Attacked in jail-Part 3-Final Chapter

Attacked in Jail

It was 10 o’clock the next morning when my cell door opened again and I saw a smiling master telling me he had come only to piss now if I still desired to be his urinal. Of course with a happy face I told him I had been looking forward to his return and wanted to drink a new stream of his. I asked him whether I should not take my clothes off first.

-I have very little time, M-I-K-E. I cannot do a lot things now, just piss. Open your mouth.

I opened my mouth and braced myself to be rained again a new torrent coming from his bladder. I started drinking and my mind returned to yesterday’s ordeal. It had certainly been an ordeal first but later it became a day of discoveries. I remembered everything that had happened to me yesterday and it was more certain for me as I was drinking his salty pee that I wanted to become that man’s urinal. Or more if one day I got my wife’s permission. His stream was long and I drank and drank saying nothing, and once he was drained he thanked me and I told him.

-Sir, I sent a letter to Belinda this morning. But I have a copy here if you want to read it now. I thought I should disguise a little what I said in case this letter is inspected, so I have certainly mentioned to her that it was a man called Harry, but I did not tell her he was a prison officer or the fact that it was in my cell, Sir. I just told her it was a man who made me do a lot of things and made me call him H-A-RR-Y and gave me three humiliating names and was about to rape me but I changed my mind and he fucked me. I had told her the important fact that I have enjoyed, even his excrements and I ask her permission to be his toilet and slave as far as I have to be in prison. Soon, next Monday, I will have a conjugal visit, Sir, and I will tell her the true facts that it was in my cell and it was a prison officer called Harry, Sir. Do you want to read it now?

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-Indeed I have a lot of work this morning and I cannot remain here, my hot slave. Will you go to the bar at eleven?

-I will, Sir.

-Then you can take the letter there and I can read it. Now listen to me, M-I-K-E. You must understand first that I will call you only Mike in the bar. And you can sometimes call me Sir. It is respectful enough for a man to call his lawyer. Remember I am your lawyer now, slave. But you will also call me Harry, understood? Our security must be first and if ever I become your master, I want us to be friends and I would like you to be free and call me Harry whenever you want. Call me by my name now.

-Thank you, Harry. Now if you allow me I’d rather call you by your name and Sir in the bar and only master H-A-RR-Y whenever we are in my cell. So ok, sir, I’ll meet you in the bar at eleven and I will bring the copy of the letter I have sent to Belinda this morning.

-So, kiss me slave and so long. It is a real pleasure to have met you, M-I-K-E.

We kissed passionately for a couple of minutes and then he left. I had time to jack off again thinking about him till it was at last eleven o’clock, the hour when prisoners could go to the bar.

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We both arrived at the same time, he saw me and said: hello, Mike.

I understood he had to call me Mike now, so I answered back calling him Harry but adding Sir.

-Let’s order something. Today you are invited. What would you drink?

-Cafe-au-lait, Sir.

He ordered the same and after a while we sat down, comfortably away from the crowd and I instantly took the letter out from my trousers pocket.

-Please read it, Sir.

-Ok, since you want me to read it, I will.

And he started reading what I had written to my wife.

“My dearest Belinda, I could never find the words to express to you how much I miss you, how much I love you. If my stay in jail is bitter and I know I still have to wait a lot to see you and kiss you and we can finally make love as we usually do, I must say that my mind often diverts to thoughts about you. I am remembering the day we met, there on our favourite beach and…”

But just then he interrupted his reading and said.

-I’m not sure I should read this, Mike.

Then I put my hand on his to reassure him and said, calling him Harry, for I knew he’d rather I used his name in such an intimate moment.

-Harry, I would like you to always be my master, but I would really desire you were always my best friend and you must know how I love her and know some of my secret feelings. Please keep on reading.

-Ok, Mike, I also want to be your friend. I will keep on reading if you only call me Harry here.

So it was that I got used to calling him Harry in the bar and H-A-RR-Y, master or sir whenever we were in our cell. He resumed the reading then.

“… and being nudists as we are we met there and soon we started to make love. I will always have a mental pic of that first night with the moon reflected on your boobs. How we fell in love and started a couple with our own rules, with the agreement that we could cheat each other. But I have something to tell you, my love, you know the fear I have always have, after entering jail, of being raped. Well, Belinda, something happened to me yesterday that I want to tell you. I was not exactly raped but I was close. I learnt in that moment that I could change my mind and give that man my consent. It is a man called Harry, and finally he fucked me. And not only that.”

Then I went on telling my wife the true facts of what happened yesterday, just omitting that Harry was a prison officer and it had been in my cell. I told her I had found a man who was wearing boxing gloves and started to box with my naked body and next had given me more pain pulling at my hair. Later I had had to do gay things, suck his cock and lick his entire body. But finally I was forced to eat his excrements and was finally fucked. I told her too.

“That man who had made me call him H-A-RR-Y and who still called me M-I-K-E and more was a bastard at first and knowing I was married, started to call you the bitch of my wife and even forced me to call you like that. So forgive me, my love, I had to inevitably do it. I hope you can forgive me. But just then I discovered that I could stop him humiliating you if I was willing to surrender to him and I told him.”

Harry’s face had been going, I noticed it clearly, through many different stages, and I sensed he was quite embarrassed then, fully realizing the enormity of what he had done to me previously but my hand was still stroking his and telling him: “just water under the bridge now, Harry” and he continued reading.

“So I was called H-A-RR-Y’s slave and also H-A-RR-Y’s toilet and I finally had to swallow piss, spitting, shit and puke and maybe you don’t understand me but perhaps knowing that we understood each other now, I certainly enjoyed all that, even shot my load sometimes with that dirt and later he did fuck me at last. It was painful at first but it soon changed from pain to pleasure. I hope you don’t mind your husband telling you that he enjoyed a man yesterday. I want to be his slave and toilet as far as I am in prison. I know I have your consent to cheat you with a girl. All I want to ask you is: could I have also your consent to cheat you with a boy? I will never again do it if you tell me not to. But if you grant me your permission, I want to be, in the sixteen months I still have to live here, Harry’s slave and toilet.”

“Hoping you are not angry at me for what I have just told you, and wanting to know your sincere opinion (I will certainly do whatever you tell me), I must say goodbye now, always hoping that we can see each other again soon and of course telling you one more time how much I love you, my dearest Belinda.

Kisses from Mike.”

Harry’s eyes were moist when he finished reading the letter and he finally sighed.

-I cannot feel more embarrassed now, Mike, knowing I humiliated the greatest of girls. Oh, what a great woman she is. I should be apologizing to you and her all my life.

-But I don’t want you to do that, Harry. No need to apologize again; I know how you appreciate us both now and that’s enough for me. Come on, Sir. Before I get my wife’s permission, you can piss in my mouth every day and I can jack you off.

-Our situation is insecure, Harry, I cannot go to your cell many times every day. So you’d better wait for me in your cell at half past three in just your shorts. I’ll piss you again and then you can remove your shorts. I will take my clothes off too, but not today, only some days. I’ll just take my dick out and if you really want me to be your master, it will be mutual masturbation again.

-Ok, Harry, be it as you wish. I’ll wait for you at half past three. You can be sure I will be in just my shorts and we can have pleasure again. I need to make you cum, Harry. The free hour is almost over; I have to return to my cell now. So long, Harry.

For three days I awaited him in my cell clad only in my shorts. He always told me the hour he would come. He entered, locked the door and next ordered me to get naked. Then he took his sexy dick out and pissed me first. I drank happily a long stream and always gave him the satisfaction to see me hard as I was drinking. Of course later, he sat on my cell bed and we were quietly jacking each other off for minutes till we both blasted our loads. That was for three days till on Sunday finally I had Belinda’s answer in a letter that I read alone in my cell and could not help but cry, totally moved at my wife’s words. O how I loved her. Of course that day in the bar I watched Harry again, told him Belinda had answered and I wanted him to read my wife’s letter too. He grasped the letter and started to read.

“My dearest Mike. It will be difficult for me but I will try to tell you how your letter has increased the love I feel for you. I love you more now and of course I am not angry at you. I always regarded you as a hot man but even so you have surprised me as the hottest and most courageous of husbands. I’m really happy one day I met you and fell in love with you. But I must confess I have read your letter four times and on two occasions I read it finger fucking myself. Hope that if a prison officer is reading this letter, he would not censor it; he could simply be feeling some of the lust I feel for you.”

Reading the letter Harry was then crying his eyes out and I stroked his hand again and started weeping with him, remembering the words Belinda had written.

-Ok, Mike, I will not insult you by apologizing again, but you must know how embarrassed I feel reading your wife’s words. I will only say again that she is the best girl in the world and anything I can do for her and you, I will always do. Hope you always count me as a friend.

-You can keep on reading, Harry, Sir.

“It is so hot to imagine you enjoying a boy. I know you have not cheated me so far, but I am glad you are cheating me now, and with another boy! Now I will always be hot imagining a dick up your ass and though I know it must have been painful for you at first, I can even feel your pleasure with it later. Believe me all you had done makes you more of a man for me and I see you now with eyes more in love than before. And I am also horny knowing you enjoyed excrements.”

“So, you wanted my permission and you will have my permission. I know how bitter your stay in prison will be and I know being that man’s slave can be your salvation. So keep on enjoying him sexually and also being his toilet. All I will add is I wanna try anal sex with you one day, but not getting pig with you, not with you. And have some common sense, please. Eat that man’s excrements but only sometimes. Always be healthy.”

“And also bring my appreciation to that Harry. I even hope that one day he can read my letter. So now I will address him: Harry, I don’t know you yet but I entreat you to always make my husband happy. Make him your slave and take care that his time in prison is a happy time: I know it can be happy with you and of course you have my permission. I have nothing to forgive you for. Yes, you called me a bitch, but you do not know me at all and it was a part of my husband’s humiliation that later made him so happy. So forget forever that. I will only add that I hope I can meet you one day.”

“Finally, Mike, it will be a long time till we can touch and kiss each other but my wait will be easier imagining my husband having gay sex every day and enjoying. And your time will be shorter with Harry. You can now become his slave in earnest with my permission. How I love you, Mike. You will always be the love of my life. A kiss from the deepest of my soul.

So long, Belinda” 

-So, Harry Sir, we can both begin a happy time now. We have Belinda’s permission. I told you she was a great girl.

-Much greater than I thought. Ok, Mike, you will be my slave now. Hope you can soon reunite with her and make love again to the best of girls. Now I hope you always enjoy being my slave. I still can’t believe I can have sex every day with such a sexy boy. All I ask you is to remember that one day I wanna give you a blowjob and I will also want you to fuck me.

-It is not necessary, Sir. I will think about it, but just let me bottom and make you cum daily. I have to return to my cell now. So long again, Harry, and now I can say it: so long, master. I’ll be waiting for you.

