Attacked in jail-Part 2

Attacked in Jail

We were sweetly kissing for some minutes. It was incredible but that man and I after that moment seemed to have started to understand each other. I was looked with different eyes by the man who had told me to call him H-A-RR-Y and I also regarded him differently as if I first noticed that even if I would have more tests to endure, I saw that he could also be sweet. So we were kissing affectionately for some minutes till I finally noticed a first stream of yellow puke falling in my throat. Incredibly I went hard. It was many things, I guess: I had just achieved my main goal: he never again would scorn my wife calling her a bitch; I was calmer; I was looking at him from a different perspective; I also knew that I was testing myself, checking my resilience and being sure that after that day few things in life would make me scared. But be as it may, I was hard as I was swallowing his nasty stream of nauseating puke. He looked at me and smiled.

-You never thought you could like this; do you, M-I-K-E?

-I don’t care I am hard now, sir, or to admit I like it.

-So do you think you could even wank as I finish puking?

-I’m sure I can do that, sir.

-Then do it, jack off.

And so I started jerking off at the same rhythm he was puking. In that moment I was getting used to swallowing dirty things, which would be a constant in my future life, something I would always crave for. He puked and puked but finally he told me he had finished and then I busted a big load on the floor.

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-Have you enjoyed, slave?

-It is incredible for me to say, Sir. But I have really enjoyed.

-So, are you ready for the next test?

-Shit, now, isn’t it?

-Yes, but start calmly to lick my ass. I’ll take a bit to shit.

-Right, Sir.

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Licking his ass was no big deal either. I can say now that I even liked the taste. Easier to lick than his stinking feet, that’s for sure. I knew now I would have to swallow shit but meanwhile he would spare me nothing. The man I mentally called my master surprised me by farting then. It was only one fart and I did not like it but he never farted again, so I kept on quietly licking his dirty ass.

I was frightened but not as much as I should be. In a way knowing I was gonna eat shit was arousing for me. And he did not take long after all. When I least expected it, I already had a turd in my mouth. And I had to cry the truth to him.

-Sir, do I have your permission to jack off again?

-Is it you are even enjoying shit, H-A-RR-Y’s toilet?

-I hardly can believe myself, Sir, but I am really enjoying it.

-Then jerk yourself off, slave, and enjoy. I don’t have a lot to shit. It will be a short time but I’d love to see you cumming with my shit.

-Yes, Sir; thank you, Sir.

I kept on wanking as I was really enjoying a new sensation. I was feeling so relaxed with him now that some things came as big surprises. And I knew a thing for sure. I was not certain that I was enjoying gay sex but I really enjoyed the sensation to see myself as a toilet. The taste was repulsive, a lot indeed, but my dick could not be harder. I felt then I would like to be a toilet for other people in the future, not for my wife though, and I should ask for her permission first to be a toilet for other people. But I really desired to be a toilet more often and being a man’s toilet was ok. I was also thinking that soon I would be fucked and that could be the worst part but meanwhile I was quietly savouring his shit. But he did not take much long. He told me he had finished after having fed me just three turds and I kept on licking his shitted ass till I blasted a new load.

-So you like my shit, M-I-K-E?

-I certainly do, master H-A-RR-Y.

-I have not told you to call me master but I am glad you have. You can continue to call me master if you want.

-Thank you for the meal, master.

-Good, and now you know what’s next, don’t you?

-I guess I will be fucked now, Sir.

-Exactly, slave. Do you still keep your promise that you are willingly gonna surrender your ass?

-Sir, my ass is yours now, whatever I feel. Just tell me how I should place myself.

-Lie on your bed on your back. I wanna look into your eyes as I fuck you, my hot M-I-K-E.

I lied on the bed on my back. He instantly eased his cock gently in saying.

-I’m only sorry I haven’t remembered to bring some lube. Does it hurt slave? I’m trying to be gentle.

-I can perceive you’re being gentle, Sir, and I appreciate it. It hurts, but I will resist. If later I seem to enjoy being fucked, I will jack off so you are calmer. You can go on enjoying my ass. Hope you like my ass, Sir.

-You are certainly hot and have the most gorgeous of asses. Well, M-I-K-E, have I humiliated you much?

-Can I be quite sincere now, Sir?

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Meanwhile he kept on slamming my ass with brutality but I knew I could resist that pain and I was glad I had changed my mind and was not being raped after all.

