A Son Of A Farmer-Part 7-Final Chapter

A Son Of A Farmer

Tyler and I got off the plane and got our luggage. I was feeling quite a sense of dread. I was going to visit my family. Part of me was saying to myself, why did I agree to this. Tonight my sisters and their kids, and myself will have our Christmas dinner with our mother. Tomorrow we will visit with our father as well his siblings and their kids, and their kids’ kids. I just wanted to get back on the plane and head back home.

Tyler and I went to the car rental place. Anne said all we had to do is give our names. The car was already paid for. I asked for us to have a car, because I didn’t want to have to rely on one of my sisters to get us to and from. We got the car and went to the hotel that was near the airport, and got checked in. It would be a little while before Tyler and I had to get ready to head to my mother’s house. I was sitting on the bed shaking.

Tyler came and sat next to me and put his arms around me. ‘Honey what’s wrong why are you shaking like that?’

‘I don’t want to do this.’ I said. ‘I want to go home.’

Tyler had my rest my head on his shoulder. ‘Don’t worry.’ Tyler said. ‘I will be right there with you the whole time.’ He kissed my forehead. I kissed his lips, and before we knew it we were naked on the bed my hole getting nicely fucked by Tyler. After Tyler erupted a load of cum in me we lay in bed with him holding me. I face up against his chest.

‘I love you.’ I said to him.

‘I love you too.’ said Tyler. ‘It will be alright honey.’

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go to my mother’s house. Round one was about to begin. We got dressed. I drove because I knew the way even with my nerves on edge. ‘Well just stay for an hour or so and leave.’ is what I kept telling Tyler.

We got to my mother’s house. Part of me just wanted to keep on driving by, but Tyler and I got out and knocked. I was greeted by my mother who was in hysterics that I had come home. I introduced Tyler to her, and then the questions started. First it was how have I been doing? Then progressed to how long have you and him been dating? And stuff like that. I was getting annoyed.

The evening wore on. My sisters and their kids showed up. Soon the house was full with screaming and yelling from the kids. My sisters of course greeted me, but really showed no interest in what I have been up to or what I was doing. I supposed it was because there was nothing that I could do for them at the moment. One the presents were opened and dinner ate my mother started asking me to come home.

‘I don’t want to come home.’ I said. ‘Home is not here anymore for me. Home for me now is with Tyler.’

‘Tyler can come here too.’ my mother said. Tyler just kind of gave me a puzzled look.

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‘Mom.’ I said. ‘I love all of you, but if I were to move back here would I have my own life?’ My mother didn’t respond to that. ‘I don’t think I would. My life would play second fiddle to whatever you or my sisters need. It was like that before. I don’t want to go back to that. I like where I am at right now.’

My mother seemed kind of put out by that then sighed. ‘Alright.’ she said. It seemed to me that she finally got it. That she finally understood what I had been telling her for years.

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Tyler and I went back to the hotel shortly after. After a good sex session where I pounded Tyler’s hole we fell asleep. The next morning we got up and ordered room service for breakfast. After breakfast we worked out a little in the hotel’s gym and swam in the pool. We went back to the room horny were we had some really hot sex. We showered and went to my father’s.

Of course my father greeted Tyler and I happily. He didn’t seem phased all those years ago when I told him I was gay. He treated Tyler like part of the family. Once my aunts and uncles started showing up, that was a different story. My father’s family is very conservative, and don’t think certain things don’t mix. While they weren’t entirely hateful I was feeling the cold shoulder. Tyler and I left as soon as we could. My father walked us out to the car apologizing for his family. ‘Dad you don’t have to apologize for them.’ I said. ‘You’re not the one with the problem they are.’ My father and I hugged. Tyler and I went back to the hotel and gathered up our things as we were going back to Upstate New York in the morning. We were going back home. We climbed into bed and cuddled up against each other and fell asleep. After we got back home our relationship would end of taking a turn for the better.

Winter went by fairly quickly. I spent most of the winter doing the farm’s taxes. Spring came and with it the nice whether. Tyler and I would often take walks around the farm. He and I both knew that it was getting ever closer to when he and I would have to go back to school. While we were both going to the same school we were deciding on weather or not to live together, or just to stay at the dorms. While we both wanted to share an apartment together we both knew that it probably wasn’t to affordable for us to do that at the moment. In early May we voiced that concern to Anne when she asked us where we were going to live when we go back to school.

‘Anne I don’t think we are going to be living together.’ I said.

‘Why?’ asked Anne.

‘Because Mom.’ said Tyler. ‘Apartments in New York at expensive. If Nick and I are going to go to school full-time then it might be best if we live in the dorms.’

‘What if I pay for an apartment?’ asked Anne. I started to open my mouth to say something about it but Anne put up her hand. ‘There will be no arguing with me on this Nick. I know you are the type of person that wants to earn his keep, but I don’t want to see the two of you separated from each other. I know that there are weirdos in New York, and it would make me feel more at ease if you and Tyler have each other to turn to, and not just for an occasional date. So I will pay for the two of you to have an apartment and that’s final.’

‘Alright.’ I said. ‘But on the condition that you let me pay you back for my share.’

‘You have already done that Nick.’ said Anne. ‘Because of your knowledge you saved the farm upwards of two million dollars. So I don’t want to see a dime from you on this Nick.’

I nodded. The next day Tyler and I went for a walk out on the farm. We got to one of the barns and we walked inside. There was no one there. ‘Hey.’ Tyler said. ‘There is something I always wanted to do.’ I knew when Tyler said that it was something to do with sex. Tyler went to the ladder leading up to the hay shaft. I followed him up. Once we were both up on top, Tyler turned to me and said. ‘Would you like to fuck me up here.’ There was a little gleam of hope in his eyes. ‘I have always dreamed of getting fucked up here.’

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I simply pulled Tyler to me and kissed him deeply. We got naked pretty fast and I sucked on his cock while he sucked on mine. After a while I got up and moved him in front of me. I teased his ass a little moving my cock up and down his ass crack. Then I entered him. I started pounding away at his ass hard. He was moaning loud. I started kissing up his spinal cord. He turned his head and we started kissing while I continued to fuck him. Then he let out a loud moan and he started cumming. A few moments later I erupted in his ass.

After I came inside him we laid down naked in the hay and cuddled and kissed. Then he climbed on top of me and started kissing and biting my neck. He went down and started sucking and biting my nipples. I was hard again. I saw that he too was once again supporting a huge boner. ‘I loved what we just did.’ He said. ‘Time for me to say thank you.’ He then spread my legs and put his cock at my hole and push himself inside of me.

Tyler started fucking me real hard like he always likes to do. He leaned forward and started kissing me while we fucked. I moaned into his mouth as he pounded more harder and harder inside me. Then he started kissing me tenderly on my neck. I kept moaning at his cock kept hitting my g spot inside me. ‘I love you Tyler.’ I said.

‘I love you too Nick.’ Tyler said.

I started cumming all over myself and he kept fucking me. I was in total bliss. Then I felt a warm gush inside me and I knew Tyler had cum. After he came Tyler left his cock inside me and held me to him. We stayed in that embrace for quite a while. Just cuddling and not talking. Just cuddling and enjoying each other’s presence. Tyler then looked at his watch. ‘It’s getting near dinner time we better head back home.’

I simply nodded and we got dressed and headed back to the main house. Before we went inside I asked. ‘Any other sexual fantasies you want to play out?’

‘Just wait until the pool is ready.’ Tyler said. I smiled at him and we went inside.

I was woken by something, I was in a deep sleep. I heard someone screaming. I woke up and the person screaming was Tyler. He was obviouly having a nightmare. ‘NO DON’T HURT NICK! PLEASE NO DON’T KILL HIM!’ I immediately shook Tyler awake.

‘Tyler.’ I said shaking him. ‘TYLER!’

Tyler opened his eyes and saw me. ‘You were just having a bad dream. You were screaming.’

‘They killed you!’ Tyler said. Tears were in his eyes. ‘They were hurting you and they killed you and I couldn’t do anything to stop them.’

‘It’s alright Tyler.’ I said. ‘It was just a dream. It’s over now.’

