice low and breathy, his eyebrows climbing a little higher as he pulled me towards the porch stairs. I took one quick swig from my now tepid beverage and placed it hastily on a table as Daniel very nearly dragged me along behind him.

“Daniel, what the fuck are you doing?!” I was starting to get concerned and more than a little annoyed but Daniel remained calm and steady.

“Just trust me. Come on.”

“Come on where? Where are you taking me?”

“Everyone is watching Ian. Just, please, follow me.”

As I was lead past the open door, I glanced inside and caught Justin’s gaze, standing beside Ian. He looked helpless but more at ease than when he’d rushed after the boy. I raised my eyes in a pleading question towards him. He smiled broadly and gave me a thumbs up. Apparently, he had caught on to Ian’s little party game and was now enjoying the rest of the show. The growing crowd around them blocked my view of who had incurred Ian’s faux-wrath, but my heart went out to them.

Daniel and I, (well, more so Daniel as I was just being towed along in his wake) had to clear a path through party-goers who steadily climbed the stairs towards the house and current entertainment, eventually coming to the bottom step.

Before my bare feet could touch the grass, Daniel pulled me sharply to the right…away from the pool and back towards the house.

“What in the world are you doing!?” I whined. “There’s nothing over here except…”

“Ian showed me something once. Just trust me.”

“Fine!” I sighed dramatically.

Daniel lead me quickly back towards the house, around the staircase to the upper deck to a small locked wooden door that seemed to lead directly under the deck itself. Daniel spared a quick glance upwards. No faces peered back down at us over the railing. No one seemed to be paying any attention whatsoever. Why would they when Ian was so masterfully performing his bull-in-a-china-shop routine?

“Ready?” Daniel asked, his gold-brown eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Ready for what?! Daniel what in the world are you doing?!”

He smiled a dazzling smile and unlatched the door with a key he seemed to magically produce from underneath a small rock pushed against the foundation of the house. The door opened inward on surprisingly silent hinges, Daniel looked around to see if anyone had noticed, then hastily pulled me inside the dark space and quickly closed the door behind me.

There was very little light under the deck, only what crept in from the spaces between the planks above, but my eyes quickly adjusted to the murky gloom. The floor was paved in concrete paving tiles, broken only by massive thick wooden beams that stretched from the ground to the underside of the deck like bare trees in a manmade forrest. Against the back wall, all manner of lawn and garden tools hung neatly from the stone foundation in wooden racks. Boxes of old and deflated sports balls, pool toys, and paint buckets made little piles here and there. A large riding lawn mower dominated the space and shone a dull flat green, the bright yellow leather seats covered in a thin sheet of dust.

Daniel pulled me towards the riding mower, spun me around and pushed me down onto the seat with both hands. Before I could open my mouth to protest my semi-abduction, his lips crashed into mine and I felt his tongue probing my mouth. I responded without thinking, returning his kiss and pulling him closer to me. My arms grabbed at the bare skin of his back, feeling the muscles tense and relax as he pushed his entire bulk onto my body and ground himself into me. My legs opened on their own and he slipped easily between my thighs, one hand reaching down and grasping the growing mound in my pants.

I pulled back from our kiss when his grip squeezed and tried to resist.

Futile I know.

“What are you doing?” I asked half-heartedly. Daniels full lips and tongue were working up and down the side of my neck, sucking gently on my sensitive skin as his hands continued to massage my cock to full attention.

“You know exactly what I’m doing,” he said between kisses. “You’re the smartest guy in the grade.”

I bit my lower lip to hold back a moan. It came unbidden anyway when Daniel undid my pants and slipped his fingers onto my flat stomach and beneath the waistband.

“Ohhhh,” I sighed. “But…but…there are people right above us. What if they hear us?”

I knew what was coming. The question, much like “sup?” was almost entirely rhetorical at this point. Even as I protested, I lifted my hips from the yellow seat of the mower so Daniel could yank my pants to my thighs. My thick tool sprang out and slapped hard against my stomach with an audible “thwack.” I could already feel the liquid beginning to ooze from my slit and onto my skin, warm and sticky.

“I hope they do hear us,” Daniel growled, his fingers finally gripping my shaft tightly, squeezing as he milked a long stream of precum from me. “That’s what makes it hot.”

Before I could tell him how risky that was, or even fully form the thought in my brain, he shot me a wicked grin and dove onto my cock, his mouth wide.

Any lingering doubts I had had evaporated like water on a hot skillet the moment I felt him push my entire cock down his warm throat, his wet tongue undulating along the base of my shaft. I felt his nose tickle my trimmed pubes and my fingers immediately grabbed his head and pushed him further into my lap.

I thrust upwards, grinding my hips into his mouth, as my dick pulsed and throbbed inside him. The low moan that rumbled from his chest vibrated against my cock.

As quickly as it happened, Daniel stopped it. With a gasping breath, he stood straight up and left my slick wet cock bobbing in mid air.

“That oughtta do the trick,” he whispered, his lips shining with spit and watching with hunger in his eyes as my cock bounced and danced in the dusty air. His fingers were at the waist band of his shorts while he spoke. With a little puff of dust they made a small pile on the concrete tiles when he pushed them all the way down.

He wore his white jock strap, like the one I had first seen him in when this all began all those months ago. His uncut cock was rock hard and straining against the woven cotton, the dark spot at the head of his cock spreading fast.

He turned slowly, presenting me with his perfectly framed ass. He arched the small of his back and pushed those perfect mounds towards me, wiggling his hips back and forth a little, daring me to make a move.

“Please, Mr. Valedictorian,” Daniel whined with lust in his voice as he looked back over his shoulder at me, “I’m just a dumb jock. I don’t know how I’m gonna graduate without your help. Is there anything I can do to get some extra credit?”


Fucking role-play.

Well, there was no denying that Daniel knew how to push my buttons.

He ended his little scene by bending over slightly at the waist and grabbing one of the support poles in front of him, his arms high above his head, forming his back into a perfect triangle. He turned to wink at me as he presented himself. I went from prey to predator in less than a heartbeat.

I closed the distance between us and ground my hard and dripping cock against his ass crack, feeling his muscled cheeks open and enfold my girth. Daniel’s eyes fluttered closed and he pushed his hole back towards me.

“Fuck me, baby,” he moaned. “Please. Put your cock in me. Please…”

He paired the desire with a wide-eyed look of innocence and misty lust that made it almost a crime not to do as he asked.

My cock lined up against his puckered hole like a magnet. The heat of his skin as my precum drenched his opening nearly made me cum right then. I pushed forward and felt him welcome me.

“Ohhhh fuuuuck yesssss,” Daniel hissed as more and more of my cock pushed inside him. He pushed back against the wooden pole and tried to take more and more of my long dick with each little thrust.

With practiced ease, I melted into him. His muscles clenched and unclenched around me as I throbbed inside him. Heat like fire mixed with pressure like a vice.

“You want extra credit?” I growled at him, my fingertips digging into his hips as my cock finished it’s long entrance.

“Mmmmm…yes. Please. Give it to me.” Daniel wiggled his ass against my hips and his hole clenched tight then opened again.

“It’s going to be rough to bring that grade up. You sure you can take it?”

“I like it rough…” he ground into me again. I felt my cock head pressing against that magic button of nerves inside him. His breath was getting ragged, choppy.

“You got it,” I hissed in his ear, biting the soft skin of his earlobe as I pulled my cock back and slammed it inside him again with enough force to make a smacking sound.

Daniel didn’t even attempt to lower his voice. I didn’t attempt to make him. He had purposefully awoken the beast he knew lurked inside me and I was going to finish this no matter the outcome.

Daniel’s fingernails raked down the wooden beam as I slammed his round bubble from behind. My fingers ached with the pressure I put on his hips as I pulled him roughly back onto my thick cock. His hole loosened and tightened around me in wave after wave, matching his panting and groans.

“Don’t stop…oh, fuck yes…fuck me harder…oh fuck yes harder…oh shit, yes.”

He really was trying to get attention from the party goers above. He was a vocal lover usually, but he ratcheted his normal up to porn star level.

I picked up my pace. My balls slapped against his ass with every thrust, his cheeks reddened from the pounding. I didn’t care. I gritted my teeth and I fucked him, really and truly pounded him mercilessly. My brain was gone, my mind no longer in control. I felt strong and powerful, in control and dominant. My alpha male writhed in pleasure beneath me, succumbing to the onslaught of my cock. He submitted to my power, his body begging me to show him who was in control.

“Cum in me…cum in my hole,” he pleaded, his voice high and wavering, his knuckles white on the support beam.

I didn’t respond. I just kept fucking him, faster, feeling my head hit his spot making him yelp each time. My eyes blurred.

I was close. As I felt the familiar white hot fire climb in my veins and shimmer through me entire being, I slammed my rod into Daniel and pulled him back into me, holding him there, throbbing and thickening inside him.

I don’t know how to describe the sound that came from my body. If I had been a wolf, it would have been a howl.

Daniel’s body knew what was coming. He clamped down on my shaft with his hole, waiting for it.

And I didn’t disappoint.

I felt my lusts and anxieties empty into him in five bursts of thick cum that sapped my strength and filled my love to the brim. I felt some of it leak hot and thick down my shaft. I dared not move as I filled him. And from the sounds he was making, it was a good thing I didn’t.

I just noticed in my orgasmic state the white streams and drops that landed on the cement tiles in front of him. He had cum without touching his cock. I had completely forgotten to touch his cock, but thankfully it seemed my inattention hadn’t been damning.

My fingers were still white and tense on his hips as my breath and brain settled back into me when he suddenly started to laugh.

At first, it was a little giggle. Before long, it was long loud full body laughs that shook his whole being.

He pulled off of my super sensitive cock in his uncontrollable glee. I shivered at the change in temperature and pressure but he wiped tears of laughter from his eyes and tried to regain his composure.

“Well, I suppose that is one way to react to getting fucked rough and raw,” I said sarcastically. “I usually prefer thank you’s but uncontrollable laughter is okay too.”

Daniel brought himself under control and placed his palms on my chest to kiss me gently as he did, caressing my face as he whispered apologies to me.

“I’m sorry, baby. That was perfect. I swear. I mean look at me.”

He glistened in the gloom, a thin sheen of sweat over his entire form. His cock was still hard and pulsing. The white mess on the front of the jockstrap proved that he had indeed joined me in release.

“It’s just hilarious that there are people, like, 15 feet away, and you just fucked me so hard I came in my jock. Gotta admit, that’s pretty fucking funny.”

I tried not to smirk, but it was funny.

Before long, we were both laughing as we wrapped our arms around each other and pressed our foreheads together. I loved holding him like this. We connected at three places: Mind, Heart, and Body; Forehead, Chest, and Groin. It felt safe and right. I imagined holding him like that as we danced at our wedding. It was a stupid thought, I know. And presumptuous to boot. But sometimes, those thoughts can’t be avoided. They just come unbidden. And for a nerd like me, it was a sublime experience to live in those futures, even for just a moment. They were something, some place and time, that I had never allowed myself to fathom before Daniel. That I could be there, be in some distant future with him, living and loving him in my mind’s eye was…exhilarating. And terrifying.

We stayed like that for a while, slowly rocking back and forth together, holding each other.

“We should get back before anyone misses us,” Daniel whispered after several years had gone by in my mind.

“Do we have to?”


I sighed and pulled away from him reluctantly.

“Well you can’t go back out there like that,” I said. “You’re literally covered in your own jizz. I think people would notice that little fact.”

Daniel shrugged as he pushed his jockstrap to the ground. He was finally naked before me again and I couldn’t help but catch my breath.

Every time. Every damn time, it still stunned me.

He retrieved his shorts from where he had left them and stepped back into them.

“A little free balling never hurt nobody,” he said with a wink.

“And what about my little present you got with you there…” I coyly motioned to his perfect ass as I raised my own pants to my waist and stuffed my semi-soft cock back into place.

“Oh that’s gonna stay right where it is. If no one heard us down here, fine. But I like knowing that I’ve got your cum inside me while I talk to homophobic dick heads and clueless underclassmen. It feels…naughty.”


Kinky boyfriend today. I had quite the summer vacation to look forward to if this is how we were starting out on Day 1.

“Let’s get on with it then,” I said and motioned for him to lead the way back out to the party.

Daniel popped his head around the door to check for any interlopers. Finding none, he pulled me behind him back into the red and purple summer twilight, shut the little wooden door quickly behind us and walked onto the broad green lawn as if nothing had happened.

We made our way back up to the top deck quickly and without any notice. The anxiety ridden nerd in me was certain that everyone must have heard us down there, must surely notice that we were both flushed and unable to contain small smiles. The pitchforks and torches were going to come out at any second and someone would be sent to gather kindling for the burning of the fag boys at the stake.

But no one did more than glance at us. Some smiled and waved. The expected confrontation never came. To be honest, it was a bit of a let down.

“Where did you two go off to?” Justin said, scampering up to us before we even reached the top step.

“Just wanted to show David something down in the yard,” Daniel offered, his eyes darting up and down, looking at anything and everything except for Justin, like he was following the path of a non existent house-fly.

The beautiful lanky boy leaned in and whispered.

“If you’re going to lie to the Saludatorian, you are going to have to do a lot better than that, Jock Boy.”

Daniel’s eyes were full moons in his face. If he wasn’t flushed from the fucking I’d just given him, he certainly was when Justin finished speaking. He tried to reply, but his jaw just hung useless on his chest and he stared at the smirking nerd who’d just handed him his words on a silver plate.

Justin giggled.

“Well, I’m glad you two had some fun. But you missed quite the show up here. Ian went crazy! It was awesome. And then, just when you thought that poor Sophomore was going to literally shit his pants and run, he smiled and started laughing and everything was fine. Just like that.”

Justin snapped his fingers.

Daniel still hadn’t found his tongue.

“Sounds like we all had a little fun.”

“Yours sounds more…shall we say, entertaining?” Justin joked with a wink.

