Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me

I’m Jacob Ryan, Jake to everyone but my Mom and Grandmother.  My family has lived in and around Florence, SC for my entire life.  I left after high school to go to College. I’m the youngest of three, Julianne, my sister is eight years older than me,  and Jonathan, my brother, is six years older than me. My parents are Adam and Evelyn Ryan, Dad is President and CEO of our town’s largest bank.  Mom is Chairwoman of our local Board of Education.

I’m gay.  I knew I was different than most other guys my first year at Middle School when a new student, Jackson Matthews, joined our class, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him,

Sure I was captivated by his looks, but there was something more than just the way he looks. I was drawn to him.  At first, I couldn’t string coherent two sentences together when Jackson was near, after a couple of weeks of mumbling hello when we were near each other I slowly began to be able to talk to him and finally to look at him when we talked.

I remember a class project where we were divided into groups of three students each to complete a biology experiment. Jackson, Stephanie Burlington and I were grouped together for the experiment.

Once we had to interact on the project, I reached the point where I could carry on a conversation with both Jackson and Stephanie, without stuttering or blushing bright red.

By the end of the term, Jackson and I had become good friends. Hanging out together, studying together and doing most of the things that young pre-teen guys do together. If Jackson tried out for football, so did I, of course in Middle School football is not near as competitive as High School.

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Jackson was our quarterback and the star of the team. Scouts from Wilson High football were frequently at our middle school practices and games.

With Jackson at quarterback, the only way I knew to keep his attention on me was to play wide receiver. He throws the ball, I catch it and run it to the end zone and score, that’s the plan and it works, most times.  We both play on the Lacrosse team as well, the constant running is the best exercise of all the High School sports.

Jax lives two blocks over from our house, by the end of our football season, Jax and I were constantly together.  Nearly every weekend, one of us stayed over at the others house. Our Mom’s joked that they had two sons.  Even our birthdays were in the same week.

For our sophomore year, we were enrolled at Wilson High.  The football team was really good that year and although Jax and I were second string, we did get to play more than I ever thought we would. The Wilson High football team had the best year ever, finishing the season 9 and 1, and just missed going to the Region Finals by a missed field goal.

fisting-compressorThe end of Football season meant that Jax and I moved on to basketball.  Jax was our power forward and I was the point guard. We had a pretty good team, we won our County League Championship and went on to win the Region and a berth in our State Championship playoff. We lost in the semi-final round but our coach was about to pop his buttons.  None of the sports prognosticators had even mentioned Wilson High as a potential threat.

Jax and I had a joint birthday party for our 18th birthday the week before we started our Senior year at Wilson High.  Usually when you would see one of us, the other wasn’t far behind.  We were together at every function, we dated the prettiest girls, and often on double dates.

Both of us were focused on getting into a great College with well-known sports programs and we kept our dating on the light side, never letting it get too serious.  We had a great time and cleverly divided our time so that our training for sports occupied the greatest part of our free time.

Playing in all the different sports meant that Jax and I were frequently in the showers together.  It took all the willpower I could muster to keep from looking at his sleek, wet body when we were showering together. I worked hard training myself to keep my eyes on the wall below the shower heads, and not on Jax or my teammates when our practice or games were finished.

I desperately wanted to see their slim, well-muscled bodies but the fear of being labeled a “Queer or Pervert” kept my eyes glued to the tile wall in front of me or staring at the floor when I turned to rinse off my backside.

It was during our Senior year that Wilson high made it to the State  Basketball Championship  It was during that miracle basketball season that Jax and I had our first jack off session together. We were at my house, up in my third story bedroom, looking at an old and tattered porn magazine Jax brought over. The one picture that caught my eye featured two guys and a girl. It’s only old photos, but still, seeing one guy with his cock in the girl’s vagina while the girl sucked the other guy’s cock made my own hard cock ache.  When Jax turned the page I moaned out loud.  The picture was the same except that now the two guys were tongue kissing each other. My cock was so hard it ached.

“Holy shit!   Jax, would you look at this!”

He leaned over my shoulder as we sat on one of the twin beds in my room.  I could feel his breath on my neck when he said,

“Yeah, I thought that pic would get you going.”

“Look Jax, the guy that’s fucking her looks a lot like you.”

“Maybe…but if it was us, you’d be the guy fucking her throat and you and I would be kissing each other.”

“Me! kissing you” I said, astonished.

“Yeah, I’ve seen guys kissing a lot on porn sites, it looks pretty damn hot, too.”

We finished that afternoon with each of us staring at our friend’s hard cock as we both got our nut within in seconds of the other.

As the summer wore on I began to feel a sort of panic.  Jax and I would be enrolling in separate colleges soon.  I knew it meant the end of Jax and Jake being best buds.  On our last weekend night together we talked a lot about our new schools and their sports programs and about how weird it would be not being able to see each other.

