My twin and I suspect that our younger brother wants to have sex with us.


I tried to make things as clear as possible in the title but I think I probably failed. The situation is: my twin and I have been in a sexual relationship for 10+ years now and for the past 8-10 months we have suspected that our younger brother might want to get involved.

(To keep things clear: when I say ‘my brother’ I mean my twin, and younger brother is obviously our younger brother)

My brother and I are both 20 and have been sexually involved with each other since we were around 9 years old. It started in a similar way to most others here seem to start out, bathing & showering together leading into inspecting each other’s bodies quite regularly – it just didn’t stop as we got older and began to lead into something a lot more sexual. From when it first started until we were about 12/13 our interaction was fairly normal for twins of that age; just starting to go through puberty and undergoing the various changes that happen to everyone, very open with each other to the extent of sleeping in the same bed (rarely, when we had family over), dressing in front of each other, bathing together (not often ‘together’, just in the same room), using the bathroom and that sort of thing.

By the time we were around 14 our relationship became a little more sexual than I think most brother relationships are, we were still very comfortable with each other in practically every aspect of our lives and by this age our hormones were in full flow. Naturally masturbating was at an all time high and if one of us started the other usually joined in, ‘because why not’ was the reasoning I/we used. Somewhere around this age we also ‘practiced’ kissing each other in preparation for future girlfriends, it was weird and sloppy and horribly awkward as I imagine all people are at first. Hopefully this isn’t going into too much detail with the rules, but suffice to say that our bodies were developing nicely and we’d reached the point where cum was a thought. Anyway. We had started to masturbate very regularly together in the same room in front of each other and weren’t concerned with seeing whatever was going on with us – in fact I quite enjoyed watching him more often than whatever porn we could get our hands on. But I didn’t tell him that, no… because I was straight and ‘straight’ boys didn’t enjoy looking at their brothers like that.

Somewhere between 14-16 we started to do a little more than wank together in the same room. Our ridiculously regular masturbating sessions turned into helping each other – just hands at first – which eventually lead into very often getting each other off rather than doing it ourselves, then blowjobs became the norm. Not long after this, possibly approaching our 17th birthday, we brought the ‘kissing practice’ back but we had almost entirely dropped the pretense of practicing and just wanted to kiss while we were playing together – that particular scenario came about when he randomly kissed me one day after getting out of the shower and we just sort of incorporated it into our routine. Honestly I don’t know how the two of us didn’t connect the dots when we started making out just for the pleasure of it, but obviously we were in denial and still maintained that we were straight. Even to each other.

Thankfully by the time we hit our late teens we’d gotten over our gay denial (I’m gay, whereas he considers himself bisexual) and come to terms with our love for each other, although even then we probably wouldn’t have said that we were in a relationship together. Just passionate about one another. That lasted for a few months until we had a talk and actually said what we were thinking for the first time.. probably ever, to be honest. It was a fairly big step in what, I believe, has become a successful relationship. Once I actually came to terms with my sexuality it seemed like a logical step to take things a little further sexually, in which we opened up the wonderful world of butts – rimming, fingering, and after some very intense discussion anal sex.


Something that I haven’t made completely clear is that all of this took place while we were still living at home, with our parents and younger brother. Needless to say that keeping this all a secret from our family was ridiculously difficult, and we were almost caught on far too many occasions to remain comfortable. Despite all that we were fairly sure that nobody suspected our relationship was anything other than brotherly love, so when we moved out and rented a place together early last year it wasn’t even hinted at that we weren’t just two brothers living together. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) we’ve now come to believe that our younger brother suspects there’s a little more to our relationship than we’ve shown.

Our younger brother is just under 3 years younger than us, so he was 8 before we were 11 for example. He turned 18 last month, which is the reason I’ve decided to write this now as I know we can share a little more as he’s 18+, and for most of this year my brother and I have come to believe that he either suspects we’re doing more than just living together and/or he wants to get involved. There’s a whole bunch of reasons that we think this, some of which are more solid than others:

  • Caught us – over the years he’s caught us together in somewhat compromising situations a few times, either in bed together when there was no need, masturbating in the same room, kissing (once). Plus almost catching us a lot more times; he’s opened the door just as we pull our pants up, pulling out of a kiss just in time, seeing used condoms by my bed etc. Although he’s never brought any of this up directly he must have noticed at least some of these situations.
  • Off-hand comments – within the last 6 months especially he seems to have mentioned incest and gay relationships far more than you would expect. It might just be because we’re paying close attention to it, but he’s brought up incest specifically at least 3 times and gay relationships/couples probably 5. The positive aspect of this point is that when he brought it up it’s never been negative – rather than “ew, those incestuous bastards” it’s been more like “did you hear about that uncle/nephew” thing, or “what do you think about that mother/son thing on the news” etc.
  • Sexuality – we don’t have a clue about his sexuality. To our knowledge he’s never had a girlfriend, and he’s probably a virgin, but he’s also never had a boyfriend that we know of. Obviously if he did have a boyfriend then we wouldn’t know about it, because he’s never brought up his sexuality. My brother is out as bi to our family and he was always quite supportive – but again that doesn’t really mean anything. For a couple of months earlier in the year he did have a picture of himself and a friend of his that we didn’t recognise as the lock screen on his phone, but that doesn’t really prove anything.
  • Living with us – since late September he’s been living in our apartment (long story, basically he just got a job on the other side of the city and living with us cuts his travel time down from 90 minutes to 10) and obviously we’ve given him a key. That wouldn’t be so weird but I’m convinced that he’s trying to catch us together or see one/both of us naked. He very often walks into my room when he knows for a fact that I’m likely to be getting dressed/getting out of bed/drying off/going to bed and my brother has said the same thing. He’s also repeatedly walked in on me in the shower and using the bathroom (yes, locks.. we never really locked doors at home so we didn’t start here), and once or twice he hasn’t even closed the door at all when he’s showering or using the bathroom.