“You’d have to ask Daniel,” I whispered. “Just don’t squeeze him too hard or he may leak some cream filling,”

I’d seen Daniel surprised before. But he looked mortified now. It was unbelievably cute on him.

Justin and I both laughed so hard it hurt.

“What did I miss?” Ian asked, lumbering up behind us and pulling Justin into an all encompassing embrace. He took one look at Daniel and joined in on the laughter.

“Under the deck tool shed?” he asked knowingly.

Daniel’s head nearly exploded.

In the middle of our laugh fest at the expense of my boyfriend’s all-in-good-fun mortification and humiliation, the unmistakable symphony of a high school girl with too much alcohol, not enough food, and wavering self esteem issues floated above the din of the party. From the intensity and loudness, it sounded like whoever was in the midst of spilling her cookies was doing so with projectile speeds.

Ian’s laughter cut short abruptly. He walked to the edge of the deck and began hunting for the source of the stomach acid aria like a kindergartner hunting for Waldo.

“Damn it,” he sighed when he’d located her.

Her friends had her well in hand. The poor thing was like some mortally wounded animal. Her eyes were wide and hunted, rolling in her skull as she tried to look everywhere at once. She knew she was the center of attention and she wanted to be anything else in the world. Add to that the highly undignified act of vomiting itself and it made for a socially unacceptable nightmare for anyone of even moderate social standing on the high school ladder.

“This is always the most stressful part,” Ian sighed as he made his way over to Justin. He patted him on the shoulder and then spoke to Daniel. “Can you take care of it up here? I’m gonna make the rounds down there.”

Daniel nodded. Ian smiled in return and made his way down the steps.

“Ya’ll know the rules guys and gals!” I heard him say as he descended.

“What’s happening?”

“It’s his one hard and fast rule. First person to puke means the party’s over. It may seem harsh, but none of his parties have ever gotten even remotely out of hand.”

And with that, Ian gained just a little bit more respect in my eyes. Jocks were supposed to be out of control raging ass holes without a care for anyone but themselves. It still surprised me that I was just as wrong about them as they were about me.

Justin and I watched in awe as Ian and Daniel rounded up every single party goer in an orderly fashion. There was a sense of almost choreographed practice to it. The pool was emptied, towels distributed, tasks handed out to subordinates. People were redressed in no time, making their way calmly up the stairs.

Ian called out names of designated drivers from a list he had taken when he confiscated keys. With the help of the baseball team he made sure each car had it’s DD. For those who remained and were riderless or too drunk to have gotten in the correct car, he had somehow called 5 black town cars and was diligently giving each of them a list of addresses he’d pulled from the school directory and loading each car with three or four party goers.

He even handed each driver a large wad of cash.

“I guess we should start packing up too, huh?” I asked Daniel.

“No need. We can stay here tonight I’m sure.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that was going to be the plan. I’ll need to call my parents and…”

“Already done babe.”

Of course it was.

“In fact, neither of you are expected home. Ian arranged it. I’ve never seen a parent say no to him.”

Justin looked about ready to burst into tears. He just stared at Ian as he shepherded our classmates safely off to their destinations as if he was looking at the second coming. Sometimes they would smile at each other from across the lawn.

I knew that look.

No stopping it at this point.

The boy was free falling. And hard.

Gordon, Paul, Amanda, and Katy, all four noticeably tipsy, were the only four besides us that remained as the last town car pulled out of the drive.

Ian looked a little haggard when it was all said and done. He walked slowly back towards the house.

“You four,” he said to Gordon and Paul and the girls, “upstairs, second door on the right and first on the left. And you’re washing the sheets in the morning. Condoms in my gym bag.”

The girls giggled sheepishly. The boys simply winked and all four shuffled off to their rooms. The boys did little to conceal the obvious boners they both already sported.

“Finally,” Ian sighed when they were gone, “I thought that would never end. I’ve been waiting for someone to puke for two hours. Now, I can do this.”

He pulled Justin to him and planted a huge kiss on him that left the smaller boys limbs flailing in the air for bit before he settled into what was happening and coalesced into Ian.

I had to admit,watching the kiss go from passionate to lust filled full on make out was…enthralling. Even if it did make me feel like a bit of a pervy voyeur.

“Kinda sweet, isn’t it?” Daniel said, pulling me close to his side and gently kissing the side of my neck.

It would have been a tender moment between two lovers if he hadn’t also slid his hand down the back of my pants and wiggled his thick finger between my cheeks to press against my tight hole.

My voice was all shocked exasperation when I admonished him for manhandling me. But my back arched back onto his finger and let him slip a little way inside me all the same.

Sue me.

I was watching live action porn, basically.

And I was 18. Hormones can be blamed for everything until at least the age of 25. Them’s the rules.

Ian and Justin finally broke their kiss.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since people got here.”

“Well why didn’t you?” Justin sighed, his head resting on Ian’s broad hairless chest. His question and it’s implicit consequences seemed to hit him at the same time it hit Ian.

“I just didn’t think…I didn’t want to make you…I mean if I’d known it was…”

“Well now you know,” Justin whispered, rocking gently with the muscle jock.


Falling hard and fast.

Ian and Justin sighed in unison, synching up.

“Well, I don’t know about ya’ll but that hot tub out back is looking really good right about now,” Ian said quietly, his big fingers laced together around Justin’s slim waist.

The way he looked down into Justin’s green eyes, as if the rest of the Universe was dust and all that mattered was the boy he held to his chest…that look would have made me jealous not so long ago. Now, it just made me smile and reach my hand into the empty space between Daniel and me. As if in response, I felt Daniel’s hand there, too.

“I’m down for that,” Daniel replied.

“But there’s rules back there,” Ian said with firmness in his tone. “No suits.”

Justin didn’t even try to appear shocked.

“I figured as much. Deal.”

And just like that, Ian was a 8 year old kid on Christmas morning.

He very quickly and without a modicum of grace or style started to pull his tight speedo suit down to his knees at the same time he tried to sprint back to the hot tub, all while dragging a laughing Justin behind him. I was admiring the heft and smoothness of his pale butt when the sound of a car coming up the gravel driveway broke the mood.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll see who it is. Probably just left something,” Daniel said loudly, waving for the two now mostly nude boys to keep going to the hot tub.

“I’ll help him,” I assured.

They didn’t need to be told twice. Both quickly disappeared out the back door.

“Horny little bastards,” Daniel joked under his breath.

“Says the boy who is still holding a load of my cum in his ass? Really wanna throw that stone there, from your glass house, buddy boy?”

“Touche.” Daniel giggled and kissed my cheek. “Let’s see who that is.”

We walked to the driveway with plodding footsteps. The summer night in the South is a thing of wonder. The fairy lights of the lightning bugs as they flitted into existence on the wide front lawn, only to flame out a second later. The deep navy, almost royal purple of the wide sky above us, the smell of grass and the lake behind. I loved it. You can read about halcyon scenes in as many novels as have ever been written on paper, but no one, not the best poet alive or dead can accurately capture the feel of a summer evening.

“Shit,” Daniel suddenly mumbled. I could feel him tense beside me, his muscles going rigid and his grip on my hand suddenly verging on painful. He stepped half a step in front of me.

“What is it, babe?” I asked as the headlights made a turn onto the wide circle drive, blinding me. I raised my free hand to my brow to shield my eyes as the vehicle approached.

“Don’t do anything, okay? I’ll handle this,” Daniel said with a serious and nearly terrifying tone to his voice.

“What are you talking about, Daniel? I don’t under…”

And then the car pulled around the front of the house and I understood.

What was she doing here?

The car itself, a brand new cherry red BMW convertible should have been enough of a clue as to the owner. There was even visible in the back seat of the small sporty coupe, a huge red bow. This was a graduation present. There were only a handful of my classmates who would have gotten a car for graduation.

When it stopped and the driver got out, my fears were realized.


“Don’t YOU do anything,” I mumbled to Daniel, holding his hand as tight as I possibly could.

She was still a stunning woman despite her fall from grace. I felt slightly guilty about that. Not that I should have. But I did. Her long hair was shining in the dark air as she walked around the car. There was something different about her. She didn’t walk the same. She didn’t stomp in designer heels as if everything around her should get out of her way if it knew what was good for it. She approached slowly and stopped, hands folded in front of her at the bottom of the steps and just looked up placidly at us.

“Hi,” she said quietly, her eyes falling to the ground.

“What are you doing here, Amy?” Daniel asked, violence just barely concealed in his tone.

Amy took a deep breath as if to steady herself.

“I came to…I just wanted…I need to…” She stumbled. “I came to say I’m sorry.”

Daniel was silent for a minute. I turned to watch the confusion and pain play across his equally beautiful face. But when he spoke again at last, his tone was softer.

“We aren’t getting back together, if that’s what you think.”

“I know that. That’s not what I’m here for.”

I never thought I would say it, but she looked to be on the verge of tears.

“Then why come out here at all? I don’t buy that you want to apologize to me,” Daniel said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t want to apologize to you, Daniel. I want to apologize to him.”

She looked up and moved her gaze from her former boyfriend to me.

For the past several years, a gaze from that woman would have sent me running to get out of the way. But there was none of the ice and threatened death I had grown to expect in her gaze this time.


Amy nodded.

“I did and said some…just awful…things to you. About you. I don’t expect you to forgive me for them. I don’t forgive myself for them. I just needed you to know that I am truly sorry that I hurt you. I was so caught up in my own…no. No excuses. What I did was vile and there’s no excuse for it. I can just say that I apologize and hope that one day you won’t hate me.”

She stood there like a statue, gazing up at me. And I stared back. I couldn’t have spoken if I’d wanted to.

This woman had made it her life’s work to humiliate me and torment my every minute. She had attacked me and called me horrible names. She had slandered my love for Daniel. All of that, all of that and more should have meant what she was, did, represented, was unforgivable.

But THAT Amy would never have said what the girl who stood in front of me just said.


I wondered if her fall from the top had contributed to this sudden turn of events. If she was apologizing to me to somehow regain some of her former standing. But school was done. There was no more standing. Not for us. That was over and done with. She would win nothing back now.

All of that and more raced around my skull. No sooner did I take up one argument, than a counter appeared. I couldn’t make sense of this at all. My brain went fuzzy with the


Amy waited for a moment. Then quietly and demurely said, “Okay, that’s all,” and headed back to the driver seat.

No fighting. No argument. No poison. She was just going to…leave.

“Why? Why do you hate me so much?”

The question came out before I finished the thought behind it.

Amy stared back at me and she looked…hurt. Not by what I said, but by the implications of the saying. As if she was seeing some kind of ghost I had summoned, some specter that haunted her now.

“I don’t hate you, David,” she whispered. “I hated losing. I hated not…I envied…I…” She sighed.

“You tortured me.”

“I know.”

“You called me a faggot.”

“I did,” her eyes were on the ground. “And I’m embarrassed and terribly sorry.”

“This won’t make you popular again, Amy,” I said, feeling the anger and the hurt inside me, the anger and hurt that this woman had been a large cause of, fighting with my compassion. “School is over now. This gains you nothing. So why even do it?”

“Because I have to. Because I don’t want to be…I don’t want to never have, to never find…what you two have.”

Speechless barely scratched the surface.

“I don’t want to be that person anymore,” she continued. “And to do that, I have to at least try and make things a little better with you. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, and you don’t have to give it. But I still had to try.”

She smiled meekly. MEEKLY! Amy!

“What…” I struggled to find the question I needed to ask. “How, all of a sudden, are you…did something happen? What changed?”

Amy smiled.

“I had a talk with someone the other day. And he, well,he opened my eyes. And called me out on my bullshit. I guess it stuck.”

“Who?” I asked.

Amy was silent for a moment, then looked back to Daniel.

“Didn’t you send him? I thought you sent him to find me? He’s your brother after all. Adam, of course.”

With that she got back in her car and slowly pulled away.

Daniel and I watched the headlights pull out of the driveway.

“Adam…” Daniel whispered.


“I don’t know what to think.”

“Me either. You okay?”

“What? Me? Yes, of course. I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about. Your bully just left. How are you?”

I honestly didn’t know. I had survived another encounter with Amy. But at the same time, that hadn’t felt like Amy at all. Not the Amy I thought I knew.

“I’m okay.”

Daniel pulled me to his side and kissed my forehead.

“Let’s go enjoy the rest of our evening okay? We have all summer to think about that other stuff. Not tonight. Tonight is for us. Deal?”

“Deal,” I said with a weak smile, snuggling into his chest.

Justin and Ian were already naked and in the throws of bubble induced bliss when we reached the hot tub. Both of them had their heads back and eyes closed, arms stretched over the sides of the tub. To their credit, they weren’t visibly aroused or molesting each other. That took some doing.

“Who was it?” Ian asked languidly, not even opening his eyes or lifting his head.

Daniel look to me, his eyes handing the question to me to answer.

“No one,” I replied. “Just someone lost and looking for a gas station.”

Daniel smiled at me a bit.

The deal was we were going to enjoy the rest of our evening. And Amy wasn’t going to be a part of that.

“Cooooool,” Ian sighed. “You know the rules. Strip, fools!”

Daniel’s gaze was suddenly and enjoyably lascivious.

“Let me,” he whispered softly.

I conceded when he softly lifted the hem of my shirt, my arms rising to allow him to remove it with ease.

“I love seeing you naked outside,” he said, his lips traveling up the sides of my neck as his fingers deftly found the clasp of my pants and they slid to the deck. “Reminds me of the camping trip.”

I slipped my fingers under his shorts, knowing there was nothing other than the thin fabric standing between me and my fully naked boyfriend.

I felt my cock thickening and did my best to control the rising bloodflow, but to little effect.

“Let’s get warm and wet baby,” Daniel joked, grabbing my hand and leading me to the edge of the tub.

The heat of the water was welcome and painful at the same time. Daniel and I sank into the empty seats opposite our two friends with long sighs. From the noises we made, you’d have thought we were 85 year old men getting up from recliners, not 18 year olds slipping into a whirlpool.