“At least we have our phones, we can stay in touch that way,”  I said.

“I sure wish that you were going to Auburn too, Jake.  Not being able to be get together will be really weird.  You’ll meet someone at Georgia tech and forget about me.”

“HA!  Like I’d forget my best friend ever.  You’re the one that’s always the ‘Big Man on Campus,’ you’ll be the star of the football team and have these Southern Girs chasing you all over the campus.”

“Tonight will our last night together Jake, I don’t want to talk about school, I want us to jack off together like we’ve done all year, I want to feel your big cock in my hand.”

“Yes, now!  I raised my butt and shucked off my boxer shorts, my cock was plumping up as I watched him do the same.”

Jax turned to lay on his side, facing me as I did the same.  He moved closer and took my now hard cock in his hand.  With just a couple of pulls on his hard cock produced a clear pearl of precum on Jake’s cock.  Looking at the precum, then up to my eyes, Jax said. “Don’t freak out Jake, but I’ve wanted to do this.”

Jax quickly turned and took my cock in his mouth to the root in one delicious movement.  I almost yelled out when he began bobbing his head.  The sensations that filled my entire body were like nothing I had ever know before.  I knew I would shoot in just a matter of moments.

“JAX!  I’m cumming, I can’t stop it.”

He pulled off my cock just in time to have the first volley hit his face.  He didn’t move, he just kept my cock aimed at his face as my cum covered him.  He wiped a forefinger through a cum puddle on my stomach and licked his finger.  Smiling at me he said.

“Not bad, not bad at all.”  He said as he ran his tongue around his mouth.  “ He made another swipe with his finger through the semen on his chin and held it up in front of me.  I took his hand and guided it to my mouth and I sucked his cum drenched finger clean.

Jake got a washcloth and cleaned his face and body.  Jax watched his every move, trying to memorize every detail of this last night together.

Once Jake returned to the bed, Jax pulled him onto his side so that they were facing each other.  Neither spoke, both afraid that the pain and emotion of this being their last night together like this would ruin the little time they have left together.

Moving closer, Jax pulled their naked bodies together so that they were touching from head to toe.  Jax pulled back a bit and just looked at Jake’s face.  Finally, he spoke.

“Promise me, Jake, promise me that this will not be the end of us.  Somehow, some way even if it takes four years, I want you back in my life.  It not the sex part either (well not entirely…) but there a connection with us, it’s been there since that first Biology Assignment in Middle School.  Please. come back to me after college.”

Jax saw the tears brimming in Jake’s eyes and he moved quickly, with a hand behind Jake’s neck he pulled them into a long sensual kiss. After stopping for air, they lay together, hard cock pulled up and bodies pressed tightly together.  Each afraid of the life ahead without the other by his side.

I remember it like it happened yesterday, we were side by side, each wearing only a tee shirt.  We ditched the boxers when we started jacking off.  Our legs were touching from hip to ankles when Jax reached over and pulled me onto my side, we were now facing each other.  Jax reached down and took my cock from my hand, I took his cock into my hand, Jax leaned closer, I could feel his breath on my face.  I knew what was coming, I closed my eyes and in a moment felt his soft lips against mine.

cat-c-ringsAt first, I was puzzled when he ran his tongue across my lip, but then I felt his tongue part my lips and our tongues began a desperate battle inside my mouth. Groaning from deep inside, I only lasted about five seconds, his kiss makes me shoot the biggest load of my young life. My cum covered us, globs of semen were between us.  Smiling, Jax slowly pulled away a tiny bit, then ended our little sex session with a little peck on my lips that made me my entire body tremble.

Once we entered High school, I expected that Jax would be readily accepted by the ‘in crowd’ and we wouldn’t be having sex sessions like we did as kids in Junior High. To his credit and my amazement, Jax remained my best friend, his being the ‘BMOC’ occupied a great deal of Jax’s time.  To maintain his image and reputation, he had to date.  Often he talks me into double dating with him and his date.  We went to movies and dances with both of us seldom dating the same girl more than twice.

We both made the Varsity Football team, Jax passing the ball and me catching. Our team was pretty good, again but there was a Senior in my Wide Receiver position that caught most of Jax’s passes.

I was hurt when the Senior took Jax out for a meal after a game.  It wasn’t just them, the whole team went to eat but the Senior Wide Receiver occupied all of his time.  The green eyed monster had me by the short hairs.  I was so jealous that I would lie in my bed and cry because that I thought that Jax liked the other guy more than me.