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He had told me he would arrive again at half past three and there he was, already in my cell, and I nursed a huge boner prior to pulling down my shorts. Of course the first thing he did was pissing me and later with his clothes on he said now he could fuck me and he was gonna fuck me, but he would be a short time in my cell every day and fucking me would be the only thing today. A blowjob again would be the next day. But I was happy the time to be again H-A-RR-Y’s slave had begun in earnest and this time on all fours on the floor, he finally pushed his dick inside me. I had asked him for a brutal fuck, for I wanted to show him my devotion, and he ramrodded me hard as my mind was returning to some days ago and remembering the unexpected pleasure that it had been for me being fucked. The fucking was brutal but short. He was also very horny knowing that now he could have me every day, at least for sixteen months, for he believed when I was finally released I would dump him, and he filled my ass with cum in one of his longest streams. Then we kissed as lovers for some minutes and he left me for that day. I remained the next of that day with his semen in my ass. It was a reminder for me that H-A-RR-Y had finally become my desired master.

Next day it was Monday again and at ten in the morning I was contemplating my wife’s pretty countenance one more time. I broke down seeing again the girl I knew I would love till the day I die. Seeing I was crying she broke down with me for a while till she told me: “come on, Mike, we have a short time to be together now. Let us talk”. And I kissed her lips through the glass separating us.

She told me some trivia about her life without me, always telling me how she missed me and I answered back with I love you, Belinda. But finally she asked me.

-Are you happy with Harry now?

Then I told her I really was but also told her what she still did not know: the important facts that I had been humiliated in my cell and that Harry was a prison officer. I also told her he would soon become a lawyer and would take care of our affairs. She urged me to satisfy him now and enjoy him. Oh what a girl and how I loved her!

-I know you never cheated me, Mike, even though I did cheat you and we have that agreement, so I’d be more than glad that you finally have sex with somebody else and it makes me horny to know it is with a boy. Have sex with him, but just remember that as for excrements you must have some common sense and eat them scarcely.

I was blushing then but she reassured me.

-Be whatever you want with him, my love.

-Ok, Belinda, but I’d be happier if I know you are cheating me too in this long time of wait. Have you been with another man these months?

-I haven’t been able to. I have missed you so much.

-Do it then. I will be having sex in jail, so it’s only fair that you have some fun also.

-Ok, I will whenever I have a chance. Or I can call again one of my friends with whom you know I sometimes have sex. But no matter how lustful I can be with them. As every time I’ve had sex with another dude, I will always think I will return to you at last and love you for the rest of my life.

The bell rang which told us it was time for the visit to finish so telling each other again how much we loved, Belinda finally left. Of course I told Harry that very day in the bar. Later in my cell it was time at last to give him a new blowjob. Fortunately he made me lick his pits again with which I came a second time.

Now my sixteen months slipped from my hand. I still had to live a long time in jail but I awaited my master every day, horny as hell, and with him in the afternoons and every morning in the bar getting to know the wonderful man he was; and thinking about Belinda every evening in my cell before going to bed, of course wanking over her with love increased; I could not love her more now; my long time in jail was easier for me and slipped away quickly.

He had the habit of fucking me one day, with all his clothes on, and the next day he did strip and ordered me to give him a blowjob, and then lick his feet and pits, sometimes also his ass. But soon I checked that he was shy to come with some smell and his feet never smelled so I had to tell him.

-Sir, please, I really want you to see your M-I-K-E’s devotion. I promised you I would lick your sexy body when you were smelly and I want you to smell, and yes, also your feet. You have to see your submissive slave getting used to your flavours and checking that he enjoys it. So I beg you please Sir to come to my cell with a lot of smell on you. A week’s smell, please, master H-A-RR-Y.

At last he compromised and it was a party for me when he came to my cell unwashed for a week. First I gave him a blowjob; next I licked his pits and always blasted a load with them and last with a lot of fears he ordered me to lick his feet. I did not wrinkle my nose at his smell now and though it cost me some time to get used to that smell I finally liked all my master’s scent and one day I was wanking with his stinking feet and I shot my load with a wide smile for him to see I had really enjoyed that smell too.

So we started a glorious routine of being fucked one day, and licking his whole body, dirty or not, the other day. Excrements were scarce except piss, which he gave me every day. Sometimes snot, gobs and farts. But he only shat in my mouth eleven more times and so it was finally twelve times including that first day, but I always ate with an appetite. Puke was more frequent since he also sensed that I liked it more. I also counted the times. I was puked twenty times during my stay in jail as his slave and toilet.

My wife’s visits were frequent and I was overjoyed whenever she told me she had had sex with another dude but she always mentioned she masturbated at least once a day thinking about me. I said I did exactly the same, some days more than once. My master also told me he sometimes had sex with boys especially cause it was easier to find a boy to have sex with but sometimes also with girls. I counted three girls during the time I was his slave. His words only made me hornier and I wanted to please his whole body and often he allowed me to do it.

And at last there came the day when I was gonna be released from jail. It was a Monday in December and I would be released at 7. In the bar that morning I noticed my master with wet eyes all the time and in his words it was clear he thought now I would dump him.

-Today you will be free, again, Mike, free to continue with your life loving that hot girl you have for a wife. Now I hope you don’t forget me and we can sometimes see each other and maybe have a drink remembering old times.

-Sir, let me assure you that I am now at least your client, since you are still my lawyer, and my friend and I want to keep your friendship for life. But I will also ask Belinda if I can continue to be your slave and if she grants me her permission, I will always be your M-I-K-E. But today we still have time for a final session in jail, Sir.

-So when I go to your cell at half past three for the last time you will be the one to choose what you want to do.

And when he came to my cell for the last session in jail I told him I wanted him naked and then I would give him a blowjob, lick his feet, next his pits and last I would desired to be fucked again. Fortunately he was smelly when he did strip and first gave me his last stream of piss in jail. Then I gave him a blowjob and did all I had told him I would do and I came when blowing him, licking his stinking feet; by now he was sure I adored his feet smell; and of course I came again with his wonderful ripe pits and one last time when I was fucked, last time in jail, and my ass wanted to thank him for the sixteen wonderful months he had given me. When he came at last, he started to cry but I reassured him again. He gave me the address of a bar, the 21st century, where we could meet tomorrow. And I kissed him affectionately again thanking him for everything and saying: see you again tomorrow, Sir, you can be sure.

Finally it was seven o’clock of that wonderful December afternoon when I was gonna be free again. Of course Belinda was there waiting for me. The moment we saw each other, already out of jail, we kissed as if we had never before kissed. She told me she loved me and of course I said the same once and again. She made me enter our car; she was gonna drive me home at last. I saw the city moving; it touched me that I could see the city again. Both of us repeating a thousand times I love you, we finally reached home. Now I had to make love to that wonderful girl, my wife, again. What would become of me and Harry after today? Only Belinda had the answer.

Once I was again at home we had to kiss after two years we hadn’t been able to. We were kissing like maniacs for longer than ten minutes when I could notice Belinda was starting to take off my clothes. I soon started to do the same to her. And two minutes later I could watch her naked again, that hot girl I had thought about so often. But we kept on kissing as she led me to the couch and then asked me to fuck her.

-Tonight in bed you will fuck me in the ass. But now, prior to eating something together again, I ask you to fuck my pussy.

Two years of pent up lust made me start quickly. My dick was again inside her cunt, fucking after months of not fucking. It was like the first time I was shagging that hot girl and her hot cunt clenched as if it were not used to being fucked. I knew well other boys entered her but finally it was me again, her husband, the man she loved. I perceived her love for me had increased in all these months we had been separated and now she yelled when I was piercing her, she kissed me, touched me and even sniffed me and she told me once and again she was hornier now she knew I had usually had sex with a boy. I took longer than the first time indeed. I remembered once I had been fucking her for half an hour. Now it wasn’t that long but I could hold back my orgasm for more than twenty minutes, till finally I was filling again a condom inside her pussy. I cried my happiness and we kept on kissing for two minutes.

We went naked to the kitchen then. She was warming up the meal now, my favourite meal: vegetable stew, and as she prepared dinner she asked me to tell her all about Harry. I said ok but told her I would call him H-A-RR-Y. I started telling her the truth about the abuse the first day and she saw that I had a big boner nonetheless. She finally put our dinner on the table and I noticed she started to finger fuck herself with what I was telling her. So I also started to jack off and told her the rest: all my months in jail being H-A-RR-Y’s slave and H-A-RR-Y’s toilet and of course M-I-K-E. She told me she did not mind I talked even of excrements as we were dining. But thinking about Harry made me blast a load in my wife’s presence.

-Good, Mike. Now keep on telling me your devotion to him till I squirt. It really makes me horny.

I kept on talking seeing my wife rather than jealous was horny as hell. I talked for ten more minutes, stating her my happiness with him and she finally said she would squirt. She filled the floor now with a long river of her hot female fluid. And finally she asked me.

-Tell me the truth, Mike. You need him, don’t you?

-I do, Belinda.

-And you want to keep him as your master, don’t you?

-He’s a perfect man and we are really good friends now but I will only do whatever you tell me.

Then her words came to me as thunder.

-You can keep him, my love. And if being his slave makes you happy, you can continue to be, even his toilet. I only ask you to have some common sense for that and remember we love each other and I never want you to infect me with a venereal disease. But keep on having sex with him. I will always love you more if you do. But also tell him something on my behalf.

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And she told me then. I could not believe my wonderful wife granted me permission to keep on being Harry’s slave and toilet and she had told me something more in addition. She must have noticed my gratitude at her words. We finished dinner then and she told me now we would go to bed and I should fuck her up her ass.

I hesitated. I desired to fuck her ass but did not want to give her any pain. But she lied on her back so I could see her eyes and once again offered her butt to her husband. So I gathered momentum and drove my dick in her virgin ass at last. I could see in her eyes it was being painful to her but she never stopped asking me for more, telling me now I should be brave and pop her cherry. I started to relax watching her resilience and knowing she really desired to be fucked up the ass by her husband. First time it hurts, I told her, but then she kissed me, and kissing I was for two more minutes till she told me now it did not hurt at all.

-Go on, Mike, my love. You have to cum in my ass and you will fuck me in the ass many more times.

It was easier now and more arousing. Once again I was pleasing my wife and I took all the time in the world now. I fucked her ass for ten more minutes till she saw in my eyes I could not hold it any longer and it was she who asked me to cum in her ass for the first time. I shot a huge load inside her and she kissed me again and assured me we would do this often and now I had one more hole of hers to fuck. She told me again she wanted me to meet Harry tomorrow and tell him all we had planned I would say. Then we slept together again after two years and first exchanged a lot of love words.

The next day at the appointed time I was already in the bar 21st century and I awaited Harry, who had not yet arrived. It was an aroused wait knowing I would continue to be his slave, something he still did not know. But soon he came, approached me and said.

-Hello, Mike.

-Hello, Sir –I said but he stopped me.

-Only Mike and Harry here, please.

-Ok, Harry.

-So have you made love to your wonderful girl at last? –he asked.

He was first concerned about us and wanted the love between my wife and me never to end. So I told him all we had done last night. He said I had no need to tell him marital secrets but I said he was my friend and would always be and had the right to know the things that occupied my heart, and even my crotch.

