Jocks of the South-Part 12


Blowies in the Bathroom

The morning of the wedding had been way too hectic for Nick. He’d woken up early, showered vigorously, ironed the shit out of his clothes, went through half of a lint-roller and spayed himself with so much cologne he was sure that people in airplanes overhead would be able to detect his movements by smell alone. The drive to Francis’ house was just as nerve-wracking and he’d managed to sweat out most of the cologne by then.

Nick wanted to look his best for Francis—as well as for his parents—and wanted to show him that even though no one knew they were dating, that the both of them were right for each other, and that Nick was good boyfriend material. However, Francis already knew that Nick was more than worthy, but his own anxiety about who exactly would show up to the wedding had made him seem a little distant.

But the moment Francis spotted Nick through the bedroom window—that tight little ass working a cut suit—he’d forgotten all his worries and felt his heart melt inside his chest.

“Nick, can you come up here? I need some help!” Francis exclaimed, trying to save Nick from some boring conversation with his parents. They were curious about Francis’ “good friend”.

“Yeah sure, Francis!” Nick yelled back. “It was nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy.”

“You too, Nicholas.”

Nick didn’t correct them on the name thing.

When Nick got to Francis’ room, he was meet with the familiar array of dirty underwear, loose garbage and old food all over the place. He found Francis waiting for him, with nothing on but a towel across his waist. His bulging pecs, rigid six pack of abs and his thick lines of muscle, leading down to his groin, were all glistening with water and his hair was wet and messy. His biceps and shoulders were flexing with muscle, and his green eyes were bright and happy to see Nick. He’d just come out of the shower, and his towel was damp enough for Nick to make out the bulge of his dick pressed against it.

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“Sorry about them,” Francis said. “They can get a bit too excited sometimes.”

“Don’t worry, mine will do the same thing to you.”

“Yeah,” Francis smiled. Then he sat down on his bed, staring at Nick in his tux. “Fuck… you look damn good, babe.”

Nick cocked his eyebrow. “Yeah?” He inched towards Francis, walking slowly between his outstretched legs, spread wide apart. It wouldn’t take much to simply reach in and take what he wanted most…

Francis bit his lower lip, his hands creeping over Nick’s waist once the teenager got close enough to him. “Hell yeah. The best looking boy in this whole damn town.” He spread his big fingers down between his suit jacket and felt the crease of the boy’s shirt, then trailed back around to his ass. He tightened his grip here, digging his fingers into the tight fabric of Nick’s pants.

“Are you just gonna sit there, or are you gonna them off?” Nick asked, looking down to his pants. He was teasing him bad, putting his hands on the man’s wet shoulders and then gliding them down to his rigid chest.

Francis fought the urge to strip his boyfriend right there and bend him over the bed. As much as he wanted to pound Nick, he knew him and his parents were already late for the wedding and he needed more than just five minutes to have his way with Nick. He’d been without him for the entire day and wanted to give it to him good.

“Not here, baby. Not yet. Sorry. We’ve gotta go soon. Afterwards, though, we can come back here and fuck each other’s brains out,” he whispered, his voice low but desperate. “I promise.”

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Nick was obviously disappointed, especially with the tent he was beginning to pitch in his pants, but he knew it was risky enough with Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy running up and down the stairs to a few last-minute thing.

“Yeah, okay. Afterwards then. I want you all to myself.”

Francis grinned, water dripping off his wet hair. “You got it, babe. My dick is all yours.”

Nick laughed at that. “Soo… do you need help getting dressed?”

Francis shook his head. “Slow down, cowboy. I don’t want you trying anything on me.”

“No, I’m serious,” Nick said. “I can help.” He really wanted to get the jock into some clothes, kind of like a wife dressing her helpless husband. He wanted to show him how good of a spouse he could be.

“Uh… okay, sure. I was about to iron my shirt. Wanna do that while I dry off?”

Nick nodded. “Yeah, okay.” He smiled as he took the white dress shirt out from the closet, for he knew that he’d get to watch a strip show as the hunk dried himself down. The iron was already hot so Nick got right to it, using the iron table to straighten out any folds or creases.

Meanwhile, Francis undid his towel, revealing his bare, bulging bubble butt to Nick. He was turned around so Nick couldn’t see his dick, but Nick liked it that way—it made things more interesting. Francis used the towel to dry off his hair, his butt cheeks bouncing as he vigorously scrubbed his head. Nick watched his pale ass in awe, and stared at his thick, muscular thighs, which were still dripping in water. As he moved about the room, Nick could see the stud’s assets from between his legs: Francis’ balls and the tip of his dick hanging below and flopping about. Nick had seen all of that more times than he could count but something about having his man wet and naked around the house was a huge turn-on. Seeing him nude would never get old.

Nick finished faster than Francis thought he would. In no time, Nick was ironing his pants and jacket while the jock sifted around in his drawer for some clean underwear. Nick saw him pick out a fresh pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs, which were amazingly white. “Nice pick,” Nick told him.

Francis suddenly turned his head around, blushing. “Thanks,” he laughed. “You getting a good view of my ass?”

“Oh yeah.”

Francis smirked, letting Nick stare all he wanted. He lifted his legs to pull on the tight boxers, exposing his low-hanging balls and thick, limp dick to the air. Nick felt his own penis begin to stiffen again at the sight. Francis put them on quickly, covering his fat ass and then his huge dick. He had to spend some time putting his hands down the front, trying to adjust his large dick and big balls. It was sometimes difficult to fit everything in there, especially with his ass already taking up so much room. By the time he turned around to show Nick his impressive bulge, the teenager was handing him a stick of deodorant.

“Here,” he said. “Sometimes you can really stink. Like a locker room of a football team.”

Francis smirked. “I thought you liked that?”

Nick blushed. “Yeah, but people at the wedding won’t.”

Francis agreed and took the stick from him, lifting his bulky arms and exposing his thick, hairy pits. He rubbed some on both then asked Nick to hand him his shirt.

Nick brought it to him, helping him put his arms through and then putting the top over his shoulders. Nick’s sensual touch against Francis’s back made his nipples hard, and as Nick came around to button him up, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Uh, thanks for doing this, Nick.”

Nick kissed him gently, relishing the taste of Francis’ mouth. He liked it when Francis held his lower lip in-between his teeth for a few seconds before letting go.

“Anytime,” Nick said. “God knows you need help getting dressed.”

Francis laughed, making Nick blush. “Not just that, but with coming with me to the wedding. It’d be hella boring without you.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t take some girl instead of me.”

“Your my boyfriend. I’d never take someone else.”

“But you could have. And your parents would have wanted you to.”

“Yeah but I love—I like you. I don’t want to spend time with some chick, I want to spend it with my boyfriend.”

Nick smiled. It was just the answer he wanted. He pecked him again on the mouth before helping him finish button up. He tried to pretend that he hadn’t noticed the stud’s erect nipples, which was hard to do with his pecs bulging through the cloth. He didn’t need anything else to convince him to suck Francis off right then and there. He handed Francis his pants and waited for him to pull them on.

“Okay, this is where I need you,” Francis said , adjusting his dick in his pants and showing Nick the short waistband. “I need you to button it up like last time.”

“My pleasure,” Nick smirked.

“Don’t try anything, man. I need my dick to actually stay in these pants, so don’t give me a hard-on.”

“Okay, okay,” he smiled, wishing that a boner was exactly what Francis got. He could already imagine the rigid pole of meat, sticking in the air with a red head and curved slightly to reach into Nick’s g-spot. He shook himself of his thoughts and helped Francis out.

“Okay, you button it up and I’ll give you the slack. I’ll countdown, okay?”


“Okay. One… two… three!”

Nick was fast. As soon as Francis breathed in and pulled on his waistband, Nick took both edges and buttoned them together. “Got it!”

“Oh shit,” Francis sighed, surprised they’d got it down on the first try. “That was quick.”

“We make a good team,” Nick said.

Francis smiled wide, showing off his white teeth. “Yeah. We do.” He finished tucking in his shirt and did up his fly. Nick grabbed something off the bed and then got to his knees in front of Francis, rubbing something wet against his groin.

“Whoa! What are you doing?”

“There’s cum on your crotch, stupid. From when I blew you in these,” he said, using the damp towel to get the stains out.

“Oh. Uh, thanks.”

“Come on, I’ll do the bow tie for you.”

“I can do that myself…”

Nick looked at him, trying not to laugh. “So you’re telling me your closet isn’t full of clip-ons?”

Francis was silent, looking a bit embarrassed. “Okay… I might need some help.”

He smiled, going off to get his bowtie.

“Don’t laugh at me!” Francis said, his voice soft.

“I’m not, I’m not,” Nick yelled, trying to stifle his giggles.

“You are!”

“Well even I can do a bowtie, Francis!”

The jock shook his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets. That only made the fabric around his crotch tighter. “Alright, alright. Just get your ass over here.”

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He returned with the tie, beaming at the thought of Francis being a big tough guy who needed help with something as simple as doing up a bow.

While Nick reached around Francis’ neck to get the bow tie around, he could feel the jock’s chest against his, the rigid pecs that dug into his skin and the hard abs below it. He tied the bow around him, while Francis watched him, biting his lower lip. Nick could smell the cologne coming off of him. It was intoxicating and manly. His masculine figure and rock-hard body was attractive enough, but seeing him in suit cut to his frame was even hotter. Nick could already feel something stirring in Francis’ pants.

“There,” he said, patting Francis’ chest and showing him his handy work. “All done.”

He smiled, finding his hands creeping out of his pants, and clinging back onto the boy’s waist. He pulled him in and held Nick’s small but hard body against him for a moment. He kissed him passionately before parting with the ache still deep in his gut. Francis stood there awkwardly, as if there was something he wanted to say, yet could not bring himself to do. They both stood there, holding one another in silence before Nick finally said something.

“What’s wrong?” Nick asked, looking a bit concerned.

“Nothing, I…” his hands were shaking now, and his green eyes darted from Nick’s face, back to the floor. “I…”

“What is it?”

“I’m… fuck.”

Nick almost burst out laughing. “You’re fuck?”

“Okay. I’m just gonna say it.”

Nick suddenly froze.

“I’m in love with you, Nick. I have been for a while but… I didn’t have the balls to tell you. But I just need you to know that because I can’t hold it back any longer. I stop myself from saying it every time but I don’t want to do that anymore. You mean so fucking much to me. And I really do love you.”

Nick’s heart was beating wildly, loud enough that he thought Francis could hear. His body was cold but his face was red hot, and his fingers trembled. He had no idea where this had come from—he hadn’t expected this at all.

“Francis… I…”

“It’s okay if you don’t feel—”

“No! I-I love you t-too, Francis. I just…”

The biggest smile spread across his face, parting his bright red, freckled cheeks.

“I’ve been in love with you since… well, for a long time. But I never thought you’d be interested in me beyond sex until recently and I… I kind buried those feelings. I’m sorry I made you say it first, Francis. I know this is difficult with your parents, and I—”

Francis simply kissed him, fighting back tears that pricked his eyes. He held Nick tight, his fingertips digging into the boy’s body like knifes. His grip was hard enough to break a rib, but he wouldn’t let that happen to Nick.

“I love you. So fucking much, Nick. And I don’t care about anyone else. I only want you.”

Nick felt weak in his grasp, not sure what had just happened. Hearing those three words come out of Francis’ mouth felt surreal. “I love you too, Francis.” He smiled back, his heart still beating fast. This was real. It had somehow just happened.

