My Drunk Little Brother

My Drunk Little Brother

The plan belonged to my best friend Tim. My parents were out of town for the weekend and I had promised my dad that I would not have any friend’s over while he and mum were away. He warned, “Don’t even think of having friends over while your mother and I are away or!” he exclaimed and added, “And don’t you even think of throwing some sort of party!”

I promised to be a good little 17-year-old boy. Not only wasn’t I allowed to have friends over or throw any parties while my parents were out of town for three days, I also got stuck having to look after my little brother, pain in the ass Ron, who was 14.

Ron wasn’t too happy with our parents leaving me in charge, but, he couldn’t do a thing about it.

“Are ‘we’ tossing a party?” was the first thing Tim asked when he arrived two hours after my parents took off with Ron threatening to tell mum and dad that Tim was over at our house the second they returned home with me promising to crown-him if he did.

“No parties,” I mumbled. Tim moaned and groaned asking what we were going to do and then he asked if my dad kept any liquor in the house. “Yeah, why” I asked. “Let’s get drunk,” he shot back tossing an arm around my shoulders.

Tim is the same age as me.

I said no but Tim wouldn’t take no for an answer. “We’ll just take a little from each bottle and replace what we took with water or coke or whatever we need to make it look the same color, you know,” he said smiling. “No Tim,” I shot back. “Never say no, Jack,” Tim chuckled reaching inside dad’s alcohol cabinet grabbing a bottle of white rum. “Got any Coke?” he asked as Ron entered the room grasping his chest exclaiming, “What the hell are you guys doing, Dad’ll kill you guys!”

Tim told John to take a hike. Ron shot back with, “Fuck you too!”

Tim laughed and said to my brother, “Jack and I are having a rum and Coke, so you want one?”

John’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He laughed and said, “Make it a double!”

I tried yanking the bottle of rum out of Tim’s hand but he was too fast and took off with John into the kitchen. John opened the fridge grabbing a bowl of ice cubes and a 2-liter bottle of Coke.

When my brother looked over his shoulder, he saw me entering the kitchen yelling at Tim. Ron cut me off saying, “Hey Jack, grab three glasses!”

“Smooooothhhhhhhhh” Ron exclaimed grabbing his chest after gasping after swallowing half his rum and Coke with Tim laughing his ass off. “Drink up, Ron, there’s tons more,” he said raising his glass to his lips.

Before Tim took a sip, he turned looking at me. “Drink up, Jack, or give it to your brother.”

I looked at Ron who looked half-pissed. He hiccupped and laughed reaching for my glass after polishing off the contents of his glass. “Give me yours, I like rum and Coke,” he chuckled.

I grabbed my glass telling Tim to give me the bottle of rum. “Drink up, Jack, don’t worry, I’ll replace what we drank with water.” “I’ll grab a pitcher of water,” Ron said jumping to his feet.

“Shit” Ron blurted weaving side to side. “I feel a bit dizzy!” he giggled grabbing the kitchen counter. “Take deep breaths,” Tim shot back.

“Now then, let’s see,” Tim, said after I put the bottle of rum he had watered down back inside dad’s liquor cabinet. “Let’s try!” Tim exclaimed reaching inside the cabinet locking onto a bottle of Crown Royal with me screaming, “No way!”

I locked onto Tim’s wrist. “Let go Jack,” he sang and chuckled switching the bottle of rye into his other fist, turning and laughing telling Ron to get three glasses ready. “Line ‘em up, Ron,” Tim giggled.

“Don’t be a cheapskate,” Ron said after Tim poured two-fingers into his empty glass. “Jack doesn’t need any,” Tim said pouring rye into his empty glass. “He hasn’t even touched his rum and Coke, yet,” Tim added telling Ron to pour Coca-Cola into his glass. “Not that much,” Ron bitched saying he needed to add a ‘touch more rye’ into his glass.

“How the hell are you going to replace rye?” I asked noting the amber color knowing he couldn’t use water the way he did when replacing the stolen rum. “No problemo,” he shot back clinking glasses with my brother’s glass.

Tim used a touch of Coca-Cola and water to replace the rye he had stolen from the bottle of Crown Royal.