-And you are not only my best friend, Harry but I also got my wife’s permission to be your slave for as long as you want me, for life if you want.

-Are you serious, Mike?

-Yes, Harry. But I will tell you more things and all I am going to tell you, my wife knows and likes it.

-Tell me, Mike.

-I am remembering Sir the first time when you were abusing me in my cell. You really had a boner when you were boxing with my vulnerable naked body and when you were pulling my hair. I want to submit to you more, much more, Harry. I have to really show you my devotion. I would like us to have a session today and do anything with you, Sir. Now we will be in private and we can do anything. And just the same as I learnt to love the smell of your feet, I will surely enjoy you boxing with my naked body and pulling my hair again. Oh please do all this, Harry, today and every day.

-I live very close. We can have a session later in my house. I have a large basement and garage I want to show you and there we would be quietly enjoying our relationship master and slave again.

-I have something more to tell you, Harry.

-Tell me.

-Well, Sir, I know you can be a bit nervous about this but I will tell you. Belinda not only knows everything, not only wants you to really give me one of the best sessions of my life today, but she wants something more.

-Something more?

-You see, Sir. She wants to meet you and knowing you are bisexual she wants to have sex with you. I hope we have time for a long session today but when we finish she wants us to go to a bar below our house, called The lightning. She will be waiting for us there at about ten and there we can talk and know one another better and later we could go up to our house and have some sex. She wouldn’t mind seeing me as your slave.

-Oh, what a great woman Belinda is. Did I already tell you? I am moved at her words but tell me, Mike, with hand on heart: how would you feel seeing me having sex with no other than your wife, for Christ’s sake?

-The two people I like most in this world, Harry, she and you, may have some carnal knowledge before me, and that would be heaven.

-Then I agree that we would have a long session and later we would go to The lightning and I would meet her. That’s the only thing I can promise you now. I cannot tell you that your wife and I, and you of course, will have some sex. But listen to me, Mike, you want to be my slave and there is one condition you will have to necessarily accept. You are devoted to me but there is a thing I’ve never done with you and you have to allow me to do it.

-What is it, Sir? –I asked thinking he would mention a new painful game.

-You have to let me blow you. Think twice about it, Mike, or I won’t be your master after all if you never allow me that great pleasure. One day I will convince you to fuck me. But so far you can be my slave only if you accept that condition. We will have a session now and I won’t blow you in it. I want to give you my first blowjob in front of your wife. Do you understand?

-I see I have no choice, Harry. Ok, so be it. You will be allowed to blow me at last.

-Good, and now if you want we can really go to my house and have fun. But first I want you to see it.

He led me to his house, on the first floor. It was indeed large and comfortable and was very luminous. Even there we could have a wonderful session. But he still had to lead me to his basement and no sooner I saw it, I was horny. It was also good as his garage and was big and dark, not really dirty but filled with junk all over and in there was his black van. I told him it was a perfect place to be at his mercy again and asking me one more time if I liked it, and when I answered I really like it Sir, he finally gave me the order I was expecting.

-And now, you hot M-I-K-E, my first order in this house will be of course that you must strip completely of your clothes as a good slave should do. My boxing gloves are here and I’ll put them on as you strip.

He took his boxing gloves from a chest of drawers and put them on as I was pulling off my shirt. He started then to do boxing moves again as he saw how I took off shoes and socks and pulled down my pants. I noticed I had one of my biggest erections then. When I finally removed my briefs the erection was evident and then it aroused me when he started to punch my face. I told him: as hard as you want, Sir. And when he started boxing with my naked chest, I asked him.

-Permission to jack off, master H-A-RR-Y, Sir?

-You wanna jack off as I box with your body?

-I wanna cum with almost everything you do to me today, Sir. Cumming a lot of times will be a sign of how happy I want to see you and how I need you to always be my master, Sir.

I was hornier than ever before when I was mercilessly punched in my arms and legs now. It was an ordeal the only time he had done that to me, but I still did not know him. Now I did know him and I was devoted to him. It was hurting me again but I showed him a wide smile and asked him to take as long as he wanted in my vulnerable naked body now as I continued beating my meat for him to see what desire he caused me. Now he was punching my defenseless ass and I knew that gave him a lot of fun and asked for more. Finally he told me he would not punch my dick today since I was busy with it, but would punch my balls. I smiled and only said yes, Sir. The blow in my balls finally came and with that pain I could not hold it and I shot a big load now, my first one that day and said: thank you, Sir.

He took off his gloves now and asked me if I wanted him to pull my hair. Always smiling I implored him: please Sir, have that fun too and see your M-I-K-E’s devotion.

I had a stubble now and said he would begin there. The pulling was painful but I remembered other parts of my body where it had been more painful. I braced myself for more excruciating hair pulls but all the time I was smiling. Now he yanked the hair on my head. I could withstand it and of course he came now to my right pit, and pulled slowly and painfully but my wide smile all the time gave him confidence and he asked if he should continue. I told him of course, Sir, and as I was expecting he searched in my ass for more hair to pull and he did. The strong pain did not stop me from smiling at him and saying thank you Sir and please go on. I was not jacking off then for I knew I would jack off again with other things. He told me he would finally pull my pubic hair and that would be the end of the torture. I told him nothing was torture with him but always utter pleasure. And then he confidently pulled one last time. The pain was too much again but I would stand any pain for him and even told him now he could do this in every session we had. He told me now to open my mouth for he had to piss. Of course I obeyed and opened my mouth. His dick came to rest inside and he was in no doubt I would drink his pee again, one of the things I had enjoyed more in jail. Now the first time he pissed me out of jail he had a long stream that I drank as if I had always been thirsty and needed his piss to quench my thirst. After three minutes giving me his yellow liquid to drink, he stopped. He asked me if I wanted more things. That was H-A-RR-Y, always negotiating with me for my pleasure. When I answered I wanted everything, he told me at last it was time to lick his feet again.

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So I devotedly knelt on the basement floor and started to lick his right foot this time. It had a little smell but I had known a greater smell on his feet I had begun to really appreciate. Now it was only a slight perfume. I had to show him how I had learnt to love that scent and that was a perfect moment to wank again. I thoroughly licked every pore of his right foot and never stopping my masturbation I gave him now five more minutes of devoted licking of his left foot till I asked him permission to cum. He told me of course M-I-K-E, you hot slave, and I busted a new load again with his aromatic feet. When I asked him what now, Sir, please make me do a lot of things for your pleasure, he answered.

-Well, slave, tonight I will finally have your cock in my mouth but now it is time for you to make me cum and give me a blowjob.

-Right now, Sir.

It was a ritual that I always started licking his balls for a long time, till I finally licked his sexy rod in no hurry and I reached his head and started sensuously licking it prior to gulping it down completely. That cock had made me really happy in jail and now I had to show him that I needed him in my freedom. Repeating “I’m yours, master H-A-RR-Y” I was sucking his wonderful tool in no hurry, taking pleasure to every nerve of his baby-making muscle, slowly and crying with affection to that hot man who had changed my life. Of course I was jacking off again, something I had often done when sucking his cock. Both our dicks moved to the same arousing rhythm, his in my mouth, experiencing what my saliva and my tongue could do for his pleasure; mine being savagely pumped by my hand and about to burst. But after five more minutes of expertly sucking he yelled that he was cumming and wanted to see me cum with him. And finally both of us added more sperm to his already dirty basement floor.

-Time to enjoy again my pits. I know how you like them and I have been running for a couple of hours this morning just in case my hot slave would lick them today. Now you can. Be in them for as long as you desire now.

He knew that was the thing I preferred above all things and I said ok, I now felt like devouring his ripe pits for at least half an hour. I was quietly savouring one in no hurry, knowing my master wanted me to take long for my pleasure. Never stopping to beat my hard cock, I relished again that aroma, his incense, his manly odour which drove me crazy. It had made me crazy my first difficult day when I was abused and that smell had been enough to change abuse to pleasure and he knew that. So I showed him the face of a man crazy with pleasure the long, long time I was in his right pit till I freely decided to change to his left pit and have a second aromatic feast in it now. “I would take your scent with me, master H-A-RR-Y, to perfume my room together with the clean smell of my wife’s body and it can be there whenever I wake up, whenever I enter my room, to accompany me in my happy sleep, to have you always there with me when we are not together.” He had learnt to read in the contortion of my facial features when I was reaching orgasm and now said: “do it one more time, my hot slave, fill the floor with a new cum over the thing you like most” and I yelled as my sperm added more dirt to the dirt of his basement floor.

First he asked me again whether I was happy and whether I wanted to do more things and I answered I was happy as a clam at high tide and I wanted all.

-Ok, slave, but you won’t rim my ass today. I want to shit, to puke and to fuck you. Tell me the order you prefer.

-Ok, Sir, not to take you to g-spot now if you don’t want –I had taken him to g-spot twice in jail- but I can rim you as you shit in my mouth. Oh please Sir. I also want to do it.

-Good, M-I-K-E.

-And as for the order… you see, Sir, I would like your tasty products in my stomach as you are fucking me one more time, and you know I love your scrumptious shit but your puke makes me enter heaven every time I’m lucky enough to eat it.

-So the order you want is shit, puke and fuck, isn’t it?

-Yes, Sir.

-Ok, so come to my ass, M-I-K-E. You will rim me a long while and next I will fart and shit.

So that was my next room in his perfumed body, his sexy ass, that of course I started rimming as if my life depended on it. My tongue had to transmit pleasure to every area of his body and now after cock, feet and pits it was the turn of his tasty ass. He soon farted in my mouth but only once. I was used to this. Every time I had rimmed him in jail he gave me just one fart but it was enough. Now his ass was even more perfumed as I kept on licking, awaiting a new amount of his tasty shit, which also came soon. My master was already confident enough whenever he shat me, knowing well I would eat all the shit he fed me with no complaint. The first time in freedom that I tasted shit made me know that for that I didn’t need freedom. I wanted to always be a prisoner to my master’s shit and I ate three big turds beating my meat till he told me there was no more and I shot a new load of jizz for him to see that I was also able to cum with his crap.

He kissed my mouth a long while with a lot of affection till he made up his mind to discharge a new load of tasty puke in my stomach. He told me he had eaten fish today on purpose knowing how I appreciated his fish vomit. What you puke has different tastes according to what you have eaten and he knew well enough I loved when he ate fish and digested it for me to eat later. With a huge smile painted on my countenance and wildly jerking off in that especially pig and desired moment he kissed and puked, sure that he was pleasing me. Rain the product of your bowels in my stomach, master H-A-RR-Y. You know your M-I-K-E is more than happy to be your obedient toilet eating the scrumptious things you produce. It was one of the times he’d had more to puke me and I ate and ate in no hurry, savouring his fish and whacking off. But all pleasures must come to an end sooner or later. He told me so I could cum again if I so desired. With some of his vomit still in my mouth I shot the umpteenth load onto the basement floor and happy continued eating the remnants of his puke I still had in my mouth and obediently without saying a single word I jumped to the top of his mat and lied there on my back awaiting now my master’s dick to give me my first fuck out of jail. But I told him.