Nick and Francis loved each other.

Francis didn’t want to let go of him. “God, I want to make love to you right now. So badly.”

Nick grinned, his face pink as Francis swept him up in a powerful hug again. “So do I but you’re right, we have to go. Otherwise they’ll see us.”

His face was barely touching Nick’s. His hot breathe warmed the boy’s mouth. “I don’t care if they do. I want you,” he whispered, his low voice eager with lust. “I love you.” It sounded better each time he said it.

Nick blinked away his urge to undo the man’s clothing. “Francis… we’re both horny. We’re not thinking straight.”

“You’re damn right I’m not thinking straight. I’m gay for you.”

Nick laughed, pushing him away. He hated Francis’ gay jokes. They were all really bad.

Francis felt embarrassed. He put his hands back in his pockets and took a few steps back. God help him, if he saw Nick laugh again he’d rip the clothes right off his tight little body and suck the life out of him.

Nick hesitated for a second, still not quite believing what had happened. “Do you… really love me?”

Francis nodded. “Yes, Nick. So fucking much.”

Nick walked up to him and embraced him, laying his head on his boyfriend’s chest for a long while. Francis held him there, stroking his soft hair, a little surprised himself that this had happened. Nick could hear his heart beating, he could feel his chest throbbing, blood pumping through him. Francis’ heart somehow belonged to Nick, and every bit of Nick belonged to Francis. It was real.

“Afterwards,” Nick murmured, his lips grazing one of the man’s nipples. It was clearly visible against the white fabric. “Afterwards you can fuck me all through the night. I want you to. We can find a place to be alone and we’ll make love nonstop. But for now, we have to go—for your sake. You’d still need a place to live and I can’t live with myself thinking I got you kicked out of here because we couldn’t keep it in our pants for a few hours.”

Francis slowly nodded, reluctantly agreeing. Nick was a lot smarter than him, and he knew he was right. He held him a little tighter. “Okay.”

They finally parted, feeling a bit less awkward with each other. Things between them had changed, as if someone had finally exhaled. And Francis finally felt at peace—that is, until he remembered who was in attendance at the wedding.

“Get your jacket on, and we’ll go,” Nick told him.

Francis nodded. “Yup.”

“Your parents said you’re taking your truck?”

“Oh, um, yeah. They’re gonna pick up a few relatives in their car so we’ll be going together.”

“Alright, let’s hurry. You still have to dry your hair, dumb ass.”

He grunted, wishing he could just throw a hat on and be done with it.

After Francis finished drying his hair, putting on his socks and shoes and pulling on his jacket, the two of them went into Francis’ truck and set off on the highway. They drove for a while, getting into stupid conversations and listening to music on the way there. As soon as they arrived, Nick noticed just how early they were. Francis drove fast.

“We can hang out by the bar,” Francis suggested.

“I’m not 21 yet,” Nick said.

“Oh yeah. Right.”

“Aren’t you 20?”

Francis smiled. “Fake ID. And no one really asks me for it anyway.”

“Because your a big man,” Nick said, affectionately rubbing Francis’ chest. “A big, strong man.”

“Shut up,” Francis giggled. “That tickles!”

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They eventually made their way over to the groom’s suite at the hotel, where the groomsmen were supposed to be hanging out. Once again, Nick and Francis were early.

“We can play on the PSP,” Nick said.

“Oh. Um… I might have, uh, forgotten to bring them.”


“I’m sorry, dude. I completely forgot. I was kinda distracted…”

“We’re gonna die of boredom here, Francis.”

Francis tried to fix it. “Well we can just wait for the others to show up, I guess. And think of other things to do until they get here.” He collapsed on a nearby chair, sitting comfortably with his back against the seat and his legs wide apart.

“Well…” Nick began, moving closer to him. “There’s one thing that comes to mind…” He stood in-between Francis’ legs, who was staring up at him in surprise. His green eyes were wide, and there was innocence and curiosity spread across his pale, freckled face. His brown hair was messily strewn across his head. Nick swept it back neatly and whispered to him. “No one’s around, Francis.”

“Nick, I… I don’t know…”

Nick smiled at him, biting his lower lip. “We’re you basically begging me for it like forty minutes ago?”

“I… we’re out in public, Nick.”

“We can lock the door, Francis. We’ll know if they’re outside.”

Francis face was bright red, and he looked nervous. But Nick could already feel something long and hard rising in his pants. Nick snaked his hands down to Francis’ crotch, rubbing the taught fabric of his fly.

“They’ll b-be here any minute…” he stuttered, barely able to speak as Nick’s touch grazed his stiff member. “I c-can’t do it now…”

“Really? Because your body’s saying something else.”


“C’mon, let go into the bathroom. If they come, we can stop and say we were fixing our hair. I’m horny, Francis. And I want to blow you. I love you, and your big cock.”

That just about did it. Francis smiled, closing his eyes and feeling Nick’s small hands rub the hard shaft that pushed against his pants. Francis knew he was in need of release, and he didn’t want to do it with anyone other than Nick. “Okay… but you’ll have to swallow for me. We can’t make a mess.”

Nick smiled, bringing his face closer to Francis’. “When have I ever not swallowed you?”

He smirked, his teeth flashing. “You’re a little cum slut, aren’t you?”

He nodded slowly, with big bright eyes. “Yeah, I am. And I’m all yours.”

Francis eagerly got up, eyeing the closed door to the hotel room. Then, deciding that no one was coming in, he lead Nick into the bathroom, grabbing his hand and pulling him quickly. “C’mon,” he said, walking while his blue balls swung like boulders in-between his legs.

As soon as they went inside, Nick locked the bathroom door and Francis put the toilet seat cover down. The jock sat down over it, eagerly unzipping his fly. Nick helped him with it, pushing the man’s huge awkward fingers aside so he could get to it his zipper. Once Francis was comfortable on the toilet seat, he spread his legs wide apart, put his hands behind his head and sniggered once Nick finally pulled the zipper all the way down, as if he were unwrapping a present. He let the boy fumble around with his small warm hands, reaching inside now to find the fly of his boxer briefs.

After a bit of struggling, Francis grinned and offered to do it himself. His big hand reached inside and took only a few moments—despite how tight his pants were—to pull out his thick, throbbing cock, which was nearly erect. Nick helped him take it out of his boxers, and it sprung out from his zipper like a dense heavy of hard rubber. Francis was already leaking, and his foreskin was soaked with clear, salty fluid.

“Fuck, it’s big,” Nick said, boosting his man’s ego. He’d seen that thing a thousand times but still, the length, sheer girth and the ravishing pink color of his soft member was enticing. Add to that the fact that his manhood was covered in bulging blue and purple veins. Nick was already hungry for it.

“It’s all yours,” Francis said, his voice low and horny as he grabbed his cock with his fist and smacked it a few times into the boy’s desperate face. The twink revelled in the musty scent of his boyfriend’s burly cock, and the pre-cum now sticking to his nose, mouth and chin felt amazing. It made him even hornier.

Nick smiled at the sight of his dick once Francis let go of it. He especially admired how well it had responded to his touch. Nick knew that no one had that effect on Francis but him. He quickly put his lips and tongue to the tip, sucking the fluid from his skin and then pulling it down to expose his pink head.

“Ohh fuckkk…” Francis moaned, feeling Nick’s warm, wet mouth suck on his foreskin, and then engulf the head of his penis. “You’re so good to me.”

Nick smiled while he pushed himself down on Francis groin. Nick was on his knees, his head in-between Francis’ two muscular thighs, which were still spread all the way apart. His pants bulged with muscle, and Nick worked hard with his fingers to free the man’s balls from his fly, so that he could play with testicles and watch them react to Nick’s every lick.

Nick slurped up more pre-cum and felt the hard dick throb in his mouth, pulsing with each heartbeat as blood gushed through the thick veins and fat meat. It was hot in his mouth, making his chest feel even warmer, and giving his stomach butterflies. Then, Nick flicked his tongue over Francis’ head, feeling more ejaculate spew out of his slit. He watched Francis squirm and moan in pleasure, putting his hands through Nick’s curly brown hair and rub him gently with affection.

“Uhhhhnnn… I love you, baby,” Francis muttered, his eyes closed and his head pushed back against the wall in ecstasy.

Nick grinned, his mouth full of his lover’s cock as he spoke.

“I love you too.”

Then, Nick stuck his tongue out, licking the man’s fat, red head. It still wasn’t fully exposed out of the jock’s foreskin, but Nick knew he could change that in a heartbeat.

The man let out a loud moan, feeling the wet flesh lap at his salty fluids. “Fuck!”

Nick held his boyfriend’s massive tool in his hands; all eight inches of thick, heavy meat. He pulled the pink foreskin down, exposing the throbbing, dripping head. As if it were cologne, Nick smelled the sweet juices of raw, salty pre-cum and faint sweat. It was a manly musk that drove Nick crazy. He gave the bulging boner another licking, tasting the bitter-sweet fluids on the man’s cock and swallowing everything he found. He continued to pull down on Francis’ boxers, exposing more of his dick and as he did so, he felt the stud tremble in front of him.

“Oh fuck… blow me Nick. I want your mouth on my cock.”

Nick nodded, watching Francis writhe in pleasure as his lips inched towards his member once more. “Yes, daddy.”

Francis gave him a horny smile, closing his eyes and grinning in bliss. He had Nick to himself, and he no longer needed to hide any part of himself to the teenager. He loved Nick, and Nick clearly loved him back.

His voice was deep and rumbling, as if teasing Nick. “That’s my boy. Keep on sucking on daddy’s big dick, babe.”

Nick felt his ass clench and his heart quiver as Francis’ low, horny voice came. He was so commanding, and he was radiating cockiness. This was what Nick needed, to be bossed around and treated like a dirty slut by the man he loved. “Yes daddy. I’ll suck on your fat cock all day.”

Francis flashed him his teeth, happy to see Nick take care of his throbbing package. Once he caught the boy’s eager, cock-hungry gaze, he stared back into the twink’s eyes and bent over to give him a kiss. They quickly locked lips and exchanged their spit. He felt Nick’s small, trembling hands against his thighs, playing with his loose, low hanging balls, sticking out of his pants.

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Francis kissed his boyfriend, feeling Nick’s own boner poke into the taut fabric around his muscular legs. Nick was desperate to feel Francis’ embrace, and the jock didn’t want to let him down. He hugged Nick’s body, feeling his back and his fat ass, dragging his fingers down his spine while tugging at his shirt. Nick had already thrown off his blazer a while back. Nick groaned as Francis touched him. Their tongues met during their kiss, slathering each other with spit and sucking on one another’s face.

Then, Nick reluctantly parted from Francis’ warm mouth. Instead, he looked back down at the huge piece of meat before him. Francis’ schlong was soaked with pre-cum and he could clearly see the vein in Francis’ dick pulsing more blood all throughout his shaft. As Nick struggled to get all of the meat in his grasp, the throbbing pink cock hit him in the face, splattering him with loose ropes of cum.

“Jesus,” Francis sighed, feeling the boy’s face smack into his penis like an animal in heat. Nick took the cock and smacked it against his face a few more times, making Francis jump and groan in pleasure.

