Forced to incest-Part 2

Forced to Incest

There I was, licking Dave’s feet and still having disconcerting feelings for it was true I was enjoying the scent of my son’s feet. I knew that harder moments would come later but now I could be calm and enjoying that aroma. I had already cum or I would have cum again with that wonderful scent. So I was really slow and careful with every single bit of Dave’s feet, enjoying the taste and knowing perfectly well that I would ask my son when we were in private to please let me have that fun again before he entered the shower. I licked each toe really enjoying the taste and wanting to please Dave, something I could never have thought, the fact that not only I liked having sex with my son, but I would like to have more incestuous sex with him in the future. But something I had to say and now I know I was wrong.

-I am feeling like a faggot now.

-Pete, listen to me –Jack told me then-. Of course you can tell Dave whatever you want and you can call me the way you prefer. I will not harm you even if you say I am a piece of shit, or call me shitjack. I am gay and I repeat I deserve being called as you prefer. I have raped you and I am forcing you to incest. But look at that brave man, your son. He has just outed a lot of things and you have understood him and hugged him. I think faggot is an insulting word and I only use it for cowards, so even a heterosexual man can be a faggot for me. But I will ask Dave. Do you like the word faggot?

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-I have never used it, Jack.

-But I was using the word faggot for me –I said.

-Pete –Jack was talking to me again-. You are not a coward and your son can check you are being really brave. So I suspect he won’t like to hear you calling yourself a faggot.

-I like your points of view, Jack, thank you. There are no faggots here, just two gay men and one who is feeling gay at the moment.

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-Dad, I am discovering you today. And as I don’t have any secrets with you now, I don’t want any more secrets between us. I would also like to please you, believe me. It would be fair, Dad, would you be shocked if I tell you that I would really like to give you fun at home?

-You should not say those things in front of Jack, Dave.

-Don’t worry, Pete –Jack addressed me again-, I have promised you and your son will have to do nothing with you here. Of course when in private later you can do with each other whatever you like. I suspect today I have just met the two hottest men in the world.

-Thank you, Jack. In other circumstances I would have liked to be your friend, really. But please, I know the next steps can be harder. Can I keep on pleasing Dave’s feet for a long time? I am enjoying this.

-Then go to his other foot and remain there as long as you want.

I was surprised but even when I knew perfectly well that he had just raped me and was forcing me to incest, I could not help but feel friendliness for that man. I kept on enjoying Dave’s scent, now in his other foot, horny as hell, learning to please a man’s feet for I knew it would not be the only time. After now, I would always like to lick men’s feet, preferably, and this notion was surprising for me, Dave’s feet. I think I was longer than twenty minutes in Dave’s left foot, discovering sensations, admitting now I could be bisexual and maybe always an incestuous bitch. I was also discovering slowly, but it was harder for me to admit then, that I even liked being dominated, but I needed a man as sweet as Jack, or as sweet as Dave. Finally I myself decided I should end the footjob and be brave and take the toilet moments. I was scared but not so much, because I knew that Dave could at least enjoy and I promised myself I would make him calm. So I asked Jack what I should do now. He answered by asking Dave if he felt the urge of peeing again. He said he had to.

-Dave, I didn’t tell you, before, but I really enjoyed the taste of your piss. I don’t know what is happening to me, but everything so far is funny for me, believe me. Now please, give me a new stream of your hot piss. I need to piss too, but with Jack’s permission, I will piss on the ground again.

Dave was much calmer and now I know he was really surprised at his father’s reaction but it was true I was enjoying everything. He did not hesitate now and from some distance so Jack could see him, he gave me a new warm and salty stream to drink. I started pissing too, and since then it has always seemed to me wonderful to be pissing as I am drinking piss. In this moment Jack started to pee too. The three of us were pissing at the same time, and fuck, I must admit I was enjoying. It ended sooner than I expected for I really would have enjoyed a longer stream. I had become an addict to the taste. Now he had to spit in my mouth.

-Do not worry, Dave –I told my son-, I might enjoy the taste or not but it will be nothing for me to taste your gobs.