I pulled Tyler into my arms and held him tight to me. We stayed like that for a while until we went back to sleep. We woke up the next morning and we said very little about his nightmare. Only that people were beating me up and ultimately killed me. The days were getting warmer and soon the pool would be ready for swimming. I couldn’t wait to get Tyler into a pair of speedos.

That morning was a Saturday meaning that I did not have to go to the office. Tyler and I talked over breakfast about our plans for the day. We knew that we eventually wanted to go out and catch a movie. ‘After breakfast I think I will go to the GYM and workout for a little while.’ I told Tyler.

‘Sounds nice.’ Tyler said. After I finished breakfast I changed into my workout gear and headed to the gym. I working out. I was lifting weights when I felt something on my lap. I put the weight bar back and looked up and saw Tyler sitting on my lap.

‘What?’ I asked him. There was something different about him. He looked younger. Then it hit me. It was not Tyler, it was his brother Trevor.

‘What?’ I asked Trevor. Trevor normally spent his time at a military school that his mother Anne sent him to after he had thrown a bunch of rocks at Tyler knocking him out. ‘Are you going to tell me what you are doing?’

‘I want to see what my brother likes.’ said Trevor. ‘And he likes you.’

‘Ok you’ve seen me.’ I said. ‘Now can you please get off of me?’

‘Can you fuck me like you fuck him?’ Trevor asked.

‘Sorry I can’t comply there.’ I said. ‘Besides you don’t even like gays.’

‘What makes you say that?’ Trevor asked.

‘Let’s see you were calling Tyler a fag and were throwing rocks at him if my memory serves me right.’ I said.

‘That was my dad.’ Trevor said.

‘No your dad wasn’t throwing rocks at Tyler you were.’ I said. ‘I was there I saw it.’

‘It’s what my dad wanted me to do.’ said Trevor. ‘He wanted me to kill Tyler. He caught me sucking my best friend’s dick. He said that he was going to make a man out of me and not have me end up like Tyler. He said that he was going to have Tyler come by the house and that I was to kill him.’

‘I see.’ I said. ‘You didn’t think that request was strange?’

‘He was going to kill me if I didn’t do it.’ said Trevor.

‘I doubt your mother would have let him do a thing like that.’ I said. ‘And that day you tried to kill Tyler, you mother had him arrested for hiding his father’s will, so you would have had nothing to fear.’

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Trevor nodded. He looked as if he were getting ready to lean down and kiss me, but instead he got off my lap and let me get up. The door to the GYM opened and Tyler came through the door. He saw Trevor and I there and looked worried for a moment. ‘He hasn’t tried to do anything to you has he Nick?’ Tyler asked.

‘No.’ I said. ‘We were just talking.’

‘Tyler.’ said Trevor. ‘I’m sorry.’

Tyler seemed taken aback. ‘I’m sorry about the rocks. Dad said if I didn’t kill you that he would kill me.’

‘What?’ Tyler asked.

‘He just told me that your father caught him with another boy.’ I explained. ‘And according to him you father wanted him to prove that he was a real man by killing you.’

‘Why didn’t you just go to Mom?’ Tyler asked Trevor. ‘She wouldn’t have allowed that to happen.’

‘I was scared!’ Trevor exclaimed. ‘I remember how he got when he caught you with you friend Rob! I tried not to with Barry. But my goodness it was just something I couldn’t stop thinking about. I was trying to be normal. Trying to show him that I would be the son he always wanted and not some fag.’

‘I think you should talk to Mom.’ said Tyler.

Trevor just nodded and left the Gym. ‘Why did he tell you all of that?’ Tyler asked me.

‘No idea but it was weird.’ I said. ‘I was lifting weight and felt something on my lap and I looked up and he was sitting on my lap.’

‘He was sitting on your lap?’ Tyler asked.

‘Yeah at first I thought he was you.’ I said. ‘The two of you look so much alike. After a closer look I saw that it wasn’t you. Your mother mentioned something about how he has been seeing a psychologist?’

‘Yeah he has been seeing one.’ Tyler said.

‘I think he should see the psychologist more.’ I said. ‘I think he’s really messed up.’

‘I will mention it to my mom.’ Tyler said.

Tyler and left the Gym and went back to our room. I got in the shower and Tyler joined me in the shower a few minutes later where he ravaged my ass. We took a walk that afternoon before going out to the movies. While on our walk we ended up by our cabin where we lived when we were just farm hands. Two other guys were living there now. We were walking by when one of them walked up to the door.

‘Hello.’ the young guy said.

‘Hi.’ I said. ‘I guess you are one of the guys that took over our cabin.’

‘Oh yes I heard about you two.’ the young guy said. ‘You’re the two gay guys who lived here.’

I was taken aback by the way he said gay guys. He must have realised this because he then said. ‘I am not homophobic, far from it. My boyfriend and I got this job because the lady who owns this farm knows Dr. Nelson. You see Brad and I can’t move to a place like New York at the moment because his mother is in poor health, but because we are known homosexuals no one in this town will hire us. When Brad’s mother’s health improves, he and I are going to go to school together in New York. Oh sorry I am Chip.’

Tyler and chatted with Chip. Chip was worried if the lady who owned the farm found out he and his boyfriend Brad were gay that she would fire them.Tyler assured Chip that wouldn’t happen. ‘What makes you say that?’

‘Because the reason she gave you this job is because you probably couldn’t get a job anywhere else in the area because of that. And my mother is about giving people a fair chance.’ Tyler explained.

‘Your mother?’ Chip asked.

‘Yes.’ said Tyler. ‘My mother is the lady that owns this farm. And I know that Dr. Nelson has a practice in this area because of my mother convincing the locals to give him a chance since they were ready to run him out-of-town because he was out of the closet.’

Tyler and I chatted with Chip a little more. After a while we said that he had to be on our way but would like to get together with Chip and his boyfriend sometime. We went back to the main house and got into my car and went to a movie. Our relationship was to go for a very interesting and fun ride for the summer.

I had Tyler’s pants down. His dick was in my mouth. I was bobbing on it. Sucking on it for dear life. I could hear Tyler giving out soft moans. My hands were on his ass rubbing his asscheeks. I kept bobbing on his cock deep throating it. Then I heard him say. ‘Oh Nick I’m going to cum!’ He exploded in my mouth and I started gulping down his tastey cum. Once he finished cumming, I gave his still hard cock one last lick to get all of the cum. I stood up and kissed him deeply and pulled his shirt off of him. He started striping me. Once we were both naked he turned around and so his back was to me. I grabbed the lube and lubed up his nice little ass and I then pushed myself inside him.

I started pounding away at him harder and harder. He was moaning and saying ‘Fuck me Nick!’ He turned his head and we kissed while I kept fucking him. I was fucking him so hard there was smacking sounds every time my cock went all the way inside him. ‘Oh this feels so fucking good, I love you so fucking much!’ Tyler said. I pounded way a few moments more until I felt my load of cum escape me and explode inside Tyler’s ass.

After I came I kept my cock inside him while we stood there and kissed, my hands moved over his erect nipples. I pulled my cock out of him and turned him around and laid him on the bed. I started biting and sucking on his erect nipples.He then threw me off of him and I was on his back and he on top of me. He lifted my legs on his shoulders and grabbed the lube and lubbed up my ass and pushed himself inside me.

Tyler started pounding away at my ass. I was moaning in such pleasure. Feeling the man I love inside me. We were making out. I felt him go harder and rougher. It was total bliss. Before I knew it he was cumming inside me.

Once we were finished I laid in his arms. ‘I love you Tyler.’ I said.

‘I love you too Nick.’ Tyler responded. We shared a goodnight kiss before drifting off to sleep.

We got up the next morning. I had to go to the office for work on payroll. Tyler and I were planning to visit Chip and his boyfriend Brad that evening. We met Chip the previous week. He and Brad were hired to take our places as farm hands since they were both known gays they had trouble getting a job in town.I finsihed my work. Tyler and I ate dinner, and went to the cabin.

We were greeted by Chip who introduced us to Brad. Chip was tall with dark hair and blue eyes. Brad was blonde with blue eyes and maybe a few inches shorter than Chip. We chatted for a while. Then Chip said. ‘Nick you have a nice ass, are you the bottom?’

‘Um.’ I said looking at Tyler. We didn’t expect a question about our sex lives. Tyler just nodded indicating it was alright to answer. ‘I am sometimes. Tyler and I take turns.’