“I love your fat cock hitting my face,” Nick whispered to him, surprised by the eagerness of Francis’ dick. It was so big and heavy that it hung downward while fully erect. It was a large, manly penis that threatened to impregnate any woman within a few seconds of penetration. And underneath the massive, swollen member were Francis’ hefty balls. They were hanging low, big and round, swinging back and forth like baseballs in a bag. Nick gave the man’s sack a quick licking and sucked on his left nut for a bit before slobbering on the other. Meanwhile, Francis took his fat, meaty cock and whacked it across Nick’s forehead a good couple times, like he was disciplining a naughty school boy. Francis moaned as stands of cum spread across Nick’s lips. Nick took the dicking like a man, trying to get the stud’s junk in his mouth.

Once Nick had gotten his fill on Francis’ inaudible gasps, and Francis begin to grow impatient, he lifted the boy’s head up and brought him level to his cock.

“Suck my fat dick, baby,” Francis said, slapping his dick a few more times across his face before he let his pulsing member go. “Tell me you love my cock.”

“I fucking love your big, horse cock.”

Francis grinned, exposing his white teeth. “Yeahh you do. And I love seeing you take my horse cock.”

Nick blushed while putting his small hands around Francis’ meat, making it look even bigger. It seemed like a rubbery, oversized dildo. Francis breathed out slowly as Nick touched his shaft. Francis loved Nick’s delicate embrace and his eagerness to down his boner. Sure enough, after Nick got the huge thing to his face, his soft, damp lips closed around the exposed, throbbing head once more. This time, with a more determined strategy. He was going to get the man to spill his seed into his mouth.

Nick was kissing Francis’ penis, using his tongue to massage the hot head and his lips to squeeze the cum out of his shaft. The warm rod in Nick’s mouth trembled with every pulse of Francis’ fast beating heart, and as he nearly got his lips to the stud’s pubes, he felt himself choking on the huge schlong.

“Uhhnnn… fuck yeah, choke on daddy’s dick.”


“Fuck, you take it so good baby. I love you.”

Nick felt his insides melt. He took a breathe to return those words to the man he loved so much. “I love you too.” Then, after watching a wide grin spread across Francis’ face, he dove back down on his hard, trembling penis.

Nick made more choking sounds, feeling the hot head of Francis’ cock hit the back of his throat. Then, Nick began to move his mouth slowly back off, pressing hard against the smooth, salty skin. It tasted like sweat and piss, mixed with pre-cum and dirty underwear—all the scents Nick loved most about his man.

“That’s it, suck that big fuckin dick,” Francis grunted, running his chapped hands through Nick’s soft hair. His huge biceps flexed and his veins popped as blood pumped through him. His pecs twitched through his tight shirt and his fat, round nipples were fully hard, pointing upwards and poking through the fabric. His abs rose and fell with each eager breathe, unable to comprehend the sensations Nick was able to provide.

He let Nick work on him, but he couldn’t help pump himself in and out of Nick’s mouth, fucking his hot, wet hole like it was a tight, sweet pussy. His hot mouth was sticky and wet, slurping up his juices and slathering more spit all across his long meaty pole while leaking some of it onto the man’s pink balls, dripping from his lips like syrup. The taste made Nick drool, and Francis himself was on the edge of wanting to taste whatever came out of his boyfriend’s eager gullet.

Nick let Francis grab a hold of his head. He felt himself get fucked in the mouth like a little slut, his hair being held firmly by Francis’ fists. Nick could feel Francis’ big, bouncy balls flinging themselves onto his chin and neck. He slurped up the stud’s pre-cum and his own spit, trying to take in all the salty, masculine tastes leaking out of the hunk’s thick slab of meat. He loved every moment of it, knowing full well that Francis could never get enough of him.

Then, Francis pulled out, swearing and panting with short hot breaths as watery pumps of cum escaped the tip of his cock.

“Awww fuck! Shit!”

Nick licked it all up, drinking the manly fluids and relishing in the thought that just his mouth had made such a large, strong man so weak.

“Fuckkk… you’re so good, babe…”

“You wanna stop?” Nick asked, looking concerned. He wiped some cum from his mouth while eagerly swallowing the man’s pre-ejaculate.

“No, keep going,” Francis said, his chest rising and falling at a quick pace. His pecs were covered in a thick film of sweat, and his fuzzy body was slicked back with it as Francis rubbed himself down. “Finish me off, dude.”

Nick smiled, taking his manhood back into his mouth.

“Holy shittt…” Francis whispered, closing his eyes and concentrating Nick’s tight lips as they massaged his tool and made it’s way over his glans.

Nick took a long look at the massive, engorged cock, while Francis moaned Nick’s name. His dick was soft and wet with bulging purple veins. It was long and thick, just how Nick liked it. The huge tool throbbed violently, still spewing out pre-cum. The foreskin was just pulled over half his head, and his member was beginning to turn red with all the blood gushing toward it. It stuck out of Francis’ body like eight inches of pure muscle and meat, as if it were a third arm.

Nick put one hand to the base of Francis’ dick and the other just below the head. He retracted the foreskin, making Francis cry out and his cock tremble. Exposing the bright red head, Nick got a look at it’s nice form. It was perfectly curved around the edges and nice and round at the front. Only the very tip was pointed, ready to plug up Nick’s throat and fill him up with fresh, steaming cum. Nick finally put his lips to the dick-hole, looking up at Francis’ pained expression as he kissed the tip of his penis.

“Fuccckkkk…” Francis howled, bitting his lower lip and throwing his head back. He loved the boy on his dick, and feeling him work the slippery wood was heaven.

Then, as Nick’s lips spread across the head, tight against his rigid flesh, he put his tongue to his piss-slit and milked the cum out of it. He could see the jock’s balls jerk in pleasure with each flick.

Francis whined again, clenching his jaw as the soft pair of lips moved further down his shaft, and the tongue vigorously covered his head with spit. “Ohh… fuck…” He put his hands through Nick’s hair, rubbing his head and pulling him closer in. “Ohh fuck, oh fuck!”

Nick went down on him, moving his head in and out. Each time he tried to take all of his dick in, the head would hit the back of his throat and make him gag, and he’d cough up some of the pre-cum he’d already swallowed. But gagging on his cock was only making Francis hornier, and it fuelled his ego.

“Fuck yeah, choke on it!”

“Mmmmm…” Nick moaned, feeling Francis push his huge bulb further down into his throat. Nick’s nose and face buried itself into Francis’ long, wet pubes, countless strands of which were sticking out of his underwear and the fly of his pants. And as the jock began to mouth-fuck him again, the stud’s balls flung themselves into Nick’s neck and chin again. They were engorged and full of testosterone, like those of a bull ready to mate. Nick could see that they were just as pink as his shaft, sore from having been teased for so long.

Then, Nick took the dick out of himself, while cum and spit dripped out. “You wanna cum in my mouth, daddy?” he teased him.

Francis held him down and slapped his fat cock a few times across Nick’s face.

“Yeah, babe. And I want you to swallow. Swallow for daddy.”

“Whatever you say, daddy.”

Francis stuffed his member back inside the teenager’s mouth, pumping in and out of him slowly. The bouncy, meaty tool felt warm and tasty in Nick’s hole, and he licked up as much of its dirty sweat and cum as he could. He loved the way Francis tasted.

“Keep on sucking,” Francis commanded, his rugged, stubbly face looking down at him with horniness. Francis was almost there, and he was desperate to get his nut. The jock began to pick up the pace. He thrusted in and out of the twink’s wet mouth, holding Nick’s shoulders down. He used his face like a dirty old cunt. Francis breathed quickly, wanting to cum into the boy’s gullet and fill him up with his raw, stinking seed. He threw his head back, taking in the overwhelming sensations and the desperate, hungry look Nick had on his face.

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Francis put a tight grip on Nick’s head, fucking his face hard and fast, and grunting with each thrust. Nick could do nothing but swallow the spurts of pre-cum that filled his mouth and try not to gag on the eight inches of man meat that plunged itself down his neck like a piston. He groaned in pleasure and pain. The man’s dick was so big and hard that it hurt to keep hitting the very back of his throat. Nick could do nothing but put his hands on Francis’ waist, feeling the hard muscles of his thighs, through his tight pants, as he took the man’s full erection into his eager mouth like a desperate whore.

“FUCK!” Francis yelled, putting both his hands on Nick’s head and bucking his hips upwards, invading the boy’s wet hole. Nick sucked him off for merely a second before Francis’ semen shot up inside his mouth. His cock jerked and his balls contracted. Three powerful jets of his hot jock-spunk attacked the back of Nick’s throat, burning his skin and filling him up. The thick fluid felt heavy and it tasted so good, sweet and salty at the same time.

Nick choked on his spunk, feeling the semen surge through his gullet like a thick, syrupy river. It was warm and sticky, running down his esophagus. The man’s baby makers filled Nick’s stomach and smeared every inch of his mouth with his cum. Three more shots escaped Francis’ piss slit and this time hit the roof of Nick’s mouth. Above him, Francis was writhing in pleasure, unable to catch his breathe or even talk as the bliss of Nick’s mouth milked his cock of all sperm. He just felt Nick’s soft, curly hair between his fingers and his soft skin against his.

“Uhhhhnnnnn… fuckin swallow it, babe,” Francis told him, pushing his head further down onto his thick pole.

Nick milked his fat penis, struggling to breath as the sperm went down his throat. He swallowed it all of it, licking his lips for stray drops and then looked at Francis, seeing satisfaction etched across his face. He licked the trembling cock a few more times before he smiled at him, hoping to have given the jock exactly what he wanted.

“You swallow it, baby? Did you take all of daddy’s cum?”

Nick nodded. “Yes, daddy.”

Francis rubbed his hair. “Come here,” he told him, letting the boy climb up onto his body and lay his head on the man’s chest. “That’s a good boy,” he said.

Nick rested his head on his massive pecs, which were threatening to burst open the buttons of his shirt. He could hear the jock’s heart beating wildly, and his muscles were still pumping blood throughout his body, making his veins pop and his biceps flex. The two boys lay with each other, listening to the other breath as they calmed down, while Francis was still seated on the toilet seat, his cock still half-hard and shaking underneath Nick’s ass.

Finally, when his fat dick had gone soft, he stuffed his junk back into his pants and zipped up, quickly wiping any signs of cum or slobber from his crotch. Then, still aware that Nick’s own boner was pitching a tent in his pants, he gave the boy a horny smirk.

“Need someone to take care of that?”

“Y-yeah” he muttered, closing his eyes as he felt his man’s big hands ease their way up his thighs to his point of pleasure. Nick’s erection was clearly visible now and Francis wanted to taste him. He could hear the laughter in Francis’ voice as he muttered for Nick to lay himself across the toilet seat and lean back against the wall. His fingers writhed their way through Nick’s waist and managed to free his crotch of the fabric walls in a matter of moments. Before Nick could even think their situation through—surely Francis’ cousins could get here at any moment—he realized that his belt was unbuckled, his button was undone and his fly was down.

The length of his hardened cock drove through the cloth of his loose boxer shorts, since briefs had proven to be a little too warm for the boys with the weather now changing. The stain of Nick’s pre-cum from having blown Francis was spread wide across the light grey, buttoned fly.

Francis put his lips to the head of the dick that protruded from the thin cloth. The definition of his head, now desperate to expose itself from Nick’s foreskin, was a sight that turned the jock on, and the bulge of his balls underneath, loaded with sperm ready to blow at any sensitive touch, was a thought that propelled his mission to get his boyfriend off. Francis needed to suck Nick’s cock.