I opened my mouth, ready to taste a new substance from Dave, still somewhat scared of what would come later. He started spitting in my mouth. Well, the taste did not disgust me, but it didn’t arouse me either as his piss had. But I really liked Dave’s face in that moment. He was so cute and so far I had no problem in admitting that I was feeling a bit gay and I was proud of the cute and even sexy son I had. I could even see Jack’s face behind my son then, and he was also a cute man. It might be the fact that I had expected to see him all the time dominating, aggressive and mad at me, but he was surprising me as a sweet man after all. I really had the hope that he would not force me to eat a lot of shit later, if he really saw it was really disgusting for me.

-Stop now, Dave –Jack addressed us both now-. Come on, Pete. Keep on showing me how brave you are. It is good for me to know that I am not harming you too much. You probably won’t enjoy this, but try at least. Both Dave and I enjoy the taste. But be a while first tasting your son’s ass and pleasing him for a short while. After a couple of minutes I will make a gesture to Dave so he starts farting. I will see your reaction then. Even if you don’t like them, you will have to taste some farts. And later, I will make a new gesture to him, the signal that he must start shitting. I would like you to enjoy, Pete. But if you don’t, keep on eating some shit. It might be an ordeal, but think this ordeal can soon be over, and you can try eating once in your life what some people eat and enjoy.

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-I will do as you tell me, Jack. And please, Dave, be calm. Even if it is completely disgusting for me, it will be just a while and soon all of this will be over. I trust Jack now and I know he’s saying the truth. Come on, let me taste your ass and be attentive to the signals he makes.

Dave then squatted and I could see for the first time in my life my son’s ass with some lust. I had seen his ass so many times, even this afternoon again as he lay on his stomach on the towel and Jack, quite unknown for us then, was jerking off. I am not surprised any man would desire wanking seeing my son’s hot buttocks. So with these surprising feelings, I finally dared stick my tongue inside Dave’s ass. No sooner I had begun to taste his crack; I had again a big erection. A new surprise, but I really liked the taste of a man’s arse, my own son’s arse. So I greedily licked and I was forgetting the fact that he must necessarily fart later, whenever Jack ordered him to. I could only think of the wonderful flavour of an ass. Without anybody telling me anything, I wanted to explore this delicious hole and soon my tongue was in his prostate. Then the first of Dave’s farts came, and I really had to say.

-Now, Dave, you can obey Jack. The taste is not delicious but I can cope with them. Fart as many times as he tells you. I really don’t mind the fact that you are farting in my mouth. It’s really not a wonderful taste but I am enjoying the experience, though.

He did fart as many as six times. I had not forgotten I should have to eat his crap but to a certain extent I was learning the meaning of carpe diem. Later I would surely be disgusted even if I know I should not puke so that Dave could be calm, even when shitting in his father’s mouth. But meanwhile farts were not a repulsive taste and I was really enjoying the taste of Dave’s butt. But his first load of shit finally reached my mouth. It was a strange feeling my first taste of shit, but I knew I would be able to swallow that little amount of crap. It was inside my mouth for a short while before I took courage and swallowed. And feeling Dave’s poop traveling down my throat was the hottest thing I had done in my life. I would not be able to hold it. My whole dick was asking me for some clemency to achieve its goal and cum so I was carried away by a greatest lust and had to cum with Dave’s poop. He did not see me but Jack really saw me. He said nothing but his face showed me his greatest surprise and admiration. But I had to inform Dave of what had just happened.

-Listen to me now, Dave. I have just blasted my load with your shit. Oh, Dave, I hope you understand me now if I tell you I am enjoying it all so much: incest, eating shit and even the fact of being dominated. I think I need a master after now. I know you have a slave. I would like to be a new slave for you, Dave.

Regardless of whatever Jack’s opinion was at the moment, not fearing now that he could be shot, he withdrew his ass from me then, stood up and approached me and said.

-Dad, you are the sweetest man I could ever find. There is something Jack never told us to do, but I would like to try. I wanna kiss your mouth.

-Dave, you know my mouth if full of shit at the moment.

-I am used to eating shit, Dad. And never had I felt such a strong desire of kissing a man than now. Kiss me, Dad.