-I’m yours, Sir. I will always be; come on, make me yours one more time.

He came to the mat then, approached me and plunged his cock in my ass unceremoniously. I moaned and wanked, wanting to achieve a new cum for him in that session. He had fucked me in jail an average of three times a week and my ass was used to his long tool, with a sufficient hole opened for him to enjoy, as I enjoyed every time he pierced my flesh.

-It’s being one hell of a session, Sir; I don’t know how to thank you.

-You’re thanking me with your many cums.

-I will tell Belinda later; I know she will be happy seeing happiness in my face.

-What a great girl you have. I still cannot believe that she allows her husband to be fucked.

-You will meet her today, Sir. I’m sure she will talk to you about me and her permission for you to fuck me.

-Ok, M-I-K-E, I promised you I will meet her but that’s all I can promise. I really desire to know your wife now. But I can promise nothing more.

All that time he was going even deeper with his shaft and I urged him to dig a wider hole for him since my ass was his to fuck whenever he wanted. He told me we could have a session once a week, not more frequently, for I had to continue my conjugal life. I said it was ok and added he should tell me when he was cumming so that we both could cum at the same time.

-Then now, M-I-K-E –and then both of us screamed our happiness with two twins eruptions of semen, his bathing my ass, mine bathing his chest.

-We have sealed a deal today, slave, about how we want to live after now. But so that it can be perfect I also need to hear your wife’s permission and know what she really thinks about all this. So, ok, slave, now let’s first go to the toilet: I have to wipe my ass and you must brush your teeth. Your wife cannot see you with all that dirt. Later we will return to the basement, put our clothes on and leave in my van.

-Going, Sir –and buck naked we went up the stairs to his bathroom.

Prior to brushing my teeth and while he was wiping his ass, as I sensed he was nervous, I asked him.

-Are you worried about meeting Belinda, Sir?

-Indeed I am, Mike. Wouldn’t it be now the right moment for us to call each other Mike and Harry?

-My wife will be delighted to hear you calling me M-I-K-E, sir, and even the other two wonderful names you often give me. She would like to hear me calling you Sir or master H-A-RR-Y.

-Don’t forget I still owe you a blowjob, slave –and he sighed-. Ok, I will call you as you prefer, but please let Harry and Mike be a common way of calling each other after now. Meeting Belinda is not gonna be easy. Less will it be having sex with both of you. I’m not sure about it yet. But ok, when you are ready we will return to the basement, put our clothes back on and we will drive to that bar close to your house and meet your wife.

And in just five minutes we finished in the bathroom and returned to his basement and garage, got dressed one more time and got on his van and left. He asked me for directions and in just five minutes we were in The lightning. My wife was already there waiting for us. I saw Harry was worried but finally shrugged his shoulders and got ready to meet my wife.

It was obvious he was shy but he timidly approached my wife and told her.

-Hello, Belinda Pendleton, I assume.

-That’s my name, yes.

-I’m Harry Anscombe.

-Sit down with us and make yourself comfortable. The waiter will soon serve us.

In fact the waiter came while Harry was speaking, apologizing, and the three of us wanted to be sober and asked for coffee.

-I really wanted to meet you, Belinda. I have so much to apologize for, but I don’t know where to start.

-Try, Harry –Belinda answered-. I will let you cause I know it is a real need for you.

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Harry was totally red in the face and was trying to explain himself, adding that he never really knew what a hot woman Mike –he called me Mike now- had. But Belinda soon made him finish.

-Enough, Harry, you are forgiven of course. And may you never apologize again. In fact it is me who wants to thank you.

-You want to thank me?

-I do. You see, Harry, the moment I met my husband I was sure I would love him for life. He is open-minded enough as I had always desired a possible partner for me to be. Then he did what you know that sent him to jail. I knew he could be so depressed that he could feel no desire to live. His time in jail could be bitter and it really was for eight months. He could have languished in misery but then you came and abused him that memorable day. And instead of being terror, my husband knew pleasure then and knew how sweet you can be, about which he has written to me often in his letters, and his bitterness turned into real affection for you, pleasure and happiness, real bliss. I am grateful to you for that. I knew that as long as he had you in jail, he would not rot, but live. And I was horny every day imagining my husband being fucked and even eating shit from a man. The love I felt for him increased and you don’t know how deep I love Mike now. And I’ve given him permission to continue to be your slave, Harry, knowing that the happier I see him, the better it would be for our couple, which will surely last with infidelities around us. He never cheated me before jail, even if I did cheat him. But now he can always have sex with you and be your slave. Mike is more of a man for me like this and do not worry: I will always love him.

-You are an incredible girl, Belinda.

-And now Harry, please tell me all you have done in today’s session.

-Ok, Belinda, but I want Mike to tell you.

-Please Sir –I told him-, my wife will be delighted if you give me my three wonderful slave names.

-Ok, M-I-K-E, but it will be you who tells her. –He was blushing the first time he named me M-I-K-E before my wife, but she smiled at him to reassure him. And I smiled too, knowing that my wife wanted my utter happiness and I would be happier if Harry called me as a slave before that wonderful girl, my wife.

So I began telling Belinda the whole session with the new rules. She told me she didn’t want to finger fuck herself on the street but she would do whenever we went home. Harry was blushing, especially when I told my wife the piggiest scenes, but also when I told her how he had pulled my hair and made me blow him, for instance. But finally she said.

-Don’t blush, Harry. I have enjoyed it all and I love watching my husband’s face of pleasure. Now one other question: do you find me an attractive girl? Be sincere, Harry.

-You’re the cutest, sexiest and most impressive of girls, Belinda. Why are you asking?

-I think my husband has told you that I would like to have sex with you. It would be perfect, Harry, for the three of us. Of course I am only Belinda, not my husband’s slave or yours. But you can order him for instance and call him M-I-K-E or more. Why don’t we go to our house and have sex?

-I am shy now and it will not be easy, but at least I have promised Mike that I will give him a blowjob and I can now. Wait for me a minute then. I must go to the toilet.

-Harry, Mike is your urinal –my wife told him-, you can use him.

-But wouldn’t you mind seeing that?

-I wouldn’t mind even seeing how you shit him or puke him, but taking into account you will both have sex with me, none of that please. But piss is ok. It will be me who goes to the restroom now. Neither of you will drink my piss.

-And what shall I do when I feel like pissing? –I asked both my wife and my master.

-I think Harry can make a suggestion –she said.

-Well, M-I-K-E –he was feeling increasingly confident to call me M-I-K-E-, you can go to the kitchen, get a glass, piss in it and later drink it. I have never seen you drink your own piss and I would like to see it.

-Then wait for me a minute –Belinda said-. You will piss in my husband’s mouth and he will piss in a glass. I will piss in a conventional toilet. I won’t be long.

We waited for her and Harry asked me if I was sure what we were going to do now. I said it would all be perfect and once again he reminded me he would blow me. I said ok, Sir and just then my wife returned and smiling at both of us, she told us to go to our house now.

As we were walking up the stairs to the first floor where we lived, Harry was more and more nervous.

-Are you sure about all this?

-Harry, I want us all three to be friends. Meanwhile you can touch my husband all you want and me if you like.

-Neighbours could see me. I’ll wait till I am in your house.

Soon we reached the first floor and entered. Belinda asked Harry if he would like something to drink

-A Coke would be perfect.

-Come to the kitchen, Harry, and you can already order your slave.

-Ok then –he shrugged his shoulders and sighed-. Good, M-I-K-E, take everything off first and make me hard.

-Right away, Master H-A-RR-Y –and I started then to strip. My wife was used to see me naked but was horny knowing I had started to obey Harry and was fulfilling my slave’s tasks. I was soon totally nude, for the first time in my house for my master to see.

-Ok, M-I-K-E, get a glass and piss in it and then drink it. I hope your wife likes watching this.

It took me very little to get the glass and fill it with my pee. I watched Belinda finger fucking herself under her skirt. Then taking no time to think I took the glass to my nose and smelled what my own bladder had produced and I would drink next. I had never drunk my own piss before, but with no hesitation I started drinking and drained the long glass in a single gulp, not stopping to breathe. The juice from my bladder had a sweeter taste than Harry’s juice and I really enjoyed. My wife cheered me as I was drinking and congratulated me when I finished.

-What now, Sir? –I asked.

-Ok, M-I-K-E, you will drink mine now.

He was shy taking his dick out then before my wife and it was stiff as a poker. I had learnt well what I had to do and I knelt on the floor, approached his sexy cock and started kissing it and even sucked it a bit, while Belinda was saying.

-Drink it, Mike, my love. Show me you can.

And finally Harry made up his mind to let his yellow torrent flow easily down my throat. How well it tasted and how happy I was drinking my master’s piss before my wife knowing that rather than objecting, she urged me to drink it all, was horny as hell and told me she loved me more, much more. Finally Harry ended pissing and drank some of his Coke. Belinda and I had also opened two bottles of Coke. Then it was Belinda who said.

-Harry, you can keep your dick out all the time in this house. Now I will take everything off and later I hope you do the same and we can comfortably be three naked people here together having fun.

Belinda now removed every piece of clothes she had on, once again exposing her perfect body to me and to Harry now. I was naked and my erection was obvious. Also Harry’s erection but he did not dare to jack off now, watching for the first time that hot girl he was so grateful to for all she was allowing him, hotter than a pistol, totally nude before him.

-Ok, then. I am moved that both of you are naked now before me. So now it is my turn.

And shyly Harry began to take his clothes off. I already knew his perfect nudity but Belinda didn’t and as she was seeing him strip, she congratulated him for the beauty of his sexy naked body. Finally the three of us were naked and we sat comfortably to drain our cokes.

-It should be you first, Harry, to order my husband, your slave, what you wanna see.

-Everything today is a bit embarrassing for me. Hope you understand me, Belinda. But to be fair the first sexual thing I want to see Mike doing is pleasing his hot wife. Would you mind –he asked my wife- if I saw how you fuck together? If we are gonna have some sex now, you and him must be first.

-Do not worry, Master, my wife and I will fuck now. All I ask you is to touch as both as we fuck.

Now Belinda lied on the floor and I entered her, determined to give all my tenderness and love to that hot girl again. She moaned and smiled at me, but soon she asked Harry to approach us and touch everything. So he came to us and started touching me, something he was used to. He ran his fingers down my ass, even inside my crack, and then sensuously was going up my back and later played with my chest as I was shagging my wife with exquisite sweetness, my shaft battling against her wet cunt which was about to squirt. Finally Harry took courage and timidly began to touch my wife’s boobs and seeing she smiled at him he became more confident and started touching everything in her body till there came a moment when he touched both our bodies at the same time. This way, it was even hotter to fuck my wife and I thought how lucky I was to have met Belinda, who didn’t mind seeing me having sex with a guy too and how lucky I had been to meet my master one day. It was Belinda who approached Harry’s lips and that was the clincher for us three to erupt. Seeing the two people I loved most in the world kissing each other, I erupted first and filled the condom with which I was fucking my wife. Harry came later, for the first time in our house. And Belinda couldn’t resist and squirted then a whole lake of aroused female fluid. I asked Harry to drink her juice with me and her squirt soon disappeared from the kitchen floor as both my master and I drank and drank with two horny faces.

