My High School Wrestling Days

My High School Wrestling Days

I still remember the day fondly. It was my Senior year of high school. Wrestling season, the only sport I was really good at, was about to begin! I was really pumped finally being on the Varsity team after proving my worth and dedication being on the JV team during my Junior Year. My best friend and I both made the Varsity team, which was great since we were super close! We almost thought the wrestling season for our HS wouldn’t happen because there was no teacher or coach that we were hearing about. But luckily for us, someone was finally revealed! It was our Media Teacher. He only started teaching at my HS starting in my Junior Year. But my oh my… I must say. This Media Teacher was quite attractive. For one thing, he was fairly young. He was about 28 or 29, so really only 10 years older than I was! And also, he had beautiful features, chocolate skin, and such a sultry voice. Just talking about him makes me blush and weak at the knees!

My friend, Ren, and continued to train prior to the wrestling season actually starting. We would often practice in the Wrestling Room with our other peers. It wasn’t hard to focus on the sport I was good at, but it definitely was such a nice afternoon after school ended to roll around and pin down some good looking young men! These young men had great bodies and features. I never did anything to them but simply stare at their toned bodies, and bulges from their spandex. For some, I knew they were only wearing a jockstrap; I could see the delicious straps around their sweet cheeks, and I always wanted to tear off their spandex, and nibble on those sexy, sweaty jockstraps. And their bulges… oh my! Talk about supple!

But out of all these nice looking young men, the one that really caught my attention was my Coach/Media Teacher! It was the final day of early practice before we left for Winter Break, and before the wrestling season officially started. Ren and I were the last ones to finish lifting weights in the weight room, and our peers had finished wrestling practice a few minutes before us. Some of the young men showered, and some did not. Ren decided not to shower at the gym since he forgot to bring his soap. Plus, he only lived 10 minutes away. I decided to shower though. I enter the shower room. It’s completely empty. The scent had a faint scent of men, typical locker room, and shampoo. I began to clean myself.

As I washed my hair, I hear the pitter patter of feet behind me. I turn around to find my coach getting ready to shower too! “Great job out their, man. You’ve been workin’ hard. Can’t wait for the season to start.” He closed his eye and begin to wash his hair. Thank God he kept his eyes closed for awhile. It gave me a chance to stare at his junk. It definitely was long and thick. And he had coarse pubic hair which he obviously trims. Luckily he wasn’t looking at me because I was getting a real hard on. I kept imagining his schlong entering my mouth as it continued to grow. All I could think of was sucking on his huge dick! I quickly finished cleaning myself, and then quickly pat-dried my body, and put the entire towel in front of junk, and kind of rushed out. There were two reasons I covered my junk in that manner – 1) in case he did open his eyes, I did not want him to know I had an obvious hard on, and 2) I was kind of hoping he would look at my ass. ;)

I quickly turned back to take one final look at my Coach’s great body and privates. He still wasn’t looking at me. I ran to my locker. I just had to rub one out! Luckily, where my locker was located wasn’t near the shower room entrance, and my Coach would change in his office which was across the room. As I ran to my locker, all I hear my Coach say is, “Have a nice break. See you next semester!” I just returned the greeting. Once I reached my locker, I removed my towel to reveal my throbbing cock! I started to jerk off, and made sure to contain my voice so my coach wouldn’t hear. I noticed one of my teammate’s locker was left unlocked. I wasn’t going to steal anything, but I was curious to see what was in there. HELLO! He left his jockstrap, and I remember he used it that same day. Unwashed and previously used? Hmmmm!! I grabbed his jockstrap and started to sniff the residue of his dick sweat on it; I also thought about my coach being naked. It only made my dick furthermore want to be rubbed and release the pressure from within. I continued to sniff it and rub it out. I kept rubbing faster and faster, and I felt myself about to explode! I quickly put on my teammate’s jockstrap, and started to rub my dick from the outside to my glans rubbed against the jockstrap. I finally came in the jockstrap. My cum slowly seeped through the fabric. I removed the jockstrap and just placed it back in my teammate’s locker. Boy… will he get a surprise.

I dressed up and gathered my things. As I walk passed my coach’s office to exit the building, he was talking on his cell phone. Presumably his girlfriend. But the only thing he was wearing were his trunks. What a wonderful type of underwear! A cross between briefs and boxer briefs. It was really tight, and his dick was too big for it, because it had to rest a bit toward his right leg. All I can think of was rubbing another one out! Coach looked at me, and I quickly looked at him. We exchanged waves.

All I can say at that point… I’m ready for wrestling season to start now!

Read by: Bobby Newberry

Picture: Google+

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