Jocks of the South-Part 13


In the Hay

Over the next few weeks, Nick and Francis had grown inseparable. Francis would pick Nick up from school and sneak him into his bedroom where they’d hang out for hours on end. Nick would sometimes sleep over, telling his parents he was at a friends’ working on homework. Francis often got away with telling his parents that Nick was just a friend—convincing them that Nick was a workout buddy from the gym—but other times it was best just to sneak him up into his bedroom if he wanted to fuck his boyfriend’s brains out.

It was on an ordinary Saturday morning that two of them woke up together once the sun began to shine through Francis’ window.

Nick awoke in Francis’ big arms. Nick’s head was resting on Francis’ large pecs, and he could feel his boyfriend’s chest rise and fall with each breath as the morning light swept over them both. It was getting hotter with each passing day and Nick could feel a layer of sweat on his man’s chest, pressed up against his own face, as they both lay together, naked. Nick’s ear was also pressed against fuzzy body, so he could hear Francis’ heart beating.

One of the man’s legs was wrapped over Nick’s body, and Francis’ dick was pressed against Nick’s thigh. The overwhelming heat had melted them into one another, their skin sticky. Nick’s hand rested on Francis’ abs and as Nick rubbed his eyes, he kissed his boyfriend’s chest and nipples, feeling him awaken.

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“Hey,” Nick smiled at him, feeling Francis’ grip around him tighten.

The jock smiled back at him, grinning widely and his face blushing. “Hey baby,” he said, his voice low and sleepy, and his breath hot against Nick’s face. The teenager felt so small and fragile in his grasp, and he wished he could keep him there forever. “You sleep well?”

Nick nodded. “Yeah.”

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Francis kissed Nick, pressing his warm, wet lips against his boyfriend’s, licking his saliva and sucking on his mouth. His rough hands wrapped around Nick’s body, sliding down his torso and feeling his hard stomach and soft pubes.

Nick kissed back, putting his hands over Francis’ hard pecs and erect nipples. He felt his body, then put his hands to his back, feeling more veins and muscles ripple with each movement he made. His large, broad shoulders bulged as his big biceps came down on him. He grabbed Nick’s waist and rubbed his thighs. When Francis finally pulled his face away to take a breath, the both of them laughed at each other.

“I love you,” Francis mumbled, still a bit sleepy. He liked the way it sounded, and he felt so relieved that he could tell Nick the way he felt about him without having to be afraid of the consequences. Every time he said it made him happier.

“Love you too,” Nick replied. “You’re so cute when you’re sleepy.”

Francis laughed. His hair was messy and sticking up in the back, and his eyes were still half-closed. “You’re always cute,” he said, kissing Nick’s chest and then moving his lips toward his nipple.

“Uhhnnn… Francis…”

“Say my name, baby.”

“Francis… fuck…”

The jock kept sucking on Nick’s tit, putting his rough hands on his dick and beginning to slowly rub his shaft. It was already half-hard when they woke up, so getting it to full mast was an easy job.

Nick’s loins ached as his boyfriend’s hands enveloped him, and his lips latched onto his nipple. Once he was fully hard, Francis’ hands reached down past his balls and towards his point of pleasure, where Nick wanted Francis the most.

“Right there,” he moaned, asking the man to penetrate him.

Francis’ put his whole body over Nick, with his hand still at Nick’s asshole while his own hard cock bounced on top of Nick’s. “Yeah?”

Nick nodded, putting his hands through Francis’ hair. “Please…”

Francis grinned, reaching up Nick’s neck with his kisses until he had the boy’s face again. His boyfriend was begging to be penetrated. As their wet dicks leaked on one another, Francis put two fingers to Nick’s hole and began to push as far as he could reach.

“Uhhhh!” Nick felt the thick fingers probe his asshole, reaching for something too far up inside him. The way Francis forced his way into Nick was loving but eager, as though he couldn’t wait to please the boy. “That’s so good,” he murmured, feeling the jock ease in and out with his hand as he began slowly thrusting his pelvis against Nick’s crotch. Their cocks fought with each other like swords, pleasuring one another closer to climax.

Francis pushed in deeper one last time, making Nick yelp out in pleasure, before he pulled his fingers back out. He put them to his mouth, covering them in thick wads of saliva before he snaked his hand back around Nick’s ass, filling his anal cavity once more, adding another two fingers this time. Nick moaned loud enough for Francis’ parents to hear, had they been home. His stomach churned and his heart beat wildly. His penis was still fully erect, pressed hard against Francis’ own member and hairy six-pack of abs. He convulsed over the man’s arms and underneath his chest, euphoria surging through his limbs as Francis vigorously finger-fucked his asshole.

“Uhhnnn…” Nick groaned, feeling Francis’ big fingers fill him up until they were as far in as he could reach. His digits wiggled around and prodded his prostate, keeping Nick entranced in a spell. Francis watched as Nick’s face twisted and his mouth opened to whisper the man’s name.

“Francis… I’m close.”

“Cum for me, baby. I want to taste you after.” Francis muttered, his mouth still against Nick’s as they held onto each other. Francis took his fingers in and out, making the boy shake as he pressed him further down onto the bed with the full weight of his gargantuan body. The man’s boner was pushed up against Nick’s cock and stomach, near his ass, grinding into him and showing him how much he wanted Nick.

The teenager’s nipples were hard and his chest rose and fell quickly, sighing in satisfaction as the thick fingers dug deep into him. Francis sucked on his chest again, using his tongue to flick his nipples. His fingers went in even further, and Nick let out a squeal.

“You’re all mine.”

Nick felt himself melt and give way to Francis. He’d been holding his orgasm at bay for long enough but hearing the jock say those words in his deep, sleep voice made him lose all control. “I’m gonna cum,” he said, sighing as though he’d had the wind knocked out of him.

Francis gently gripped Nick’s nipple with his teeth, whispering into his chest. “Cum for daddy.”

“Ahh… ahhhh…” Nick’s body locked and then, realizing he was about to burst, Francis went down on him and put his entire face to Nick’s crotch. He took the boy’s cock in his mouth, plunging himself even deeper and digging his nose into Nick’s pubes. He held his balls firmly between his fingers, waiting for his boyfriend to spill inside his mouth.

“Ohhh shit! Oh shit! Fuck…” Nick whispered, his voice barely audible as Francis’ mouth drained him of his energy. His hips bucked again, thrusting himself into the man’s mouth as he felt his cock shake and tremble, reacting violently to every bit of Francis’ tongue. It rolled against the throbbing vein of the thick shaft, and he swallowed the semen that burst out from the big pink tip.

The man’s nose and face slammed hard into Nick’s hairy groin. Francis could see the boy’s arms flexing hard as he swept his hands through the man’s hair, feeling his face against his groin. Feeling the jock’s big, rough hands on his soft thighs and firm ass made his boner swell up even more.

“Uhhhnnn! Francis, oh shit!” Nick’s body bucked, and he shoved his dick far into Francis’ mouth. Watery spurts of cum shot out of his tip, filling his boyfriend’s gullet and dripping down his eager lips. Nick sighed out weakly, falling back onto the bed as he ejaculated into the jock’s face. Francis continued to suck on his member, licking up his cum and swallowing everything that leaked out of his tip.

“Uhhnn… Francis…” Nick said, feeling his boyfriend’s powerful swallows. He wanted every part of Nick inside him.

His face eventually came back—a messy grin and cheerful eyes as cum stained his mouth and chin. He didn’t wipe it off anytime soon.

“You taste so good.”

“Did you cum?” Nick asked him.

Francis shook his head. “Not yet.”