When I was 18 my parents allowed me to begin to date which I felt compelled to do to keep up my image of an ordinary guy.  During school, I was allowed to date on weekend nights with a 10:00 pm curfew and on three nights a week during our summer break. Most times Jax and I double dated, going to movies, or out to the teen parking spot near the lake if our dates were the type that liked to make out without going all the way.

One weekend nights when the team had an open date, Jax called and asked me to come over to his place and stay over.  I was over the moon!  I ran the two blocks to  Jake’s home and Jax led me upstairs.  As soon as he shut the door, he pushed me against it and pressed his body against me, I could feel his hard cock at my hip as he held my face in his hands and kissed me.

“I’ve missed you, Jake,  those older guys on the team razzed me really hard about not always hanging out with them. I had to go with them for the team I thought, but that guy Johnny, the senior wide receiver, made a play for me one night in his car.  We were talking about football when he reached over and grabbed my cock through my jeans.  He tells me there are five or six guys on the team that likes to play around with other guys.”

Anyway, I sit there stunned as this guy unbuttons my jeans, pulls my cock free and leans over and swallows all of my cock in one swoop! I’ve heard guys on the team talk about blow jobs, but I never dreamed I’d get one.”

“Jeezus Jax, the big guy, Johnny, sucked your cock?  Did you like it?”

“Yes Jake, he did, and yes I liked it.”

“I want to do it again, but not with Johnny…I want to do it with you, Jake. I guess I’m a perv Jake, a perv for you anyway. The whole time Johnny was sucking my cock I was thinking about you and me doing this together. Johnny was bobbing on my cock and I kept thinking about doing that to your fat cock, I think we’d really get off doing that together. As long as we keep it just between us, we can be the biggest pervs around. I really like doing sex stuff with you, Jake.  ”

I know my eyes must have been as big as saucers, I couldn’t speak.

“Jake?  Did you hear what I just said?”

I just nodded yes.

“Well…do you want to try it?

Snapping out of it, I pulled him to me. and held him close.  As we embraced, I nodded my head yes then said,  “Only if I can try it too.  I want to do that to you too, Jax.”

My Cock is a little longer and a good bit thicker than Jax’s, but he really likes having my cock in his mouth.   He had one hand fingering my nipples and the other tugging on my testicles.

Jeez, Jax was making me feel so freaking good.  When I told him I was about to come, he backed off and watched the semen spurt from my cock in his hand.  With a finger, he dabbed at a puddle of semen and licked it off his finger.  He liked the taste of my semen and he bent over me and licked my chest and stomach clean.

In my quest to ‘fit in’ with the regular guys, I tried out for every sport the school offered plus the Community Summer Leagues, playing basketball, baseball and volleyball.  Thanks to my inherited genes, I developed into a tall (6’2”) lean and lanky teenager by my third year of High School.  I was almost as popular as Jax, (mostly because I was Jax’s best friend and a good athlete as well.  Being Jax’s best friend has a lot to do with me graduating High school with my “Jock” reputation intact.

Both Jax and I were good students, in the Beta Club each semester, and both on the Debating Team.  Jax was well on his way to a football Scholarship to a ‘Major’ college program. There were three  athletic scholarship offers for me, but they were from smaller, schools with Junior  Varsity programs,

However, my excellent grades got me an academic scholarship at Georgia Tech which pleased my parents to no end.  Dad put Ga. Tech bumper stickers and window decal on his truck and Mom’s car.   I chose to pursue an Aerospace Engineering degree.

I entered Ga. Tech the following fall on a partial Scholastic Scholarship. When Basketball season came around at  Ga. Tech, I tried out for the team as a walk-on. To everyone’s surprise, I made the team as a point guard. I had grown to be a couple of hairs over 6’4” by this time,m  height had more to do with my making the team than my basketball prowess I was certain. I worked hard during practice and during my free time.  Shooting baskets and running to build up my lungs for the long and grueling ACC schedule ahead.

The winter semester of my second year, our team played a home game against Auburn University. During the pre-game warm-up, one of the Auburn players came over and tapped my shoulder as I finished shooting free throws. I turned and was elated to see, my old friend Jax standing there in his Auburn Uniform.  I had looked for him during the pre-game warm up but never spotted him.

We shook hands and did the ‘guy hug’ thing and promised to get together for a bit after the game.

About halfway into the first quarter our team had a 12 point lead and Jackson came into the game for Auburn, he was assigned to guard me.  I had already scored 15 points in a less than 10 minutes and was feeling pretty good about myself.  I really felt good when Jax came into the game.  We’ve played against each other for years and it felt so good to beat him to the basket again.  The Auburn Coach’s strategy worked for a while, by the end of the first half I had scored only 21 points after getting 15 easy points at the first of the game.

