My Best Friend’s Brother

My Best Friend's Brother

When I was about 17, I was staying the night at my best friend’s house. She and I had been best friends for about a year at the time, and we hung out ALL the time. She knew I was gay, but one night I was curious about having sex with a girl, so we had planned on fucking that night.

We were sitting in her room, talking like we normally did, just shooting the shit. Then, she was like, “I’m going to take a shower… before we… ya’know.”

As she gathered her clothes to go shower, I tried to gather my thoughts. For years now, I had known that I was gay, but I was confused about the situation that was about to happen. Was I really about to fuck a chick? I was nervous as shit.

I rolled back on the bed and closed my eyes. I could not believe I was about to do this. What was I thinking? What possessed me to want to have sex with a GIRL?! It was to be a life-changing event, for sure.

After about 10 minutes of this inner debate, my best friend came back in the bedroom and I shot straight up. “Alright. Are you ready?” she asked, not wasting any time, wanting to get down to business.

“Well… actually… could I take a shower, too? Before we… ya’know?” I asked, hesitantly.

She shrugged, “Sure. Take your time.”

I hurriedly grabbed my clothes and bolted out of the room and into the bathroom.

“I can’t believe it…” I said lowly to myself. “You’re about to fuck a chick…” I murmured, still trying to regain my composure. I had never even thought of having sex with a girl, but now… I was curious, ya’know.

Instead of wasting time trying to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen, I just walked over to the shower and turned the water on. I placed my hand under the faucet to make sure the water was warm enough before I got in. I splashed some water on my face and exhaled heavily before stepping one leg over, and then the other. I slid the shower curtain shut and just hung my head as I let the water run down the back of my head, down my spine, along the trench of my ass, and down my legs to my feet.

Already nervous about what was going to happen, I did not waste any time cleaning my body up. I rubbed the bar of soap between my hands to create a light foam before running both hands up opposite arms to my shoulders, both arms resting across my chest. Pausing for a second, I proceeded to run my hands up along my torso, feeling up my stomach and chest, tracing every detail of my slender body.

I knew guys turned me on, and that my best friend would not be able to wake my cock up. So, I decided to play with myself, to get ready to screw her right when I got out of the shower and went into her bedroom. With my fingers still slick from the soap, I ran my hand down to my uncut cock and gripped it firmly, while my other hand moved to the crevice of my ass.

I hung my head to stare straight at the floor of the tub and rested the top of my head against the wall of the shower as I held my half-hard cock with one hand, using the middle finger of my other hand to massage my anus. I let out a few heavy groans as I moved my hand up and down my now-hard dick, still gently massaging the rim of my ass hole with the other hand.

After jerking off for a couple of minutes, I decided to go a little further. I tilted my head back and moved my hand that was stroking my back entrance around to the front of my body. I ran my hand down to my hips, up to my stomach, briefly stroked my navel, then delicately traced my fingers to my nipples and pinched the right one roughly. I let out a loud moan, almost a scream, startling myself and letting go of my nipple to slap my hand onto my mouth to muffle the sound. All the while, my opposite hand was still pumping my rock-hard dick, rubbing some of the pre-cum leaking from my head’s slit up and down the entire length, gently cupping my balls each time I reached the base of the shaft.

Seeing how much cum was dripping from my tip, I removed my hand from my mouth and cupped it under the head of my cock. I tightened my grip on my cock and ran my hand up to the head, forcing the pre-cum out of the tip and into my cupped, waiting hand. After creating a small pool of semen in my hand, I moved it up to my face and started lapping it up like a dog drinking water from its dish. It tasted amazing. It was a little sweet and the consistency of it was a little thick, but still able to run across my tongue to the back of my throat and down my chute.

Unaware of how long I had been in the shower – I was starting to prune up and the hot water was almost out – I decided it was time to get out. I opened my mouth, placed the palm of my hand over my gaping maw and leaned my head back to let every drop of my seed course down my throat. I licked my lips and cleaned the corners of my mouth, making sure I did not leave a trail behind of what I had just done.

I turned the water off and grabbed the towel I had laid on top of my pile of clothes. I dried my hair off a little, then my face and torso, taking extra care to clean up my crotch, and finished the rest of my body. As I stepped out of the shower, reality struck me and I remembered the entire point of taking the shower. I was so entranced by what I was doing that I totally forgot about my friend.

Hurriedly, I stepped into my boxers, left leg first, right leg second, and swung the door open and darted around the corner to her room. Since it was late at night, and since she did not have a light turned on, it was pitch black in her room. I felt my way around her room to get to her bed and slowly sat down. Letting all inhibitions go, I sighed heavily, turned my attention to her, and opened my mouth to speak.

“Hey, Britt—” I was cut short by a deafening snore that scared the life out of me and caused me to jump off the bed. I hung my head and panted heavily. “Jesus fuck! What the shit…” I shouted, my heart still pounding from the initial scare. Thankfully, she was a heavy sleeper and did not wake up from me yelling.

