Boarding School (Part 1)

Boarding School (Part 1)

I had just turned 13 years old, and entering Grade 8 as a newcomer to high school, and to boarding school for the first time. It was also the first all boy school I was attending, previously I had only attended co-ed schools. I had experienced a rather sheltered childhood in South Africa, and the move to boarding school was pretty much the first time I was away from home for an extended time. I had lived at home, without brothers or any father figure, and my sexual knowledge so far was limited to a book explaining puberty, bought by my mother and never discussed, while my sexual experience was with my hand, only recently learnt.
Blonde, short and slight in build, with puberty only just starting, I was very proud of my dozen or so pale pubes which had appeared , and over the long summer holiday I had discovered the joy (and sometimes embarrassment) of sudden, unexpected and frequent erections, and how to tend to them.
I’m Mark, and my assigned dorm cubicle buddy was Bruce, and in tradition of initiation week, cubicle buddies had to do everything together for the first week – something I think to do with ensuring no boy was left ‘friendless’. So all activities, from dressing, teeth brushing, meals, toilet, shower etc, all had to be together, almost like having a conjoined twin. The setup of the boarding school dorms was – 5 dorms, one for each grade. 16 boys to a dorm. Dividers in the dorm, separating the place to 2 beds per cubicle, and from your bed you looked over across the room to the other beds and cubicles.
Like me, Bruce was also short, with light brown hair, styled in a young Bieber fashion.
All the juniors also needed to be on shower duty that first night, essentially holding the seniors towels and handing them the towel after their shower. The seniors were all about 16 or 17 years old, and obviously pretty much fully developed. Sixteen seniors in the showers at once, under 8 shower heads, with 16 juniors holding the towels, it was a pretty crowded place, and there was a continual stream of boys from the other grades coming in and going out of the bathrooms, each grinning madly for some reason, the reason of which we soon found out, as although we did not yet know it, we were about to participate in one of the school’s junior initiation ceremonies.
The seniors pretty much showed off that first night in the showers, rubbing their cocks clean in front of us and bending over to clean their feet, with straight legs, in a way that their assholes were pointing into our faces with a view of their hairy balls through their legs behind their arseholes. All of them became hard during the ‘show’, and with me being just 13 and only starting to develop, those dicks were just huge and scary. The towel I was looking after, belonged a particularly well hung senior, and although just 17, he was not only huge, he had a massive vein running down the side of his dick, which, like me, was uncut, and the head was a dark purple.
I had never yet thought of guys (or girls) sexually in any way, so to be faced with these huge naked guys, in a shower, was pretty uncomfortable, while at the same time fascinating, and I could feel my pants tenting while watching their cocks and bums in the shower with amazement- covertly- as with the other juniors.
Then, suddenly, they all simultaneously turned off the showers, grabbed the towels, and demanded that we juniors strip and get into the showers. With confusion, and some dread, we had to obey them in terms of the rules of initiation week, and we stripped. The shock had already caused my cock to soften, but clearly I was not totally limp, and tried to hide my cock as I got into the shower, facing the wall, as did the other juniors, but the seniors then told us to turn around to face them.
All 16 of us had varying degrees of erections, causing much laughter and teasing among the seniors, while us juniors were pretty mortified. Then we were all told to soap up, and to stroke our dicks until we built a full erection, and even though this was pretty embarrassing for a bunch of 13 year old kids having to perform in front of older (big dicked) kids, our new raging teen hormones meant we all were stiff within a few minutes. After a lot of laughter and comments by the seniors, including various discussions about our little dicks, they left the showers laughing, telling us to shower together for at least 5 minutes as a bonding process.
It was my first ever group shower, and now that the seniors had left and the initiation terror appeared to be over the mood of the boys relaxed and became even a bit humorous- probably nervous reaction more than anything else.
The showers were crowded and I could not help myself from glancing at the other boys, particularly at Bruce my cubicle partner standing next to me who I was sharing the shower head with, and who was still sporting a part erection.
I saw he was cut, the first real cut penis of a boy my age that I had ever seen, and I mentally compared him to myself. We were probably about the same length, with my penis a bit thicker than his. He was cut, I was not, and his balls were tucked up under his cock tightly, while mine hung a bit more. Maybe that was caused by his part stiffie which did not seem to bother him at all. Neither of us had yet developed many pubes, with both of seeming to be a little slower in puberty than many of the other boys in the shower. Neither of us had much body hair, except for some light hairs on our forearms, and small tufts under our arms. He was slightly chubby around his waist, the puppy fat not yet gone. Behind him, he had a firm looking bum, with rosy cheeks from the hot water, and water cascading down between his cheeks. As I peered through the water, I saw he was glancing down and taking a look at me and my equipment while he was at the same time soaping and massaging his balls and butt, with his Bieber fringe half covering one eye.
My glance around the showers at the other boys revealed a wide range – big and small cocks and balls with varying degrees of hair, mostly cut, and some still with semi’s. Some of the boys were shyly trying to shield themselves, while others were exhibitionists, flaunting their cocks. Not yet feeling completely comfortable in a group shower situation, as soon as our 5 minute shower sentence was over, I hurriedly stepped out and walked quickly and dripping naked to the dorm, as none of us had our towels with us, we were not expecting to be showering.
As we walked, we had to pass the other 4 dorms, and all the other kids were at the doors laughing at naked us, having themselves gone through the same initiation in previous years.
At our beds, Bruce and myself dried off, and made to get dressed in our PJ’s. The space between the beds was small, and we accidently brushed up against each other more than once while dressing which made my cock spring up. I was very confused, and quickly got covered up before it was seen by any of the other boys and jumped into bed.
A couple of minutes later the house senior called for lights out, and the room was plunged into almost total darkness, with the light of a setting half moon coming through the windows.
After a few minutes of whispering among the boys in the dorm, the voices trailed off, and the room became quiet, and I lay there thinking about the previous 30 minutes.