My Coach was thinking of putting someone else in that would nullify Jackson;’s tenacious defense.  I begged him to let me stay in the game,

“I know him, Coach, I’ve played against him at practice for more than four years, I can fake him out of his Nike’s, just give me a chance.”

True to my word, I scored ten points on Jax in seven minutes, we won the game by those 10 points.

After showering and celebrating with the team, I left the locker room looking for Jax, I spotted him leaning against the wall in front of the Visitor’s dressing room.  Seeing him there triggered a ‘punch in the gut’ feeling for me.  Besides being the one guy I’ve always wanted to be with, sexually and socially, Jackson has morphed from a cute kid to a handsome young man, one of the ‘beautiful’ people. He is handsome beyond his years and absolutely the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet.  He pushed off the wall when he saw me approaching and put both arms around me in a bear hug.

“It’s so good to catch up with you Jake, even if you did whip my butt out on the court tonight. Watch out, it’ll be at our place the next time our teams meet up. I’ll be waiting for you  Jeez, Jake, look at you!  You ‘ve developed your game as well as your body since leaving our hometown.  I bet you’ve got a long line of girls lined up and waiting on you.”

“Aw, Jax!  You know I’ve never dated that much.  Remember John Bass, he was a year ahead of us, had a great football scholarship lined up and then he got stupid, knocked up a freshman girl and had to leave school.  That isn’t going to happen to me.  The last I heard he was working at the big chain grocery store back home.”

“Jeez, I’d forgotten about that.  Good for you Jake, there will be time enough for finding your mate after college.  I’m chasing grades instead of skirts myself.  I’m at Auburn to become a Veterinarian.”

“Really!  That’s great Jax.”

Jax had to get back to his team bus for the ride back to the Auburn campus but we managed to exchange cell numbers as he was leaving.  As I watched his bus pull out onto the road, I felt a buzz in my pocket,  Jax’s text said…

“Dec. 2nd we’ll play again. UR BUTT IS MINE THIS TIME.”

I know he was talking only about our next game but I got all warm and fuzzy thinking about him taking my butt.

Our team did well for the rest of the season and wound up losing the Conference Championship Game to Duke.  We beat Auburn and Jackson again at their place.  Our team advanced to the ‘big dance’ (NCAA Tournament) and got as far as the ‘Elite Eight’ before losing to Villanova, the eventual NCAA Champion.

Though I’m  not on the team, I play Volleyball a lot with about half the official team in their practice sessions.  Someone is always out with a muscle strain or pull and I fill in for the missing team member.

One of the team members, Hank Littrell, and I became friends, hanging out together, working out, going to the Library to study, just ordinary college stuff.  One weekend in spring, we went out to a local dance club and we both got totally wasted. I never knew where or who the drinks came from but I didn’t protest or inquire, I just drank them.

I don’t remember going back to Hank’s apartment but that’s where I woke up on Sunday Morning. I’m On Hank’s bed, buck naked with Hank’s head between my legs bobbing up and down sucking my cock. Once I became fully awake I became an active partner and eventually, Hank and I wound up in a ‘69.’ My first gay experience and I greedily sucked his cock. I wasn’t at all sure about the idea when Hank asked me to fuck him, but eventually, I gave in to his pleading and let him have his way with my cock.  I didn’t have a clue as to what I should do so Hank took over.   With me on my back, Hank Straddled my hips and placed my cock at his opening.  It took him three tries before I felt my cock enter him.  The heat inside him was amazing.

I have watched a good bit of gay porn on my Laptop and I knew what to expect, in a way, but the sensations just under the piss slit of my cock were making me writhe and moan.  By the time my entire cock was in him, I was in seventh heaven.   I just don’t have the right words to describe the feelings vibrating through my body.   I’m afraid I didn’t last long, my climax rushed up my cock and filled Hank to overflowing.  He moaned at every spurt of hot semen that I sent into his body.

icon-vibrating-dildosAs we both came down from our euphoric sexual high, Hank moved and lay by my side, one leg over my thigh with my testicles resting against his knee.  His head was on my shoulder with an arm across my chest.  We drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake until 10:30 am.  Thank goodness it was Sunday morning.  Stirring and stretching Hank and I woke almost at the same time.  He looked over to me with a sheepish grin.

“You were really something special last night Jake.”

Without replying I put a hand under his chin, lifted his face up and leaned in and kissed his lips lightly.  At first, it was just closed lips but when he ran his tongue over my lower lip, my lips parted and Hank sucked my tongue deep into his greedy mouth.  I felt the electricity again, the act of kissing a man is tremendously arousing.  My cock was hard in seconds, wetly poking at Hank’s abdomen.  Hank slithered out of our kiss and moved to take my cock deep into his throat again.