Daniel kissed me almost as soon as we had settled in. I felt his lips part and his tongue dart forward, the warm water on his hands as they came to the sides of my face.

“Well if you’re going to, no reason I can’t too,” Justin quipped.

I heard the splashing of the water and knew that Justin was moving to plant a kiss on Ian as well.

“Mmm…err…ahhh,” the noises coming from the new couple were louder than anticipated.

And they, I am embarrassed to say, stoked a fire of competition inside me.

Luckily, Ian stopped that before we had an actual battle of the moans.

“Jesus!” he said between kisses. “I just can’t get over how BIG it is! Guys, seriously though! Look at this thing!”

Summoned by his words, Daniel and I broke our kiss to watch as Ian literally dragged Justin to a standing position by his cock. Ian held Justin’s thick member at the base and waved it around in the air like a pool noodle, sending water droplets flying.

Daniel and I both laughed.

“Yep, that’s a monster cock alright!” Daniel joked.

“But it’s so pretty too,” Ian said, gazing at the cock in his fist. “You’re so beautiful.”

That last, was for Justin.

The mortification from having his meat on display like an item up for auction melted into a sweet and sensual gaze. He leaned down, his dick still in Ian’s vice grip, and kissed the larger boy gently on the lips.

Ian shrank under that kiss, melting back into the water with a sigh like someone had just let all the air out of him.

Justin wasn’t the only one falling, apparently.


“I mean, how do you even begin to take something like this?” Ian asked when the moment was past. “I’ve tried a few times and I know I’m new to this and all, but I can’t even get like a third of it into my mouth!”

“Hush!” Justin sniped. “You do great!”

“How do you do it D? You take Lil D’s crazy schlong with no problem!”

Daniel snorted back a laugh.

“Seriously? You’re asking me for dick sucking advice?”

I hadn’t ever thought I would be privy to this conversation. Especially not between two jocks.

“Well, yeah. Who else do I know who regularly partakes of the dick? No one that I can think of, other than those two upstairs. Cause we all know they have sucked each other off more than just a few times over the years,” Ian shot back. There was a little twinge of desperate pleading in his voice.


“I wanna try,” Ian replied, his eyes a little downcast and a little color creeping into his face. It was really very sweet.

“You don’t have to do this, Ian.” Justin said quietly.

“Hush. I know that. I want to. I mean whats the point of dating a super hung nerdy boy if you can’t actually enjoy the super hung part all the way?”

Justin’s eyes shot wide open.

It took Ian a moment to figure out why.

When he did, his grip sprang back from Justin’s package and he was a bumbling basket case for a full 15 seconds.

“I…umm…what I meant to say was…not, you know…It’s just that when…I mean if you were…I…”

“Just ask me,” Justin cut him off.


“Ask me,” Justin repeated

Ian cleared his throat and began quietly.

“Would you like to be my…boyfriend?”

Justin nodded.

And then leapt into Ian’s lap with a wet plop and a large splash.

“Well that was the weirdest coming out story in history!” he giggled. But try as he might, his face was a perfect picture of sheer joy.

“Am I gay now?” Ian asked absentmindedly.

Daniel shrugged.

“Who knows? But you got yourself a new boyfriend, apparently. So you sure ain’t straight.”

That sent everyone off into a raucous chorus of laughter yet again. This evening had been a lot of laughter all around.

“But are you gonna show me how to make him squirm now that he’s officially mine?” Ian asked again after the frivolity died down.

Daniel looked at me as if to ask for permission.

I put up my hands.

“You’re on your own on this one, babe. You’re the blow job expert in this couple, after all.”

Daniel thought for a moment and then sighed heavily.

“Fine! Let’s see what you can do already and go from there.”

Ian’s face lit up like a firework.

Justin was unceremoniously flung into the open air and flipped around as if he weighed no more than one of the pool toys floating around. He yelped as Ian picked his up and settled him down onto the outer rim of the hot tub with his feet planted on the seat beneath the bubbling surface.

Ian flipped onto his stomach and maneuvered himself so he floated between the smaller boys open legs. His massive arms wrapped around Justin’s waist, his biceps larger around than the nerds thighs. And Justin’s massive cock stood straight as an arrow at Ian’s face, pale and dripping with water and precum. He settled down from his being lifted like so much laundry and ran his long graceful fingers through Ian’s wet and short cropped brown hair. He smiled down at his now boyfriend and nodded.

Ian took that as the go ahead, opened his mouth, grabbed Justin’s dick by the base and shoved as much of it as he could down his willing throat.

He was correct when he said he could do about a third of the impressive member. An inch or two below Justin’s cock head, Ian’s lips came to rest and he gagged a little.

“Breathe through your nose and relax your throat. Go slow and remember to breathe.”

Justin obviously wasn’t listening. Not that I blamed him. He was rapturously enjoying what Ian was doing to him.

A little more of his dick disappeared into Ian’s throat. Ian’s eyes were going wide as he realized what was happening, but he was getting the hang of it, trying to rule his fear and reflex.

“Breath, breathe,” Daniel cheered him on.

Ian pulled back a bit and then with gusto and determination he dove all the way down.

“Ohhhhh god!” Justin screamed, his fingers white-nuckled on Ian’s head.

Ian’s nose rested in Justin’s lap for a second, held in place by Justin’s much weaker grip.

Ian pulled off all the way with a loud gasping breath and pumped both of his fists into the air as if he’d just won the super bowl!

“Wooo! Hot damn! Yes!”

Justin laughed and tried not to touch his throbbing and now-mouthless cock, slick with Ian’s spit.

“Not too hard is it?” Daniel asked.

“Awesome!” Ian cooed, stroking Justin as he reveled in his accomplishment.

“You were going to make me cum if you kept going,” Justin said raggedly, his eyes fluttering as he spoke.

“In that case, we gotta go boys!” Ian very nearly shouted.

He stood, his own slightly curved cock bouncing and dripping water as he headed for the edge of the hot tub.

“Where you going?” I asked.

“Bedtime! Gonna make this boy blow like St.Helens!”

“Oh, Jesus…,” Justin moaned, a little fear in his eyes, as if to say, what have I gotten myself into.

“You coming?” Ian asked, his hand outstretched to the strawberry blonde boy.

“Hopefully more than once,” Justin replied with a wink, standing up to leave the tub, his thick cock bobbing as he moved.

Ian grabbed his hand and started very nearly running towards the house.

“Wait wait wait!” Justin cried in a fit of laughter. “You’ll go slow right?”

Ian looked confused, but nodded.

“Of course…”

“I mean, when you…If I wanted you to…you know?…If we were to…I haven’t ever been on that side of things before…so, I mean…”

It dawned on Ian just what Justin was proposing. In a move as quick as a hummingbird, his massive arm snaked around Justin’s knees and he lifted the lanky teen from his feet into a baby-doll hold.

“Slow as you like it.”

Justin laid his head on Ian’s shoulder.

“Unless I ask you to, you know…not go slow,” he said with a blush. Ian’s face was a mask of unadulterated Joy and Justin pressed his advantage.

He bit Ian’s earlobe and said between his teeth in a graveley whisper, “Harder, baby.”

Ian growled and RAN towards the door, his new boyfriend laughing maniacally in his arms, head thrown back.


And just like that, they were gone into the murky darkness of the lake house.

Daniel and I snuggled into each other, our fingers intertwining under the water as we enjoyed the newness of our two friends finding each other, letting their joy settle over us like a mist.

Looking up into the infinite stars painted across the night sky, I rested my head on his shoulder and breathed deep.

“It would be a shame to waste such a beautiful night,” I cooed.

“Waste it?”

“We got the sky, we got the warm summer air, we got the hot tub all to ourselves…”

Daniel growled low in his chest.


His hands slipped between my thighs, running gently up the inside of my leg, flattening against my taint and then sliding easily towards my hole. His stubbled chin was at my neck, working every nerve there with practiced expertise. My legs opened for him and I felt his thick finger probing at my entry. I ground my hips into him and felt him slide inside me, arching his way upwards, stroking my nerve endings, pushing for my spot.

“Another…” I moaned, my fingers in his hair, pulling him into me.

I gasped as a second finger joined the first, opening me up, filling me.


His fingers were magic, in and out at just the right speed. My dick arched above the water, bouncing on my stomach and coating me with a new stream of clear liquid.


Daniel’s hot breath on my neck mixed with the rising steam of the hot tub and the heat of his fingers inside my tight chute drove me higher. The third finger made me bite my lower lip to hold in the scream of pleasure. He twisted and arched his fingers, drumming them against my prostate in rapid succession until I thought I would cum right then and there.

“Stop!” I called out. “Not yet! I want you inside me.”

It took all the strength I had to pull myself off of his fingers and pull him to face me in the middle of the tub. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard, my tongue wrestling with his. My right leg wrapped around his waist and I lifted myself onto my toes.

Daniel’s strong hands cupped my ass, lifting and spreading me so my other foot left the floor and I clung to Daniel’s torso, his uncut dick unseen but felt like some kind of angelic presence just below my waiting and ready hole.

My eyes went white when I slid myself down his body and felt his cock press into me, open and waiting and ready from his fingering. Quietly, I felt him begin to take up space inside me, pushing out my breath, pushing out my confusion. Inch after glorious inch of his thick tool pushed inside me, or I sank into him. I couldn’t tell. It didn’t matter.

I moaned through my kisses, groaned as I sank onto his hips and felt him throbbing.

“You’re going to cum in me at least once tonight, you understand?” I breathed, my forehead pressed to his, his dark hair around my fingers.

Daniel nodded and bit at my lower lip.

“Make me forget summer,” I begged him. “Make me forget College and leaving and Amy and life. Make me forget.”

Daniel deftly unwound my arms from around his neck and pulled them to my sides, straight out. He moved his palm to the middle of my chest and gently pushed my torso back towards the water.

His hands slid down my back as I reclined, unsure where the surface of the water was but knowing it was near. His fingers pressed into my hips, keeping me steady until I felt my back sink beneath the surface.

I let myself fall into the heat of the water, slowly, until I floated, legs around Daniel’s waist, his cock still throbbing inside me. The world went strangely silent. The sounds of gurgling water and the feel of heat were all I could recognize.

In that bubbling haze, I gazed up at Daniel: his massive chest heaved, dusted with dark hair, his nipples hard and tight mounds on his flesh. His brown eyes looked down at me with so much love visible in their depths that I wanted to cry. The clear sky and millions of stars made it seem like he, too, floated in the distance. Like we were two ancient gods, one of sky and one of sea, coming together.

Slowly and gently so as to not knock me around I felt him begin to thrust into me. I watched the stars shake and tremble as each pull and push of him inside me made the world perfect.

Floating in the watery silence he made love to me for what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t even touch my cock, bouncing on my stomach as he pushed himself inside deeper and deeper, probing my soul. My eyes rolled back and forth, watching the heavens as he tweaked and prodded my body. It was strange to feel so whole and so disconnected at the same time. My soul wandered free around the night sky, exploring the stars, but feeling each and every twinge that Daniel masterfully conducted upon my flesh. Each note he hit inside me, sent my being farther out into the distance until there was no summer, no college, no Amy. Nothing there but me and the stars and Daniel.

I didn’t have a voice there. I guess I didn’t need one.

Daniel could tell everything, read my body like his favorite novel.

I felt him swelling inside me, felt the heat rising from myself. I knew I was getting close.

With a blast, his first shot poured into me. Like a rocket in reverse I shot back down to earth in a second. I pulled myself up from the water and grabbed his neck as the second and third shot of his hot cum filled me.

“Ohhhh, god yes!” I cried.

My cock, pressed to his chest as he pumped more and more of his seed into me, began to spew my own load. It mixed with his chest hair, beading there until his chest looked like some poor imitation of the night sky that surrounded us. White on black.

I lost count of how many streams he unloaded into me or how many I painted onto his tanned olive skin.

I pushed my lips to his and pressed every feeling I had into him. My thanks for doing what I needed, always knowing what I needed, for being him, for loving me, for everything.

I honestly don’t remember getting out of the hot tub. I don’t remember most of the next several minutes. But we did get out and grabbed two large towels from the chest against the pool house. Daniel wrapped me in the long fabric and then told me to wait here and he would be right back.

I stared at the sky for a bit while he was gone. Well, after I watched his perfect ass and muscled broad back go into the house.

What’s the old saying? Hate to see you leave but love to watch you go? Apt.

When he returned he had two throw pillows I recognized from one of the couches inside and a large white sheet.

“Follow me,” he said jerking his head towards the lake, the pile of pillows and fabric nearly obscuring his splendid nakedness.

“Where are we going? One of these days you are going to tell me to follow you somewhere super creepy for a secret fuck and it’s gonna get both of us in trouble.”

Daniel laughed.

“Quit yer bitchin’ and follow me.”

I watched his ass again as he walked in front of me and lead me around the pool house and down to the shore of the lake. We had to step over some pinecones and such in our bare feet, but Daniel lead us safely to a grassy spot by the shore where two large trees stood about 3 yards apart. A pristine white hammock floated serenely between them, half over the grass and half with the lake gently lapping at the shore beneath.

“Okay, so it’s not creepy. This time anyway.”

Daniel tossed the pillows and the sheet onto the hammock and climbed in. He reached out his hand for me to join when he’d arranged the pillows and such.

The rope swing was a little weird to get used to on my naked flesh as I not so gracefully crawled into the contraption and stretched myself out along side him. But eventually it was done and Daniel settled the white sheet over us.

I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat steadily and the sounds gentle sound of the lake beneath us.

“We’ll be alright you know,” Daniel said, looking into the tree tops above us.

I sighed.

How could he know that?

“But, what if when,..” I started.

“We’ll be alright.”

“I’m just supposed to take your word for it, then, am I?”

I didn’t mean for it to sound so pointed and mean-spirited. I had a tendency to get sarcastic when I was emotional.

“Yes.” Daniel replied firmly. “You are.”

I adjusted my head on his chest and let the silence regain its’ comfort. How could he know we would be alright? I was going to a school several hours away from him in three months. Who knows what lay ahead of us? And how many people do you know who are still with the same people they were with in High School? Much less still happy with the same person.

