My Childhood Best Friend and Surprise (Part 3)


Jon woke up first and felt Dave’s arm draped around him. He held onto his arm tightly, but was disappointed when it caused Dave to wake up.


“Morning bud, did you sleep well?”


Jon rolled over onto his other side, so that he was face to face with Dave. He said, “I did. It’s nice to wake up with you.”


Jon noticed that Dave didn’t respond. He was just kind of looking at him. He wasn’t sure why, but knew that he had to kiss his best friend. He leaned forward and was surprised that Dave didn’t pull away. He felt his lips touch Dave’s. He felt Dave pull him close to him. They continued to kiss and grind their naked bodies against one another. Jon felt his cock quickly harden and reached around to grab onto Dave’s firm butt. He opened his mouth and Dave’s tongue snaked into his mouth and connected with his tongue. They continued to kiss and grind into one another.


Jon felt Dave’s hand touch his hard cock and he moaned loudly. He moved his finger off of Dave’s cheek and towards his asshole. He made a circle around and then slowly inserted his finger. He couldn’t believe how brave he was being, but he just couldn’t stop himself. He had waited years for this moment and wasn’t about to let it pass.


Dave broke their kiss and began to kiss, lick, and suck on Jon’s neck. Jon moaned at the touch. Dave licked up his neck and bit down playfully on his ear lobe.


“I want you inside me, Jon.”


Jon pulled back from Dave and looked at him suspiciously.


“Oh don’t be so surprised. Yes, I’ve experimented. After last night, I think you’re into me too.”


“Based on last night? Dave, I’ve wanted you for years.”


“Well quit yapping and start tapping!”


Jon watched as Dave reached up to his bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom. His body shook as Dave rolled the condom down his cock, lubed it up, lubed himself up, and then straddled Jon’s body. He groaned out loud, as Dave slowly impaled himself on his cock. He leaned forward and took Dave’s cock into his mouth. Dave pushed him away.


“You’ll make me cum too fast, if you do that.”


Jon released the cock and just enjoyed the sensation of Dave sitting on his cock. He loved the way that Dave took control. He went slow at first, but then started picking up the speed. He bent forward and gave Jon a long kiss. Jon felt out of control and started thrusting into Dave. He watched as Dave broke out into a large grin and let Jon take control. Dave started stroking himself to Jon’s thrusts. Jon knew he wasn’t going to last long. He was usually the bottom, so the sensations from topping was too much. He could feel his orgasm building, when Dave’s semen hit him in the face. The taste of Dave’s load on his lips pushed him overboard. He thrust hard upwards and felt his load fill the condom.


Dave pulled off of Jon and quickly cleaned Jon’s face with a t-shirt. They shared a quick kiss, each put on a pair of shorts, and headed downstairs for breakfast. They found Paul sitting at the table naked eating a bowl of cereal.


Paul said, “You boys look happy.”


Jon wasn’t sure what to say, he looked over at Dave. He almost fainted when Dave replied.


“We are. We just fucked.”


Written By: Bobby Newberry


Picture: Google+

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  1. john morris says:

    Wow, I’m glad John finally fucked Dave, whow I’ve got a huge boner.

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