By his actions and ministrations, Hank worshiped my cock.  There are no other words for it.  He absolutely made love to my cock with his face, tongue, and lips.  He took his time, edging back when he thought I might be nearing the point of no return.  After nearly ten minutes of his mouth hands on my cock and body, I was ready to explode.

“Ha…Hank…I gotta cum, I can’t stop it…I’m cumming. AWWMIGOD!  HANK!   IT’S CUMMING!”

I blew a huge load deep into Hank’s rectum just as Hank;s semen splattered all over my chest, face and hair.  Slowly, we came down from the most satisfying orgasm of my life,  I was completely stunned.  I never knew that anything could ever feel that good.

Hank had a small apartment off campus and I visited him there at least once a week for the remainder of the semester.  We were good friends, nothing romantic just a couple of lucky fuck buddies that found each other near the peak of their sexuality.  Slowly but surely, Hank introduced me to the ultimate sexual experience two men can share.  I learned to love being fucked.

College, like most good times, was over before I wanted it to be.  The sports, my friends, the sex.  By graduation, Hank’s wasn’t the only bed I shared.  The door to my room at the fraternity I pledged in my second year, was seldom locked at night until one of my Frat brothers slipped in and locked it behind him.

My Frat Brothers are a horny bunch. I was surprised at the number of my own Brothers on campus that eagerly participated in gay sex. All of those guys who had shared my bed like sucking cock, swallowing loads of semen and most of them liked fucking me when I asked for it. There were others that liked getting their butt plugged as well.  For the remainder of my time at college, I didn’t have to go outside of my Fraternity for sex.

Like most things that you enjoy and are good at, college life comes to an end much too soon.  We’re thrust into the world of adults, mostly against our will and we try to hang on to that former carefree life as long as we possibly can.  Over the next few years, most of my friends got married.  It seemed as if there was a wedding a month there for a while.

On the occasion of my favorite Frat Brother’s Bachelor Party, the prospective groom spent the preceding two nights before his wedding with his heels in the air while I nailed his hunky body to my mattress.  His given name is Jordan and of all the guys I’ve had sex with, Jordy has always been my favorite.  I know I will miss him.

The summer after graduation I was a groomsman in three of my Brothers weddings and I had sex with each recently prior to their weddings.  I truly enjoyed being a single gay man and I was fortunate enough to have some quality that others gay guys found attractive.  I seldom had trouble finding a bed mate for the night.  Graduation meant returning to my parents home while I awaited a call from one of the Headhunters that interviews graduates for positions in the corporate world.

On the first night back in my parents home we were at the dinner table enjoying a Pot Roast with all the trimmings when my Mom mentioned that it was so sad about what had happened to that nice Matthews boy.

Alarmed I asked. “Mom? Do you mean Jackson Matthews?  What’s happened to him?

“Oh, Jacob…I thought I told you on the phone the other day.  He was coming home to visit his parents when a big truck rig crashed into the back of his car and knocked him off the highway and down an embankment.  The paper said that the car rolled over at least six times before coming to rest on its top. Jackson has been in intensive care for five days now, he’s in very bad condition, the doctors have told his parents to prepare for the worst.  He isn’t expected to live.

I almost ran from the table and once inside the bathroom, I threw up everything I had eaten.  After emptying my stomach, I cried, for my friend, his family and for my long lost love.  I went to the hospital and met with Jackson’s Mom and Dad.  They both broke into tears when they saw me.

I explained that I had just heard about the accident thirty minutes ago.  His Mom related the whole heartbreaking story to me.  I knew that I wouldn’t be allowed to see him in the ICU but I felt a compulsion to at least be near him.  I spent most of 10 days there in the ICU waiting room.  Against the odds, it appeared that Jackson would recover and live through this horrible time.

The day he was transferred from the ICU to a private room, his father came out and asked if I wanted to come in and see Jackson.  I jumped up and nearly ran into his room. Bandages were everywhere, I could see his eyes, nose, and lips, the rest of his face was bandaged.

As I walked up beside his bed I saw in his eyes that he recognized me.  He lifted one hand and I held it, thrilled that he knew who I am.  I turned down three job offers during Jackson’s initial recuperation Period.  I finally got an offer that I wanted and I accepted a week after Jackson had been transferred to a private room.

His parents and mine both live in Florence, SC. I did hate the thought of leaving Jackson as he tries to rebuild his health and stamina, but I did manage to call him every evening after I got home from work.

Before the accident, Jackson was working with a large financial holding company in Charlotte, since leaving the hospital he has been with his parents at their home.  I’m living and working in Wilmington, NC.  I’m a Bio-Environmental Engineer working with the United States Navy.    The drive from my office to Jackson’s parents home is a bit over two hours.   Since he was released, I’ve gone there to help him and his parents, every weekend.