-Are you calmer now, Sir?

-Much calmer, M-I-K-E, thanks for this. But now I have to give you my first blowjob. You will blow me later.

-Ok, Sir.

I sat on a chair again and now it was him who knelt on the floor and with no words started to lick my balls.

His tongue rested a long while in my balls, inflamed with pleasure, getting ready to bust its sperm in my master’s mouth later. Then he slowly, affectionately and with a face showing his gratitude to me that I was allowing him at last so suck my cock, started a hot blowjob which was driving me crazy, the first time I was being blown by a man.

-I knew you were sweet, but oh Harry, thanks for this.

-Thank God you’ve called me Harry right now as if you knew that’s how I wanted to be named now. You deserve every pleasure, you hot man. Later you can call me H-A-RR-Y again if that is your wish. Whatever makes you happy. But please alternate both names. There’s no moment after now that you cannot call me Harry, understood?

-Yes, Harry –I told him with a very aroused voice as I was feeling fire sensing the sweetness of that man’s tongue taking joy to every part of my body. All that time I saw Belinda was really enjoying the show and finger fucked herself madly and now she cheered Harry to continue to drive me crazy. It was too much pleasure for me and I told Harry to forgive me because I was gonna cum too soon but assured him that after today he could blow me whenever he wanted. I filled his mouth with my cum and he swallowed as happy as if he was drinking the nectar from a god. And next he asked me if I would give him a blowjob before my wife. Of course I said I would. It was my turn now to kneel on the floor and start licking his balls.

-Do it, Mike –Belinda told me-, I have not seen you so far doing any gay things. But I am delighted watching you.

With my wife’s encouragement it was really easy to suck Harry’s cock again. She wasn’t quiet all that time, came to me and started to touch me all over and at the same time she stroked Harry’s chest.

-I have pictured you so many times doing this, Mike, my love, but now it is so hot to be allowed to see it. You can’t imagine how much more of a man you are now for me and how I love you, Mike. Show me you’re used to his shaft and don’t be shy. I will keep on touching both of you.

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So I went on for a long time gobbling down that dear cock I was so used to. Time seemed endless with my wife’s constant moans at what she was watching, encouraging Harry to have all kind of sex with both of us that day. But she finally approached Harry’s lips and merged with him in such an erotic kiss that my master couldn’t hold it any longer and soon filled my mouth with his aroused white cream that I swallowed hungrily for a minute till his cock was drained. Thus we three touched the other two for a while and Belinda suggested now having a coffee. Harry was hard again soon before coffee was made but he added he would never want to be an obstacle in the love both of us felt for each other and said he thought all of this was not correct.

-Harry, we want you as a friend for both of us for life. And you will often have sex with Mike and me. Please let us be your friends and even your sexual partners. Now you have to be brave and do something with me.

-Ok, Belinda.

And his coffee not yet finished he started to grope her entire sexy body. I smiled at him and urged him to go on. He finally stood up, knelt on the floor again and started to lick her cunt.

-All the girls I am with get this treatment from me, Belinda. And if you are allowing me to have sex with you this shall be the first thing. But your husband will work your pleasure with me. Come here, Mike, and lick her clit while I slurp her cunt. Later we can change our positions. We have both recently cum and now it is her turn.

We started then an arousing battle of two tongues working for Belinda’s pleasure. I started at my wife’s clit while Harry worked on her cunt, both our tongues almost kissing. It was now that I really assimilated what I knew: Harry was indeed bisexual and he reveled in girls’ fluids just as much as me. Now he asked me to change positions and I worked my wife’s entire pussy as he fought for my wife’s pleasure on her clit. It was a battle of a quarter of an hour, no longer because Belinda had already squirted and her second time was easier to achieve and not warning us beforehand she soon filled both our faces with her liquid flow, her female pleasure dirtying both our mouths, her warm river which we drank as mad men who had never tasted that so necessary water before. And hornier than ever after her second squirt, Belinda asked.

-Harry, don’t you think it is time for you to fuck both of us?

-I will if you really desire, but I will ask Mike first –and turning to me, he asked-, tell me, you hot boy, would you not mind seeing I fuck your wife?

-It would be heaven for me, Harry.

-Here, Harry, get a condom –and Belinda offered him one which he soon put on his cock.

-I will remain standing –she said.

And then Harry still with some doubts on his face that he could be permitted to do this, drove his shaft in my wife’s hot cavity and started a slow rhythm of fucking her tenderly, soldiering on her dampness. Belinda then looked at me and with a gesture of her eyes I understood what she wanted. We had already talked about this moment so I held her from behind affectionately, took momentum and soon I was easing my cock into her burning ass so she was sandwiched between our dicks.

-You see Harry –I told my master-, yesterday night Belinda asked me to fuck her in the ass, so this is not her first time, but it will be the first time she has two men pleasing her at once.

So Harry in her pussy and me in her ass, both of us men started to shag her at the same time and she screamed her utter pleasure noticing both our dicks inside her. I fucked her so deep that I thought somehow I was close to touching Harry’s dick. It was twenty horny minutes, both knowing we were achieving my wife’s sheer pleasure, till Harry wanted to make it more perfect and at the time he started slowly stroking Belinda’s boobs with confidence he approached his lips to mine and we kissed greedily for a couple of minutes. That’s how we started a three-way orgy, both men giving pleasure to our girl at the same time we made love to each other. We could have gone on and on eternally but I wanted Harry to be second to cum and I bathed Belinda’s hole with a new load of my aroused cum. Harry was about to burst, kissed me again and after two new minutes he shouted his pleasure as he was filling the condom inside my wife’s cunt. We both had had a new orgasm. Harry thought for a moment that was the end of everything, but then
Belinda told him something more.

-Harry, I would also like to see you fucking my husband. Would you dare?

-Ok, I will dare. I only want to remind Mike that one day he must have the courage to fuck me at last, better if it is before you. Just give me five minutes to relax for a while and I will fuck him.

I was already experienced and lied on the floor, pulled my legs up showing him my crack and inviting him in.

-Do it Harry –I knew Harry was his name for that day when he was blushingly approaching his cock to my waiting hole and he was gonna fuck the husband in front of the wife. But finally he dared drive his cock into my ass gently at first till I told him to pile-drive me and fuck me hard, since Belinda was obviously finger fucking herself again and screaming, enjoying what she saw. She started touching Harry and slowly they started kissing. Seeing my wife and my master enjoying each other drove me crazy, and then Belinda urged Harry to fuck me harder and deeper.

-Come on, Harry, give it to him. I can see he is used to your cock and oh what a great man I fell in love with one day and how happy I am for that. I love watching my husband with a dick up his ass. I love the picture. Don’t be shy, Harry and keep on ramrodding him.

With that encouragement Harry only said.

-I’ll fuck him hard, Belinda, since you are obviously enjoying this but you have to show your love for your husband and kiss him with all the love you feel for him.

My wife started probing my lips with hers and soon we were engrossed in an eternal love kiss, as if Belinda and I were always discovering each other and loving every day a bit more. Meanwhile my master really punished my ass but I was already used to that long and sexy cock of his and only moaned and yelled asking him for more till he busted his load inside me. Thus, with my wife’s constant kisses and Harry’s rod pummeling me I entered heaven, a bigger heaven today but I was hardly aware of Harry’s feeling, which were bursting in that moment. Finally my master said he could not hold it any longer and screaming loud he blasted his load at last in my ass, feeling which I erupted next, staining my wife’s frontal body with long rivers of cum. And Belinda squirted again. Harry’s eyes were wet then when he said he was gonna get dressed now and leave us alone to live our love together without him.

-It’s been a wonderful evening but I must leave you now. You know, Mike, you have my cell phone number if you want us to repeat, though I should say that we should see each other less frequently. You have a wonderful wife. May both of you always be happy together.

We could see some tears pouring down his cheeks as once completely dressed, he kissed both our mouths briefly and left. Alone at last, Belinda looked at me and told me.

-Harry’s a wonderful man, my love. He’s perfect for you and I will like to repeat with him. Hope you don’t mind. And I could never find the words to express how much I love you now.

-Of course I don’t mind, my love and the love I feel for you is enormous too. Harry’s a wonderful man. He’s had a great evening with us, but I don’t know. I am not calm about him.

-It is true he has gone in a rush and with tears in his eyes. Do you think anything’s the matter with him?

-I could feel something more in his sadness. I am sure he’s spent a wonderful day but…


-But I sensed a strong feeling in him. I don’t know whether he is in love with you, with me or with both. I’m worried about him now.

-I think you’re right. Let’s talk for a while.

And after talking carefully for a quarter of an hour, she asked me.

-You have his cell phone. You might call him and tell him all I have just told you.

-Ok, my love. I will call him.

Fortunately he was already at home and got my phone call. I spoke to him kindly and affectionately, calling him by his real name for I sensed that’s the way he would like to be called now.

-Hi, Harry.

-Hi, Mike.

-Hope you have spent a wonderful afternoon with me and a glorious evening with us both.

I heard him sigh.

-Indeed I have. But I think we should see each other less frequently and you two must make love without me being a hindrance.

-You’re not a hindrance, Harry. In fact now we both need you. I’ve been talking to my wife and she has made up her own plan. Do you want to hear it?

-Ok –he was sighing again- tell me.

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-You see, Harry, Belinda has really enjoyed seeing me as your slave, especially because she could sense your sweetness when you were sucking my dick; she has really appreciated how sweet you have been making her and me have lovable sex with each other; and she has really taken pleasure in having sex with you. So much she has enjoyed everything that she wants to see me doing everything now, even eating your shit or being hit by your boxing gloves. And she has suggested to me that we could have a new session tomorrow…

-Is it not too soon to see each other again, Mike?

-Listen to me, Harry, please. She wants to see a complete session between us, be there and participate. You can do everything to me, everything you have done to me today for instance. She would be there sitting naked watching the show and she could even have sex with me and with you. Of course you cannot order her, but you can suggest her to have sex with you or with me again as we have done today. So would it be ok to have a new session tomorrow?

-Are you willing to fuck me, Mike, tomorrow in front of your wife, but in every session we can have after now?

-Ok, Harry, I will do it.

-See, tomorrow I only work till twelve. Give me a couple of hours to make my lunch, eat it and mentally prepare tomorrow’s session. At three o’clock if you agree, the three of us could meet at the 21st century. What do you think?

-We’ll be there at three, Harry.

-Ok, Mike, give a long kiss to Belinda for me and tell her all we have talked. I hope she has some fun. See you tomorrow then.

In that we agreed. I told Belinda and kissed her for him and for me. We would certainly go to tomorrow’s appointment and we had to reassure Harry.