There was just so much against us. So much…well, life, that piled up in our way. It seemed like I had climbed the mountain of HighSchool, found my guide in Daniel, and now we had reached the summit only to peer over the top and realize we were only on the first hill of the Himalayas and we’d barely made base camp.

Daunting didn’t begin to describe it.

But how was he so sure, so adamant, that we would be fine? Did he not see everything that awaited us in the future? Or did he simply love me enough to just not care about any of that? A growing part of me clung to that last thought like a life preserver. Maybe he did love me enough to not care about the obstacles ahead. If I could just find a way to hang onto that, to rely on his love for me and truly put my faith in that, then maybe he would be proven right and we would be okay.


“Adam?” I suddenly asked and felt Daniel sigh beneath me when I did.

“And Amy?” he replied.

“What the hell was that all about?”

“Damned if I know.” He snuggled against me. “But we have three months to figure it out. At least three months.”


Daniel’s fingers began to stroke my hair as we lay there in silence for a little while.

“You know how I know we will be alright?” he asked suddenly after a bit.

I shook my head.

“Look there.” He pointed to the wide arch of sky visible to our right. “You know the names of those stars better than I do, I’m sure, but right there, every night, is the North Star.”

“Polaris,” I said cheekily. Daniel snorted a little laugh.

“Polaris. Every night it’s in the same place, brightest of all of them. Even if you have no idea where you are, you can always find that one star no matter what.”

“Unless it’s cloudy.”

Daniel elbowed me in the ribs.

“Fine. Fine. Yes, you can see it every night.”

“That’s you. To me. I can always find you. I know right where you will be every night. My own little Polaris. You found me in Boston, lead me through the last few months at school. You never wavered an inch. Always right where I expected you to be. That’s how I know we will be okay. Because the North Star never changes.”

I appreciated the sentiment. I truly did.

“But we’re headed into a storm of change and sometimes that blocks out even the North Star.”

“The North Star never changes. And Storms always pass. It’s still right there.”

I sighed and snuggled into him again.

“It’s always right there. And storms pass,” I murmured.

My life preserver, Daniel’s unwavering love for me, got a little bit stronger and I floated a little higher in the waves. Perhaps we would be alright.

Storms pass.

I was his North Star.

And he would be my Polaris.

Though I had spent most of my time alone, wrapped in my own little nerd world for the past several years, (read: my entire life up to 5 months ago) even I had sometimes indulged in a few of the rituals inherent in a teenaged Summer. I had seen the summer blockbuster movies marketed to folks of my age group. You know the ones I’m talking about; where the overly attractive white boy “finds himself” with the help of the “alternative” girl and they have a series of adventures and missteps together. The popular boy stands up to his hateful clique of popular friends when they make fun of him for hanging out with the “weird chick,” and it all leads up to one terribly romantic kiss by a bonfire on a beach somewhere on a clear night with the full moon shining down on the two lovers sharing a blanket wrapped around their shoulders as the girl lays her head on his shoulder. They often star current Pop Princesses branching out from auto-tune into “acting,” or whichever Hollywood starlet is en vogue that month.

Disregarding the obvious flaws with such films (it takes weeks to get permits for bonfires on public beaches, not to mention it’s 90 degrees at night, even with a beachy breeze, so a blanket next to a roaring fire in July is just unthinkable; the people cast as the teenagers are usually in the range of early to mid twenties with zero acne and the shiniest hair imaginable) I hadn’t expected there to be as much truth to those plot lines as I found there to be during my summer before college with Daniel.

The morning after graduation and onwards will always be one of the most special times in my life. Just the contrast to my previous Summers alone was enough to make this one more than memorable. I didn’t even keep a list of the 50 novels and classics that I challenged myself to complete before each new school year, as I’d done since the summer before 6th grade! The list was growing pretty short at that point, anyhow; I’d read pretty much everything any reputable “Top 100″ list could put out there. I did, however, challenge Daniel to read five novels that I thought he would enjoy given his affection for Jane Austen.

Daniel was perfection that Summer. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that he was doing everything in his power to keep us both occupied and busy so that I wouldn’t focus on the timeline that counted down the days to my departure for University. He refused to let me keep a calendar with the numbered days. He even confiscated all of my red sharpies and did a security check for anything that I might have tried to use to track the hours and days as they ticked by.

In all honesty, the schedule he planned for us allowed me little to no actual down time with which to obsess or worry about the future. Every day was something new to do, every night something equally spectacular. Even the days spent inside watching TV or bingeing on movies were packed to the point of excess.

(I made sure that he became well acquainted with the glory and fantasy that is the inestimable Katharine Hepburn. Can you believe he’d never seen any of her movies? We started with “Bringing up Baby,” and worked our way from there.)

We went camping, hiking, swimming in rivers and lakes and private pools, spent free hours and long weekends at Ian’s lake house, went to the beach four different times, each time to a different beach. Daniel racked up a lot of miles on his old Jeep for sure.

The jocks even took me and Justin to a batting cage and tried to teach us how to hit a baseball. Now, I say “tried” because neither of us could boast any real talent for hand eye coordination. But we both managed to hit a few pitches…when we weren’t flinching at the balls flying 95MPH towards our faces.

Daniel also took me shopping for new clothes a few times. He’d re-started our work out routine once school ended and finals were behind us; I had to admit I was noticing some changes to my body. I had broader shoulders now and the lines and grooves on my hips had deepened. Even my chest was beginning to morph from birdlike to some semblance of tone. Daniel insisted that a new body deserved new clothes and he was more than willing to provide them.

He helped me pick my courses for my first semester at school. I reveled in the freedom of choice and the sheer number of options. Our High School had a decent course catalogue, but there were only so many AP courses one could take. Daniel stoked that excitement when we were choosing my schedule, knowing that if he could get me riled up enough about the new things I would be learning in the Fall that I wouldn’t remember that I was picking the things that would eventually replace my time with him.

I wonder if it pained him to do so? I wonder if as he excitedly mentioned things he thought I would enjoy studying, he knew that he was offering his assistance at driving a wedge between us.

Sometimes, Daniel would wake me up in the middle of the night when we were staying at my house or his, bundle me into the Jeep in my pajamas or just a pair of undies. We would drive all night long with the windows down, just watching the landscape pass us by in a blur, staring at the stars and feeling the humid summer air on our skins.

Everything he did with me and for me just made me love him all the more.

I didn’t think it possible, but he anticipated my every mood, watched and listened and made that Summer all about me, him, and us. I didn’t even have the energy to worry about my parents increasingly bitter divorce or the fact that my father had started dating a lady who was closer to my age than his by at least a good two decades.

The one dark time in that Summer was the four days I had been forced to spend at freshman orientation. My University was out of state, still only 4 hours away (three if Ian was the one who drove,) but it seemed light years.

Daniel drove me up. Those four days were literal torture. I had already read all the information they drilled into us. I am not one for “team building” exercises and trust falls. If that wasn’t painfully obvious. I did my best to slip away and call Daniel whenever I could. I spent the nights tossing and turning on the ridiculously small dorm beds, unable to sleep without him near me.

If this was a glimpse of what school life would be like without him, I was seriously considering going the Bill Gates route and just dropping out before I even started. Every moment made my soul ache. I knew it would get better as I got used to it. But, dammit, I didn’t want to get used to it. I had spent years in hellish loneliness already. It seemed cruel that I would be tossed back into bottomless pit that so soon after Daniel rescued me from it.

As the dreaded move approached, I came home one afternoon to a note on the kitchen counter from my mother. In no uncertain terms, she threatened my life if I didn’t start going through my room and packing the things I would need to take with me and what I could part with or donate.

After two hours of procrastination, Daniel finally convinced me to get started. I plodded up the stairs like I was on a death march, Daniel behind me, literally pushing me up the stairs as I whined the entire way.

Daniel settled himself onto the foot of my bed, legs crossed easily beneath him.

“Three piles, babe. Keep and Pack over here, Donate in the middle, and trash over there,” he said, sectioning out my room for me.

“Do I have to?” I groaned. “Can’t I just throw it all out and start over. Better yet, burn the house down and get the insurance money and move to Bora Bora! You wanna go to Bora Bora with me? I’m sure we could find a bungalow somewhere!”

Daniel leaned back on his elbows and smiled at me.

“While the thought of you in a speedo on white sand beaches is enticing, I don’t think arson is the way to go babes. Come on, the sooner we get started, the sooner it’s done and we can go for a drive.”

“Uuuuuuuuuggh,” I sighed melodramatically, pulling open my closet doors, “but I blame you if I have an emotional breakdown.”


To say I went through the task slowly would be like saying the Grand Canyon is a drainage ditch. Every single item took minutes to contemplate. I even lined up my pencils and pens and did an ink and graphite test on a scrap piece of paper before tossing any of them into the trash.

The way I saw it, if I could draw this out for as long as possible, then it would take literally forever and I wouldn’t ever have to move. If I could just keep this sorting going, then next weekend wouldn’t be allowed to arrive.

But dragging my feet also prolonged my pain. Each item I found and sorted was like chipping off a piece of my soul. Daniel did his best to help me along with words of encouragement and witty comments about clothes and things I wouldn’t ever wear again.

(I distinctly remember a heated conversation about the pros and cons of overalls. He won that battle and the overalls are probably still hanging on a Goodwill rack somewhere.)

Several hours later, I pulled a shoe box from the top of my now empty closet. I poured the contents onto the bed: discarded bits of paper and receipts and broken tidbits. Why I kept them, I have no idea. None of them had any value. I was gearing up to sweep them all back into the box and toss the entire thing onto the trash pile when I caught the glimmer of silver on the bottom.

I fished it out and held it up to the light.

“Holy shit,” I breathed.

“Is that?”

I nodded.

I had totally forgotten all about it.

The silver cock ring Daniel had bought me for my Birthday that first weekend we’d spent in Boston. When this whole thing had started. It shone and sparkled in my fingers and I couldn’t stop staring at it. The first thing Daniel had ever gotten for me, and I had almost thrown it away.

I felt my chest getting tighter. I found it difficult to blink for fear I would dislodge the tears I knew were starting to well up in my eyes.

“You okay, baby?” Daniel asked quietly. I could feel his eyes on me, feel his tense concern.

I tried to nod my head but before I could do so convincingly, I felt a hot tear run down my cheek.

Daniel’s arms were around me before the second tear could fall; I was suddenly crushed to his chest. I buried my face into his shoulder and breathed him in, everything that made him my Daniel.

“Shhh, it’s okay David. It’s okay.” He comforted as I tried to stop the tears.

Daniel released me from his hug and jogged to close my door. He returned a moment later and grabbed my face in his hands, turning me up to kiss him.

It’s nearly impossible to cry when you are kissing the man you love. At least, not without slathering him in snot and salt water. And who wants that?

Over and over he kissed me, my breath getting ever shorter as he gave me no time to recover between attacks. He pulled me tight to his body and pressed his lips to mine hard and fast, his tongue darting out to meet mine. As was always the case when we kissed, my brain went a little fuzzy. The emotions roiling inside me like a turbulent sea were still there, but they were wrapped and contained in the fog created by Daniel’s physical affirmations of his love for me.

I felt his hands on the small of my back pulling me to him tighter and tighter as our tongues danced together. I heard a loud metal clink when I dropped the silver cock ring so I could slide my arms under his and grab into his muscled back.

Without warning, I shot onto my tippy toes when Daniel grabbed my crotch in a full and tight squeeze.

“Ahhhhh,!” I sighed high in my throat, my eyes on the ceiling, eyelids flickering.

Daniel rubbed and I responded instantly.

“Daniel, what are you doing?”

His fingers were at the button on my pants, fumbling but eventually popping it. He pushed them to the floor. My cock pulsed and throbbed hard against my red boy shorts, brought to life already by my expert boyfriend.

“What does it look like I’m doing, silly?”

He sunk to his knees before me, kneeling midway between the Donate and Trash piles, his hands on my hips, keeping me firmly in place. As if I had any intention of moving or running from his sudden affections.

There is nothing so sexy as looking down into the upturned eyes of your boyfriend as his lips move over your cock, even trapped behind red cotton as mine was. The sun sparkled in his brown gold eyes as he stared up at me, setting the specks of gold in their depths on fire and making my knees tremble. His breath was hot and moist on the underside of my head as he tongued and kissed up and down my shaft and sucked on my balls through the briefs.

My fingers were in his dark curls pulling him deeper into my crotch.

I felt like I had been unshackled when he pulled down my briefs and my thick cock swung forward. It didn’t even make one complete bounce before Daniel’s lips were around it and half of my length was buried in his throat.

I stepped out of my pants and undies as he bobbed further down my shaft. His tongue made waves against me; he knew just the right amount of pressure to use, just the right amount of sucking and manipulation.

I grabbed the sides of his head and guided him further down, pushing him into my hips and feeling every inch of my rock hard tool sink into him. He didn’t even flinch as his nose ground into my trimmed pubes. His fingers massaged and prodded at my high ass and his throat spasmed around me, milking me in time to my own throbs.

He pulled back and gasped, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Fuck my face babe? Please?” he asked between panting breaths. “I want to feel you slide in and out.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Daniel opened his mouth again and I mercilessly pushed my cock down his gullet.

Somewhere in my brain I was conscious of making sure I didn’t hurt him, but that somewhere was very deeply buried. I needn’t have worried. If the moans escaping from Daniel’s full mouth were any indication, he was enjoying this rougher intercourse as much if not more than I.

In and out I thrust my hips, watching my slick wet cock vanish inside him as he stared up at me through his thick dark lashes. I picked up the speed as I felt the fog around my swirling emotions begin to sink into them. I struggled to maintain control on them, scared that if I let them gain the upper hand I wouldn’t be able to stop myself or control my body and might actually harm him.

My dick was in absolute heaven. It pulsed out a steady stream of precum into my love which he took with practiced ease, swallowing whenever he could, between sighs and groans.

