Me And My Uncle Richard

Me And My Uncle Richard

I was 13 yrs old 150lbs. Already 6ft tall. My little brother Alexander he was 11 year old now we was home alone we didn’t get alone vary well. My parents bought a house in the country in Alabama Where we lived it was redneck country. We moved from south Florida my little brother he didn’t care for it that much cause he missed his friends back in Florida. Til this day my little brother Alex an I really don’t talk.
We was watching television my parents was at work. I was a loner an quiet but I always had a secret that I couldn’t share with anyone that I was gay. My parents knew But didn’t care just as long I was happy an nobody was out to hurt me. While my brother was rough around the edges he was already strong an already forming chest an arm muscles.
Alex an I was sitting on the couch watching television for some strange reason I started getting tears welling up in my eyes. How I long for a friend that was like me.
So when my uncle Richard told my dad he was coming for the holidays I was so happy. you probably never see a 13 year old jump for joy I guess you will never will.
It was December 1985 a week of Christmas my uncle Richard came to visit he was older guy 44yrs. who was 6ft 1in. tall. 240lbs with muscles. He worked for an construction company in Florida. Every since I was little I always love my uncle Richard he was nice an kind warmhearted he would even take his shirt off his back to give it to you if you didn’t have one.
He arrived I was so happy I ran to him gave him a big hug I could smell his manly scent. He said I missed you it been so long since I last saw you like 5 years ago you got taller. I let go of hugging him cause I was starting getting a boner. I stepped back Alex hugged him the whole time my uncle didn’t stop looking at me an winked.
After everything calmed down and we sat down at the table to an eat. We all listen while uncle Richard told us that aunt Glades left him 6 months ago they just separated. All he did was work, eat, sleep. He was staying til Christmas was over an had to go back to work.


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Mom and dad told uncle Richard he’ll be sleeping in my room with me while he was there. Since I had a full size bed. After dinner I went to take a bath and I was in my loose fitting shorts cause I do not wear underwear or boxer just basket ball shorts that fit me in the waist but the legs was loose enough you can see my package. open to get air. an tank top. it was around 11pm or so an the adult was done talking. My parents told uncle Richard they was going to bed and they will see him when they get up in the morning. “ I said good night mom” she reply an said “2am no later I know you need to talk to your uncle. Make sure you in bed by 2am” I said “ yes ma’am”

My little brother Alex stood up saying “I ain’t staying up with no fag!” I am going to bed. “ I said if I’m one so are you” at that time I heard mom yelling down the hall. “ Alex! You know we don’t say those words in this house now get your ass to bed.”  uncle Richard came over sat down by me on the couch, i can smell his amazing stale body sweat. He took off his shirt his chest is hairy an he had a lot of hair under his armpits. he said how is my champ of a nephew these day. i told him just dealing with school an a lot of damn homework. He said “have you made any friend while you been living here?”
I said “NO I can’t be what I am around here the people will hurt me.”  he asked “What do you mean, The way you are?”
I said I can’t tell you, you will hate me if I told you.
He said is it because you’re gay?
I looked at him stun… I said how did you know? He said “ I always known from the time you was little how you use to love to sitting in my lap, how you use to move your ass in my lap. I did not think about you ever being gay I just thought you was trying to stay on my lap.
Uncle Richard asked have you ever….. he stopped.
“have I what?” I asked.
“Had sex with another guy?” he reply
I told him “only suck off another guy at our old house. An I been jerking off a lot since I been living here” He look me up an down saying you are filling out really nicely. He started rubbing my leg. His hand rubbed up my shorts he said you got a boner. I just smiled. he said I’m going to bed I really tired and he to the bedroom. I followed 5 minutes later. But had to take a piss first. When I enter my bedroom uncle Richard was laying in the bed under the sheet I didn’t know he was naked under the sheet but all I saw was his hairy chest an bushy arm pits he was laying on his arms behind his head. I closed the door. I crawled in the bed next to him. he leaned over an kiss me on my lips. I jump a little an look at him as I wipe my lips. I turned out the nightstand lamp he pulled me closer to him he started putting his hand down my shorts an play with my dick. I moan as I lay my head back onto him. he said you know you need it champ, just let uncle Richard make you feel better. I rolled over onto my back he stared into my eyes while he was playing with my dick. He lean down softly kiss my lips. I felt his tongue enter and I could taste his saliva. He took my hand put on his dick it was fully hard. You know you want it? suck your uncle cock. I raised up and said dam uncle this things is big, He has a thick cock that i can barely wrap my hand around it was 8 1/2 inches long. i took it head first in my mouth he kept saying put it all in that mouth champ he forced my head down til i started gagged. I said I want to do this uncle Richard but I cant control it in my mouth cause it big. he reply saying I will help you champ. I started sucking it. he moaned a little bit. after a few minutes he open his legs he said suck on these hairy nuts. His nuts was hairy an musky an taste sweaty in the beginning til I got into the scent of his musky nuts. He pulled me up he started kissing me hard with his tongues in my mouth I thought he was going to suck my tongue right out of my mouth. He broke the kiss and He got up from the bed and stood there. lay on your stomach. He said. I did what I was told and he lift my ass up in the air open my ass cheeks an started licking the crack of my ass up an down. I felt his warm wet tongue enter my hole you like that champ. I said it feels weird but it feels so damn good at the same time. During this time my cock was super hard. I was so turned on.. then he reached over and began masturbating my 7 inch cock and not that thick. and tugging it. i could feel my cock throbbing in his warm hard rough hands. I said what you going to do next uncle Richard he said you are almost ready.
I said “ ready for what”
uncle Richard is going to pop your ass virginity. I said No condoms uncle Richard so he spit in his palm of his hand an spit on my butt hole. He said “I never wear condoms champ!”
I felt my hole stretched as he entered. he had the control of putting it in. so he slid it in slow cause I was in pain. I said uncle Richard it hurts. He said shh! Before you wake up your mom an dad. He started slowly til I gotten use to it. I was crying in the pillow. Then a little it started to feel so good the pleasure an pain all in one. I began moaning saying oh! Yes faster. and his ball slapping against my ass. I kept moaning and asked him how it felt. he said it feels so good an tight I love that in a piece of ass. so he kept ramming me hard. The pain stop an a lot of pleasure. I was feeling fucking so good. i was going crazy my eyes was rolling back in my head. he kept going and going. i said uncle Richard I am going to let go. I raised up lean up against his chest as he was fucking me we began kissing to keep me from crying out I moaned in his his mouth it felt so good that I shot my load over my bed the head board.
I heard him saying that he was going to cum so i told him to shoot it in me. I felt him shoot his warm cum up in my ass. He was jerking as he was shooting. He said “I’m so light-headed” Once he pulled out of me I laid next to him I felt my ass is throbbing from the fuck. I felt his warm cum coming out of me. He held me and we fell asleep.


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Read by: Bobby Newberry

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