Nick closed his eyes, feeling Francis snake himself over his body. He wanted more still, and Nick was eager to give it to him. “Then fuck me,” Nick begged him. “In my mouth.”

Francis rubbed his hard cock all over Nick’s body. “You sure?”

He nodded. “Fill me with your cum, babe.”

Francis grinned, turned on more than ever to hear the boy say it. His whole crotch came down over Nick’s face as his body clung to the wall. His muscles stretched as his arms gripped the headboard. Nick took the man’s throbbing cock to his mouth, guiding him close. Then, Francis inserted himself inside.

He stuffed his warm, pulsing cock inside Nick’s mouth. The hard dick went inside of him with little warning, hitting the top of his mouth with it’s rigid head and then rubbing the rest of his insides with it’s smooth slippery shaft.

“Take that cock, baby. Take it all in.”

“Mmmm…” Nick said, tasting the hot, salty rod inside him. It pulsed hard and trembled against his tongue, jerking wildly as Nick slobbered himself all over it.

“Damn… fuckin suck that cock, Nick.”

Francis was moving his hips, letting his dripping member slip in and out of Nick. He guided Nick’s head, letting the boy suckle on his cock. It was leaking pre-cum onto his tongue, and his low-hanging balls began smacking into his face. The dirty, manly smell of nuts slapping into Nick’s chin was erotic and intoxicating. His dick-head was red hot, hitting the back of Nick’s throat and filling him up with each forward movement of his pelvis. He was Francis’ bitch in that moment, taking his cock like a shameless slut. And Nick was a slut. He was Francis’ slut.

“Fucking take that, babe.”

Nick moaned, feeling a hand grab some of his hair. He liked it when Francis got rough. The man caressed his face before jerking him around a bit, causing Nick to murmur more profanities. Francis went all in again, impaling the teenager with his veiny, 9-inch cock. Nick moaned in surprise, but the thick dick choking his mouth muffled his voice. The man’s penis felt so good inside of him, and his head swallowed his shaft hole, welcoming it into the depths of his throat.

“Yeah… take daddy’s cock, baby,” Francis groaned.

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Nick hummed in pleasure, trying to take more of Francis’ boner as he pushed himself even deeper inside. There was nothing Nick could do to take more of his penis—his hands were pressed up against his waist, grasping at his ass and pulling more of the man inside of him as he plunged deeper.

Francis stayed overtop his head, grabbing his hair gently and maneuvering up and down on his cock, mirroring his own motions. The boy’s neck was careened upwards with a warm, smooth dick in his mouth, pulsing hard and expelling jizz onto his face and tongue. He felt the pain coursing through his body, but it felt so good servicing his boyfriend and feeling the strongest and most intimate part of his body tremble and throb inside of his mouth.

Francis threw his head back, moaning silently as Nick serviced the head of his penis. Nick used his tongue to rub the top of the man’s dick, and he had his lips pursed tight against the shaft, trying to milk the fat member of all its cum.

“Oh man… shit…” Francis groaned, rubbing his tight, sweaty abs. His thick, hairy thighs were on either side of Nick’s head, pulverizing his face as he attacked him. Francis let his cock choke the hungry mouth, filling him to capacity. His big, sweaty balls hung low underneath, still slapping against Nick’s neck as Francis put his hands around Nick’s head and began thrusting his groin hard against his face. He was getting closer now, nearing his climax. Nick groaned at this, pressed against the bed and letting the man get his nut inside of him.

“Shit, suck my cock, Nick. Suck it good.”

Nick looked up at his face, watching the large man close his eyes in ecstasy and begin to sweat as he worked hard to put his wet member inside of the teenager. His abs were flexing, and his arms bulged with muscle as he held onto Nick. His nipples were hard and his rigid pecs were drenched in a film of sweat, making his smooth, tanned body look like that of a god.

“UHN!” Nick exclaimed, as his boyfriend thrusted into him hard, grabbing Nick by the head and piling himself inside. He put his fingers through his hair next, slowly taking his dick out and then shoving it back inside.

Nick felt a violent surge sweep through the two hairy thighs that caressed the sides of his head. The surge leapt from the stud’s balls and into his groin, filling up his dick and making his whole body shiver. Then, with a loud groan, Francis came into Nick’s mouth.

“Uhhhnnn! Fuck!” he yelled, still thrusting his groin into the boy’s wet hole, closing his eyes and letting the wave of ecstasy take him away. Nick’s mouth was his heaven, and he wanted to enjoy every bit of it as his dick unloaded his spunk.

Hot, sticky wads of cum shot into Nick’s gullet, lubricating his throat and filling his mouth with fresh, steaming sperm. The thick, creamy substance was no longer salty like the stud’s pre-cum, but was instead sweet and smooth, gorging his mouth to capacity as three more fat loads followed the first two. Francis’ dick kept shaking, while he continually thrusted himself inside, keeping his muscular thighs clamped tight around Nick’s head. He moaned and rubbed his stomach, running his hands through his pubes and then through Nick’s hair as he ejaculated, and his balls emptied inside of him.

“Fuck…” Francis moaned, letting his head fall downwards to face his boyfriend. He stroked his cock as it leaked the last of the white, creamy spunk into Nick’s mouth, now some leaking onto his lips. Nick took the man’s cock in his hands and let the softening member smack into his face a few times, and then he wiped the remaining cum off his face and licked it from his hands.

Francis collapsed beside him, breathing hard and quickly. Nick was also trying to catch his breath, swallowing what his boyfriend had left inside of him. The man grinned at him, his face flushed and sweaty, as he licked Nick’s face and took his mouth into his. Their tongues fought with each other and Francis got to taste himself, inside of Nick’s mouth. He took Nick’s body in his arms and him there, the full weight of him on the teenager.

“You’re mine.”

“I’m yours.”

They shifted in bed until Nick’s head was lying next to Francis’ armpit. He played with the man’s chest hair, feeling his taut muscle and the heat of the testosterone that coursed through his heart, beating powerfully.

“I wish we could lie here all day,” Nick said to him.

“And fuck twenty-four seven?”

Nick laughed, nodding his head. “And fuck twenty-four seven.”

“I don’t think I have that much cum in me,” he joked.

He shook his head, sliding his smooth thigh over top Francis’. “I know you do.”

“Maybe,” he chuckled.

“Remember when your parents had to visit your aunt? And we spent the whole day in your room? Naked?”

“And sweaty. Yeah I remember.”

“I wish everyday could be like that,” Nick told him. “Just us. Alone. As naked as we want to be. As free as we want to be. In bed together or on the sofa. Mine skin pressed on yours, and yours on mine.” He felt Francis’s grip around him tighten, as if trying to comfort him.

“Is that really what you want? Just us together?”

“More than anything. Don’t you?”

Francis stared at him, his eyes glinting. “I’ve never wanted anything so badly.”

Nick sighed. It was just a daydream, one he knew they couldn’t hope to have—not until far off in the future at least. His best moments with Francis had been when they were alone, just the two of them, with no one to come in-between to bother them. And yet, they always live din fear of being caught—someone walking in, Francis’ parents returning, Nick’s parents catching them together, or maybe someone they didn’t even know staring at them in a suspicious way, as though to wonder if they were gay. Nick wished they could be free of all that, if only it were possible.

“When do your parents come back?” Nick asked him.

Francis glanced at his watch. “Soon. Twenty minutes or so.”

Nick sighed again. They had twenty more minutes to live in their fantasy. Until the next time they were able to sneak in some private time, like thieves in the night.

“Get dressed,” Francis suddenly said, nearly jumping out of bed.

“What?” Nick asked, startled.

“I’m taking you out of here. C’mon. Put on some pants.”