“Ohh god… F-Francis…”

Nick bucked his hips as the stud flicked his tongue over the thin cloth. His face was now fully engulfed in the teenager’s crotch and the smell of his dirty, salty jizz was making him overwhelmingly eager to get to young man’s actual dick. But the taste of his spunk mingled with the dirty male scent of his boxers was getting him off too. Francis enjoyed every moment of teasing the tight piece of ass he called his boyfriend.

“You like that baby?” Francis muttered, a long string of saliva trailing from the corner of his lip to the glob of spit he’d massaged onto the boy’s now soaked underwear.

Nick’s reply was merely an ecstatic sigh. “Yyeahhh…”

Francis continued to lather his head, then inched his way up the length of the boy’s veiny shaft. The jock maneuvered Nick’s cock so that it was pointed down. Nick’s short boxers had ridden up his smooth thighs so that now his cock head was exposed from one of the legs. Francis managed to reach inside there, moving his fingers up to grab the boy’s balls. He rolled them in his fingers, grinning as Nick’s entire body convulsed before him.

The boy grabbed at Francis’ head and shoulders, trying to get through the pain of not unloading himself right then, but it was too much. His hips bucked and Francis felt the teenager’s testicles jerk. His fat cock shook violently as Nick let out a whimpering moan. His foreskin was not fully retracted just yet so semi-powerful surges of cum splattered across Francis’ arm, which was still halfway up his boxers while massaging Nick’s balls.

“Oh fuck!” Nick yelped, feeling his red hot cock head expel the thick, steamy fluid onto his boyfriend’s warm, inviting skin.

Francis smirked at the sight, suddenly thankful he’d done up his sleeves before he’d dug into Nick’s pants.

“Uhhhnnn… fuckkkk…”

“Got a little excited there, didn’t we?” Francis said, smiling as he took his arm out from Nick’s pants.

The boy gave him a weak nod, still turned on by the sight of Francis’ face at his groin. He was also a bit embarrassed at having cummed so quickly but seeing as Francis had done so once or twice before, he knew that his boyfriend didn’t mind.

Francis licked the large pools of warm spunk off his forearm, using his tongue to scoop it up while his lips sucked the remaining residue off. He teased Nick with his seductive mouth, slobbering the boy’s cum off his own hairy arm and gulping down every last drop. Francis was putting on a show for me. He knew the sight of it would turn Nick on, but the boy’d dick had never gone soft. The teenager was only getting harder.

“That’s so hot…” Nick murmured, feeling his balls loosen already.

Francis nodded, raising his eyebrows. “Yeah?”

He nodded back. “Yeah.”

The jock’s fingers grazed the sensitive head of his dick, playing with his foreskin until it was partially pulled back over his hard head. “Looks like someone’s still got a bit more left…”

Nick’s eyes closed as he threw his head back, biting his lower lip as the stud exposed more of his body. His pants were pulled further down and now Francis was pushing his boxers up, trying to free the boy’s dick and his low-hanging balls from the leg hole. His testicles ached with yearning. Francis’ only smiled at this: his face was pink and eager, like he was desperate to take the boy’s member into his mouth.

Soon enough, Francis’ hand was over Nick’s wet, sweaty boner. He put two fingers around his base, feeling his head with his other hand and stroking his shaft.

“Uhnnn…” Nick whispered, unable to even get out any actual words. The feeling of having this massive dude down on his knees, begging to suck his cock, was better than anything he’d ever felt. The only thing that made that moment even better was knowing that this man loved him.

Francis then put his lips to the tip, massaging the foreskin of his head and using his mouth to suck out all the pre-cum that waited inside his shaft.

“Is that okay?” Francis asked, in-between licks and kisses. There was some pre-cum dribbling down his chin. The jock was just as much of a whore as Nick was.

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Nick nodded, unable to breath. His muscles went numb and his head pounded with pleasure. It felt like scorching, tingling heat was spreading through his body. It started at his dick reached into his groin, making its way into the pit of his stomach, through his tight abs and then pulling at his chest. The boy’s nipples were hard and now his face was fully flushed, sweat dripping form his temples. Then, once Francis had enough of teasing him, he put his whole mouth over Nick’s shaft and wrapped his tongue around the base.

“Uhnnnn… F-Francis!”

Francis smiled as he sucked Nick’s cock. He widened his mouth as his tongue rolled over his boyfriend’s pulsing veins and trembling flesh. His cock tasted sweet and salty, and despite being covered in a film of sweat, it smelled like fruity shampoo and body wash, mixed with Nick’s personal scent of sweat and sex. To Francis, it smelled better than anything else in the world. It was like eating candy—the sweet taste of ecstasy in his mouth.

The stud used his big hands to massage the boy’s thighs, feeling him up and down as he moved his manly lips all across his shaft and head. He took all of Nick in, gagging every so often, which filled Nick up with pride and ecstasy. While he blew Nick, the stud’s own body stiffened. But he focused on Nick instead, licking up any sperm that fell out of his tip. He pulled down his foreskin and lapped at his piss-slit like an animal, slurping up whatever came out of him.

“Oh shit! Fuck… don’t stop Francis… you’re fucking amazing…”

He smiled as he took the boy’s thick cock in his mouth. He plunged himself even deeper and dug his nose into Nick’s sweaty pubes. He played with his balls, holding them firmly between his fingers and rubbing them slowly, milking the cum from out of them. He took in the twink’s movements as he writhed and jumped on the toilet seat, sighing out in pleasure and moaning the man’s name.

“Ohhh shit! Oh shit!” Nick whispered, his voice barely audible as Francis’ mouth drained him of his energy. Nick’s hips bucked once more, thrusting himself into the man’s mouth as he felt his cock shake and tremble, reacting eagerly to every bit of Francis’ velvety tongue.

Francis’ eyes burned and his throat felt like it was on fire as he downed himself on the teenager’s pulsing cock. He could feel the boy spilling his seed inside of him, and it urged him on. It tasted better teach time he’d go down on him, and knowing that the boy had a fat wad of Francis’ cum sitting in the pit of his stomach made Francis even more excited to down every inch of his wet, slippery shaft. He put all his effort into that action, his tongue rolling against the throbbing vein of the thick shaft and swallowing the semen that burst out from the big pink tip.

The man’s nose and face slammed hard into Nick’s hairy groin. Francis could see the boy’s entire body shaking as he swept his hands through the man’s hair, feeling his face against his groin. Feeling the jock’s big, rough hands on his waist, bobbing his head up and down on the teenager’s cock like a sex-slave, made Nick’s boner swell up even more.

“Francis, I-I’m gonna blow!” he moaned, grasping at the man’s head and trying to stop himself from bursting to quickly.

“Mmhmm…” Francis said. He stopped only for a moment to give him his full answer. “Cum on my face,” he asked. Then he went down on him. He licked up the salty ejaculate that dripped out of his tip and then used his tongue to tickle his piss-slit.

“Oh god… Francis! Uhn!”

“Cum, baby,” Francis mumbled, feeling the boy’s cock tremble and his whole body convulse.

“Uhhhnnn! Francis! I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it… cum all over my face,” he replied, taking in the teenager’s cock again and waiting for it to erupt.

When it did, Nick’s whole waist bucked, and he pulled his dick out and slapped it onto Francis’ face. Watery spurts of cum shot out of his tip, splurging all over his boyfriend’s face. It started from the bridge of his nose and ran down his lips and his mouth, where Francis stuck out his tongue and licked as much of it as he could. What he couldn’t get ran down his chin and dripped off his neck like a fountain, huge loads splattering across the floor and some of it streaming down to the jock’s neck. Nick sighed out weakly, collapsing onto the back of the toilet seat as his dick exploded, and then, he felt Francis continue to suck on him, licking up his cum and swallowing everything that leaked out of his member.

“Uhhhnnnn… Francis…” Nick moaned, unable to believe that he’d just came all over the stud’s face and that Francis was still sucking on him like some cheap man-whore.

“You taste fuckin amazing,” Francis murmured, wiping Nick’s cum off his lips and swallowing the last bits that remained. He took what was on his face by scooping it with the tips of his fingers but instead discarding it, he loaded the cum into his mouth as if it were hot taffy.

Nick gave him a dopey smile, still shuddering after the last drops of spunk leaked out of his dick. “You did great job, Francis,” he whispered back, watching his boyfriend swallow his thick spunk. “You looked so fucking hot taking my dick.”

“How do I look with cum all over me?”

Nick laughed at him. “Like a real man-slut.”

Francis giggled back. “Nice.” They both kissed each other, letting Francis and his cum-soaked face slobber all over Nick’s face as well. They both took turn licking the spunk off the other, giggling while relishing in the taste.

Once Nick’s dick had gone soft, he zipped himself up—wet, cum-stained boxers and all—and helped Francis with his pants too. Then, once Francis had given the boy’s tight ass a good spanking, the two of them turned on the sink and helped each other get stay flecks of cum off of each other’s shirts and pants. Even dry, the semen would show on some of the darker cloth. They took a good ten minutes cleaning each other up, and getting all of the cum off Francis’ face, before they finally straightened themselves off and opened up the bathroom door.

“Hey there,” a familiar voice came, making the both of them jump. Nick turned his head and instantly felt his heart stop beating. His skin turned numb and for a moment he thought his vision blurred.

Matthew McCarthy was laid out on a hotel chair before them, his legs spread wide and a smug look on his face. He leaned back and raised his eyebrows, staring at the both of them with a cheeky grin.

“You two have fun?” Matt asked.

Family Feud

Nick and Francis took a good ten minutes cleaning each other up, and getting all of the cum off of Francis’ face, before they finally straightened themselves off and opened up the bathroom door to their hotel room.

“Hey there,” a familiar voice came, making the both of them jump. Nick turned his head and instantly felt his heart stop beating. His skin turned numb and for a moment his vision blurred.

Matthew McCarthy was laid out on a chair before them, his legs spread wide and a smug look on his face. He leaned back and raised his eyebrows, staring at the both of them with a cheeky grin.

“You two have fun?” Matt asked.

“M-Matt!” Francis exclaimed, feeling his chest begin to pound. His face turned red.

“Sup, baby bro.”

“What are you doing here?” Nick managed to say. He couldn’t get himself to move. Thoughts swirled in his head—Matt’s knowing retort, and Francis assuring Nick that Matt wouldn’t be at the wedding. There was also the sudden flutter in his stomach at seeing Matt’s handsome face and herculean body stuffed into a well-fitted tux that accentuated all his best features. It didn’t help that he was giving both of them a charming, almost jerk-like smile that masked a clear primal urge that was sparkling in his eyes. Matt must have been enjoying the sounds of sex that came from the bathroom. Nick tried not to stare at Matt for too long, and he made sure to keep his eyes far away from the man’s crotch. His legs were still wide open, his muscular thighs like two giant arrows pointing to his manhood like some sort of invitation.

Nick put the thought from his mind—why was he thinking about Matt in this way? He loved Francis, but the sudden feelings of seeing Matt for the first time in several weeks was confusing. His body was betraying him, though his heart belonged to Francis.


Francis had lied to him. He said Matt wasn’t going to be at the wedding—right? He’d said that he loved him that very morning. Francis must have known that Matt was coming to the wedding. In the few moments of awkward silence between the three of them, realization dawned on Nick.

“Well it’s my cousin who’s getting married, right? Why wouldn’t I be here? Didn’t Francis tell you?”

That hurt Nick even more. Francis had definitely known.

Nick couldn’t bear to even look back at Francis. His face was turning red. Francis had lied to him.

“You said you weren’t sure,” Francis argued, “that you were coming.”