‘Nice.’ said Chip. ‘I want to fuck your ass. I am a total top. What do the two of you say? I fuck Nick, and Tyler can fuck Brad?’

‘What?’ Tyler and I said in unison.

‘You know swap partners.’ said Brad. ‘Nick is Tyler good at fucking ass?’

‘Yeah.’ I said.

‘How about it guys?’ asked Chip. ‘I am horny and you are hot Nick.’ I could see Chip rubbing his crotch.

‘Is this something you do a lot?’ I asked. ‘Swapping partners.’

‘No.’ said Chip. ‘We’ve never done it before. We talked about it.’

‘Do you mind if Nick and I have a word in private before we decide either way.’ said Tyler. In my mind I could picture Chip fucking me. Chip was that tall dark and handsome type I used to dream about when I was younger. I was getting turned on by the thought of it. But then I thought of Tyler and how much I loved him. I couldn’t do a thing like that to him.

I followed Tyler outside. ‘What do you think?’ he asked me.

‘I would be lying if I said the thought of having sex with Chip didn’t turn me on.’ I said. ‘But I love you, and I couldn’t do a thing like that to you.’

‘I am turned on by the thought of it too.’ said Tyler. ‘And I love you too. That’s why we need to do it.’

‘What?’ I asked totally stunned by Tyler’s answer.

‘Think about it Nick.’ said Tyler. ‘If we have sex with other people then later on maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about us cheating on each other.’

‘I don’t follow.’ I said.

‘Listen.’ said Tyler. ‘No matter how much we love each other, the time will come where we will want to have sex with other people. In fact the urge might get so strong that one of us, or both of us would end up cheating. If we swap partners with Chip and Brad, then perhaps maybe since we are doing it now it won’t be like that down the road.’

‘I love you.’ I said. ‘You know? I don’t want an open relationship I want it to be you and me.’

‘I know.’ said Tyler. ‘And I am not talking about an open relationship. Just saying we fool around with other people together, and not sneaking around. Trust me it will be better for us in the long run.’

I leaned in and gave him a kiss, in which he returned. ‘Just trust me on this Nick. We won’t be fooling around with other people all the time. Most of the time it will be just us, and who knows this might just be the only time.’

We shared one more kiss and went back inside. ‘We’ll do it.’ I said. ‘Just remember who our true partners are.’

‘That’s why we are doing this.’ Chip said. ‘We decided that if we want to have sex with other people then it’s best to do it together and not cheat. I love Brad, I want to be with him forever and I can see it’s the same with the two of you.’

‘We were just talking about that outside.’ Tyler said.

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Chip and Brad walked over to us. Chip took my hand and Brad took Tyler’s. Chip started kissing me, and Brad started kissing Tyler. Chip led me over to the bed. The very bed where Tyler and I first made love. He stripped me naked. He took off his clothes to reveal a nice smooth muscular chest. He took off his pants and underwear and he had a nice eight and a half inch cock. I looked next to me. Tyler had Brad on his back pointing his big thick cock right at Brad’s hole. ‘Tyler is pretty thick.’ I told Brad. ‘He he likes to fuck rough.’

I felt Chip lubbing up my hole. Then I felt him push himself inside me. At that moment I looked up at Tyler. He was inside Brad now. I reached up and took his hand in mine. I felt him give my hand a squeeze as Chip started moving inside me. I saw that Brad and Chip were doing the same. Then we removed our hands from our boyfriends. Chip wrapped my arms around the back of his neck as he started pounding my ass. I leaned forward and started kissing me while he fucked me. I was starting to get into what Chip was doing to me. Chip’s cock felt good in my ass. He and I were making out while he fucked me. He broke our kiss and said. ‘Tyler your boyfriend has a nice ass, you’re a lucky guy!’

‘Yeah.’ Brad said. ‘And Nick your boyfriend has a nice cock!’ Chip continued to fuck me. He was pounding away at me making out with me as he went. Before I knew it Chip was emptying his nuts in my ass. Once Chip finished cumming I thought it would be time to get dressed and leave, but Chip insisted that I cuddle with him. I looked over and saw that Brad was pulling Tyler’s arms around him.

I just nestled myself into Chip’s arms. Chip and I had our own little conversation. Brad and Tyler were doing the same. ‘How was it?’ asked Chip.

‘It was good.’I said. ‘I enjoyed it. Just not the same without Tyler though.’

‘I could tell.’ said Chip. ‘You really love him, and it wasn’t the same without Brad. This was just sex, not love making. It was good though.’ Chip then lifted my head and kissed me. I looked into his eyes. While I saw that he cared about me a great deal, it wasn’t the in love look that I always got from Tyler. I cuddled with Chip a little longer when the time came Tyler and I said that we needed to go.

‘Want to do it again sometime?’ asked Chip. ‘Nick is just too damn hot!’

I looked at Tyler. ‘Sure.’ said Tyler. ‘That was fun.’

‘Just so you know.’ said Chip. ‘You’re the only gay couple that we will be fooling around with. We aren’t sluts. Well we fooled around with Dr. Nelson, but that’s it. You should fool around with him. He’s great in bed and loves threesome.’

‘We will keep that in mind.’ I said.

‘When do you want to come back?’ asked Brad. ‘Saturday is good for us, we have the whole day off on Saturday.’

‘That sounds good.’ said Tyler.

‘Good a whole day to have Nick’s ass.’ said Chip. ‘I can’t wait. We will see you guys then. Love ya!’

Tyler and I left together. We were holding hands while walking back to the main house. Tyler asked the question. ‘How was sex with Chip?’

‘It was good.’ I said. ‘Chip’s hot, and he has a nice dick, and he’s the type of guy I used to dream about having when I was younger, but he’s just not you. I would rather have you fucking my ass any day. What was Brad like?’

‘I would have to say the same as you felt about Chip.’ said Tyler. ‘While it was hot and I wouldn’t mind having him again, he’s just not you. I would rather have my dick in your ass any day.’

‘Well.’ I said. ‘Let’s get home so you can put it in my ass.’

The next day we ended up having a threesome with Dr. Nelson

Tyler and I woke up together the next morning. We woke up in exactly the same positions we fell asleep the previous night. With Tyler’s arm around me. My ass was sore. I took a pounding from Chip, and after we got home Tyler ravaged my ass. I didn’t have to be at the office until later, so I thought a little more fun for Tyler and me was in store. I started kissing Tyler, he and I making out. I got Tyler in position and I pushed my cock inside him, fucking him as hard as I could go. Before I knew it, I was exploding inside him.

Tyler then was laying with his cock in the air. I could still feel the cum that he and Chip deposited in me the night before in my ass. I sat down on his cock and started riding him. My hands moved over his hard nipples and he was pumping up into me faster and faster. We were both moaning. Before I knew it he was coming inside me. I leaned down and started kissing him. I heard a voice from the door. ‘Now that’s hot!’

We looked over. Trevor was stand at the door. Obviously he came in while we were in the midst of fucking. His pants were down and he was jacking off to us. Tyler looked at him. ‘Shouldn’t you be at school?’ he asked.

‘The military school is done for the summer.’ Trevor said. ‘I heard you guys so I came in to watch.’

‘Well I am going to get a lock for the door then.’ Tyler said.

‘What wouldn’t you want to know I always through wood for you big brother.’ said Trevor. ‘Can’t you just let Nick fuck me just once?’

‘Trevor.’ I said. ‘You’re 13 and I am 25. That would be illegal. And it is impolite just to walk into someone’s bedroom without knocking first.’

‘Fine.’ Trevor said. ‘I am going to have Barry over later, and I was going to let the two of you watch us.’ Trevor turned and left.

Tyler and I got dressed and had a quick breakfast. After breakfast I headed to the office. I was at the desk working when my cell phone went off saying I had a text message. It was from Chip. ‘Hey had fun last night, can’t wait until Sat, when I have you for the whole day, Chip.’