“You’re gonna make me cum soon baby,” I warned, never slowing my thrusts, grinding my hips into his face when he had me all the way inside his throat.

Even if I had lost control, Daniel was much the stronger of our pair. He easily pulled off of my dick and held me back with little trouble. I was a tiny bit proud when I saw the muscles in his arms tense up a bit as he held me back. At least I gave him a little bit of a challenge.

But only a little.

“Not yet,” he begged, grabbing my slick shaft with a free hand and stroking me gently. His thumb worked up to my slit and pushed out another drop of crystal clear stickiness which he flicked onto the tip of his tongue.

He stood quickly, turned his back to me, lifted his tank top and pushed his shorts to the floor. He bent at the waist over the foot of my bed then crawled up onto his knees on the mattress.

He turned to look back at me, pressed his chest to the comforter and pushed his bare ass in my direction. His perfectly tanned ass, only darker and more defined after hours in the sun and days at the gym, was presented to me like a gift. His tight hole puckered in and out, hairless, pristine, and waiting. I loved how his massive balls hung down between his muscular thighs, swinging like two eggs in a basket. His dick must have been rock hard because I couldn’t even see it’s glorious length from behind him.

He reached behind him and ran a finger down his crack, pressing it into his own hole.

“Fuck me. Now.”

It was not a question. It was most definitely a direct order from a superior office.

“But I’m not…”

“Now. Shut up, don’t think, and fuck me. Make me cum. Shoot your cock off inside me.”

“Daniel,” I began.

“Now,” he moaned, burying his face into the covers and wiggling his bare ass in the open air. “Shut up and fuck me right now.”

Gay or straight or anything in between, when someone begs you to fuck them, it’s no longer a question of if you will, but when or how much.

Daniel had decided on the when. And that when was right fucking now. It would have been un-southern not to grant his request. And I was and still remain every inch a southern gentleman.

I didn’t so much as align my cock head against Daniel’s open and waiting hole before he slammed his hips back hard into my cock and impaled himself.

“Ahhhhhhh, God Yes! Fuck me!” he screamed.

My dick was in the vice of his shute, pressed on all sides and ensconced in the heat of his passions. I felt his hole tremble around the base of my cock pressed all the way inside him, felt that hard knot of nerves buried deep, throbbing against my cock head.

Daniel rocked on his knees, quickly fucking himself against my pole, pulling an inch or two off before sliding it back inside him. He whimpered and gripped the bed sheets in white knuckled fists. I dug my fingers into his hip bones, and used one hand to press his chest harder to the mattress. Not that I had any real effect in keeping him face down there. He could have easily evaded my grip, but when he felt the pressure as I pushed down between his shoulder blades his entire body shook.

“Hard,” he whined. “Fuck me hard. God baby, I need it, fuck me hard.”

I more than obliged.

I rarely ever felt strong or all that manly, but as I pumped into Daniel’s tight hole, I found that I was gritting my teeth and growling low in my chest. Each thrust felt like an affirmation of myself.

Harder and harder I pounded into his tight hole, watching him squirm beneath me, his muscles taught and a thin sheen beginning to form on his lower back. He whimpered and sighed into the blankets, balled up his fists and pounded the mattress.

“Yes. Don’t stop, David. Oh fuck yes, Pound my ass! Oh god just fuck me harder. Harder! Fuck baby.”

He was driving me on, forcing everything inside me to rush out into him. I only just registered the slapping of his ass as it bounced back and forth on my hips, barely noticed the redness there as I continued to fuck him. I felt my chest beginning to tighten, felt all the anger inside of me begin to ball up, begin to take over and take control.

I grabbed his hips hard and power fucked him as fast as I could, my hips a blur in the air. I slapped his ass hard, the smack like a cracking whip.

“YES!” Daniel nearly cried. “Oh god yes!”

I felt like an animal, primal, stalking, taking what I needed when I needed it. Everything poured out of me in a rush. All the hurt and fear, the anger and pain at the coming change, it all vanished inside of Daniel. He took all of it, siphoned it out of my soul as he rode my thick cock.

I felt his body go tense beneath me, but I didn’t stop. I heard his breath catch and his moans cut short. His prostate became like a rock as my massive member slammed into it over and over. He didn’t move, but I felt him get close, felt his hole tighten.

“Oh goooood, fuuuuuuckkk, ahhhh!” he let out the moan in a long scream that verged on a sigh at the volume of a shout. I heard his cum splat against the covers beneath him.

Without warning, my balls pulled up tight and I heard myself growl like a rabid beast. The first wave hit me and I felt my cock expand inside him, pushed myself to the base and shot my first load deep into his hot hole. Three thick streams coated his insides as I let out a bellow like a dying beast.

I yanked my cock from him quickly and aimed my head right at his opened hole. Four more blasts of my whiteness painted his tan skin, dripping over his spasming opening, coating his ass cheeks with my goo.

It took several minutes to regain my composure. When I did, I collapsed bodily onto him, pushing his elevated hips to the bed. I didn’t care that my cock got re coated in my own cum as I nestled it into the crack of his bubble butt and laid my head onto his back.

“Now that was one for the books,” Daniel sighed as he struggled to regain his breath after my onslaught and trapped beneath my bulk.

“I’m gonna need a minute…no talking,” I panted.

“Nice try guys, but next time you gotta up the volume. I don’t think the neighbors six doors down could hear you very well!”

My sister’s voice came from the other side of my closed door.

Daniel and I tried to control our giggles but in under a minute we were a mass of laughter rolling around half naked on the cum drenched bed.

When our passions and laughter eventually subsided, I laid with my head on his massive chest, running my fingertips over his dark chest hair, feeling for his heartbeat.

“Thanks,” I said after a while.

I don’t know why I said it or what I was thanking him for.

“No problem. I think we both needed to let off some steam,” He replied.

I nodded and kissed his chest, throwing my arm across his abs.

“More than a little. I felt like an animal, but I needed that. I feel better now.”

“Not half so good as I do. I love it when you make me cum without touching my cock.”

“Mmmm,” I moaned.

I wanted to stay like that forever, tangled up in his limbs and laying on my bed just staring into space. Why couldn’t time just stop and let me live in that moment until the Universe exploded?

“Sleep?,” Daniel asked sometime later, when we were more ourselves once more.

“Food, THEN sleep,” I responded.

“Even better.”

Daniel disentangled himself from our pile, retrieved a pair of shorts from one of the piles and proceeded to order us a pizza. As if he wasn’t already perfect enough, he even made a point to ask my sister if she wanted any and what toppings she’d prefer before placing the order. When the pie arrived we ate and watched TV for a bit before heading back to bed.

Luckily, the cum was dried by that point and both of us were too tired to care about changing the sheets. We just stripped naked, crawled in bed facing each other, foreheads pressed together and let the sound of our breathing become the first song of the soundtrack to a dreamless sleep.

The morning found me much improved. Well, as such things go for hormonal teenage boys.

A few days later, only 2 days before moving day, Daniel was in our kitchen making breakfast for me, Mom, and my sister. I had to admit it gave me a bit of a chuckle to watch Daniel go about the kitchen in his tight white tank top and little running shorts, cracking eggs and humming to himself while he flipped the bacon.

I did have to elbow my mother a few times.

Whenever Daniel would bend to check the fritatta he’d put in the oven, Mom would raise a little higher in her seat and blatantly check out his butt. I didn’t blame her of course. But I felt it my duty as his boyfriend to be a little territorial.

“Well, sue me, sweet pea,” she whispered to me. “If your father can suck the youth out a 25 year old floozy, there’s no reason I can’t get me one myself!”

“He’s 18 Mamma! And he’s not a floozy!”

“Hush up! You know that’s not what I meant. But ask him if he’s got any single cousins.”

This was before the days of “face-palm” but that is precisely what I did. My sister kicked her feet in glee at my discomfort.

“What are you boys up to today?” Mamma asked to the both of us, allowing me a little time to recover from my blush.

Daniel pulled the frittata from the oven, placed it on a hot plate and poured us all some OJ.

“Shopping mostly,” he said, passing out the plates and silverware. “He’s got that massive list for school and I got a few extra things he’s gonna need, too. Then after that, I have an event in the evening, but I should be back later. Around 9 or 10, if you don’t mind me keeping him out late?”

I loved it when he went all Rhett Butler, Southern Gentleman, asking permission from the parents. It made me feel like a Lady. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

“Keep him as long as you need, Sweet Boy,” Mamma permitted.

“Keep him forever, for all I care,” the sister mumbled under her breath. “We don’t want him back.”

“I’m gonna send you to the gypsies if you don’t mind that tone, young lady. You’re gonna miss your brother when he’s gone in a few days. Mark my words. And if you don’t, I’m gonna make you miss him.”

Mamma to the rescue.

I couldn’t resist sticking my tongue out at my little brat of a sibling.

“Did you see that! Did you see?! He just stuck…”

“What did I just say little Missy? Did I stutter? You want to spend the rest of your natural born life in your bedroom with no internet?”

“No ma’am,” she grumbled and returned to her fritatta.

I stuck my tongue out again.

Several hours later and more swipes of Daniel’s credit card than I care to admit to, we had accumulated an impressive pile of stuff to haul up to school.

Any time I’d picked out something in the basic variety, Daniel had opted for the top of the line option. (who needed a mini fridge with temperature controls, a cheese drawer, and attached freezer?) What use would I possibly have for a humidifier? I was headed North but only by 120 miles, not crossing the Mason-Dixon. There would be humidity enough up there still.

And woe be to me if I even attempted to pull out my wallet when we go to the cashier!

We unloaded his Jeep and took over the Living Room with all of my new stuff. Daniel kissed me gently and said his goodbyes to go get ready for the event with his parents that evening.

“You know I would take you with me, but my parents say it’s only for invited guests and I’m already their plus one. Promise you aren’t too mad at me?”

“I’m not!” I promised for the umpteenth time that day. “Now get your butt in gear, mister. And what a cute butt it is!”

He kissed me again and I smiled.

“And don’t forget to send me a pic in your Tuxedo!” I called back as he left. “Love you!”

“Love you too babe!”

And so I was left alone with several thousand dollars worth of stuff I didn’t know what I was going to do with and a still angry little sister who stalked the hallways like some kind of demented woodland creature bent on avenging a great wrong done to her people.

All in all, in was shaping up to be a fun evening.

I got the picture of Daniel in his tux about an hour later as I unboxed some of the larger items we’d bought.

When I saw it, it was something like being shot. It was the exact same tuxedo he’d worn to Prom. The exact same. I don’t know what I was expecting. Daniel was wealthy, but I doubted he was wealthy enough to own more than one tuxedo. My mind whirled back to that time, to that horrible night and the way he’d rescued me from Amy. That sent me down a rabbit hole of memories.

Within minutes I was sobbing on the floor surrounded by cardboard boxes, mini-fridges, and spiral bound notebooks. Not even flipping through the new notebooks could relieve my sadness. For a nerd, that was akin to snorting a line of cocaine. But nothing assuaged me that night.

Time passed so slowly. 10 o’clock came and went. 11 o’clock soon after.

Where was Daniel?

It was nearing midnight and I was nearing an anxiety attack when I finally heard him pull up in the driveway. I rushed to the front door, flung it open and started in on him before he’d even closed his car door.

“Where were you!? You’re two hours late? Why didn’t you call me?!”

Daniel calmly walked towards me and answered each of my questions with a steady voice.

“I was at the event, which ran long, there was no cell service, and I sent you a text when I was leaving. Check your phone.”

He was correct. That didn’t make it better. But still…how had I missed it?

“Where’s your tuxedo?”

He was wearing a pair of jeans and a grey t-shit now. I was a little disappointed. Though, given my reaction to just a picture of him in his formal wear, I may have been institutionalized if I’d actually seen him dressed in it in person.

“I changed before I came over. It’s uncomfortable and not exactly fitting for where we’re going.”

“And where is that?” I asked, trying to stop the sound of my own heartbeat in my ears and taking long deep breaths.

“You’ll find out when we get there. Get in.”

I knew better by this point in our relationship than to try and badger the information out of him. If Daniel wanted to keep something secret it would be kept a secret until he decided to reveal it.

So I sat in the passenger seat, buckled up and settled in for a ride to wherever he’d picked. I took solace in just holding his hand as he drove, staring out the window and watching the city roll past.

I had it figured out before too long. There were only so many places in the city to go at this hour after all. When we turned into the State Park driveway, I was surprised to see that the gate was opened for us. They normally closed the park to visitors around 8PM.

“Why is it still open?” I asked distractedly.

“Pulled a few strings,” Daniel said as if it was the most common thing in the world.

“Pulled a few strings? You know what strings to pull to keep a State Government run property open past the legislated time frames? Have I been dating a wheeler and dealer all this time and didn’t know it?”

“Mmmhmm,” Daniel replied with a small nod and left it at that.

He drove a bit further into the park and parked next to a car I recognized instantly.

“What’s Ian doing here?”

“He’s playing lookout. It was all I could do to convince him he didn’t need to wear full blown head to toe camoWho better to scare off wild animals that someone who’s built like one?”

“You have a point.”

Daniel parked the car, turned the key and motioned for me to follow him.

He reached for my hand as we walked down the little dirt path I knew lead to the lake side beach area. I’d been to this park on at least 4 class field trips over the years and knew my way around. When we crested the little hill of “dunes” and the beach came in view, I wondered if perhaps I didn’t know the area quite so well as I thought.

Some things were familiar: the picnic tables near the trees, the wide sandy section of beach, the lifeguard stand.

But the rest was fully transformed.

Paper lanterns glowed in red, white, green, and gold. They hung from the trees and on rope that someone had strung between the lifeguard stand and the shore line. Countless strings of tiny twinkling Christmas lights made up the spaces between them. A large white blanket was the only thing on the sandy shore, complete with an old style whicker picnic basket and rose petals all around. Candles in mason jars stood guard around the blanket, their tiny flames adding a flickering warmth to the electric fairy lights above.