Jackson has begun walking, with a cane for now, but we all hope he’ll get past that very and soon. Some weekends, we just sit on the porch not talking much, I felt a need to just be there with him. Jackson sits and stares out into space for hours.  If he want’s anything, I’m there to get it for him.  I wish there was some way I could get him back to being his old self.  Since coming home, he doesn’t want to talk   It isn’t just the accident he’s blocking out.  He doesn’t want to talk about anything.  I don’t push him, I just sit there, ready if he needs me for anything.

A month after he began walking without the aid of his cane but with a slight limp, I got a phone call from his Mom.  She told me how well his rehab is progressing and that he wanted to speak with me.  When he came on the line he sounded like his old self.  There was life in the way he spoke.  I couldn’t help it, I choked up when I heard his voice.

“Jake, I need a big favor, bud.”

“You know I’ll do anything you ask, Jax.  You’ve always been my best friend.”

“I want to come to Wilmington and spend a week or so with you.  Mom and Dad need a break, so do you for that matter.  I can take care of myself fairly well, I can get dressed and sit outside and read.  I know it’s a lot to ask, to have me there at your home every day, but I’m worried that my folks are stressed out.  Do you think you can handle me being in your way every afternoon and evening?”

My heart soared.  He wants to spend time with me!

“Of course I want you here you big dope!  I’ll take some time off from work and I’ll come and get you tomorrow morning.  I think you’ll like it here, but I’m not really in Wilmington now.  I finally found a place to lease that I know you will love as much as I do.  I’m moved in, but there are stacks of moving boxes and nothing is where it should be just yet. I think I’ll just wait and let you see it for yourself.”

I didn’t tell him that my home is on Wrightsville Beach, my backyard is the Atlantic Ocean!  My cottage has a rooftop deck, we can lay out in the sun, chug some beer and watch the water and the people go by.”

“ I Can’t think of anyone, that I’d rather be stuck with Jax.  You’ve always been a very special person to me.  I’ve always loved you.”

“Yeah, I know, its the same with me, I love you too, man.  Ugh…dude, that sounds so phony, but I mean it. I really do love you, I always have!   I’ll go get packed and I’ll see you tomorrow, and thanks, Jake, I owe you big time for all you’ve done for me and Mom and Dad since the accident.  Till tomorrow dude.”

After he hung up I said into the dead receiver.  “And I love you, Jax Matthews, I’ve been in love with you since the first day you came to our school.”

I called the base and made arrangements to take two weeks vacation that I had coming.  That still left me with three more weeks to take before the end of the year.

When I got to the Matthews place in Florence, I was amazed at the change in Jax. He was his old self again.  He gave all the credit to his medical team and to the Pastor at his parent’s church.

We took our time driving back.  I didn’t want him to get stiff and sore so we stopped frequently and walked about a bit.  We stopped for our first rest break in  Mullins, SC.  We were having a great time together, driving along in no hurry, stopping to see anything we thought at all interesting.  Plus it gave Jackson a break from sitting too long in one position in the car.  It was nearly one O’clock when we pulled into a little Mom & Pop Diner in Whiteville, NC.    We both had the Salisbury Steak with gravy, mashed potatoes (more gravy), green beans and huge, melt in your mouth, biscuits.

After our meal we walked across the road to a small lake, we walked around it, letting our food settle and I could see that some thing or some memory had put Jackson into a melancholy mood.  We saw a concrete picnic table and bench and we headed over to sit for a while.

“What’s bothering you, Jax?  It’s like you’ve gone away  like you’re not here at all.”

“Please Jake, don’t be upset…there’s nothing you can do, or I can do right now.  These spells come on me suddenly.

“Jax, you know the accident wasn’t your fault, there’s nothing you could have done.  The trucker hit you!  ”

“I know, I know, but When I was rolling end over end down that embankment, all the things I wanted to do but I had never done, flashed through my mind.   I want to live differently than before Jake,  I want to do things I’ve never done, I want a different life.

Tears were streaming down Jax’s face.  I put an arm around his shoulder and pulled him close to me.  He laid his head on my shoulder and cried big body shuddering sobs.

I supposed he’s wondered why it happened to him along with why was he spared, most accidents like he was in are fatal.  The concern and stress that his Mom and Dad endured, He just needed to cry it all out.

I held him close and kissed his forehead, one hand stroked his cheek. “Cry it out, Jax.  It’s okay, Jake’s here with you.  We’ll be alright,”

cat-clearanceI kissed his forehead several times while he cried.  Finally, when he had cried out all the tears he sat up and turned to me.  I’d never seen him look at me the way he was doing right then.  It didn’t register that Jax was leaning closer to me.  He placed his right hand behind my neck and moved slowly toward me until our lips met.  I saw his closed eyes and remembered that the first kiss with Hank,  I ran my tongue across Jax’s bottom lip and he opened his lips slightly.  Our tongues played with each other for a brief moment then Jax pulled back, I saw that same far away look again on his face.