-You can, slave.

-Well, master H-A-RR-Y, to tell you the truth I have never felt humiliated, only when you mentioned my wife scornfully. I know I have done nothing wrong to feel humiliated, and if you will pardon me for saying so, I thought it should be the other party who should feel humiliated, Sir.

-I see that you’re cheeky, slave, but I like your sincerity.

-Thank you, sir. So I felt I was not being humiliated but abused, master H-A-RR-Y. But recently I have quite changed my mind and I have enjoyed your excrements and I think I will jerk myself off in a short while. It feels good to have a dick inside, Sir. So no grudges now. You are having fun and to be sincere, I am having fun too –and in that moment the pain stopped and smiling at him, who was looking into my eyes attentively, I started to beat my meat, with real desire-. I have to say thank you now, Sir. Please keep on fucking me as long as you wish now. I don’t know if ever again I will have the chance to be fucked. I will enjoy now for I certainly like it.

-I will go on but not much longer. Your attitude, you hot man, will make me erupt soon. So, in the end has it been more pain or pleasure?

-The whole session has been more pleasure than pain, Sir, and of course being fucked too.

-You’re the hottest guy I could ever find. It is me who must thank you now –and for the first time he added as he was cumming in my ass-, Mike.

-I’m cumming too, Sir, and please remember that my name today is M-I-K-E, Sir. –Then I blasted a big load of jizz too.

-We have already finished, Mike –and he uttered my real name again.

-Still M-I-K-E Sir. Now I will ask you, do you feel like cumming one more time with me, Sir?

-Why are you asking?

-There’s one thing I haven’t done, master H-A-RR-Y, and let me keep on calling you like this just the same as I still desire to be called M-I-K-E, H-A-RR-Y’s slave or H-A-RR-Y’s toilet. I still have not jacked you off, Sir. And I would certainly like to masturbate you and tell you some things.

-If you really want, M-I-K-E, ok I will continue to call you by this name, you certainly can. But I will jack you off at the same time. It is hard for me now to convince you that I also like girls, so many gay things you have seen me doing with a boy, but first I need to convince you I have a clear gay side. We can jack off and if later you want me to blow you or you want to fuck me, you can.

-I don’t want to do that, Sir. I’d rather be only the slave. Please let us wank.

-Ok, slave.

He took his clothes off just then. I still had not seen him totally nude. He put his clothes next to mine but even so there was room enough for both of us to sit comfortably in my cell bed. He grasped my dick first; I was second and grasped his dick next and we started a mutual masturbation and he asked me to talk if I wanted.

-You see, Sir, first I need to tell you what I have felt.

-Tell me.

-I had first the greatest fright of my life when I saw you coming in with boxing gloves and you told me I would be humiliated for three hours. But as I told you before, Sir, I have not felt humiliated, only abused and not all the time. First I really feared that I would be raped. Taking off my clothes was not very easy and later it really became hard when you started to punch me and pull my hair. But you know the worst thing was that you humiliated my wife, Sir.

-I know, M-I-K-E, and I really apologize again.

-Thank you, Sir. Now you needn’t do it more often. That’s forgotten. Well, Sir, next I started the gay test and you know it was not easy for me to lick your feet, but next I licked your pits and I blasted my first load with a boy, Sir. It all started to be easier from that moment and blowing you was also easy. I can tell you now that I also enjoyed the taste of your dick, Sir. I was mentally taking courage to tell you something and after you came in my mouth, you let me speak and began to understand me. You never again called my wife a bitch and I relaxed, so much so that unexpectedly I busted a new load with your puke. Enjoying excrements have been my greatest surprise, Sir. And I had a new sample of being sure I enjoyed being a toilet when I wanked and came with your shit. And finally I was so relaxed having cum thrice with you that I can tell you I have really enjoyed being fucked. So, sir, I would like to tell you now some more things.

We were reciprocally wanking as two friends now, horny with each other’s dicks, and I could feel he was moved with my words. That man could be brutal but he had also shown me he could be sweet and I had more things to tell him.

-I have spent eight bitter months in jail Sir and I know I still have to undergo sixteen more months here. It can be awful, Sir. But having known you, I know you can be my salvation. I have certainly enjoyed being a toilet and many of the gay things I’ve done, Sir. I think I can also enjoy being a slave for longer Sir. My next sixteen months here can be easy if I can go on enjoying being your slave and toilet.