“Francis—what are we doing?”

Francis didn’t bother putting on any underwear. He just slipped on some jeans and then opened up a window, trying to figure out how hot it would be. He left his plaid shirt on the floor of his room.

“I’m giving you what you wanted. It’ll be just us. The entire day. We can get out of here and be alone.”

Nick was skeptical. He drew the sheets to his chest, covering his naked body. “Where can we go to be alone? The lake will be crawling with people in this weather. And the river won’t be any better.”

“We aren’t going to the lake. C’mon babe, get dressed. Just trust me.”

Nick frowned. He didn’t like not knowing what was going on, but he trusted Francis with his life. So he did as the man asked. He put on his jeans and grabbed the first shirt he could find, going commando.

“Leave it,” Francis told him, looking at the cotton-T. “It’s hot out.”

Nick smiled. “Okay.”

They both trotted downstairs and out the front door, already feeling fresh sweat run down their faces and bodies as the sun beat down on them. Francis took Nick’s hand and led him out around the house until they were at his family’s stables. The horses had already been fed that morning, but Nick realized that they must have been there for some other reason.

“You ridden one before?”

Nick’s yes widened. “N-no.”

Francis grinned. “You can share with me.”


“First,” he said, shuffling around in a rotting wooden closet inside the humid stable. He took out some long tubes of cloth, which Nick eventually recognized.

“It’s better if you wear these the first time you go riding,” Francis told him. “So you don’t hurt your legs or anything.”


He nodded.

“I’d like to see you in nothing but chaps,” Nick joked.

Francis laughed, shaking his head. “I don’t want to bruise my balls before I get to fuck you again today,” he joked.

Nick blushed, although he wasn’t surprised at Francis’ incessant hunger for him. His man had a big appetite, and a driving force behind him that turned Nick on.

Francis his pair of chaps over his jeans with ease, then helped Nick with his. They both struggled with it, laughing at each other, until finally Nick had his on properly. Francis grabbed a cowboy hat from the pantry and put it over his head, before grabbing a saddle to place over one of their horses. He chose a large brown stallion with sleek fur and a long, messy mane. It was a well-groomed animal, but Nick could tell there was still a certain wildness to it. It must have been Francis’ favourite horse.

Nick watched Francis move, his legs pumping through his tight jeans and the loose chaps swaying around him like it was water. His naked back rippled with muscle as he secured the saddle around the horse, sweat dripping down his spine. From there it slid into the intoxicating well of his waist that lead straight to the muscular, meaty cheeks of his herculean ass.

His jeans sat low on his waist, barely held up by his belt. It was enough for Nick to see the v-line that lead to his crotch and the very base of his dick, though there was too much hair down there for Nick to actually see anything. The rest of his hairy body was slicked back with sweat, causing his smooth, pale skin to glisten like marble.

Francis lead the horse out of the stable and then showed Nick which leg to use first when getting on top. Francis climbed the horse first, and then helped Nick get on top with him. He sat in front of Francis on the saddle—it was meant for one person but there was enough room for the both of them. He could feel his boyfriend’s muscular legs caressing the back of his own, and the man’s crotch was pressed up against his lower back.

Francis’ tone, wet torso was hugging Nick’s spine as the two veiny arms came around his chest and held onto the reins of the horse. He was in the man’s arms, feeling him breathing gently and his heart pound with excitement. Their bare bodies clung to one another, their sticky skin acting like glue, as Francis began to lead the horse up a dirt trail.

“This is weird,” Nick said, feeling the horse’s broad body spread his legs around it uncomfortably. He hoped he wouldn’t be sore by the afternoon.

“First time is always weird, you’ll get used to it. It’s not unbearable, is it?” he asked, concern in his voice.

“No, it’s fun. Smoother than I thought.”

“That’s cause you’re with me.”

Nick laughed, pushing back a little to press himself further up against his body. “Everything is more fun with you. Are you still not gonna tell me where we’re going?”

“Nope. You’ll find out soon enough.”

Nick rolled his eyes, smirking. He let Francis tighten his grip around him with his arms. “Go slowly, though. I don’t wanna fall off.”

“You won’t! I’ve got you, babe.”

Nick found himself having to trust Francis again, but with the man clinging tightly onto him, it was difficult to do. He let go of some of his fear and relished in the moment they were sharing together as the horse picked up speed along the trail. Wind was beginning to flutter across their faces and warm, sticky bodies, and their giggles accented the galloping of hooves.

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Nick watched the landscape melt away around him, and soon Francis’ house and the river besides it disappeared far behind them. They came across long empty fields that stretched along the vacant road that lead into the city. Soon enough even the road disappeared, and all that Nick could see in every direction was the yellow-green of dried grass on the endless fields, and the harsh blue of the summer sky.

It was even hotter now that they were away from the waterside, and the sun was higher up in the sky. Francis gave Nick his hat to keep cool, but they became more wet, stick and pungent, although neither of them seemed to mind. Not even the horse.

About half an hour later, after taking a few breaks and telling one another really bad jokes, Nick thought he saw something on the horizon.

“Does someone live out here?” he asked, making out what looked like the shape of a house.

Francis shook his head. “No one lives out here.”

“Well, how much longer till we get where we’re supposed to go? I can’t take any more of this heat, Francis.”

He cocked his head towards the house. “We’re here.”

“What? You mean there?”

He nodded. “Yeah. This is it.”

They came across a small, two-story house that looked completely abandoned. Window shutters hung crooked, broken windows were boarded up, weeds and grass and grown overtop the wooden stairs and balcony, the paint and peeled off and greyed, the roof was filled with patches of broken or missing tiles and the wire fence that surrounded the land had been snapped and trampled on. It almost looked haunted.

“Are you bringing me here to kill me?” Nick joked.

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it when we’d gone camping in the middle of nowhere.”

He laughed at that. “True.”

There was a small stream that went along the back of the house, and a large stable that looked equally worn down. Francis led the horse over the water, helping Nick down, before they tied it to a fence post.

“What is this place?” Nick asked him.

Francis took him to the front porch, inspecting the boarded up door. He pulled at one plank, taking a few tried to pry it off. Then, he did the same to the other three. His biceps bulged and his veins popped. Watching him wrestle with the wood turned Nick on. Finally the door came free, and Francis opened it carefully, realizing how loose it’s hinges had become.

The inside of the house was dark and dusty. There was debris everywhere but the walls, stairs and foundation were all intact. It was in good condition, despite the horrible mess.

“Francis?” he repeated.

“Take your clothes off.”


“Do it.”

“Francis… I don’t wanna have sex in there…”

“We’re not gonna have sex in there.”

Nick hesitated, not sure what was going on.

Francis sighed. He undid his own chaps, unbuckled, and then pulled his jeans down. He kicked his shoes off and just like that, he was completely naked. “There. Now you.”

Nick did as Francis asked, though slowly. He took off his hat, his chaps (with some help), and then pulled off his shoes and jeans. Now they were both fully nude.

“See? Nothing happened. The world didn’t end,” he said.

“I don’t get—”

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it? To be naked together. All day. And completely alone.” He waved his arms around, indicating that there was absolutely no one around for miles. His body was shimmering with the layer of sweat, causing Nick’s cock to stir. Francis himself was already half-hard at the sight of his boyfriend.

Nick nodded, realizing Francis was right. It suddenly felt great—they were both naked, just as Nick liked, and there was no one around to judge them. It felt as good as Nick and Francis’ date on Easter, when they’d snuck out of the church basement and went skinny-dipping in the river. However, Nick didn’t understand why Francis had brought him to this particular place, and he didn’t even know what this place was.