As I was dozing off, I heard a slapping sound, one from Bruce’s bed, and another from across the room. Clearly Bruce, in the next bed, and someone else, were getting their rocks off, and the thought of it got me tugging my own cock slowly and quietly, while watching Bruce tearing away frantically under the duvet in the low moon light at his own cock, every now and then lifting his hand to his mouth to get some spit lube.
The third time he lubed, his leg lifted and dropped again, slipping the duvet partly off him, and I could see his erect cock dimly in the low light. It looked different now from the shower view, pointing upwards towards his belly, still immature at about 4 inches and even in the low light, I could see that his cock head was now much darker, and he then took his free hand and wedged it under and behind him. What he was doing, I could not make out.
His excitement had obviously dulled his brain, and he was just lying there, openly tugging his junk, panting loudly, seemingly without a care, eyes closed, face toward the ceiling, and one hand wedged behind him. Any one of about 6 other boys could have seen him if they looked up from their beds.
I was a bit more careful, but could feel my panting breath increasing as I slid my very wet cock up and down and around my hand, my foreskin sliding over and under the head. Every now and then I would put my forefinger and thumb under the base of the head, and squeeze lightly, as always the tingling sensations were fantastic, faster and faster, until my bum started clenching, my legs quivered, and I spurted into my PJ’s as Bruce turned his face towards me and opened his eyes widely, as he realising that I was coming under the covers, and that I was also watching him openly tugging away.
Bruce had passed the point of no return, and a couple of seconds later he shuddered, back arching, and spurted a few times into the air and over his PJ top and sighed loudly, lying still for a short while, then rubbed his hands and cock dry on his PJ top. He then smiled at me, gave me a thumbs up, and turned away in a foetal position, his bare bum facing me from the side of the covers, his pants having slid to the floor during his wild action. In the weak light I thought I could see glistening liquid on his bum. A couple of minutes later the moon set, the room went dark, and I fell asleep wondering what day 2 would hold for us.
So day 2 of boarding school dawned, and I woke up just before 6am as the sun was about to rise. The first thing I see is the same as the last thing I saw last night, which was the 13 year old bum of Bruce pointing at my face from the side of the duvet, in the next bed.
Only now there’s no glistening liquid on his bum, and his one leg is tucked under him, with the other leg outstretched, so now, in the increasing light, his bum hole is visible to me. I sleepily lie in bed, gradually waking, staring at his bum hole, and not thinking of anything in particular. I’ve got a raging morning glory, and I get my hand under my PJ’s, contemplating whether I should give myself a quick tug, or if I should rather get up and go to the bathroom and have a pee to get rid of it. Unfortunately time wins and makes the decision for me, the wake up alarm sounds, and all 16 boys in the dorm start stirring and getting out of bed, including Bruce, who finds his PJ pants, slides them on, and as per the initiation week rules, we both walk to the toilets together to relieve ourselves, wash faces, and brush teeth.
Back at the dorm, we dressed, and Bruce said he was not feeling well. The house nurse came through to see him, and announced he had a fever, and was to stay in bed for the day as a precaution. House rules are that the dorms are out of bounds during school hours, so Bruce was left alone in the dorm to recover while the rest of us went to school.
During the lunch break, in the dining room, the house senior asked me to take a plate of food to Bruce, which I duly did.
When I got to the dorm with the food, Bruce was lying in bed, and seemed to be asleep. I put the food down on the table, and shook his shoulder, and his eyes opened and smiled- he definitely seemed much better. He threw his duvet off himself, and sat up, swung his legs off the bed, and he was completely naked! I was rather surprised, and he just smiled at me, saying he knows I watched him jerk off last night, and he knows I jerked off as well, and that I was staring at his bum this morning.
Well I stammered a denial, and went red faced, but that in itself said ‘guilty’.
Bruce asked me if I was gay, and I told him no, had no idea.
He said he liked me, and liked the look of me in the shower last night, and wanted to get to know me better, right now, as he reached out and placed his hand over my crotch.
Well I instantly started growing, and he unzipped my pants and took out my cock which was now rock solid, with the foreskin peeled back, and he stroked his thumb and finger over my cock head which nearly made me cum right there and then.
No-one had ever touched my cock except myself, and blood was rushing through my head and ears as if there was a big storm going on. I glanced down, and saw Bruce’s erect cock pointing up towards his belly button from his lap. He took one hand and held his cock, and leaned forward and took my cock in his other hand, and placed his mouth around my cock head. He then started sucking my cock, slowly moving his lips up and down my shaft.
I was shuddering with all the sensations going through by cock and my balls, and when he took his hand off his own cock, I leaned forward and he reached up sliding his fingers from the back of my sack towards my bum hole. That was the end of me, I shot my load instantly into his mouth with a loud groan, probably the biggest unload of my short life, which he gulped down with a slurping sound while still encircling my cock with his mouth.
Slowly he lifted his lips off me, and a strand of my clear liquid stretched out and kept us attached for another second or 2, before splitting and winding around my cock, dribbling slowly down.
Bruce wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, smiled at me, and reminded me to get back to the dining room.
The rest of the day was uneventful, as was the evening, although that night Bruce again went to sleep with no pants, and his bum hole exposed to my face once the lights went out, which I studied until the moon set and the room went dark.

To be continued……….

Read by: Bobby Newberry

Picture: Google+

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is good, and very well written. I must say, it got me hard in no time at all! I enjoyed it very much and encourage you to write part 2 asap.

  2. Boi says:

    Yes please hurry with part 2.. Was soooooo disappointed when I discovered I was reaching the end of the story lolol.. Loved it

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