It was gold that we could feel in the terrace of the 21st century where Belinda and I were sitting waiting for Harry. The weather was capricious and it seemed like it had suddenly returned to September. She looked at me and said.

-Hope he comes; it seems to me that now both of us need him just as much as he needs us. Would you mind that we both have sex with him often now?

-Both of us together or separately, my love. It would be perfect for us three.

-I am so horny I could squirt here and now. I am remembering how everything aroused me yesterday and I cannot wait to see much more. I would like to see you doing everything you’ve told me you do with him. Hope you don’t think wrong of me now.

-Of course I want you to see me doing everything, Belinda, and I won’t think wrong of you. I love you so much. Look, here he is.

It was obvious Harry had been fighting with himself whether to come or not. He respected us both too much and his greatest fear now was separating us. But he shrugged his shoulder and kissed us both, first Belinda’s lips, then me on the cheek. Finally he sat down with us and called the waiter. Belinda and I were having coffee and he ordered a new coffee for him.

-I’m glad to see you again, but… -he didn’t know how to go on, but Belinda, straight as ever, shot him a question.

-Harry, tell us the truth. You love one of us or both, isn’t it?

-It’s true, Belinda, when I was fucking Mike before you I realized that all the time I have known Mike had finally reached that point where my heart would sooner or later be reached. But then I looked at you and knew that I had also fallen in love with you. I was desperate and had to leave you. I was thinking about it at home when Mike’s phone call came and he told me something that does not make any sense. You two are so beautiful together that I should never be a stain in your love. It has been a beautiful dream so far, Mike, but now I should leave you alone with your hot girl. I had to come and tell you all this. Be happy together; I must leave you.

And he was about to stand up and go but Belinda would not allow him to leave us.

-Sit down, Harry, and listen to me now. Has the thought ever crossed your mind of how we both need you? If you leave Mike now, sooner or later he will be with other boys for of course he will always have my permission to have sex with anyone he fancies. But he will inevitably have the need to be dominated now. Think that a stranger might not give him the same pleasure and he might go mad and hurt him, but that would never be a need for him if you continue to be his master. You showed me yesterday that you know him very well and would never hurt him. All you give him is pleasure. And as for me… well, I’ve never been a faithful woman. I knew from very young I would need more than one man for my needs, not only sexual needs. I know Mike understands me and wants me the way I am. And it is heaven to have sex with you too, with my husband’s master. We don’t love you yet, Harry, but we have been talking and that possibility may soon come true. But now you have a slave and lover in Mike, who is devoted to you; don’t let him down. And his wife needs, she desperately needs to be your lover too. So please don’t leave us now, Harry. We need you, and love or not, we could become a threesome.

-And what can I do now?

-Drive us both crazy again and have a so-called three-way session. You will not order me but you can tell me what you want me to do with my husband or with you. And I would like to see everything you often do to him, I mean everything, Harry, don’t be shy. I think the three of us have the need to lose all our inhibitions and get used to become three. And if you still feel lonesome after the session you will come to our house and sleep with us. Have you prepared a session, Harry?

-I have. Oh, Belinda, are you sure about all this?

-I am.

-Ok, then you may come to my house now. You still don’t know it, Belinda.

-Sir –I told him-, yesterday you did not call me H-A-RR-Y’s slave or H-A-RR-Y’s toilet. Please do it today.

-All in good time, Mike. As far as we are in this terrace your only name of course will be Mike. Then I will be changing your names as far as the session progresses. Well, I hope it is fun again for both of you. You may come to my house now.

He was for a good while showing Belinda the house I had known yesterday, everything but the basement now and he suddenly asked if we would like a new coffee. We answered it would be perfect and went to the kitchen then. As he was preparing coffee and my wife was sitting down, he told me.

-Well, M-I-K-E. You see? Here I can call you M-I-K-E. First thing you have to do is make me hard so you will strip here. Your clothes will be in the kitchen all the time we are on the basement. I will take my clothes off down there and Belinda can do as she prefers. So strip, M-I-K-E, it’s an order.

Belinda could notice how happy I had become that he was already ordering me about before her. So I did strip completely and I sat naked to have my coffee.

-I’m not sure we could be a threesome –Harry said-, but at least I know which ones are the desires of this hot man here and I’ll try to make him happy. And I hope I can make you happy too, Belinda. But don’t talk of threesomes now, please. We shall see how things are working for us three.

-Ok, Harry –my wife said.

We were for ten more minutes drinking our coffees and at last knowing he would have to face it sooner or later, Harry said that we could go down to the basement. He and my wife went down the stairs in their clothes; I went down in my nudity as a good slave should.

Once we reached again that wonderful place of pleasure, his basement, he said he would strip now, with my wife’s permission.

-Of course, Harry, this is your house. And I also desire to see you naked again.

So in just three minutes my master was again naked as the day he was born. And then Belinda said it was her turn now for of course she would be naked too. My master and I had two big boners watching that hot girl taking all her clothes off again till at last the three of us were naked. She sat on a chair nearby and started to finger fuck herself as I saw Harry putting on his black boxing gloves. He had explained to me yesterday he liked boxing in the jail gym and that’s why he had a pair of brown boxes there; but here at home he had a black pair. Then looking at me, he asked me.

-What’s my name now, slave?

-Your name is Master H-A-RR-Y, Sir.

-Good, and what is your name?

-I am H-A-RR-Y’s slave, Sir.

-Hope you like watching this, Belinda.

And with no more words he punched my face. I saw my wife was wild with arousal and I asked Harry to please be punching me for minutes, in no hurry, I would withstand as many blows as he wanted to give me. He said he did not want to disfigure my beautiful face and he would punch me many more times but in other places. So he started a long time of punching me, not in a single spot but changing the places in my whole naked body. He punched my chest, my arms, my legs, even my feet, which was something new, punched me balls a couple of times as I smiled and told him thank you, Sir, and I shot my first load that day. Next he punched my dick and made me turn to start a slow punching of my ass. It was getting red, but he told me then.

-The punishment of your ass will continue. It is something new. I will do it just once and you will tell me if I should go on or not.

Then he took his belt and unexpectedly started to flog my ass with it. That new sensation made me scream in pain, yes, but also in pleasure and of course I told him to go on. I felt wonderfully knowing he has started a new painful game before my wife, already knowing my resilience and my desire to please Belinda in every possible way. But that was not the only thing he did. Never stopping to whip me with his belt, he now started to pull my hair. I was already growing a beard and he started pulling the hair on it and at every tug I answered thank you, Sir. So it was a combined painful game. He pulled every part of my body I had hair on while he lashed my ass with his belt. I never cried and was grateful to him that he was making me show my wife how resilient I could be. Always in the same order, but doubling it, he pulled the hair in my head twice, then my armpit hair but now in both my pits, and then my ass till he finally tugged twice at my pubic hair. I thanked him profusely as I watched my wife’s countenance and knew she was about to squirt, and she told me “I love you, Mike”. Harry still had to belt me three more times and he finally stopped, asking me.

-Are you happy now, H-A-RR-Y’s slave?

-Very happy, thank you, Sir.

-Now you should take care of your wonderful wife again. I would like to see you fucking one more time. Later we will continue with H-A-RR-Y’s slave’s tasks. Approach Belinda and fuck your wife, if she has nothing to object.

-I want to fuck with my husband again before you, Harry.

-Put on this condom, Mike. You must understand that I will only call you Mike when you’re having sex with your wife.

-Thank you, Sir.

-Now make her happy, Mike.

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So I approached her and first gave her a long passionate kiss, telling her I love you and started to touch everything in her perfect body. And I finally made up my mind to fuck her again, but first I pressed my cock against her jungle of pubic hair and played with it affectionately till with a single shove I penetrated her cunt again. I started a changing rhythm, first slowly, then faster and harder and I was not aware that she had been gesturing Harry to approach her and telepathically told him she wanted to be sandwiched again between her two men and now it was his turn to fuck her ass for the first time. So I suddenly saw Harry’s cock impaling my wife’s ass, so close to my dick again, and he looked at me and began kissing my mouth. Thus we proceeded, with both our dicks pleasing Belinda again, now the other way round from yesterday and Harry kissed me, kissed her and thanked us both. We all three were moaning, again a three-headed creature, and we could have gone on at that pace for hours. It was more than twenty minutes I think when I felt Belinda was squirting, staining my dick with her fluids and that made me erupt next. Even so we waited for Harry to reach his climax and he did not take long. Bathing my wife’s ass for the first time, moaning and yelling, he thanked us both again and finally pushed his cock out from Belinda’s ass.

-Do you want to continue to be H-A-RR-Y’s slave?

-Of course, Sir.

-Then now you will please my entire body. You can start by rimming me again for a good while though not to take me to g-spot. But wait, I have to piss first.

In a position in which my wife could perfectly see what his husband was drinking, he stuck his cock again in my mouth and not quite inside, he gave me a new hot and long stream. Belinda said she was enjoying everything and was finger fucking herself so strong that she would soon squirt. That she told us.

-Now, slave, time for rimming.

Knowing that my wife was taking pleasure in everything, no sooner I started rimming he farted in my mouth again with a loud enough noise so she could perfectly know what my master was doing. But contrary to his habitual custom, he farted ten more times while I was rimming him, savouring as usual the juices from his ass, and the smell of farts gave it a better taste. I licked and licked with no hesitation till he asked me to stop. Now I should give him a new blowjob, he told me.

Every time I could gulp down my master’s dick, I was in heaven, but I started again at his balls, something Belinda still had not seen. I was a long while savouring them till I became ready to give his shaft the usual slave treatment that he liked so much. Sensuously tasting his head, full of pre-cum, I was for a while till I swallowed it complete and slowly took pleasure to his prime sexual organ.

-Yes, my love, go on like that. Give pleasure to your master’s cock –I heard Belinda shouting till she told me she was squirting again-. I love you, Mike –she told me again.

With Belinda’s arousal it was easy to continue to drive Harry crazy in the short time I needed now to make him shoot a new load in my mouth. Then he pulled his dick out, raised me and kissed me. Now he informed my wife.

-All of the things my slave does, Belinda, what comes now is what he likes most. I don’t have a strong smell now in them, but he likes them with whatever smell. I was gonna have a shower when you phoned me last night and though I thought it would be madness, I decided not to have a shower just in case. So my pits are not too sweaty but they are ripe enough. Show your wife how you like this smell, H-A-RR-Y’s slave. Lick them and jack off as you always do when you are in my pits.

-Yes, Sir.

Taking my hand to my cock again I was ready to revel in his man scent again as I started licking his right pit, for he had raised his right arm.

-I will soon squirt again, my love –Belinda told me-. It is not enough to know you enjoy his smell as you have so often told me. But different it is to watch my husband’s cock really hard as you are pumping it, reveling in Harry’s perfume, and about to burst. I don’t know if I have already told you that I love you, Mike –she smiled-. But this is so perfect. Oh, you know I am not a woman for a single man and you have always respected that in me. I am happier now knowing you are not a man for a single partner either. You enjoy both girls and boys and even enjoy being someone’s slave. So the situation is perfect for us two. Now we only have to convince Harry that we need him.