I thought it over. Was that what it was going to be? Have a weekly boyfriend trading day. I trade Tyler for Chip, and Tyler trades me for Brad. Tyler said that we should do that since it would be beneficial to us later on, and besides I like Chip he’s fun in bed. Well not as fun as Tyler though. The day at the office went normally. I headed back to the main part of the house for dinner when Anne came up and said. ‘Can you two take this over to Dr. Nelson’ Anne said handing us a package. ‘And here.’ she handed us some money. ‘Have dinner and a movie on me. I got Trevor spending the night at a friends, and if you two don’t mind here’s a little extra stay at a motel tonight.’ I had suspected that Anne had a secret boyfriend for a while now. We didn’t ask questions just simply took the money and went to take the package to Dr. Nelson.

We got to Dr. Nelson’s office. The nurse showed us in and we handed the package to Dr. Ben Nelson. Ben looked to be in his early thirties with brown hair and eyes. He was real good-looking. I wondered if it was the same Dr. Nelson that Chip and Brad said like having threesome. I gave a little crotch rub. ‘If you guys wait a few minutes.’ Ben said noticing. ‘I have got something to send to Anne. Julie’ Dr. Nelson called his nurse in. Julie the nurse came. ‘Go ahead and go on home for the day. I will lock up.’ Jule just nodded and left.

‘You two want to fool around with me?’ asked Ben. ‘I’ve been horny all day.’

I looked at Tyler and he had that evil grin on his face meaning he wanted it too. Ben walked up to us and kissed me then he kissed Tyler. Tyler and I pulled off his lab coat and started striping him down together. Ben was kissing me as he started to unbutton my shirt. Then he did the same with Tyler. Once we were naked all three of us were on the floor. Tyler had my cock in his mouth, Ben’s was in mine, and Ben was sucking on Tyler. After a while we switched so that I was sucking on Tyler, Tyler on Ben, and Ben on me. After a few moments I pulled my mouth off of Tyler’s cock and asked. ‘Tyler want to double team him? Want to show him how good you fuck?’ Tyler nodded.

‘There’s lube in the top drawer of my desk.’ Ben said and he went back to sucking my cock. Tyler got the lube and lubed up Ben’s ass and pushed himself inside of Ben. Ben moaned and I started fucking his face as Tyler was fucking his ass. Tyler and I leaned over and kissed deeply as we made Ben our bitch. I pulled out of Ben’s mouth and started smacking his face with my cock I heard Tyler moan and then knew he was exploding in Ben’s ass.

‘My turn.’ I said. Tyler pulled out of Ben’s ass and he made Ben lick his cock. I got into position and pushed inside of Ben and started to ravage his ass. Before I knew it was cumming inside of Ben.

Once we were done Ben said. ‘I’m your guys’ bitch now.’

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We nodded. Our fun with Ben wasn’t done. We checked into a motel and Ben joined us. Tyler and I took turns fucking out bitch for the night. We all three fell asleep with Ben in between us that night. The next morning Ben had to leave us, before he left he said. ‘Can we make a date sometime next week?’ he asked.

‘Just give us a call.’ Tyler said.

Before we knew it, it was Saturday and time for me to become Chip’s boyfriend for the day.


Friday came. At breakfast Anne asked Tyler and me. ‘What’s your plans for the weekend?’

‘Nothing much.’ Tyler said. ‘I think we are going to get out of here for tomorrow.’ The truth was Tyler and I were going to have our boyfriend swap with Chip and Brad tomorrow.

‘Do you guys mind spending the weekend out? Starting tonight?’ Anne asked.

‘I guess we can stay in a motel for a weekend.’ I said.

‘Mom.’ Tyler said. ‘What’s going on?’

‘What do you mean?’ Anne asked.

‘On Tuesday you asked us to take a package to Dr. Nelson.’ Tyler said. Of course omitting the fact that we had a threesome with Dr. Nelson. ‘And told us to get a motel room. You had also sent Trevor to stay at Barry’s house. Now you’re asking us to spend the weekend out?’

‘Tyler.’ I said. ‘It’s not a big thing. Whatever she’s got going on she will tell us when she’s ready.’

‘Nick’s right.’ said Anne. ‘I am not telling now, but will eventually.’

Tyler and I got up from the table and left the room. ‘You know what’s going on?’ Tyler asked me.

‘I have a suspicion nothing more.’ I said.

‘Well what is it?’ asked Tyler.

‘I think your mother has a boyfriend.’ I said. ‘And she wants the house to herself this weekend so she can have him over to entertain him.’

‘Why wouldn’t she just tell us?’ asked Tyler.

‘Maybe she doesn’t know where this relationship will lead.’ I said. ‘Maybe she doesn’t want to get her own hopes up to high.’

‘Alright.’ said Tyler.

I went off to the office and I got a call from Chip about Saturday. ‘Hey if you want we can do the whole weekend. Brad and I got Sunday off as well.’

‘Yeah.’ I said. ‘Tyler and I have to stay at a motel this weekend. His mother’s request. I got to go to a motel tonight.’

‘Why don’t you guys come over tonight then?’ Chip asked.

‘I’m game if Tyler will agree to it.’ I said.

‘I’ll have Brad give him a call.’ Chip said. ‘Can’t wait until tonight.’

A little while later I got a text from Chip. ‘Tyler says it’s a go.’ I sent Tyler a text to confirm it. So that evening we went to Chip and Brad’s cabin. When we got there Brad had a bag packed.

‘It’s decided that we are going to separate for the weekend.’ said Chip. ‘Nick, you and I will stay here, and Brad and Tyler will go to a motel.’

I looked at Tyler and he said. ‘That’s fine.’

‘You see it’s a boyfriend swap.’ said Brad. ‘Tyler for the next forty-eight hours you are my boyfriend.’

‘And this sexy stud Nick is mine.’ said Chip.

‘Do you care if Tyler and I kiss each other goodbye?’ I asked.

‘Not if you don’t mind my kissing Brad goodbye.’ said Chip.

I walked over to Tyler and we embraced. He whispered in my ear. ‘Sunday night we will be together again. I love you’ ‘I love you too.’ I replied. We kissed a long passioniate kiss. I handed him my car keys and watched him and Brad leave.

Once they were gone Chip pulled me to him and kissed me. Once we broke our kiss he said. ‘I’ve missed you Nick.’ He kissed me again. He pulled off my shirt and I pulled off his. He kissed down my body and undid my pants. I pulled them down as well as my boxers and started sucking my cock. He bobbed up and down on my cock. I could feel my load rising and I said. ‘I’m going to cum Chip!’ Before I knew it I was cumming into his mouth. He was gulping it down.

He then got up and kissed me sharing my load with me. He laid me on my back on the bed and put my legs on his shoulders. He lubed up my ass and pushed himself inside me. He leaned forward and kissed me with such passion while he pounded away at my ass. Chip was good at being a top, but he really had nothing on Tyler. At that moment I wished it was Tyler who was pounding my ass. The first time Chip fucked me, I was able to go through with it, because Tyler was there with me. Now I felt like I was betraying Tyler. While I was enjoying what Chip was doing with me it wasn’t as fun as being with Tyler. Before I knew it Chip was exploding in my ass.

Chip and I cuddled for a while. He kissed me every so often. My thoughts were on Tyler though. Was he feeling like I was feeling. I wanted to grab my cell phone and call him. Then Chip said something that threw me off guard. He said. ‘I love you Nick.’

After Chip told me he loved me I got up and out of bed. I grabbed my pants and underwear and started putting them back on.

‘What are you dong?’ Chip asked.

‘I don’t think this is going to work anymore.’ I said. ‘You love me?’

‘Yes.’ said Chip. ‘I do.’

‘What about Brad?’ I asked.

‘I told him it was over, and I wanted you.’ Chip said. ‘You can dump Tyler and you and I can be together.’

‘Sorry no dice.’ I said. ‘I don’t love you, I love Tyler.’

‘Come on what can he give you that I can’t.’ Chip asked.

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‘He’s already given me so much.’ I said. ‘In fact he talked me into this whole partner swap thing.’ I grabbed my shirt and put it on.

‘Get your clothes off.’ Chip said. ‘And get back into bed.’

‘No.’ I said. ‘The whole time you were fucking me I was thinking of him, Tyler. How I wished it was him who was pounding my hole.’

‘Come on Tyler’s pretty nerdy.’ said Chip

‘Well so am I.’ I said. ‘And he’s also better in bed!’ I meant that last comment as an insult.

‘I’m getting out of here.’ I said.

‘Where will you go?’ asked Chip.