“I said I’d probably come.”

“Probably doesn’t mean one hundred percent.”

“Are you mad I came?”

Francis hesitated for a moment too long. “N-no! Of course not.”

“So… how have the two of you been? Well, I assume you’ve both been having fun…”

Nick couldn’t take it. Francis had known and he lied. He knew Matt would be at the wedding. Francis was being possessive and must have been afraid of losing him to Matt. That’s why he lied and told Nick that he loved him—in order to cement their relationship. It was all too convenient. Why would Francis have told him he loved him on the same day Matt was coming back?

The thoughts made his head pound like his skull was full of water. Without saying anything else, he took off. He left the both of them, running out the doors and down the hallway.

“Nick, what are you—wait!”

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It took a moment for Francis to realize what had happened before he went after Nick. But the teenager was already sprinting down a flight of emergency stairs. Francis paused before turning towards the elevator. It might be faster, even if he had to wait for it to come back up.

“What happened?” Matt asked, following Francis outside.

“Forget about it,” Francis snapped, clenching his fists.

“Did something happen between you two?”


“What’s going on, why’d he—”

“Can you leave it? This is between me and Nick!”

Matt looked surprised. “Why are you getting mad at me? I just covered for the both of you while you guys were fooling around in there—Jackson came in and almost heard you guys fucking! I had to make up some bullshit about Aunt Marie being drunk to get him out—”

“Can you just leave me alone? I’ll explain later.” Francis slipped into the elevator and hit the button for the doors to close, praying that Matt wouldn’t follow him inside. Lucky for him, Matt stayed put, still shocked at what had just happened. He watched as the doors closed on Francis before heading back to the hotel room.

Nick felt like he might cry. His throat burned and there was a huge lump in the back of his mouth. Though no tears fell, his chest still hurt to think about what had really happened. Francis had lied to get what he wanted—Nick. Was it so bad? Was it really so bad that Francis had told Nick he loved him, just to stabilize their relationship? Maybe it was the idea of it that bothered Nick the most—that Francis had manipulated him into the situation as opposed to Nick making a decision for himself once he saw Matt. But what did it say about Nick that he had all these sudden feelings upon seeing Matthew? Had Francis been right to keep that from him?

He was hanging out by the hotel’s ballroom, where some light desserts were being served, but he didn’t have the stomach to try anything right then. In fact, he hated being around the other people—straight, religious family members of Francis’ who were all cheerful and excited. It didn’t help when he felt a big hand on his shoulder and a greeting-slap on his back.

“Hey, dude! Nick, right?”

Nick turned around to see Jackson, one of Francis’ cousins. He’d met him at the tux fitting. He was dressed sloppily then but was still hot. And in a fresh tuxedo, he looked particularly handsome.

Jackson was powerfully built. He had big, meaty shoulders, a very pronounced chest, bulging arms and thick legs. Every part of his suit fit him perfectly like a sock. He had a nice face too—a straight nose, a faint hint of stubble that he’d neglected to shave, light brown eyes and messy hair. Nick could tell that his hair had been dyed almost to a shade of dark orange-red since his bushy eyebrows were much darker.

Jackson was around 6’3″, only an inch taller than Francis. He had nice teeth and charming demeanor about him. From what Nick remembered, Jackson had been nice at the fitting, even though he’d been a bit loud and made stupid jokes. He was definitely the hottest of Francis’ cousins.

“Uh, hey. Yeah, I’m Nick.”

“Nice to see you again, bro. I’m Jackson.”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Is, uh, Francis around?”

Nick kicked the floor in discomfort. “No. I’m not sure where he is.”

Jackson eyed him. “Oh. So, you alone down here?”

Nick stared awkwardly back at the desserts. “Um, yeah.”

“Were you two in the room upstairs a while back?”

Nick froze. How did he know they were in there? Was he just assuming? “Uh… yeah, for a bit. But I got bored and came down here.”

“Cool, cool. I might go back up and sneak some shit from the mini bar. They haven’t put out any booze down here, just yet.”

“Ah, I see.”

“I was gonna get a buzz going before Matt told me about our Aunt. But I couldn’t find her anywhere—I was hoping if she knew where to get some stronger stuff…”

“Your aunt?”

“Yeah… when I came upstairs, Matt said my aunt was wasted. He said I should take care of her while he tries to find an extra bowtie for the ring boy or something.”

“Y-you were upstairs? In the room?”

Jackson paused. “For a moment. Did you maybe see Aunt Marie anywhere?”

“No, I don’t know who that is.”

“Oh. Well I’ve been searching for like fifteen minutes. Maybe someone already got to her. Damn, this shit is boring without the other guys. Do you wanna maybe sneak back up and get something to drink?”

Nick pondered the thought—getting a buzz going might take the edge off of what he was feeling right now. And it might make the stupid wedding go faster. “You know what? Let’s do it.”

Jackson laughed, slapping Nick’s back with a huge grin. “Atta boy!”

Lucky for Nick, they took the elevator after Francis had come out of. He’d gone in the opposite direction, assuming that Nick had ran out into the parking lot to escape.

In the elevator, Nick and Jackson talked about nothing for a few moments before Jackson lead them back to the groom’s side room. There were a few other dudes that Nick didn’t recognize and Matt had disappeared, but Jackson wasn’t interested in anyone. They were old and Jackson seemed to have already greeted them downstairs, so he took some drinks from the mini bar and handed half a dozen to Nick. They said some silent goodbyes to the others before they snuck off to a public sitting area near the elevator on their floor. Nick downed a shot of vodka right away, causing some looks of surprise and yells of encouragement from Jackson. He was still working on a jagermeister.

“You spot any hot chicks yet?” Jackson asked, finishing one tiny, thumb-sized bottle in one shot.

Nick shook his head. “No, you?”

“Nah. They’re all too old or married. And the other half is family.”

“What, are cousins off limits for you?” Nick joked.

“Shut the fuck up, dude,” Jackson laughed, lightly punching Nick. “But seriously though, if tonight is gonna be as dry as it is so far, I might have to settle for a third-cousin or something to suck my dick.”

“I’m sure you’ll find someone. You’re hot enough,” Nick blurted out. It was the alcohol getting to him.

“Thanks, bro. You’re not so bad-looking yourself. Hey, where’s that boyfriend of yours?”

Nick froze. “Huh?”

“Francis!” Jackson said, laughing as though it were a joke. Nick realized that it was a joke to Jackson. He laughed back, trying to play it off cool.

“He’s not my boyfriend. We’re just buddies…” Nick lied, half wondering if it was true though. Was what happened between them something to break up over or was Nick just upset over nothing? He still wasn’t sure what exactly Francis’ intentions of saying ‘I love you’ were. Had he meant it or was it a way to keep Nick away from Matt for good?

“You sure?”

Nick looked up at him, his heart thumping. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Jackson went silent for a while before speaking again. “You two disappeared at the fitting. At first I made nothing of it but today…”

Nick clenched the small plastic bottle. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I heard shit. When I went into that room. I heard Francis saying your name. In the bathroom. And when Matt came in and heard it… there was this look on his face.”

“He’d gotten his s-suit messed up—I was helping him clean—”

“Shhh, shhh…” Jackson said, putting a hand on Nick’s knee. “Relax, bro… nothing to get your panties in a twist about. I was just wondering if… if the two of you were messing around or anything.”

“We’re not.” Nick’s voice was firm, almost too firm, like he’d given away the obvious answer. He looked down at the floor, his face heavy.

“Oh. I see. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it if you are. I know that Matt and Francis both had their share of experiences when then were younger and couldn’t get no action…”

“What? You mean like—”

“They were popular in high school, so getting a blowie every now and then from a fag wasn’t such a big deal when chicks wouldn’t put out.”


“Shit, sorry. Didn’t mean to use that word. It’s the booze.”

Nick tried to play it off. “It’s fine. It’s not like I’m…”


“Yeah. That.”

There was a long silence between them.

Jackson spoke first. “Well, there’s nothing wrong with getting it from a guy—”

“We didn’t do anything.”

“I didn’t say you did! I was just sayin… a bit of fooling around here and there ain’t done anyone no harm. A mouth’s a mouth… and a hole’s a hole…”

“Did Francis and Matt… fool around a lot? Back then?”

“Oh yeah, sure. Matt’s pretty open about the dudes he’s fucked—just ask him and you’ll know. Don’t tell no adults though, they’ll get real pissed. Just between us boys.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

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“Francis though… I heard him talk about a dude once but that was several years ago and we were both wasted so I don’t remember much. With pussy dried up in that shit town I wouldn’t blame him if he got it sucked from wherever he could get it. A guy needs it on the regular. Shit, I need it on the regular. Been without a good suck for over a week. You getting any action, bro?”

“Um… not really.”

“Aw shit, sucks, dude. I hear your town ain’t the hottest in terms of chicks, huh?”

“No, not exactly.”

“Yeah, same in Leesville. All the good chicks are taken. And the rest are butt-ugly. Jeez, this shit is making me horny,” Jackson said, looking down at his empty jager.

Nick didn’t say anything to that. He was starting to get uncomfortable and Jackson’s earlier question came back around: Where was Francis?

“You ever mess around with a dude before?” Jackson asked.

Nick answer was too quick. “N-no.”

Jackson was staring right at him.

He tried to deflect. “What about you?” Nick asked.

“Yeah. A couple. Gay dudes sure know how to suck cock. Gotta give ‘em that. You ever had one suck you off before?”

“I said no.”

“Then you’re missing out, bro! Not to sound like a homo or nothing but… I’d take a good sucking from a dude over a chick any day. Although a tight pussy beats all.”

Nick finished the small bottle of vodka in his hand and continued to look down at the floor. He could still feel Jackson’s intense glare on him. This dude wanted to get blown.

“I’m gonna pee,” Nick said, hoping to lose Jackson on the way.

“Shit, good idea. I’ll come with.”

Nick clenched his fists. That’s not what he wanted. He walked slowly to the end of the large hallway, watching a man walkout of the restroom. A few women trickled out of their washroom before Nick and Jackson slowly made their way over. Nick tried to think of a way to escape but nothing came to mind.

Reluctantly, Nick found himself in front of a urinal. The other stalls were full so he couldn’t hide behind a door to escape Jackson’s side. And worst of all, Jackson chose the urinal beside Nick’s. There wasn’t a lot of privacy.

Nick was only too aware of the jock unzipping his pants. He was slow and deliberate, carefully pulling his swollen member out of his fly like a never-ending scarf from a magician’s sleeve. His thick, pink dick was uncut and half-hard, sticking out of his body like a third arm. It was a snake—a pink veiny python that flopped around like a dildo. The veins on Jackson’s dick were swollen, and a strand of what looked to be pre-cum oozed from his red tip. His dick was so big that Nick was able to make all of this out from the corner of his eye—without taking a direct look.

Nick’s own cock was beginning to harden at the fact that this huge dick was being paraded around beside him, but his fear of he situation caused him from getting a full boner. He tried to pee but for a horrible few seconds, nothing came out. The longer he stood there, trying to pee, the harder his dick got. And the sound of a hard stream of piss gushing out right next to him wasn’t helping him in any way.

“Fuck yeah, I was gonna burst,” Jackson said, his voice low. He shook his fat cock like it was a doggy toy.

Nick finally pushed the pee out of himself, holding his own dick with shaking fingers. It was taking all of him to prevent a full erection from sprouting out of his pants. He thought of the grossest things imaginable, but still, it didn’t help. There was a ripped jock right next to him with his massive cock out, half-hard, peeing at full force. And he was showing no signs of stopping.