Good God I rambled a lot longer than I thought I would. If you made it all the way through then thanks for reading, if you have and advice or suggestions about how we can proceed with him that would be great! Also AMA, if you want, I guess?


Which answer below would you advice? Give answer in comment box.

Answer 1)

I’d ask him straight up what he thinks about you and your brother’s relationship. Something like “Do you think it’s weird that we live together?” or something. That might prod him to state what he knows more openly.

Unless you guys have been bringing girlfriends or boyfriends home it would seem like he could piece it together with what he’s seen.

Beyond that you have to assess if he is capable of coping with the brotherly relationship dynamic change before bringing it up.

Answer 2)

At some point it would be great if the word ‘incest’ no longer applied. Personally I can only envy you for not only having a twin brother, but for being in a relationship with him. Your younger brother is now an adult making his own choices. I believe that you could very easily discover a fantastic level of relationship far more rewarding than you have now. The three of you could have a wank together, innocent enough, and see how you each react to it.

Answer 3)

Why don’t you both just become a little more open. Let him see you shower, let him see you drying off, even with a semi. If he reacts positively to one or both of you, then you can be more open. There doesn’t have to be a confrontation, sounds like things could just unfold if you allow things. You can even let him catch you hanging out naked both of you, like be naked about to shower or whatever, just before he gets home. Let him “catch” you two naked. You have plausible deniability. Maybe he will start being more naked in front of you if he likes it.

Answer 4)

Sure, I would definitely be up for a threesome. I’ve already had a threesome with my twin and someone we met on the internet so the act itself wouldn’t be weird. But with our younger brother would certainly be interesting.

Answer 5)

What would you do? Answer in comment box. No filter.

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By: Bobby Newberry

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18 Responses to My twin and I suspect that our younger brother wants to have sex with us.

  1. bill says:

    definitely number 3 that sounds f****** hot

    • k says:

      I hope it worked out for the 3 bros. I wish i had a bro to have fun with

      • Mike says:

        I agree. I wish I had a twin. I’ve thought about it alot. I think it would be hot. Hell I’d like to have twin friends that were intimate with each other that I could fool around with.

  2. pscheck2 says:

    First off, I think a relationship with your sibling is awesome! I think the word ‘incest’ is improperly used when it comes to sex between males. Why, because pregnancy is not an issue, so worrying over genetic defects and familial relationships would not come to pass. Reading between the lines, I would say his younger brother is aware of what is going on between them and he would like to experiment with his bros. to find out if he is turned on by it or if he finds it less than satisfying to his sexual needs. I would be up front with their relationship as I;m sure he would say–’I thought so!’

    • Lee says:

      You said your brother is out as bi. Are you out as gay? How does your younger brother react to your sexual preference? How large is the apt? Are the two of you sharing a bed? Are the two of you interested in him sexually? I agree with others, be normal around him and look for his reaction. Let him know you are open to communication. Ask him about girlfriends/boyfriends to see how he responds. Most important, realize he is sharing your home and you should not need to lead a sheltered life at home. Love to know more.

    • Ron says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Relationships between brothers are very natural and a lot more common (I hope) than most people think. Hopefully it works out with your younger brother too.

  3. pscheck2 says:

    this is a follow-up to his initial inquiry: Have they (twins) sat down with the younger brother and had a heart to heart talk with him, re: their relationship.? If so, will they let us know? (Hope so).

  4. Rara94 says:

    I’m really curious how this ended up! I think it’s actually very sweet about the twins I would like to know it turned out!

    • pscheck2 says:

      I, too would like to know how this turned out. There is a video in German,( I think, on you tube). )re: TWINS and it has to do with incestuous relationships by twins. So, appartently, this subject is more common than we think!

  5. J says:

    I know its been a while, so what happened?

  6. vishwa says:

    if all 3 of you are interested… include him in your relationship & enjoy the rest of the life… you guys are blessed to have such brothers…. I envy u guys….

  7. pscheck2 says:

    Bobby: I know this stream is over a year old, so can you give us a update on what happpened, if anything, between you-twin and younger brother?

  8. Richard says:

    Definitely 3. You could also add a porn element. Everyone gets horny watching porn. Start with something straight. See what parts he watches more intently (cock vs pussy/tits). Rub your hard on through your pants. Later sit with you hand down your pants, playing with yourself. At some point add some porn with an “unexpected” bi scene and see what he says/does.

    • Kyle Kent says:

      First off, ask him if he jerks off and he will likely say he does.
      Ask him to show you and when he does and his gets nice and hard, grab his cock and continue it and see how he reacts. You will know, then take him to bed and suck each other off and try fucking each other. It would be great if your twin walked in a dropped his pants and climbed on the bed and start to play with you both. Just thinking about it makes me want to cum. pull out your cock while he is jerking off and that will turn him on while you make it hard. BTW, are you are big and do you all shoot big loads. Hot

  9. butchlvr says:

    The dropping hints is a big tip-off. Personally, I see nothing wrong if all involved are consenting adults but — and I’m sure you are very aware of this — taking it all to a sexual level can raise issues that may be difficult to deal with in the coming years. Relationships (i.e. romantic/sexual ones) end sometimes and it’s tough enough with “just” a lover but if that lover is also a sibling, what do you do then? That may not happen, of course, but it’s something to keep in mind.

  10. Roger says:

    I would pick number 3, things would flow naturally that way!!!

  11. Chad holmes says:

    Number 3 but anything family invite me please

  12. BitterVoid says:

    I wish I had a twin or brother I could have sex, etc. with ages 10+

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