Ian and Justin stood perched near the lifeguard stand, the lanky boy resting easily against Ian’s bulk and idly running his fingers over Ian’s forearms thrown around his shoulders. They looked up expectantly when we arrived.

“Took you long enough!” Ian said, beginning to make his way towards us. “I was getting ready to start in on that basket, dude. I’m starving!”

“You ate half an hour ago you giant buffoon,” Justin shot back. “I’m going to go bankrupt trying to keep you fed at this rate.”

Ian shrugged and kissed Justin on the forehead.

“Did anyone give you any trouble? Park Rangers?” Daniel asked.

Justin shook his head.

“Nope. One stopped by and we showed him that permit you gave us. He left about an hour ago now. Everything is all ready to go.”


Ian and Justin made as if to walk past us towards the parking area.

“You aren’t going to stay?” I asked.

“Not a chance,” Ian said.

“This is your night, David,” Justin added with a friendly smile.

“But you guys went through all this trouble..”

“No trouble at all, lil D. It’s our pleasure. We’ll see you tomorrow before you guys head out, okay?”

I nodded. I feared if I tried to speak, the lump in my throat would crack and I’d be a weeping mess again. I could do that in front of Daniel. To sob before Justin and Ian would be another thing entirely. I didn’t think I could live through the shame of that.

I kept my tears bravely in check and nodded to them as they headed to the car.

Daniel and I just stood and stared for a moment, listening to their car start and pull away.

“Daniel, I…I don’t know what to say.” I felt the tears in my eyes get thicker.

“So don’t say anything, my love. Come. Let’s have some food.”

He lead me to the blanket, careful to step around the mason jar candles; we sat under the clear night sky by the shore of the lake in the fantasy world he’d worked so hard to give me.

I know I complained about the summer blockbuster movies with the bonfires…but I had to admit, the concept had a very distinct appeal when you were part of it in real life.

“Something to eat,” didn’t do justice to what Daniel had packed in that picnic basket.

He brought white wine, red wine, champagne, and an assortment of Italian food I had no idea he could manage. A little prodding got him to admit that his Mom had helped with a fair bit of it, but only in giving instructions. He’d actually insisted on cooking the whole thing himself.

“Did you even have an event to go to tonight? Or was that all a rouse so you could fatten me up on pasta and wine and have your way with me down by the lake?” I joked.

Daniel blushed a bit.

“We did have something to go to, yeah. I didn’t lie, I promise. But it was over pretty early and I was cooking after that. I’d have picked you up sooner but I dropped the first batch of ziti and had to redo it.”

I wanted to kick my heels and giggle with glee. I contented myself with kissing him instead. Kissing an Italian man with red wine on his lips is something I highly recommend to everyone. It’s like some kind of romance marinade on them, enhances their natural flavor and gifts.

When we’d finished dinner and everything packed back away in the basket, we were laying back on our elbows just watching the few wisps of clouds float across the stars.

Daniel suddenly sat up.

“I almost forgot! I got you something.”

“Angel Boy, you really shouldn’t be doing all this!” I protested. “All the stuff for school and now this. I can’t have you paying for literally everything I do all the time.”

“Hush, it’s nothing like that,” he said, waving me off. “This didn’t cost a dime. Well except for the frame, but we already had that in the house.”

He reached into the basket and riffled around for a moment. Then pulled out a full 8 by 10 silver picture frame. He handed it to me and I turned it over.

It was a drawing in charcoal pencil. I recognized the picture it had been drawn from immediately as one Ian had taken of me and Daniel a few weeks ago on one of our trips to the beach. But it was rendered beautifully on the canvas in exacting detail.

“Where did you get this?” I asked, trying to catch my bearings.

“I drew it, of course.”

Well there went any hope of bearings. I was cut adrift and on my own.

“You…you did this? For me? How? When? I didn’t know that you even liked to draw, much less that you COULD…”

Everything came out in a jumble, high pitched and cracking every other word like a 13 year old. I didn’t care in the slightest. I just stared down at the drawing, and the drawing stared back at me.

“I’ve always like to draw. Since kindergarten. I doodled all the time in school. Probably why you had to tutor me in the first place. And see, there’s a lot you still have to learn about me, isn’t there?”

“Apparently so,” I whispered.

I wanted to say so much more. I felt like I needed to say so much more, but I simply couldn’t. Everything inside of me seemed to be at war with everything else inside of me. My love for Daniel battled my fear of losing him when I moved tomorrow; my thanks for what he’d given me and bought for me sparred with my guilt at not doing it myself; my hope for learning everything about him came to blows with knowing that, after this night, I’d be too far away to do so.

I didn’t even feel the tears when they started.

I just stared and stared at that drawing in my hands like it would somehow provide me the answers that I needed. They came on their own, hot and heavy. To my credit, I didn’t sob or break down, but the tears flowed nonetheless.

“Oh fuck,” Daniel said under his breath. “I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean to upset you. Here, let me just put it away for now and we can get back to…”

He reached for the picture.

“If you try and take this from me right now, I swear to god I will beat you with it,” I growled.

Daniel slowly moved his hands away from the picture and remained silent.

Good, he was learning.

I stared and stared, just waiting for something to come to the surface, something to tell me what I was supposed to say.

“It’s all just too much,” I heard the words come from my lips though I didn’t remember thinking them.

I didn’t know what they even meant. But I knew they were true. It was too much for me. There was just so much beauty right there in front of me, all around me, beside me…and it was overwhelming. I looked around me at the candles and the lights and the blanket and the picture.

I must have looked hunted or wild-eyed or passed some unspoken level of distress that he found acceptable, because Daniel didn’t hesitate for a moment.

He stood up, grabbed my hand and nearly yanked me to my feet. Without a word and despite my vocal protestations he marched me past the lights and back towards the car, over the little dunes until the fairy beach was blocked from view. Ignoring my yammering until we we right at his Jeep, he spun me to face him, his back to the lake. He lifted me by my hips up onto the hood of the car. He jumped up beside me, wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled us both down to lie flat on the hood of his car, my head on his chest, eyes bent on the heavens above us.

“Better?” he asked after I’d settled a bit.

I still clutched the drawing in the silver frame to my chest like a shield.

“Better,” I whispered snuggling into him a bit.

“You looked a little overwhelmed there for a moment.”

“Understatement of the year Award goes to…”

Daniel snorted a laugh.

“Well if your sarcasm is in that good of form, I think you’re gonna make it, babe.”

He craned his neck to kiss my forehead while his fingers slowly raked through my blonde hair.

The stars had a calming effect on me. They had ever since that first night after graduation at Ian’s lake house. I could spend hours just staring at them now, letting my mind wander and my thoughts flow free. It was one of the only stress free times I can remember in my life.

“It’s only for a little while, right?” I asked. I couldn’t bring myself to define a little while.

I felt Daniel nod underneath me.

“It will be over in a flash. I promise. What’s four years in the grand scheme of things, right?”

“Right. Nothing. Just a blip,” I tried to convince myself.

“Easy as pie. If our Polaris up there can last for Billions and Billions, we can at least make it through 4,” he added.

There was always that. Polaris was indeed shining brightly that night, clear and steady as always.

“If a stupid ball of flaming gas can do it, then so can we,” I joked.

“Don’t mention flaming gas, babe. That second batch of Ziti isn’t sitting so well,” Daniel quipped.

And true to jock form, he let out a massive fart.

“OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” I screamed, righting myself to a seated position. “Here we are having a lovely romantic moment and you gotta go and do that! Gross! You’re such a…a…such a MAN!”

Daniel was in hysterics, of course. I guess I couldn’t blame him; he was only 18 after all and he couldn’t be ALL perfection all the time. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back down on top of his chest.

“And don’t pretend like you don’t love every bit of it! You love that I’m such a “man.” Don’t you? You love the muscles and the stubble and the gym time. Come on. Admit it! You do?! I know you do!”

He grabbed my wrists and forced me to put my hands on his Pecs. He made them dance beneath my touch.

“You love it, don’t you?” he asked again.

I bit my lower lip.

Of COURSE I loved it. Who wouldn’t? But I wasn’t about to let him get off that easy.

“Nope. Don’t care!” I lied.

“Really?” he cocked an eyebrow but kept my wrists in his grip. He moved them lower onto his stomach.

“You have no opinion about this?”

He tightened his stomach and I felt the muscles ripple beneath my palm.

Cracks began to form in my admittedly already weakened defenses. Fuck, who am I kidding? More like whole chunks of defenses crumbled entirely to ash.

“No opinion.” I whispered, swallowing hard against the lump that had suddenly appeared in my throat. Not to mention, my pants

Daniel moved my hands further south, over his lower abs, his belly button and over the bulge in his jeans. He pushed my palm down onto his basket and squeezed. I could feel the heat of his cock beneath the fabric, could feel it swelling and coming to life just millimeters away from my fingertips.

“What about now?” Daniel asked, his lips suddenly at my ear, nibbling my ear lobe.

“Goddamn you!” I growled and pounced on top of him pulling his wrists up above his head and straddling his hips. I looked down at that perfectly symmetrical face and those gorgeous brown eyes that seemed to glow gold even now in the midnight Summer air.

I didn’t mind the cold hard metal of the hood pressing into my kneecaps as I inched my way forward up his torso. In fact, I enjoyed the slight tinge of pain; it helped keep me focused as Daniel writhed beneath me.

Of course I knew he could have easily escaped and that he wasn’t really trying to overpower me; I didn’t much care. I enjoyed the way his wrists, pinned above his head, made his back and chest expand, forced his hole torso to lengthen. I felt his hips rise from the hood and press upwards into my ass.

Good. Not that I doubted Daniel wanted what I wanted just as much as I did. If there was one thing I could count on besides his never failing love and support, it was his libido.

I kept his wrists pinned in one hand and leaned in to kiss him. His head rose from the hood to meet me, our lips pressed together. I inhaled long and deep, drawing him closer like I was trying to suck the soul from his body. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and gripped the back of his neck with my free hand. Hard.

His wincing moan into our kiss made me shiver. I adored feeling and hearing him react to my touch. I kept a firm grip on the back of his neck but was forced to release his wrists.

If I was to get at my intended prize, I needed that hand.

I reached behind me and found the button of his jeans. The heat coming off of him was palpable and I could sense his hard uncut cock throbbing below my fingers.

“Slow down baby,” he panted between kisses. “We have all night.”

“And that’s exactly how long this is going to take,” I very nearly growled as I lightly bit his pouty lower lip.

Well, perhaps a little more forceful than “lightly.”

His jeans gave way behind me and I yanked the zipper open. Before the metal had a chance to open all the way, my fingers tore under the elastic of his boxer briefs and grabbed for his cock.

“Ahhhh,” he groaned when I made contact.

I tried to memorize the way it felt when I touched him, the heat and fire of his body pulsing in my grip. I didn’t know when I would have a chance to do this again. I filed away the feel of his precum leaking from his slit, the way his foreskin slide easily beneath my palm. I cupped his balls as I parted his hairy thighs, felt their substantial heft and weight.

“I’m going to drain these to the size of raisins. Mark my words,” I hissed as I squeezed them tightly.

He gritted his teeth and sucked in air, arching the small of his back. It only forced his cock out into the open. I hitched the elastic of his underwear beneath his balls and wiggled his jeans down under his bare ass. This was no easy feat. Daniel’s ass was firm and hard and he’d taken to wearing well fitting jeans to show it off for me.

“Jesus…” he sighed.

I had his cock in a twisted back handed grip and jerked his skin smoothly up and down. Precum dripped over my fingers as I milked him slowly.

Daniel knew it was pointless to try and stop me at this point. As if he had any intentions to actually do so. Instead, he gyrated in time to my manipulations and went to work undoing my pants.

My cock made a satisfying thumping sound when it flopped forward onto his taut stomach. I lifted my ass higher so he could push my pants down around my knees and he tried to grab my cock.

“Don’t. Don’t touch it,” I demanded, all while feeling his shaft thicken in my grip. ” I want to focus on one thing and one thing only.”

To this day, I love watching a man’s eyes roll into the back of his head. Daniel’s did just that when I guided his cock head to my hole and slowly sank down onto him.

The heat and pain were formidable at first. Slowly I felt his cock head slip into my opening, felt his passion ease inside me, coax me to loosen for him. His precum made me slick and I reveled as each inch of him rose inside of me.

“Oh god…oh holy…” I moaned.

I used both hands to part my cheeks so his cock could invade me completely. My entire body trembled and shook but I felt like Daniel’s cock was refilling my gas tank. Every centimeter of him seemed to make me more whole.

I felt his pubes tickling my hole in mere seconds. He pulsed his dick in my tight ass and instantly hit my spot. A thick jet of precum erupted from my cock and made a dark line across his shirt. I tore it over his head and lifted it behind his neck. Each of my hands dug into his hairy chest, squeezing and kneading the muscles. I might as well have been grabbing two boulders.

“Don’t stop until I cum. Twice,” I commanded.

Daniel’s eyes were wild with pleasure but he managed a nod. His grip on the back of my neck pulled me down to kiss him and he began the task I’d assigned him.

Our lips never parted, our tongues never stopped dancing together as Daniel bucked his hips upwards into me, fucking me higher and higher. I rocked forward and back on him, attempting to lengthen his thrusts. My brain was on fire and I couldn’t stop the string of whining moans that punctuated each full pulse of his tool.

He pounded my spot, long and slow at first, then alternating and ramming my hole quick until I couldn’t remember my own name.

“Oh don’t stop. Oh jesus, fuck yes.”

Daniel’s upper abs were quickly becoming a reservoir for my precum. It came out of me in a never ending stream and pooled in the grooves of his stomach and made his buzzed black chest hair shine wetly in the moonlight.

“Your ass is so tight,” Daniel grunted. “You want me to fill it up for you?”

I bit my lower lip and nodded.

His hands were at my hips, holding on tight, steadying me for an assault.

Daniel was like some kind of human metronome that increased pace at a steady clip.

First came Legato, slow and steady, flowing, his hips rocking into my ass and mine into his.