I felt such great emotion in those few moments that we kissed, my cock hardened almost instantly and as the kiss continued, I messed up my shorts as our tongues met.  I couldn’t have stopped it even if I knew it was going to happen.  The large wet spot growing at the crotch of my board shorts confirmed my fear.  I shot off in my shorts when Jax kissed me, Jax looked down and saw the growing wet spot, he looked back up into my eyes and slowly, a small little smile moved across his face.

I stood up and turned away so I could readjust my cock.  My erection came as swiftly as his kiss did.  Jax sat still,  watching me.

“We’d better get back on the road Jax,”  I muttered.

We drove in silence for the next fifty miles or so.  My mind was full of questions, why did he do that?  Is he gay, like me?  Was it just a thank you?

No, guys don’t say thank you to another guy with a tongue kiss.  It’s too much to hope for that Jax could be like me, could be wanting me like I want him.  Soon we were pulling into my driveway.

Seeing the cottage and the Ocean behind it brought us back to the present.  While I was emptying the car of his luggage and the food his Mom had sent us, Jax walked around the cottage and sat down on the deck watching the water.  It’s a perfectly beautiful day with a Carolina Blue sky and the occasional snow white puffy cloud.  After putting his things into the guest room, I opened a couple of beers and took them out to the deck and sat down beside him.

“Here Jax, your first beer at my place.”

“Jake!  This place!  How did you ever find it?  You’ll never get me to leave here.”

“I can’t imagine ever wanting you to leave here Jax.  I know that you’ve still got a lot of healing to do, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I want you to know you can do all of that here.  Leaving here will be your choice, Jax.  But once the healing is done, we need to have us a good, long heart to heart talk.”

“I know Jake…I know.  Maybe being here, on the beach and with you, I hope we can get this thing between us worked out.”

“What thing, Jake?”

“Yeah, like you don’t know…That kiss I gave you back at the Lake…that was a long time coming, Jacob,  years in fact, and I saw the result of that kiss too, you had an erection and you ejaculated in your shorts.  That ‘thing’ is US Jacob Ryan…you and me and what are we going to do about it.”

I was completely stunned.  Things were sort of scrambled up in my head.  It sure sounded like the love of my young life, Jackson Matthews, loves me too! I stood up and paced back and forth in front of him.  I couldn’t say anything just yet.  Several times I stopped and turned to face him, then I would start pacing again.

Finally, I walked passed him and up the steps and onto the deck, as I passed him I asked him to come inside.  He slowly made his way up the few steps of the deck and across to the open doorway. Once inside I gently pushed his back against the wall, lowered my head and gave him the kiss that changed both of our lives forever.  I heard his cane hit the floor as he raised his arms to encircle my neck.  This time our tongues were frantic, needing to touch every centimeter of his mouth and tongue, and for the clincher, I felt his hard cock at my left hip as we ground ourselves against each other as much as his condition would allow.

In need of air, we separated from the kiss into a full body hug.  I heard and felt a huge sigh escape from Jax as he lay his head on my shoulder.  After the hug, I held him at arm’s length and studied his face,

“Well…Jax, I do believe we can eliminate the ‘heart to heart’ long talk we scheduled a few minutes ago.  And before you ask, it was that day in Middle school when we were put on a Science project together that I knew I was crazy about you.  I wanted you so much back when we were kids, jacking off together.”

“It was in High School that I knew that what I felt for you was different.  I always wanted to see you in the showers, but you always faced the shower wall.  The few times I saw you with your back to the shower I knew I wanted your body against mine.”

“So Jax, I need to be upfront with you here,  I was sexually active at college. There was a guy on the volleyball team that was my first.  We had been out drinking on a Saturday night and I woke up in his bed Sunday morning, naked and with his head bobbing on my cock.  We were just sex buddies, never any serious feelings other than the orgasms we produced.

I pledged my Fraternity my Sophomore year and I quickly learned that a good number of my frat brothers liked Man to Man sex too.  By graduation, I was well versed in all the ways that two men can have sex.  Since my graduation from GeorgiaTech,  I’ve not been with anyone.  That’s pretty much my sexual history except for the years I’ve spent dreaming of you and me together and the gallons of cum I’ve pumped out of my cock thinking about you.”

“Jake, you remember those times we were up in your room jerking off?  I loved watching you masturbate.  I wanted to touch you, to hold your cock in my hand, to do those things that were unthinkable back then.  Unlike you, I’ve never acted on my sexual urges.  I did masturbate a lot and you were always the star of my masturbation session.  I’d remember our jack off sessions and pop my load dreaming about you.