“Since you’re not drinking your drink,” Ron giggled reaching across the table swiping my glass. “RON” I bellowed. “Ah, let him drink it,” Tim moaned slapping the table asking what he and Ron should drink next. “Nothing” I blurted. “If you touch my dad’s liquor cabinet again, we’re not friends anymore,” I vowed. “He’s no fun, eh, Ron?” Tim asked and giggled. “I think there’s more than half a bottle of white wine in the fridge!” my little brother sang.

“Whoa boy” Tim giggled when Ron jumped off his chair before sinking to his knees on the kitchen floor cracking up laughing. “I’m pissed!” he roared and laughed louder with Tim doing the same.

“Don’t you dare touch that bottle of wine,” I shouted staring at Ron dragging the bottle out of the fridge. “Fuck off Jack, Mum hasn’t touched this bottle of wine in six months!” my brother shot back. “Don’t drop the fucking thing, bring it over here!” Ron shouted. “CATCH” Ron yelled and laughed tossing the bottle of wine. “Good catch!” Ron exclaimed when Tim caught the bottle mid-air.

“You’ll be sick; you’ll puke your guts out if you drink it!” I warned watching my brother raising his glass to his lips. “You’re cute, Jack,” he said and chuckled. “What” I asked stunned. “Don’t you think Jack is cute?” my brother asked looking at Tim. “Sure is, a real cutie-pie,” Tim shot back. “Why the hell would you say I’m cute, I’m a guy,” I moaned. “Okay, you’re not cute, you’re a hunk,” Tim giggled with Ron taking a sip of wine.

“Disgusting” Ron, bellowed. “I could get used to this shit,” he added cross-eyed staring at his glass.

I reached across the table and grabbed my brother’s glass out of his hand. “HEY” he shouted. “Gimme that glass!” he roared. “You’re bombed!” I shot back. “SO” Ron bellowed. “You’ve had enough!” I yelled.

Ron turned to me and then he looked at Ron and said, “Yeah Ron, you’re drunk as a skunk, finish mine off!”

I yelled at Tim when he gave Ron his drink. Tim grabbed the bottle of wine and pushed it toward me telling me to finish it off after telling me I had to drink the wine remaining in my brother’s glass. “No way” I exclaimed. “Do it Jack, or I’ll tell your father that you broke into his liquor cabinet and stole some of his rum and some of his rye and some of your mum’s wine,” he began. “And then I’ll tell him you forced your brother to get drunk!”

I looked at my best friend. My jaw hit the top of the table. Ron stared at me not cracking a smile. “You wouldn’t!” I roared. “Wanna bet,” he snapped. “Better start drinking,” my brother laughed and hiccupped four times. “You’re a drunk!” I shouted staring at my brother’s heavy eyelids.

Ron yawned a bunch of times. “Don’t know why I feel sooooooo tired,” he yawned stretching his arms at his sides with Ron tapping the side of the bottle of wine whispering, “Drink up, Jackie-poo!”

I don’t know what kind of wine it was but it tasted disgusting. It tasted more like vinegar than wine, not that I had ever drank any before that day. “Dry, isn’t it?” Tim asked and chuckled. “Finish it off, Jack.”

When I looked across the table, Ron’s forehead was glued to the top of the table. Tim turned looking and then he laughed. “I think he passed out!”

I had to grab a glass of cold water after finishing the wine and then Tim told me we had to carry Ron somewhere. “Where” I asked? “To his bed, the poor kid passed out.” “So, leave him where he is,” I shot back with Tim saying we couldn’t do such a thing.

I looked at the clock. It was only 11 o’clock in the morning. “Grab his feet, I’ll grab him under the arms,” Tim said standing behind my brother’s chair.

“Fuck,” I moaned. “He’s fucking heavy,” I said half carrying my brother. “Dead weight,” Tim added. “It’s not like he’s fat,” I said telling Tim he had to back up the stairs instead of me. “I can’t walk backwards,” I stated. “For a little guy, he feels like he weighs a fucking ton!” Tim bitched telling me to slow down or I’d end up knocking him on his ass walking backwards upstairs.

“Is he alive?” I asked Tim after we tossed my brother on his bed. “I don’t think so,” Tim chuckled. “But, he’s out like a burnt out bulb, kaput!”

