Boy Scout Memories

Boy Scout Memories

I joined scouts when I was 11 and was later a senior leader then scout master. Not much happened to me when I joined except what my best friend and I did together in our tent at night.  As I got older and younger boys joined the troop, my best friend and I would sleep with them and try to do things while they slept. I did most of the checking out and my friend
would watch and join in later. We would always find a couple new scouts that we could check out in their sleep.  On one week long jamboree my friend got a bad cut almost giving him another ass hole and had to go home. He slid down a hill right across a piece of glass. That left me alone in my tent. I talked one of the younger boys to join me and that night I slowly lifted his underwear and found him hard.  I slipped my hand inside and jacked him off in his sleep. I was 15 at the time.  He couldn’t cum yet but he sure got the feeling. I tried to get him to admit he was awake but he just rolled over and went to sleep.

He was one of the four new boys in the troop. Two just turned 12 one was 11 and the other wasn’t quite old enough to join but we let him anyway. He wasn’t going to be 11 for another month yet.  The next night the same boy I jacked off the night before wanted to sleep with me again.  I suggested we join our sleeping bags and he was all for it. Again that night I jacked him off as he pretended to be asleep. The next night he ask if his friend could spend the night and I though both of them were staying but only his friend stayed. The first boy was 11 while his friend was 12.  I suggested we sleep on top of one sleeping bag and cover up with the other. When we went to bed I told a few ghost story’s and right before we got quite to go to sleep he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to rape him in the middle of the night. I teased him saying anything can happen to little kids in the middle of the night.  He just giggled and I figured his friend had told him what I had done. After a short time I started to rub his stomach and as I moved down he quickly pulled his underwear off saying please don’t rape me. He was already hard and I said how can I rape you when you are so willing. As I started to jack him off he reached over and started to jack me off also. His dick was a little bigger than his friends and he also shot a little clear liquid.  He still was totally hairless.  He really liked how my much bigger dick could shoot and wasn’t grossed out when my cum ended up all over his hand.  He even cleaned me up afterward.

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I slept alone a couple nights but the next to the last night the newest and youngest scout ask if he could sleep with me. He was the ten year old. He said his tent mates kept bothering him and wouldn’t leave him alone so I agreed for him to stay. I didn’t think he would want to do anything for he looked really young and little. He seemed very shy and was picked on all
the time. He said he sometimes got cold at night so I suggested we sleep together by joining the bags. As soon as we got in the bags he snuggled his little ass up against me so I rolled to my side and hugged his body against mine. I rubbed his chest and stomach down to his underwear. When I touched the band he sucked in his stomach and I pushed down deeper finding a very hard two inch peter. He quickly wiggled out of his underpants then reached behind himself and grabbed my dick. The other boys had told him I liked to mess around so he wanted to be part of the fun.  I pulled my underpants down and snuggled back against this little boy.

I was jacking his little dick and he was running my dick up and down his ass crack.

He turn toward me and ask if I had any slick stuff.. I crawled out enough to retrieve the Vaseline from my back pack and handed it to him. He greased me up then we spooned again and before I knew it my dick was creeping into him. I cautioned him I might be to big, but he said he and one of the older scouts did it sometimes when he babysat him. I was surprised who that boy was for I had tried to do things with him before, but he never wanted to. I had seen him in the showers at school and I guessed My dick was about and inch longer but the same thickness.  This little kid was slowly taking my almost adult size dick and soon I was in all the way. I got him to roll over onto his stomach. I kept my hand under him and jacked him slowly as I pushed into him. We never said a word and he never made a sound. We both were breathing hard and I felt his ass throb and his dick jerk and while he had his dry climax I shot my load into him. We just laid there for awhile then he ask if I was done. I said yes and slowly pulled out of him. He started to get dressed and I ask where he was going. He said back to his tent. I told him he didn’t have to leave and he seemed surprised and ask if he could spend the rest of the jamboree with me. I said he sure could.

We did it again the next night only I let him do it to me first. His dick was small but really felt good. He got the feeling again when I did it to him a short time later. He told me it was the first time anyone ever played with him.  He said the other boy just did it to him then told him never to tell or he would beat him up. We became good friends and he would always sleep with me on camp outs. He learned to suck, but what he liked the best was getting it up the butt. When he got older and bigger he liked doing me sometimes. We both joined the service when old enough. I came back he didn’t.

I was a den leader for a couple years when I was 14 and 15. I always had a young boy wanting to sleep with me on our many summer campouts. There seemed to always be a few boys that found out if they slept with me I would play with them when they went to sleep.  Those boys wanted to find out what it was all about. They would act like they went right to sleep, some even pretending to snore.  I would ease my hand into their underpants and jack off there little dicks.  Most came back and there was always one that wanted to do more than just being jacked off while pretending to be asleep.. I would teach those few how to do more. I never got over how a 9 or 10 year boy could take my 14 or 15 year old dick. They looked so small and I looked so big.  None of them said I ever hurt them.  Most of the time they just lay there and let me do it not making a sound.  Sometimes one would moan or grunt when their little dick jerked in climax or when mine swelled bigger and shot into them.  Most were really sheepish acting after but came back for more. But those were different times. I think there is a lot more going on at scout outings than most people realize. I think boys learn a lot more than what is taught them in the scout handbook.

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When I moved back east I met up with a lot of the boys in my old troop.. Most had boys of their own and wondered if I was going into scouts again. I said I think I had enough of scouting. They seemed disappointed saying we had had a lot of fun and I was the best scout master they ever had. I know my boys learned a lot more than what was in the scout hand
book.  One boys father did talk me into going on one last Scout outing.  A 12 year old boy ask to sleep with me.  He was easly seduced and spread his cheeks for me so I could put my dick into him. I found out later he was the son of the man who talked me into camping out one last time. I wonder if his dad put him up to it or if it was just a coinsidense.  He surly wasn’t
new to messing around.  Scouting has changed a lot since I was a young scout, but one thing seems to be the same and that is the late night activities in the tent.  I wonder how many young boys lost thier virginity to older scouts.  I remember back when I was a young scout seeing boys sneeking into the senior scouts tents and sometimes into the scoutmasters
tents when on a Jamboree. There would always be a lot of giggling and rustling around.  Then the light would go out and it would be really quite. Sometimes there would be a grunt or grown then quite again.  Later the boy would sneek back to his tent.  I wonder how much of that still goes on.  I dought that much has changed.

By: Milo

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2 Responses to Boy Scout Memories

  1. firsttimmer says:

    You brought back memories. I learned more from becoming a cub scout and then later as a boyscout than I would have ever found out on my own. The older scouts taught me things about what some guys like and liked to be done to them. I am glad my father wanted me to become a scout.

  2. Ronald says:

    I can completely relate to your tale. I too worked ny way through a dozen or so scouts, and unfortunately have only run into one of them but then we musta swallowed a couple gallons of each others cun over five years. Intersting enough I had him when he was 101/2 but he was already hung. But thats a story for anorher day…

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