Francis saw the confusion on his face and answered. “This is my place. But it can be ours.”


“It’s mine. The house, the barn, the land—it’s all mine. This place used to belong to my grandfather. My brothers and I would sneak out and come here to spend time away from our parents—they were strict and though my grandfather was very religious, he was always loose and free with us. He’d let us do whatever we want and we used to go swimming in that stream out back in the middle of the night. Whenever our parents didn’t want us swimming at home, we’d come here, take off all our clothes and enjoy ourselves. No rules, no judgment—just free. And I want that with you.

“My grandfather died when I was sixteen. He knew my brothers and I loved this place a lot more than my father ever did so instead of giving it to him, he left it to Matt. My dad had it legally until Matt was old enough to own it but since then, he left for California and said I could keep this place instead. I never thought much of it because, well, this place is a dump. There are no fields I can use for crops, the lands for cattle to graze is all a mess, and the whole place itself is a wreck, which is why I wanted to inherit my parents’ farm instead. My dad never had any intention of fixing this place and in all honesty, I was thinking of selling this so I could pay for tuition to go to college.”

“You were gonna sell this place?”

“Yeah. I mean, I’ve had this place to myself since Matty went away but I never used it for anything. Him and I used to talk about fixing this place ourselves but he basically lives in Cali now so that won’t happen anytime soon. And my dad still doesn’t want to waste his time on this old thing. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but ever since I thought about going to college, I though it could be of some use.”

“You don’t have to sell this place, Francis,” Nick said, coming close enough to him to hold his hands. “You can take out a loan to pay for college—maybe your parents will pay for some if you ask them! But I don’t want you to lose this place if it means so much to you.”

“I’m not gonna sell it anymore,” he said, returning Nick’s gaze.

“You’re not?”

“No. Because I have you.”

Nick stared at him, a bit confused.

“You said you wanted us to be together. Alone. Free. In bed or on a sofa. We can have that here. Just the two of us. Away from everyone and everything. Even if just for the summer—we can still have a life here.”

Nick’s heart began race, and his fingers were trembling. “W-what… are you saying?”

Francis gripped his shoulders, rubbing his arms. “Nick, do you want to move in with me here? We can rent an apartment for a few months while we fix the roof but once that’s done, we can live together here. I mean—if you want to. I don’t want to force you to leave your parents’ place and, well, I don’t know if you could even bear to spend that much time with me and—”

“Yes!” Nick yelled, engulfing Francis in a hug as he threw himself at him. Francis almost jumped, surprised for a few moments, before he returned the embrace and held him tight in his grip. “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll move in with you.”

“Are you serious?”


“Nick—are you sure?”

“Yes, stupid!” Nick repeated, smothering his face into Francis’ chest. “I want to move in with you.”

Francis was overwhelmed with disbelief for a while before it really began to dawn on him that Nick had said yes. He gripped the boy tighter, holding him in his arms and rubbing his face into Nick’s hair. They stood there, in a naked embrace, for a good while before breaking it. Francis stood there and looked at Nick, eyes red. “I love you.”

Nick kissed him, feeling his hot, wet tongue engage with his own while their bodies melted into one another. “I love you too.”

Francis picked up one of Nick’s legs, bringing it to his torso as his hand reached around to grab the boy’s ass. He held onto it firmly, claiming Nick for his own as the boy clung to him.

“I love you even more,” he whispered, his stubbled face grinding into Nick’s. Their wet torsos rubbed on one another and their hardening dicks fought like swords. Before Nick even knew what was happened, Francis picked him up and the boy wrapped his legs around the man’s waist, letting him carry him to where ever he wanted.

“I want you,” Nick begged, his loins aching at the thought of feeling the man’s member harden beneath him. His feet felt Francis’ amazing ass, desperate to hold it, to grasp at it, to bury his face in that ass, for that ripe, pink fruit to be all his.

“Where do you wanna do it,” he asked Nick, well aware now that nothing now could stop them from making love.

“Not the house.”

“On the grass?”

“No, it’s too rough.”

“The stable, then,” Francis said. “There’s hay in the loft. It’s soft there.”

Nick nodded, letting the man take him to the barn. They passed the horse, and then scrambled into the empty barn. Nick raced up the ladder to the upper level of the barn, followed closely by an excited Francis. They giggled and laughed as Francis tried to bite Nick’s ass on the way to the second floor.

Once they’d made it to the hayloft, where some sunlight came down through the holes in the roof, Francis pushed Nick down into the yellow straw. Nick lay there, waiting for the man to come onto him. Francis crawled overtop, biting his lower lip as he felt the boy’s soft, hairless skin graze his own rough body.

Nick could feel Francis’ fingers all over his body, grasping at his skin in desperation. They were stuck on one another, their skin sticking together, and their wet, hardening cocks tousling with each other. Francis put his big, beefy arms around Nick’s waist, holding him down.

“I wanna be with you,” he said pursing his soft lips as he spoke. “Here. Forever. Just the two of us.”

Nick felt so warm in his embrace, and his soft, warm skin was tight around his body. He felt him blushing as though this was the first time Francis had ever touched him, as though Nick had never been touched by any man. Only Francis could make him feel that way—the unrelenting excitement in his gut that made his skin tingle and his toes curl.

“Be with me, then,” Nick begged him, his voice filled with lust.

Francis’ lips came onto his face hard and fast, sucking on him. His hands circled his waist until them cupped Nick’s ass, rubbing his cheeks. Francis breathed on him, pushing his growing bulge against Nick’s stomach and digging his nipples into Nick’s chest. Francis licked the spit and sweat off Nick’s mouth, pressing hard on him. It felt so hot to have Francis eager to kiss him, and to know that he so desperately wanted more. The man was breathing heavily, and he was getting rough. Nick asked him to be rougher, wanting to feel just how much Francis wanted him—to know just how fierce his love for him was.

“You always taste so good,” Francis said, finally taking his mouth off Nick to breathe. “My favourite flavor.”

Nick smiled at that, feeling warmth spread through his chest. “And you’re mine.”

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Francis gave him a horny smile back, saliva smeared across his mouth. He then plunged his face back in, grabbing Nick’s leg with his rough hands and picking it up so it brushed against his side. He rubbed Nick’s ass again, squeezing his tight flesh. He grabbed handfuls, spanking him and spreading his cheeks apart. Then, he picked Nick up, lifting him into the air while his huge cock settled beneath Nick’s ass.

Nick wrapped both his legs around Francis, letting the jock hold him up in his strong arms. He could feel Francis’ dick pulsing right beneath his ass, and the muscular torso pressed against him was rising and falling with eager anticipation.

Francis laid him on top of a softer, bigger pile of hay, as he climbed over top of the boy. He still held onto him, kissing his mouth and then trailing down his neck, his chest, and down his faint happy trail…

“Don’t,” Nick begged, unable to bear the sensation of the man’s mouth on his cock again. He’d cum instantly and then it would be over. Instead, he wanted Francis inside him. “Just fuck me.”

“Okay, babe.”

He felt the stud’s hands rub up his bare thighs, pushing his legs apart and snaking his fingers to his crack, looking for the tight hole of pleasure that throbbed for his member. “You want my cock, baby?”

“Yes, daddy,” Nick muttered, feeling the jock’s push Nick’s legs up into the air, beginning to poke at his hole.

“I don’t have a condom…” Francis’ deep voice came.

“You don’t need one.”


Francis went down on him, sticking his tongue out and lapping the sweat of his hairless, pink cunt. He was kissing Nick’s asshole, sucking on his flesh and then trying to push in as much of his tongue into the hole as he could.