Taking that as a sign, I decided to just let her lie and made my way out of her room. I tip-toed down the creaky stairs and found her younger brother, Michael, sitting on the couch in the living room, watching cartoons. I was not really surprised that a 15-year-old boy was watching a cartoon aimed kids a bit younger than him since I watched cartoons, too. He heard my movements behind him and turned around, reaching an arm over the back of the couch and locking eyes with me.

“Sup.” he said casually.

I rolled my eyes at his half-ass greeting and made my way over to the end of the couch opposite him. “Not much. Just couldn’t sleep.” I plopped down and placed my right foot under my left thigh, pretty much sitting on it. “What are you up to?” I asked perfunctorily.

Mike just nodded his head towards the tv without saying a word. Again, I rolled my eyes at his disinterest in conversation and just turned my gaze to the cartoons. He was flipping channels between Spongebob and Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Since I watched both of them regularly, I sat with Michael for a while… in almost total silence. Thankfully, the tv was loud enough to cut through the uncomfortable quietness. The room was dark and I could not see much more than the couch and the table between the couch and tv, but I could see Michael perfectly.

I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, trying not to blatantly stare and scare him away. It was a nice view, too. It was a shame that I could not just watch him, sitting there, wearing nothing more than a white beater and boxers. I was in no better situation, noticing that I still had not put on any clothes other than my boxers. Mike’s beater had rolled up a tiny bit and I could see the flicker of the tv casting shadows, outlining his tanned, ripped ab muscles. I could feel my dick start to wake up and make a slight tent in my underwear. I moved my leg out from under me and tried to readjust so my best friend’s brother would not see my junk. After a few moments, I noticed that the tv was muted and silence filled the air. I gulped, scared about what was going on.

“You’re a fag, huh?” the question came from Michael’s direction.

I was shocked by the question, almost appalled. “The fuck did you say?” I shot back.

“You heard me.” he retorted. “Are you?”

My mind raced with thoughts of where this conversation could go. “What’s it to you?” I asked, trying to hold some of the cards in my hand and not give him all the power of the conversation.

“I was just asking. Shit…” he replied, unmuting the tv.

After a few moments of thinking about it, I decided it could not hurt to tell him. “I’m bi.” I said plainly.

He glanced at me for a brief second, then back to his cartoons.

My heart was starting to race as my dick started to throb. I had to know if he was baiting me or if he really just wanted to know or… anything! I was nervous. I choked out, “A-Are you?”

He shook his head no instantly, still not looking away from the tv. He picked up the remote and hit the mute button again. He turned his gaze to me and said, not missing a single beat, “No… but, I could be for you.”

My eyes went wide as my heart jumped up to my throat and stopped me from being able to formulate a response. Was this kid serious? My mind was in an uproar over what I should do next. Should I ask him about it? Should I just ravish his hott, 15-year-old body? Should I tell him to fuck off? I was confused.

Gauging my reaction, and interpreting it as a thirst for his sexy, young cock, he scooted his butt across the couch and stopped when his leg touched mine. “So… do you want to?” he asked, placing a hand on the front of my boxers, rubbing my now-rock-hard erection.

I gasped and tried to hide my desire to just rip his clothes off, to suck his cock until he cums down my throat, and to fuck his tight boy ass raw. I gulped and raised my glance from the outline of his seemingly-large dick to his eyes.

“Hm. Your boner says ‘yes’.” he said, wrapping his hand around my throbbing erection, his hand still outside of my boxers, and gripping gently. He inched closer to me, almost getting on top of me, and threw his arm around my shoulders. His eyes were locked on my bulge and his attention focused on the amazing handjob he was giving it.

I was still looking at his face, admiring his beautiful eyes; his soft, supple lips; and his red-pink tongue moistening his lips. Michael was just teasing my cock, not breaking the hungry look he was giving it, while it remained inside my boxer shorts. After coming to my senses, I placed a hand on the back of his head and forced his still-protruding tongue into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and began sucking on it, causing it to go further and further into my mouth. My erection pulsed with each back and forth movement of my mouth on his tongue and each up and down movement of his hand on my dick. I broke the lip lock and fell back further into the couch. I panted heavily, still trying to understand why my best friend’s brother had the hots for just one guy… and why that guy was me!

The thought seemed to stay in just my mind, since Michael took this opportunity to let go of my dick and swing his leg over me and straddle my lap, pressing his cock to mine. I threw my head back and groaned loudly from how hott the situation was. He wormed his hand into the front hole of my boxers and pulled my pent up erection through; his needed no help escaping his boxers and managed to get out on its own when he had gotten on my lap. He took both cocks in his hand and pumped slowly up and down. My head was still leaned all the way back, exposing my neck. Michael squinted and licked his lips, leaning his head down and biting down gently.

“Shit, dude… harder… bite harder… fuck!” I whispered loudly into his ear, clinging tightly to his slender body, bucking into his hand and against his dick as he continued to jerk us both off.

Mike moaned into my neck as he bit and sucked on my nape harder and harder, speeding up the amazing handjob he was giving both of us. He pulled his mouth away and licked up my neck to my jaw, then up to stroke my ear lobe with his tongue, tracing around the outside lining before whispering hot breaths into my ear. “You like that? You want more? Say it… Tell me you want it…” his authoritative nature with sex being a huge turn on.

