Room 17-Part 1

Room 17

We frequently had interesting people in the motel where I worked. I saw people from every walk of life in my job there. It almost made it worth doing. A few weeks ago, I started observing people a little more closely than I had in my first year of employment there. Curiosity took hold of me and I couldn’t rest until I was satisfied. One example of this was about a fortnight ago on a mild Tuesday night.

At around 9pm as the sun was going down, a clean-cut man in his early thirties approached the front desk and asked for a room for two nights. He was wearing a grey business suit with a pale pink shirt and a blue tie. He carried a practical backpack and a briefcase so I naturally assumed he must have been visiting on business. He was tall and quite stocky; he certainly filled his suit well. I gave him his key as usual and recited the usual garb about check out times, keys, and vending machines, then pointed him towards room 17, which was one of many I could see from the little office on the outer side of the L shaped building.

At around 11, as I was microwaving a ready-meal and preparing to stay awake for the night manning the desk, I noticed the lights of room 17 dim, and the drapes hastily close. This was usual. If anything he’d left it a little late. What he did next however was quite intriguing. He opened his door and left it slightly ajar so that a narrow streak of light was cast over the brick-paved path and on to the asphalt of the parking lot. Attention firmly caught, I forgot my microwave meal and stood at the office window watching room 17. I realize that this wouldn’t interest most people but my job is extremely boring. Nothing happened for around 5 minutes, and then a Ford pickup pulled into the parking lot and parked on the far side near rooms 12-22. I saw the silhouette of a man get out of the truck and walk straight into room 17, closing the door behind him so that the streak of light was extinguished. I watched a while longer to see if anything would happen, but it didn’t. I was about to turn away and re-microwave my meal when the man left, jumped back into his truck and drove away. After my dinner I kept an eye on the room into the early hours of the morning but nothing more happened before I finished my shift at 6am.

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Later that day, as I clocked in at work again, I’d forgotten about room 17. However, as I finished serving a middle aged couple sending them towards room 4, I saw the occupant of room 17 arrive and unlock his room. Glancing at the clock, I realized he must have just finished work. That day, he closed his drapes much earlier, around 7pm, and there was no sign of life until about midnight when I noticed that he left the door ajar again. About a minute later, a skinny guy around 18 or 19 years old walked into the office and asked timidly where room 17 was. I pointed across the parking lot, and he hastily left the office and walked quickly towards the room. He stopped outside momentarily, seemingly steeling himself before entering. Unlike the pick up guy from the night before, he didn’t close the door behind him, leaving it as he found it. This proved too much for me and without a second thought I quietly sprinted across the parking lot and crept over to the open door. I carefully peered into the opening. The scene which greeted me is imprinted on to my memory forever. The first thing I noticed in the dimly lit room was the grey suit hanging on the bathroom door. However, my eyes soon turned to the scene in the middle of the room. On the end of the bed, the businessman occupant of the room was on all fours, completely naked apart from a sleeping mask covering his eyes. Kneeling behind him was the skinny guy from before, his hands on the older man’s ass cheeks and his face firmly lodged between them.

cat-lubeI stood rooted to the spot, somewhat mesmerized. The older man was moaning softly, and suddenly he reached behind himself with one hand, pushing the back of the skinny guy’s head harder into his ass. A moment later, the latter stood and timidly pulled his black skinny jeans down to his thighs, revealing white Calvin’s from which a significant bulge protruded. He pulled these down next and his cock bounced out. I heard the older guy say ‘give it to me’ and he squeezed lube onto his cock from a tube which lay on the bed.

With one hand on the businessman’s ass, the skinny teen used the other to guide his cock into it slowly. As he did so, the older guy cried out a little and he stopped dead, prompting a quiet “keep going”. However, he stopped again when the businessman grunted, which prompted a louder “just go for it, fuck my ass”. Throwing caution to the wind, the skinny teen pushed his cock all the way in, causing the bottom to gasp effeminately. Slowly, the skinny teen began thrusting, gently at first. He sped up a little when the businessman said “harder” and was forced to speed up more when he said “come on, destroy my ass!”. This seemed to work, as the skinny teen shed his apparent nervousness. He withdrew his cock and squirted some more lube on to it, then slapped the other man’s ass quite hard. “Beg for it” he said through gritted teeth. “Please give it to me” said the bottom, pushing his knees together and his ass higher into the air, “please fuck my hole”. His wish was quickly fulfilled, as the skinny teen rammed his cock all the way into the ass in front of him, which made the businessman shout out in pleasure. He then leant forward, put his hands on the businessman’s waist, and drilled him so hard that his own skinny ass became a blur. Wet clapping sounds filled the room as the skinny teens thighs repeatedly smashed into the businessman’s bouncy ass.

After about a minute of relentless drilling, the skinny teen slowed to a halt, his cock balls deep in the ass he was holding on to. He sighed in relief, rutting a little as he squirted his seed deep inside the clean cut businessman. His cock remained in place as he stood in silence, staring at the bead head, probably seeing stars. He pulled his now only semi-erect cock out quickly, causing semen to spurt out of the gaping anus and on to the bed frame, where it pooled and began dripping on to the carpet. The younger man then slipped his dick back into his Calvin’s and hitched up his skinny jeans, a noticeable bulge still visible in their crotch. It suddenly occurred to me that he was about to make for the door so I bolted back to the office. I was back behind the front desk in time to see him leave through the main gate.

I couldn’t get over it. The well groomed, masculine businessman who strode confidently into the office the other day liked to anonymously hook up with men and take it up the ass punishingly hard. As I gazed towards his room from behind the front desk, I realized my penis was rock hard. This whole thing turned me on more than I can describe. I began to wonder if I could perhaps be one of the guys who got to destroy this guy’s seemingly eager ass.

Written By: Living for Cock

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