That was the hottest moment of all the hot moments of that day. Absolutely careless of my shitted breath, he kissed me and kissed me with a new tenderness I did not know in him and we were not stopped by Jack, who was looking at us with admiration and respect. I was crazy kissing Dave’s lips and neither of us wanted that first incestuous kiss to end. But Dave had something to tell me.

-Dad, I understand what you are feeling. But we could have sex whenever you want, even every day, and I would also like to please you. But I want you always to be my best buddy, never my slave. So, Dad, if you really feel the need of having a master, or maybe a mistress, you could look for one different from me and you can tell me every day what you are feeling with him or her, just as I will never again have any secrets with you and I will tell you everything about Leo or any new slave or just sex partner I could have in the future.

-I agree with you then Dave. But I need a master. I’m sorry to say that maybe I have become a psycho, but I would like to keep on enjoying all the shit you have and not only today and probably taste the shit of some other men too in the future.

-So, I will feed you now all the shit I have, Dad. Now I believe you like everything from me and I am calm. Come on, Dad, return to my ass.

I was allowed to enjoy the taste of his now shitted ass for a long time before in constant farts I could finally swallow a second turd. I moaned so that Dave could know how I was enjoying that pig moment. I was licking shit, savouring farts and sometimes eating a new turd. I was making love to shit for the first time in my life. But I needed more. I swear that if I didn’t know shit can be dangerous for health I would have asked Dave to please let me eat his shit every day. I certainly felt the need then to eat even Jack’s shit, but so far I must have enough with the five turds I was fed from Dave’s hot ass. He finally told me there was no more shit and now it would be the time of puke and the ordeal would be over. Little he knew it was not being an ordeal for me. I was enjoying being my son’s toilet and I wanted to keep on enjoying, even if I did not like the taste of puke.

-Kiss me again, Dad –Dave told me-. I will puke you in the midst of this kiss. Hope you enjoy it too, you hot man.

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The new kiss was even sweeter now. Dave and I had started to take communion in the same tenderness for each other. It is true I had discovered Dave that day and he had discovered a different father too. I never forgot my son was going to puke me soon, but meanwhile I was kissing him as if I had always been his boyfriend and there was no tomorrow. I noticed how Jack was wanking now frantically. And the first load of puke finally came into my mouth. I knew from that moment on I would eat and enjoy puke, and my dick did not even ask for permission now. I had to leave it absolutely free and I came again, at the same time I could notice Jack cumming with me. I had to speak.

-Of all the things I have tasted from you today, Dave, this is the most delicious substance. So please, empty your guts in my stomach and let me enjoy all the digestion you have. I like it so much that I am going to wank again. Please, please Dave. Keep on puking.

-I will keep on puking, Dad, and kissing you. Welcome to the world of dirty men like me, Dad. I do believe now you are certainly enjoying everything.

It was five more minutes of delicious puke. My dick never stopped. Jack’s dick never stopped. But for the first time I saw Dave was also jacking off. Three dicks were having fun in unison and I was kissing Dave as a man in love. I didn’t love Dave, but I enjoyed the softness of his lips as I kept on eating that wonderful substance. Thinking to myself “I want to be a toilet for the rest of my life”, I finally busted my load for the second time with puke. I had cum four times with Dave and I knew I would cum again when he fucked me, something I now really desired. Both Jack and Dave shot their loads after me. I wanted no pause and straight away I had the need to say.

-Oh, Dave, fuck me. I don’t want you to think that Jack is forcing me now. I really would appreciate your dick in my ass, sonny. Please give that great pleasure to Dad.

With my mouth still full of my son’s delicious excrements, I could finally notice Dave’s dick pummeling my ass. He never stopped kissing me in that final moment. Did I say final? I would like that fucking time to be the beginning of a new incestuous shared life. But I said nothing and kept on enjoying being fucked by no other than my own son. It was only three minutes when Jack came again and addressing us both, spoke.

-I still have a surprise for both of you. Look at me now. -And then he pointed the gun to his right temple and I was frightened thinking he would shoot himself. I could not help but cry.