Ron looked so peaceful. Tim and I stood at the side of his bed staring down at him stretched out in the center of his bed. “He looks cute, too,” Tim, giggled. “What’s with the word cute?” I asked. “Well” he began. “You guys are really good looking,” he added. “You don’t say guys are cute,” I said. “Handsome, doesn’t sound right, not for guys our age and younger, what’s wrong with cute?” Tim asked.

We turned around ready to walk out of my brother’s bedroom to leave him in peace to sleep until he awoke with Tim and I saying, “Ron’s gonna wake-up with a hangover!”

Ron moaned; Tim and I spun round. Ron was propped on his elbows. “Where am I?” he asked looking around. “You’re in your bed and you’re having a weird dream!” Tim whispered bumping my arm with his elbow. “Go back to sleep in your dream, you‘re just dreaming that you‘re awake,” I murmured. “Okay, night-night,” Ron shot back falling backwards with his head smacking the center of his pillow.

“Shit,” Tim moaned clutching his chest. “I thought he was awake, like really; I thought the dead had risen!”

We laughed at his weird joke and as we turned to leave my brother’s bedroom, something caught Tim’s eye.

Tim spun around staring at Ron. “Look” Tim whispered bumping my arm with his elbow. “What now?” I asked. “Look between his legs,” Ron murmured. “What” I blurted. “Look Jack, Ron’s got a hardon,” he giggled with us staring at my brother’s dick-tent. “Shit, he does,” I chuckled placing my left hand over my mouth.

“Shit Jack, doesn’t your brother wear unders?” Tim asked. “How should I know,” I said. “He mustn’t, look at his teepee,” he giggled pointing between my brother’s legs. “He’s got a big one like you, eh, Jack?” Tim asked. “A big what” I asked, knowing what my best friend was talking about.

Nudging Tim’s arm, I said, “C’mon Tim, let’s go.”

Tim looked at me and smiled. “Hang on a second, Jack,” he mumbled. “Why” I asked? “Let’s do something funny to your little brother,” he chuckled. “Like what?” I asked.

Tim pointed at my brother’s dick-teepee and he giggled like a girl. “Let’s pull his pants down,” he whispered. “No Tim,” I said grabbing the side of his arm. “C’mon Jack, we’ll just wiggle them down to his knees,” Tim whispered tiptoeing toward the side of my brother’s bed with me saying, “No Ron, c’mon let’s do something else.”

Tim wouldn’t take no for an answer. On his face, he was sporting a wicked looking grin. “Tim” I moaned when he leaned over the side of my brother’s bed snipping his dick-tent before he poked Ron in the gut two or three times calling his name asking Ron if he was awake.

“He’s still out cold,” Tim said looking over his shoulder. “C’mon Jack, you’re no fun anymore,” he moaned. “Let him sleep,” I said standing beside Tim.

Tim tugged my brother’s belt buckle. “Tim,” I murmured. “I just want to see his pecker,” Tim whispered unbuckling Ron’s belt. “Why” I asked? “Just want to see it,” he said pinching the top of my brother’s zipper slowly lowering it after leaning his dick teepee to one side. “His cock is bone hard,” Tim said looking into my eyes.

Tim asked me to step aside when the head of my brother’s hard dick popped out of the front of his pants. “Well Jack,” Tim began. “He’s not wearing unders, is he?”

“What are you doing now?” I asked when Tim dug his left knee between my brother’s legs before he began lowering Ron’s pants under his bum. “Just lowering them down around his knees,” Tim whispered.

“Man, Jack, he’s got a big one, almost as big as your cock when it’s hard,” Tim said turning and chuckling staring at me. “And look at the size of his fuzzy balls,” he added poking Ron’s right testicle. “He’s out cold, Jack; he didn’t flinch when I poked his fuzzy nut.”

I told Tim that he was weird and then I told him to hike up my brother’s pants. “Leave the poor kid alone,” I whispered. “I can’t get over the size of his pecker, it’s bigger than mine,” Tim stated. “Any guys prick is bigger than yours,” I teased and laughed.