Then Andante: a steady pace, about equal to our heartbeats. My cock bouncing in time to his thrusts.

Allegro: fast and hard, the pace where my individual moans became almost a solid utterance.

Finally came Presto. I don’t know where he got the strength but it felt like his cock never left my ass, even though I heard his hips slapping into me and felt his dick pounding my prostate so hard I thought he might burst it.

Speech wasn’t possible at that point. My mouth just hung open on my chest and I clung onto Daniel for dear life, My breath was in my throat and a burning knot of tension in my groin foretold what was about to happen.

“Grrrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhhh” Daniel bellowed, slamming once and then twice more into me.

Fire and heat poured from his cock and pushed me until even our Polaris was lost in the whiteness. I know that I came and came hard, but I can only remember coming down from that highest place, like a flame returning to a match head in rewind. I coalesced into my self.

I had collapsed onto Daniel’s chest, sticky whiteness between us. When I turned to kiss the side of his neck, I tasted his sweat and my own cum on his skin. His entire face was nearly a mask of white and thick gloppy rivers of my cum made a mess on his windshield a good foot and half behind us. Daniel’s dick still pulsed little bursts of his cum into me and I held him there, tightening and loosening my hole for him.

“That’s one,” I whispered.

In case it wasn’t clear by now, Daniel was a bit of an over achiever when it came to things he was good at. And he was very very very good at loving me.

He met, surpassed, and then more than doubled the two personal orgasms I had ordered from him.

By the time we were both finally exhausted, I held two loads in my ass, Daniel had two of mine in him and we both had cum on our faces and lips that no amount of kissing could remove. Full showers would be required.

But that could wait until tomorrow. We did out best to clean up with a stray water bottle we found in the Jeep, retrieved the blanket from the beach, and curled up together on the hood of his car, naked, sated, and exhausted.

The last thing I remember seeing before blackness took me was the North Star.

It was a fitting finale to a fantasy evening.

Because the Universe had it out for me, I was sure of it, that night in the park gave way to the morning I had been dreading for weeks.

Moving day.

I know it was stupid to hope for some kind of time loop to materialize, to dream that I could somehow spend the rest of my life reliving the past few hours with Daniel. But we dream and hope for impossible things when we are thralls to that most totalitarian master, love.

Driving home to pack was torture. Every mile closer to my house and all my things waiting to be packed up was a mile further away from the park. I felt like I was leaving a large part of my soul behind me.

Numbness overtook me. I supposed I should take that as a blessing. Numbness was preferable to the searing pain I knew I should be feeling at the prospect of leaving him.

It took four full cars, mom’s, dad’s, Daniel’s and my own, to shove everything in. My sister was actually going to drive as part of this caravan. She had only had her permit for 6 months or so, but the parental units decided it was okay for her to join as long as she drove between the first and third cars, fully shielded from the rest of the crazies on the highway.

My parents handled themselves decently. This was the first time they had been in the same place at the same time since my graduation months before. My father, thanks be to god, had left his girlfriend behind for the day.

My mother did, however, enlist the help of a neighbor boy who could give Ian a run for his money. She paid him 20 bucks to help with the packing and lingered just a little longer than expected when she did.

Well, at least there was one thing I wouldn’t have to witness while away at school; my mother, the cougar.

I didn’t say much as we packed, only smiled and nodded when someone tried their best to cheer me up or asked me a question. I played my part and rolled my eyes whenever my father made the requisite “dad jokes.” Other than that, I floated in my numbness and waited for the packing to be over.

When it was all done and the caravan was ready to depart, I slid into the front seat of Daniel’s jeep without comment and hunkered in on myself. At least Daniel was coming along and I wouldn’t have to face the actual goodbye for another few hours.

He didn’t start school for another week. However, his own moving day had already happened last week. His parents had decided that he could turn the pool house into his own apartment and live at home for the first year or two of school, since he was only going to be a few miles from Campus. They hoped it would give him some autonomy. I hoped it would keep him grounded and out of the dorm rooms of any other cute gay nerds that may be lurking on his campus.

I was 18, mind. Jealousy is just a natural part of 18 year olds.

So Daniel, as much as he wanted to help and to understand, could never fully grasp the trauma of a move like mine. He sensed as much and didn’t try to make light of my situation or brush it off. He hopped into the driver seat, driving directions in hand, buckled up and turned the key.

Just like that, my old life began to fade into the rear view mirror. I did my best not to look back, sure that it was all just vanishing into the mists like Brigadoon. I couldn’t bear to watch it go so I did the only thing I could do. I stared straight ahead and kept my eyes locked on the drab grey highway stretched out before us.

The picture Daniel gave me the night before, the one he had drawn of the two of us was in my lap. I had already promised myself that that particular gift was not going to leave my side. It would go with me to and from classes in my backpack and sit on my bedside table every evening. If I couldn’t have Daniel with me in person, I would not, no, I refused to not have some small piece of him at all time.

Sometime between turning onto the highway and passing out of the city limits, Daniel reached between us and held my hand. The silver rings he had gotten us made a tiny click when our fingers laced together. I felt my heart swell when they touched. I dared not look down and tried to simply draw whatever comfort I could from his touch.

My jaw ached from clenching it. If I let that tension go for even a moment I knew that I would lose it. Daniel would have to pull the car over, I’d have a break down and run out into traffic and be admitted to the psych ward and life would be over. I was certain of it. So I clenched tighter and tighter until the blood pounded in my ears.

If you’ve never gone to College, I suggest that you just go by and watch the semi controlled chaos that is Freshman move in day.

It’s like some massive hive of ants was kicked by a giant.

Sweaty parents and shell shocked kids scrambled from parking lots with boxes and hand carts. Moms tried to be motherly while their babies literally left the nest in front of their very eyes; some succeeded but many clutched their children to them and sobbed loudly, uncaring if anyone was watching.

Well, they were uncaring; their children were wide-eyed and searching to see if anyone else noticed their embarrassment. It was sweet, really.

Daniel found a spot near-ish to my dorm. The other three cars had to park further away. My sister “parked,” if you can call it that, half in a spot and half on the grass in front of the spot. But by the look on her face, she had just tasted her first drop of autonomy and there was no going back for her now. I said a little prayer for my parents. I doubted I had given them half the trouble that little hellion of a woman was likely to.

Luckily, my room assignment was on the second floor so for the most part we would be able to avoid the 1930′s -depression-era-bread-line length-queue for the elevators.

With five of us making trips back and forth, Dad was sure we could make short work of it all. Mom signed us in with the upperclassman RA’s in the lobby, got my keys and welcome packet for me. and divided out the tasks upon her return.

I was still silent.

I was somewhat thankful that the newness of my surroundings somewhat distracted me from the emotional implications of what was happening. The air even smelled different here.

Daniel, for his part, flatly refused to let go of my hand. Several students and not a few parents noticed his gesture of affection. When he noticed them noticing, Daniel stared at them intently, daring them to say or do something.

None of them did, of course. Would you? If it meant facing down a muscled 18 year old Italian boy with your flabby mid forties dad body in high waisted shorts and penny loafers? I highly doubt it.

(No offense meant to any mid forties fathers with a penchant for penny loafers…but you get my drift.)

We each grabbed a light load for the first trip. Mom lead the way, searching the signs for room 2107. I felt like I was being assigned a cell. Dorms are all well and good, but the cinder block walls, linoleum tiled floors, and institutional white paint gave them a distinct penitentiary vibe.

The room itself was fine.

I was lucky that my scholarships and grades had been enough to win me a double room with it’s own bathroom that I would share with just one other room. A suite, they called it.

I had heard horrible rumors about entire floors having to share one bathroom and the very thought of it made me cringe. 40 something boys in one bathroom? Did Colleges not understand how utterly disgusting teenaged and early twenties males could be? The bleach alone that it would take to make a communal bathroom for 40 males even remotely hygienically acceptable would put a middle class family in debt.

I suppose that’s a part of why tuition is so expensive nowadays.

The room itself was empty. Nothing on either of the twin beds in the corners or on the matching desks and bookshelves at their feet. I must have been the first to arrive.

“So we can take whichever one we want, Darling,” my mom said when she marched confidently into the 10 by 10 cell like she was an interior decorator for the Parade of Homes.

(Look it up if you aren’t Southern…it’s a hoot!)

“That nice young lady at the front desk said that due to your…”situation,”” she used the air quotes and rolled her eyes, “you haven’t been assigned a roommate. Apparently you get to choose your own from some list of other people in your “situation.” How they make such a list is beyond me, but there you have it.”

You could tell by the tone of her voice that she took personal offense to obliquely referring to my sexuality as a “situation.”

I loved her so very much in that moment.

“It’s okay Mamma,” I said, giving her a little hug when I placed the bag of school supplies on an empty desk. “They just want to make sure I’m comfortable. Not everything is a reason to whip up a PFLAG march, okay?”

She laid her head on my shoulder and patted my hand with a sigh.

“I suppose not. Still can’t they just come right out and say it: we didn’t give you a roommate cause you’re gay as the day is long and we don’t want some bigoted ass hole to be randomly assigned to you so you could sue the pants off of us for endangerment and assault?”

Daniel laughed out loud and answered.

“How very polite and forward that would be. We may be a little further north but we’re still in the South, remember? Ain’t nobody gonna come right out and say all that when they can say “situation,” and imply it all. Bless their hearts.”

“I suppose so, Sweet Boy,” Mamma said, giving Daniel a little hug too. “Either way, there’s a list of email addresses and names and such in that packet they gave me. There’s gonna be some kind of mixer for people in your “situation,” tonight or tomorrow or something. You got a week to choose one and pair up before classes start. Ready to start the next load?”

I was decidedly NOT ready to start the next load.

And I really didn’t like the idea of having to meet and greet a bunch of other openly gay students at a “mixer.” The term alone was enough to trigger mild PTSD. It brought back too many painful memories of picking teams in Gym Class. I just knew that I was going to be picked last.

But I didn’t really have a choice in either matter. We were here and there were already five bags of my stuff on the floor and desk. No going back now.

I was okay at first, as the room filled up with more and more stuff. I was fine when I was in the room. It was when we were back at the cars that I ran into difficulty. Watching each car slowly empty out was like watching sand run through an hour glass.

Okay, I thought, one of four cars is half empty. Still 7/8 to go. That’s a long time. Then two cars were empty. Then three.

When we were unloading the final car, the one my sister had “driven,” I felt panic starting to rise in my chest. It was harder to breathe now and it had nothing to do with the physical labor of the move.

The time was almost here. The hourglass was nearly empty and I was headed to my execution.

No one could ever accuse me of lacking a flair for the dramatic.

The deed was done and we all stood in my very full new dorm room surrounded by boxes and bags and suitcases. It wasn’t just me who stood motionless and silent, just staring at the clutter.

None of us spoke or moved for along time.

My mother broke first. And when she broke, she broke hard.

She sobbed long and loud and crushed me to her chest in a bear hug Ian would have been proud of. Kisses rained down on me in rapid succession and she struggled, but succeeded, in speaking through her tears.

“You call me whenever you want…you hear? And it’s not that far away so bring me laundry whenever, and if you need money for food, you know to call me. And Thanksgiving is only 97 days away. And you make sure you go to all your classes. And pay attention. And study. And don’t drink or party. And shower. And brush your teeth every night even when you don’t want to. And call me. You promise you will call me? And don’t forget to eat, mind? You always do that, forget to eat when you’re busy. I don’t want you to get too thin, you hear?”

It rushed out of her like a river let loose from a dam. I nodded my head and did my best to say yes, okay, yes, yes, I know, I will. I hugged her tight to me and kissed her cheek. She wiped away a tear from my face, settled herself as best she could and walked to the hallway, still sobbing.

One down. And my heart was already creaking under the pressure.

My father repeated most of what my Mamma had said, though he did so without the sobs and kisses. He held me firmly by the shoulders and stared at me long and deep. His voice wavered a bit and he cleared his throat. I saw the tears in his eyes starting to form and I knew I wasn’t going to do well with this goodbye.

“I am so very very proud of you, son. Just so proud. I couldn’t be more amazed by the man you’re becoming,” he said quietly.

He hugged me and held the back of my head to his shoulder.

I am not ashamed to say that I bawled into his chest for a while, pulling him tight to me.

My father was the first man I had ever loved. He was a super hero to me, always had been. Divorce or not, it didn’t matter. I needed his strength and support and he gave it freely.

He patted my shoulder, rested his hand on my cheek for a moment and smiled at me.

Then he went to join my mother in the hallway.

“It’s alright, now. It’s okay. We did a good job with him. Hush, shhh.” I heard him say from outside.

Even though they were going through something terrible together, their bond through me was enough to put all that nastiness aside for a moment.

Two down. I was quivering and quickly approaching dehydration from weeping.

My sister stepped forward and reached into her back pocket. She pulled something from inside and handed it to me. I took it and looked it over.

It was a photograph of the two of us. She was maybe 4 and I was 7 or 8. We were laying together on the couch under the big red throw blanket that to this day still sits there. My arm was around her tiny shoulders and in my hands was a first edition copy of “The Hobbit.” Mamma had caught me in the act of reading to her and snapped that picture.

“Don’t forget me now that you’re a big bad college man, okay?” she said sheepishly.


I pulled her into a hug and was relieved to feel her arms wrap around me. In that moment, the years of mutual torment and name calling, the snide comments and sarcastic remarks, they all vanished; she was just my little sister now.

The same tiny creature that I had rocked and held when we brought her home from the hospital. The little girl in pigtails who had followed me around like a puppy dog and badgered me to play with her dolls. She was once again the girl who had climbed into my bed the night before she started 5th grade and said, “BroBro, what if nobody likes me?”

I had done my best to protect her, even once our relationship changed and she didn’t ask for that protection.

I felt a huge wave of guilt now. I was leaving her on her own. What if she wasn’t ready? What if she needed her big brother for something and I was stuck here, hours away and couldn’t give it to her? I was going to be safe here at school while she had to navigate the waters of a contentious divorce for three more years.