“Fuck…” Nick moaned, as Francis’ hot, wet mouth worked his anus. Francis sucked on him for a bit, licking his crack and moving his head back and forth. Nick started to groan while his body writhed in pleasure. Nick could feel the man’s cock leak jizz everywhere.

“I’m so horny for you,” Francis said to him, spreading Nick’s legs apart. Then, he waved his raging, nine-inch dick around in the air. Strands of pre-cum fell on Nick’s pubes.

“Just fuck me,” Nick muttered, rubbing his own dick. He stuck his legs up, showing Francis his gleaming, pink hole once again.

Francis was got horny looking at the twink expose himself to him. The sunlight that poked through overhead was warming them up, and their sticky bodies still slid off each other in pleasure with every touch. Francis spit once on Nick’s hole, and again on his own cock. He stretched his foreskin down, rubbing the saliva all around his shaft. Then, he began stroking Nick’s crack with his dick.


“I love that ass of yours so much…” Francis said, bleary-eyed at the hole before him. The heat was getting to him, but the idea of penetrating the tightest part of Nick’s body, and that Nick wanted that more than anything, always took him by disbelief. The boy was his, and he belonged to the boy.

Francis began to press his head inside of him. “Shit!” Nick yelled. “Oh my fucking god…”

Francis drove himself deep inside, throwing caution to the wind. He didn’t care about going slow: he just wanted to fuck.

“Fuck, Francis!”

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine. Keep going.”

“You sure?” he asked, rubbing Nick’s thighs.

“Yes, baby. I love you. I want you,” he whispered to him.

Francis went deeper, touching his groin against Nick’s butt and brushing his pubes against his skin.

“Oh shit!” the boy moaned.

He put a hand on Nick’s leg and another on his stomach, keeping him close as he pushed on his puckering pink hole. Nick grabbed fist-fulls of gay, gritting his teeth as he braced through the pain. Then, a sigh of pleasure escaped Nick’s mouth when Francis stopped shoving himself deeper in. But without warning, Francis pulled out half his cock and then began to drive it back in his ass, beginning to fuck him hard.

“Uhn! Fuck!”

“Damn, baby…” Francis pulled out and then ploughed Nick’s hole once more. He kept hold on Nick’s body, feeling the tight, hot flesh around his shaking cock.

Nick could feel the raging cock climb deeper inside him, making his insides throb and his legs quiver as Francis struggled to keep hold. He felt Francis’ groin smack into his ass again, and then his balls came flying in too.

“Fuck, go faster,” Nick said.

“You’re so tight, Nick. I love you.”

He threw his head back, wanting more of the man inside of him. “Fuck me, Francis. Fuck me hard. And faster.”

Francis got faster. He stopped pulling out so much and just kept his crotch inches away from Nick’s ass. He humped Nick like eagerly, holding onto his two thighs and driving him up and down the grassy floor. Francis kept it coming, fucking his hole over and over. He made huge smacking sounds as he slapped himself against Nick’s big, bare ass. He drove himself deeper and deeper, harder and harder, while Nick writhed in pleasure with his eyes closed. He moaned profanities, as loud as he could manage and for once, Francis didn’t have to stop him. His own horny grunts and groans were like ecstasy to Nick’s ears. He had made Francis weak with his body, and the man didn’t care about exposing that to him. They gasped loudly together, no longer afraid of being found out.

Nick sighed loudly as the friction of Francis’ hard dick rubbed on the inside of his ass. The stud’s fast jerking motion slammed Nick harder into the hay as the stud picked up speed. Nick yelled in bliss, and Francis groaned in pleasure. He spanked the boy’s tight ass as Nick’s legs waved into the air, bouncing off Francis’ large, meaty pecs and his broad, muscular shoulders.

Nick was enjoying every moment of Francis’ cock thrusting into him. He could feel the giant member up his ass while Francis’ long pubes slapped against his cheeks repeatedly. The jock’s big balls smacked into Nick’s crack, spanking him as hard as Francis’ hands did. Francis’ pre-cum leaked inside Nick’s ass and allowed his member to move faster and harder with each horny thrust. Nick arched his back as the stud pushed in into him, grinding Nick’s prostate and stabbing his bladder over and over again.

“Ohhh, Francis! Fuck!”

“Take my cock, Nick,” Francis whispered, his voice raspy and strained as he drilled the boy’s tight hole. “Take all of it.”

“Oh god… Francis! Oh god…”

“Fuuuucckkkk…” Francis whined, fucking Nick faster and faster, penetrating his anus with fast, horny thrusts and piercing the boy’s flesh with his hard, muscular cock. He latched onto Nick’s body, fucking him with full force and salivating over his lips. Nick moaned and yelled as the stud drove himself inside hard, forgetting about his own pain and concentrating on the Francis’ raw, manly pleasure. He was mating with a tight, throbbing hole, like an animal in the wild. Testosterone coursed through his veins and his manly instincts took over. But before he could spill his seed inside Nick’s ass, he slowed down and paced himself, trying to clench his dick and stop himself from bursting.

“SHIT!” Francis shouted, feeling the teenager’s hole tighten around his rigid shaft. But Francis had control over his body for a few moments and pulled out, trying not to cum. It worked, and soon he was kneeling in from of Nick’s pink hole with his fat nine-inches of cock shaking in pleasure. “I almost came, babe…”

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Nick was trying to catch his breath again as the pain of Francis’ erection left his body. The man’s urgency to fuck was something he loved to see more than anything.

“Let me ride you, on top.”

Francis smiled. “Okay.” He took Nick, lifted him up and planted the twink’s ass firmly on his boner as he rolled around in the hay.

“Yeah, take my dick, baby,” he said, lying down on the soft hay, putting his arms behind his head and exposing his hairy, armpits. His thick pecs stretched out and his abs rubbed against Nick’s skin. “Ride on daddy’s cock.”

Nick had the guy’s dick up his ass, and he was pleasuring Francis now in a different way. He began moving his hips around in a wave, allowing Francis’ throbbing cock to reach deeper than it had before. He already saw the change in Francis’ face—his mouth stretched wide open and he let out a gasp, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

“Fuckk… no one takes it like you, Nick.”

Nick smiled, watching Francis’ flushed face react to his every movement, to his every sway and touch. His bright green eyes bulged each time Nick put any pressure on Francis’ groin, but he was muscular enough to take it like a man.

“Keep at it, babe. Fuckin hell…”

Nick could feel the stud’s member slowly move inside him, lubricated by the slippery pre-cum and the sweat of Nick’s ass. It throbbed hard inside of him, making Nick’s own dick tremble as he felt Francis grab his waist and help move him up and down his torso. Nick’s hands were on Francis’ chest and abs, feeling him up and using his meaty pecs as support.

“You like that?” Nick asked

“Yeah babe. I love it. Shit, man, you feel so good, I can’t help myself…”

Francis then put a firm grip on Nick’s waist, and starting driving himself up and down his asshole. Nick began to moan, nearly screaming in pain and pleasure as the jock began to fuck him good. He held him like a little boy, keeping him tight in his big hands. As if he were a fuck-toy, Francis bounced him up and down his nine-inch dick, ramming himself deeper and thrusting with all the power in his huge, beefy legs.

“Oh my god, Francis!”

“Keep taking it, babe. Take your daddy’s cock.”

“Fuck, Francis! Duck me harder. Uhhnn!”

Francis suddenly flipped Nick on his back, pressing his own body hard against the twink and fucking him like a wild animal. He pulled Nick’s legs up around his own body to get him close then pushed them up against the boy’s body, so Nicks’ knee dug into Nick’s stomach. Francis pressed his thighs down and began breeding his ass. One of Francis’ huge hands grabbed Nick’s shoulder, keeping him hard against his forest of pubes as Francis thrusted him up into the pile of hay.