“What are you doing now, Tim?” I asked when he wrapped his left fist around my brother’s stiff prick. “Just stroking it is it ever hot in my fist,” Tim murmured. “You’re really weird,” I stated. “Show me your cock, Jack,” Tim chuckled laying Ron’s hard cock against his abdomen before he tucked two fingers under his fuzzy balls. “Pretty heavy nuts,” he stated. “You’d think they would be a lot smaller,” he added massaging my brother’s testicles with the tips of his fingers. “They hang pretty low, like your balls,” Tim said looking at me.

I turned my head sideways after something between Tim’s legs caught my eye. “Do you have a hardon?” I asked when he hooked Ron’s stiff prick slipping two fingers under the base of his prick. “Yeah” Ron murmured saying he needed to give Ron’s cock a light squeeze.

“Oh man, is it ever hot in my hand,” he cooed. “Look Jack, your brother’s cock is oozing pre!”

Tim gave Ron’s dick another light squeeze. Ron moaned turning his head to the left. “Shit, he scared me,” Tim stated holding his breath. “Look Jack, his piss-hole just winked, he’s oozing more pre!”

“Why do you have a hardon?” I asked when my best friend began stroking my brother’s cock lightly within his hot fist. “Just do,” he answered using his left hand to lower his fly before whipping out his uncut cock.

I half laughed when Tim pinched his foreskin giving it a tug. He moaned. “I’m so fucking hard,” he purred turning, looking at me telling me to whip out my big prick. “No” I shot back. “Do it Jack, I haven’t seen your dick hard in years,” he stated. “No Tim, and stop jerking Ron’s cock,” I groaned. “Stroke it Jack, it feels awesome,” Tim murmured. “Your cock or Ron’s dick?” I asked and laughed feeling my pecker twitching within my pants. “Ron’s cock, grab hold of it and stroke it for him,” my best friend said leaning back on an angle stroking his hard dick with his left fist.

Tim shot me a dirty look demanding I whip out my dick. “I know your cock is hard, I can see it from here,” he stated before turning and staring at my brother’s stiff penis.

Tim poked Ron’s fuzzy balls three or four times. When he turned looking at me, I was stroking my black cock. Tim smiled ear to ear curling his finger telling me to stand against the side of my brother’s bed.

My best friend released his cock. He wrapped his left fist around Ron’s dick giving it a light squeeze while reaching for my cock with his right hand. “No Tim” I murmured. “Yes Jack, now move your hand,” he shot back tapping my wrist.

Tim’s hand felt so fucking hot when he grabbed hold of my stiff prick. I moaned tossing my head back while jutting my hips forward.

“What the fuck!” I gasped looking down.

Tim had shoved the head of my dick in his hot mouth!

Tim gave my knob a hard suck keeping hold of it at the base. His left hand slowly stroked my brother’s hard dick at the same time with me gasping, holding my breath turning my head down watching my best friend who was twirling his hot tongue around the head of my dick. “Mmm,” Tim mumbled.

“You sucked my dick!” I exclaimed when he pulled his head off the end of my upright twitching penis. “Now I’m going to suck Ron’s dick,” he chuckled.

I couldn’t believe it when Tim lowered his head over the head of my brother’s dick.

Ron moaned; his head turned side to side. Tim continued working the head of his dick, slowly and steadily.

“Ron, I mean Tim, what are you doing?” I asked watching his hot lips sliding off the end of my brother’s stiff pecker. “Sucking dick, now it’s your turn,” he replied moving his head toward my dick telling me to lower my boner. “Shove it inside my mouth,” he whispered wrapping his left fist around Ron’s boner.

Tim kissed the head of my dick. “I sampled your brother’s pre,” he murmured giving my knob another kiss. “It tasted sticky sweet, like my pre,” he added turning his head telling me to shove my dick inside his mouth. “Move your hips back and forth, too,” he stated.

My balls shot high within my nut sac when half of my hard cock was inside my best friend’s mouth. My knees felt weak when he gave the head of my dick a hard suck. I oozed pre; Tim moaned twirling his tongue around my knob.

My brother moaned when Tim gave his dick a squeeze. Ron’s pee hole winked oozing pre. Tim saw it and pulled his head off the end of my pecker.

