My Childhood Best Friend and Surprise (Part 2)


Jon froze in place. He had his hand gripping his cock and two fingers in his asshole. He looked over at the doorway and noticed that Dave’s Dad had walked away. He searched for an answer and could only find the truth.

“Got horny, so I decided to jerk off.”

Dave laughed, “You always were a horny perv. Well try to keep it down. You were breathing so loud, you could’ve woken up my Dad.”


Jon tried to laugh along, but wasn’t sure how to reply. He thought of Dave’s Dad, Paul, shooting his load and his cock remained hard.


Dave asked, “What were you thinking about?”


“Uhh…nothing. Just got hard and started stroking.”


“I sometimes think about us.”




“Yes, I think it’d be fun for us to take a girl from both ends. Eiffel tower her.”


Jon tried to hide his disappointment. He had no interest in girls, but would definitely like to see Dave naked.


“Mind if I join you. Now I’m hard thinking about that.”


Jon just nodded. He couldn’t believe that Dave was going to jerk off beside him.


“Come on up here with me.”


Jon just lay still. He could feel his heart beating quickly. He was afraid what would happen if he lay within inches of Dave’s naked body.


“Fine, I’ll just come to you. Relax, dude. We’re just jerking off.”


Dave grabbed his pillow and joined Jon on his sleeping bag. Their legs touched and Jon felt a shot of pleasure shoot through his body. He watched as Dave pulled down his briefs to reveal his cock. Jon licked his lips at the sight of pre cum glistening on top of Dave’s fat head.


Dave started stroking and turned his head towards Jon, “Join me, bud. Let’s pretend there’s a girl here.”


Jon grabbed his own cock and looked into Dave’s eyes. Dave rolled his head back and closed his eyes. He started stroking his cock quite quickly. Jon double-checked that Dave had his eyes closed and then watched intently as he stroked his cock. He noticed that he did it in a similar way to his Dad. He watched as Dave pinched his nipples and wished that he could do that to him. He longed to cup Dave’s balls the way that he did. He was so enamored with Dave that he didn’t even realize that he was jerking himself off.


All of a sudden, he knew he was passed the point of no return and started shooting his load. A few loads landed on him and a couple of spurts got on Dave. This seemed to send Dave off, as he started to shoot a few thick full loads onto his own stomach. Both friends breathed deeply. Dave opened his eyes, looked down at their loads, and grabbed his pair of briefs. He cleaned them both up.


“Quite the load there, Jonny boy. Shall we rest up?”


Jon nodded and turned over to sleep. He was surprised when Dave didn’t return to his bed. Instead, he cuddled up to Jon. He even gave him a quick kiss on the neck.


“I’m really glad that you came over tonight. I missed you a lot.”


Jon just feigned that he was asleep, as he couldn’t speak through the tears rolling down his face. (Continued)


Written By: Bobby Newberry

Picture: Google+

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