-Yes, my love. I agree with you that this situation is perfect for our love and it will be a greater love every day if we have Harry with us.

I said all this as I finished licking his right pit and it was I who raised his left arm now and started working in his left pit.

-Be there all the time you need to cum, slave –my master told me.

-Yes, Sir.

I think then I started my longest time licking his pit. Knowing that Belinda, instead of reproaching me anything, was encouraging me, wildly aroused and stating why it would be so perfect for our love to always have Harry, made me be even more careful in remaining longer in my master’s pit, pleasing it with my saliva. He enjoyed not also my aroused face as I slurped, but also the sensation of having a tongue working his pleasure in that sensitive spot. I was happier and calmer than ever. With my hard work, or easy work, I was achieving the prodigy of making us three more united to the others, and I took my time to slowly enjoy the very masculinity of that man that had made me crazy so many times and I would forever need, especially in that smell. After licking for almost half an hour I knew I had to sooner or later finish because some more things would come later that my wife had not yet seen, so I finally made up my mind, or say made up my cock, to blast my best load.

-Come here and kiss me, Mike –Belinda told me-. I need to show you my love and I also want to taste some of Harry’s smell in your lips.

My master was moved and almost crying every time he saw us kissing. After a long kiss, he called me to him again and he explained to my wife.

-This really was an ordeal for him the first day I made him lick them in jail. But he surprised me by saying that he wanted to show me his devotion and he has really learnt to enjoy that smell. So you know what comes now, H-A-RR-Y’s slave. Time to lick my feet.

-Right away, Sir.

I started licking his left foot then as I was savagely beating my meet and I heard Harry explaining to my wife.

-Your husband soon learnt to love this smell. See how he jerks himself off and enjoys.

I had then an impossible to describe feeling but that I will try to describe: I felt in that moment like a slave at auction. My master was explaining my virtues to my wife; he was showing me off, telling her why I was a good slave for him, what things I used to do and enjoy; how I did those things. But that sensation was arousing for me. I was pleasing my master and at the same time Belinda was finally able to see all her husband had told her he used to do but she had never seen. I changed to his right foot. He had even some rot in two of his nails that I scratched and ate. My wife kept on masturbating wildly and from time to time telling me again I love you. I think Harry then became persuaded that it was all being great fun for Belinda. I was for five more minutes in his not too stinking foot till I blasted a new load. Then he told me.

-Now, M-I-K-E, I am gonna fuck you again. But Belinda will be given more fun by her husband. You will lick her cunt till she squirts again as I fuck you. You will do it now when your mouth is still clean and before swallowing excrements. So start pleasing your wife again, slave, that’s an order.

So I approached my wife’s pussy and soon my tongue was moving inside her, moving like a pendulum in all the extension of her cunt, stopping sensuously at her clit and licking her wet vagina again. My master told me now.

-Every time you’re making love to that wonderful girl, your wife, you are only Mike, understood? And I am only Harry. So what are our names now?

-My name now is Mike, Sir and your name of course is Harry. Thank you for allowing me to please my wife again, Harry.

After a couple of minutes I felt my master’s shaft plunging my burning crack again and slamming me ferociously but of course I had nothing to object now whenever my master was shagging me. Belinda had already seen how my master fucked me but it was arousing for her seeing how her husband was used to that dick and clenched his ass muscles to convey more pleasure to him as I drove her inner spots crazy, carefully working her pleasure in every place in her pussy as if it were the first time I was savouring it. We continued at this pace for a quarter of an hour till Belinda squirted again, now in my mouth, allowing me to taste a new sample of her fluid which she told me was flowing because of me. Then Harry, still fucking me, said he was gonna try to make my wife squirt again if she agreed. Of course she said she agreed.

Now Harry, still fucking me, moved his tongue into my wife’s pussy and started to please her. The combined pleasure of fucking the husband and pleasing the wife’s cunt at the same time was driving him crazy, so much so that he said he would soon bathe my ass with his cum and knowing this, Belinda compliantly spilled a new river in Harry’s mouth. He drank happily for longer than a minute till, still drinking, he shot his load in my ass and I also busted a new load. Another orgasm for us three; it was heaven.

-And now, slave, the moment has come for your wife to see how pig my slave can be. Now your name is H-A-RR-Y’s toilet. I will start by pissing you again. So tell me, slave, what is your name now?

-My name is H-A-RR-Y’s toilet, Sir.

Belinda told me she was eager to see me fulfilling my toilet functions. She said this when my mouth was once again in my master’s cock ready to drink a new stream of his. I relished again in the taste of that wonderful yellow product, fresh from my master’s bladder. He was pissing me at some distance so Belinda could see again what my master was feeding me. Finally he stopped and my master told me to open my mouth for he was gonna spit for a good while.

-Come on, my love, show me happily and proudly how you enjoy being Harry’s toilet –Belinda shouted at me.

-I entreat you to be a long while spitting in my mouth now, Master H-A-RR-Y, Sir.

And he started. He cleared his throat first with a loud noise so Belinda was more aware of what a good toilet her husband was. Then he started a constant drizzle of small gobs that fell into my mouth and I swallowed expertly with a wide smile, and said.

-Everything from you is delicious, Master H-A-RR-Y, Sir.

And so he kept on spitting for more than five minutes and I never got tired and showed my wife how my mouth was slowly turning into a pond, getting progressively full with my master’s dirt and I swallowed and swallowed his water from the throat always smiling. Never had my master spat so much, sometimes more phlegm, and I was sated. After more than five minutes I heard my master again.

-And now, H-A-RR-Y’s toilet, keep your toilet mouth open. Not every day I have snot but my nose is loaded today and you will eat whatever comes out of both my nostrils.

I wanted to show my wife that I was also a proud handkerchief for my master. And he suddenly deluged me with his viscous yellow gelatin and I gulped down a long amount of snot coming down to my mouth, first from his left nostril and then with no pause from his right nostril.

-You have seen, Belinda, how well he swallows everything. The moment has come for you to finally see how your husband, my slave, eats my shit. Come here, H-A-RR-Y’s toilet. In this position she will be able to see what you are swallowing and smell it. Start licking my ass.

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I instantly obeyed him and started a rimming I wanted long for my wife’s pleasure. That day my master farted me many times, aware that the piggier I became the more Belinda was having fun. We were in a position my wife could perfectly see Harry’s ass and she could perceive the moment he started shitting. She smelled what he shat and saw the first turd coming slowly into my mouth. She saw me clearly chewing that cake and swallowing that meal with security. She told me then.

-I have never been hornier in my life, Mike, my love. To see my husband finally doing what he has so often told me he did is much better than imagining. And you eat so naturally and showing no disgust. That’s the man I fell in love with, the most courageous of husbands. Eat, my love; you can be sure that after now I will spend all my life with you. I’m squirting again.

Seeing my wife squirting one more time and hearing the words she had uttered, Harry finally became convinced that he was improving the image my wife had of me, and now he shat me with confidence five more turds. That nauseating cake could have made any other man stop but I would continue eating even if he fed me that day the most putrid and fetid diarrhea, because I wanted Belinda to squirt endlessly that afternoon. But at one point the shit meal ended for that day. My wife said she would like to see me eating Harry’s shit more often. I nodded.

-Now, H-A-RR-Y’s toilet, it is time to eat my puke. You see, Belinda, your husband enjoys puke more than shit. I sometimes change the order I feed him both substances, but today I have wanted puke to be second in the meal, as a dessert, so you can see how my slave enjoys this substance.

I was again being showed off and I loved it, I simply loved that sensation of feeling my master praising my virtues in front of my wife. I knew well what I had to do and knelt on the floor, my mouth wide open looking up at him, who soon stuck his fingers in his mouth, a clear sign that he was gonna puke me now.

And quickly a white porridge started to stream from his mouth falling into mine, and it soon became a yellowish tinge and again it was driving me crazy and I ate what he had digested as I was ferociously beating off. I had to say, seeing my wife was again about to squirt.

-You can watch now my degradation, my love.

-Degradation? What does the word degradation mean, Mike? Doing what you so much like doing, in front of the man who you like dominating you, in front of your encouraging wife; is that degradation, Mike? I call it courage. So go on enjoying, giving him fun and pleasing me at the same time.

With my wife’s encouragement it became increasingly easier and funnier to swallow more of my master’s puke. All the time I showed them both an aroused and happy face, eating one of my favourite meals, whose taste made me on fire every time I had the chance to ingest it. But when he finished a lot of puke had fallen to the floor, which he deliberately stained and now ordered me to eat it all till the floor was clean. And I wanted to eat like a dog and show my wife that I was also my master’s dog and I was cleaning the floor, taking all that dirt into my stomach. Harry ordered me to bark a little as I was eating and with a lot of aroused woofs I continued eating. Again and before I finished, Belinda told me she was getting a new squirt and just then as I was eating the dregs, I shot a new load.

-I have not wanted to cum now, M-I-K-E. Now you will know why. Well slave, tell me, have we forgotten anything?

-Nothing I can remember, Sir.

-But we have still one more game to play, M-I-K-E and you have promised. Now the time has come for you to fuck your master.

-Ok, Sir. It is true I have promised you and I want you to be one of us now.

-Then you will fuck me before your wife. I think you cannot complain and I have used your three humiliating names and they have been changing throughout the afternoon. But now when you fuck me, you are Mike again and I am only Harry, understood?

-Yes, Harry.

-So now Mike, show your wife how you can enjoy fucking a man in the ass.

I finally plucked up the courage to do that which Harry had desired I should do to him for months. I approached his sexy ass and finally plunged my hard cock in with no remorse. I knew he had been fucked many times before and it would not hurt him, so I was playfully fucking him for minutes. He was crying.

-Forgive me, Mike, you know I love you and you don’t know what this means to me.

The combined pleasure of fucking his velvet ass (I had only fucked my wife’s ass before), of seeing how he cried with emotion and feeling closer to that extraordinary man than I had ever felt before, all this made suddenly my feelings burst and I started weeping to his rhythm, and so we were both crying together when Belinda suddenly asked me.

-What is it you have, Mike?

-You won’t like to know this, my love.

-Of course I will, Mike. Be brave and tell me.

-I’m falling in love with Harry, that’s the matter.

-My love, you don’t know but I have also fallen in love with Harry this afternoon. Have you stopped loving me, Mike?

-No, my love. I love you more than ever. But what are we gonna do now?

-Obviously, Mike –and she also looked at him, who was crying his eyes out- and Harry, we should now become a threesome.

I was trying to understand her words, maybe a new reality for us three now. I kept on sweetly fucking Harry, the man who could become the new vertex in our triangle.

I kept on fucking Harry and I soon noticed he was crying and he couldn’t help but say.

-You don’t know what this means to me, Mike. Finally you are fucking me when I have been many months expecting you would do it. I don’t know what I can do now; I love you both so much –and he was crying his eyes out as he said that.