My cock bolted upright whacking my gut. Tim kissed my brother’s knob before taking it in his mouth. “Mmm, mmm, mmm,” he mumbled reaching for my dick with his right hand and giving Ron’s knob another soft suck.

“Stroke your cock for me Jack,” Tim whispered staring down at the underside of my brother’s stiff prick. “Ron sure must be having a wild dream,” Tim chuckled wrapping his left fist around his dick. “Do you think a guy can cum when he’s drunk as a skunk?” he asked looking up at me.

I shrugged my shoulders watching Tim stroking my brother’s boner. “Are you close, Jack?” Tim asked. “I don’t know, why?” I asked as he stroked his and my brother’s dicks at the same time.

I was stunned when Tim said, “I want you to cum in my mouth; I want to taste your cum!”

“Stroke it faster Jack, I’m going to suck Ron’s dick again.”

I gasped when Tim slid his hot wet lips to the base of my brother’s boner taking the head of Ron’s cock into his throat.

Ron arched his back an inch digging his left elbow into his bed with his head turning left to right. “OH” Ron moaned with Tim sliding his lips to the head of my brother’s dick.

“Stroke faster Jack, I want your cum,” Tim murmured turning his head watching me fisting my stiffy. “Faster Jack, let me know when you’re close and then I want you to stick your dick in my mouth; I’ll make you cum.”

Tim’s fist stroked his dick faster and faster with his left hand slowly stroking my brother’s hard dick.

“Close” Tim asked looking up at me.

Biting my bottom lip, I nodded and moaned moving my hand to the base of my prick holding him steady while thrusting my hips forward. “Suck Tim suck,” I begged.

I stuck my knob inside my best friend’s hot mouth. I slid my hips forward sinking half of my shaft tossing my head back and grabbing the sides of my hips feeling my cock straining before I shot several hot loads of my cum inside the back of his mouth.

Tim’s lips pinched the center of my shaft. I grabbed the sides of my head. I didn’t think I’d ever stop cumming. I shot seven loads and Tom swallowed every drop I had to offer!

“Oh man Jack,” I think your little brother is going to cum for me,” Tim gasped and panted ready to lean his head down to suck my brother’s hard dick if he started cumming.

I turned my head sideways to look at my brother’s balls. I was huffing and puffing, trying to recover from Tim’s incredible blowjob.

Tim released his boner and then I could see Ron’s balls. They moved higher, slowly and then they divided right down the center. His nuts shot higher within his ball-bag. “He’s gonna cum, Tim,” I warned. “I know,” he smiled lowering his head sliding his fist to the base of my brother’s twitching pecker. “Mmm, mmm, mmm,” Tim mumbled swallowing my brother’s boy-seed.

Ron dug his elbows into his bed. His eyelids flew open. He turned his head staring at me. I was tugging my cock. Then Ron gasped aloud and then he moaned staring down at the top of Ron’s head.

“I’m cumming!” Ron hollered. “What’s going on, I’m cumming!”

Tim didn’t pull his head off the end of my brother’s stiff prick. He wrapped his fist around his hardon and started pumping it hard and fast until he was ready to shoot his loads.

Ron pulled his head off the end of my brother’s twitching prick. Ron grabbed his stiffy staring at Tim who knelt upright stroking his hardon.

Tim moaned tiling his dick down aiming the head of his cock at my brother’s loose balls. “Move your hand, Ron; I’m gonna cum right now!” Tim warned.

My brother’s eyes bugged releasing his upright prick. My eyes bugged too while I was slowly stroking my boner watching Tim shooting five thick loads of cum creaming my brother’s balls and the underside of his prick.

“Don’t move, Ron!” Tim gasped releasing his dick.

Tim turned his head and chuckled watching me pumping my pecker before he leaned forward placing his hands at Ron’s sides before he moved back on his knees. “I’m going to lick your balls and dick clean,” Tim vowed before sticking his tongue out lowering his head and lapping Ron’s fuzzy balls before he began licking the underside of his prick. “Give it a suck,” Ron chuckled. “Am I dreaming?” he asked looking up at me who stood there holding his hardon, shrugging his shoulders and shaking my head side to side!

Read by: Bobby Newberry

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