-Do you mean it?

-First I have to ask for my wife’s permission, Sir. You see, I will not mention your name but will tell her what has happened to me today.

-My name is a very common name. There are other five Harry working in prison. You can omit my surname but mention my name and even the way I made you call me or I called you. And if you tell her I mentioned her scornfully, please apologize to her.

-Yes, Sir, but there’s still something you don’t know. You see, Belinda and I have the agreement that we can cheat each other. I know she has cheated me and instead of reproaching her anything, I still love her more. I have not cheated her yet but I know I can cheat her with a girl. Can I cheat her with a boy? I will first write to my wife to ask her permission to become your slave and toilet and keep on having sex with you.

-She is still a hotter girl than I thought she could be. Oh, I am so embarrassed now. I have scorned the greatest of girls.

-Forget it forever, Sir. You see, if she grants me her permission, I wanna have you as my master and feeder of excrements, Sir, but under certain conditions.

-Tell me.

-Of course you will never again humiliate Belinda. That’s ok; I know you will not do it again. Besides, I want no pain Sir, no boxing with my body, pulling my hair or any other pain. But once I said what I do not want, let me tell you know what I want, Sir: first, you can be fucking me every day, I will give you blowjobs, lick your ass and your pits, and yes, sir, even your feet. And come here as dirty as you want. I need to be a good slave for you and I must get used to the taste of your feet first. You will see that you have a pleasing slave and licking your feet must be included in a good slave’s tasks. And what’s more, I need, I desperately need to keep on being H-A-RR-Y’s toilet in earnest Sir. I want to swallow everything from you every day.

-Not every day, slave; it can be dangerous.

-Yes Sir and of course all this would be if Belinda gives me her permission. I will write to her today and we will wait for her answer. But meanwhile, Sir, I want you to consider me your urinal so you may come to my cell whenever you want and piss in my mouth. And I will also like to be naked and jack you off. All this I can do before I have my wife’s permission.

-I’m moved at you. To keep on having sex with you would be wonderful and you can still be my slave and toilet if you want. But we need an excuse, M-I-K-E. I cannot be entering your cell a lot of times every day. You see, I am at present studying law and I’m about to finish. We can say that you have hired me as your lawyer and we are talking so you can have all your businesses in order. So let me ask you and you can answer if you want. Did Belinda know what you were doing? I mean, was she somehow your accomplice?

-She knew what I was doing, Sir, but she wasn’t my accomplice. I am frightened that one day she could be indicted for that.

-I have not treated your wife well but now I promise you that I would take care that she is never accused of anything.

-Thank you, Sir, do you agree with everything I have told you?

-I certainly do, M-I-K-E. Shall we cum now?

-Let’s cum, Sir. –And both together as good friends seemed to have decided the same and came on the other’s hand. Then he stood up and put his clothes back on and kissed me before leaving my cell. I told him.

-It’s me who wants to thank you, Sir. Now I will clean my cell and will write to Belinda. Tomorrow in my free hour I will go to the bar and show a copy of that letter and then we will wait for Belinda’s answer.

-Good, M-I-K-E. See you tomorrow then, you hot boy.

-So long, Sir.

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Kissing me again, he left my cell at last. I knew that first I should wank over the memory of that strange afternoon and I sat on my bed and was quietly jacking off for a quarter of an hour. I thought how strange it was that from a greatest fright I had been led to a greatest lust for that man and even for his excrements. I still had the taste of them in my mouth. I would brush my teeth later and clean everything. I came soon for I knew I had a lot to do.

First I did brush my teeth and then was carefully cleaning everything. There were some little remains of puke and shit on the floor. I would go to the area of the showers later. Once everything was clean I sat and was writing to Belinda for half an hour, a letter where I expressed my lust and love for her, but also informed her of all that had happened to me that afternoon. Well, I did mention the name of my abuser was Harry, but did not tell her his surname and asked her please not to say anything to anybody. Later I asked her permission to become that man’s slave and toilet for the rest of my stay in jail. I also wrote a copy of that letter to show it to my master tomorrow. Wondering what her answer would be I had to wank two more times, one masturbation thinking about H-A-RR-Y and one thinking of Belinda, as every day. I dreamt I could be soon again kissing and making love to that extraordinary girl, the love of my life. After so many masturbations I sighed and finally went to sleep and I dreamt about a happier stay in prison now.

Written By: Daniel Berasaluce

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