Married Guys Camping

Married Guys Camping

I live in south Alabama and the summers here are really hot. I work at a sporting goods store with several others and once every summer the company has a staff campout. There was a big civil war in the company and all of the employees left except two other guys and me. We still wanted to go on this trip so we did, just the three of us.

The first guy, Patrick: 26, 175, 5’11″, Latino and perfect pits. All he wore was muscle shirts. The second guy, Kyle: 24, 150, 5’8″, All-American boy, perfect pits too! The third guy, me: Derek, 23, 180, 5’10″, All-American, too.

We got there, made a campfire and had a few Coronas. We just talked about life and our wives, etc. We fished, swam, and all of the normal camping things. All the time I admired their pits. The three of us got into a pretty competitive wrestling match at one point. I thoroughly enjoyed being in those headlocks!

Anyway, that night we had to sleep in this three-man tent. It got so hot we all took all of our clothes off except our boxers and went to sleep all pretty close to each other.

About thirty minutes after we had stopped talking, I assumed that the others were asleep. I stayed awake thinking, staring at the top of the tent. Then I looked over because Kyle was moving; he lifted his hand up behind his head exposing this big, sexy armpit. Man, I got so hard! Then I looked the other way and Patrick’s pits were facing me, too, in the same position! MAN! Was I the luckiest guy in the world or what?

My hard-on doubled in size, pitching my own little tent. I was wearing boxers and my head started to peak out. I was thinking how glad I was that they were asleep so they would not question my sexuality. I mean, for God’s sake, we all have wives!

After about twenty seconds of stillness, Kyle starts to stir and begins to roll my way with his arms still behind his head and, bless my luck, his right pit landed right over my face, right over my mouth! I about came right then and there! Of course I didn’t move for fear I’d wake him, but I would savor this pit for as long as I could. I began to think about the alcohol we drank earlier and thought that would have him sleeping even deeper. So I said to myself, “What the hell!” and started to lick the pit that my face was already buried in.

After a good 4 minutes of licking, I looked down to what little I could see from out of the pit on top of my face and I saw that Kyle had a huge tent of his own. I then wanted to look at his face to make sure he was still asleep and when I did, to my surprise, he was staring back and had this smirk on his face. OH MY GOD! WAS I IN HEAVEN? HE HAD BEEN AWAKE THIS WHOLE TIME!

I guess he had seen my hard-on earlier and had been testing me. He knew that he had the defense of “oh I was just asleep” if my response wasn’t as expected. He rolled off me and we stared in each other’s eyes smiling for a while. Then he giggled, closed his eyes, “went back to sleep” and whispered, “Hey, dude, it sure is getting hotter in here. I think I am going commando…” and winked at me. Of course I immediately did the same. After he was sure I was naked and lying on my back (and still hard, by thy way) he whispered in my ear, “Close your eyes.” So I did.

I lay there for about 2 minutes in anticipation when I felt a wet tongue sliding over my head. I flinched and when I opened my eyes, I saw a huge cock coming from above into my face. He had turned around and straddled me when my eyes were closed and was lowering himself onto me. We did 69 for a while and we came in each other’s mouth after about 20 minutes.

We were now lying on our sides close to each other licking each other, when all of a sudden I felt another hard cock behind me looking for my hole. WOW! It was Patrick, of course. Who would have thought what this weekend would hold? Boy did Patrick ever find my asshole! He “found” it about thirty times! We were in total ecstasy for about 3 minutes when all of a sudden HOOOOOOOONK HOOOOOOOOOONK! We heard the honk of a car horn about 15 feet away from the tent. We all jumped about 10 feet in the air and instantly put our boxers back on and threw a sheet over us as fast as we could. Just as I got my underwear back on, the zipper of the tent flew up fast and all three of our wives popped in. Man! I was so nervous!

They had come to scare us in the middle of the night assuming we would be asleep. Of course when they got there we were apart (thank God) and they suspected nothing; everything was back to normal. Sure we all acted like we weren’t frightened when our wives harassed us about it, but we were lying through our teeth when we said that. Boy, was that a night to remember!

After that, life went back to normal, of course. Except for the fact that working the everyday 8-5 shift got a little more exciting from that day forward.

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Read by: Bobby Newberry

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