“You want it like that?”

“Yeah Francis. Shit, keep fucking me.”

Nick felt the jock’s body tighten, his muscles get rigid as Francis focused all his energy in the singular activity: ploughing his fat cock up into Nick’s tight little ass. Nick was moaning in pleasure, hearing Francis grunt and groan as he hit the wall of Nick’s ass hard against his cock-head. It made Nick jump, but the friction of his bare dick against his skin was creating so much heat that Nick only felt himself on fire, torn apart by the raging boner deep inside him, eager to let its spunk loose.

By now, Nick was jacking his own hard-on. He was trying his best to hold on, despite the hard, aggressive movements of Francis slamming himself into Nick’s behind, slapping his balls hard against his ass. He couldn’t take it anymore. It felt so good to have a fat rod of raging meat up inside him, but he needed to feel that rush of cool, electric surges through his body. He had to let himself go.

“I’m cumming,” Nick told him, feeling Francis’ cock stab his prostate. A shudder of euphoria swept through his dick and his groin. Nick’s balls contracted and with big jump, his dick shot a wad of cum all over his chest and hands. Nick kept jerking, milking his own cock of all his spunk and showering himself with the hot, white fluid.

“You’re so hot…” Francis said, breathing fast and panting like a dog. He kept humping Nick, watching as the boy unloaded all over himself. Francis was trying to get himself off too, enjoying every feeling of the ass before him clench and tighten around his fat, veiny cock.

“Keep going,” Nick said, as the huge, meaty dick continued to dig itself into his anus. “You don’t need to stop.”

Francis was groaning, feeling the waves of pleasure course through his cock and up into his body. His pecs twitched and he flexed his rippling abs as he swung his balls into Nick, slapping them hard against his ass. “I’m gonna cum, Nick.”

“Inside me,” Nick said.


“Yeah… cum inside me…” Nick closed his eyes and laid his head against the straw. He felt huge, powerful thrusts against his butt and then, Francis let out a huge moan. His dick shuddered and Nick felt a powerful jerk inside of him. Francis pulled Nick close, keeping his legs against his chest and stomach, and humped faster, barely breathing fast enough to keep up. “Oh shit!” Francis yelled, barely able to speak as his whole body jerked and convulsed. “I’m cumming!”

Nick felt three fat wads of spunk burst from the hunk’s dick, shooting far up inside him and completely soaking all of the flesh inside of him. The hot fluid made Nick tickle with more pleasure, though he thought it wasn’t possible after already having came.

Two more spurts followed, as Francis shoved himself deeper inside his ass and put his lips against Nick’s. They made out as Francis twitched and jerked, his body shaking as his cock ejaculated again, shooting more semen inside. Nick’s own cum got onto Francis’ abs as they pressed against each other, still holding on tight. Francis was still panting heavily, trying to catch his breath and digging his nipples harder into Nick’s skin. They were both wet and sticky, covered in cum and a thick film of sweat. Then, when Francis finally pulled out, Nick felt the liquid leak out of his hole. Francis cleaned it up with his hands, licking up any stray drops.

“I love you,” Francis told him.

Nick took the man’s cum-covered hand and lead his fingers to his mouth, where he sucked him clean, tasting the dirty, manly sweetness of his spunk. He licked his hand until the cum was all gone, but Nick could still feel more of it ooze out from his hole.

Francis collapsed beside him, breathing heavily. Nick also tried to catch his breath, relishing in his boyfriend’s company. They were both naked, sticky and dirty. And once the exhaustion disappeared, Francis turned to face Nick.

“Nick, can I ask you something?”

Nick smiled, now looking at him. “Of course. Anything.”

“You always say you want me inside you. You want me, you want me. How does that feel? What does it feel like to have me inside you? To want me to put it inside you there?”

The teenager was a bit caught off-guard by his question, but he guessed that for a man who thought he had been straight for all of his life, and was now fucking a dude on the regular, it was a valid question for him to ask, if he really wanted to understand the boy he loved.

“Well, it’s kinda hard to explain. Whenever I think of you, or want you, I just… I feel this shiver up my spine, or an endless flutter in my stomach. And… there’s a longing—an aching—for you that I feel inside me. It feels like a need, like desperation. And I need someone to fill it for me, to put all of themselves inside of me where that ache is. I mean… I guess I feel that ache up my ass.” Nick laughed at that, and Francis chuckled too, admiring the flush of embarrassment creep onto his face.

“It feels like I need someone to satisfy me when I’m horny, and when I’m horny, that part of me just started to ache. I literally need someone to fill it.”

Francis laughed again, holding Nick’s body close.

“What does it feel when you want me?” Nick asked him.

“Well, kinda the same thing. There’s that ache—that longing. But I feel it more in my waist. Like, where my dick is. Behind it, in my gut. And when I think of being with you, body just feels like giving that part to you. To feel you against me, against all of me. To feel your most intimate part around my most intimate part, y’know?”

Nick nodded. “Yeah, I think I get it.”

Francis hesitated. “Sometimes I just wanna know what you feel. I mean… I’m pretty big and you’re very tight. I wonder if I hurt you.”

“It always hurts at first—nothing will change that. But once you’re inside of me, and once it’s been a minute or so, I think that pain turns into pleasure.”

“And you being to open up,” Francis pointed out.

Nick giggled. “Yeah. And that.”

“I still wanna feel what you feel. You take my dick like man every time we fuck,” he said, grinning. “No complaints, no nothing.”

“Well it’s not like you don’t appreciate it,” Nick said. “I know just how much you love it.”

“I do. But… I could appreciate it and love it more.”

Nick raised an eyebrow, his heart picking up the pace. “Oh, really?”

Francis didn’t break his gaze. “Really.”

They stared at each other, breathing on one another’s face and laying in the soft straw until Nick finally spoke.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked.

Francis was silent for a moment. “Is that weird?”

“No!” Nick’s face erupted into laugher. “Of course not!”

“You think it’s weird! Just forget I said anything.”

“I don’t!” Nick cried, holding Francis’ face in his hands and bringing him closer. “I promise, I don’t. I love that you trust me enough to tell me this. And that you want us to be even closer.”

Francis looked at him, realizing Nick was genuinely happy that Francis had shared that with him. It was laughter of joy, not mockery.

“Do you really want me to… top you?”

Francis was quiet. “Yes, I think so.”

“You don’t have to receive if you don’t want to—if you don’t think you’re ready. It’s not so easy the first time.”

“You’re first time was with me. And I wasn’t so easy on you.”

“That was different. We hardly knew each other. And I just wanted to get rid of my virginity. This time will be special. Love instead of lust. And we know each other better than anyone else.”

He nodded slowly, feeling warmth spread through him as Nick spoke. “I am ready. I want to bottom for you.”

“We don’t have lube or anything. It’s easier with lube. Or a condom.”

“I don’t care. I want to feel all of you. I want to know how you feel when I’m with you.”

Nick played with Francis’ hair, twirling the brown locks around his finger. “It will hurt, Francis.”

“It’s okay. I can take it. I can take anything when I’m with you.”

“Okay. I’ll give, and you receive.”

He nodded, his heart beating slightly faster. He hadn’t done this with anyone.

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Nick began to roll over him, putting his body overtop Francis’. At first, he slipped into his usual role: foreplay with kisses, their bodies rubbing, and Francis’ hands on Nick’s ass, but then Nick began to shift his body lower, low enough so that his crotch could reach between Francis’ thighs. Nick looked at him one last time, as if asking if he was still all right with this. Francis simply gave him a quick nod, and then closed his eyes, inviting him in with his legs spread wide apart.