All alone.

Suddenly, I understood the string of questions and life advice my Mom had flung at me.

“I won’t forget you for a second, you little brat. And you call me whenever you want. And come stay here with me if they get too difficult, cause you know they will. And let me know if anyone bothers you at school. I got a popular boyfriend now and he can sure as hell pull some strings to take care of high school bullies. You got it?”

She nodded and a tear or two actually escaped her apathetic early teenaged eyes.

“I love you BroBro,” she said quietly, hugging me one last time. “And I’ll keep an eye on this jack ass for you.,” she nodded towards Daniel. “If he so much as looks at another nerd, I’ll shave off his eyebrows while he’s sleeping. Remember that?”

How could I forget?

I had looked like a fish person for 5 weeks when she’d carried through on that threat on me. Who knew girls put so much stock in their music collections? I’d only borrowed the CD for a day or two and it cost me eyebrows for over a month.

She kissed my cheek and went into the hall.

“Gross, you two. Get moving before anyone sees you. I may have to come here in a few years and I won’t have my reputation already ruined by blubbering parents before I even get accepted,” came her characteristic scowling remark.

Three. My heart was already so much rubble in my chest.

And now it was just Daniel.

“Please don’t go,” I whispered. He was a few feet from me, his hands in his pockets, eyes on the floor. “Please don’t leave me here.”

I know it was unfair of me. He didn’t have a choice. But I had to ask. I had to beg.

When he looked up at me, his big brown eyes were full of tears and his cheeks were already wet. I’d been so wrapped up in my own goodbyes that I hadn’t even thought what they might do to him.

He looked like someone was holding a gun to his head, forcing him to do something he’d never dreamed of doing. His eyes silently pleaded with me, begged me to help him.

“David, I…” he tried to say something but I didn’t let him finish.

I ran to him and threw my arms around his neck, buried my face into his shoulder and clung on with every ounce of strength I had left. Weeping isn’t enough to describe it. I pour out my soul into his body and I felt him trembling in my arms. We held each other as tightly as possible, uncaring if anyone heard us or saw us.

“You know I can’t stay here in the dorms. Not yet. Once classes start, baby, you know I’ll be there that first weekend. I promise you. Only 2 weeks. 14 days. Okay?”

Where he got the strength to speak I will never understand.

I tried to nod into his embrace. Of course I knew he was right. It was only 14 days. So why did it feel like 14 years?

We sobbed and stood like that for what could have been hours.

To their credit, my family never once tried to hurry us along and never interrupted our goodbye. I imagined them standing guard outside my door, making sure that me and the man I loved had the privacy we needed. I loved them so fiercely for it.

Eventually, the body runs out of tears.

Dry sobs and sniffles were all that remained in our arsenal of grief and eventually were left holding each other and swaying together in the center of the room. It was like some terrible parody of our Prom night. Here we were, surrounded by the boxed up memories that had started on that night, just holding each other and dancing to music no one else could hear.

Daniel kissed me, long and slow.

“I love you so much, David,” he said, his forehead pressed to mine. “More than you will ever know. Don’t you dare forget that. You promise?”

I nodded and kissed him again.

God, this couldn’t be happening. Please, just make it stop. Hadn’t I given up enough already?

“I love you too,” I whispered in a what was left of my hoarse voice.

“You’re my Polaris. Okay? Always. You’re my heart and my life and we will get through this together. I promise you that. One day, we will be standing just like this at our wedding. You hear me?”

I snorted a little laugh and nodded again.

My fingers laced into his, our twin rings pressed together. One day, there would be another set of rings on those fingers.

If we could survive what was coming.

“I will call you in three hours when I make it home. Okay? You just try and keep your mitts off the other boys until then.”

I punched him in ribs.

“Don’t even joke about that, Daniel.”

“Fine, fine. I’m sorry. I love you, baby.”

This was it.

This was what had consumed my dreams and my nightmare since graduation. This was when I had to watch him walk out the door. I couldn’t do it.

I felt myself sink to the mattress of one of the twin beds. Daniel guided me gently. He leaned over me and kissed me on my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks, and finally my lips.

“I love you,” he said once more, cupping my face in his hands, pulling my eyes up to meet his.

“Please…Daniel, please…” I begged him.

He kissed me a final time.

“Always and Forever, David. I mean that.”

He pulled away from me.

I couldn’t have followed him if I’d wanted to. My muscles were weak, my soul was empty and my body was not mine to command. He reached the door, grabbed the knob and pulled the door closed behind him.

I stared at the back of that wooden door for what could have been hours.

“I love you,” I repeated to the emptiness, over and over like a mantra.

I don’t know when or how, but eventually I curled into a ball on the bed and wept into a pillow.

I’d never expected to feel a pain like this. It was deep and soul crushing. I thought I understood pain from the years of exclusion and derision in school. But the abiding pain of loss is so much worse that the pain of not being involved at all.

I woke up a little while later. How long, I can’t say. My emotional wreckage must have worn my physical form to the point of collapse and I’d eventually fallen asleep.

A sharp pang of hunger in the pit of my stomach reminded me that I hadn’t yet eaten that day. A quick glance in the mirror proved that I was not physically suitable to be out in public.

It took me some time to search through the boxes and such to find the one with all of my toiletries and shower supplies. But eventually, I located it and took the longest shower of my life to that point. My fingers were pruned and my skin was bright beet red when I came out.

Finding clothes was a little easier. I moved like a zombie. I knew the steps I needed to perform and I did them, but they weren’t conscious. My brain just kind of…directed the orchestra. But the audience was empty. No one was home.

I filled my backpack with the photo my sister gave me, the drawing Daniel made, and his copy of Jane Eyre that he loved so much and had given me after graduation. I found a campus map in the packet the RAs handed out, located the nearest dining hall and set out. I almost forgot the keys to my new room, but luckily remembered to retrieve them before the self locking door closed behind me.

I got lost at least three times. I dared not ask anyone for directions. I didn’t want to chance actual speech incase my voice cracked and broke me down into tears again. I was proud that I was holding myself together as much as I was, though it felt like I was constructed from paper and scotch tape. A stiff wind would scatter me to the four corners of the earth.

Directions wouldn’t have helped much anyways.

Everyone else seemed to be just as lost as I was. They looked up and about in little clusters here and there about the quad.

To be honest, it felt EXACTLY like the first day of High School. Once more, I was alone and afraid. Even knowing that everyone else was, too, did nothing to mitigate the terror.

Eventually, I was seated at a table in the dining hall, a plate of mediocre school food in front of me. It was tasteless and bland. I don’t mean that to be an indictment of the food there in general. The best five star meal on the planet would have tasted like ashes in my mouth that night. I fully understand the melodrama of the thought, but I wondered if food would ever taste good to me again.

I was lost somewhere in the middle of Jane Eyre, not really reading it, just skimming the words on the page and mulling over my discomfort. I looked up to find that I was one of only maybe three people still in the dining room. The cleaning crew was busy mopping the floors and putting chairs up onto the table tops.

I guessed that was the cue to leave.

I really really really didn’t want to go back to my room.

I didn’t want to be alone in that cell again. I dreaded having to lay down alone on that bed. How was I supposed to live in there. How was anyone supposed to live anywhere without half of their heart and soul?

I walked at a plodding pace towards where I knew the dorm to be located. I took a few wrong turns on purpose to extend the walk as much as possible.

Eventually, I made it to my building. There were small crowds of my fellow students in the lobby and the hallways. I did my best to smile at them. I wondered if they knew or could tell that the smile on my face wasn’t at all indicative of what I was feeling.

But that is always the case isn’t it? We all wear a mask at times. The only time that mask was down for me was when I was with Daniel.

And Daniel was gone, now.

So I dragged out the fake smile, the one I thought I had tucked away for good when my heart learned how to sing. When he’d taught my heart how to sing. I dragged it out, I dusted it off and I painted it on like armor. I would wear it, day in and day out because I didn’t have a choice in the matter. Not anymore. The choice had been made for me.

My singing heart could barely speak anymore and that fake smile was all that was standing between the wreckage I was now forced to live in and the world I couldn’t bear to disappoint yet again. That smile became my calling card to the world, what I allowed them to see of me.

The real me, the me behind that smile belonged only to Daniel.

It was a beautiful smile. It wasn’t real, not truly, but it shone and shimmered to the best of my ability. Most times, that is all people need to see. A glimpse of the shimmer and the sparkle of your beautiful fake smile and they will walk on, sure you are okay, sure they have done what they are expected to do.

So I hid behind my glimmering armor and I tried and I tried and I tried to stitch together what was left of my injured soul. Most of them would never even notice, never even suspect, how broken I truly was.

But that was the first step. It’s not the last, but it is the most terrifying, the most lonely, the most obscene, the most heart-rending, the most painful, and in many ways, the most necessary.

Because if someone can see past the glitter and the sparkle, when they take the extra second to look at you trapped behind your happy armor, when they find you balled up inside yourself weeping tears that you just can’t stop and you cannot name…then, it can start to change.

That’s what Daniel had done.

He’d demolished my armor and stripped me bare before him and forced me to show him my true self. And he’d help heal me in the process, from wounds I hadn’t even known I had.

If those who see past the armor are worthy, like Daniel was, if they matter in the grand scheme of things, like he did, they will place a hand on your bare shoulder and suddenly, quick as that, you aren’t alone behind your smile.

Your heart may not sing again. Not for a long time, maybe. But a hand on your shoulder is all it takes sometimes to remind your soul how to start to hum.

When I finally reached my room and opened the door, what greeted me there took a moment to sink in.

The two twin beds had been on opposite walls when I’d left. Now, there were pushed together in one corner of the room. Some of my boxes had been piled up and moved. Most definitely not where I had left them.

I probably should have been a little more cautious than I was. After all, I had only been here for less than a day and someone had already broken into my room and touched my stuff. But I wasn’t in a particularly cautious state of mind. I wasn’t really in any state of mind.

The door to the bathroom was slightly open and I heard the shower running.

“Hello?” I called out, still standing at my door in case I needed to make some horror-movie level dash outside when the axe wielding murderer emerged.

No response.

“Are you in the wrong room?” I tried again. “I haven’t been assigned a roommate yet so I think you must be in the wrong room?”

The water stopped and I heard the curtain pulled back.

The door creaked open and Daniel stepped out into the room, a towel around his waist, steam and water making a puddle at his feet.

“They didn’t tell you that they already assigned you a rookie? Must be some kind of mix up.”

My bag was on the floor and I ran to him. I climbed him like a monkey, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms on his neck.

“Woah, there babes! Careful honey!” he tried to say between the kisses I peppered his face with. He held me easily aloft and walked us both to the now king sized bed with me wrapped around him still. He sat down with me on his lap .

“What are you doing here? How?” I found myself crying again but this time, I didn’t care.

Daniel was here.

“You know what, it doesn’t matter. Who cares? You’re here! Why are you here? Don’t answer that!”

I couldn’t stop touching him. His face, his hands, his hair, his chest. I didn’t want to let him go ever again, as if he might disappear into thin air if I stopped touching him.

The thought actually crossed my mind that I was hallucinating the entire thing. Maybe I’d had some kind of mental break and I was really in a rubber room somewhere like that chick from “The Craft.”

“It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that much,” he said after my kisses and morphed in a hug. “Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret from a Valedictorian who you are also in love with?”

I didn’t care how hard it had been.

He was here and that was all that mattered.

“Well, I’m sorry I’m too smart and I made it difficult for you. But I’m glad you’re here! You have no idea. But, when do you have to go home?”

I know it was stupid to think about this visit ending when it had just started. Who likes to think of the flight home from vacation before they even make it to the airport to start it? But I had just gone through hell and high water and I wanted to be a little more prepared for our next goodbye.

“You don’t get it babe,” Daniel said sweetly, looking up at me. “I’m not going home. I’m already home.”

He smiled that dazzling smile at me and my brain was mush again.

“What do you mean you aren’t going home? What about school? You didn’t drop out did you? Oh, Daniel you can’t! You can’t drop out for me!”

Daniel laughed.

“Maybe it’s easier than I thought to outsmart a Valedictorian. I’m not dropping out, David. I transferred here.”

He what?

What was happening?

My mouth was bone dry and I couldn’t remember my own name. I dared not believe what he was saying. It would be too cruel if it wasn’t true. I couldn’t survive it.

“Don’t play with me, Daniel,” I said seriously. “I can’t take any more shit today. I’m serious. Don’t joke with me right now.”

He kissed me gently.

“It’s not a game, baby. I had Coach B pull some strings for me. He knows a few people in the Athletics Department here. He was able to wrangle up a third string spot for me on the Varsity Baseball team. After that, all it took was convincing my parents that the out of state tuition was worth the cost. You took care of that part. You know, I think my parents may actually love you more than they love me. I know they love you more than Adam.”

“I…I…I…why didn’t you tell me?”

“I only found out officially a week ago. It took until this afternoon to arrange the rooming stuff. You can thank your Mamma for that part.”

I made a mental note to do just that.

“You all conspired together. You made me think that I was…I was so distraught that I… how could you…”

I knew I should have been angry that he had tricked me. I should have been furious that he had made me believe I was abandoned and alone. But sitting on his lap with his arms around my back…I simply couldn’t find the strength to be upset.

“You’re here?” I asked.

He nodded.

“For good?”

Another nod.

“So I didn’t have a stroke and I’m not in a hospital somewhere in a the coma ward?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“You’ve got me here for as long as you will have me. Cross my heart. I’m never going anywhere”

It’s amazing how quickly the right person can turn around your entire world.

Every bit of pain evaporated and I was right back where I wanted to be. With the man I loved. The man who loved me. Loved me enough to follow me and move heaven and earth to be by my side.

I wanted to thank my lucky stars. But luck had nothing to do with it.

And only one star mattered. My star. My polaris. He’d kept his promise and paid his debts in full well before they came due.

I pushed Daniel’s back to the bed and kissed him fiercely.

That was how I started my college career.

With a bang.

So to speak.

Written By: DA Mackey

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