-Harry, please believe us: we need you. After the session we will have a drink to calm you down and you must come to our house to sleep with us tonight. Don’t you still know that even with the big love we feel for each other our bed will be empty now without you? And I also desire to keep on being your slave.

-I still have not decided anything, Mike. I know being my slave is a necessity for you and I can compromise. But look, I work in the jail every morning and you are at present unemployed. So, nothing between us in the morning. If I accepted, you could be my slave every afternoon and only my lover at night and your only name then will be Mike and I am only Harry, understood?

-Right, Harry, but please join us.

-You still have to cum in my ass and then the session is over. Please keep on fucking me like that, deep and hard.

I was aware that all the time we had been talking I was moving frenetically inside him and I was indeed pleasing that hot ass I was fucking for the first time. But I had no more doubts: I will fuck him now as often as he wants, so he can really keep his need to become one of us. All this time Belinda was urging me to please him and in her eyes I could read desire, desire that I should please my master and desire to soothe him and he could be persuaded to join us. I sensed my love for Belinda would never end and knowing this, I calmly finished what I was doing and after a quarter of an hour I was filling the interior of my master with a long stream of cum. I pulled my dick out but it was still spilling and he took it in his mouth and drank the last drops till with a happy face he left my cock and said.

-Thank you, Mike, I will never forget this moment. Now Belinda and I will put our clothes back on, we will go up and first the three of us will brush our teeth and I also have to wipe my ass and finally you can pick up your clothes and get dressed. We could have a new coffee or have dinner, what you prefer.

-Sometimes I have told you, Harry –that’s the only name I gave him now in the certainty that he needed to be called only as a friend, or a lover- that I am indeed a good cook, and I would like you to have dinner at home with us. I have prepared paella. You’d love it.

-I can go to your house to have dinner and then return to my house. Well, we shall see –he said as my wife and he were already putting every piece of clothes back on. Then of course we did everything he had said about cleaning and finally I got dressed too and we went out again to the 21st century to have a new drink.

Once we were there we asked for some soft drinks and he said.

-I think I will go to your house to have dinner. That’s all I can promise. You are so beautiful together and I should never stain you. Your love could finish.

-Harry –Belinda told him-, I think still you are not aware that we both love you. Think that we need you so much that if we don’t have you now we could lose the love we feel for each other cause we don’t have you and we’d always miss you in our bed. Things have evolved into this and now the three of us love one another and we would be forever unhappy unless we become three.

-The possibility that you could lose your love never crossed my thoughts. So, ok –he sighed-, I will try to be the third one in this relationship. But remember, Mike, you must call me Harry almost all day, except when you are my slave in the afternoons.

-So, let’s go to our house now, a house which definitely belongs to us three.

Soon we were home, inside a house now meant for the three of us. We invited him to strip and Belinda and I did the same. Then we headed to the kitchen where I was busy warming up the meal. The paella really had a lot of ingredients I had learnt to add from a Spanish recipe and was full of seafood. Indeed when we started to eat, Harry loved what I had cooked and even told me I could make a living working as a cook somewhere. I had never thought about that but I could have a future in cooking. He was getting calmer as Belinda and I continuously touched his entire sexy body as he was eating. We did not want him to cum now but to be much aroused for bed later. And we finished and invited him to come to our bed. With a deep sigh, he said.

-Ok, I will see now if this threesome is possible and you never end your love, which I worship.

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We invited him to be first to enter a bed he had never entered before. Then my wife and I jumped together, leaving him in the middle. I was on the right. Both she and I started to touch and kiss him. I only called him Harry now.

-Now you can fuck my wife, Harry, and I will fuck you meanwhile.

-An excellent idea, Mike, since I can see you are not jealous.

And shyly at first he did stick his cock in Belinda’s pussy and was for two minutes shagging her with love and tenderness. They even started to kiss each other then. That was the moment I chose to start fucking Harry for the second time that day, something that would soon become a habit. It was so hot, so sweet, so perfect… that we were making Harry used to our bodies, to our bed, to our house, to feel one of us. Now I began to feel satisfied to have no more inhibitions, to do with him all he desired and if I had to fuck him every day, I would. His ass was silk and as I fucked him I noticed Belinda was moaning loudly and touching Harry and kissing us both. Thus we were for a long while getting used to one another’s bodies till I had to finally shoot a new load in Harry’s ass just as he came in a condom inside Belinda.

-Now, Harry please –I told him-, we have to do it the other way round. I want you to fuck me, now as your lover, not your slave at this moment, though you know perfectly well I need to often be your slave. But not now. And as you fuck me, I will fuck my wife.

-Ok, Mike, my love, but start fucking that hot girl and I will fuck you later.

Now once again I was fucking Belinda, feeling more than ever that our love would never end. We touched all over; kissing deep in love, while Harry told us that was the way he wanted to always see us. A couple of minutes later I felt again that cock I was used to entering my ass, fucking me wildly, slamming my deepest spots. Harry was so in love that he became wild and for a while it did hurt me again but I was his, only his lover now, but let him fuck me the way he preferred. But the rhythm of his punishing cock made me fuck my wife faster. I was not giving her any pain, she would tell me later, but was driving her crazy with that pace and by the way I was showing her again how much I loved her. We kissed like maniacs now and I knew well I would cum soon and I was only waiting for Harry to bust his load inside me first. When he finally came, I of course bathed again the condom inside Belinda’s cunt. And then the three of us started to cry at the same time out of emotion, starting to assimilate that we were finally three.

-Now, you’re one of us, Harry. You can start to believe it –I said, and my wife told him the same-. Now let us try to sleep, for the first time the three of us together in the sleep of deep love, happiness and calm.

He started to get used to this threesome which was perfect for us three. Belinda had never been a girl for a single man and now she had two to love and we had already agreed, Harry and I, that she could cheat us with more boys; it was perfect for Harry, who was clearly bisexual, and he had just found a boy and a girl to give his love to; and it was perfect for me: the love I felt for my wife had increased and I had discovered I was bisexual and also had a man lover and even a master, something I also needed. So exhausted but grateful to life for what it had given us, we finally fell asleep.

In the morning we had breakfast naked and while we drained our coffees she jacked Harry off. He had to cum soon for he had to go to work. And finally he shot his load, put his clothes on, kissed us both and left us. Now my wife and I had all morning to have sex with each other but we only fucked for she had heard something and left soon.

The hospital where she had worked previously had again a real need for nurses. She was interviewed again and of course with all the experience she had at that very hospital she was hired. She would have a regular shift in the afternoons and she would start work the next day. Of course I was not admitted back in my old job, so I tried restaurants now. They checked my skills and seemed about to hire me but somehow learnt that I had been in jail and didn’t hire me. But I never lost faith. Three days later and saying beforehand that I had been imprisoned for fraud, I told them the truth so they could at least see I had not been imprisoned for any violent crime, I was finally hired in a Spanish restaurant called Costa del Sol, where I would have a night shift. I had to go at about eight and start preparing dinner and I would continue there until twelve. I specialized in Spanish cuisine and the restaurant was successful.

So now in the mornings Harry was at work and Belinda and I used to have passionate sex; in the afternoons my wife was working. We had time to have lunch all three together and when she left, I became again M-I-K-E and was H-A-RR-Y’s slave. Later it was me that went to work and Harry and Belinda had sex with each other. I was every evening horny imagining my two loves loving each other. When I returned I had a little sex with both before going to sleep but as I could have sex with Belinda every morning, I used to fuck with Harry. I fucked him and he fucked me, often one of us fucking Belinda at the same time. Blowjobs were in my slave hours in the afternoons when I sucked his cock and he sucked mine and of course I continued with the rest of my slave tasks but he washed more often now out of respect for our girl and it was very seldom that he had some smell on him. I missed it but was happy with what I did have.

So we got used to live the three of us together. This is an example of how our days started to be. In the mornings I used to make love to my superb girl. Soon after Harry left and since we were already naked, I started finger fucking her and taking her to the couch where I started an arousing battle licking her cunt till I made her squirt and next she told me she was gonna blow me. I was on fire every time she gave me one of her wonderful blowjobs and only some days I could hold it for a quarter of an hour or more. But she did not have enough and asked me to fuck her next. It was always a perfect moment to make her horny and show her how much I loved her. I kissed her constantly, told her I love you once and again, stroked all her dear body and finally came in the condom inside her. But she asked me for more. She also wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Usually, we had a break, doing something in the house, some cooking or some repairs, something that could take my mind off sex for a while till finally I went hard again and I fucked her anally. The battle usually led us to Harry’s return. He often surprised us fucking and smiled at us. Then we went to lunch, the three of us without our clothes and we often jacked everybody off, till at five Belinda left for work and her two men stayed alone.

Now I would be again M-I-K-E and he became again H-A-RR-Y, my master. He knew well how I desired to be his slave once every day and he fulfilled my slave needs. Now, calling me M-I-K-E, he could start fucking me for instance. He had also brought his boxing gloves to our house and he used to gut punch me as he was fucking me. Next I was ordered to please his entire sexy body, first his feet, not often smelly now, and later his pits, with which I always screamed in joy, dirty or clean, and finally I gave him a blowjob. Then he always pissed me and I was in heaven every time I could drink that arousing nectar and that’s when I became again H-A-RR-Y’s slave. He scarcely shat in my mouth now and he reminded me we should be prudent and he did not want to endanger my health. But he finally shat me five tasty turds one day, for the first time in our house and it was again heaven. He added now it would only be once a month or less. And the same it was with puke. It was soon only once a month but my cock was always at its maximum height when I could feel he was discharging his digestion inside me. And of course I always blasted my load with that scarce meal.

Then I went to work. I knew well that Belinda and Harry were making love. I encouraged them to always have sex with each other and tell me later. When I arrived at half past twelve, they were waiting for me always naked and first told me the details of their love-making. They fucked every day; every day Harry fucked my wife’s cunt and only one or two days he fucked her in the ass. But he never forgot to lick her cunt and make her squirt. I heard all this as I pumped my dick and the emotion I felt knowing the two people I loved had been having so much fun with each other always made me cum.

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And at last we went to bed. Now Harry was my lover. He was used to sleeping only five or six hours and prior to sleeping time I fucked him with love as he fucked Belinda. Some days he fucked me next and it was me fucking my wife now. Some other days it was only me fucking him or he fucking me, but never forgetting Belinda, who was always finger fucking herself, moaning loudly and smiling at her two lovers’ show and often gave a blowjob to the one who was being fucked, if she was not being fucked, that is.

Thus we started a common life, always horny at the other two. Every day the same routine: I had a wife, a man lover and even a master. My wife had two men for herself and always loved both of us deeply and Harry had a girl lover, a man lover and a slave. That was what the three of us needed and our threesome has lasted.

Ten years later we are still together and love one another more than ever. All three of us cheat the other two, Harry and I with both girls and boys. I still remember with a smile my time in jail, where I had never been raped after all and where I met a lover boy and a master. And I am moved every day when I return home from work and see my two loves shortly after opening the door.

Written By: Daniel Berasaluce

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