‘To where ever Tyler’s at.’ I said.

‘And where is he?’ asked Chip. ‘You don’t know what motel he and Brad went to.’

‘It shouldn’t be too hard to find.’ I said. ‘There’s only two motel’s in this town.’

‘How are you going to get there?’ asked Chip. ‘Tyler took your car didn’t he?’

‘I’ll take a cab!’ I said. ‘How could you hurt Brad like that?’

‘Brad’s kept me in this town!’ Chip said. ‘Because his mother is sick! I can’t stand waiting for her to either get better or die. If it wasn’t for that I would be in New York by now!’

‘I can’t believe I slept with you!’ I said outraged. ‘You’re an asshole! Did Brad twist your arm and put a gun to your head to make you stay? You could have went!’

I pulled my cell phone out of the pants of my pocket, before I could being to dial a number it started ringing. It was Tyler. ‘Hello.’ I answered.

‘Hey what’s going on?’ Tyler asked.

‘Can you come back and get me?’ I asked him. ‘I don’t think this is going to work out anymore.’

‘Brad and I are on our way back.’ Tyler said. ‘That’s why I was calling you to tell you that.’

‘Alright I will meet you in the cabin’s parking lot.’ I said. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’ said Tyler. ‘Bye.’

I hung up the phone. ‘Tyler and Brad our on their way back. And I’m leaving.’

I left the cabin slamming the door behind me. I half expected Chip to come chasing after me, but I made it to the parking lot and a few minutes later I saw my car pulling into it. Tyler parked right by me. I saw a tearful Brad get out of the passenger’s seat. ‘What happened?’ I asked.

‘Well we didn’t have sex.’ Tyler said. ‘Brad couldn’t go through with it. He said he just wanted to come back here and get some things and go to his mothers. He said that Chip told him that he loved you and just dumped him.’

‘Brad.’ I said. ‘I’m sorry for what Chip did to you. You deserve better.’ I gave Brad a hug.

‘I hope you and Chip are happy.’ said Brad.

‘Well I am happy.’ I said. ‘I am happy with Tyler. Chip told me that he loved me, but I told him that he and I couldn’t fool around with him anymore because I am in love with Tyler. You need help getting your things, or a ride to your mother’s house?’

‘No.’ said Brad. ‘I can manage my stuff. Just some clothes, and I’ve got my car so I can drive myself to my mom’s.’

‘Alright.’ said Tyler. ‘If you need anything just give us a call.’

Brad nodded and walked to the direction of the cabin. Tyler and I got into my car and made our way to the motel room that Tyler got earlier. Once inside Tyler and I sat down and talked. ‘I’m sorry.’ Tyler said. ‘It was a bad idea to do the partner swap, and I talked you into it. I just don’t want us to hurt each other down the road with cheating.’

‘Tyler.’ I said. ‘I can’t promise what will happen in two or three years, but I know in the here and now you’re the one I love. The whole time I was with Chip tonight I kept thinking about you. I want to be with you in every way. Can we put the whole idea of swapping partners and stuff behind us, and just be together?’

‘Sure.’ said Tyler. ‘I’d like that. But what about our three ways with Dr. Nelson?’

‘Well we can still do that.’ I said. ‘That’s if you would like to still do that?’

‘Sure that was fun and we were able to do it together.’ said Tyler.

Tyler and I leaned towards each other and kissed. Before we knew it we were naked and in a 69 position. I felt Tyler sticking his finger in my hole. I knew he wanted to put his cock in there. He then got up with me on my stomach and pushed his cock down into my hole. He started pumping away at my ass. I was moaning in pleasure. I felt him kiss up my spine, giving me shivers. His cock was hitting my g spot. He then started kissing and biting my neck. I then felt him explode in me. After he came we laid in the position for a moment and he got off me and turned me over and sucked me off. Afterward we cuddled up against each other and fell asleep.

The next day Dr. Nelson would call, and Tyler and I would have more fun with him.

I woke up with Tyler kissing the back of my neck the next morning. I felt something moving slowly inside me. I realized that Tyler was fucking me while I slept. For a moment I wondered if this was the first time he ever did it. I felt his kisses on my neck and I moan softly. I felt his cock moving slowly in my ass. It felt good. I wasn’t ready to let him in on the fact that I was awake, so I just let him continue. I felt his arm around me, holding me to him. I laid in that wonderful bliss for a few moments and then I turned my head and planted my lips on his. Tyler looked shocked and stopped.

‘Don’t stop Tyler.’ I said. ‘It felt great, I was enjoying it.’

I rested back into Tyler’s arms and he went back to slowly fucking me. I laid in his arms feeling him kiss my neck. ‘I love you Tyler.’ I said.

‘I love you too Nick.’ Tyler said. We continued like that for a few moments. Then Tyler started speeding up his fucking. He started pounding harder and harder in me. I was moaning with such pleasure. Before I knew it I felt a fresh load of cum explode inside of me and my cock erupted.

Once we were finished I turned and nestled my face into his chest occasionally sucking on his nice nipples. We cuddled like that for a little while, then we decided to get cleaned up and go get some breakfast. We ate at a local diner. While there Tyler got a phone call. ‘Hello.’ Tyler said.

‘Yeah Nick and I are spending the weekend out.’ Tyler said.

‘Right now we are eating breakfast.’ said Tyler.

‘Sure that’s sounds fine.’ Tyler said. Tyler then gave whoever he was talking to the name of the motel we were staying at and our room number. Then he said. ‘See you in a little bit.’

‘Who was that?’ I asked after Tyler hung up the phone.

‘Dr. Nelson.’ Tyler said with an evil grin on his face. A waitress came by once she was gone he said. ‘He says he’s in heat.’

‘Well.’ I said. ‘We better make sure he gets fully mounted.’

We went back to our motel room and we both showered together. I loved soaping up Tyler’s nice cock. And I loved the way he fucked me in the shower. We then spent sometime just watching t.v. when a knock came on the door. I opened it and Dr. Nelson was standing there. I invited Ben inside and closed the door behind him

Tyler and I wasted no time in getting our bitch striped down. We got him naked and pushed him down on his knees and made him suck on our cocks. While he was sucking on our cocks, Tyler and I would make out. After a while I pulled Ben up and turned him around. I got his ass lubed up and shoved my cock up his ass. Ben was moaning as I was pounding away at his ass while he continued to suck on Tyler’s cock, before I knew it I was emptying my nuts in Ben. Tyler and I then switched places and Tyler started fucking Ben while Ben was sucking my cock. Tyler made Ben cum without even touching himself.

Once we were finished the three of us laid in the bed together. Tyler and I took turns making out with Ben. ‘You know you two make me feel good.’ Ben said. ‘Best sex I’ve had in years.’

‘Why don’t you have a boyfriend?’ I asked.

‘Long story.’ said Ben. ‘I guess I just looked in the wrong places. Most guys only want sex.’

‘You don’t think we are going to get romantic on you?’ I asked.

‘Yeah while it’s fun having three ways with you, I just want to be with Nick.’ Tyler said.

‘No.’ said Ben. ‘I didn’t mean that. You guys are fun, and get me off. And I guess I love you guys, but I prefer a one on one relationship. Like what the two of you have. As for Chip Anderson and Brad Reynolds. I have my doubts.’

‘Well they aren’t together anymore.’ I said. Tyler and I told him about our swinging experience.

‘I figured as much.’ said Ben. ‘Nick, I don’t think Chip loves you. I think he just saw you as a way out of here.’

‘Well I wasn’t about to be his way.’ I said. ‘There was nothing that was keeping him here. And to be honest he wasn’t that great in bed.’

‘Yeah I know.’ said Ben. ‘I used to have three ways with him and Brad too. Brad was alright for a bottom, though honestly I am a total bottom. Chip just only wanted pleasure for himself though.’

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Tyler, Ben, and I all started making out again. We decided on a fuck sandwich with Tyler and I taking turns on whose to be in the middle. I was enjoying feeling my cock in Ben’s ass and my Tyler’s in mine. Then when it was Tyler’s turn to be in the middle I was enjoying Tyler’s ass. We all came at the same time. It was fun.

Ben spent the night with us, and we had more three-way fun the next morning. Ben said he needed to get going shortly before noon, but would give us a call. After Ben left, Tyler had me get into doggie style and he fucked me doggie style. We cuddled for a little while after, and then we started to get our things together to go home.