Nick came in closer, his arms shaking a bit and his legs feeling weak as he got onto his knees spread himself across the floor. He knew that it would be impossible to try to penetrate Francis raw, so he lowered his face to Francis’ ass first, delicately pushing his legs further apart to reach his most private region.

Nick smiled as he stared at Francis’ bright, bulging ass. He began to rub his white cheeks, which began to turn pink as Nick grabbed at them and squeezed handfuls of flesh. Francis let out a few moans at that, but not the kind that Nick really wanted to hear. Francis was saving those for later.

The man’s ass was so round and perky, muscular too, as it bounced and jiggled with each touch Nick made. “You’re so hot,” he said to him.

“You’re hotter,” Francis teased.

Nick kissed his ass cheeks, before pushing them apart with his hands. “No, you are.” Finally, he exposed Francis’ pink, puckering hole. It was hairy but tight, like any real man’s ass. But Nick didn’t mind. Francis was waiting for Nick to enter him. He must have been expecting a cock to ram him first, but he was surprised by what he felt instead.

“Oh shit!” Francis exclaimed, feeling a hot, wet tongue pierce his asshole. He almost jumped. “Fuck…”

Nick laughed a bit, tasting the man’s anus with his dripping tongue, while placing kisses on his warm entrance. “You like that?”

“Fuck yeah. Shit, that’s amazing,” he said. This was the first time Nick had kissed his hole like that. “But it tickles.”

Nick continued licking him, spitting on his hole and then lapping at his juices. His skin tasted good to him, and his soft flesh was perfect for what they were about to do that day. Nick sucked on him, pushing his ass cheeks further apart to get deeper into him. Francis’ moans echoed across the barn, grasping at straw as the fat tongue lathered his ass with spit and entered his hole.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Francis moaned again, pushing his butt further up into Nick’s face. The teenager liked that and spanked him as the man whined in pleasure. Nick continued eating him out, moving his mouth down towards the man’s balls, then back up to his sweaty hole, which was puckering in anticipation, waiting for Nick to enter him.

The boy gave the hole a few more flicks of his tongue before he pressed it inside him, tasting his flesh.

“Uhhhnnnn! That’s so good…” Francis said to him, still writhing in the hay.

Nick smiled, lubing him his hole up with more spit. “You taste so good,” he murmured. “Dirty, but good.”

Francis pushed his ass further into his face, letting the teenager take full control. Nick spanked him again before putting his hand up and down the man’s crack. He licked two of his fingers then inserted them into Francis’ asshole, going slowly at first.

“Oh shit!” he groaned, feeling the two fingers enter his anus. They stretched out his hole, filling him up. The boy’s fingers were warm and hard, and as Nick pushed them deeper inside of him, Francis squirmed and shook. “Fuck, that feels good.”

“You want more?” Nick asked him, gently grabbing his ass with his free hand.

“Yes, baby. Give me more.”

Nick smiled again, giving the hunk exactly what he wanted. He inserted another finger, pushing the three of them harder into him, trying to go at a slow pace. He pushed until no more could fit. Then, after he withdrew them, he pushed them back in, fucking the mam slowly with his hand.


“You’re shaking,” Nick said to him, rubbing his hands over Francis’ bare back and putting his body overtop to comfort him.

“It’s fine, I’m okay,” Francis answered, feeling the boy enter him. He was being finger fucked while Nick leaned over his body, his mouth inches away from his navel.

“You sure?”

“Yes. Just… different. Different-good.”

Nick inserted his fingers once more, pushing into him deep, then withdrawing to fuck him with it again. “Do you like me inside you?”

He nodded slowly. “Yes.”

“Do you want me to fuck you now?”

He nodded again. “Yes. Put your cock in me, baby.”

It made Nick’s heart flutter to hear that. All the doubts he had about fucking Francis were gone as the man asked to be penetrated. Nick took his fingers out and held his ass, rubbing him before he adjusted the way he sat. His thighs were wide apart, flanking both sides of Francis’ body, so it would be impossible to slide them off. He tried to stay upright so that his now fully erect dick could reach Francis. When his knees were nestled on some straw, he scooted further up, his head leaking with pre-cum.

“Is this okay?” Nick asked him, pressing his groin against Francis’ balls and taint. The man lifted his legs so that the boy could reach his ass, and then, he placed his knees over Nick’s waist, feeling his taut chest and hard nipples with his hands as he slid them up and down.

“Yeah, that’s okay. Come in closer. I want to feel all of you.”

They were squished together now, as Francis used his legs to bring him in. Francis then reached out and put his hands on Nick’s waist, and stroked his ass, grabbing and squeezing it as he smiled. Nick put his hands down next to Francis’ face, trying to keep himself upright as he stared at him.

“Ready?” Nick asked.

Francis grinned. “Put it in, babe. I’m ready.”

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Nick laughed nervously, reaching down to his dick and lining it up to Francis’ hole. His ass crack was wet with sweat, and Nick’s penis was lubed up with pre-cum. He spat once onto Francis’ hole, feeling it pucker and adjust to the sensation. His crack was warm to the touch, and his ass was nice and perky. Nick didn’t hesitate to grab and pinch it a bit, while smacking it every so often, just to feel and watch it bounce against his groin.

Once Nick pulled his foreskin back, he pushed his head onto Francis’ hole, feeling his body tighten as he began to enter him.

“Oh shit…”

Nick gasped as Francis’ ass began to accept his penis, letting it slip further inside as the smooth walls glided over his skin. “Holy fuck…” he moaned, throwing his head back as the overwhelming sensation made his spine tingle, and his legs quiver.

Nick put more of himself in. Feeling Francis’ warm, tight asshole around his cock was bliss. He had never felt the way he did now, as he penetrated Francis’ hole with his engorged, leaking cock. There were gasps of ecstasy escaping Nick’s lips, and as Francis told him to go in all the way, he eagerly obliged, thrusting his hips into the man’s bottom.

“Jesus!” Francis yelled, grabbing Nick’s shoulders as the boy gently pulled out and then pushed back in again.

“Oh fuck… you’re so tight, Francis.”

“That cock is amazing, Nick. Fuck, don’t stop.”

Nick grabbed a fist full of Francis’ ass in his hands, rubbing his cheeks and feeling the soft, hairless flesh in-between his fingers. He suddenly felt blood coursing through his veins, and testosterone filled his body. He had the overwhelming urge to pick up speed. His dick went completely inside, and Nick cried out in pleasure while Francis moaned in pain once more. Nick’s boner was up his ass, throbbing violently and spewing out pre-cum. Nick’s hairy groin and balls smacked against Francis’ butt, while the stud’s muscular arms held onto Nick’s delicate body, pulling him closer inside.

Nick pulled half of his cock out of Francis and then pushed back in. Francis moaned, feeling the thick, pole of muscle expand his hole and slide forward. The walls of Francis’ ass were intoxicating, and Nick had no intention of stopping anytime soon. He could feel the head of his penis hit Francis’ prostate and as he did so, Francis’ body weakened, and he let out a low, horny yell. Francis’ cock let out a premature load onto his stomach, splattering his abs. But his red, trembling cock was still fully erect, and it was telling Nick to begin fucking him like a man.

“Oh shit… Jesus, Nick.”

Nick thrust forward again. The first few were still slow, as he held Francis’ body down and grasped his smooth chest, and then they got harder, and quicker. Nick felt Francis’ asshole expand as he himself got deeper and deeper inside of him, his shaft and veins hitting his prostate square on, grinding it until his own cock and balls ached in pain, desperate for release. But Nick loved it.