“Jax, I loved watching you play with your cock too.  I know that you are limited in what you can physically do right now, but if you are willing, I’d like nothing better than to undress you and lie naked with you on the bed.  Let me make love to you Jax, I don’t want us to wait another minute, I want to be with you right now.”

“Yes, yes, yes.  At long last, YES Jacob!  I’ve loved you for so long.”

I started with his belt, then his zipper.  I felt his hardness behind the zipper as I looked into his eyes, first I undid the top button then slowly unzipped his jeans.   I tugged at his white Tee Shirt and pulled it over his head.  When I saw his chest covered with dense, brown hair, I gasped, sucking in air.  I let my fingers roam over his chest until I ferreted out the nubs of his nipples, a quick pinch brought a groan from Jax.  I lowered my head and lapped at his nipples with my tongue then covering them with my lips and tongue.  Jax raised his chest and pulled on back of my head, grinding my mouth against his sensitive nips.

With my lips and teeth teasing his nipples, I let one hand glide over his flat stomach. His recuperation and rehab had almost eliminated his wash board stomach that I remembered from our football days

I hesitated at the waistband of his shorts long enough to return to kissing then I let the tips of my fingers slide under the waistband of his Calvin’s.  I could feel his neatly trimmed pubic hair.  My hand moved faster now and I grasped his throbbing cock in my hand.  I readjusted my grip a couple of times and realized that his cock is really big.  I couldn’t close my fingers around its girth, and its length was more than a fistful, looking down I saw the big clear pearl of pre-cum about to cascade down his corona.  I moved quickly to swallow his entire cock into my throat.

We made our way over to the bed and lay down together Jax was moaning and moving about on the bed so much I feared he would hurt himself.  Jax isn’t as tall as me.  I’m 6’4” and he is an even 6’0”, I’m lean and lanky weighing only 176 pounds, Jax, on the other hand, is smoothly built and well proportioned, His body is like the swimsuit and underwear models, easy to look at and desired by most everyone who sees it.

I found out my freshman year in college that I don’t have a gag reflex.  I gobbled all of him into my mouth and throat and selfishly, I made Jax cum quickly as I took all of him deep into my mouth and throat   I made swallowing motions that massaged his cock.

Jax yelled, and thrashed about on the bed, in my deep throat position I was turned, my head toward the foot of the bed but I kept my hips out of range to his touch.   This first time was all about me sucking his big cock.  Jax did reach over and held onto my leaking cock while I swallowed every drop of his semen I could as he settled into the afterglow of his orgasm.  I held his cock in my mouth, nursing and sucking every last drop from him.

After regaining his breath, he pulled at me to get me to lie against him now that I had taken him.   He rolled to his side and kissed me deeply again.  When we came up for air Jax smiled and said.

“I knew it would be like this, all those years of wanting and longing, I knew that if we ever had the chance, we’d find a way to be together.  I’ve always loved you, Jake, always.”

“It’s the same with me, Babe!  I want to spend the rest of my life sleeping with you and loving you.  Why have you waited so long to tell me?”

“At first it was fear of rejection, the chance that you wouldn’t even want me as a friend.  I was really closeted, actually afraid of being gay.  Then as I recuperated from the accident, I realized I was given a second chance and I had to know if there was any possibility that you could feel the way I do.  At first, I thought your weekend visits were like you said, your chance to help a friend and to give my parents a break.

The accident made me realize that we need to grab the life we want.  I’ve known for a long, long time that  I want Jacob Ryan in my life for the rest of my life.”

“We’ve been real dopes Jax, but that’s over.  We’re together now like we’re supposed to be.”

“I’m not afraid anymore Jake, that’s why I risked everything with that first kiss by that little lake where we had lunch yesterday.  I knew then when I felt your tongue on my lower lip that we would work this out.  I can’t believe that you actually ejaculated in your pants with that kiss.”

“You wouldn’t wonder if you had dreamed of us kissing like I have.  I may spend all night kissing you.  I’m the luckiest man in the world!

After finally declaring our love for each other, our lives seemed to take off.  One month to the day after Jax came to live with me in Wilmington he presented me with a Helenite gold ring.  It is a fairly large stone at 2.5 karats.  The Helenite Stone is a beautiful, clear emerald green color.  These stones were found in the aftermath of the St. Helens Volcano eruption in 1980.  I was so taken with the Helenite stone that I had one made for Jax.

Jax started his own veterinary practice with money he received from the accident.  My job at the Fort Fisher Air Force installation near Wilmington was expanded to include both the Navy and the Air Force as a joint venture with funding for ten years.  Jax and I settled into the beach house and eventually managed to buy it from the owner.

Life is good!

The End

Written By: Bill Hudley

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