When we got home Anne said that the pool was ready. I could tell by the look on Tyler’s face that he wanted to have sex in the pool. We walked towards the pool, more so I could check it out. I looked out the door and saw something that made me turn back.

‘What’s wrong?’ Tyler asked.

‘We better just check it out tomorrow I don’t want to disturb them.’ I said pointing out the door. Tyler then opened the door a fraction and saw what I saw. It was Trevor and his friend Barry. Barry was fucking Trevor.

‘Why don’t we go and be their audience.’ said Tyler. ‘After all Trevor walked in on us.’

‘Yeah and I think that would turn Trevor on.’ I said. ‘Let’s just go and we can go swimming tomorrow.’

We got back to the main house where Anne told us that the next evening Trevor would be going on a camping trip with Barry and his family. That she was going in New York for a couple of days and that we would have the house to ourselves.

The next day Tyler and I went swimming.

I woke up with Tyler the next day. I had to go to the office. I spent sometime at the office working on payroll. Once I finished at the office I met Tyler for lunch, After lunch we went back to our room, and started getting dressed to go swimming. I just put on a normal pair of swimming trunks. Tyler came out wearing a red pair of speedos. My cock was already starting to get hard. I walked up to Tyler and rubbed my hand on his crotch feeling his growing cock through the speedos. I gave him a nice kiss.

‘Hey wait until we get to the pool alright.’ Tyler said.

‘Sorry you just look damned sexy in those.’ I said. ‘Much hotter than Michael Phelps.’

Tyler blushed a little. He put a pair of shorts on over them and a t-shirt on. We walked out to the pool and first put sun block on ourselves. We then jumped in. We played around in the pool for a little while, dunking each other and playing splashing games. I pulled Tyler underwater with me and we shared an underwater kiss. I took Tyler over to the sHallow end of the pool and started kissing him deeply. His speedos were up out of water and I could see his hard on through them. I started making out with him, with me rubbing my hand over his hard cock. I got on my knees and lowered his speedos. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on his cock which was half in water. I slid his speedos all the way off of him and they laid floating in the water.

I continued sucking on Tyler’s cock while we were in the water and before I knew it he was cumming in my mouth. I gulped down his cum and I got up and turned him around and lowered my swimming trunks and rubbed my cock all over his ass and pushed myself inside him. I fucked him harder and harder. Pounding away at his ass. He turned his head and kissed me deeply while I fucked him. Before I knew it I was cumming in his ass.

After I came inside him I pulled out of him and he turned around and pushed me up against the wall of the pool kissing me deeply. My legs wrapped around his waist and his cock at my hole. I felt him enter me and he started slamming inside me. I started moaning loudly. He then started kissing me stiffling my moans. I felt a load of cum erupt inside me. After he came he left himself inside me and we made out until we heard a voice say.

‘You’re right Trevor they are hot!’ Tyler and I looked up and saw Trevor and his boyfriend Barry standing at the edge of the pool.

‘I thought Mom said you were going camping with his family?’ Tyler asked.

‘We aren’t going until four this afternoon.’ Barry said. ‘My parents are picking us up.’

‘Now Tyler.’ said Trevor. ‘Nick can fuck me, and you can fuck Barry.’

‘Nick and I aren’t doing that.’ Tyler said.

‘I’ll tell Mom that you two were out here fucking!’ Trevor said.

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‘Go ahead and tell her!’ said Tyler. ‘I don’t care! Not like you weren’t out here fucking with Barry yesterday.’ Tyler and I swam for our swimsuits and put them on and got out of the pool and dried ourselves off. Trevor walked up behind me and put his hand down my trunks.

‘Hey!’ I yelled feeling his hand squeeze my dick. I grabbed his hand and yanked it out.

‘Don’t touch my boyfriend!’ Tyler yelled at him. ‘Gee Trevor get a grip on yourself. You fooling around with Barry is one thing, but going after my boyfriend?’

‘Why should you have a super sexy boyfriend?’ Trevor asked.

‘You got Barry.’ said Tyler. ‘Nick and I aren’t only about sex, we love each other. Now please leave us alone. No more walking into our room when we are having sex, or walking in on us anywhere. And no more talk about us having sex with the two of you.’

Tyler and I went inside leaving Trevor standing there. ‘When my mom gets back I am having a talk with her about him.’

I put my arm around Tyler as we made our way back to our room, where we just got naked and laid in bed and cuddled for a while until it was dinner time. Trevor was gone by that time, and we have a nice evening.

The next day Dr. Nelson came by to take a dip in the pool with us.

The next morning I got out of bed. I took a shower, got dressed, and headed for the office. I finished payroll that morning. I went back to the main house for lunch and found Tyler there waiting for me. We had the house to ourselves. Trevor had finally left to go camping with Barry’s family. I wondered if Barry’s parents knew about Trevor and Barry. I had no idea if Anne talked with them about it.

Tyler and I sat in silence as we ate lunch. My cell phone rang. I answered it. ‘Hello.’ I said not knowing the number.

‘Is this Nick?’ asked a man on the other end. His voice sounded familiar.

‘It’s Ben Nelson.’ said the voice.

‘Oh hey Ben.’ I said a little loudly and Tyler looked up. We had been having regular threesome with Dr. Nelson for a while now. ‘What’s up?’

‘I bet you already know the answer to that.’ said Ben. ‘Do you guys mind if I come over, there’s something I need to talk to you guys about. I know Anne is out of town and I have no afternoon appointments.’

‘Sure I don’t mind if you come over.’ I said. ‘Do you mind Sweetie?’ I asked Tyler.

‘Not at all.’ said Tyler with that horny evil grin of his.

‘Good I will be there twenty minutes.’ said Ben.

‘Alright we will be looking forward to it.’ I said.

Tyler and I finished eating and went into the living room. We sat on the sofa cuddling up against each other. Not long after a maid escorted Ben into the living room. The maid left and Ben said. ‘Oh how cute. It’s nice to see two guys in love.’

‘Thanks Ben.’ Tyler said. ‘What’s going on?’

I expected Ben to want to rush upstairs to our bedroom, but instead he sat down on a chair opposite the sofa that Tyler and I were on. ‘It’s Brad and Chip.’

Tyler and I both sat up. Brad and Chip were a couple that Tyler and I did a couple swap with a couple of times. Tyler got Brad and I got Chip. The second time that we swap Chip sent Tyler and Brad to a motel room. At the motel room Brad couldn’t go through with it as Chip told him that he was in love with me and dumped him. At the cabin that Chip and Brad shared(which was ironically the one Tyler and I once shared) Chip and I had sex and he told me that he loved me. I rejected him and left immediately.

‘What about them?’ I asked. ‘Well Brad. I pulled some strings and Brad will start at Ithica in the fall. It’s only an hour away from here and so he won’t be too far away from his mother. I went there myself, and well I told him there’s plenty of good dick there for him. Though I can’t complain about the dicks that are in front of me. Chip well he just disappeared. Brad said there was some guy in New York that he was talking to and thinks that he went to be with that guy.’

‘Well I kind of knew that if I had dumped Tyler for him that I would only be a means to an end for him.’ I said. ‘He just wanted out of here in any way he could find it.’

‘Well thing is he hasn’t disappeared entirely.’ said Ben. ‘True he went to New York and met the guy he was talking to online, but that guy raped him. The guy might have HIV.’

I didn’t know what to say. A part of me was grateful that Chip and I had sex before he met up with that guy. ‘Where’s Chip now?’

‘At FDR hospital in New York.’ said Ben. ‘A friend of mine is a doctor there, and he’s been treating Chip. He says that it is likely Chip will have to be sent to a mental hospital as Chip has seemed to have lost his grip on reality. I haven’t told Brad about it. I think Brad needs to move on from Chip. I just thought you two should know this.’

‘Yeah thanks Ben.’ I said. ‘And I hope Chip turns out to be HIV negative.’

‘There’s really no way of knowing that.’ said Ben. ‘At least not yet. It takes about six months for the virus to show up on a test. And when you two get back to New York then I don’t suggest doing things like what you two do with me, or what you did with Brad and Chip, and if you do then use condoms.’