“Ohhhh fuck!” the jock cried.

He suddenly knew what it must have been like for Francis to fuck him. Nick had let Francis do whatever he wanted to him, and with both of their large sex drives, it had been a winning combination for them both. Nick felt the power well up in his arms, waist and pelvis as he fucked Francis, penetrating the deepest parts of his body while Francis worshipped him, kissing Nick’s neck and shoulders when he came close, and rubbing his hard stomach and taut chest.

Nick felt the man squirm beneath him, and felt his insides contract and tremble around Nicks’ cock. The man’s face twisted in pleasure while his body shook and his muscles bulged in the sensation of ecstasy.

Nick’s whole body shook, and the veins in his arms and dick bulged. He felt waves of emotion overcome him with every thrust he took into Francis’ body. His heart ached with the thought of the two of them sharing this moment, that Francis had wanted to feel what Nick always felt when they were together.

“Fuck, Nick! I love you so much.”

He admired Francis’ scrunched up face. The man was loving every minute of it, and his dick was still fully hard.

“You’re so tight, Francis.” It was true, his ass was amazingly tight, and every time his cock twitched, the muscles in his butt would clench, making Nick’s body shiver, and his muscles ache. Nick knew exactly how Francis was feeling—it was a sensation he had felt thousands of times, every time he was with Francis. It suddenly made since why Francis had been so desperate to fuck him, and why he never wanted to leave the inside of his body.

Nick’s bushy pubes bounced off Francis’ ass, as his groin began to smack into him. Nick could feel his loose balls swing into Francis’ butt too. Nick was fucking Francis like a man, and his powerful, manly thrusts were enough to bring Francis to heel. The stud moaned. Nick’s balls flung themselves into Francis’ cheeks, making him wince but smile as more semen leaked out of his head and into the stud’s asshole.

Nick moaned again, crying out in pain while his cock plunged deeper into Francis. He grabbed onto the man’s shoulders and started to rhythmically pump in and out of him, the way Francis always did with him. Nick and Francis were both grunting like animals now, as the feeling of hot flesh around his boner overwhelmed him. This was a desire he never thought he’d have—Nick loved to watch Francis’ face twist in pain and bliss while his abs clenched and flexed with each thrust, pull and push Nick made with his body.

“Fuck yeah, baby! Oh shit!” Francis yelled. He suddenly lifted his legs, stretching his ass further apart so that Nick could get in deeper. He put his legs over Nick’s head, and rested the underside of his knees onto the boy’s shoulders.

“Aaaarrrghhhh! Fuck!” Nick groaned, as his whole body began to buck and cramp up. He continued pushing himself into Francis, holding the stud’s smooth legs over his chest and body while he pumped into him.

Francis, meanwhile, was jacking himself off, grinning as the boy’s balls smacked into him. “Fuck me, Nick! Faster!”

Nick went as fast as he could, feeling his hips ache and his cock begin to tingle in ecstasy. His balls shook and he knew that he was near climax.

“Fuck, Francis! I’m almost there!”

Francis continued jacking off, teeth clenched and his body aching. Nick’s eyes were closed, and he felt up Francis’ body, savouring the tall, hairy stud underneath him. His bright green eyes, his pale, freckled face… his large hairy pecs, his furry abs and that long, bushy trail that lead right to his massive dick…

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Nick listened to his deep voice, moaning in bliss as he penetrated him, the sound of his breath against his face and the soft, yet dominating grasp he took of Nick’s body, bringing him closer so that he could be deeper inside of him, so that he could please Nick as much as he wanted to please himself. Francis had somehow known what Nick had wanted—his desire for rough, painful sex and the fast, manly motions they both made together. He thought of his man, the 6’2″ jock who would smell his hair, who would stroke Nick’s cock and would call him “baby”, even when he was too exhausted to talk or to even breath. The man who had fought his own brother for Nick, who had kept him warm whenever he’d gotten cold… the man who cared for him beyond his words could describe.

“Uggghhh fuck!” Nick yelled, holding onto both of Francis’ legs tightly, and fucking his ass so hard that his dick didn’t even leave the inside of his ass. “I’m gonna cum!” He wanted to cum for Francis, to show him that no other man turned him on like he did.

“Cum inside me, babe,” Francis groaned, whining with low moans as Nick impaled his body with his hard, throbbing rod of meat. The entire length of his shaft was inside of him, and he continually thrusted it further and further in, wanting to impale his boyfriend.

“Awwww, fuck! SHIT!”

Nick could feel his dick harden even more. His balls contracted, lurching hard against Francis’ ass as they pushed a load of cum through his body. It made Nick’s hips tense and the veins in his crotch bulged with pleasure.

“Ohhhh fuck! Francis!”

The sperm surged through groin and shot its way through Nick’s erection, making his member throb inside Francis’ asshole. He put both his hands tightly on Francis’ thighs and shoved his groin into his cheeks. He held him there as the wave of euphoria swept over his body.

The loads of sperm came hard and fast out of Nick’s dick, covering the very back of Francis’ anal cavity and smearing the top and bottom of his insides. The fat wad of cum was hot and steaming. It felt amazing as it left his body, and mingled with the juices of Francis’ ass.

“Uhhhhnnnnn!” Francis exclaimed, as he felt Nick ejaculate into his anus. His own ass clenched as he also erupted, shooting his sperm all over his abs and chest while Nick kept driving himself into him. His weak, watery sperm dripped all over his body and down his ribs, leaking onto the bench.

More loads of cum kept coming, and Nick was forced to thrust each time. It suddenly began to leak out of the stud’s ass. It dripped down his cheeks and crack, and then onto his sweaty back and then landed on the bench. Nick felt Francis’ own cum dripping down his ass form their earlier fuck, too. He swept it up easily with his fingers and swallowed the man’s seed with pleasure, relishing in his taste and the look of pure ecstasy on his face.

When finally the spurts of cum began to die down, Nick loosened his grip on Francis’ legs and let himself slowly ease in and out of his hole. His cock wasn’t soft yet, and he wanted to milk every last moment of bliss with his boyfriend. It made Nick smile to see his cum all over Francis’ body, along with Francis’ own sperm. He took another scoop of the stud’s seed, this time from his rock-hard abs, and licked it, enjoying the bitter, manly taste.

“Holy shit, Nick… that was fucking amazing.”

Nick smiled, licking up the last bit of sperm and then stroking Francis’ cock until it began to go soft. Nick then withdrew himself and rubbed his own cock for a while before he lay down in the hay next to him, completely exhausted. Francis’ hard-on deflated as all his cum leaked out. Once he’d composed himself, he pulled Nick close and kissed him, tasting his own cum inside Nick’s mouth, like they’d done that very morning.

“I love you,” he whispered, his hot breath on Nick’s wet lips.

“I love you more,” Nick grinned, feeling the man’s stubble graze his face. They held each other while lying in the hay, stealing kisses from the other’s face as they giggled and tried to catch their breath in the hot summer air.

“We’re gonna spend all day with each other,” Francis told him. “This is the first day of our life here.”

Nick nodded, stroking his face and playing with the sweaty, fuzzy hair on Francis’ chest. “Just us. And no one else.”

“No one else.”

Nick sighed out in relief, and let himself fall asleep in Francis arms, their naked bodies warming each other as a cool breeze swept in from the stream nearby. They spent the rest of their day sleeping and frolicking in the water, before finally returning home later that night, half-naked while aboard the horse. That night, they planned their life together in that old house, making a list of all the things they’d need to repair it and make it livable. However, despite the long, growing list of items and expenses, one thing they knew for sure was that what they really ever needed to be happy in that house, was each other.

Written By: Scott Goulding 123

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