That’s when it got weirder. Jackson gripped the length of his cock with a fist and began massaging himself, stroking back and forth with slow motions. He finished pissing but he still stood there, pleasuring his growing erection. His cock grew, thickening out to the size of a beer can while his head began to creep out of his tight foreskin. His dick was so heavy that even as his boner began to reach full mast, it hung downwards like a horse’s cock.

Jackson was an animal—a buck that was ready to rut and mate with whatever hole presented itself. Nick could’ve sworn that if there was a roll of toilet paper lying around, he would have stuck his pecker inside and fucked it till he came. Although, Nick realized that the man’s monster cock was far too wide to fit in a roll.

“Fuck…” Jackson whispered, his mouth open as he rolled his thumb over the wet bulb of his erection. He shook and slapped his manhood like a prime slab of meat, making the blue veins on his pale skin bulge bigger. More clear liquid, mixed with strains of a milky color, oozed from his flaring tip in huge loads. The splat of the wads of pre-cum that hit the urinal was loud enough for Nick to hear over the buzzing of the fluorescent bathroom lights.

Once Nick realized he had no more urine left in himself, he took the chance to run. He stuffed his own half-hard prick into his pants, not caring which way it went as long as he could zip himself up.

As he flushed the urinal and made to leave, Jackson’s hand latched onto Nick’s wrist and stopped him from moving.

“Where are you going?”

“T-to wash m-my hands…” Nick said, trying to pull his arm out from the man’s grip. “What are you doing? Let me go!”

“You’re staying right here…” Jackson whispered back, looking down at Nick with lustful eyes. One hand was still on his gargantuan tool while he pulled Nick back.

“Stop—what the fuck are you doing?” his voice got a bit louder but not enough to alarm whoever else was behind closed doors of the other stalls.

“You’re going to do what I want,” he murmured, now shaking his 10-inch boner like it was a prize he’d won from a fair. He presented it to Nick with a smirk. “I know you want this…”

“You’re crazy—someone will see us!” Nick tried to think of any excuse to get out of it—he couldn’t just tell Jackson that he didn’t want to do anything with him. If he hurt the man’s ego, who knew how he’d retaliate. He didn’t seem like the violent type, but with muscles like that, Nick had no intention of finding out.

“If one of them flushes, we can stop…” His grip tightened as he reined the teenager back in.

“I can’t…” Nick said, whimpering now as his legs shook. He couldn’t give in—despite whatever had happened in that hotel room, he still loved Francis whether or not Francis had lied to him. Jackson may have turned him on but the thought of doing anything with him would feel like the greatest betrayal to the man who had been there for him since Matt had left.

“Yes you can. You’re going to.”

“Stop, please!”

“You fucked Francis already, didn’t you? Did he get you on your knees? Or did he bend you over?”

“You’re drunk, stop it!”

In that moment, as Jackson wrenched his arms, Nick could think of no one but Francis. He didn’t care about Matt, Jackson, or any other dude for that matter. He thought only about the utter cruelty he’d be showing his boyfriend, his lover, by giving up and obeying Jackson’s commands.

“Get down on your knees for me…”

“NO!” Nick yelled, pulling his arm back in one final tug. He pulled too hard—falling backwards onto the floor as the bathroom door suddenly opened with a thud.

“I heard his voice—” Francis said, coming into the bathroom looking worried. He found Nick on the floor, fear and confusion all over his face as Jackson turned back towards the urinal.

“What—what happened? What’s going on?”

Jackson zipped his fly and faced Francis. “Nothing, bro. Nick just slipped, that’s all.”

Francis ignored him, not having noticed that he’d hastily stuffed his overgrown member into his pants. Francis helped Nick to his feet and putting a loving hand over his back.

“Are you okay?” he asked, inspecting Nick like he was a child, fixing his hair and picking dust from his face.

“Y-yeah… I’m f-fine.”

His big hands grasped Nick’s shoulders. He waited for a moment, as though he wanted to hug Nick, but Jackson was right there, and suddenly Matt was in the bathroom too. A man came out of the stall, flushing the toilet and taking a few seconds to look over the scene. He then ignored them and proceeded to wash his hands. He must have been on the bride’s side.

Then Francis hugged him. He didn’t care anymore, he was just glad that Nick was all right, and that he hadn’t tried to run away from him again.

“I love you,” Francis whispered. His hot, loving voice came to Nick’s ear, causing his legs to weaken and his waist to burn with intense desire. The way he said it, the tone of his voice and the hard gouges his fingers made into Nick’s body, made him realize that there was nothing fake or strategic about it. Francis genuinely loved Nick, more than Nick could even know. Relief washed over him. Not just because he understood his own stupidity but because Francis was here. Francis was here for him, ready to defend him. It would be all right, now. Everything would be fine.

Nick hugged him back, digging his face into the man’s warm chest. He didn’t cry, though he knew that had he been alone, he wouldn’t have kept his emotions suppressed. Not with Francis.

Nick rubbed his face into Francis’ chest as the man held him tight and nuzzled the top of his head with his chin.

“I’m sorry,” Francis said. “I shouldn’t have lied.”

Nick shook his head, letting him know it was fine.

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Then they both let go, remembering that they were, in fact, surrounded by two dudes, and a complete stranger who was pretending to ignore what was happening behind him.

“What were you two doing in here?” Francis suddenly asked, looking at Jackson with an accusatory tone. Nick realized that Francis’ sudden anger was directed at his cousin, as opposed to Nick. Francis trusted him.

“What did it look like we were doing, dude?” Jackson shrugged, looking around him. “This is a bathroom. We’re taking a piss.”

“Are you drunk?” Matt’s voice came.

Jackson gave him a grin. “Just a bit of a buzz.”

“Stay away from Nick,” Francis blurted out, as though he knew what Jackson’s true intentions were.


“You heard me. Stay away from him. He’s mine.”

Nick’s heart gave a flutter. He slipped his hand into Francis’, their fingers interlocked as the man tightened his loving grip.

“What, is he your fuck-buddy?” Jackson joked.

“He’s my boyfriend. So stay the fuck away from him.”

Jackson’s eyes widened. Matt’s mouth almost fell open.


“He’s my boyfriend. And I love him. Don’t come near him again or else I’ll kick your fucking ass.”

With that, Francis took Nick out of the bathroom, past Matt and away from Jackson. Francis walked to the end of the hall with a quick pace, not daring to look back. Nick’s entire face had gone white and his body turned numb. Had Francis really just done that?

He could feel Francis’ quick heartbeats through the strength of his grasp on his hand. He brought Nick to the elevator and they both went inside, finally letting out a breath of relief once the doors closed on them.

“You—you just—”

“I know what I did,” Francis mumbled, not looking at Nick. His own body felt cold, and his shoulders were tensed. But he kept his hold on Nick.

“What if he tells?!”

“He won’t. Not unless his wants his ass beat.”

Nick’s heart was still pounding, much like Francis’.

“I love you,” Nick mumbled, looking up at him,

Francis smiled, holding his other hand and bringing him close. “I love you more,” he said, in a voice that sounded pleading, like asking for forgiveness one more time.

He pulled Nick in for a kiss, one hand on his back and the other on Nick’s waist. He pressed the teenager against his own body, smothering his lips with his own as their hot breaths hovered over the other’s face. Nick felt every muscle, every vein of Francis’ body against his own as they stood there, two people melting into one. He couldn’t comprehend the sensations of his man’s arms around him in a loving embrace, his hands reaching down to his ass, as though to claim Nick for his own. He was reminding him that Nick was Francis’ lover, and no one else’s.

Nick returned the kiss with eager passion, putting his arms around Francis’ neck. His fingers pulled on the back of the man’s neck, bringing his head close and showing him just how much he craved the taste of him. He wanted nothing more than just Francis.

Nick felt Francis’ manhood spur against Nick’s own, alerting him to how much he desired Nick. It made the teenager’s spine shiver to realize that he had found someone who yearned for him as much as he yearned for Francis.

Finally, with no small amount of reluctance, they both let go. They fixed each other’s hair, laughing a bit as they realized they both had boners.

“I’m sorry for running out. I should have given you a chance to explain.”

“Don’t be sorry, Nick. I should be the one apologizing. I should have just told you everything. But… I was scared you and Matt might still… y’know… have feelings or whatever.”

“I thought I might but—I don’t. I know that I don’t. I only want you. No one else. I love you.”

“Did he hurt you?”


“Did Jackson push you or something? You’re shaking.”

“N-no, I’m fine, I slipped on some pee or something…” Nick lied, knowing that this was not the best time to tell the truth. He could do that later once Jackson was miles away.

“I almost fucking hit him. He didn’t do anything but—I would have.”

“He would have beat you…” Nick muttered.

“I don’t care. I love you.”

“I know you do. And you told everyone in that bathroom.”

Francis was silent, as if realizing that it could get out.

“Matt won’t say anything,” Nick assured him, recognizing the panic that spread across his boyfriend’s face. “He wouldn’t out you. He’s your brother.”

Francis thought about that. Out. So was he in the closet? Was he gay or bisexual? It didn’t matter to him, as long as he had Nick by his side. One thing was for sure: with the way he felt about Nick, he sure as hell wasn’t straight.

“Yeah, Matty won’t tell.”

“And I… I know he cares about me. Like as a friend. He wouldn’t want Jackson to hurt either of us so… he might get him to stay quiet.”

“I’ll fucking kill him if he says anything.”

“You and Matt can take him. Easy.”

Francis grinned. “Yeah, we could.”

“You don’t need to worry. It’ll be fine. No one will find out.”

Francis shook his head. “And fuck it if they do. I don’t even care. I love you and that’s all that matters. I want to be with you, Nick. And not be afraid of everyone else. If they find out, let them.”

“F-Francis… but your parents…”

He hesitated. He knew Nick was right but he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“You don’t need to tell anyone else, Francis. You have to think about your safety. Where you’re gonna live, stuff like that. I told you I’m fine with keeping it a secret. Although… seeing you defend me like that was really something.”

He smiled again, holding Nick’s hand. “If anyone else finds out, so be it. But I’m not going to let that stop me from being with you.”

The elevator door opened, and they made it to the ground floor.

“C’mon, we’re leaving.”


“You heard me. Let’s get the fuck out of here. I want to be with you. I want to fuck you.”

Nick’s cock jumped at that. “I don’t under—”

“You have a hard-on. Don’t you wanna fuck?”

“Francis, we can’t do that here—not again. We almost got caught upstairs…”

They stepped out of the elevator and into the foyer. “You didn’t answer the question. This morning you wanted me and I told you to wait but I can’t wait anymore. I don’t want a blowjob or a hand-job. I want you. All of you. And I want it badly.”

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Nick blinked, realizing that Francis wanted to take him like a man takes his wife on their wedding night. The passion in his eyes; the look of hunger spread across his face and lips—it was same look Nick had seen after first returning from California. Francis had almost just lost Nick, and he wasn’t about to let their next few moments together go to waste.

“So, do you want to have sex?” he asked, ignoring the few pairs of eyes that gave Francis a polarizing glare.

“I-I mean… of course…”

“Then let’s go, baby. Matt and I heard the bride is running late. That gives us time to go and come back.”

“Where are we going?” Nick said, letting Francis grab his arm and lead him out of the hotel. He smiled: Francis was like an excited child tugging their parent along to show what they’d discovered.