‘I already know about the guys in New York.’ I said. ‘And I don’t think Tyler and I will be doing anything like that when we get there.’

‘Good.’ said Ben. ‘So you guys got any plans this afternoon?’ I knew what Ben wanted.

‘Well.’ I said. ‘Tyler and I were going to take a dip in the pool. You want to join us?’

‘I don’t have a swim suit with me.’ Ben said.

‘I’ve got something that might fit you.’ I said. ‘Besides you probably won’t be wearing it for that long, and you need to see Tyler in a pair of speedos.’

Tyler and I got up and led Ben up to our room. The three of us got undressed and put on swimsuits. Ben and I in trunks, and Tyler in a pair of speedos. I ran my hand accross Ben’s smooth chest. ‘Wasn’t I right about Tyler in speedos.’

‘Yeah you were.’ said Ben. I gave Ben a kiss. Then Tyler gave Ben a kiss, and then Tyler and I kissed each other. We grabbed some towels and headed out to the pool. Tyler and I together put some sunblock on Ben, and we had Ben put sunblock on both of us. We all got into the pool together. I pulled Ben to me and looked into his eyes. I couldn’t help but love him. I leaned in and kissed him deeply. Then Tyler kissed him. Then I kissed Tyler the love of my life. Tyler and I sucked on each of Ben’s nipples. We had Ben moaning real loud. We then took him to the sallow part of the pool and lowered his trunks off of him.

Tyler and I first took turns on sucking Ben’s cock. Then I got behind Ben and stood up and spread his cheeks and rub my cock on his hole and pushed inside him. Tyler continued sucking on Ben’s cock while I fucked him hard and harder. ‘Oh fuck Nick your fantastic!’

‘Just wait until it’s Tyler’s turn.’ I said.

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I turned Ben’s head and we kissed while I fucked him. Before I knew it I was unloading in his ass. I pulled out and traded places with Tyler. Tyler started fucking Ben and I was sucking on Ben’s cock. I looked up at Ben with his cock in my mouth and saw the pleasure in his face with Tyler’s cock in his ass. He and Tyler were kissing deeply. Before I knew it Ben was exploding in my mouth and I could feel his warm tasty cum. I gulped it al down.

I stood up and Tyler was still ravaging Ben’s ass. I kissed Ben, then I kissed Tyler. I could tell that Tyler was tensing up getting ready to blow his load in Ben’s ass. I saw the look in his face as he exploded in Ben’s ass. After Tyler came the three of us dried off and went up to our bedroom where we got naked again. We had a fuck sandwich with Tyler and I taking turns on the middle.

First I was fucking Tyler’s ass while Tyler was fucking Ben’s. Then Tyler and I switched places and I was fucking Ben while Tyler was driving me wild with his cock in his ass as he always does. I blew my load in Ben’s ass and Tyler was still fucking me. Ben got off of us and Tyler put me in a missionary position and we kissed while he pounded away at me. I saw Ben watching us. I looked into Tyler’s eyes and saw his love for me. ‘Oh Tyler I love you.’ I said.

‘I love you too Nick.’ Tyler said.

Before I knew it Tyler was cumming in me. We stayed in our embrace and kept kissing. I nearly forgot that Ben was with us. We separated and made room for Ben. Ben joined us in bed and the three of us started to cuddle. ‘You two looked amazing together.’ Ben said.

‘Thanks.’ said Tyler.

‘I can tell you two really love each other.’ Ben said. ‘Maybe I can have that someday.’

‘Isn’t there anyplace you can go to meet guys?’ I asked.

‘Buffolo.’ Ben said. ‘That’s an hour away though.’

‘Well some weekend take a hotel room there.’ Tyler said. ‘Go there this weekend. Nick and I will go with you if you want. If you don’t find anyone, then the three of us can have some more fun.’

‘That might work.’ said Ben. ‘I can make hotel reservations.’

‘Good.’ I said. ‘Just let us know.’

‘I love you guys.’ Ben said.

‘We love you too.’ said Ben.

I gave Ben a kiss. ‘I love you Ben.’

‘I love you too Nick.’ said Ben.

Tyler then kissed Ben. ‘I love you Ben.’ Tyler said.

‘I love you too Tyler.’ said Ben.

The three of us cuddled for a little while until Ben saw the time on the alarm clock. ‘I’ve got to go.’ Ben said getting out of bed. ‘I’ve got a dinner date with the Dennison’s. I swear they freak when they have the common cold.’ Ben got dressed and kissed both of us goodbye. ‘I’ll call you about this weekend. I’ll make some excuse for your mother.’

Tyler and I cuddle a little more. ‘Tyler.’ I said. ‘What about what Ben told us about what happened with Chip. You think once we are in New York we should just have sex with each other.’

‘Yes.’ Tyler said. ‘I was going to suggest that before Ben even came over. When we come home for the holidays and such we can fool around with Ben, but when we are in New York it’s just you and me.’

‘I love you Tyler.’ I said.

‘I love you too Nick.’ Tyler said.

‘Tyler can you put your cock in me.’ I said. ‘Like what I woke up to that one morning. I want to feel you like that again.’

There was silence for a minute and I felt Tyler pushing his dick inside me, and slowly started to fuck me. Tyler had his arm around me and I turned my head and kissed him. I rested the back of my head against his chest.

‘Nick.’ Tyler said. ‘You know there’s something we need to do before we get to New York.’

‘What’s that go and check out apartments?’ I asked.

‘I’m sure my Mom is already doing that right now.’ said Tyler. ‘No I mean something else.’ Tyler was silent for a moment. I was about to ask him what it was we needed to do. Then Tyler spoke up. ‘Nick, will you marry me?’

I turned my head and faced Tyler. ‘Yes Tyler I will marry you.’ We kissed and he continued to fuck me.

Tyler and I were all packed and ready to go. We were going to Buffalo for the weekend with Ben. Ben had the excuse that he wanted to give us a bachelor’s party to Anne. Since Tyler and I became engaged Anne had been looking around Boston for a nice place to hold our wedding.

Tyler and I didn’t care if it was a big ceremony, or if it was just the two of us in front of a judge. Anne however was determined to give Tyler and I a big wedding. She wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Tyler and I were in our room. Our bags by the door. Tyler and I were on the bed naked. I had Tyler on his back and my cock in position. I push my cock in his hot hole and started fucking him real hard. We were sweating, kissing, moaning as my cock pushed ever deeper inside him. Our mouths were right up on each other, feeling each other’s hot breaths from our moans.

‘Oh fuck Nick.’ said Tyler in ecstasy. ‘This is the best!’

Tyler then grabbed my head and pushed it down so my lips met his. While we kissed I felt something hot erupt between us and I knew that Tyler had cum. I pounded him a few more minutes and I blow my load in his ass.

After I finished cumming I licked up Tyler’s cum off his body and kissed him to share it with him. I then laid my head on his chest for a little while and listened to his heartbeat.

After a little while Tyler said. ‘Nick we better get ready. Ben will be here soon.’

Tyler and I both got out of bed and got in the shower together. We just washed each other. After the shower go got dressed and did our hair. We then grabbed our bags and went downstairs to wait for Ben. Once in the living room we found Trevor there. ‘You two must have been having a good time up in your room by the sound of it.’ Trevor said.

‘Yeah we were.’ Tyler said with a grin on his face. ‘Nick knows how to fuck someone real good.’

‘When I cropped that feel.’ said Trevor. ‘It felt like he had a big dick.’

‘Yes.’ said Tyler. ‘Nick does have a big dick. And it’s mine.’

I knew that Tyler liked messing with Trevor. Tyler’s cell phone rang. He talked for a moment then hung up. ‘Ben should be here in a minute.’

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Tyler and I went and waited for Ben out on the front porch. He pulled up in his BMW and motioned for us to get in. Tyler and I sat in the backseat. The three of us made small talk for a little while. The point of this trip was to help Ben find a boyfriend. Though I did admit to Tyler that I would miss our threesome with him, to which Tyler agreed, but we felt it was important that Ben find someone to be happy with. I was feeling kind of horny. I really wanted to blow Tyler.

‘Ben?’ I asked seeing that the windows in the backseat were tinted.

‘Yes.’ Ben replied.

‘Do you care if I suck Tyler’s cock right now?’ I asked.