“I… I… I want… it…” I choked out.

“What do you want?” he asked seductively, still breathing his hot air into my ear, still pumping both of our dicks.

“I… want your cock… give me your cock… please…” I managed to get out before Michael threw me down on the couch.

He moved to straddle my chest, balancing himself with one hand on the back of the couch and the other right next to my head. Bouncing up and down lightly, he was making his cock hit my mouth gently, depositing some of his pre-cum on my lips with each hit. I opened my mouth slightly and he stuck the head inside, letting me get a small taste before the real action began. The aromatic scent of his sweaty crotch only accentuated the delicious, sweet flavor of his boy meat and juices. I moaned on his cock, licking the head of his cock clean.

“Aw, yeah, you know what you’re doin’, alright. Let’s see if you can handle all seven inches.” he said smugly, acting like I had not sucked dick before. He moved his hand that was next to my head over to the arm of the couch that was directly above my head. His other hand followed suit as he asked with a smirk, “Ready?”

“Mhmm.” I moaned out, with the head of his dick still in my mouth.

With that, he started moving his hips back and forth, entering my mouth with half of his length. “Fuck… your mouth feels incredible on my cock! Suck it… Suck it, bitch!” he shouted, closing his eyes to deepen the sensation, and to deepen his dick to the back of my throat. The soft patch of hair above his cock brushed against my nose with each thrust, his balls hitting my chin occasionally. As he did all the work with pumping his length all the way in to the back of my throat, I ran a hand up the back of his thigh and groped his firm, little ass. He was so fixated on his movements that he could barely make out any words. “Your finger… in… stick it in… my ass…”

I reached that hand down to my own throbbing erection and slicked my finger with my semen. Wasting no time, my hand was right back to his ass, lining my cum-slicked finger up to his entrance. Due to his constant moving, it would have been difficult to slip it in without hurting him, so I tried to time his thrusts in my mouth so that when he was all the way in, I could slide my finger in easiest and it would be gentle on his virgin hole. But, sometimes, things don’t go as planned.

I pushed my finger inward, and Michael drew back onto my finger, taking the entire length of my finger forcibly into his tender ass. “Owww! What the fuck, dude!” he shouted in pain. “That fucking hurt!”

“Mm-bmm…” I gargled out past his dick, trying to say ‘my bad’.

“Fuck yeah, it’s your bad! Dick…” he growled as he began to really let my mouth have it. He thrust in and out so rapidly that I started to choke from how hard he hit the back of my throat. As he pounded my face, my finger remained engulfed by his ass. I did not have to put any effort into fingering him, since his movement in my mouth also moved his sweet ass up and down on my finger.

I moved my free hand down to my crotch, jerking off in time with Mike fucking my face. This pace continued for a little while longer until I knew I was way over the edge. My dick spasm’ed, sending an unbelievable sensation radiating through my entire body as my seed shot up my stomach and chest. Not even a second later, Michael grabbed my hand that was at his ass and forced my finger all the way in, simultaneously forcing his dick to the back of my throat as he cummed down my throat. His cock shot load after load of his sweet nectar into my mouth as I swallowed each drop. After his member was done gushing into my mouth, he pulled my hand away from his cute boy ass and pulled his softening erection out of my mouth. He stretched his leg down to the floor and followed it with his other leg, collapsing almost immediately from his knees trembling so much. He lied on his back, heaving breath after breath of air to fill his lungs, as I did the same on the couch.

After lying there for a few minutes, he leaned up and looked at me. “Thanks, dude! That was fun.” he said wholeheartedly. “We gotta do this again sometime, eh?”

I rolled onto my side and propped myself up with my elbow, smiling and nodding in response to his question. “Sure thing, bro… definitely.”

The moment was cut short by a voice echoing from upstairs. “Hey, are you ready?” Having totally forgotten about Brittany, I hurriedly grabbed a tissue out of the nearest box and proceeded to wipe myself off.

Michael grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away from my stomach. He moved his nose close to where I had shot my cum and smelled the exotic aroma. “Ew… it smells weird… does it taste good?” he asked.

I nodded.

He shrugged and placed his tongue in my navel, cleaning my seed out of it, then licking all over my abs, getting every last drop on my stomach. He withdrew his tongue and swallowed the little bit that he had in his mouth. “Mmm…” he groaned excitedly, poking his tongue back out and cleaning the rest of the cum off my chest.

“All clean.” he said, as he took the remaining bit down his chute.

I pointed to my nipple, since there was still a small droplet on it.

Michael chuckled as he wrapped his soft lips around my nipple, sucking on it, making sure he did not miss another drop.

I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth away from my pec, and pressing my lips firmly against his. He kissed back, stroking my tongue with his, pushing the last bit of my boy juice he got from my nipple into my mouth. With our lips still locked, I sent the remaining drops down my throat.

I pulled away and brushed my nose against Mike’s, gazing deeply into his beautiful eyes.

He smiled back. “Good night.” he said sweetly.

“Good night, Michael.” I smiled.

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