“You okay with doing it in my truck? I don’t exactly have money for a room on me.”

Nick’s heart skipped several beats. He hadn’t done it in a car before. “Y-yes. That’s fine.”

He smiled. “Then let’s go.”

“But… what if someone sees us?”

“I’ll drive us onto a dirt road or something. We’ll be alone.”

“O-okay.” He couldn’t believe this. They were practically eloping for the sole purpose of sex. Nick couldn’t argue with that—seeing Francis defend him had ignited something inside of him and there was the undeniable fact that Francis in a tux was just about the hottest thing Nick had ever laid eyes on. And the fact that he could see the man’s boner tucked into one of his pant legs didn’t help the situation either. He still had a major case of blue-balls from seeing Jackson. However, as they went out the entrance, a familiar voice came back.

“Wait! You guys!”

They both turned around to see Matt sprinting towards them, red-faced and flustered. He must have taken the stairs in order to catch them.

“Where are you guys going?”

“Leave us alone, Matt.”

“Chill, dude! I-I just wanted to say… that I’m happy for you two. I’m not gonna say shit about it to mom or dad, or anyone else. And I made sure Jackson stays quiet too.”

They were both silent until Nick spoke first.

“Thank you.”

Matt gave him a charming smile, though keeping his distance. “You’re welcome. Are… you two leaving?”

“Yes,” Francis muttered, his tone softer now as his eyes smiled at his brother with silent appreciation. It took all of him not to break down at the sight of Matt’s love and generosity towards the both of them.

“Well… be back in time for the ceremony. Linda and the others will be here in a hour and I don’t want mom beginning to ask questions.”

“Alright,” Francis said, “We’ll be back before then.”

Matt nodded, giving the two of them one last admiring look, realizing they were holding hands. He gave them a smile, as though to say: You’ve got balls, Francis.

He turned back around and straightened his tux before heading back into the hotel. Francis and Nick grinned at each other, realizing their problems had disappeared. Then, they both ran towards Francis’ truck.

They buckled up as Francis started the engine and roared out of the parking lot, screeching into the road a little too fast. They were laughing and teasing each other as some stupid song played on the radio.

Nick continued teasing him, his hand finding its way over Francis’ crotch. He felt around for his shaft, rubbing the hardening skin once he found it. He reached further down and felt up his bulging scrotum, making the blood gush back down to his groin.

“Nick, not yet! I’m driving.”

“Just pull over, already. I want you.”

Francis smiled, though he kept his eyes on the road. “Just a bit further. We’ll be alone, and no one will bother us.”

Nick nodded, though he kept his hand on Francis’ crotch, telling Francis that it belonged to him. He continued rubbing him until Francis was erect again. His manhood belonged to Nick.

A minute passed before Francis made a sudden turn onto a dirt road and pulled to the side, where some trees hung overhead. He stopped the truck and then looked to Nick.

“You wanna fuck?”

Nick smiled. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

Francis immediately switched off the truck and threw his seatbelt off. Nick threw his own jacket away and began to undo his belt, adjusting his seat backwards so that there was room for the both of them. In a second, Francis was on him, slobbering messy kisses all over his mouth and then forcing Nick’s pants down his legs. Both of them were too eager to fuck to take their shirts off. Instead, Nick lay down with his back against the seat and felt Francis force his legs up into the air, so that his knees met his chest. He was so dominant and eager to fuck that Nick felt his own dick began to leak prematurely all over his stomach.

His puckering hole was exposed to Francis, and he smiled happily at the sight of savory pink. He pulled off his own belt and tried hard to undo the button to his pants. When it wouldn’t come off, he ripped the waist apart, breaking the zipper in the process, and then pushed his wet boxer briefs just below his balls so that his hardening cock was free.

Nick smiled at him, surprised by how desperate Francis was to fuck him. Nick giggled at the sight of his broken pants, and Francis couldn’t help but laugh either.

Francis arms came overtop of Nick, landing on the space beside his head. For a few moments, his body was overtop Nick’s and Francis kissed him once more. Then, he came off and focused his attention on his gaping ass.

“I have a condom around here somewhere,” Francis began.

“No,” Nick said, feeling up Francis’ muscular, hairy thighs. His hair got caught in Nicks’ fingers, and the boy’s gentle touch made the man weak. “Go in raw. I want to feel everything this time.”

Francis nodded. “Alright, baby.” He grabbed his cock and began to lead it to Nick’s hole, spitting on his dick in order for it to go in as smoothly as possible. Francis felt nervous, as if this was his first time. But he knew it was because it was the first time that they were about to fuck each other knowing how the other felt. Francis felt as if he had something to prove to Nick—to prove to him that he was a man enough for Nick, and that he was truly in love with him.

Nick grabbed his own balls with one hand and jacked himself slowly with the other as Francis spoke. “I’m going inside,” he warned him, his voice raspy and hot.

“Okay,” Nick replied. Francis’ arm came back beside him and Nick wrapped his legs slowly around the stud’s waist, the balls of his feet gently brushing against Francis’ bare ass.

When the hot tip pushed its way inside of Nick, he let out a high moan and banged his head against the cushion of the seat—there was something about Francis’ dick that pleasured him more than anyone else’s. Perhaps it was even more so now, since he knew Francis craved nobody but him; that his erection was throbbing not at the prospect of sex, but because Francis loved him as a person, and was desperate to please him.

“Am I hurting you?” Francis asked, concern in his voice. Every way he touched Nick was different now.

“No, it feels good,” Nick said, closing his eyes and feeling the jock’s dick throb inside of his ass. “Deeper.”

Francis pushed more of himself inside, groaning as Nick’s tight anus wrapped itself around his shaft. His soft flesh hit the tip of his dick and made him ooze pre-cum, and made his balls hurt.

“Oh shit,” Francis whispered, feeling his dick pulse violently inside of Nick.

“Oh god,” Nick moaned, “that’s so good.”

“You’re so tight.”

Nick smile at him. “You’re just really big.”

Francis laughed nervously, wondering if he’d be able to last for long. When he was halfway inside of Nick, he told him he was going to push harder.

“Do it.”

When Francis pushed, Nick squealed in pain and pleasure, but urged Francis not to stop.

“It’s only because it’s so tight in here,” Nick answered him, signaling the small space around them. There wasn’t much legroom with Nick’s back still against the lowered seat.

“I’ll go slowly, just for you,” Francis moaned, feeling the twink’s heart beating through the inside of his ass.

Nick felt the stud’s member shudder inside of him. Finally, Francis began to pull out, and then pushed back in, beginning to fuck him slowly.

“Uhhhhnnnnn…” he groaned, feeling Francis’ dick tense up. “Fuck!”

“Is that okay?”

“Yeah. Keep going.”

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Francis did it again, beginning to pick up the speed. He put his hand on the seat of the car and the other against his own ass, pushing himself into Nick’s asshole. He rhythmically pumped himself in and out, feeling the teenager’s body change to each motion and listening to him moan in exhilaration. His balls slapped hard against Nick’s ass, causing Francis to grunt in pain, and making Nick whine in pleasure.

“It feels so good, Francis.”

“You like that, baby?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Shit,” the jock sighed. “You’re tight as fuck.”

Nick had his hand to his dick and with his other, he felt up Francis’ hairy groin, pushing his way up through his shirt and rubbing the stud’s rigid six-pack. His abs were hard like rocks, and the soft hair over it felt nice against his fingers. There was sweat on his abdomen and as Francis picked up the pace, Nick closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, bracing through the pain. He wanted to please the man and let him do whatever he wanted.

“Uhhnn…” Francis moaned, suddenly slowing down. “Almost came.” He leaned over Nick and kissed him, then slobbered his lips over his chin and then down his neck. He moved his face over Nick’s chest, and began to unbutton his shirt, with his cock still balls deep inside of Nick, trembling with each passing second.

“Just rip it off,” Nick said, desperate to feel the jock’s touch on his skin.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, do it. I don’t care.”

In one swift motion, Francis ripped the twink’s shirt open, breaking the buttons and revealing his toned, sweaty body. Francis smiled at the sight of his skin, and immediately began kissing him. He licked his chest and sucked on his erect nipples, making Nick sigh out in bliss. Then, Francis moved down and kissed his abs, licking the sweat off of him and his pubes.

“Oh fuck me,” Nick moaned. “Just fuck me.”

He kissed the inside of Nick’s thigh and then pulled himself half out, and pushed back in hard.


Francis huffed hot air, pulling out again and ramming his cock deep inside. He grunted in pain, feeling the flesh of Nick’s anus clench tight around his throbbing member. He continued the motion, fucking Nick nice and deep, slapping his loose balls hard onto his ass. They dangled like balls on a chain, filling with semen as Francis’ hunger for him grew.

Nick was holding onto his butt cheeks with both hands, exposing himself to Francis like a whore. Nick was unable to jerk himself off with the pain of Francis’ 8-inch cock pummeling his asshole. He could feel Francis’ body shake and his deep, erotic groans made him seem like he was just a horny teenager, trying to breed with his bitch.

“You’re so hot,” Nick murmured, feeling Francis abs with his fingers and playing with his pubes.

“So are you,” he whispered back, taking Nick’s shoes off and pulling his pants over his feet. He threw them into the back seat of his truck. He ran his hands down Nick’s bare legs and squeezed his ass, plowing him hard with the length of his shaft. His groin smacked into Nick’s butt, turning it red. Then, Francis spanked him, putting handprints on his fat cheeks.

“Uhhn! Yeah, daddy. Just like that. Be rough.”

Francis’ dick rammed into him again, faster and faster this time: His cock was picking up speed and beginning to really pound Nick’s tight little ass. The fat meat rod penetrated Nick’s body deeper with each blow. It was so hot, warming Nick’s body up and making the friction of each other’s skin feel even better.

Nick’s waist trembled as the raging stallion cock rubbed against his prostate and its big head hit far up his asshole with a tremendous force. The jock was humping the teenager so hard, both arms latched onto Nick’s thighs, desperate to fuck something. He was breathing heavily against Nick’s face like a panting dog.

They looked into each other’s eyes as they fucked. Francis’ loose hair began to fall onto Nick’s face, brushing his skin and beginning to get soaked with both of their sweat. Francis didn’t even care. He just kept fucking Nick, keeping his feet planted on the ground and pushing himself deeper and deeper into Nick’s anus, desperate to fuck him. His cock was expanding and shaking inside of Nick, lubricating his walls. He was piling himself onto the boy like a horny animal, his pants bunched up around his ankles.

Francis kissed him hard. His spit entered Nick’s mouth and his soft lips squeezed the juices from Nick’s lips. Then, as he withdrew his cock from Nick’s asshole and slapped his hard rod against his balls, he whispered into Nick’s ear with his hot, horny breath. “Turn around. I wanna take you from behind.”

Nick nodded, smiling uncontrollably. The sight of his teeth also made Francis grin. “Okay,” Nick said. “Do it.”

Francis helped flip him over, spreading his hands up Nick’s shirt and feeling his smooth, toned back. He put his own body overtop of Nick’s, while his cock snaked in-between Nick’s legs and flopped against the teenager’s dick. The two hard members rubbed against each other, making the boys giggle. Francis breathed on Nick’s neck, sucking on his earlobe and kissing his body. Next, Francis’ rough hands came back around and played with Nick’s nipples, pinching them gently and playing with his pubes.