‘No not at all.’ Ben said.

I turned Tyler’s head and kissed him while I unbuckled his belt. I unbutton and unzipped his pants and lowered his underwear down where his big hard cock sprang out. I lowered my head down and gave his cock a nice kiss and took it in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock, occasionally taking his nuts into my mouth, but I kept most of my attention on his cock. I looked up at him and I could see him enjoying it. I then felt him tense up and say. ‘Nick I’m going to cum!’

I kept my mouth on his cock and I felt his nice tasty cum enter my mouth. I gulped it all down. Once he was finished cumming I sat up and kissed him. He looked at me and said. ‘My turn.’

I undid my pants and pulled down my underwear and started sucking on my cock. I ran my fingers through his hair. He kept going up and down on my cock. I felt him fondle my balls. Before I knew it I was cumming in his mouth in which he was gulping it all down. Once I finished cumming Tyler and I got dressed again and cuddled the rest of the way to Buffalo.

We got checked into our hotel room. It was a nice sweet. It had two bedrooms. Once for Tyler and me, the other for Ben and his potential boyfriend. Whoever that would be.

Ben said he needed a shower. Ben went into the bathroom and we heard the water start. Tyler and I got naked and joined Ben in the shower. ‘What are you guys doing?’ Ben asked.

Tyler and I didn’t say anything. We started taking turns kissing Ben. We started washing Ben and put him on his knees and made him take turns on sucking on our cocks while Tyler and I kissed.

Tyler and I then turned off the water. We dried off and dried Ben off together. I went to Ben’s bedroom and I laid down on my back. ‘Ben.’ I said. ‘Sit on my cock.’

Ben sat on my cock and I felt it go up his warm ASS, and he started riding it. Tyler then got between Ben’s legs, and Ben knew what was up. ‘Oh my.’ Ben said. Tyler pushed inside him too. I could feel his cock right next to mine sharing Ben’s ass. Ben was moaning more loudly than I ever heard him moan before while Tyler and I both fucked him. Before we knew it, Ben was cumming all over Tyler’s chest. Tyler just scooped up Ben’s cum and fed it to him. Then Tyler and I were both cumming in Ben’s ass.

After we came. Tyler and I pulled out and laid on either side of Ben taking turns making out with him. After a while we got cleaned up and dressed to go out.

We hit some gay clubs on Buffalo. Tyler and I talked to some guys that looked as though they might be interested in Ben. We found one. Rob. Rob had sharp dark hair, beautiful blue eyes, and the way he talked sounded like he and Ben would be a good match. We introduced Ben and Rob and they got to talking. Rob was a young lawyer just starting out in practice, hoping to be a prosecutor. Ben mentioned that the county prosecutors office had an opening and he would put in a good word for him.

After a while the four of us went back to the hotel. Tyler and I fucked each other while Rob fucked Ben. Rob of course used a condom, but I could tell that Rob and Ben were going to become a couple. The next day Tyler and I couldn’t get Rob and Ben to leave Ben’s room, so he and I took Ben’s car and went out to a movie. When we got back we heared moaning coming from Ben’s room, and knew that he and Rob were still at it. Tyler and I spent the evening making love. The next day was pretty much the same, and when it was time to get ready to come home is when Ben and Rob came out of the room. The two of them were liplocked.

‘You’re coming to my place next weekend.’ Ben told Rob.

‘I won’t miss it.’ Rob said. Rob turned to us. ‘You two looked hot together the other night. I hope to see the two of you again.’

‘Yeah.’ said Tyler. ‘We can send you an invite to our wedding.’

‘Cool beans.’ said Rob. ‘Well I better let you guys get on home. I will see you next weekend Benny.’

Ben kind of blushed. We gathered our things and got in Ben’s car and went home. The next couple of weeks would be spent getting ready for Tyler and mine’s wedding and honeymoon.

Tyler and I were in a hotel room. We were naked making out. It was the night before our wedding. Anne had a lavish ceremony set up at a nice club in Boston. Then she had us going to Venice for our honeymoon. Ben was my best man, and to my surprise Trevor was Tyler’s best man.

I was in position on my back and Tyler on top of me. I felt him push himself inside me. I fucked me real hardcore driving me wild like he always does. We were making out while we were fucking. Before I knew it I was blowing cum all over Tyler and me. He kept fucking me. Then he exploded inside me. We laid and cuddled and made out for a while when the door to the room opened and Ben came in.

‘Alright it’s a quarter till midnight.’ said Ben. ‘Tyler go to your room. You are no to see Nick until the ceremony!’

‘Do I have time to fuck him one last time?’ Tyler asked.

‘After the ceremony tomorrow you can fuck him all you want.’ said Ben. ‘Now he’s off limits.’

‘Alright’ said Tyler getting out of the bed. ‘Just wait until your wedding.’

Tyler got dressed, and looked as he was about to get back into bed with me. Ben gave him a stern look. ‘Can I at least kiss him goodnight?’ Tyler asked.

‘Alright.’ said Ben.

Tyler and I shared one last kiss and he went out the door. ‘I left a wake up call tomorrow morning.’ said Ben. ‘I got to make sure you are there on time. So I suggest you get some sleep.’

I just nodded. I fell asleep and before I knew it Ben was shaking me awake. ‘Time to get up and start to get going. I just ordered breakfast. Go take a shower and get dressed and it should be here when you are done.’

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I just did as Ben asked. It seems that Ben wasn’t about to argue the point. I took a hot shower wishing that Tyler was there with me. I changed into the clothes that Ben had laid out. Ben was sitting at a little table eating and reading a newspaper. I sat down and started eating breakfast. ‘I have to have you at the club by eleven. The ceremony is at noon so you need to be there early. I am not letting you out of my sight. You are not to see Tyler until the ceremony. I coordinated with Trevor so I know what time they will be heading to the club, so no sneaking off.’

‘Yes sir.’ I said giving Ben a military salute.

The morning went by pretty quick. Before I knew it Ben and I were leaving to go to the club. We got there and were sent to a room on one side of the club. I heard that Tyler and Trevor were in another room on the other side. They said that the guests were being seated. Anne had flown my family in. It was the longest hour of my life. I so wanted to see Tyler, but Ben wouldn’t even allow me a phone call. So I sat and waited and waited.

At a few minutes to twelve someone came in the door and said. ‘It’s time.’ I got up and followed Ben out the door. We got to a big hall. I saw the guests seated. I saw Anne chatting with my mother. I saw Trevor and Tyler walking towards us from a door opposite the one Ben and I came out of.

The minister began the ceremony as Tyler and I joined hands. We said our vows and exchanged rings. The minister pronounced us married and we kissed. The reception went alright. Tyler and I sat and heard the well wishers. We had our first dance as a married couple. Then it was time for us to go on our honeymoon. We endured having rice thrown on us as we got into the limo. We cuddled up against each other as we headed to the airport. Once at the airport we got on board a private jet. The pilot introduced himself and said if we needed anything to hit the call button. We buckled ourselves in as the jet took off. Once it was alright to unbuckle our seat belts, we started making out. ‘Alone at last.’ I said.

‘Yeah.’ said Tyler. ‘Trevor was being a little Nazi, not letting me see you.’

‘Ben was the same way.’ I said.

‘Want to join the mile high club?’ Tyler asked.

‘WIth you of course.’ I said.

Tyler and I fucked each other on the jet. We had a nice honeymoon. We came back home to the farm for a couple of weeks, then it was time to move to our apartment in New York as it was nearing time for us to go back to school. Anne revealed that she had been secretly dating a stock broker from New York. Trevor was given the choice of either staying in military school, or to go back to public school, he choose the military school. When we asked him about it he said it’s because he didn’t want to ruin his relationship with his boyfriend Barry by being around him too much. Ben was getting serious with his new boyfriend Rob and said that Rob was going to move to town soon. Brad had found a new boyfriend at Ithica, and we found out through Ben that Chip was HIV negative, and his recovery was going at a steady pace.

Tyler and I moved into our apartment in New York. We made new friends in New York, and we stayed true to ourselves. Not having sex with other guys, not for even a threesome. Once Tyler finished medical school we decided to move back to the farm. We have stayed there ever since. It’s our home and we are happy there and with each other.

The End.

Written By: Bob Newberry

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