-Don’t do it, Jack.

But he finally pulled the trigger. And then… nothing happened.

-All the time I was threatening you, I have raped you and forced you to have incest with a toy gun. I suddenly discovered it was in one of my pockets and I came with it to the sea, just because I wanted to fill it with water sometimes and play with it as a kid. Then I was really aroused at the fact that you are a father and a son and really hot and I had the temptation to try and compel you to have some incest. I have read a lot of stories about incest and alpha males, and maybe my head started to be filled with that shit and I became convinced that I was an alpha male and had the right to do what I have done. But what the hell is an alpha male? I believe it is only stupid ridiculous men with so much ego that they can easily turn, as I have just turned, into dangerous men, even rapists, and then they only reach the level, if you remember the Greek alphabet, of omega males, the level of the pure shit man I have just become.

Dave was all the time fucking me and I could notice he was really sweating now. I thought it was because of the torrid day we were living, but now I know it was because he was listening to Jack now, and he was becoming infuriated. He left my ass suddenly and with a lot of fury seemed to be going to Jack now and he really punched him and seemed he wanted to kill him. In fact he told him.

-You scum. I will never forget all you have just done to my father. I will not stop till you are dead –and he kept on beating him.

-Dave –I had the need to shout-, please stop. You are hot and I have enjoyed everything. Jack is a sweet man who has finally done no harm to me. He has helped me discover myself, that’s all. And please I could not stand you became a murderer. Spare him or I swear, however much I love you, I will not talk to you again.

-You have the right to kill me, Dave. But you have paid me back with this beating you have just given me and have just taken this stupid alpha male to the level of omega male and shit that he deserves. But heed your father, please. It is not because I need to be spared. I have deserved your rage and I would accept now any punishment you want to give me. But look at that hot man, Pete. He would not like his son to become a murderer. Do not lose him. It would be terrible for you to lose forever his tenderness. Maybe you need to talk to him.

-Dave, please, stop. Jack has done nothing but allowing me to discover the new fun I want for the rest of my life. You still have to cum in my ass. Now with no gun I entreat you, Dave, to come back to me and fuck me again till you fill my hole with your sperm.

-Ok, Dad. I will finally do as you tell me and I will please you, for now I know you really want me to cum in your arse. Kiss me.

His dick was again moving freely in my ass. He kissed me and even told Jack that he was forgiven and he could jack off if he wished seeing how he tenderly fucked me. But Dave’s sweetness and strong arousal knowing I really desired to be fucked by him, was taking him soon to the verge of orgasm. But I had something to say to Jack and I spoke.

-Jack, I only have the need to please you now and thank you for what you have done to me. Of course you are not omega or shit now. And I would really like to blow you, can I?

-It would be heaven for me. But listen to me, Pete. I am dirtier than you may suppose. I only have a shower twice a year and I don’t want to have a new one till August. But imagine you blow me now. Your mouth is full of shit and puke. You would stain my cock with all that and I would have to go to the shower. I don’t want to do that. But there’s a different thing you could do if you really want to please me. You could fuck me at the same time Dave fucks you. Deal?

-Ok, Jack, deal. Come to my dick and I will fuck you.

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It was the first time in my life I was fucking an ass, and gosh, it was heaven. But so unexpected the pleasure was that I was only fucking him for two minutes and in that exact moment Dave filled my ass with his cum and I came in Jack’s ass. End of everything. Was it really the end of that wonderful evening? I felt I needed to say something to Jack.

-Jack, I really appreciate you now. I want to really thank you for the wonderful moments you have made me live and I would really like to say some words to my son first, but could you please wait for us here? When we have finished talking, I want to talk to you again.

-I have nothing to do, Pete. I can wait for you here. I hope Dave is not really angry at me later. I will wait.

-So long, then. We will soon be back. I repeat again: thank you, Jack.

Dave and I were soon hidden under the shade of some alders. I had to talk to my son now and maybe convince him of some things, now that no threat was endangering us. Jack was not an alpha male now, but he had earned for me the right to be no letter of the Greek alphabet, but something as simple as a possible friend from now on.

Written By: Daniel Berasaluce

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