“Mmmmm, fuck,” Nick muttered, feeling Francis’ hard cock rub against his own, and his big hands caress his chest. His abs and groin were pressed against his back and ass, and his big pecs were digging into him. Both their balls were loose and hanging low, bumping into each other as Francis dominated him.

“Love it when you swear,” Francis said.

“Fuck me, daddy,” Nick answered, looking back at him and locking lips before saying it again, “Fuck me hard.”

“Grab onto the seat,” Francis commanded him.

Nick did as he was told, letting his man take over.

With one swift movement, he felt the jock enter him. Nick squealed in surprise, but more of pleasure than pain. He liked it rough. The weight of the man came over top of him and as Francis piled on even deeper, he felt the hunk’s fingers dig into the flesh of his waist, prepping him to brace himself.

Then, Francis began pounding away like a madman. He humped him over and over, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the truck like a broken CD. It was interrupted only by Francis’ own horny grunts and Nick’s muffled screams of ecstasy as he bit down into the leather seat like it was a gag.

“Fuck me!” his voice came, as his head began to hit the roof of the truck. Each thrust from Francis pushed his leaking penis further up into Nick’s body than the last time, and it pushed his entire body up onto the seat, despite Nick’s hard hold on it. The man was a force of nature, reckless when it came to getting his nut.

Each thrust also caused Nick’s head to hit the roof, like added pain for the thrill of the fuck he was getting from behind. Then, once Francis slowed down a bit, he realized he was practically launching his boyfriend off of the seat entirely.

“I’m hurting your head,” he murmured, still inside of Nick. He clenched his ass as his gentle voice whistled against the sweat on his neck.

“A little.”

“Shit, I’m sorry, babe.”

“It’s fine. We can move.”

“I got it, wait.” He withdrew his cock and pulled up his pants a bit. He opened the door of the car and helped Nick outside. “Here.”

The cool air felt good on their sweaty skin. Francis stood on the dirt road, rubbing Nick’s butt as he positioned him.

“I have a better idea,” Nick suggested.


“Fuck me on the hood of your car.”

Francis smiled. “You serious?”


“What if someone sees us?”

“There hasn’t been a car for a while. And we’ll duck if we hear one.”

Francis gave in. “Alright. Let’s do it.” The jock pulled up his pants and walked to the front of the truck with Nick, both their hard dicks waving in the air. Then, Francis pushed his pants to his ankles and looked at Nick hard, taking in the fact that from the waist down, Nick had nothing on but his socks. Next, Francis helped push Nick onto the front hood of his truck. The cool metal felt nice on Nick’s skin, and Francis’ rough, hairy legs against his gave him goose bumps. He was flat on his stomach against the truck, with his legs planted on the grill, in front of Francis’.

“You good, baby?”

“Yeah. Put it inside me.”

Francis smiled. “Then hold onto something,” he said, “because I’m gonna fucking pound you.”

Nick bit his lip, watching as Francis lined his fat, stiff cock to Nick’s asshole and began to push into him.

“Uhhhhhhhnnnnn!” Nick moaned, throwing his head back and feeling himself get thrown against the hood by Francis’ muscular groin. The rest of his dick came in with full force—Francis was horny and desperate to fuck.

“Oh fuck!” Nick yelled, barley able to breathe as the whole eight inches of his hard meat forced itself up into his anus, pulverizing his prostate and reaching the deepest part of his puckering hole. The thick pole slid easily inside, slicked with both their fluids. It was as hard as a rock.

“Shiiiitt…” Francis whispered, waiting for this dick to settle inside Nick’s ass. He breathed quickly for a while before drawing himself in and out.

“Uhhnnn… yeah, fuck me like that.”

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Francis had his knees on the edge of the truck’s bumper, lined up on the outside of Nick’s tumbling legs. He lifted Nick’s ass with each pounding, pressing it against his own groin, and then, he began fucking him hard and fast. Francis was moaning and swearing under his breath like a teenage boy fucking for the first time.

Nick was groaning hard, screaming him not to stop like a little girl as Francis’ huge cock pounded him again and again, ramming him up his asshole. The throbbing shaft shot pre-cum inside of him, and Nick could feel it inside, slushing and squirting as the huge cock head came back again for more. Francis was so deep inside of Nick that he could feel the twink’s heart begin to beat even faster.

The truck creaked and rocked hard under both their motion as Francis grabbed Nick’s bright white ass and slammed it against his tanned tummy, rubbing the fat globes and spanking him.

“Uhhhnnn, yeah, fuck me like that, daddy,” Nick barely muttered, unable to talk while breathing so hard.

Francis couldn’t say anything. His moans and heavy breaths were loud enough to tell Nick he was enjoying every minute of it. Francis began thrusting hard and fast again, as if he were a dog mating with bitch in heat. He slapped Nick’s ass again, and then put his hands against Nick’s soft back, grabbing him by his shoulders and using it to push Nick hard against his cock as they fucked.

Nick almost yelled as the friction of Francis’ hot dick rubbed the inside of his ass. There was a fast jerking motion that slammed Nick harder into the truck as Francis pounded him even faster. Nick yelled in ecstasy as Francis groaned in pleasure. He let out a horny laugh and then kissed Nick’s bare shoulder, ripping his shirt off and kissing his face. They breathed on each other, feeling their bodies mold together, slipping and sliding against the other’s sweat.

Nick was in heaven. He could feel the giant cock fill up his ass while Francis’ thick pubes pressed against his cheeks. His big balls smacked into Nick’s own as he moved his waist in and out. The pre-cum of Francis’ dick leaked inside of him, and allowed the cock to move faster and harder. Nick arched his ass further, wanting to give his swollen balls breathing room, but Francis pushed Nick hard against the hood, fucking the little boy with wild, primitive instincts and pure power.

“I love you so much,” Francis said, leaning close and breathing into Nick’s ear. He squeezed Nick’s ass, holding onto it like a peace of meat. “You and your fat fucking ass.”

Nick laughed, moaning as he did. “I love you, Francis.”

“Yeah, you like that? You like my cock?”

“Yeaahhh daddy…” Nick groaned, feeling the thick meat tear in and out of his hole while Francis gripped hard with his big fingers. “I love your big fucking cock,” he said, lying on the hood as the hard, hotrod expanded his anal cavity and ripped through his entire body.

Francis was humping hard, pounding his piston-cock in and out like a pendulum. He didn’t say a word, panting quickly with short, shallow breaths. Sweat began to drip off Francis’ face and fall onto Nick’s neck. Francis slicked back his hair, using his sweat to keep it in place.

When Nick looked back to his lover, all he saw was Francis’ head coming up and down, his fat, pink lips wide apart and his eyes narrowed down on Nick’s face as he panted for air. The sound of the truck creaking, and the stud’s balls smacking against his ass, echoed across the deserted road. Francis’ desperate humping, his hard, heavy breaths and the horny, manly look he had was too much for Nick.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” His cock was pointed downwards on the edge of the good, hitting the grill each time Francis pounded him.

“Yeahhh, cum for me, baby. Cum for daddy. I fucking love you.”

Nick’s balls had been aching the entire time, squashed in-between his dick and Francis’ hard, muscular groin. But right then, he felt them sear in pain as they pushed a load of sperm up through his waist and into his dick. His member throbbed, jumping up into the air and shooting watery jets of cum all over the hood of Francis’ truck. The stream of hot, sticky semen continued, leaking across Nick’s cock and the front of the car with thick strands. Some caught Francis’ hairy thighs as the boy ejaculated, coating his legs in his boyfriend’s spunk.

“Uhhhnnn! Oh fuck!” Nick exclaimed, feeling his ass tighten.

Even as Nick came, Francis continued pummeling Nick’s hole, humping his ass and thrusting his cock deep inside him the entire time. “Arrrrggghhhh!” Francis groaned, feeling the twink’s ass clench hard against his cock, milking out every bit of sticky pre-cum inside the walls of his meaty flesh, and squeezing the dick’s veins shut with force. Despite the pain, Francis couldn’t stop himself from pumping in and out of Nick.

Nick’s ass shaking and squeezing Francis’ cock got the stud over the top. His hips bucked and his muscles flexed. With a huge jerk, his low, loose balls jumped. His groin convulsed and his dick turned numb with euphoria.

“I’m fucking cumming,” Francis said weakly, barely able to get his voice out.

“Cum inside of me!” Nick yelled back, feeling Francis’ balls contract. “Fill me, Francis!”

“Ohh fuck!” Francis pushed himself up onto Nick, squishing his whole body onto the hood. Huge, powerful pumps of hot cum filled Nick’s ass, bubbling and oozing. But nothing dripped out of his hole—Francis’ dick was too big for that. The jock kept thrusting, his thick hairy legs pressed against Nick and his hard nipples digging into his back. He kept Nick’s ass on his groin, still clinging on, fucking slowly and deep.

He clung to his boyfriend, his lover, their faces pressed onto the other as they made out with Francis’ manhood twitching and jerking inside Nick’s deepest, most private parts. They breathed heavily, taking in each other’s scent like inhaling from a cigarette. They were addicted to each other in the moment, relishing in the taste of their mouths. Francis began to soften inside of him, feeling Nick relax under his embrace as the throbbing pain of sex began to subside. Despite the pain of receiving all of Francis, Nick loved every moment of it. It swelled through his body like no other pleasurable feeling and knowing that he had serviced his man and gotten him over the edge was a more than satisfying reward.

When he finally let go, Francis pulled his dick out with a pop! Nick grabbed some cum as it dripped out, and licked it eagerly, tasting the jock’s warm spunk and swallowing what they had made together.

Francis looked at him. “Holy shit, babe. That was amazing.”

Nick nodded, smiling at him with a pink face. “That was the best, Francis.” He turned around, facing Francis with both their dicks still leaking.

Francis laughed a bit, and then him kissed again, the cum on Nick’s lips mixing with his spit and their mouths slobbering against each other. Their dicks had both softened now, though still swinging and brushing against each other.

“I love you,” Nick whispered to him, in between their sloppy kisses. He loved the way it sounded.

“I love you more,” Francis moaned, feeling Nick’s soft skin. “You wanna cuddle before we head back?”

Nick smiled, nodding his head. “Yes, please.”

Francis smiled. He stood over Nick for a while, his thick legs around his, and then continued to kiss him. Then, he decided it was time they headed inside. He pulled his boxer briefs back up and tucked his member in as best he could. Nick helped him, smiling as he held Francis’ soft cock in his hands. Francis buttoned Nick up and as they walked back to the door, he threw his pants into the backseat and handed Nick his briefs. He quickly put it on and then the two of them sat in the back of the truck, pant-less.

“I should clean that up,” Nick said, looking at the cum that still lay on the hood.

“I’ll do it for you,” Francis said, getting out of the truck with a box of tissues.

“Oh, alright. Thanks.”

Francis smiled at him, winking.

When he finished, Francis sat back inside and let Nick clamber onto him. They sat there with their bodies pressed on another, Francis’ arms tight around his boyfriend as they lingered in each other’s embrace.

“You broke your pants,” Nick suddenly said, also remembering a button or two fly off of his own shirt when Francis had ripped it off.

He laughed. “Who even gives a fuck, anymore. I’ll duct tape it, if I have to.”

Nick laughed at that, letting his head fall against Francis’ sweaty chest. “You’re such an idiot.”

He grinned. “Yeah, but I’m your idiot.”

Nick nodded at that, letting his fingers intertwine with Francis’. “Yes. Yes you are.”

Written By: Scott Goulding 123

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